The road to success is paved with convention tickets.
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00:01:31on the dream Tim Allen's came to the attention of the FTC they went after him pretty hard for about fifteen years well it was saying enough is enough you know what it is I know it means nothing credible to discuss any longer is one word and white the
00:01:47only decision by the Federal Trade Commission %HESITATION changed everything it invented it called rules who came up with the family rules am way I always assumed it was the have to sing came up no in this post Amway decision world it seems like I'm alarms are everywhere and
00:02:19as we told you earlier in the season we want to find out what they look like from the inside so we joined one eye make up company called lime life formerly known and referred to in our tape as lime light remember they had to change their name mid
00:02:32reporting when they went international our producer mackenzie signed up got a starter kit and ordered a bunch more make up at the urging of her up line the last we heard from her she was struggling to Kickstarter her limelight career she had zero sales from anyone other than
00:02:46herself her post on social media we're going largely ignored by everyone but me her mom and her up line and that opening party I sent out invitations on Facebook individualized invitations to everyone and %HESITATION not a single person responded and I'm talking like my closest friend like seriously
00:03:07some people claimed after the fact that they never got them but you know it's Facebook you can see if someone over %HESITATION and I had a range of excuses everything from I would have to hire a babysitter to it's a week night to my mother in law's in
00:03:22town and then everyone kind of ended it with also I don't really get why you're inviting me over for make up themed party so no party for us which is a bummer I love a party and was really looking forward to finally getting to know some of the
00:03:39products while having my ties with friends plus we already invested a lot in it remember mackenzie's up line just convinced her to spend around three hundred Bucks to be fiber kit we asked around a bit to find out why friends ignore the invite and on the whole no
00:03:54one felt like spending money on babysitters and expense of make up in order to hang out with us when they could just spend money on baby sitting in a cheap bottle of wine like we normally do as much as everyone loves mackenzie even attending one party was way
00:04:08too much of an investment %HESITATION and if you think they said no because they know this is a silly project for a podcast you are wrong we didn't tell them I'm still feeling not like overwhelmed feeling where I just I don't know where to start but I'm I'm
00:04:24not doing anything I'm sort of like paralyzed by fear because there's just so much I should be doing and I'm trying to do and it's not working so when you gonna do well that's what I wanted to talk to you about I'm Jeanne Marie and this is the
00:04:39dream episode eight destination amazing I'm light has %HESITATION all of these events they do everything from something called the happiest hour wait what is that I have no clue %HESITATION too limelight palooza which is like this big cruise or something on that score ruby and destination some kind
00:05:06of like XL's conference or something here is why my C. E. O. and that stands for chief empowerment officer I'm not kidding his name is Jake of Heiser we found this video of him from last year's my might palooza and he's possibly having the greatest day of his
00:05:22life validate your all the time and everything and then you get here and you really get to realize the impact of who you talk to thank you it's a how do we get on that I don't know I feel like sugar ray will be there well so so
00:05:55that's why I'm here I wanted to ask you if there is something called destination amazing happening in San Francisco which is just a hop and a skip from here do you have to pay to go do it yeah so so I was kind of like doing the math
00:06:10on it and the happiest hour think it's like twenty five dollars the destination amazing cells conferences like fifty or seventy five I'm not sure %HESITATION and then yeah flights are cheap edge and then I was thinking I could stay in the hotel where the event is happening so
00:06:26don't miss any going up or hell of and %HESITATION yeah so much how do these count toward your income or anything like how %HESITATION buying your own supplies like counts as a retail sale now now this is this is a like %HESITATION personal enrichment I think well okay
00:06:43so lots of companies encourage you to attend conferences and get training oftentimes those conferences are run by a third party some sort of professional association or something or they're part of training and licensing people in the professional sector my dad for example is a dentist and every few
00:07:00years would go to an American dental association conference usually somewhere fun like Cancun or whatever and yeah that cost money but my dad attended classes there on the latest root canal techniques or on patient retention strategies %HESITATION other stuff you need to know to get your dental license
00:07:15renewed by the state each year and if you didn't have the cash for one of those fun ways of earning those credits that was okay you can get them through volunteering at free clinics or taking affordable courses at your local community college yes all of that cost some
00:07:28money but it's a legal requirement to practice dentistry they're similar things for teachers schools often promised a raise or promotion if you're teaching and want to seek a master's degree and often the employers help with those costs all you need to invest as the time even in office
00:07:44retreat for you do you trust falls with people you don't trust even those are funded by the office hosting the retreat what am I lambs the very company are selling for in our case one that does zero batting or training before charging you if you don't work for
00:07:58them also makes you pay out of pocket to get the training they claim you must have in order to be successful right how much is this going to cost though actually I think it's gonna cost maybe six or seven hundred dollars a day I mean I need to
00:08:13stay in a hotel for a thousand dollars no no we're way over a thousand dollars now it's like fifteen hundred Bucks so %HESITATION based on the videos that I've seen online this seems to be like the magic bullet for people who are not good at this what are
00:08:27the videos I found a bunch where people talk all the sacrifices that they make to go to these events one of them is a girl who missed her best friend's wedding to go to lime light palooza I almost didn't go to lime light blues and this year because
00:08:42one of my best friends is getting married that same Saturday and I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid and I remember crying when I found out that line like lose out was that same weekend and it was one of the hardest decisions I've had to me business wise however
00:09:00I need like a promise to myself that this year no matter what I was gonna go because last year and I didn't go and I and I missed out and my is my bad so this year I was like I don't care I'm going so I took her
00:09:17out to lunch and I broke it down to her and I explained to her why I have to be there she was crying I was crying but she's such a good friend that she was like you need to go so now I'm telling you guys what my friend
00:09:30my friend told me you need sent out about a called you wake a couple weeks before your wedding and unlike so sorry but here's the thing I do think it's friendship ending or at least friendship reconsidering yeah but there is the promise that it's gonna make you good
00:09:49at this research this study this is our ourselves for a very long time and I have failed in direct sales for a very long time because I never saw a convention seriously if you want to make some serious money in this business you must dial don't think for
00:10:09a second that we didn't call this woman we called this woman and we'll hear from her in an upcoming episode you don't miss that in the meantime we sent mackenzie off to San Francisco reading the elevator up to the view and the grand Hyatt for have arrives on
00:10:33the night just in time for the happiest hour which costs twenty five dollars and included one free drink after that cash bar wine was fourteen Bucks cocktails fifteen if you got a sprite that was eight fifty and this isn't even my my palooza for mackenzie's count there were
00:10:50roughly sixty or seventy people in attendance all but a handful of them women and mackenzie said happy yes wasn't exactly the way she described this cocktail hour surprisingly most of the folks we talked to were kind of downers their businesses were stalled they were reaching their goals and
00:11:04they were desperate to get the secret to success as I walk in and it's this %HESITATION really casual looking cocktail party and it seems like everyone's kind of grouped off into their little cliques which I later learned were most likely %HESITATION there are plans and down lines people
00:11:18on their team %HESITATION there do you know each other yeah okay %HESITATION and so I kind of found this group that looked really welcoming and friendly of one of the only ones I won and kind of forced my way into their group and started talking to them and
00:11:33they kept asking me questions like %HESITATION you know how's your business doing how much you're making a much you selling and they're like bad nothing likely %HESITATION I just stared at them with a blank look on my face at the eight fifty sprite that's right %HESITATION so I
00:11:47just kind of kept turning it around saying well how's your business doing what about you %HESITATION and then found out that most of them were also struggling I mean they're pretty optimistic but they had all acknowledge that they had had some kind of wall and were %HESITATION they
00:12:02were there just for fun no they weren't there for fun %HESITATION one of the girls who kept coming in and out of the group brought cousins or something to it to the cocktail party so that she could see what kind of culture was and see how much of
00:12:16a sisterhood it was and how fun it was a sick of record come exactly %HESITATION yeah so I was asking everyone in my group how they were doing and they were so nice and again very optimistic bought all the knowledge that that business wasn't doing great and they
00:12:32were there to try to figure out how to get better so that night what they got was a bunch of mingling expensive drinks and an eight minute pep talk from that data chief empowerment officer Jacob Jacob is a jet setter it turns out he's running this amount in
00:12:49California it's illegal to record someone without their knowledge and we knew if we asked for interviews it would end mackenzie's time as a seller so we don't have any sound from inside the happiest hour or from destination amazing the next day but McKenzie did sneak away to call
00:13:03me hi hi how are you the question is how are you I am surviving our industry and the space where like people keep saying next man I don't know who is hello %HESITATION I'm picturing you with like one of those knows like Iran another glasses on and a
00:13:26newspaper with holes cut out of it %HESITATION I literally just had my hood up in a in a hotel lobby in a corner and now I'm in a %HESITATION %HESITATION elevator bank cat but hiding in a corner %HESITATION so I'm I have no no no I have to
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00:16:38at checkout that's article dot com slash the dream to get fifty dollars off your purchase of a hundred dollars or more how did it okay so on Monday morning %HESITATION I woke up and went downstairs to the conference room to destination amazing which I actually had no idea
00:16:58what that was getting into it and I heard some people at lunch saying they thought it was going to be more like product training or something like that but apparently in the fine print it did mention that it was something about how to be your best self and
00:17:10you know push yourself to the to the next phase so it's like a motivational seminar yes it starts off like you know it's in one of those %HESITATION stadium seating conference rooms at Hyatt to give you a sense of Jacob's teaching style that mackenzie experience while she was
00:17:25there here's a video of him we found on Facebook called from higher illuminating a new possibility so easy to use excuses because it means you don't have to be responsible for your results you had to blame someone or something else for why you don't have what you want
00:17:46it's a really easy and comparable way to live is that how you want to live what's really because example to a sport so you were at a baseball game and the losing team in their interview after said well if there were only two bases instead of three we
00:18:06would absolutely scored three more points in that last round and we would have won or well the other players have longer legs so they're not actually faster and can all run us if our legs were longer we totally with a one %HESITATION sounds crazy when we hear it
00:18:28in those terms right but this is essentially what we're doing in our industry there are certain things that we can come to expect and if we start thinking of those things as conditions of the game rather than as obstacles that stop us from winning in our businesses how
00:18:51much more successful and free from stress do you think you and your business could be and you know what each and every single one of you has the ability to be that way right now right this very second we are human beings D. in each and every moment
00:19:22is a new moment to choose who you being so that was a five coming from Jacob and it was pretty intense and it was it very much felt like we were in Oprah's studio and Jacob was over a lot of like cheering everyone's mesmerized by everything he's saying
00:19:41a lot of people are frantically writing down every word there was just this energy in the room and everyone was really hypnotized by it and I get it because thirty tell you those what would the lipstick thank now so I get it because when I first sat down
00:19:57I had applied limelight lipstick red really red lipstick aren't grain right by the way I think you're all %HESITATION so I've heard now %HESITATION so I sit so I sit down in the limelight lipsticks I want to you know dress the part and Jacob is walking down the
00:20:12stadium stairs and he does a double take and stops and looks at me and says oh my god this gorgeous woman with this lipstick it's incredible everyone look at this what is that of course I said limelight lipstick he says %HESITATION I knew it I knew it and
00:20:28then people start truly patting me on the back and like whispering to me and people are smiling at me from across the room and I felt like his light has shined on me %HESITATION there's like a celebrity should warm glow I was believing in it get a compliment
00:20:46that I come and you'll get a kind of what I mean I get it because from that moment on or at least at that moment I felt really special mmhm then he gave us time to write our diaries cameras going journals are diaries but something that felt really
00:21:11intimate %HESITATION we had to write down what our four year goals were so many give us some guidelines for how to think about it you know could be abstract %HESITATION could be something really concrete and then people start getting up one by one they are called on to
00:21:26share their goals and I kind of was expecting based on like things I've seen online from other conferences like this whether or not they're related to %HESITATION alarms are just kind of like sales conferences %HESITATION some really energetic %HESITATION interactions are people are like cheering each other on
00:21:41and and saying like you know my goal is five years from now I see myself driving in like a Lexus convertible you know wearing a mink and I don't know whatever what if people fantasize about eating caviar in one hand and like steering with the other so the
00:21:57first woman gets up and she's a mother of four children she home schools %HESITATION and her husband I think something like something ridiculous and unbelievable like three jobs to support them and she's telling the story of how he never sleeps he never eats he comes home just a
00:22:12shower and then go back out and so they're really struggling and obviously the relationship is struggling and her dream is to allow her husband to get a good night's sleep she wants him to be able to come home at the end of the night and just sleep and
00:22:29not have to get dressed and go to a second job so she's doing lime light so that you can take that burden off of him at least some of that burden so that was one story another woman %HESITATION has a son with special needs who is in getting
00:22:40the care that he needs in the school the reason and she really wants to be able to arm either put him in a different school or get him some sort of %HESITATION support in the school %HESITATION but that requires are paying for it so she's doing limelight so
00:22:53that she can have that extra income to help her son who is disabled who's disabled %HESITATION there is a nother woman whose husband's in the military I think you his **** in for four years he's deployed now he's missed all the major milestones of his kids growing up
00:23:10and arm she really feels like he deserves to spend time with his children and so she's doing this so that she can allow him to what she called retire from the military so that he can get another job that maybe doesn't pay as well but she can help
00:23:26supplement that income and then the one that really %HESITATION I I sat next to this woman and really really sweet normal down to earth woman from Michigan who got up and %HESITATION the same same story like you know she she wants to help her husband he's really over
00:23:45extending himself but but the bottom line for her is that her dad has not had a gravestone in the ten years that he's been dead and she is doing limelight to try to raise the money to get him that tombstone %HESITATION also another woman whose marriage is falling
00:24:02apart and she is doing this to get the money to pay for therapy couples therapy for her husband this is really depressing yeah so this point I'm kind of a mix of angry and also sat on their behalf because I feel like they want real information useful information
00:24:23you guys have been talking about that the night before right and I thought that's what we were going to god and then I get there and it's all this vague Jever ash yeah like empty empty words and so I'm sitting here just thinking I wish I don't know
00:24:37I'm not a financial adviser but that someone would come in and say like open a four oh one K. or start a savings account and I was also hoping for tips on how to actually sell like concrete things you can do to sell products %HESITATION like this sort
00:24:53of Instagram post works exactly as is there your call to action in your email here's what you write exactly get people to click that in battle link exactly use this photo yes the things that you would typically learn from a professional development class also kind of unbelievable that
00:25:14people in these dire situations that this would be the thing I don't really understand it either and I I tried to ask the woman next to me like why this bomb and I couldn't really get an answer on although she's done these before %HESITATION and her husband is
00:25:35not happy with it but he's not happy because she's spending a lot of time trying to kick start this business and he feels now like they spend no time together so that's their issue but I went in thinking this is going to be some like rah rah tape
00:25:51event and instead it it started off I mean people were crying by nine fifteen sharing the stories of the things that are lacking in their lives and what they're here for and what they're for your goal with lime light is is to be able to get there special
00:26:05the special needs resources %HESITATION that there for their child or a tombstone for a deceased parent like it's not it's not like the fancy vacations no one no one was mentioning you know think one lady said she went to go on vacation but it was more like I've
00:26:21never taken a trip with my family ever so it wasn't like you know we just want to move to Paris for a month was %HESITATION more than that so already %HESITATION there was something very interesting about everyone %HESITATION being made to feel vulnerable or like being encouraged to
00:26:43feel really vulnerable that was something that was initiated from the very very start of the day and I don't looking back I don't think that's going to dental I think there is something to the fact that like within ten minutes everyone's crying everyone feels like super connected to
00:26:58each other there's this emotional thing happening in this room and it feels like therapy at eight absolutely feels like therapy and like I Jacob is the therapist and he's sitting there saying like well how would you feel if this thing happened talk me through that we feel when
00:27:16this thing occurs but then at the end of it all he just goes like oh honey %HESITATION give some Instagram meme wisdom instead of like I think this trip traces back to something that happened with her that you told me about our last session with your father yeah
00:27:34exactly instead of jotting down notes he's like dismissively throwing out tomorrow's a new day and then just moves on to the next person hay and the things he was a man having you imagine we're not like how would you feel when you sell twenty lipsticks it was like
00:27:49nothing to do with make up was so this is this is the other thing I realized now having a day just a today's distance from it all of these women were here because they plateaued in their business there wasn't a single person that I saw who got up
00:28:05into the microphone and said like I'm doing great and I just want to do greater every single person was there because they started off okay and now they're just like really not making anymore money or you know one woman said I've been I I thought within six months
00:28:20I'd be starter actor or whatever the rank as and it's been two years and I haven't progressed past beauty guide from and not was a recurring as people got up kind of the wire you hear question the answer seemed to consistently be because I'm not moving forward in
00:28:37my business the way I feel like I should be and mind you most people who join these companies get out way sooner so these are like either Die Hard limelight fans or really desperate for this to work for some reason and then it became you know the second
00:28:52part of the day was sort of well how do you get there and very clearly identifying the problem the problem in every single situation was the person there was never any other problem I mean we've got slides arm where Jacob is is saying is the reason you're not
00:29:14selling because your mindset is the wrong mindset is it because you're not organized enough is it because you're not optimistic enough okay three as he slides up and they disappear and no joke probably fifteen seconds it's much faster than I can write them down I was trying to
00:29:32take pictures of them they're not online they didn't send them to us or anything so at the end of it all I can remember is that we all just really suck at this %HESITATION dot doesn't really give you anything to work right other than just a self loathing
00:29:47no a and and that's it like so all these people are here because they've identified a problem the problem is I can't move my business forward I can't I don't know what else to do than what I've been doing and it's not working and his answer as well
00:29:58let's go back and look at what's wrong with you they're all sorts of excuses that take the blame away from the company thousand percent not not at any point in in fact at multiple points it was stop blaming the company stop blaming the products yeah I mean it
00:30:14it was it's not us like it if to go back to the therapy analogy like there was a whole section of like what's preventing you from being the best beauty guide you can be and it was like looking back at what your parents taught you are what your
00:30:28education was all these factors go into the type of beauty guide you are and sometimes need to reprogram who you are and then there was this whole thing about showing like you're inspired future and creating this mood board arms secret yeah essentially and like put it as your
00:30:44screen saver and not but there was no there were no practical stops for getting anywhere it was very much a like let's open ourselves up talk about what's wrong blame ourselves for those wrongs agree that we're gonna change them with no tools about how to write room none
00:31:07and at one point they did this thing which which also now thinking back on is so cheap and so did Jeter's away like the cliff notes version for them he's saying alright so let's talk in small groups about %HESITATION like best practices for sales tactics recruitment tactics and
00:31:23so he breaks into small groups and we share what's working for us and ironically I haven't started yet so I said you know I'll take notes but I don't have much to share in terms of what's working the girl next to me was like nothing's really working for
00:31:35me either I have a few tips but nothing major and the two girls next to me said that they have like one or two types but yeah recruitment they've got nothing so we only end up coming up with we were supposed to come up with twelve ideas we
00:31:47came up with like six because we only had six that worked between the four of us %HESITATION and then they pooled all of the ideas and shared them for about thirty seconds on a power point slide so literally the only practical advice on how to improve your business
00:32:04was thrown up on a power point slides for third I I'm not joking I didn't have time to even take a picture of it was up and gone so quickly %HESITATION so we can talk about any of them no one shared any of them and we had a
00:32:17couple on ours that were kind of interesting and sort of off beat like one of the girls as a grab bag with all of that random products she has and she'll say you know for twenty dollars get you know surprise surprise products which I thought was kind of
00:32:29a cool idea is just creates interest or whatever %HESITATION didn't even put that on the list so the list was literally like ugh be open in cheerful at your party is the always leave your business card behind I mean it was stuff that was like yeah no kidding
00:32:52the thing though about this that like really struck me is that he's sitting here saying like he thought four hundred thousand dollar house was so much and now now he's in New York and like he's looking at seven hundred fifty thousand dollar houses and that's reasonable in New
00:33:05York and so that's his new that's like what he striving for for his new budget and it just felt really out of touch to me that you've got these women in this room who can not pay their rent and a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar house is
00:33:20your example is your example of like come on guys if you just dream big enough like you could be looking at seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar houses like me as he's walking around in a suit and speaking of suits the girl next to me like I don't
00:33:33even know what this means I just need to say this so the girl next to me told me that she went to target last night and bought herself a suit at target to wear to this event because it's a business meeting and and so you know again the
00:33:48contrast of this guy standing up there in his like what looks like a bespoke suit and and he's giving an example again of buying these going shoe shopping on Fifth Avenue or whatever %HESITATION and the girl next to me is like spending all of her money on a
00:34:02target suit so that she can come to this and look professional there's just something really %HESITATION disconnected and like gross gross about it there are two women from corporate sitting in the back and %HESITATION the you know they must do this all the time obviously that this isn't
00:34:24the first event like this they've done but they're sitting there and I was %HESITATION at the end there was closing %HESITATION closing moments were where women were invited up to share what they've learned for the day are there what what he was going there aha moment %HESITATION thing
00:34:40over quite not but anyway so there are there aha moments %HESITATION and the last one that spoke was a woman who said that up until a few months before she joined limelight she had been feeling suicidal and %HESITATION she joined limelight and now she feels some sort of
00:34:57camaraderie and something else that was missing from her life and she really feels like Lima is sort of giving her this %HESITATION second chance for whatever reason and I looked up and I looked behind her and the two women from corporate one is like staring straight ahead not
00:35:15even registering the us the other woman is typing furiously at her computer and she been typing all day I'm gonna shoot I I'm guessing that she was still working and she's probably there but had emails to Sunder orders to fell or whatever but this woman is talking about
00:35:31how four months before she joined limelight she a mother of two children was contemplating suicide everyone in the room was crying and this woman at the end at the end of the row was heading sun on her email it was a really troubling troubling moment for me because
00:35:54god I feel motional I think I people came to this because they have hope they hope that something good is going to come out of it and that this will improve their lives and some of their lives in some ways some really shitty right now I mean some
00:36:23of the daily struggles these women are going through are real struggles I mean this isn't about getting a nicer car I mean it's it's more fundamental than not and you see that they're that they're there and they're hopeful and they think this thing is going to change their
00:36:39lives and their pouring their hearts and souls out to the room and the woman from corporate is emailing she isn't even listening she's not even paying attention to what's going on and Jacob is standing at the front going yeah girl you know you got this girl and giving
00:36:59some like hash tag wisdom and it just felt so gross at the end of it I could not wait to get out of there I could not wait to be away from the whole situation I felt extremely dirty being in there and witnessing it and when I went
00:37:18home and started thinking that a year from now probably most of these women are not going to be in a better situation than there and now if anything because they're investing money in this opportunity and it's just really really disturbing I mean and they did it on purpose
00:37:35and they did it on purpose it's never been lower conference where any of this has happened neither have I I know a lot I would quit if that was my job look I think it's nice to be vulnerable with your arm colleagues and I think it's important for
00:37:56people to be open and honest and trust each other but like that's at the bar after the con right after you've learned all of the actual stuff you really need to go back to your office employment there was nothing so the whole conference was %HESITATION share your share
00:38:18your goal then %HESITATION talk amongst yourselves and figure out how you're going to get there but none of us are being successful right now so how is that going to be useful and then the only other thing that was %HESITATION tangible thing %HESITATION was this %HESITATION excel sheet
00:38:35where you plug in like based on what your average sales are now and how many parties you do if you were to continue that for like six months and then try to like at a party or maybe still two more products a month where could you get in
00:38:48in twelve months and then and then eventually for years financially but it's completely arbitrary and they don't tell you it's it's this is to help you visualize that you know if you're selling two hundred dollars a month now if you could just bump it up to three hundred
00:39:02next month and then four hundred a month after that the by the end of the year you'll be making fifteen thousand dollars %HESITATION but they don't tell you how to do it it's just like at not as our money yes some more like the okay I know this
00:39:19whole thing is a ruse designed to keep people in it in spending money but lie to me at least pretend you think I'm smart enough to actually do this and treat it like a real business meeting how hard is it like just pretend like you're at a business
00:39:34conference yeah I mean there are you can you can get a this is actually true you can get a book at the library the gives you real ways to be successful in business from **** take a book out of the library and read it to me at the
00:39:46conference right do something right don't just sit there and have it be above a farce I think really early on we used to jokingly have conversations about like are people who start businesses like this in on it today know that what they're what they're setting up this taking
00:40:12advantage of people or is it just %HESITATION this seems like an interesting business model let's try this and I I am I think maybe the only one around here who really was like I don't know maybe they just think it seems like it's a nice business model and
00:40:27they're not realizing that there are people on the other side of it or whatever I kind of tended to give people the benefit of the doubt %HESITATION after yesterday there is no doubt in my mind that everyone involved in the entire organization knows exactly what they're doing they
00:40:46literally were just confronted with the faces and the stories of the people there affecting and couldn't even bother to look up from their computers we reached out to my my for an interview and we heard back from Jake up by email it sounded exactly like you'd imagine he
00:41:12still deciding whether he wants to listen to the show let alone talk to us next time on the dream as promised the woman who missed her best friend's wedding why might palooza I was terminated by any of them what I would like %HESITATION %HESITATION under false accusation stuff
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