Elizabeth becomes a celebrity as Theranos breaks out of stealth mode and onto the main stage. The media can't get enough, and neither can many investors as Theranos Wellness Centers start popping up at Walgreens. To take advantage of the moment, Elizabeth spends millions on advertising, recruiting the same agency as Apple and even an Oscar-winning director. But real patients are now getting Theranos tests, and for some the results are shocking.

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00:00:0018 drop out I'm brand new key from ABC News and want to let you know about another podcast that I host called start here every weekday morning it's 20 minutes and then there's 20 minutes will get your TWP for the stories that will be driving your day with contacts from the people who have been covering them up close that includes Rebecca Jarvis David Muir George Stephanopoulos the whole ABC News crew so smart and subscribe to start here
00:00:24previously on the Dropout tragedy struck there a notes when scientist Ian Gibbons committed suicide I see you out there knows that whole situation is being the reason he counts and despite this and extensive warnings from the inside Elizabeth managed to pull off her Blockbuster deal with Walgreens do you rub call if it said they were able to conduct all of those tests is 250 test with a finger stick of blood and how many tests were there actually said Walgreens had no idea about this again the deception was incredible
00:01:03people inside their nose described a highly dysfunctional environment with technology that they said simply didn't work but the company was about to make the move from stealth mode to the main stage and Elizabeth is ready for the spotlight
00:01:26BBC Radio in Nightline this is the Dropout episode 3 A Star is Born
00:01:35I got to see this cameras ready I hear we got a lot can I please see we are at the ground floor of something that is revolutionary and we're part of it here you're listening to the voice of Errol Morris director of The Thin Blue Line and the fog of War which earned him an Oscar in 2004 what kind of advertising and I like doing is you're creating a campaign or an idea of a brand where there's none that has existed before about a decade after dropping out of Stanford Elizabeth worked with the academy award-winning filmmaker on a series of promotional videos for theranos you see a series of patients set against a stark white background people that love blood test a bad relationship with needles of excitement while I was wondering if you would
00:02:35blood test for us which is one drop of blood
00:02:42Elizabeth serious face later fills the screen big eyes black turtleneck long hair pulled back in full don't even know that they have a basic human right to be able to get access to information about themselves and their own bodies surrounded by cameras and equipment and some both she and Errol sound genuinely giddy to be working together
00:03:16we got it thank you very much
00:03:20but it wasn't just Errol Morris who was a fan of Elizabeth and her Grand Vision
00:03:26in 2014 her company was valued at nearly 10 billion dollars making her at least on paper the world's youngest female self-made billionaire where the Staggering four and a half billion dollars according to Forbes she had about 700 employees and their nose wellness centers were now inside Walgreens according to Elizabeth they would eventually be in stores across the country
00:03:51Elizabeth started showing up everywhere she is the youngest self-made female billionaire on the Forbes 400 list
00:04:01at the glamour women of the Year Awards I am so incredibly humbled and so honored to be with this incredible group of women introduced by none other than Jared Leto ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the only person I know who makes me feel like a lazy bastard Elizabeth Holmes to be here especially with this group of people in and thank you and no one has ever seen this you're the first one on CBS This Morning why not heard on stage with Bill Clinton
00:05:03don't worry about the future we're in good hands. Elizabeth was on the cover of Fortune Inc Bloomberg businessweek and Forbes she was named one of time's 100 most influential people wired called her work mind-blowing there was even a glossy fashion spread in the New York Times style magazine these bang splashing profiles we're kind of big wet kisses that's recodes Kara swisher and she was just very interesting and especially given how much money has been invested giving who was doing the investing giving her board giving her hold style and look at mean it just a plate into a lot of things magazines like she remembers when Elizabeth approached her at an event should I go you should have met on stage at one of your vents and I'm like I don't know anything about the health-care so no but I really remember thinking at the time I wonder if it works it sounds I had some blood issues and I thought wow that sounds great but I didn't have any expertise to tell her so she asked you to cover her but not you
00:06:03Forbes conference speakers were blown away by Elizabeth massive Entourage he was unlike anything they'd ever seen before Elizabeth Holmes was on before me and I left my purse in the green room that's Healthcare venture capitalist and LaMont she's one of the most successful women in the field and has been named many times to the Midas list that's the list of the top dealmakers and technology and I could not get into the green room because she was there and she had two body guards outside the Green Room to inside the green room and I had to wait an hour to leave because you had my purse and this room and I was like who the hell is this and back at Stanford the legend of the University's now-famous Dropout Elizabeth Holmes was spreading
00:06:52Professor Phyllis Gardner remembers that time well so I heard she was traveling with four bodyguards carry guns packing heat and traveled in a private job and she bragged about the bullet proof glass in her building and I thought there was a lot of self grandiosity involved when the whole Steve Jobs look she loved being called the youngest woman entrepreneur female entrepreneur and being beautiful in the role what was the conversation like here on Stanford campus I think the students were very enamored of the story I think particularly the women students love seeing a woman entrepreneur succeed succeed
00:07:37a visit by then Vice President Joe Biden to theranos added to that sense of momentum Silicon Valley startup had a special visitor today we mentioned earlier in this music in her signature black turtleneck escorted the vice president on a tour through a big Warehouse it was a press conference we're sitting in front of what looks like some Machinery Elizabeth shared her mission on the main stage so we can begin to make health information more accessible at the time it matters but I didn't called it a laboratory of the future inconvenient to literally get to get them done and said of his tour you can see what Innovation is all about just walking through this facility there was maybe just one problem
00:08:38it's completely fake former theranos Chief design architect Ana arriola says according to friends who worked there at the time what the vice president saw that day was completely wrecked for his visit friends that were not full time to leave don't show up for work that day a former employee and friend of Anna's who is there remembers the room filled with what was supposed to be their noses breakthrough Edison devices and tells us it was actually just a microbiology office days before filled with old desks and computers but she says they kicked out the microbiology team give the room a Fresh coat of paint and stocked it with every Addison they could get their hands on this employee sent us a photo she took the morning of Biden's visit showing all the Addison stacked row after row with fans seen in the foreground she emailed quote the fans in the doorway are because they have been trying to dissipate the new paint smell on top of
00:09:38that is on a points out early it was video that was running on the actual machines that they were not real working devices at that. But I didn't was apparently none the wiser he said of his visit the president and I share your vision of the new healthcare Paradigm focused on preventive care this is about when I first heard about Elizabeth and Theron house tonight the story of two different places and I was working with Diane Sawyer on an investigation looking at the exploding cost of healthcare and identical set of tests and one place charging the patient so much more why ABC's Rebecca Jarvis the world news investigation critical condition their nose was pitched as an antidote a solution to those Rising medical bills couldn't find an independent analyst to support their noses claims instead most of the press at the time made note of Elizabeth's many eccentricities in Fortune for
00:10:38sample Elizabeth quote admits laughing nervously that after a meal she sometimes examines a drop of her own or others blood on a slide and says she can observe the difference between when someone is eating something healthy like broccoli and when he splurged on a cheeseburger
00:10:56when it came to explaining how the technology worked the reporting was light on details like that fortune cover story The Way We described it in the story is 1/100 to 1/1000 the amount of blood that you would normally need to give blood pain-free quicker cheaper and you can do all sorts of tests on that single drop of blood through
00:11:28the article quoted Channing Robertson the theranos board member in Elizabeth's former Stanford Professor who raved if Elizabeth I could have just as well been looking into the eyes of a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates it said they were Noah's quote currently offers more than 200 of the most commonly ordered blood diagnostic tests all without the need for a syringe an idea Elizabeth repeated onstage so our work is in making lab data accessible
00:11:57and we've done that by making it possible to do any lab test from a tiny drop of blood from the finger instead of having big needle stuck in your arm in tubes tubes of blood taken out but the article concluded quote precisely how their nose accomplishes all these amazing feats is a trade secret
00:12:19former theranos employees who quit out of disillusionment couldn't believe what they were reading so it was completely shocking when we met Adam boehmer in episode 1 along with his work buddies Justin Maxwell and Mike bauerle they were watching from the sidelines is Elizabeth began popping up everywhere they were starting to wonder did the company really turn things around
00:12:50when the whole like Forbes high-profile media blitz kind of came around and I remember like I'm on this group being certified in this moment of like where we wrong like at the same time like knowing we weren't wrong through that we had this massive amount of skepticism to turned away at least a half-a-dozen people who were sitting jobs there and fix felt like a crazy person for for a good. Of time they're even Avi tevanian apples former head of software and a former theranos board member was wondering what on Earth was happening after all he praised serious concerns and walked away from their nose ring the Press now I'm seeing
00:13:35things pop up inside of Walgreens and I'm wondering maybe it finally works
00:13:41but I'm still in my mind remembering all these other things and saying I still don't believe it I still don't believe it was right in reality at the peak of Elizabeth's Fame their nose machines could only run about a dozen test and with only questionable accuracy just before their nose launched its first Wellness Center at a Palo Alto Walgreens in September 2013 they couldn't even get the technology to work yours Adam rosendorf a lab director at their own house he's being questioned in a deposition about the many laughs another word for the Addison their noses blood testing device was not working to me
00:14:25it wasn't giving accurate results
00:14:29but the fact the machines weren't functioning didn't seem to deter Elizabeth we're about three months away from going live in the patient setting did it concern you that a number of tests weren't working on there and assist devices I know that we made mistakes but we were trying to take us forward and at that time thought the thought that we were doing the right thing realizing their own devices weren't going to cut it Elizabeth and sunny had found a shocking work around their nose started buying and using blood testing machines from other company by the time they were about to enter Walgreens it already been going on for years listen to what Sonny says in this deposition first time and we bought the same as machines it was Siemens machines with the same ones already in use that other lab testing companies as in
00:15:29are dosas competitors
00:15:32but neither their biggest partner Walgreens nor the public had any idea that time we were told of the story and her vision for Sarah house and it was great we thought there's something really special is going to happen so all the attention she was getting Elizabeth called on one of the most exclusive advertising agencies in the country shiet day they created those iconic 1984 and think different Apple campaign 1984 won't be like 1984
00:16:06Elizabeth ever obsessed with apple one of them to make her and icon on the same scale
00:16:13Mike petito and Stan fiorito we're on the show at day team assembled to work with their nose I recently met up with them in a studio in downtown Los Angeles years Mike visor when I was in charge of was helping to the shepherd along medications for the Walgreens partnership doctor reach out and stand I was a group account director service does the lead manager led the team and was the key client contact with the song about wanting for the first meeting shayetet brought together a group of its most senior Executives at their offices in Los Angeles these offices by the way are exactly what you'd picture ultra-modern totally distinctive industrial the outside is bright yellow inside there are trees growing through the floors and a coffee bar that feels like an art installation surrounded by surfboards Elizabeth and her number to Sunny flew in for the meeting from Silicon Valley
00:17:13but a private jet everyone from the the highest levels involved when I remember seeing her through the glass and be like who is this person what is this this this this product that was a butt like a statue of everything felt very like a politician or like royalty was the team was taken with the theranos vision and like pretty much everybody they were also struck by Elizabeth who made a dramatic first impression I mean the first thing if you ever made Elizabeth the you notices her voice it's extraordinary deep it's it sounded like it was she was a man or a robot or both a man robot and so you were kind of struck so demean or why she carried herself like a highly educated highly intelligent person which she is and you know you're struck and buy her her very measured way of talking and responding to you and it did feel as Mike's
00:18:13almost like a very well polished politician Elizabeth and sunny were equally taken with Shia day stances their nose eventually ain't a six million dollar retainer with the agency which leader increase to a staggering 11 million-dollar agreement here's recode Kara Swisher on that that's a lot of money for marketing I'm always wary when people do a lot of Mark Hoppus Furniture the office is a too-nice I always like I wonder what's going on here as word got around about this secretive new client everyone wanted in division of wanting to change the world I mean that was the vernacular that was used was just changed the world that was really attractive to the type of person that worked at work work to try it so a lot of people were raising their hands at to work on it we have so many people that were I want to watch I want to work on this this is the type of work that I've always wanted to do in my career but it wasn't long before Stan says things
00:19:13getting weird for starters Elizabeth would fall off the grid go dark for a month and when you say she'd go dark were you trying to reach her and then she was just unreachable and no one would tell you what was going on yes is that typical given the ambition in the desire to move quickly and then be completely unresponsive was odd very odd us other strange Behavior Stan and Mike say they witnessed instance where we went up to Palo Alto and we were trying to get copy approved for the website and she didn't want to have that conversation. She was really excited about showing us these little crocheted finger puppets if you will and they were for potentially for children after they got their finger prick that they would give these away and it was like talking to a 13 year old girl how excited she was and she talked in a different tone of voice it was interesting she was using a different voice in this conversation
00:20:13the infection was a little bit different yeah it was a little bit more like I said it was child-like a little bit stands job was also to manage Sonny and he says Sonny didn't make it easy so you inside and got to know each other pretty well as well as anybody could get to know something guess we couldn't find much information about his background so it was if we weren't sure besides a few things that we found on the internet we weren't really sure what he was all about so I think the odd behavior for me around him was his emphatic discussion around what the product does a why does what it does and why we shouldn't ask for any more information that would seem. To me it was that he didn't have any training as a doctor he didn't have any training running labs yet when we try to get to those answers he became almost angry that we'd even asked the question
00:21:08and that's what was really bizarre do us about paying their bills terrible we couldn't get him to pay on time still his team were busy working on the creative over 2,000 Walgreens store has a in a really short time frame which was put a lot of pressure on Mike was working a lot of the retail work to get the retail work done guess everything is based on this tiny drop of blood so we wanted to make that a big portion of the iconography of of of the brand was it we wanted to have a really strong human portraits are you really looking into their into their eyes
00:21:47the work they were producing was Vivid and Powerful in one sign you see a child with big blue eyes a quizzical look on his face across it in bold type it reads good by Big Bad needle did every piece of communication had it feel like you felt the importance of of the machine something like a little sign is hanging down from one Walgreens in Palo Alto it had it had that gravitas I felt like this is something big but before they could unveil the campaign to the public shyatt day had to make sure every claim Elizabeth and sunny were making could actually be proven
00:22:28and that wasn't easy
00:22:31I mean there are specific claims like a 4-Hour claim it was like you can't say that in less than 4 hours hundreds of tests on one drop was an interesting one because it if you want to say hundred the test on one single drop and it has to be hundreds of tests on one single drop no ambiguity you have to be able to prove that that's how you do the test you have to be able to do it then not in 10 years not in 5 years you have to be able to do it then
00:23:00the amended the copy in forged ahead but things got more bizarre
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00:24:17with their nose expanding in multiple cities my cast an innocent question about plans to roll out more wellness centers in Arizona where's the where was and I was told a we haven't filled it yet but you're doing the tests how do you do the test then and this is Greg FedEx them up to Palo Alto Mike and I looked at each other and there was two problems with that one was the speed and the other is how are using FedEx actually carry somebody's blood it was like whoa wait
00:24:55especially when you consider what the promise of the box was it was portable you can run tests really quick I thought they were just going to be in every store and they were going to do it there that was a we were just we couldn't believe it remember went there and I was first pitch Walgreens one of the key selling points was it their breakthrough device my calls it the Box could process test right on site what do you do in advertently stumbled on a bombshell there and I was wasn't going to actually put these devices inside of Walgreens and why not because that would require FDA approval something they didn't have
00:25:38so there are no stuck advantage of a loophole in the law they would put wellness centers inside of Walgreens but they'd ship all the blood samples outside that their noses Central lab for processing this would let their nose do the whole thing without FDA approval you're Sunny what if it ships samples shipped out a central location
00:26:07yeah changes few things in the model but it allows us to launch faster so I kept saying will where's the Box where's the where's the box and I think we would have conversations like do you think this thing you think I don't think it exists it wasn't long before many on the show at day team were wondering exactly who or what they were really dealing with I will say I was government and the reason why is that one of the first meetings I had with her she had said that the Box had been field tested in Afghanistan and then you that you look at her board and you look who is sitting on the board and she would continue to drop you know major political and Military names and it got the point where like okay maybe this whole thing is some sort of CIA and I'm kind of joking but I'm also not joking I'm like what's going on here by now the board was a who's who of government heavyweight there was Henry Kissinger
00:27:07what's the most famous Secretary of State ever General James Mattis President Trump's now former Secretary of Defense and George Shultz former treasury secretary under Nixon and Secretary of State under Reagan he was apparently dazzled by Elizabeth from their very first meeting breast impressed with the technology Admiral Gary roughead and how exactly did Elizabeth get this collection of people to the table here she is explaining in a deposition with the SEC did you have a relationship with Henry Kissinger before he scored the first ones in fact secretary Schultz was the common link for most board members including Senator Frist
00:28:07Innovative company in the lab space that has impressive technology like so many others on the board shared another connection we are both fellows at the Hoover institution at Stanford University set up a meeting and then Elizabeth would join and charm Admiral roughead says he saw big potential for deploying their noses devices with the Navy operate operate without any medical officers on board and so for me being able to see the technology deployed would ultimately result in better care and more mediate care for a people if it was an impressive roster of dignitaries but something renault's employees like Michael Craig were perplexed a friend of mine
00:29:07you're bored. Looks like you guys are ready to take over the world not start a medical device company Stanford Professor has none of them other than later bill Frist had any knowledge of medical devices Madison anyting I mean they were just former Secretary of the Navy and secretaries of State I mean it was just a complete power Circle that had no knowledge of what they were supposed to be governing but investors loved it on the fact that you had this wonderful board of directors of outstanding individuals by allowing our names to be out there they all vouch for Elizabeth Holmes we met earlier he's an attorney who sued theranos on behalf of investors who put money into the company around the time they're Wellness Center started popping up at Walgreens Walgreens is going to go in they must have looked at it they must have tested it
00:30:07it must be good. Hundreds of these types of suits and says this one feels remarkably similar to another one from earlier in his career that of Bernie Madoff the former financier who's now serving life in prison for running one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in history 6 hours in jail interviewing him in South Carolina really felt that I got to see a little bit of who we truly was and I see that in Elizabeth Holmes and the way she operated and you think they're similar people I think they're very similar people are German boys just like Bernie Elizabeth used her expanding circle of VIP connections to build trust and attract money when all was said and done Elizabeth raised more than 1 billion dollars for her company the Walton family the founders of Walmart invested $150 media Mogul Rupert Murdoch
00:31:07125 million the DeVos family including now education secretary Betsy DeVos put in another hundred million husbands of one of the devices in one of the Walton family we're on the same board together the other investors were all in one way or another tied with the GOP or the Republican party and so she was able to sell to all these people and get them because they all trust each other if you're doing it and must be good and I'm sure you wouldn't lie to me it wasn't just the ultra-wealthy investing I was told it was going to be the next big thing and we all took a fly on it and it turned out to be a pack of Lies Eileen lepera a retired executive assistant living about 15 minutes from the theranos headquarters remembers when she learned about an opportunity to invest in a promising new startup you heard this company was going to be the next app yes
00:32:05Eileen was retired by the time she heard about there and house and saw it is a gamble with a potentially enormous payoff she stretched and put $150,000 in the company had you ever put $150,000 into any other investor who is the biggest investment of my life and what did you expect a new house
00:32:29with the proceeds in chatting with Eileen in her living room she now lives in her parents former home it was cutting edge technology I basically believed the knowledge and the expertise of who I bought it from Eileen didn't hear much about her investment early on but she went to the Palo Alto Walgreens to have a look at it was their first beta test site and it was just a simple door that said theranos I went in and I sat in a little room there was a remember there was a fish thing an aquarium too and I guess to calm you down and I and it was a calming and I thought this is cool I thought it was modest but I didn't think it mattered and so my experience was good and and I felt okay we're on our way
00:33:24at one point I leaned took $50,000 out of the investment not because of Any red flags she says she just needed elsewhere when she went in to fill out the paperwork Eileen says she ran into Elizabeth what did you think when you saw her I was really shocked at how cowed and the people were around her people around her changed when she came in the room yes and what did they do differently they seemed almost afraid and do you have any kind of speaking interaction with her that day no no and I never saw her again Eileen would also never see her money again but that wouldn't be clear for at least another two or three years earn that much money back in my life I don't have enough years to turn and I'm retired and I don't want to go back to work so
00:34:17it's a hard pill to swallow if you could say something right now to Elizabeth Holmes what would you say to her send me my $100,000 back please
00:34:28by 2015 there a nose was in about 40 Walgreens stores in California and Arizona and people weren't just investing their money they were now putting their lives on the line as they turn to their nose to test for hundreds of diseases everything from cholesterol to cancer people like 62 year old Sherry ackert we're just learning about this hot new company theranos My Obgyn said you want to try one of those are no slabs my said hey yeah let's try it you ever lied about him Sherry is a healthcare administrator she's also a breast cancer survivor I had the bilateral mastectomy in the beginning of reconstruction December 18th I had four months of chemotherapy I managed wealth through the treatments cuz I was healthy otherwise finished the reconstruction surgery and go back to work and I just kind of went back to life
00:35:28my new normal I guess she was now in remission but was getting her blood drawn regularly to ensure the cancer hadn't come back Sherry figured their nose might be a nice alternative to her traditional test oh my gosh I've had my blood drawn over a hundred times you know once a cancer patient always a cancer patient so it really does change your life
00:35:53so she went to a phoenix Walgreens this is where I had the infamous blood draw
00:36:01went in immediately gets seated there were two people they were awesome they seem to know what they were doing when the results came back her heart sank I saw that the estradiol amount was over 300 the first thing that came to mind was oh my God it's recurring I also called my oncologist's office and the nurse call me back and she said I am so sorry that's not good if you got an estrogen level of a 35 year-old there could be a tumor growing somewhere I will never forget that day the doctor told Sherry to go in for more tests this time recommended an on their nose lab so it was about a week later I got the call from my doctor and he said congratulations your estrogen is basically non-existent that their nose test had been off by hundreds of points there was no tumor no new cancer Sherry said she tried to reach out to their nose
00:37:01answers but got no response no one from fairness ever called me to apologize no one and in my opinion that's the least you can do when you mess up so badly with someone who's potentially that a Cancer recurrence and they're worried stressed out and you just ignore it you just totally ignore it not okay and Sherry was far from alone around the same time one stayed over there was Paul of Sharda he's an anesthesiologist turned entrepreneur from a family of doctors he visited the Palo Alto Walgreens the first thing I noticed was the the phlebotomist who was taking my blood I asked her we'll wait wait a minute this is supposed to be a pinprick
00:37:52cuz they show you the mini Wiles right and I was like well that's cool cuz I'm going to get that rather than a whole test tube draw but she was doing a test tube draw in the usual way she put a tourniquet on and she took the test you about unlike know this is supposed to be like at we're supposed to just take this out of my finger exactly that's why I came I was a little red black olives doctor called with an upsetting diagnosis indicating that he was pre-diabetic your doctor says what we can talk about some antidiabetic medications you want to start medication therapy and I was like no no but before starting on drugs he went to retake the same test at a different lab the new results put him safely outside the pre-diabetic range I'm probably the safest error that was made I was taking care of myself but I'm sure there were thousands of medical decisions made on theranos
00:38:52lab results which put serious medicine in people's pill packs for them to take without anybody double-checking what that number was on the basis of which that decision would make
00:39:05for medical professionals like Stanford Professor Phyllis Gardner this disregard for patients lives was unconscionable I did not want her to get away with this I did not want a medical fraud perpetrated and glamorized
00:39:23buy anybody I'm a physician Do no harm I have no personal stake and bringing down the company other than I thought it was a medical fraud and I do not sanction that in any way
00:39:39welp Olive & Sheri we're getting their test results back in Los Angeles Mike pedido and stand fiorito the guys from the Apple Ad Agency have long since moved on from there and they say out of nowhere Elizabeth and sunny suddenly ended their relationship with the company wish I had a team was frankly relieved but Mike says he still couldn't shake the feeling that there was something seriously wrong going on at their nose so I thought at some point something will happen that's going to expose this but you just didn't know I mean to know how deep it was and who was who that person was going to be but I literally would Google theranos scam wondering like when that information was going to come out and he says the lingering apprehension that Elizabeth theranos might retaliate against naysayers given how secretive and protective they were of their brand at any cost and never really gone away
00:40:39there's still a part of me that has fear in Malik is this snow are we being set up or they're going to be cops to come in and social lawyers they come through just because they were
00:40:52just hurry unscrupulous when it caught when it came to just defending and protecting and make sure nobody talked
00:41:02on the next episode of the Dropout many employees are at a Breaking Point horrified by what they believe to be widespread deception and dangerous practices it really it really started to eat me up inside and really violated the like a very basic and simple principle that that I had guiding me as a scientist as just a human being they're desperate to break their silence but their nose is employing increasingly Extreme Measures to stop them the threat of litigation was always in the air when you worked at their nose employees knew it was not an empty threat people are terrified of Retribution
00:41:41but one Brave and unlikely whistleblower is about to emerge my grandfather would say things like your career will be ruined if this article comes out
00:42:01Errol Morris Elizabeth Holmes and sunny balwani did not respond or declined to comment for this podcast some material including Court depositions were edited for clarity and time
00:42:13the Dropout is written and produced by Taylor Dunn Victoria Thompson and me are editors are crispr Ube and Evan Viola who also created our theme song additional editing on this episode by Nick in the city are researchers are Victor Ordonez and Lane when her artwork is by Teddy blanks at chips and why the Dropout is a production of Nightline ABC radio and ABC's business unit for Nightline gentleman is the supervising producer and Stephen Baker is the executive producer Erica runs ABC specialized units thanks for the team at ABC radio and to the Wall Street Journal John Kerry Ray father of Bad Blood was investigative reporting first exposed this remarkable story be sure to subscribe to the Dropout podcast and if you like what you heard leave us a review listen to new episodes every Wednesday
00:43:06have a dream but don't know where to begin I didn't want to be limited looking for wisdom for women who've already been there you will constantly be given the opportunity to Lose Yourself welcome to ABC's No Limits I'm your host Rebecca Jarvis and each week we're talking to game-changing women about success Lessons Learned along the way and of course the worst advice I really thought about this worse than Vice ever you can hear new episodes of No Limits every week on Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app

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