Cats: Mysterious. Antisocial. Low-maintenance. Or none of the above? The Dog Trainer shares a few things you might not have known about that "other" animal living in your house. Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/1wT8neR
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00:00:04welcome to the dog trainers quick and dirty tips for teaching and caring for your pet I'm your host Yolanda been them as long-time audience members know I step out with other species from time to time notably that other species are dogs in us off and live with and I don't mean our spouses I mean cats like many of us I grew up with cats and so I always thought I knew all there was to know that then when my wife and I had to consult a Veterinary behaviorist to help us with our cat's behavior problems I learned I was wrong wrong so wrong this week so facts about cat body language and behavior that might just be new to you but first this podcast is brought to you by Netflix instant streaming watch thousands of TV episodes and movies on your PC Mac iPad iPhone or touch or on your TV through your Xbox PS3 were we all stream instantly by Netflix saving you time money and hassle for a free 30-day trial including Breaking Bad go to
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00:01:08first Kitty fun fact when Kitty chili lays on her side she may not be feeling friendly the cat is lying on her side may be relaxed and sleepy but context is all she's lying on her side with her legs extended in the doorway and her house make cat is crouched a few feet away with his ears pinned looking longingly at the room Beyond well in that scenario you can be pretty confident that kitty chai's message to her house made his see these legs these legs have claws on the end of them and if you try to walk by you will learn what the claws can do think about distracting kittichai and her opponent with play or putting down some catnip to get the cats hi and happy
00:01:51number to Cattails and dog tails tell very different stories a dog who's coming at you fast with his tail held high and tight over his back is probably not looking to make friends but a cat trying to argue with his tail held high maybe with the tip croaked saying and joyous hello dog's tail wags communicate everything from Joy to the extreme tension that can predict the fight Kitty Wags on the other hand communicate alertness tension more tension and imma get you twitching at the tip of the tail can signify that your cat is just alert but they will mean she's annoyed or frustrated so leave her be if kitties wagging her tail fast beat a swift Retreat because if you touch her she will nail you that's in sharp contrast to a fast wagging dog who usually wiggling his butt as well and in general is saying how many friend as for a puffed-up cat tail you probably know that cat is angry and scared
00:02:50number 3 you know how I'm always after you to give your dog food dispensing toys cats like them two cats have a reputation is relatively low-maintenance pets right you clean the litter box you put food on the floor and everything is copacetic nope even more than dogs has cats probably lead lives of quiet desperation and boredom play with your cats and no it is not enough to give them a little plastic ball with a bell inside interact clicker train them yes you can and deliver their kibble in ways that mimic hunting getting your food out of a bowl without having to work for it might seem like a good deal Atkins having a trust fund but it's probably more like never having a chance to do work you were built to do and that you love think of how much cat play resembles hunting the American Association of feline practitioners of vets group has some suggestions through your cats dry food piece by piece for her to Chase and capture put it in food dispensing toys that she has to be
00:03:50around her that presented puzzle for her to solve the Vets group also suggests hiding dry food around the house which might be a great idea for some of you but where I live could lead to a super fat dog and some very skinny very annoyed cats number for the longer your cat digs in the Box the better yes back to this feline practitioners that you should check out the guide I link two in the show notes for this episode by the way it's wonderful they say research suggesting that cats who scratching their litter for less than 4 seconds before urinating or defecating or more likely to eliminate outside box the reason is that they scratch longer and litter that they prefer so if your cat's just doing a perfunctory dig dig instead of a prolonged dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig litter box dig you might want to experiment with a different product even if they're prolong digging makes you want to tell your cat to get on with it already it's probably less annoying than p on the sofa cushions right
00:04:49number 5 just staring at the toy still playing I always used to think that when my cat's stop chasing the dangly toy they were bored with the game not so that's Adam in a cat behavior consultant here in Brooklyn was the first person to explain to me that as long as the cat is watching the toy with ears pricked he still interested in playing cats hunting Behavior consists of a little bit of running and pouncing and a lot of lying in wait the cat who is staring at the toy is still stalking it and it will eventually meet its Dreadful Fate by the way remember that the object of hunting is not come away empty products to kill and eat you can make games more engaging and rewarding for kittichai by tossing or a morsel of kibble or treat every few grabs of the toy so that her predation succeed
00:05:38the last Kitty behavior for today is the social role we've all seen it kittichai runs to greet us then rolls over on her back like a dog rolling and something this Behavior called us social role is a sexual signal in unspayed female cats but for are spayed and neutered housepets the friendly greeting we often take it as an invitation to a belly rub and then are surprised and disappointed when are cat claws were bites us but the experts it cats protection UK point out in a video as link to that the socially rolling cat is in a vulnerable position and their video on cat body language says going for the Billy is almost at betrayal instead rub or scratch your cat's head and here's a by the way I've link to some video of our cat Annie doing social role her nickname is social role okay
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