On New Flight, New Life Season 2 Episode 9 of the Driftr Podcast, we discuss an in-depth review of SPG's New Credit Cards and Existing Credit Card Changes during our Cards and Points segment, took a trip to the beautiful location of Maui, Hawaii and discuss our thoughts on How travel has changed our lives for the better.
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00:00:01Welcome and thanks for tuning in to the latest installment of the drifter podcast lite smiles and a fraud with your hosts right here sandoval i've learned how to maximize points new interesting places to explore stores from fellow travelers and get your trying with questions and answers from our
00:00:24weekly pocket and we're back friend of the episode of the drifted pakis what's happening i was like where's naked man like i just seemed like seconds ago i'm here i'm here i'm here try make sure you life that's all i'm a lot of well thank you lord thank
00:00:51you thank you lord right and what is my deal would say and it has been another week we missed our guys were already be back in the saddle give you all the information you know to make sure that you're savvy travelers thanks back in the bank let's go
00:01:08back on it man so we're gonna go ahead and get things right off the back under way straight into the first segment of our show talking about credit cards giving you the low down on credit car strategy so that you can be able take credit cards use your
00:01:22purchases when you pay your bills or if you're going out with friends or whoever knows what else you spend your money on we're gonna make sure that you get your points for it soap on today's episode we're going take a diverge a little bit and talk about actually
00:01:37hotel brand specifically start wouldn't spg and if you have been keeping notice starwood nspd just complete their merger has taken almost felt like maybe ten thousand years but really only been playing about two and for today's up so we're going specifically focused on the changes with the new
00:01:55star would credit cards just been offered Probably a two or three part series We're going write down each of the different brands that were in this merger and how the changes affect use that you could be about traveling so today we're going talk specifically about the spg card
00:02:13introduction of the new spg cards and also tell you exactly what's changed for all the previous cards so let's go ahead and get things under way First off there is a new card in town star what is now releasing a new luxury credit card ok so it's going
00:02:31to be their new premium tier card And so now they have pretty much an introductory offer and they have a heart to offer and i would kind of say it's really similar to the chase sapphire preferred reserve because both these cars going also still have any will feed
00:02:47so let's go ahead and break down the new luxury car that's coming to in nineteen brennan twenty nineteen southern less recall will have a four hundred fifty feet oh so so it's the big bang hate so that so that payment man that brian brian level oh no i
00:03:07have to look over this first before i make a decision but four hundred fifty bushy getting resounding statement credit for purchases that participate mary hotels you one hundred dollars global entry or eighty five reality is a pretext secretive you get party passed the leg and was said we
00:03:25also get animal free niall war up to fifty thousand points after we knew and you also get fifteen league night credits beginning in twenty nineteen and you get ah i don't even know how to say this or the one by going go boeing go you say those are
00:03:43the major benefits of this car so look pretty good not too bad i guess kind of worked out for fifty especially with the three hundred back in statement credits if you like staying there marriott hotels i guess that's when it really been officially the most definitely and so
00:03:59one of things to keep in mind is that now we starwood in the marriott they've now merged you can take advantage of this is mary hotels and starwood hotels and the latest episode we're going actually break down the new starwood and marriott program so you can understand it
00:04:12but for the top tier car definitely for fifteen you'll feed three another statement craze from marriott definitely has a value and i did all the global entry if you are using that because let's be honest on his pre checked the global entry get both fifteen dollars more and
00:04:25then on top of that you get the party passed the lexx if you don't have membership you're able to get leased to guest and you get a free one free night which can almost offset the cost of the car depending on what property use especially using three thousand
00:04:37points of property probably cost like three hundred dollars or forty dollars a ninety eight ways so that basically could pay for the card by itself getting gold status and that means you getting late checkouts that starwood hotels s so you could get almost at two or three o'clock
00:04:50late checkout you also get some other get upgrades to having not exactly a sweet but you get the corner rooms or the bigger rooms so that adds up after awhile to you also get the platinum which guy spends twenty five k a year So aa ball the phone
00:05:09basically all right say fuck a lot of money Yeah but wife access is cool for late nights on me and that's got some good stuff so late night credits allow you to upgrade all way up to the best room they have possible which usually a sweet so you
00:05:22get fifteen of those a year yeah i like i like somebody i need use one day one day one day but definitely this car is basically only a lot of points basically at marriott hotel so if you're traveling for work and you spend a lot time traveling um
00:05:38on the road this is a great way for you to be able to rack up some hotel stays and get those hotel points and they get things they're still keeping all of the partners to transfer points to so you can transfer points that's pretty don't see it as
00:05:49you gaze six hundred points all participate marriott hotels do time is a u s restaurants right and flights and two time points on my other purchases so yeah so you're getting some good points especially restaurants and flights there's definitely add all right like how many points you get
00:06:06on flights Three x points So so if you travel for work this is a good car free if they marry a person yeah and even if you're not if you're traveling for work and staying in other hotels i mean great car to rack up again at least two
00:06:21x points and all the purchases so go state hilton or the quinta inn oh hotel see rack up the points you live well look i'm under a tree right now but man so we talked about the new card offerings but let's talk about the previous card so this
00:06:45affects me I'm a previous cardholder the starwood preferred guest card and there's some people out there who had the business card so let's talk about a couple of changes really quick it's not going to change too much but in fact you're going to add some new benefits You
00:06:57get the annual free not award but in comparison to the higher version of the car the personal version of the preferred gas card on lee gets up to thirty five thousand points for animal free night As comparison to the luxury car gets up to fifty get automatic silver
00:07:10elite status You can earn gold status after spending three thousand dollars on the card and this year but next year it's going to be thirty five thousand points and you get fifteen league night credits Ah so that works Give me some definite hotel upgrades is pretty nice and
00:07:29it's still earned six points at participating hotels to accept all of the purchases So all non bonus basically there's a little bit of a drop from all known mambas purposes on this card and it kicks in august the twenty eighteen so these changes are coming soon now for
00:07:46the preferred card the preferred business card gets you actually uh the same benefits as the consumer car that i just mentioned fifteen elite nights on gold status on the medics over elite status able free not award for thirty five thousand points but you also get forex points on
00:08:02restaurant purchases gas stations why was phone services from u s providers and shipping ah and shipping purchases so you basically get some new bonus categories to spend on the business card where is the consumer car doesn't have any bonus categories the basis one might be with yeah now
00:08:21there's another caveat you can only have one or the other you can't have both now the business card and the personal card so sure yeah you yes they want limited time establish from being great yeah so let's talk about it from a considered high level spg luxury cart
00:08:40for fifteen you wolfie six x marea earn three x bonus category earned which is u s restaurants in flights booked directly with their lines and two ex everyday consumer card ninety five dollars annual fee six six points and marriott no bonus categories but you get it to ex
00:08:57points on every day earning and last but not least spg business credit card ninety five dollars annual fee six x marriott earned forex all your bonus categories which is includes u s restaurants gas stations and us why was phone services and shipping and then you get the two
00:09:15x everyday points and then also just the one thing is the luxury car gets the marriott credit for three hundred dollars free night up to fifty k you get gold elite status fifteen stash credits also probably passed global entry and buoying wife five the consumer card no marriott
00:09:40credit thirty five k value for a free night get silver elite status and fifteen status credits and it's the exact same on the spg business credit card as well so you get extra benefits on that luxury card but she gets some extra bonus categories on the business car
00:09:56the consumer card we just got hosed but it makes sense just to get a business card people are the lowest no tear yeah so they got your ninety five dollars now they want for fifty three looks that might be a good card so we'll see what we're going
00:10:17to get it or no brain ready could still out on this one i think i don't know about that got other cars that on the radar so we'll see in time whatsoever go and brain And what about you don't know about that for fifty life yet uh that
00:10:39business window that might be a different story yeah the business cards that's where is that that's Actually i was trying to get before i had the personal card but i want to get the business more so i didn't offer the business before or you just get business I
00:10:54just don't get the business I was on the fence about it It happens Yeah Ok interesting if you don't know now you know and when is this car coming out of it So the new card should come out somewhere in twenty nineteen and the existing benefits resisting cards
00:11:17they're definitely have the benefits changed by august twenty eighteen So coming in a couple of months own Yeah it's already may Now that's crazy time is passing All right so now we're giving you the low down on the new changes to the marriott starwood ritz carlton program giving
00:12:05you all the details on the starwood card We're going to go into the next part of our show over going take a trip We're going to go somewhere because some somewhere hopefully that you've been to if not we don't put this on your radar We're going to give
00:12:15you a couple of different things that use check out and one of the places that we can use travel to So for today's episode snack attack tell us where we're going to Ok so we're going to a little something different this time said i'm way around the world
00:12:31All the way down to the bottom of the earth where does or using our passport reaction going kind of technically keep it local we're going to stay in the u s but we're going to go somewhere far away from the u s we're going to go to actual
00:12:42an island that's part of united states on the west coast we're going to go tomalley that's questionable if it is so malley is party united states f y i just in case you were asleep in geography class yes malley is part of the state of hawaii and malley
00:13:02is actually the second largest island of hawaii just so you know that's why i'm so since we're going to hawaii we don't need to exchange any money we don't need a passport just bring a driver's license f y i the flights a little long i want to mount
00:13:18a few years ago and i flew to dallas and then from dallas that the flight was about seven hours and dallas why so you won't get there in two hours if you're going from the east coast so just so you know the first thing we realized when we
00:13:32got somali malley is considered quote uphold the chill island you definitely go to mali to relax and hang out you don't do any turn up in mali the sun comes up at like five thirty in the morning the roosters are crowing and basically you out all day long
00:13:49people are outside of like six in the morning working now playing tennis swimming surfing et cetera and then it gets darker like five thirty six o'clock like tish black one island pitch black at five thirty six o'clock on the island and people like well those of the bar
00:14:04hang out to go to dinner and hang out but you're not going to go like a dress and go buy a section somewhere and turn up that is not going to happen and all the locals will tell you that however comma i enjoyed it it was a nice
00:14:17getaway for me so if you're looking to go party you want to go hang out then you got to take a quick flight two allahu that's where our everybody goes a party just so you know and everyone in valley will tell you that that one of the biggest
00:14:30attractions in mali is called the road to hana we actually went on this tour was a really good tour the road to handle is basically like a sixty four point four square mile our road that you takes up the northeastern side of the island and basically it's like
00:14:47a serene part of the island and you just get kind of take a tour bus or you can run a car which i don't recommend if you're not like a professional professional driver on basically you goto the rosa handle issues like a long wind e sixty four square
00:15:02mile road up the side of the coast of molly and why you're going up his long road it's a lot of twists and turns a lot of bridges but along the way it's one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen so along the way you'll get to
00:15:17see waterfalls you could deceive beaches black sand beaches we'll get to see lots of different are shrubbery to see a lot of different types of beaches a lot of different types of people living out you know in the area and you'll just see like a lot of nature
00:15:32a lot of different plants and flowers that you never seen before so they have a lot of different tour groups that go there so you can basically get on the tour bus a small one a big one a coach whatever size you want it's up to you depending
00:15:43on how you pick and you could just get on the bus or you can write your own car and you just go up and down this right wind the wind the wind the road and you just go through different types of like tropical scenery basically why so we
00:15:57stopped at the waterfalls and we get to hang out a lunch we stopped the different beaches we got to hang out we went to a black sand beach and hung out um blue in two different types of bridges and we saw like cliffs and everything like that So
00:16:08that was really really nice So i would highly suggest that something is not like often you get to take like a riot like that really just kind of like a lying the winding very very steep winding road So the other thing i really like about molly just in
00:16:22case you just someone who likes to be outside like i do like i said earlier at six in the morning the island is lit at six in the morning you go outside people are snorkeling they're playing volleyball there on the golf course teeing off there so surfing there
00:16:36was serving there taking a volcano tour you can go to the volcano is called the holly icka volcano and you can fight down the volcano like six in the morning one of the best things ever get the weird cultic was really cold but she could do kite surfing
00:16:50You can go bike ride and you could play tennis you know kayaking and you can run a boat going a bullet or whatever you want to do at six in the morning is available So um but like i said everyone's about six in the morning do all these
00:17:03things and by six o'clock at night violence very very chill so why so But i like to do all that type of stuff and like everyone's really really nice and malley they're like really sweet they're like really chill of peace like you know i on tv you see
00:17:16people know like hey man peace man what's up like that's just really how they are in that way that the nice people government so i like to be outside doing that type of stuff so that's what you want to do i highly recommend it And the last thing
00:17:29about hope malley that i really like or hawaiian general it's a good gateway to go to australia or other islands maybe the marshall islands or you want to go like on a vacation somewhere like tahiti or maldives or something like that you can definitely use hawaii is stepping
00:17:45stone to go so other eastern cities or other eastern islands so you can use your place strategy ah hawaii airlines or alaska airlines american united and also to get to hawaii and the new can use another point shot ready to go the other places from there You know
00:18:07people ask me all the time if malley is kind of like a quotable vacation in space i didn't go with the booth there i was with my best friend nor there and i technically they feel like it was a vacation place if you want to go on relax
00:18:22yes definitely but if you want to go hang out on the beach h and have a good time or go like i say go surfing or kite serving or pulling the volcano under the roads anna you want to go outside do like outdoor activities that's where you want
00:18:35to go we did have some good shopping too in the full food of course is really really good i did go to a luau and i didn't like it it was like the most commercial thing i ever been to and i was just the on ly that really
00:18:49was the best part of lao was the scenery like the sun was setting the sky was a raising it had you know when the sun was setting it was like one of those beautiful things but other than that i was like ok i want to go home now
00:19:01did a recipe yeah and it wasn't that good but so i mean i don't know it was a bunch of fool i didn't want it was just like purple potatoes and we're coleslaw that was a coal i don't know i was just stuff i don't want to be
00:19:17first of all close largest belongs in the trash so somebody's office not your friends mean if you're eating roasted paying a lot people out there work was it really especially about their so in my opinion it wasn't it was like i live in the d c area it
00:19:37was just like i was at home like a target they got wal mart i mean it was same price if not cheaper the gas with the exact same price a d c area it wasn't any more people space it so it was people So i'm maybe it was
00:19:52malley compared to the other island because my cousin does live on the main island and my aunt did say it was like six seven dollars for a gallon of milk so maybe molly is a little bit cheaper than the other our other islands but molly definitely was just
00:20:06like being at home It was an iceland expensive It was not isil inexpensive not at all It wasn't like we ain't good every day so it was like we had dinner outside under the stars on the beach on lee went out and had brunch and we did a
00:20:24lot of shopping They have really nice boutiques there ladies So if you want to get some different stuff there than that's where you want to go like i said everyone's really really nice we did yo there we had a really good time like i would definitely go back
00:20:37and a harpy that's good to know good to know yes and like i said if you want a party that you got to go to a wahoo and just so you know if you want to go to the different islands of hawaii from you know each other you
00:20:49haven't take a plane i thought you could take like a ah ferrier some like that no you had to book a ticket and catch a flight fly attention more than flights no yes exactly it so i might be like a thirty minute flight but you cannot take a
00:21:02fairy or anything like that so not definitely that i could take a ferry from mallee toil and they were like no that's a go flight my everybody you would think so that's it if you've been to maui well that's on your to do list please let us know
00:21:21we love to hear your feedback you have any questions please let me know i'm always here is a resource definitely thanks nectec no problem every week the drifter podcast features dialogue and stories from our travel community Real stories from real travel if you want to join our travel
00:21:44please visit a sign of god drifted travels down i have a question about the podcast one it's a minute question of the day or a topic for consideration send an email to podcasting at drifter travels dot com weigh all right all right all right all right so if
00:22:06you have been taking your trip to my i'm pretty sure that your booking your flight after the description that snag it that just gave up all the wonderful things you could do so if we don't get there before you please share the pictures make sure that you can
00:22:18go online using instagram and if you have pictures of your trips we want to see you sharing with us so use the hashtag just travels to be able to share your pictures and that we can fit you in our count All right so we talked about credit cards
00:22:31talk about places to go now it's time to have that last conversation piece you know that round table discussions when we discuss things that the points of view a savvy travelers were trying to get down to the nitty gritty of the things that you just want to know
00:22:44and we're going to have to answer them today So for today's open discussion segment of our show we're going to focus on the topic of how has travel change your life for the better that really top right there We'll talk just a little bit so let's start things
00:23:03off b how has traveled changed your life for the better I mean i any streets normal Well you know you want this i walked to begin with ah man i guess i'm a lot more open minded to try new stuff I mean before i move here i wish
00:23:23i was i first are traveling when i moved to austin Basically i was like four years ago so i can say i'm a completely different person Um i'll try different foods i go hiking down like i would never done that for years ago skiing Um so it really
00:23:40opened my mind to new cultures and i'm a lot i feel freer man i'm about coming in right now I feel free Oh not a trio too soon found too soon but now so that's i mean that's the biggest thing for me for sure just a lot more
00:24:01open minded to try new stuff That's a nice look about you snack that i can go like really deep but i'll keep it really back in i won't go that far keeping one hundred So um travel has helped me i guess deal with loss in my life after
00:24:25my mom passed away i like one Take your for a little while and i was like i'll be back later and help me like mourned the loss of her and get all with my life so it is helping with that and i feel that like every time i
00:24:37go out of town or ice get me out of the country after that ages helps me appreciate all the things that i have in my life now like we say for great at the wifi that we have all the way that we have available you know all the
00:24:50resource is that we have available over there is a c m is on every street you know whatever we want the latter fingertips villages helps me appreciate that and not like brightness that earlier helped me appreciate other cultures you know not everybody in america outside not everybody here
00:25:07is the same way outside of here and it helps us appreciate you know where we come from and where we're going just helps let me appreciate you know people that come here and make something out of nothing because a lot of people were handed a lot of things
00:25:18so that's it one thousand yeah let me call it may get my kleenex now Okay okay there you go Don't have was crying too All right that was so deep two so deep so deep about your moment of truth moment truth where my where my man so when
00:25:42i think about travel and what he's been able to do definitely has helped me kinds of what's naked sex ed appreciations one thing that i think i've gotten one anything like when you travel and you go to a third world country and you see the peacefulness that somebody
00:26:01lives without the first world issues that we also only think about oh i don't have wifi oh my cell phone doesn't have connection all i'm trying to love this picture and it didn't get to instagram fast enough what's gonna happen that twitter conversation and it didn't make it
00:26:17oh you know i want to go shots i drive and you see people who don't have very much in life but happiness it makes you look at life totally different totally agree i'll never forget going to dubai and one of the things that they do by law is
00:26:35that no amount of mind issue save it in the year you have to give ten percent of what you've saved to somebody less fortunate and i was just like so moved by that that i started doing that with friends and people who had no idea like pete if
00:26:50somebody like a friend i was like hey i need to bind i didn't ask how much i'll go look at my savings like how much do i save all right ten percent here here you go And they've asked well you know what Why don't you just like always
00:27:02Just you know something i've just chosen do but here's what i ask you didn't return always asked him when you save your money and somebody else needs help just set aside five ten percent of that and give it somebody else And i kept thinking if you weep if
00:27:15i did that more often and more people have adopted like how could i make a really societal impact or change towards other people But having people could i help in that process or how many people could be helped in that process if i hadn't traveled to have my
00:27:29mind like worked around What i challenge to know is what his life i never would have had that experience and it never would have shaped my own character and growth and i think also traveling by myself and going to a country where myself it really taught me a
00:27:44lot about communication of where i actually had struggles because going to another country not speaking their language and having to communicate what you need you get out the point of expecting people just to understand what you're saying and getting to the point really where you really focus on
00:28:01how can i effectively communicate when i need Because i have no other options So like from a personal standpoint when i think about travel travel is definitely molded shaped or grown me and helped me develop areas that i may have had opportunities in while also provided me with
00:28:21lifetime experiences that will never allow me to go back to my previous way of thinking fags hassle grows you as a person to you can't be irresponsible on traveling now you're not going to make you lose your passport or you're gonna lose your money or you go and
00:28:36open with cuba credit cards and cash really assures you don't think i ever met just like i am assured person that liked to travel all the time right They are responsible cata debate what's there but i still i still think you help for your personal growth so different
00:28:55that it does help you you got out there and made mistakes you know better next time and i think that a lot of people now especially the power of social media they tell us people hey listen when you go to cuba bro uh cash only takes in euros
00:29:10did not take your credit car You know when you go to dubai ladies you cannot be uncovered you need to cover your soul you know if you travel would mean it might be a little bit better etcetera etcetera you know i tell women when i go to west
00:29:23africa you know you probably need to go as a group go with somebody that you know you know make sure you know somebody out there you know don't do this don't do that except our et cetera so you just let people know what's going on so they don't
00:29:35make the same mistakes you may or you know making mistakes you've seen other people make fax yes so i know that like when i went to ghana that was one of the most humbling experiences that i ever had like when we went to that meeting castle i literally
00:29:54seen people living in shacks like when i was younger people like make fun all you live in a shack you live in a one room shack all you do is you got a pot in one room shack like i literally saw people living in a one room jack
00:30:07with a pot in the middle of the room and i saw they had and kids about in a row like shorts on and no short no shoes no sure know nothing you know and they were just so happy to see you and they weren't even like really begging
00:30:19for it and i just want to talk to you and hang out with you so that definitely was like a i opening experience for me yeah that's really not very well liked well i've seen situations yeah once you travel you can't see life the same all right That's
00:30:40my personal opinion like what you see mold and shape you're in the way that you will never never be able to kind of i guess go back to your own ways i agree so definitely if you haven't there's definitely a big movement on this trough this wonder less
00:31:02and take a page of it take advantage of this opportunity to really kind of grow and this mold yourself so definitely if you haven't already get on the travel by train right get those points because if somebody told me a long time ago the money investing travel has
00:31:23a return that you can't put a mountain on and i actually believe that i am definitely better person because of traveling for sure absolutely one hundred percent i don't think i literally would be here right now or in his favor by if i didn't travel to be dead
00:31:38on this with you so i'll be in the second place if i didn't travel you may be the second place we're like i'm working visa teo i'm so heartbroken why guys we're not going to dampen the mood too much so thanks so much for to hand it's getting
00:32:02listening to us and our episodes thanks for allowing us to share our kind of ways to travel that's just credit cards and a beautiful trip to molly So hopefully to hear from you soon talk to you soon catch up with you in our slat group soon makes you
00:32:17two go drifter travels dot com so slack to be able to join makes you to follow us on social media drifter travels the r i f t r there's no e save the light we see if baby please save the baby I'm going to say please save the
00:32:35all right Yeah definitely catches on social media So and so next time we get to be able to kind of wrap up with your this has been one of your co host brian finds you know brian the boom and kira sandoval and we out be having guys a
00:32:51good way A great week Thanks for the trip To ensure the shelves Make sure you do it's on itunes share the broadcast on social media with your friends family and fellow Yes i have a question about ground dot com slash podcast to learn for it to be a
00:33:26part of our show Be on the lookout for next episode until next time Just rambling travels

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