Discover your passion. In this episode of Season 2 of The Design Your Thinking Podcast I sit down with Vithya Hair and Makeup artist to listen to her story from fighting depression, to discovering her passion to how she became a one of UK’s top Makeup Artists and a Youtube and Instagram star. Who is […]

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00:00:17friends that thrive teams without thrived membership from thrive themes I just wouldn't have been able to build my entire website Lesson Eight days without any technical knowledge whatsoever to know more Visit design You thinking dot com slash thrive So excited I went there I had six hours I
00:00:40got eight girls ready I did the hair and makeup and I was sweating I was under pressure I was just so nervous and everything But then when it all finished it was the best feeling in the world that I just couldn't describe And I thought I knew what
00:00:54I earn money from the job that I do Yet I don't right here I didn't get a penny for this You don't even cover my travel costs And I was like But I love this I want to do this And I went home and I said to my
00:01:07Dad I want to come From the studios It's the design your thinking podcast a show about creators entrepreneurs on DH non conformists on the stories behind the decisions they made that completely changed the future of their lives on businesses Now your host Karthik On the show today Story
00:01:42off a girl who found herself in a refugee camp in a foreign country who after many years ended up becoming one of you kiss most popular makeup artist and a social media celebrity And when I recently met her and asked her what she does and who she is
00:02:09I'm actually shrank in Tamil I was born in SriLanka and moved very quickly Teo Germany We took refuge as a family So we were in Germany then lived in England for most of my life now in Malaysia so we're actually on a make up artist Esso I travel
00:02:28internationally I do bridal jobs weddings as such but recently embarked on teaching So I travel around the world and I teach makeup and I am Yeah started doing YouTube So I guess my whole life right now revolves around makeup It's probably the best introduction I'm thinking here She's
00:02:49a makeup artist today and she travelled the world pretty ing our brides and celebrities But I'm sure a childhood didn't quite look the same Well I was born my parents got married in Sri Lanka and they both met in college and fell in love And a few years
00:03:07later I was born But the time that I was born is when sort of the war broke out in nineteen eighty four and my parents have no choice but to say and on took refuge So we move Teo Franz to be exact and we were there for two
00:03:21months and I think my my dad found it very hard to get jobs and he couldn't speak a word of English His education wasn't as high up as my mom's was for example she and almost finished her law degree But then when she was doing her exams there
00:03:36was a lot of vandalism You know a lot of people came in and just like started doing a lot of horrible things and my mom couldn't finish our exams and stuff the feeling Consider war had broken out in nineteen eighty three and whole family along with several other
00:03:53families in Sri Lanka We're looking to flee the country to go to a place that was much safer on hoping that they could go to England so that a mother could continue her studies But unfortunately things just did not go the way they hope to see it go
00:04:11day we all move to Germany on Lived there My sister was born to be a later and then it was just living in refuge homes You know anything that the council could provide it was it was tough You know both my parents to two jobs My mom couldn't
00:04:28going to continue education They both struggled with speaking German So I think me and my sister we went to the local government schools Whatever So we had a very sort of hard upbringing with you know facilities You didn't have any family there We didn't have anybody you know
00:04:45And we were like the fast generation kids too who had you know were growing up there And both me and my sister We were really bad at school because we couldn't speak German either because we had nobody to teach us the language So we would just speak in
00:04:59Tamil with our parents Of course So I think I wasn't I was probably eight or nine when I actually started speaking German a lot more which was always a tough because you you don't end up having friends because you don't speak the language you can't communicate with anybody
00:05:14and that things get better I think when I started high school in Germany things were better because obviously when you move from one school to another school nobody really knows your past or your background So it was easy because you know I was fine speaking German and my
00:05:31parents both had quite decent job So I would say we became a middle class family and we were able Tio we didn't have school uniforms in Germany so my parents were able to buy us nice clothes So we fitted right in We have lots of friends and and
00:05:47then I think when I was turning about fourteen a lot of my family and my dad's family from England were like our come over here you have better opportunities And at the time me and my sister didn't know the conditions in Germany and we didn't really understand racism
00:06:03because we were too young and we obviously had a mixed crowd of friends as well But I think for my parents was really hard They had you know they were discriminated a lot and I think they were really worried for me My sister in terms of you know
00:06:16are we going to get a job We even going to get into university you know they can accept And so videos Parents decide to move the family to England for the hope of a better life One without racism For me my sister we thought it's fun because we're
00:06:31going to be around so much family But it was even harder actually because we were both teenagers It's it's a very delicate age and we both didn't speak a word of English We were both bullied at school We both didn't you know Like I said speak there The
00:06:46language on DH I was in year ten so I think this was just close to Jesus E So that's like our form of you know finishing high school and then moving on to college And so it was really hard because I wasn't doing very well at school and
00:07:01this was me close to being you know going to college and then going to university So you know my parents again didn't have very good jobs They just had to work in petrol stations Or any sort of local jobs that they could both do My mom was working
00:07:16in a factory where she was packaging so Moses So it was like you know they both were paint getting paid you know not even minimum wages You know to then afford tuition for me and my sister so that we could pick up at school We could you know
00:07:31speak English better and stuff like that So it is It was hard Yeah I'm not gonna lie I was really really hot What was running in your mind at this time I think that was around the time that age was around the time where my depression sort of
00:07:43started and I didn't understand it I don't know what it wass Can you help me By defining depression with isn't the same thing like feeling low Yeah I think with depression I mean I actually did a degree in biology and psychology I studied a lot about depression myself
00:07:59Not that I'm a qualified therapist Anything but depression does come in very different shapes and forms It doesn't mean that just because I mean you're you could be depressed I could be depressed but both of us could be you know our form of depression or like the severity
00:08:15ofthe depression intensity or it could be completely different like my reasons and your reasons could be completely different Doesn't mean that just because I have ten million more problems than you that I qualified to be depressed And you know you're not right So it's to do with how
00:08:30you're feeling And at the age of fourteen obviously I didn't know what it meant I didn't know that there was something wrong with me He wasn't genuine degree yet Yeah exactly And on top of that my parents didn't understand that like they come from you know a culture
00:08:44or sort of generation where they've never faced it or they probably did But they never you know there was no label you know to it and stuff So they didn't know and they wouldn't understand For them it was just our You're just a kid you know What sort
00:08:57of problems could you possibly have Like you know you have the house You have education You have clothes you know that's there Mentality obviously coming from a world where there were you know they still war They saw people dying There's a lot of their family members passed away
00:09:11so and for them they didn't think that for them it was like me My sister we're having a luxury life Or as for me my sister you know having moved from Germany to England and then being billeted school and being you know teenagers you want to be popular
00:09:27You want to kind of be like Do you want You might fancy a boy at school You know there's a lot of things which I know everybody goes through but I think for us it was just that pressure because we were the fast generation and my parents wanted
00:09:39us to do well And you know no understanding so many things It was just so many changes at that age where for me was just side was so unhappy I was so miserable I found it very difficult to make friends with people and I would just come home
00:09:53and you know I'm not You know I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I probably cried myself to sleep every single day for probably nearly one and a half after two years and for me I just thought OK with time you will change Coming Hi What kind
00:10:12of things made you cry That's pretty bad issue While things like you know you come home I mean way war school uniforms and stuff Ask talk about school in a minute But you'd come home and you know that both your parents are not home because they're both doing
00:10:26double shifts And my parents didn't understand anything about social services So for them they thought Hey she's fourteen She's old enough to stay at home and look after our sister It would just be me and my sister at home and a lot of the times I had to
00:10:39cook so I had to do the laundry I had to do stuff like that and you don't want to do those things When you're fourteen you just want to go out with your friends You wanna go cinema You wanna maybe Cycler Bike Street or something But it wasn't
00:10:49like that for me for me was just like a lot more responsibilities and not having the money to maybe even going buy eggs or something because your parents wouldn't give you pocket money because they couldn't afford Teo And so it was just like it was really tough in
00:11:03that sentence And then you know you're looking at your home What can you don't understand it because you don't have anybody to explain it to you especially a peregrine's on You know you're going to get teased if you go to school the next day because you're probably not
00:11:16going to do your homework because you don't understand your homework You don't know who to ask and then you wake up miserable going to score knowing you're wearing the worst school uniform while everyone else has modified their school uniform to look good and you You have got chucked
00:11:39at you You know it's just like all these things that just add up and you just wake up every day and you like things were going pretty crazy and downhill with any hopes off seeing things getting better talk fast I thought things would get better but it just
00:11:54didn't It just became it just got worse And Woz I was getting worse in school My academics went that gray and because it was a acting means so many ways which are always he didn't understand And I think at one point because I felt so unattractive I started
00:12:09I became bulimic So I actually started no eating or et I would throw it up and and to the point where I lost a lot of weight very very quickly and I thought that would bring popularity and people would like me at school because I look better I've
00:12:23lost the way or something which obviously didn't happen on DH I think that's when my parents actually sent me to the doctors They know they could see that I wasn't eating and something was wrong with me and I don't know you and this was like just still before
00:12:37high school So I was like fifteen before sixteen Anyway their doctor actually was worried and wanted to speak to my parents and had explained to my parents they're okay You know I think she's going through a bit of a rough time or whatever And my dad I remember
00:12:53this so clearly site in the living room came home and he was like our that doctor doesn't know what he's talking about These people they're not educated they're just dumb And you know he just had this massive going for me I think that was the first time I
00:13:04had the word depression and was the first time that I thought Hey maybe something is wrong with me You know Like you wouldn't think that because you never know Spoken about it to anybody or nobody ever made you feel like you know something's wrong with you right baby
00:13:17You have a professional somebody that you're kind of like you know you have authority Scared of because you think he knows what he's talking about So for him to say Okay you're suffering from bulimia and I think you're suffering from depression It's like Whoa What is this I've
00:13:32never heard of this and you know And then I think the more I became aware of their tried to maybe like speak to people about it But nobody took me seriously because again I didn't have people my age from my my world When I say my world I'm
00:13:46talking about people who had just come from SriLanka and to you know it wasn't like that like No the kids in my school they they were happy you know they had parents who would pick them up from school or drop him to school They had you know back
00:14:00then five pounds of pocket money was a maid using like me I mean my sister would have fifty p or one pound So they're the kind of kids that had like it's pocket money So thinks we're getting a little tough She was looking for someone that I could
00:14:13relate to her and someone she could relate to So it was at this point that she met these two girls so excited because they were like me fast proper friends And then and one of them you know encouraged me to go to the shop and steal something just
00:14:30to be cool And obviously I got court the first time I do that on DH Yes So they had to call my parents because I was underage So my dad came and he was crying and he was just like in the shop in front of the shop owners
00:14:44He just said to me Is this why I took you to the Western country You know I wanted Teo study and you know in Tamil they'll say Oh now lucky particulate and you know a lot of that stuff and then you're there and you're like Oh my God
00:14:58all of this over a lipstick that I just tried to steal But okay I think that's something you try to see Lipstick It was a lipstick And imagine Maybe I should have seen the signs then No I think it was a lipstick It was lipstick that I tried
00:15:13to steal I know Good core And so yes So please don't ever do that You know you and yeah it was It was very humiliating and was really tough seeing my dad I think that's the first time I actually saw my dad cry so he cried in front
00:15:26of these people and for him it was just like Oh my God I never told you there's How could you do this to me And yeah it was really hard I think But again it was like Who do you talk to and who to explain Why you did
00:15:38find what was your relationship with your parents in the time it was fair I didn't have a relationship with them It didn't I didn't speak to them about anything It was just I was scared of him and I respected them And that was their maybe not respect cause
00:15:51I think if I respected them maybe I wouldn't have done it The things I did but I think it was just I just thought you know what parents Me You know that's it you know And I'm supposed to be scared of them whatever they tell me to do
00:16:04and that's the generation Itwas like way Didn't none of my cousins at that time or any bit of anybody that I knew even in school and friends that I made or whatever they They didn't have a relationship with their parents either It was just that it was just
00:16:20that generation like people went friends with their mom and they didn't just hang out go shopping with them or something Just I see that happening a lot now which is amazing And I see that with a lot of money While all of this were happening at home in
00:16:35new life I suppose it was time for you to go to university How do you go about picking one My parents at the time didn't they said to me you can't apply for university that's outside of London because they didn't want me to move out My parents were
00:16:49very strict I wasn't allowed to visi leave I made sure I only applied to universities that work outside of London which they didn't know about So then when I got into a really good genie my parents were really angry obviously because they didn't want me to move out
00:17:06I think at the time one of my aunts from England she spoke to have ages She was she was my mom's older sister em and I begged her and I said Look I really want to get our and I want explore the world and whatever So I think
00:17:20she convinced my parents and so they let me go And it was literally like you know there's a saying And then I would deny like you do it's like I did tonight I don't know that's Nick Actually what happened It was literally like Oh my God I was
00:17:35going crazy It really Wasit was like freedom to another level And so yeah I enjoyed you you Teo But even though I enjoyed it obviously and you know I was still there were all these feelings deep inside that with that that I had always just brushed under the
00:17:55carpet that I never really resolved or talked about or anything and stuff And I think the more I got into relationships whether he was friends or whether it was maybe a guy that I met or just anybody any any relationship in general I struggled with it because I
00:18:12didn't know how I didn't know E don't know I think people people found two When you say you're in uni it was We're doing psychology and biology right I mean that's what you did And at what point where you kind of feeling the heat off it that things
00:18:42were getting off one of your so And I mean this is not something that I had ever spoken about before but I was dating a guy He was my first relationship at university And I think you know like anybody who's probably going through a hard time you know
00:18:58they get very excited that they're loved and you know they with somebody But it was actually a very very bad relationship in the sense that he was very abusive and and I had to have a restraining order on him This is something my parents found out as well
00:19:11and that's I think that's when my relationship with my family changed because I think they they didn't just see me as a daughter They kind of felt scared And you know it was almost like I was the victim and you know and that's when my dad you know
00:19:27I remember it so clearly He came to my university Paul's like we were staying in you know university apartments and stuff And my dad was asking me questions about the sky and what had happened and how And I was able to really open up and tell him even
00:19:42in fact even though I didn't speak about my childhood or anything like that it was nice to be able to talk to somebody who you know for a dad especially you know having a daughter It's you know my dad was banning off anger and he wanted to know
00:19:56what was happening and whatever So you know we went to the police We filed a complaint and you know I had to move universities That changed I left We told a lot of people in my family that I had moved to Germany to do my master's when really
00:20:09I just went to another investing in different city just so that this guy won't find out where I am And so it was like And I think that's the time where I you know when all of this stuff is happening is when I try to commit suicide The
00:20:23first time that I had talked about in my blobs as well and I think naturally when especially when an ambulance comes in gets you they don't let you go home You know they make you see a therapist and that was my fast ever experience with a therapist where
00:20:40you know they wouldn't let you send you home until they felt like you were fit to go home and that you weren't gonna harm yourself again And that's what I understood like what was happening and why And you know why am I having these negative thoughts and what's
00:20:53going on in my life And so that helped me understand Obviously my degree helped me but it almost was like as much as you and nobody should be in that situation I was glad I wass because that's the first time I was able to have a therapist because
00:21:08my parents wouldn't have sent me They would have thought No no no no no You can go see a therapist because if other people in the family find out you know for them it was more about worrying about society and what other people would say whether you have
00:21:20a mental illness or something and whereas in this situation they have no option because I was in hospital and the doctors were like No you can't leave until you've seen and spoken to a professional therapist on DH My parents had no choice They couldn't do anything Obviously I
00:21:36was still young but like sew them it was like Okay fine You know like speak to somebody And I think speaking to them actually helped me understand Oh okay You know I need to fix this I need to do something about this and you know And then it
00:21:51was just the next steps of how What do you do about that stuff This's an interesting period in the life You are twenty one year old girl walking king out of a hospital You've just being treated on DH You have a life I had a few How What
00:22:12was running in the mind We're thinking like this is the end of the world No I think to me it wass I mean it was obviously it was a forever elation speaking to a therapist actually understanding what what's going on and that you have a huge problem and
00:22:30you need to fix it and you don't really even know where to start And then I think the other one Wass my dad I am sorry it wasn't my twenty Fast was my twenty dead Actually I was twenty three And for my twenty third birthday my dad who
00:22:43usually in Christmas cards and birthday cards just writes to fit their love dad And he got me an A for size card and wrote in Tamil On both pages I can read tunnel but it takes me much much longer So I kind of got my mom to readers
00:22:59I work her up and I got had to read the card for me and you know like so I can hear it And we both cried because my dad just spoke about how he felt when I was in my mom's tummy and what he kind of imagined for
00:23:12me and stuff like that Sorry I'm just getting a bit emotional like I've got the car and I've always wanted to frame it I think it was like so at Like it was so private and so personal like sort of thing s o I kind of wanted I
00:23:26didn't want to show it to the whole world You see I just wanted to keep it to myself and stuff But yes when he wrote those things like it was just it made me realize even though me and my dad never had that relationship a such like a
00:23:39friendship like how much I meant to him and how much he needed me to be alive you know and live as you know uh you could put it that way And so I think after I read it like you know my mom read cartoony and stuff I my
00:23:54dad was washing up downstairs and I kind of went downstairs and I hugged him and I said um you know I will live for you you know I will try my eyes to live for you and at the time what I meant by it Wass even if I'm
00:24:09not happy even if you know I'm not going through like for me Wasn't about being content or finding a solution for me was just I'll stay alive I will not try to commit suicide again You know just for my dad And I think that's what it was And
00:24:25that was like my ultimatum at the time And did you continue going for the therapy I didn't I actually was supposed to go therapy I think I at the time I did it for six months and then I stopped going because I just felt like it was that
00:24:38I don't know I think I felt like I don't want to be weak I didn't want to be I thought that that's what it meant Like if you're depressed that you're weak and you're not a strong person and and and I didn't want to do with it that
00:24:51way for me was just OK I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do anything about it So I actually didn't go therapy and I didn't talk to anybody either because again I didn't want it to look like it's a weakness and s So I just kind of continued I
00:25:04I went to another investing and I completed my studies It took me a little bit longer because with semesters and stuff obviously with everything that I was going through but my unit both the investors knew my situation And they knew that you know had a restraining order and
00:25:17somebody and whatever so they were very very encouraging and very helpful in steps I managed to get my honest agree Finished My you know graduated My parents came for the graduation Obviously they were very happy and proud that I had achieved at least and stuff And then I
00:25:31just you know got a job at a marketing company and I just kind of started working again not thinking about what had happened I kind of again brushed under the carpet and my parents were fine because as long as nobody spoke about it and as long as I
00:25:47wasn't in hospital again my parents were fine too So it was that you know that whole thing off like Okay let's just we'll forget this all happened guys And let's just continue Yeah like it was a nightmare Like it was a bad dream And you just kind of
00:26:00continue with life Obviously the problem with that is adventure Aly It catches up with you You can run away from it as much as you want Teo So she just did that She brush things under the carpet and went ahead and took up a marketing job But he
00:26:24quite didn't enjoy the job And things started to show up be soon Just after a month is the first time my parents kind of especially my dad sat me down and was just like Okay you know this is odd Like you normally people come home and they have
00:26:41They've had a long day at work So I kind of want to you know do something maybe even what you film or something And so I think my dad realized how unhappy I was at work So you kind of just you know ask me Which was a surprise
00:26:53because I don't think my dad would happen Only asked me So I said to him I'm just like I don't like the job It's not for me I don't know what else to do I did a degree and this was the faster by found and it pays very
00:27:05well I don't know what to do on DH during that time of confusion is when this designer in London who didn't live far from me at the time and was part of some university show And she was doing a fashion show And you know that was the time
00:27:22we had High Five and MySpace and MSN and stuff So she saw my profile on High five and she asked if I was making modest and I said to her What would you What makes you think I'm a makeup artist I'm not a make up artist on DH
00:27:35She just said Oh like you did your make up very well on yourself So I seem to ramaker parties but anyway I've got this fashion show I've got eight girls I need to get ready if you're interested And I was thinking I just told you I'm not a
00:27:46makeup artist but she just gave it to me Anyway she just said Well if you're interested you know you could come and get these girls ready That it was like a light bulb went off I remember that day I was in my room You know I gotta go
00:28:02off line and went down the stairs three hundred pounds nice That's to have just going to go buy makeup He was just like my mom who's normally she would've looked at me and she would've just said are something we haven't made up or something You know she wouldn't
00:28:18just like had a remark or something Tom She actually didn't even ask questions She just said Okay fine That's all she said to me which was really bizarre So she gave me the money and went to a local drugstore and bored any of the local drug store branded
00:28:35makeup that I could that I was used Teo I could afford and fought like a whole little care bore little box Put all the makeup in there so excited got a little you know with the brushes and everything And I said yes to the girl I said Okay
00:28:47when is it It was like the highlight off everything I was so excited I went there I had six hours I got eight girls ready I did the hair and makeup and I was sweating I was under pressure I was just so Navas and everything But then when
00:29:01it finished it was the best feeling in the world That I just couldn't describe And I thought I knew what I earn money from the job that I do yet I'm doing right here I didn't get a penny for this You didn't even cover my travel costs And
00:29:16I was like But I love this I want to do this on DH I went home and I said to my dad I wanted a comic My bad out of time We're like Yeah bye And I said to them with them but a degree I did what you
00:29:32guys want it I can get any job any day because I have a degree and get that mind five job I'm like Can I not just try this out I'm surprising my dad thinking it's just that you're young You're not married So fine Have fun And then get
00:29:49yourself a nine to five job Right on Yeah So I just kind of thought right Let me just start I opened a Facebook account in two thousand eight and I remember I got a thousand followers within like a few months A lot of them were my own friends
00:30:04Family Of course it was the most exciting moment of my life I just thought Oh my God A thousand people And yeah and then it was just obviously was hard Like you don't have a car you're not making any money from these jobs So the colon you took
00:30:20three other plans for him along borrowed three hundred pound from a mom You bought some like up stuff from your local drugstore You're you take all of that now Were you confident about your makeup and hair No I wasn't at all this That that's what I mean But
00:30:36I was sweating and I was so nervous because I have no qualification I had no background background You go doing something come back and you put your papers with your teacher man Yeah I did After your papers And you open a Facebook account Yep All in a period
00:30:57I think this all happened is working I got the job in August The fashion show was in October so Yeah Within those sort of four or five months I had changed careers Look And you open the Facebook What was the next step One What What Would they have
00:31:16A plan But the thing I didn't have any money I didn't have I don't know what I was doing And I you know I would take my make up stuff I would get on a train and I would travel forty minutes to go into a makeup job and
00:31:28they would pay me only twenty pounds which is nothing by the way Like that just about covers even my travel in my lunch money I guess and you know So I didn't have a plan and my every time I would come home and my dad would ask me
00:31:40how the job when and I'll explain it to him and then obviously the typical questions so how much did they pay you And you tell them how much they paid you and he would just you know shake his head as if I'm crazy to do this But he's
00:31:52just like whatever you know you're not paying bills on this house is moment anyway So do whatever kind of things And And I did and and I just I think for me at the time I didn't have anybody to compared to because there was nobody my age that
00:32:05was doing makeup like we have three four older at the time You know we were called the Montes but I think they were all in their late thirties or early forties or something But they were the only people that were doing hair and makeup We're known you know
00:32:18that everybody knew off and they were reliable and they cooked them So somebody who was I don't know I don't know how old I was I think I was twenty five maybe twenty four twenty five They didn't take me seriously Of course they just thought I'm this young
00:32:31girl you know probably no nothing on DH so But in a way that was a good thing because I didn't have to compare myself to anybody I didn't have instagram where there was another million makeup artists Or you know it was just me figuring it out myself So
00:32:48I wasn't feeling demoted Hated I wasn't down I wasn't frustrated that I wasn't making any money because at the time I just had my own bills to pay That was probably the only monthly payment that I had So for me it was just like Hey I'm enjoying this
00:33:01I'm having fun So let me just do it The way I want to do And I think it was only maybe so you talk about figuring out What did you do How did you figure out And that's the thing I don't know Like I I think one day
00:33:14I just want you to No it wasn't I didn't have new Chief I didn't even follow anybody on YouTube I think for me was just I had no reference points I had nothing because I didn't have I didn't know anybody personally who was a makeup artist I didn't
00:33:27have anything to kind of compare myself Teo to kind of use as an example Nothing I you know nobody was able to tell me Hey you should do it The steps This should be your next step for this is the sort of order of things that you should
00:33:42do Or this is the rule book that there was nothing There was absolutely nothing On the one day I thought I felt very restricted with things that I was doing because I thought How can I do weddings if I have no idea where to even start Ow How
00:33:55to do the makeup Maybe I should go to makeup school You know maybe I should get myself some kind of foundation off what to do and how to start something And did you go back to Yes And then I think one day I just decided I want to
00:34:08go to get a qualification And I I went on Google tried to look up one of the best I could find because I thought if I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do this properly Andi found London College of fashion just charging extortions on DH I thought Okay I
00:34:27was demotivated again because I thought by the time I do all these makeup jobs and save the money to pay for this cause that's going to be another five ten years I think and And that's probably the first time I was so happy that my dad actually supported
00:34:43and encouraged me with this because he actually paid for the course and he paid for everything And he was almost like he believed in me because he realized how happy it made me on DH again And I did a one year full time diploma I kind of went
00:34:58back in studies and just like studied everything there is about Tara makeup that I needed to know And I'm talking about actual basics from in a color correction and you know things that people don't teach anymore Nowadays it was like just absolutely everything and about fashion history about
00:35:15how people did make up in the nineteen twenties or how Queen Elizabeth did have makeup How did they have powder Where did it come from And it was just like a lot of history that we have to land which was essential It's not just about Hey you know
00:35:29I'm looking at this face and I'm doing a makeover It was almost like understanding the process and understanding where it all derived from and it was very interesting And it was such an amazing horse And and I think after the cause I was lucky because one of my
00:35:42best friends is getting married And she just said to me Can you do my hair and makeup And I said to her I don't know how to do the Platt I don't know how to tie a sorry I don't know how to do any of that stuff and
00:35:52she just said Just come and do my make up only on DH She'll hire an auntie to come and do the hair and the sorry taping which he did and I stayed If you I went back in time again to that moment Did that make you far for
00:36:12your friend And it was a time of today Yes So And you started to I guess have this attraction to it doing more family wedding I mean at least when I see you talk about your work I see you focus a lot on family Many What was what
00:36:33was that attracted you I think it wasn't It wasn't a plan at the time It was And I wasn't planning on to just doing Tama weddings or something or working with just Thomas because obviously my cause was actually more editorial and I kind of wanted to do you
00:36:49know movies and get into TV make up And that was kind of the plan at the beginning but then I don't know Like I think the Mohr Tama weddings I did and a lot of the people that would come into the room and would say our virgin Ebola
00:37:07gone and three other like you know I always wanted to prove them wrong And I wanted to kind of feel like I know You know it doesn't mean that you have Tio be off a certain age You have tio have studied in SriLanka and you know it doesn't
00:37:20have to be that way could it Could be it could be anybody on DH I think that was one thing The other thing was that I realized a lot of people my age at the time I was I was unmarried at the time when I started with the
00:37:34make up and that was around the age or where a lot of my friends were getting married because back then you had to be married by like twenty three twenty four was even really old So you know a lot of my friends are getting married and and I
00:37:48think we all realize that there was nobody our raid in our community Nobody our age now community that could that was inspiring or influential set a trend or anything We didn't We didn't have that So we so I think I kind of felt like Okay let me be
00:38:07the big sister here Let me be like that one person that could potentially make a difference And let's see how it goes And that's kind of how I started it on DH You know joined Instagram in two thousand twelve and which really helped because I think with a
00:38:23lot of people especially the younger generation Yeah Facebook was great But then I think with Instagram because it's very visual People were able to see my work a lot better and we're able to comment on it And it was just like easier platform to kind of just showcase
00:38:37It was almost like I was using it as a portfolio you know just like putting on my white cop And people were looking at it and and advertising myself I guess and stuff And just like decided since I was quite enjoying this whole social media world you know
00:38:51joined snap child alone Twitter or the all these different things And eventually a few years later I joined YouTube just thought Let me try it out Everyone's doing it was talking about it and it's just like she and I I think I was one of the fast to
00:39:07do it And I think I was one of the first to have started this whole trend off pay anybody can be a big party you know it doesn't matter You don't have to be a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer to be successful And well when I
00:39:22say successful I mean that's how my parents would look at it So them success means you're bringing in a certain amount of every month And whereas for me at the time success just men time doing a job Yes it's pain But I'm very happy doing job And that
00:39:38for me was like a sort of at you know achievement that nobody could take away And that's I think ultimately what I kind of built everything on and that was like my reference point you know interesting You talk about success right And it means a lot to you
00:39:55each one of us From what you said you seem to be somebody who who loves challenge because it seems to me that way and you try Looks like And and from the definitions of success it also seems like you you value some other systems more than what typically
00:40:18world see success How do you you know How do you look at yourself as a present I I don't know I think I don't know where I got it from because it's not like my parents you know followed something that they dreamt off Or you know when you
00:40:39know I can't come from a generation where nobody did that A lot of come from a generation where you have to be a doctor or an engineer or somebody you know like that too And that that was regarded as being successful And I think for me you know
00:40:55if you had asked me this even when I was twenty three and just started with this whole makeup thing I I would say I was successful even then And for me successful just meant I was able to do what I want to do and find a hundred and
00:41:09ten percent pleasure in there And I enjoyed waking up at one o'Clock in the morning and going travelling on a train or you know getting a taxi or whatever It wass It wasn't an effort for me Whereas I found with the nine to five job I would moan
00:41:24about the littlest things like rush hour or why they're paying us Only there's a wire Is there no sugar in there in there you know canteen or you know the little things that you would moan about sex something to complain about all the time Whereas I felt like
00:41:38with my job I didn't find that because I happily did all of those things and and for me that success Wass feeling you know that achievement feeling enriched feeling like I could fulfill my passion and do something that genuinely made me happy without the money side of things
00:41:58if that makes sense But obviously now for other people they might regard me as successful because they see that I'm earning from it It's now not just a hobby or a passion that I don't see it that way for me I was really successful because my you know
00:42:16explanation ofthe successful doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have a paycheck Pass it That's a pretty deep That's what I think of everything that I said you know and what I've been through and how I felt That is why I you know regard success that way Maybe
00:42:37not for somebody else Maybe somebody who's had it I'm not saying it is but maybe for somebody who's maybe had a easy most of their life would regard success being you know I don't know on the cover of Forbes magazine or you know being a CEO of something
00:42:50or you know having I don't know six figure salary every every year or whatever you know I think maybe that's what they would regard a success for us for me was just I just wanted to find happiness and I found it in my career And that for me
00:43:02was success That was just like Yes I did it you know And and I just build everything on that So like can I say depression is for gotten past It has I haven't you know Obviously things were really bad at one point where I had to take medication
00:43:18and I was regularly seeing a therapist a swell and but I haven't been on medication or depressed since two thousand thirteen So two thousand thirteen is when it sort of war I took my life into my hands and just thought You know what focused a lot more on
00:43:32my career on DH Yes there I happiness is an antidote to depression Yeah I think so But I think it hasn't Can't be temporary happiness because I think a lot of people define happiness as you know you could feel happy about Don't know a cake Oh I don't
00:43:50know It could be anything You know what I mean But I think content feeling completely satisfied and completely contend with your life and your past experiences and everything that's currently happening I think that's success in other ways you know So for me to be able to achieve that
00:44:08after you know having been depressants I was fourteen It was it was a big thing for me for me was just like Oh my God I didn't have to have your medication or you know therapy or sit then talk to anybody about it for me was just finding
00:44:26what would make me feel like it's worth it you know waking up every day and feeling like this is what's bringing me happiness every single day and feeling like Hey come back I hope you enjoyed the story and if you did you are probably going to enjoy the
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