This week, the vocal online dubiousness about Crystal Moselle’s debut feature documentary The Wolfpack started us talking about the difference between cynicism and skepticism, how both reactions help us select and react to movies, and when they become problems. Then the latest iteration of the “character suddenly smashed by an unexpected vehicle” trope has us discussing our least and most favorite movie tropes, from characters who inexplicably have sex while wearing underwear to the various proper reactions to massive explosions. Our game this week dredges up some of the lesser dinosaurs of filmdom, pre-Jurassic Park, and we wrap it up with an unusually polished edition of 30 Seconds To Sell. On our next podcast, we’re going to talk about uncomfortable viewing experiences. If you have any you’d like to share, leave us a message at 773-234-9730 or write us an email at [email protected] Time codes Segment 1: Cynicism vs. skepticism (00:46) Segment 2: Good tropes vs. bad tropes (15:22) Segment 3: I’m Dino-sorry Game (36:44) Segment 4: 30 Seconds To Sell (58:01)    
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