We wrap up this finale to not only the Charlie Chaplin series but season 2 of the podcast.

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00:00:45we wrapped up this finale to not only the charlie chaplin siri's but season two of the podcast we're not sure when season three will make its debut so be sure to check our website taani voice dot com our facebook group the love bug brigade ad me taani platypus
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00:01:54now enjoy the show So last time we checked in with charlie he got hit hard with the divorce settlement one that may be the largest in history and his reputation was trashed because the public saw him as this cradle robbing sexual deviant who had even more dick in
00:02:11his personality than he did in his pants But when you're a performer when you need to entertain the show must go on one way or another even if you're having a full blown nervous breakdown The divorce story was featured news and everyone is posting about it on social
00:02:28media like shaking my head What is wrong with this guy Boycott his films no ban his films hashtag band charlie chaplin but he survived the incident because his core fan base was so strong everyone forgot about the incident at a shockingly fast rate like his next phone was
00:02:48released in nineteen twenty eight to a positive reception and at the very first academy awards he was given this special little trophy for versatility and genius and acting writing directing and producing his film the circus but the film had been made during the divorce scandal And it had
00:03:06a bunch of problems during production so despite the success he found making the movie he associate it with the immense stress he went through at the time didn't talk about the picture in his autobiography and had a challenging time composing it score in his later years By the
00:03:22time the circus was finally released hollywood had seen its fair share of talkies chaplain was like on not really a fan where is the artistry i'm not about to change the ingredients in the secret sauce that's made me the big shot i am can you imagine the tramp
00:03:39talking He doesn't talk god that would like really ruin his international appeal to now now i'm sticking with silent film i'm nervous as hell about it but i'm sticking with silent film and the actual quote from the actor goes i was determined to continue making silo in films
00:04:01it was a pantomime ist and in that medium i was unique and without false modesty a master so he starts working on this movie called city lights that was a pain in the ass passion project chappie dragged out for twenty one months he would later admit he had
00:04:15worked himself into a neurotic state of wanting perfection i have no idea what that feels like city lights premiered in december of nineteen thirty on the audience was like where the fuck's the sound but critics loved it with one journalist writing nobody in the world but charlie chaplin
00:04:33could have done it he is the only person that has that peculiar something called audience appeal in sufficient quality to defy the popular pension from movies that talk it ended up doing pretty well in chaplin said city lights was his favorite film among all of his work but
00:04:50he knew that it would be a long shot to produce another silent film with the arrival of talkies he was totally convinced sound wouldn't work for his movies but he was also terrified of being considered out of date with the trends so he's pacing around his mansion like
00:05:04what the fuck do we do with the fact we do with twenty with fucked radio with talk radio i have no idea i have no fucking clue i need a vacation maybe i'll just retire and move to china so in nineteen thirty one he goes on what would
00:05:18end up being a sixteen month rahm he loved traveling and met these bigwigs thinker type people who really opened his eyes to what was going on the world man he was eerily relevant to twenty eighteen and said damn state of labor in america it's so bad capitalism and
00:05:37machinery we're going to make unemployment rates skyrocket oh i'm inspired to make a film he says in his autobiography that when he got back to l a i was confused on without plan restless and conscious of an extreme loneliness but he wasn't lonely for a long political goddard
00:05:56was introduced to chappie in nineteen thirty two when he supposedly saw her investing money from her divorce settlement in some shady film deal and he was like hey girl hey you don't want to invest your money into that shadiness you're gorgeous by the way you should totally be
00:06:12in my next movie you're under eighteen right And she's like eliot totally um seventeen what's interesting is she allegedly lied about her age saying she was seventeen when she was actually twenty one which makes you wonder if chaplains taste for younger women was so widely spread that godard
00:06:29thought to be strategic and her answer She starred in one of his most well known films modern times which was the first film in fifteen years to make heavy political references and employee social realism It was nineteen thirty six and chap decided to pass on any speaking besides
00:06:48this one scene where his character the tramps sings this song in gibberish This was also the scene i saw on late night turner classic movies that scared the shit out of me when i was a kid His film received mixed reviews because some people were into the politicizing
00:07:05and other people thought he should just stick to acting dammit similar to how some people feel today So after filming wraps forty seven year old charlie looks at his twenty one year old girlfriend and goes i want to go get married in canton without any evidence and confuse
00:07:18the shit out of the press and she saw yeah for sure sounds good he had her cast is a member of the resistance in his other masterpiece the great dictator which was a bold satire and nazi germany but he was super do she to her the whole time
00:07:34he was like you need to be on set every single day at eight a m so i can personally style your hair and be a controlling dipshit like for real deal he supposedly said to his oldest son right in front of her your stepmother worked very hard today
00:07:48and had to tell her a few things about acting she then proceeded to lay down on the sofa and cry set up with his shit she ended up divorcing him in mexico in nineteen forty two the forties were a rough decade for chaplain he was aghast to what
00:08:03was going on in the world you know the militaristic nationalism that was nineteen thirties world politics nothing major so he was like i and so distracted by all of this nonsense that is going on in the world i can't even like do anything but right about it and
00:08:21people keep making all these comparisons between this hitler guy and me like sure it's super weird we were born four days apart we were both born into poverty and we wear the same mustache we do kind of look alike i should totally play hitler in my next movie
00:08:38i'm going to saturday's the hell out of him and roast the shit out of fascism said he makesem movie with spoken dialogue and people were like holla pullup hold hold hold hold you're making a comedy about hitler and chaplain is like with the kind of funky money i
00:08:55have i could make a movie about anything i want what he's actually quoted as saying is i was determined to go ahead for hitler must be laughed at so the movie comes out in nineteen forty in october and it's generating this bananas amount of publicity the new york
00:09:12times called it the most eagerly awaited picture of the year and despite it being one of the biggest financial successes of the era the ending was super controversial it's this a really relevant five minute monologue where chaplin stares directly into the camera and one of his lines that
00:09:30really stuck with me was we think too much and feel too little more than machinery we need humanity more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness without these qualities life will be violent and all will be lost The great dictator was nominated for five oscars including best picture
00:09:51best oh gee screenplay and best actor but it seems like the public couldn't separate his politics and his acting career his popularity declined for that reason and oh yeah he had this staying with an aspiring espn joan berry who was shockingly not a teenager while he was still
00:10:09with paul it got hard and when he was also fifty two years old so he goes up to joan in a cafe or something something charlie like and he was like hey i'm making a movie called shadows and substances and also do you want to sleep with me
00:10:27and jen goes yeah for sure both those things while they're knocking boots they're also preparing for this movie and charlie's just like super jazzed on her they do all these screen tasks he gets her orthodontic work acting classes and he's convinced she's going to be the next big
00:10:42thing but according to fbi files oh yeah it's it's going there love bugs fbi and some biographers the actress wasn't emotionally stable and began to harass chaplain after the film failed to materialize He lost interest in her completely and moved on to seventeen year old una o'neill after
00:11:02they had broken it off very told charlie what every woman he slept with seemed to say to him i'm pregnant and chaplain goes congratulations it's not mine which very responded to immediately with a paternity suit that would eventually lead to the reformation of paternity laws in california joan
00:11:21berry claims that in nineteen forty two charlie had invited her to manhattan where they went to all these parties and chaplain hoard her out his friends in what was called immoral purposes in polite company Joan was like you straight up violated the mann act or what some of
00:11:37us folks call the white slave traffic act which is very clear that you cannot cross state lines for the purpose of prostitution or immoral behavior We slept together in december of nineteen forty two on the tenth the twenty third twenty fourth and the thirtieth this is absolutely your
00:11:55kid charlie chaplin If you're a huge history buff you may be thinking to yourself oh my god j edgar hoover is the director of the fbi right now and that guy that should i don't have a good feeling about what's going to happen in charlie chaplin and you
00:12:10would be totally right love bug hoover was doing cartwheels in his panties because he had a reason to finally generate bad publicity against the actor whose political beliefs he didn't exactly support He made sure chaplain was named in four indictments related to the case including the mann act
00:12:27that was a really big deal because if charlie was guilty he could serve twenty three years in jail trial began in march of nineteen forty four and chaplain was acquitted two weeks later he then thought it would be best to celebrate by marrying his now eighteen year old
00:12:43girlfriend una who just happened to be thirty six years younger than him in june of nineteen forty three you know is the daughter of american playwright eugene o'neill and he was already pissed in his daughter for trying to make a livelihood out of acting When he found out
00:12:58she married charlie who's the same pages he was he promptly disowned her because that's how you show your kids you love them in his biography charlie said that meaning o'neill was the happiest event of my life and also said he had been blessed with the perfect love he
00:13:15also wrote as i live with luna the depth and beauty of her character or a continual revelation to me even as she walks ahead of me along the narrow sidewalks with simple dignity her neat little figure straight her dark hair smoothed back showing a few silver threads a
00:13:32sudden wave of love and admiration comes over me for all that she is and a lump comes into my throat you know once said in nineteen sixty he's my world i've never seen or lived anything else by all accounts the couple seemed to be truly deeply in love
00:13:50They stayed married for thirty four years until charlie's death but newsweek called it the biggest public relations scandal since that fatty arbuckle trial in nineteen twenty one the media was like freaking the fuck out and for good reason the fbi was actually feeding information to one of the
00:14:08most prominent gossip columnists in the biz and she was like oh i'm going to make him look like the biggest scuzz bucket since john wilmot john berry's child caroline was born in october of that same year and she was like oh i'm taking this paternity case to court
00:14:24so they go through these two long trials and the prosecuting lawyer is like charlie chaplin is immoral we've seen this play out before he's totally the father i get that we've run blood tasked and there is zero proof that he's the one who's responsible for this but that's
00:14:40not admissible at all your honor and the judge goes you're totally right charlie you're paying child support until the girls twenty one and then he was like bank went bang court dismissed at this point charlie was incredibly unpopular and the fbi was practically up his ass trying to
00:14:57find anything they could to build a case against the man they considered a total kami he had campaigned for opening a second front to aid the soviet union and supported a grip of soviet american friendship groups He was friends with people who are suspected communists and attended various
00:15:12soirees held by soviet diplomats in l a said the fbi is like this guy's a total call me and we want him out of the country They launched an official investigation in nineteen forty seven his next film was a dark political comedy and was an idea he had
00:15:28purchased from orson welles for five grand but his reputation was so trashed chaplain was booed at the premiere and the public was calling for a boycott It was his first film to fail critically and commercially It was also one of his favorite pictures he had ever made chaplain
00:15:46was pissed though he was like i'm not really in the labels but i'd call myself a peace monger or more than anything regardless i feel like this whole plan to suppress my ideology really infringes on my civil liberties peace monger is his word not mine Representative john f
00:16:06franken who helped establish the house of unamerican ac activities told congress in june nineteen forty seven chaplains very life and hollywood is detrimental to the moral fabric of america If he is deported his loathsome pictures can be kept from before the eyes of the american youth He should
00:16:24be deported and gotten rid of at once so he and his family go to london for a premier and the very next day his reentry permit was revoked Because he's not an american citizen he's english if you recall and the attorney general goes if you want to come
00:16:40back you're going to have to give us an interview about your political views and moral behavior We have a pretty damn good case against you chaplain which totally isn't true if you look at the fbi files released in the eighties they really didn't have anything on him to
00:16:54prevent him from coming back to the states but chaplain was like you know what i'm done screw it we're not going back seller shit in america una europe still likes me the u s could be as hateful as it's cold little black heart desires peace out yo one
00:17:11biographer says that chaplains fall from the top to the bottom maybe the most dramatic in the history of stardom in america except maybe two thousand seven britney spears he settled with luna who eventually renounced her u s citizenship and their eight kids in switzerland Charlie sold the remainder
00:17:29of his stock and united artists and officially severed the last of his professional ties with america He remained a controversial figure throughout the fifties particularly after being awarded an international peace prize by the communist led world peace council for the next two decades chaplain would refocus on re
00:17:48editing and scoring his old films for re release and secured the ownership and distribution rights he would release a book of his memoirs in nineteen sixty four simply titled my autobiography which was a worldwide bestseller the political landscape was changing in america by the sixties the new york
00:18:07times published an editorial that said we do not believe the republic would be in danger if yesterday's unforgotten little tramp were allowed to amble down the gang plank of a steamer or plane in an american port But despite these little specks of sunshine and what had been a
00:18:23hellish twenty years chaplain's final film turned out to be a huge flop and he was profoundly wounded by the negative reaction he received in nineteen seventy two the academy of motion picture arts and science This is offered chaplain in honorary award for the incalculable effect he has had
00:18:41in making motion pictures the art form of this century it's commonly seen as an attempt to make amends on the behalf of the united states At first charlie was like on i really want to go back there but i mean i got shit all studio when he arrived
00:19:01he received a twelve minute standing ovation which is the longest in the academy's history His health began declining rapidly in the seventies to the point where he required constant care He passed away early christmas morning in nineteen seventy seven after suffering a stroke in his sleep At the
00:19:18age of eighty eight years old in less than a year to guys from poland and bulgaria dug up his grave and stole his coffin holding at ransom in an attempt to get the newly widowed una chaplain to cough up some cash But they were caught and charlie's remains
00:19:33were returned to their original resting place this time surrounded by reinforced concrete chaplain Like so many of our subjects this season was complicated Biographer peter ackroyd describes him as encourage herbal and making advances to female stars chaplain himself claimed to have rolled around in the sheets with over
00:19:53two thousand women and in nineteen twenty six vanity fair asked him to describe his ideal woman and he said i am not exactly in love with her but she is entirely in love with me he was reported to have an extreme fear of loss and abandonment which makes
00:20:09sense when you sitters upbringing it's easy to write off chaplin and so many others is egomaniacs villains or just douchebags based on their actions and the more one research is the dirty bits or really any bits of history the more tangled the stories often become Charlie seems like
00:20:26a tool he used to mistreated women but he was the product of a horrible upbringing likely didn't know howto have relationships and later seemed to change when he married noona do we allow room for reform Do we forgive those who are ignorant and then learn Did charlie even
00:20:45think he had done anything wrong And did he ever feel remorse for his actions History in life are filled with multiple perspectives and we often see the same story played out multiple times like if you watch the closing monologue of charlie chaplin's the dictator he could totally be
00:21:01speaking just about modern world events in politics right now every story has the winners the losers thie outcasts the heroes and the villains So where is the truth and at all who's in the right what should have been done What should be done what's the moral of the
00:21:19whole story i have a high school diploma i'm not a history expert i'm not qualified to teach history i'm an entertainer a comedian and i'm passionate about learning i would imagine it would take a lifetime her more to answer the questions posed so in the meantime i'll keep
00:21:37researching or googling as my number one fan calls what i do for this show and try my best not to only make you laugh but inspire you to learn with perspective and passion until season three love bugs special thanks this season to our dirty birdies on patriot cindy
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