In this special episode I sit with Aero Wong, a “newbie product manager”, as he calls himself, who is organizing a virtual summit for Product Managers – the Product Manager Summit. I talk to him about the reason he created this event and the why product managers should tune into this event.
What will you learn?
In this episode I speak to Aero Wong, the organizer of the Product Manager Summit to understand why he did this event and what’s in it for my listeners. The Product Manager Summit is a 5-day, 30-speaker event that runs from the 18-22 December. It’s been my privilege to be invited to be a part of it and in the company of many other expert product managers, executives, entrepreneurs and designers. The summit is divided into 6 modules –

* Product Manager Essentials
* Problem Space Exploration
* Agile Product Development
* Lean UX
* Product Marketing Skills
* Product Management Toolbox

I spoke on a topic that’s close to my heart – Navigating the Problem Space and the Solution Space. I hope you get to listen to me and 29 other experts who’ve been on the summit. The Product Manager Summit also has a VIP Pass that you could purchase for a small cost and get access to these videos for a lifetime. I hope you get to listen to these speakers and more importantly I hope you take action!
Useful Links

* Aero Wong

* Email [email protected]

* Product Manager Summit


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00:00:00what's up this is about the summit are you ready to climb it let's do it one two three cop welcome sign your thinking shoulder we think and learn and set you can design better products every day now your host card that what's a welcome back to the show
00:00:35thank you so much for joining me again I know that we are between seasons and this is a special episode yes we got done with season one in September twenty seventeen and we are starting a phrase season in twenty eighteen and if you're wondering what it's gotta doing
00:00:53now why am I showing up in between two seasons well it simply because there is something else that's happening this time of the year I know it's Christmas time and we are all probably packing a bag for holidays but then the end of the year is also the
00:01:06time for us to reflect upon what's happened during that year and I'm sure you are yourself to do that and why do you do that I just want to let you know that is something else that's happening that will probably help you do that little battle and plan
00:01:22your next year which is twenty eighteen much better yes there is a product manager summit happening and I was invited to be a part of the summit and I'm one of the speakers and a lot of the guess who being on this show are also speakers on the
00:01:37summit and I thought it will be worth your time if you could take a moment stop by the summit and listen to what's happening there and in the meanwhile I want to quickly bring on the organizer of the summit Errol Wong to understand why he is doing something
00:01:55like this and what the summit is all about I hope you find does summit and this conversation both useful let's dive right into the conversation Hey Errol thanks for joining me does cover our I'm happy to be via stands for having me excellent so Errol I know you've
00:02:16been on this project doing the product manager summit for the last one year and I know you've put a lot of hard work here so before we jumped into talking about why you're doing this and what the project is all about what the summit is all about could
00:02:31you quickly interviews yourself and talk about your background and how you got into doing the summit the test will give me the chance to you to do this myself I I'm appalled image and you'll be all all I've been working on for the management these gigs full %HESITATION
00:02:55one now a year of all engine dis trough months of I a especially at the beginning while I was nervous I was of the street it because I don't know almost nothing about part of management all and all I'll let alone be cutting edge technology dead D. company
00:03:23debt I'm working on now because we are working on some video streaming Basil recognition does kind of thing all I don't know much about it and I was with a little much Apollo pulled up management soul I believe one and done more about it and then I %HESITATION
00:03:47hi before I actually broke all my jaw diversity I actually higher researcher to a quiet in all tool also school of management tutorials information on Nye and I consume it all VD olefin school this is how I know coffee you at first base because all I read a
00:04:20post you have to be to be full all do you use thirty day as a polling manager of the thirty two bus tools and the second three days and use that for two days so I I it's like I've found something favorite amazing if peace me if his
00:04:40body ball situation perfectly and I read actually take action a steps to keep the moon walk you'll teach on D. four posts and I get to bear with really really fast and I can do we leave dial your ball post Augie's similar cases I have so many all
00:05:06SP was like that because all conflict you will one of T. of people who have helped be of dull knowing be at first base all and I try to apply the lessons I learned from the pole to deduce give wizards of all because they have put out some
00:05:28due to the few content all content on the internet soul I know from them apart **** all and get the bearing sold in the first few months of life for the management job of all I get to bury the DVD foss because of these knowledge I acquired so
00:05:53along the way I don't just learn from you guys deported leaders I also which all to some all management dubious just like me junior polled the people and of IBM to go to some poor defensive I pulled a tank mall a some all night doll political Matisse fixed
00:06:17idea I would just ask people hate to find these the topic all how to Moscow say like all new a spoiler space exploration of things like that as so many people are just like be the FAB frustrated all day don't know what to do about it they don't
00:06:37know what the focus should be and I I have to rely season all I'm not alone because before that it's our fault to myself am I the only one who find the match was sold for straight it of shoe yeah and so at the moment because I I
00:07:07have a happy to learn something a share of you some other people who are I've fought the ball should I wore a simple pulled loose about by lessons learned and they share with these people or maybe even I can buy a book about it because I'll be de
00:07:26yeah because I really think that of all All I Want but we won't be useful to all people all not just be useful to my company and all yes so I started to think about maybe a swipe all I actually made because at at T. at every single
00:07:49year I will have a and you will be fueled by myself all yeah I studied were all my pulled management job all all in the first day of December eighteen two thousand and sixteen ed yeah I did my and you'll be feel hate all at the end of
00:08:09two thousand sixteen maybe a supply it bowl of bile how I learned from these speakers up to date a about this because on some of it all and the actor sure we've all all of D. are the poor people I'll show that I can be some I can
00:08:30put my so use some BB situation so I can know diplomats one that's simple myself I can be useful tool by committee and I can also share the knowledge we've D. are the frustrated pulled might do be like me so I can be useful to these junior poor
00:08:49people L. I'll show yeah this is how the book deal come fall asleep yeah go ahead up yeah school all of today it's %HESITATION I just realized Hey I love these speakers are high because sometimes I actually hate of because I somehow talk to some to deport people
00:09:18all and day and all I say like I'm we are talking about some of the management tool box and I was just point them to some poor costed alike maybe not just copy I will point them to all the at the FDA use beta Paul costs up which
00:09:37I also listened to and D. all I left these people I love dis all Paul costs and people need to put out of India roe said I'll be I I she has so many times for the first three days second birthday as thirty three that as part of
00:09:58measures should do the article which so many deep purple to people and they all fondest contact favorite very useful so I also wanna be useful tool de Vito step I like so I think to myself if I wanna also possible with these people what should I do and
00:10:24yet this model hobbling came up because I'm also working on a video streaming company maybe I should bought costs did that some days I learned from topic how old yeah but what if one of my sisters to be I up to you to feel him all I am
00:10:45I don't just white about I can also actually be cold it added more costly to our people like be sold does hall did some beat up on a mattress on the call came to be yeah that's interesting and and you talked about a yield and review what did
00:11:05you what do you typically do in this kind of forever you I'll I think starting from five to six years a goal off to the side a I think I read the book off a rickety charm feed all be done by twenty while those and then I I
00:11:26started to have discontinuity to who to aid and we feel at the end of every single key to this all to try to all set a goal argue did XTO all what I want to accomplish in the next year according to my long term future who do I
00:11:50want to become gene of maybe a decade or somehow soul yeah I will I will actually do gene does all and your review is I will be fat on D. %HESITATION all all of the things that I've done in the past year and all well I'm what I
00:12:13was doing great while I was still in not so great if you didn't go well what can I love the meat all off to a compile all of these profession to get the eye view of all try to come up with a all trained what I want to
00:12:32become lex you stole off to I think all what I want to become next year alive you try to break Mahdi all becoming don two eighty as some pride in to call to the beach he and daisy goals about yeah does its job well that's nice efecto that's
00:12:58a very interesting way of reflecting and planning I've also heard of people use tools like okay ours to do this right so Errol let's talk about the summit when is the summit happening and you know one of the dates all in all on eighteenth December all is going
00:13:17to be live and is going to be a five defense all eighteen to twenty second in on December induced you that's interesting since the five day summit and how many speakers are going to be speaking on each of these days six because for a day interesting so that's
00:13:37going to be six speakers across five days which is about thirty speakers which leaves me of this question which is how many how much of time do I have if I have a free pass to listen to each of the speakers yes forty eight hours forty three pause
00:13:55yeah great if you have a free pass you get two days to check out the content that content that the six speakers have spoken and and then off to which you go and pay for a pass and have access to that content for your lifetime so indeed if
00:14:11I really want to maximize my time with the free pass what other suggestions that you have for me Errol he just imagine you'll a good college student all all if forty some meat the like a lecture because all of the speakers off favor for you great at what
00:14:34they do say like of conflict you go fairly quickly devices of all and if you have one hundred up up one of my sets all you be forty some beat maybe it be before that's all research about coffee beef of the surge up all pulled up my sets
00:14:58all why you should do that ease %HESITATION which it just imagine if you are close to the if you don't come to your lecture oil costs how can you maximize your learning that one novel soul is DC be such about everything up all Copic about the speaker before
00:15:19the soul of the reader I would suggest is tool of all starting be filling the goal to copy X. all nineteen page tune knoll he's could be a charge actually all you would know how she come up with the point of my set he is gonna teach today
00:15:41this first part of the mall second how to be used to read all of the posts or port Costa coffee has to be recording or writing all the Jesus of why you lied used why should do to this because all you are getting familiar with the full cap
00:16:07early release date coffee is gonna use in his some recession sold at all because full coverage is something given don't you import of management eaten by a bear demeaning all one typically one member buffet beef from one person to another person so you really have to dig deep
00:16:28into topics hyped up before Jew ball it to you to recess soul once he's talk about part of myself all okay I know that what he what he refers to showed it at that moment when I able as a whole was to ask Copic all a question of
00:16:49Baal he will put my sabes to jewel of because I'm asking from the perspective of a junior upon the people all you can tune in to do brief fling all between coffee and I instantly because of to be searched soul are deep because deep for and the people
00:17:13who would be interested to participate on somebody's all research about the speaker all due to be searched because student and Dan Dosti bat and wash discussed this might keep got it and one of the things I do when I listen to some it's is take a lot of
00:17:35notes her right so if icon to really will recollect from looking at the notes what does it take for me to get my hands on the free on the pay pass the VIP pass how much does it cost all forty seven Bucks of do a story of course
00:17:51and all if you subscribe to that do have a lifetime access to all of these content plus the best selling book of deployable all all as a bonus Aug this book is written by the closing keynote speaker all the CEO of the school Carlos all he has to
00:18:15be done about it so yeah dust how what you will get from DPMM poss got it and if people have any questions about any of these things that we talked about backing people reach you and what's the best we people can get their questions answered error just email
00:18:33be argue mail is always the best format because I'm not a big the social media guy at all sold by email is able at it will want all call easy I'll owe at eighty R. O. double energy dot com does it all right thanks for sharing that email
00:18:53and wish you all luck with the product manager summit and if you are listening to this episode right now just head over to product managers summit dot com that this product manager summit dot com and just tune into all the interesting things that a lot of us have
00:19:12to share their and I really hope you find value in it and more importantly I hope you take action an arrow thanks for doing this for the community and I really wish you all success so thanks for having me on el all I would enjoy every time I
00:19:29talk to cover sold out I enjoy local decision says we'll have to be thanks for listening the design your thinking right to our newsletter at W. W. W. dot design your thinking dot com

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