Still hungover after Oscar night, The Dissolve staff gathered in the Chicago studio for this special podcast mini-episode about a dramatic and fascinating ceremony—even if the evening didn’t end the way we’d hoped. Topics on the table include Neil Patrick Harris’ struggles as host, the activist bent of the speeches, the engaging musical numbers, and odd, meme-able moments galore. We also come to terms with the fact that many people outside the office appear to like the movie Birdman. 
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00:00:02what would do a special mini episode of the dissolve podcast on Scott to buy a sedative dissolve it's Monday morning after Oscar night and we start recording a podcast about it would be a good hangover cure dissolve studios are Keith Epps Nathan right then you think the ceremony doesn't keep that start with you de ceremonias itself it was weird was kind of a joint or the cornball enthusiasm which was Neil Patrick Harris's was selling his jokes and also like getting a few like cutting remarks in as soon as I sent out a tweet pot to to that effect immediately started bombing in a big way like the southern joke was was beyond awful and end at belabor bit with the box at the end of that I think that's not you said you're a fan if we can't stand of the mystery prediction box
00:01:02what are the journey I can't wait to make that Journey from anywhere where it was like wow this is really excruciating just just let you know that this bit that's being drawn up throughout the whole shutters hours of this this this and then the payoff was so thin Sideshow Bob 2nd Sucks lyrics for you because it was so ridiculous I'd like to hook up boxes what happens when you hired Richard Kelly to punch out through your tunnel to the floor that is really obscure yeah it at the end when I realized what they were doing with the whole you know him pulling out his predictions and they were things that had happened throughout the night it was kind of trying to recapture the magic of Neil Patrick
00:02:02paris's first Tony hosting gig where they over the course of the night like roach a rap like rap song that Neil Patrick Harris performed at the end of the night that called back to events that happened throughout the ceremony in this is just like a less ambitious less successful version of that I thought I was supposed because I felt like he was just a great host. He's very personable guy very funny very very easy going in in it and it real Entertainer I thought like this is going to be like the Hugh Jackman year that everyone seemed to like you know this because he was just going to go out there as an Entertainer he wasn't going to have a lot of kin jokes with you at the beginning seemed right which is like but I'm not a stand-up what's I'm a song-and-dance guy let's let's do it and they did in that they didn't opening number which I thought was good I think you were a little more mixed on it
00:03:02black caiman I found it it it it moved over into Charming for me and I kind of like Jack Black to maybe he'll see the opening musical number was coming and you know that I think they did a reasonable job with it but it was just it it felt kind of like a stretch you know like moving pictures will eventually play that song Enough over the orchestra play that song Enough over the nitrite many Oscars has been launched into that somber instrumental traditional Take My Breath Away little bit Rocky for him because he just said that he has to does HEPA Sur Bridge certain segments together with joke
00:04:02perhaps something something's that were improvised it were maybe not so it's so well thought-through I guess that's what it probably isn't there after about a woman's dress after she talked about her son suicide right and it is short film Winner Takes a lot of balls to wear that dress right and then and then you're so mean and upset at me and a little a little Capitol steps of humor has a little bit of a is it so loud if I can't think I better write a bit like a tea event to it that maybe didn't necessarily jibe with the general somber respectful tone of the evening like he's definitely made joke
00:05:02similar to that of the ton Tony's but I think the Tony's in general are just kind of a more self-aware award show and you know it people tend to be more willing to poke fun at themselves in at the awards where is the Oscars you know capital of the very important award show is positioned kind of a weird way cuz he's not really a movie guy I mean he's at Elgin guy in a theater guy who is our top movie star also
00:06:01how to take feeling angry because you know it's supposed to be sacred and the gentile mean that's why Bob Hope and then Billy Crystal as a gold exactly what they're supposed to do and not offend anybody Ellen DeGeneres last year like she's not really a you know big movie person I think that was generally considered like to be one of the better yeah I got don't like there was a little bit of trying to recapture the magic of Alan assoc like sending him out into the audience to like talk to the seat fillers are in but he does look very magic Harris I think in general near Patrick Harris's may be better with prepared contents then off the cuff you know
00:07:01all right but it was disappointed cuz I felt like that was going to be a pretty like he's got hoes the Oscars the Oscars fault than it is kind of the night was full of I got some pretty Carrie telling Patricia Arquette Josh of solidarity equal wages sorry about that
00:07:53yeah I need a special because at first it looked like it was going to be you know to to use our Jen Cheney's turn a phrase you know her sad little crumpled sheet of paper they look like she was going to be reading names and then just kind of Blaze through them to get to the street kind of tirade at the end and you know Meryl Streep was really into it so if Meryl Streep likes it you know what 1 it would decide that there is a side crumpled piece of paper and then I have a second thought I forgot but I know if I set my I just walked right into that one but but now that was that was a really that was a nice moment... No this morning people are completely tearing apart for Sephora
00:08:53how could she said backstage so I haven't been this morning she's being torn down which is a typical Twitter thing to do so in some way for the imitation game and then. I thought it was a little lovely speech about a about the importance of Importance of Being Yourself no matter who that is and I was not about the movie The Other thought it's fine but the speech was quite nice 15 years old I have not seen the motion picture but I'm like
00:09:53obviously lovely and insightful things to say about the children General had it had an interesting activist bent to it so yeah it feels like the the speeches were as rhetorically fiery as the show was Bland and Grandpa joke you know it's rare that I can buy the Oscar say like it was really good night for speeches but it is I think it was a good night for speeches and listen for one I was like here we go me to send that but really the more you know that that was maybe the fifth or sixth most political speech of the night because I think Laura was extremely nervous
00:10:53which is which any you know normal human being would be in front of the theoretical billion people that aren't isn't really appealing to people started the opposite we have a podcast discussion about Oscar speeches and I feel like we got a good you know for 5 here that were now I'm even even the other of the winner of Ida Ida. She's had beat the orchestra but the whole like talking through the orchestra like a kind of returns each time cuz it like each how much like I could see the clock ticking when I got okay this is going to
00:11:53this is going to take us in the ass at the end of this show when it where a half hour over you know that bug me was just like I think in isolation you could look at that Lady Gaga performance of The Sound of Music as a good thing I'm just saying like when it when I actually went when Scarlett Johansson got up you know I think you are you really expecting to be in the backstretch there she gets up it's like what in the fuck is going on like this why what why the talking about Sound of Music I thought we were going to tell God damn it I thought we really did some some some stuff here but I mean I will say I'm not stopping my roommate had a great quote that I saw an Indian tweeted what is a he said why is the whole world is 30 Rock sketch
00:12:53like Lady Gaga is performing the entire score and soundtrack I'm sorry about that Vino strong performance in isolation is just wrong point in the evening for me to be up there later I don't know if she's Giuliana and some cheese to the point where we talked about the winners of the Oscar ceremony last night I was more of a loser even than usual need to find a way to to not brand Scott to buy us solely it's got the best brand has to be a lot more than just disliking Birdman that you really just like Birdman it hard to watch you watch all.
00:13:53anyone on this podcast best and I don't like it. That's like for screenplay particular yeah that was weird is the greatest of the year and then men women and children just the last straw sure that everyone admired the structure that's what you're supposed to look at apparently they do sort of want to. Maybe this maybe the fact that it's all over is going to help I do kind of want to get remove myself from the swirling Vortex of hate that
00:14:53that I am partially responsible for creating the film is also responsible for the other was the one that got me the most because it was up against the Grand Budapest Hotel which I think that you know I think I thought I was going to win the Brilliance created when the technical wizard wizard I think of you you know I'll allow that people obviously like anything but I'll allow that they like that they like Birdman I can I can I can understand how you could see it as a virtuosic piece of acting and directing but I are we really talking about it as a great script like great writing I mean am particularly comparison with Grand Budapest which is so intricate and so elegant and has so many you know it's got that Russian nesting doll structure and it's just there's this is an Elegance in a wit and a lightness to it that that
00:15:53standing such sharp contrast it to Birdman that was the one that was hard to take that harbinger of Doom you know where is Domino to fall here are things just never things going to happen and then it just it was just and then you know Sean Penn walked out there that's like just turn off my TV now for me cuz I think for as much as none of us wanted it to take home director or picture like that you know that there was a solid chance of that happening but you know screenplay is usually kind of the the province of the you know the movies are just a little too weird for you know for best picture or are you know just so you know what that seems like the category that was Wes Anderson's to take you know but sent it to see it you know sweep that not sweet but just take it that in addition to the the big words it was
00:16:53where are you going to honor the quirky thing that is going to win Best Picture winners winter twin the way that I feel like also you know again in contrast it took the Vermin I think Boyhood it's just such a huge achievement in the oldest Willis 12 your project it's just gotta it's got to get to see a movie really done in that that independently you know by this has been around for so long and it's just it's it's just got a great set of richness to it I just ate again it just feels
00:17:38particularly painful for to get hammered by a film like Grove in here is one upside that you know I don't know how much of a cup is Sophie but you know any year we talked a lot about representation and diversity of the Oscars it was nice to see you know a non-white non-american you feel make her taking home in a word so there's maybe some I mean it's it's it's kind of a technicality you know but today I unusual movie and yeah I kind of said yeah I'm sort of Pat's people in the profession on the back but it's not the theory of everything so hear your standard you know chlorine but but it is it is not the usual thing I think it'll be you look at look at like what does not fit the picture of what you usually think wins best picture I'm looking at you
00:18:38I know it was it was you know I was a weird maybe it's just cordant in a way that in a way that Best Picture winners generally are not been angrily demands to be recognized as an important and profound work of act
00:18:58we're bored me and it was just yeah I just I found it absolutely insufferable for now this will be an embarrassing but that's the thing I can always joke about it's like you know the movie I like both and Stanley are you going to forget about her the treat with to Town Fair Tire different screener of that movie than everyone else because it just not a single person in this office has it has enjoyed it and I actually extends beyond the people that work for you. I wish we did have a defender on staff you know because their leader
00:19:58see the same screener that we did everything worth noting that like it's no fun hating movie that people love & the people are inspired by and I wish I mean I love Michael Keaton I think he's a great actor I was really rooting for him to have a comeback and I didn't even draw his performance in that were all so it just sucks to not be part of like this enormous you know if you don't really really dead so let's come and go around the room and ask Pastor some highlights and lowlights highlights I think I may or may be a little eyes to somebody when you going to remember about the ceremony what it what are you thoughts are with the performance of Everything Is Awesome from The Lego Movie which was very very very kind of psychedelics
00:20:58I taken and Sara The Lonely Island only I could never I like okay I'll wait for a fat guy Fisher Cats to mention another moment and whatnot so I install the Goodwin hotel that was a highlight I have for that it was going to be summer when something you know it's under a underrepresented in a lot of a lot more and more categories
00:21:58formance of that song that said have sold me on it away just because I love you listen to the mall called maybe maybe there was a piece that Aisha Harris Road in slate about like you know kind of a chance that song winning just saying this isn't the song kind of represents all of the things of the film doesn't do you know the song isn't that a bit see you in that they perform their neck in that context is quite powerful what are you going to be so so that's good and I I like the common and John Legend performance to and it did you know what kind of pointed I think that they performed it right before the the best song award was given out because after that everything is awesome performance it kind of just see my car cuz you give it to anything else and then they did I was like oh okay yeah I've already said I
00:22:58what's the Lady Gaga sound of music is a weird as it was it was definitely a highlight of the night for me and it was the only moment of the night where everyone else who was in my apartment or three other people in my apartment and have him we're watching the the ceremony and they all came into the room to to watch that and it was going on so that was a lie and you know we talked that I've been dragging a lot on the humor and the dad jokes but you know I did laugh at the Idina Menzel John Travolta Adele dazeem payback thing and I did when she announced you know her friend will be glad or whatever it was I you know it was a joke was coming but it was you know it's cathartic to have actually happened to the touching that we have to deal with them next year we have everyone's already pointed out all the highlights so so I will just say Bradley in terms of what it is that you know how I am when we do the podcast last time we talk to I talked a little bit about the speech
00:23:58how these people to serve entertainers and they have to come and take you out take some responsibility for making the show and compelling and I feel like that that's definitely you know they're listening to me on that one now that I don't know what they're doing but like but they're but you're actually worth $127,000 in a CD Walkman way a better than usual. I thought it was actually all the time
00:24:58took responsibility for making it it is really showing I think it's a show with a lot of it was a show with a lot of interesting angles and subplots and things like that it was a thin is a very memeable I think it was a kind of delivery at a lot to get offered a lot this year so I really really like the invitation power of movies compels bad news I think he was he was really moved about Selma but then he had to do invitation came first ska door or just I don't know what why don't I
00:25:58what do you give the performance of the evening so I will try this again next year hopefully will be you know I don't know for a powerful experience thank you very much Keith Nathan Genevieve

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