You and your Uncle find yourselves in deep water at St. Michael’s Mount. The clock is ticking – can you find the key in time? Featuring Hugh Skinner, Natalie Dormer, Kate Silverton and Sir Ben Ainslie.

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00:00:51the thing when most here is angels and joins Slade as you will see at the onset under lock and key anything me neither ages and John slays must mean some Michael's mount the lock and key to get it fixed in update nothing like the new stories the spirit
00:01:19saying but your point of code of the city situations critical the situation is now critical because the United kingdom's GPS which is on the point of total collapse with new schools for destruction as yet found music festivals in football matches across the country have been canceled reports are
00:01:38also coming in of widespread travel chaos and emergency services are being forced to rely on backup generators he's pretty serious the mother should go in touch with us by now to just this feeling there's more going on than even we realize quiet you come help it'll go instincts
00:02:00okay we've reached the coast straight ahead of us some Michael's mount it tonight and so if the tide's out then we can use the course way to walk to it the tides in we've got a problem the tides it if we write the source of these GPS disruptions
00:02:23is just across that stretch of water we have to get to the other side Hey Hey over here something in the will to shelters us coming at me I am with Jake let's see what we can do for him what brought about that's it got it now what
00:02:54we need to get us back on the world I can not terrible number both if the brother is yes like every other it's not exciting what about thanks you help the guys are right across the world right even as cats in the changing to recognize thanks bend me
00:03:34Sam and one block in the south but to me what brings you to call him when he's gets to Michael's mount yeah I'd like to get across as well as their numbers cross make a choice okay shoes off and walk I wouldn't do that I mean the ties
00:03:54beginning to go out again but it's still hide anything let's have a swim for it no problem trust me I'll be sending radicals and so was I in these conditions you could get caught in a rip tide they say that's one way to being pulled back into the
00:04:08city someone is in our channel for water to fly for quicker than usual like when you put your thumb under attack and that the war to spread out on site currency can float tending to the second with incredible strength fascination and gets wiped out as quickly as a
00:04:24dangerous and difficult to spot him from the show so what we did white talks going on in a few hours with more got to get that done and right now the two of you would like to join me in the car I think of an idea right Sam
00:04:45no I news that screams the weight sense and we're going to drive Michael's mount the time might be getting out of the still not right when we go in we don't need roads so because of all yeah I was talking the nation now been set up like fish
00:06:01and chips thanks for getting me HM never doubted you for a second already telling say do you know the autumn well yeah I've been here many times is an incredible history involving angels in joint space by the tracks kind of thing yeah apparently the archangel Michael appeared on
00:06:23the island in the fifth century got Fishman in peril to safety probably on the kind of man I and this is Manisha modernist sixteenth century best party from here and the locals like a beacon forget a whole chain of beacons on the south coast that blazing fires burning
00:06:39the paper about invasion but my favorite story is Jack the giant killer yes it was a giant who lived on the side and a ferocious creature known as the cool he stood eighteen foot high and knowing for white as to was a drop off and as wide as
00:06:58an elephant joint lifting the case which is linked in every so often go to the mainland to go over a few sheep or cattle sometimes it's not just the forms themselves if they like it then Jack just a little thing like you Jack took any new was picked
00:07:18as the joints when the court would come off the switch back and run the right for him still straight into the pate way little Jack finished him off with one blow office peacocks a ruthless little kid and look see this all shakes down on the paw down by
00:07:40your face they say that this rock is a common some next day by Jack and you know what peacetime right on it some say could still hated John topics you know all these years go on it see if it's true anything yeah we it's something to much to
00:08:05my stomach no time to waste you coming or what it's like you were rooted to the spot of you know what you know like a it's amazing what you notice when you stop and listen anyway passes he back tomorrow advocate show on the key the key second I
00:08:38think your answer is under lock and key the keys into open a pop up but the key is the heart is there anything special about the scheme not raining except the right way runs on the ground from head to enter the castle indicating an endless tunnels closed to
00:08:56the public you're not allowed in well we're not everywhere on the sand that I need to do to close the door really but I can come on time to find a cool was foolish troubles and sort this out once and for all this looks promising unless funny feeling
00:09:20that will this this shop the state and let's get out of GPS G. yeah what some of the joints laid out some Michael's mount come back piece of cake which come to think of it worries me a bit these people will ask around what the computer from this
00:11:44U. S. B. stick is plugged into the car and see what's on it it's we actually go on inside the country assuming of course that it is some of these little things got safer itself this message and he followed my trail of clowns in case and perhaps it's
00:12:15not too late I am an intelligence officer operating undercover inside an organization led by the professor these people he must be one of them and they'll stop at nothing to cheat they think I'm with them surveillance thought to be quick one might be to some strange places she
00:12:50must've left the transcript seven unforced I agent and list of these she must be surrounded if you followed my trail this fall the means of the GPS destruction has already achieved its purpose mostly what was on guard this professor must meet and then he because the next stage
00:13:17planning is even more it's coming they have to be stay safe sixty six the professor says aim is to discover the source of and they want to control in Sam could feel Scott a whole lot is in the late under lock and key evil messages some look there's
00:14:10something you need to you mothers well she's not you think she's she's overall but she warns spotty I do not when you came in on honestly I swear to you she was the best of the best they only have turned to her if the situation is truly serious
00:14:33Hey Ben give us back our dog will you how much you know what if this professor is up to these experiments controlling time it's our job to stop it classic there is a thirty thousand looks in Scotland but we moved heaven and earth to find this place so
00:14:55I wouldn't bet against us this time either use of the which is just beginning let's go do you slash and

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