Today on the site, we're running one of our most ambitious Dissolve Canon lists to date, The 50 Most Daring Film Roles For Women Since Ripley. The process behind making the list was unusual: On this week's podcast, we go behind the scenes to talk about our rationale for the list, the balances we were hoping to strike, and what constitutes a “daring role.” Then we reveal our uncomfortable viewing experiences, supplemented by some great stories from listeners via voicemail, email, and Twitter. The game this week, inspired by the hero dog movie Max—which will no doubt inspire us right back—tests our panelists' knowledge of dog movies, from the Benji vehicle that ignited one of Siskel and Ebert's most famous blow-ups to the actors that took over the Beethoven series after Charles Grodin departed. Then Tasha and Genevieve throw down in our quick-fire recommendation segment, 30 Seconds To Sell.
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00:00:05Welcome to dissolve podcast episode thirty nine mostly butts a little bit of weighing edition i'm scott tobias editor of his off our latest canon list on the most daring roles for women since ellen ripley in alien was published this morning on today's show we wanted to dig into
00:00:19this list a little bit and talk about how it came together and why we made the choices we did then we'll share the uncomfortable viewing experiences we've had and include some really great stories from you the podcast listener thegame this week is golden trivia answer retriever in which
00:00:34i quiz the group on their dog movie knowledge we wrap it up as always with our quickfire recommendation segment thirty seconds to sell stay tuned is overs today we published our latest canon list the fifty most daring roles for women since ripley and as usual the list is
00:00:53definitive and beyond dispute entries include obvious choices like marge gunderson and fargo and tracy flick an election to maura collecting selections like zoe luns mute avenger and miss forty five and the soccer loving ensemble in jafar panahi's offside but coming up with list involved a different process than
00:01:10usual because the list of choices was so vast and our definition of the word daring was a little murky joining me to talk about our rush now for the list and some of her favorite choices are tasha robinson and keith hips hello hello tasha robinson this is your
00:01:24this is your idea is your brain child so it's let's go and start with you What was your motivation for proposing the list I think what it came down to was i mean we read a lot about gender here It the dissolve and often that that take is
00:01:39a little dismissive Like i think we get like everybody on the internet and possibly everybody in the world especially people who are writers We tend to get most exercised when we're angry about something So we write a lot more about you know i saw this film and the
00:01:53the primary women character was a dishrag or a shrew or boring or not a character ah friend of mine refers to certain kinds of female characters as animal companions Because when you have somebody with no agency whose only job is to follow the male lead around it's kind
00:02:10of like the animals in beastmaster you know if there's no difference between the female lead of the movie I had seen jurassic world but i keep coming back to this idea If there's no difference between the female lead in movie and like the ferret that you keep in
00:02:22your you know medieval fanny pack then then that's a problem But calling calling out things that we have problems with is no good if we don't also like look for a model like a positive model and the idea behind this originally i don't remember if it originally came
00:02:38out of talking about ripley's role in alien like in the month before we actually published all of the aliens content from the movie the week or if there was something else either roles that we didn't like the rules that we did like that we were talking about at
00:02:52the time this piece has been in planning for a while but the overall motive was just like let's provide sort of positive examples as opposed to ragging on negative examples Yeah i mean maybe we should we should talk a little bit about using ripley as a starting point
00:03:07Me What What qualities does that character have that that makes very special Well she's i mean she's such a like a water high water mark for action heroines of the time I mean i i mentioned in my aliens keynote that she's widely considered the first female action heroine
00:03:27and i've used those words very specifically because all of the research that i did for that peace people kept calling her the first action movie heroine and i mean that's not true because you know a decade of blaxploitation and pam here comes to mind and you know you
00:03:45get a little marquis when you start looking at it stuff like just like the history of from hotels i think we could actually possibly make a really interesting list of pre ripley female action heroines and that that would be a lot of fun to dio but it came
00:04:01up over and over and over like she's been canonized in that role by so many critics and writers So for me i just a lot of the characters on this list that i suggested then i immediately went to war characters like ripley where when i first thought aside
00:04:16i thought that's what i've been missing that's what I didn't know that you could do that with a female character I'm so glad to see you can more of that place which is kind of weird shoot over one what adjective to use when you landed on daring and
00:04:28carefully about two daring because not because we love the word necessarily cause it but because it's sort of the cleanest way of just doing what we were going for because there's lots of you know many we do want to do best there many many great roles for women
00:04:41that kind of don't break through traditional Boundaries were kind of going for something i was doing something brings in new to the table or saying we hadn't you know when these when these films appeared we hadn't seen before that was sort of the what united everything we want
00:04:53four on the list and there's a lot of like historical value to some of these entries like some of them still stand out on our minds I think margie in fargo we still haven't really seen like another pregnant middle aged lady gumshoe with like brilliant deductive abilities and
00:05:11a happy home life that's just such a distinctive character but some of the other things on this list they were extremely daring in their time and if they've become less daring in in retrospect because we've seen more of that i mean that's great i don't have any problem
00:05:26with the fact that well ok now every other action movie might have the heroine who looks something like ripley because she was so inspirational and she was so well emulated that doesn't make her in her historical period and a less daring well i think there's two if you're
00:05:41going to talk about ripley and someone like marge gunderson is this idea of of completeness of multifaceted character is not not just somebody you know I don't think ripley is somebody we appreciate simply because she can she kicks ass it's because she's got she's gotten in particular is
00:05:59the serious goes on aa lot of professor it's to her character as well and certainly marge gunderson absolutely does andi think when you look through the list i think you just get that you can't you have a lot of characters that you can't really pin down to just
00:06:13the one just one thing one kind of role in the inn and moving the narrative forward they've got a lot of different aspects of characters a lot of you know strength and also boulder vulnerabilities and you know things that they're doing out in the world things that they're
00:06:26doing domestically it's just there's there's there's genuine depth there I think one of the things that makes ripley so interesting today is because like when i saw aliens i don't think i appreciated anything about her nuance I was just excited to see a lady kicking ass to the
00:06:43degree and in the way that she does she is so unapologetic about shouting down the shutting down the men shouting down the committee at the beginning that doesn't believe her shouting down burke when he wants to go on this quest shouting down gorman in like every aspect of
00:07:00his planning and just like more and more throughout the film she she brooks no objections from people and she's pretty much always right but then she's not afraid to get in there physically but seeing her today re watching that film one of the things that struck me is
00:07:14as you say her maternal side is there it doesn't soften her she's not at all soft but she is still compassionate she's still empathetic she's smart like there are all of these other aspects to her that make her more than you know your standard jason stethem priest by
00:07:31tough guy who has no feelings like she's she's just there's so many different aspects to her and i didn't appreciate that at the time i do now and she's terrified to part of what e mean she she's vulnerable on really interesting ways to so we're going to talk
00:07:46about ripley the whole so what Well what were you most excited to see on It was a fun list to put together and i was just kind of as the selections rolled in it's like oh yeah that's that's great you know Do we stop it Fifty i mean
00:08:00some of the stuff that i was most excited to see was things that i hadn't thought of especially from other cultures i mean when scott first brought up the fact that we didn't have a jafar punny movie on the list we had to kind of break down the
00:08:14characters in offside because it's like is there one over them in particular that we should hold out like looking at stuff like that watch didn't make the list but it was kind of stand out for me in terms of these air characters that are like breaking stride from
00:08:31like a long traditional culture and like we're seeing sort of the future of what life might look like for women in the arts in other countries with some of these films so those were the ones that excited me most and put on the we could have gone we
00:08:46could have done the same thing with the circle that we did for offside in terms of because the circle is about you know different different stories involving iranian women under siege it's just there's just you know and i think it does kind of in both films kind of
00:09:01function um as uh you know stand by just for womankind his work but it's a remarkable two to the degree to which the iran is really pretty progressive as far as that uncertainty meanwhile the films have get the film to get right the films like leila's another one
00:09:18that comes to mind but but ah i don't know how progressive you could call it well but honey is you know locked up for him making the film so that's true you know get some time uk talking about uh the actual art but but it was nice to
00:09:33see i mean you know maybe we can talk a little bit too about the process of putting this together because it wasn't you know it can be a little bit dull to go behind that particular curtain but this is a little bit unusual for us because the way
00:09:44we normally do this do these lists is we i have an idea for it we cast out tur various ah you know contributors and they submit lists we do we do some tabulation and that's how it comes together but in this case we solicited potential entries and then
00:10:02we actually sat down in a room and kind of mapped it out and really kind of kind of constructed the list and said what needs to be on here yes no maybe and we kind of found a list that way i guess i'll ask this question to you
00:10:15i mean what what is it What was the complete complexion of the less well what do we want the list of look like Well we wanted it to have both historical value and like current relevance we wanted it to not just be sort of a list of milestones
00:10:30you know first female character to do this the first female character to do that we wanted at least some of that in there but we also just wanted like again characters that we want want to see more of characters that we want emulation We wanted characters that surprised
00:10:45us when we first saw the film we wanted like a variety we definitely wanted to not all be white women from american mainstream big budget movies which i think the very first iteration of the list as ballistics so often do tended that way a little and we kind
00:11:05of went back to people and said you know dig a little deeper Think about think about andy movies Think about international movies think about like other things that you've seen that fall outside that first knee jerk reaction But i mean aa lot of a lot more curation went
00:11:20into this than usual in that we first this we decided not to include animated movies We decided we we're going to push really hard to not have multiple roles by the same actor or multiple films by the same director And that like i think if we had done
00:11:37just a straight like numerical tabulation thing we would have ended up with a slightly different list in this case i mean it Sounds funny telling you this since you were there i feel like somebody giving movie exposition as you as you both know we sat down in a
00:11:52in a room together it was kind of like if you like those were crying during tender with the different roles ex wife last swipe right anyway uh somebody spent a lot more time on gender than i uh i mean sure there was a little of that what we
00:12:09did with this list that we've never done before was when we asked people for solicitations we asked them to justify them and because normally it's like with a with the best of the year the top ten list or whatever everybody will submit their ten ranked items and you
00:12:26don't have to say you know these air your subjective ten ranked items you know i have to say this is why this is number one in this in this case we wanted to get a sense of what people were saying was daring about the role So you know
00:12:37we said submit this list but in each case tell us what the argument's going to be and we looked a lot more of the argument i think then then the title and our feelings about the title definitely um i actually wanted to because we're getting a little i
00:12:50wanted to to go around the room here and look at the list itself pick one role what's what's what's what's a movie or what's it what's the role that you would want people that to seek out on this list something you're particularly excited made made the list i'll
00:13:04start since it's since i've seem to have caught you both off guard um ah the one that excites me the most is tilda swinton and julia uh which is ah exact is kind of john kasich betty's bomasch star and swinton is somebody that who i think everyone loves
00:13:23and who's very interesting eclectic actresses he's appeared in all sorts of different films domestically and internationally but i think julia is you know it's her general ins tribute it's a huge huge role in which she plays aah ah well an alcoholic you know ah not very good person
00:13:44very self involved person who agrees to the scheme to kidnapped this this this woman's child and then hold him for ransom from her ex and try to collect money that way that's a terrible terrible terrible idea that she's desperate enough to take up and in the movie kind
00:14:04of sends you on this incredible adventure um where this character i think just keep showing you mohr and mohr layers ah and ah she's just really just funny and kind of nasty but she's big hearted i just think it's a huge huge role for i think for one
00:14:22of the best actresses out there and i don't think nearly enough people have seen it so julia would be my pick on this list for me it would probably be made us and young adult that was a film that when i first saw it i found it very
00:14:35off putting its jason reitman sort of weird love letter to arrested development and i went through the whole film expecting it to go somewhere different than it did and my first viewing of it was just kind of i'm not really sure what i just saw the fact that
00:14:49i'm not sure what i just saw makes me want to go back and watch it again and the second time through i realized it's a really funny bleak comedy and that that character is just so outlandish and an unusual in daring in the degree to which there is
00:15:03not really a lot going on there like she is not in any way a traditional villain but there's not a lot there to justify her behavior there's not a lot there excusing her or making her sympathetic and i think there's a tendency tio like you know disney that
00:15:19does female villains and has forever and that's always sort of been the model is this kind of if you have a female villain it's this big cackling larger than life you know hand rubbing thing or you know the housekeeper lurking in the background you know cackling and scheming
00:15:35and eventually dying here we have a villain who initially doesn't president as a villain and who is completely caught up in her own selfishness but in a way that actually sort of resembles real life like it's exaggerated but this is a person that we possibly have all known
00:15:52in our lives and i just i think it's so exceptional and daring that he made a film about that character and that he did it in such an unrelieved an uncompromising and ultimately hilarious way and she learns nothing and she's redeemed in no way what So why were
00:16:06these aren't all like role models were talking about the one i'm going to steal one of dole's actually kind of kind of is which is jim craig from broadcast news is played by holly hunter and as as he lays out his entry is it was theeighties were a
00:16:20time of sort of emergence of you know few female executive both as as you know someone in the real world and also is as someone he saw on film and usually is sort of one note in stereotyped and often quite villainous And here was a three dimensional very
00:16:35vulnerable smart interesting woman who was none of those things none of the stereotypes and i think i think to a lesser degree but and maybe in a less noticeable degree but but you know kind of ripley like that character kind of set a standard that other you know
00:16:52women you know other other roles after that of women playing people who were successful in business or or independent woman in some way we were follow up so that i think that that's a good one and i think it's probably not the most obscure title we have them
00:17:05here but it's something that seeking out if you haven't seen it yeah it's on it's on criterion which is which is just s oh all right Well tasha keith thank you very much Thank you Okay let me set the scene for you it's christmas morning nineteen ninety four
00:17:27toledo ohio the tobias family has already opened presence and got sick of each other so it was time to pack ourselves into two cars and drive out to the nearest multiplex for the first matinee there was a new movie with an incredible cast including julia roberts Tim robbins
00:17:42can basing their lauren bacall forest whitaker and over a dozen other big names the movie credit port a a ready to wear a robert altman film that alienated even robert altman fans Needless to say the exploits of fashionistas in paris or of limited interest to a lump in
00:17:59midwestern family like ours and it would be a while until i could be trusted to pick a movie for us again everyone has had uncomfortable viewing experiences so i've asked the dissolve staff and listeners to share some of them with me joining me are tasha robinson keep tips
00:18:14okay so guys let's start with we all a bunch of voice mails and messages from listeners sharing their own experiences so i wanted to sprinkle some of those into this segment let's start with this one from patrick in west virginia who has a checkered history of saying movies
00:18:29with his mom dissolved this is patrick in st albans west virginia with an uncomfortable screen experience with my mother so i remember being fifteen my mother not going to see the general's daughter which is the classic on john travolta rape in the military music so yeah there was
00:18:48that one and then we didn't go to another moving for a long period of time in selecting the city go see frida with being the frida kahlo movie in which there's randomly a giant lesbian sex scene and then i don't know if i like convinced her to go
00:19:00see another grieving with me I was the guy in that movie the status music in the world which still haven't forgiven before with and we didn't go to another baby again so i somehow convinced sort of goes what's been which of course is making pedophile loses whatever reasons
00:19:17you have to go with the dragon tattoo that so go figure that one out yes so that that went out on us a little bit with woodsman was the name of the kevin bacon film that is a pretty bad record of seeing movies with your mom i got
00:19:27to say i got to research these things people ah ah but i want to go around the room and see what ah what people have ah as faras uncomfortable viewing experiences rachel let's start with you yes so the first thing that came to mind for me my dad
00:19:42and i watched a lot of horror movies together growing up and you know he showed me the shining when i was really young and like that was like a little bit uncomfortable at certain times but mostly it was it was fine but recently you know we haven't done
00:19:54it as much recently so i was like oh dad you know let's get together watch horror movie like old times so i don't look into this movie at all but i just really like elizabeth olsen and i know she's in that movie silent house and it was i
00:20:05didn't read any reviews or anything i was just like oh i really like her looks like a good horror movie so we start watching it it's like you know i'm going to give away what happens because it's like a terrible movie and no one should see it um
00:20:16and i have your back on the whole movie you know she's that has this like great relationship with her dad and i'm like why i picked such a good movie it's about like a father daughter relationship um and then in the end it turns out you know she's
00:20:30it's really hard to explain it it's really confusing but basically the ending is like reveals that her dad has been like this child pornographer slash like pedophile or whole life and you know like it reveals all these childhood scenes where he was you know taking weird pictures of
00:20:43her and her friends and she like murders him and my dad was looks at me and he was like what the hell is this move like it was and i was so long i was like dad i'm sorry e i felt so bad it was just the most
00:20:57uncomfortable you could ever watched your father because i was like oh like what a great father daughter really hamlet is what it was like you showing them more powerful so that was really uncomfortable and i also felt bad for forcing us both so much such a horrible what
00:21:11about you I don't have a lot because i learned at an early age my parents easily offended and everything i wanted to watch was not going to meet their approval pretty much from the time i was told you know you're not allowed to watch three's company more even
00:21:25though i had no idea what was going on that show ah but i did i did take me very gentle father tio r r rated film thinking was only violence and mostly what's final it's called unforgiven which opens with a horrific sort of as a nation with prostitute
00:21:41turned violent scene and then you know it kind of went from there and that was that was a fairly uncomfortable viewing experience but but i i really i just kind of guarded my viewing from a very early age i don't have a whole lot um well i have
00:21:56some ah when i kind of put put up on twitter that we're doing this segment ask for people to reply someone just replied directly to me so i wanted to share a few of those now walter shaw the film critic said he took his homecoming date two dead
00:22:09ringers at age sixteen which i wouldn't say decorators have to be top five worst date movies ever right yeah yeah yeah uh what are these owed their gynecological instruments from opportune you and women i believe is the one you know exchange from the great uh uh steve carlson
00:22:29said that at a screening of killer joe a guy freaked out of the climax and started screaming at the audience that they're all terrible people steve also admits to watching caligula with his mom so it's pretty uh and then and then this is this is one of this
00:22:46is a favorite john john lichtman was at the premiere of the human centipede with the middle girl's entire family behind him excited to see her big screen debut that is kind of amazing And then lastly another guy had a friend who watched the sea inside with a buddy
00:23:03who's mom had been recently paralyzed so that that screening to meco particularly well a tasha way into you i can't match caligula kill again mom although i did like i was relatively young when we had a big family outing to see best little whorehouse in texas in the
00:23:22theatre which you know i don't think i was actually sitting next to my mother I am positive that they took us to that film because i mean yeah it's r rated but it's it's a dolly parton musical how dirty could it be in the you know just a
00:23:34parade of bare ass is and penises and breasts and yes i've never seen vessel may i need to see that maybe you d'oh there's there's not a lot of them but i go teo i used to go to sidetrack show tunes here in chicago where they would play
00:23:49on like a dozens of video monitors the one song and dance sequence where the men are singing and dancing in the shower in the locker room after the football game and there's definitely some weighing their mostly butts but a little bit of weighing anyway There was that there
00:24:06was the eighties when everything that had come out in the eighties was suddenly on vhs and home viewing was invented And we would just go to the video store and innocently grab anything that looked colorful or fantasy oriented Which is how i got to see a little phone
00:24:20called the perils of gwendolyn and lee at land of lee yuk yak with my father which is another basically just parade of boobs and sexual situations including a lengthy climax involving a woman's like the climax civil danning film tasha is it a what now civil danny Is it
00:24:38a civil danning film No it's tony contain so there you go but really for me the what it all comes down to is thie back to back two years in a row There's a year i came home from college super excited because i just learned about studio ghibli
00:24:53and it's like there's there's this really critically lauded fantastic animated film about little children that we have to all sit down to watch together as a family which is how i subjected my my family too great with the fireflies at christmas The following year i came back from
00:25:10college and said there's this critically loaded film that i'm really excited about that we all have to go see in the theater it's called the piano that was the year that mom said tasha is never picking the christmas season movies again yeah i know that that's something comfortable
00:25:26you know what one of my one of my uh one of my uncomfortable experience is actually figures in to this to this ah to someone who wrote in i saw i lived in a way we never cursed in a house like yours like a stew you know there's
00:25:39quite a bit now but but you know let's my dad you know banged his thumb with a hammer which he did frequently there's not a lot of there's not like cursing the house and i can actually recall when i the one moment in my life when i did
00:25:52it when i got like an acceptance letter from my first college acceptance letter i said holy shit i got into this and my and my mom said what did you say So this is what my family is all about eh So it's a watching the big lebowski with
00:26:06them as an adult was it's really not good It was a little a little more over my father's than i had recalled in that one but is the story from this another big lebowski story that's great From jon Um ah i was all of eleven but my dad
00:26:22frequently took me and my friends to r rated movies So this wasn't much different in that regard Then movie actually began I had no idea what was happening at any point Essentially one of the few things i remember distinctly from the experience was the scene where the dude
00:26:35does the pencil trace thing on the note pad to see what had been written on it My dad jaffad But i was confused and and that's what the drawing was to which he said and one of those overly loud whispers it's a penis Ah thank god for that
00:26:53Um and i've got i've got a couple a couple more good uh user ones This is from ian buck Walter who is another critic and a friend of mine did some reading at npr when i was doing writing for npr hey talked about watching blue velvet you know
00:27:08just having a blue velvet sitting around on videotape Mom threw it in there and they sat down to watch it This but the next two hours Intense uncomfortable silence You think jeffrey beaumont was uncomfortable hiding in that closet Watching frank booth call called dorothy mommy and telling her
00:27:23that baby wants to fuck my step Mom and i were basically stuck together in that closet for two hours Both of us probably wanted to leave but there was no getting out of turning back because then we'd have actually had to acknowledge our extreme discomfort After that eternity
00:27:38of awkwardness ended the credits rolled and there was silence broken her broken bikers say well that was interesting And we never spoke a word of it to one another ever again Uh so there's that And then they have another one from andy By far the most uncomfortable viewing
00:27:54experience i ever had was seeing austin powers The spy who shagged me at a theater with my mom when i was fifteen i assume is often drank fat bastard Shit My my mom literally stood up of the theater entrance It yelled andy we're leaving now I somehow calmed
00:28:11her down and got her to sit back in her chair We finished the rest of the movie but she was pissed she still gets miffed whenever i bring it up ah S oh yeah that sounds horrible when your mom creates a scene in inside the theater i know
00:28:24i want to go back to you That was interesting Is there any more withering statement a family member can make after uncomfortable viewing experience than that was interesting You think Let us never speak of it again and this this last one is about thiss last one from readers
00:28:41about old people cursing which is always fun Ah this is from john i was the new beverly cinema in los angeles for a screening of the original cape fear Um there were there weren't many people there and a couple of rows ahead of me were a sweet looking
00:28:53elderly couple They talk to each other throughout the trailers and they continue to chat once the movie started so man in front of them turned around said excuse me because you please stop talking why don't you shut your fucking mouth The old woman replied excuse me the men
00:29:07responded how about i take my cane and breaking over over your fucking head huh The old man said Well wisely the man didn't have a reply and no one near the couple said anything out of fear of being assaulted by two senior citizens Eventually the man got up
00:29:21to complain to the manager who then give a couple of serious morning so don't tell the elderly tio pipe it down because they get pretty belligerent especially at the ones that come armed No right Um yeah well uh and that's that's Pretty much what We got one Mohr
00:29:38ah we've got one more voice message which i'll which i'll leave you with from ian in london about watching a couple of controversial movies with his dad So i dissolve cast This is in my garnie from london england I'm living your message for your podcast on uncomfortable viewing
00:29:57experiences When i was about twelve on dh you couldn't get cuoco thuringian the u k there's a standard cubic self imposed ban Ah employed a videotape of it on but watching it with my dad on dh after a bunch of beatings and all kinds of horrible stuff we
00:30:16finally got to the scene where alex has a threesome with two young woman he just met to the william tell overture on my god had had enough by that point on He was furious when he turned the tape off when he said i feel like i'm going to
00:30:31go jail watching this movie Andi i was so disturbed by this years later when he and my dad were watching a revival show off natural born tennis and experience all the intense stuff that happens in that movie i'm about to get very nervous and very sensitive and i
00:30:50turned to him if the film ended and said i was pretty intense wasn't it on my dad had changed at this point and i guess i have changed the printer and he said to me it's only a movie thanks inspired by the movie max featuring a dog that's
00:31:13set to inspire a nation today's game is golden trivia answer retriever just rolls off the tongue over the most unreal lee bassem title and which i'll ask you multiple choice questions about dog movies will go one at a time so scott tobias rule is not in effect joining
00:31:33me are rachel handler keith apps genevieve casket okay i've got i'm reaching into my lunch box fear of questions that there may be a question i throw back because it's supposed to come after the questions so don't think i'm like you know picking and choosing here there's like
00:31:48one question that's going to follow another question i don't want him to come up eso rachel i'll start with you great i love dogs ok eight below to antarctic explorers are forced by the brutal cold toe leave their team of eight sled dogs behind how many of the
00:32:06dog survived the ordeal a five b six c all eight d none way there's like a like a science question or like the movie there's a movie called eight below with water getting where they were they were happy that it was going to do something based on a
00:32:23true story on how many dogs survive out of the eight that are left in the cold in the antarctic what was it was five a one five b six c all eight d none none wow the desperate no it's not that i really don't like dogs that inspirational
00:32:43if if the whole walker just returned to a bunch of dead dogs the the answer is b said ok it's all right you don't always make it there's no way i'm watching that movie no no to note you know it's talks of those conditions great All right keith
00:33:00over the course of five air bud films this is opposed to air buddies Which of the following sports does the body does buddy not master a basketball be football see soccer d volleyball e hockey i believe it's i forget which letter is well i believe it's volleyball i
00:33:19don't think there was ever an air bud volleyball film oh you're wrong about that I was going to say wrong no no no I think i think if you really thought this through uh that dog on skates i wait did you specifically say ice hockey you're you're right
00:33:36i did not actually true it could be it could be feel talking writes that a dog pain hockey as opposed to playing basketball football is ridiculous is i think i think you should be ashamed i'm going to move on to genevieve people want tougher questions i thought um
00:33:51genevieve which benji movie did roger ebert give the thumbs up on the same show he gave a thumbs down two full metal jacket a benji be for the love of benjy see oh heavenly dog d benji the hunted e benji returns i believe it's benji the hunted it
00:34:12is indeed that hunted setting off a very youtube a ble conflict between siskel ebert cisco really got on a boat and then critics exploded francisco about the whole relative you know relativity of badness type of thing so eso general has won every bell so zero this could change
00:34:32with rachel rachel which dog movie made the most money a beverly hills chihuahua be beethoven see turner and hooch d cats and dogs to the return of the kitty galore something gloria forget kitty galore i'm going to say the first one yet correct beverly hills twelve made ninety
00:34:54four point five million dollars closest to that was turner and hooch was seventy one so and cats and dogs to really fell short of the standard set by the first cats and dogs which which which was very very close to beverly hills to l a you know i
00:35:08think the amount of money each film you mentioned made is inversely proportional to the size of the dog that is featured because beethoven is a very large dog when shalala's generally quite small turner hooch is number two yeah that's a big bigger than beethoven you know but what
00:35:28was the other one turn just dogs of all sizes and yeah you know it's just sam right move all right but yeah you're just you know putting all the pieces together uh drawing that question all right keith yes there have been eight beethoven movies how about we start
00:35:46trying so they're having there how many how many how many charles grodin starring a one b two c four d all eight definite not all aid i think it be two that's right Yes he stopped it too He stops to which which gives me follow question to uh
00:36:08genevieve with charles grodin left which of the following actors did not take over the lead role a judge reinhold see dave thomas c brian dennehy de jonathan silverman who said no so so you're saying that three of those three of them were in the sequels ok not altogether
00:36:31no okay um i must say brian dunning you're right so he doesn't they can't imagine donaghy one not like the other he says no to his character actor but sometimes even he could say no so general you're you're in the lead first first two rounds um ok this
00:36:50is for this is for you rachel the most recent version of the shaggy dog about a grown man who turns into a sheepdog features tim allen licking his wife's cheek at one point which which actress is on the receiving end of this horrifying bath eh Christina applegate be
00:37:11christian davis see patricia heaton de julianne moore e diane keaton most horrifying and maybe yes kristin davis yeah gets licked by tim allen for scale she took she took the role for scale he said i've got to be in this family but they're married it's just a kiss
00:37:32on the cheek what is so horrifying about that It was it's a lick kiss so we owe chichen to temple i think there's a there's a shaggy dog person inside a dog on my block there's a human i'm like who's in that he's just trying to find like
00:37:59the formula but reversal before and i want to help but i don't know how we need to find some sort of ambulance so that puts rachel on the board keith let's go to you Um owen wilson has starred in two dog movies marley and me is one which
00:38:18is the other is it a marmaduke be my dog skip see bingo or d firehouse dog um oh i know this it's margaret it is marketed not only is he not only does he is he featured he is marmaduke owen wilson as marmee so that puts keith with
00:38:37two and now general even go with cf have her perfect record tested here alright genevieve which of the following taglines is for snow dogs starting cuba gooding jr eh get ready for mush our be the biggest dog on family film of the year see this christmas heal the
00:39:00love or d putting the idiot giving up made up and say that's not that pretty good it's either mush our dog on um mush our just seems like too much of ah scott tobias being proud of his puns i'm going to say the dog on family fun no
00:39:28it's bushel units i know it's so great that's why i chose it because like all people to say can this really stupid fine but it's there get ready for my shower that's incredible snow dogs so we're all knotted up yeah this is it This is the final round
00:39:43here so this is this will be for all of the quick come up with some sort of canine metaphor for this situation over i thought this was once a biscuit that's a good choice thank you Okay rachel jim belushi's next four movies after k nine we're taking care
00:40:01of business mr destiny on ly lonely and curly sue how many of those made more money than k nine a one b two c three d all for e none three no no no no I made more money than cannon came in was a hit a big health
00:40:24Yeah Turner and hooch and k nine were hits the same the same narrow people cannot get enough really see was really so i feel like i was kind of a thing i think i think michael k k nine minute much of money and and some strange video sequels
00:40:36the whole yeah All right keith you all right How did hooch die A natural causes b got stab see got shot d got kicked who died I know it's it's everything see she got shot Yeah yeah yeah Shot all right Um general last one to you says it's
00:41:00for the tie i'm going to give you a plot You name the movie tradeoff Ok ok Two dogs fall in love with the pound but their adopted by separate people as fate would have it However these two people fall in love the dogs were reunited The film ends
00:41:16with a litter of puppies the film is a must love dogs be the dog saved christmas see a dog of flanders d hachi a dog's tail or e i made it up see it sounds a lot like lady and the tramp except for the meeting at the pound
00:41:36so because so much of it is stemming from a recognizable movie i'm going to say you made it up You got it dammit We'll have e i know all the inner workings of your brains got to buy you thought you thought i made up the much thing but
00:41:52this year it was a really uh but now we have a tie I thought that was pretty good plot Frankly ninety percent of it is a disney classic Wait for the money to roll in Put that one out Yeah she didn't consciously model after later the trump i
00:42:06just thought when that make you feel like fell off a pound and then they got a doctor by different people in those two people fell in love and it ends with a litter of puppies makes your going tell me about your great idea of ah story of ah
00:42:20villain who wants to make a coat out of dog fur but doesn't quite know how to obtain the dog I'm outraged i'm not regimen that i i'm gonna have to come up with some sort of a tie breaker question because i don't have one unless we want to
00:42:34end in a tie In which case you know that would be that would be ok but i don't mind spending in a time all right well maybe let's end in a tie but um we're both good dogs ok so let's let's let's at this thing we're gonna end
00:42:48this thing in a tie but i have a bonus question for for the entire group okay you ready for this you ready yes who's a good dog eh you are the eye you are good dodge got yes you are your dog don't b b b i have a
00:43:09good dog wait now there's no there's no there's no right because trying get screw you people all right uh generative rachel keith thanks on now we've reached thirty seconds to sell where in person a genevieve casket in person be robinson has thirty seconds to convince me to buy
00:43:38the recommendation or whether it's for a film a soundtrack and idea whatever genevieve you ready to go i am well let's start with you i'm going to press start here in three seconds ok three two one go okay we just finished discussing the virgin suicides her movie of
00:43:54the week so i want to recommend a movie that feels in many ways like a successor to that film though it's thematically very different it's called the sisterhood of night it was just recently added to netflix netflix instant it was actually recommended to me by one tasha robinson
00:44:05who reviewed it for us and made the comparison a virgin suicides along with others But i'll throw the craft and even mean girls And there is other apt comparison points It's the goth teen drama that achieves a legitimately interesting move mood and it's frequently quite beautiful to look
00:44:19at it I'm out of time it's good Watch it because i had so much more Yeah so it's since that was my recommendation if she wins i win right way we all win Yeah that's true Yeah that's right note you mister have you the listener wind Um well
00:44:36let's See who's who's the actual winner here Well natasha uh i would do the same thing Aren't we gonna win this Even though he's competing In a way We're all winners but another more accurate way Barney is the winner Ok Ah ready three two one go A decade
00:44:55before director robert wise won oscars for sound of music in west side story he worked with val lewton and val lewton and orson welles taking their style in new genres his nineteen forty seven who are born to kale is this spooky fascinating romantic potboiler like douglas sirk process
00:45:08through dime store pulp novel We're talking about daring roles for women this film stars claire trevor is an ambitious schemer fighting her venal instincts but falling for a murderer played by a young handsome lawrence lawrence tierney He is the rare dangerous male patel and his appeal to her
00:45:22go straight to our lady that's something i haven't seen a nineteen forty seven way we're both just not on our games device tio fumbling bumbling deny both of you away in a ring and their judgment nobody wins So you both went over so i'm not going to really
00:45:41count that against either one of you because you cancel each other out on that respect I'm going to go latasha on this one because i sorry because i think robert wise has quite an interesting filmography and this is this is one that even i don't know you know
00:45:55what have not seen Even though i have seen such films as the haunting and the set up and and the west side story and much of other robert was first of the cat people i've seen curse of the cat people s o i'm going to This is tasha
00:46:08Tasha Just he does some really interesting stuff but this this opened up like seeing this my husband's like random noir films night made me want to go back and revisit just like everything in his career I haven't seen well yeah it's Not all great Did he had one
00:46:22of the he didn't want to like the dancing movies from the eighties It really was a rooftop So what the hell was it Okay this is turning until like one hundred twenty second All right all right Well anyway uh tasha genevieve thank you very much That does it
00:46:40for episode thirty nine of dissolve podcast These join us in two weeks for more opinions Insight in general tom foolery In the meantime you could enjoy the dissolve and twitter facebook tumbler and website form You have any questions or thoughts Email us at info at the dissolved dot
00:46:54com It is all podcast is produced by genevieve the hurricane kaskey with assistance from colin the animal griffith who's A good dog you are

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