Real talk on how to stop binge and emotional eating, make peace with food and thrive in a body you love with Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Jessi Jean. Join Jessi each week in this powerful, down-to-earth and entertaining show focused on helping you evolve your mind and regain control around food.
United States
15 episodes
since April 16, 2019


There is nothing sweeter than food and body freedom, feeling comfortable in your own skin and having an easy and effortless relationship with food. This episode is about being unafraid of pursuing recovery and healing. While it can seem scary and overwhelming to pursue, staying where you’re at in the pain of overeating, binging and being in the mental space where you’re all consumed with food and body thoughts is far more painful than going after healing and recovery. Today, Jessi shares her thoughts on therapy and how it’s made an impact on her life. She discusses why you shouldn’t feel afraid to reach out to multiple sources to start getting your questions answered. She also chats about why it's empowering to start getting more information and how getting questions answered can set you up for a lifetime of change.   In this episode: Why Jessi is thankful for her years in therapy Her perspective on therapy The importance of finding a good therapist that you resonate with The difference between coaching and therapy Not letting a bad experience in therapy deter you Getting clear on what your goal is before going to therapy Finding tangible ways to understand how to get closer to your goal Seeking help from multiple sources Listening to your intuition to see if something is a good fit for you Knowing that you have the control to choose what you invest in Why you shouldn’t give up if something doesn’t work   Join me for The Food Freedom Breakthrough Masterclass. This class is for those who know they want to improve their relationship with food and their body, but are afraid of spiraling out-of-control and want a proven, step-by-step system to go from feeling crazy around food to normal again!   You can either live your life at war with your mind or learn to work in sync with it. If you’re ready to work in sync with your mind and evolve your life, welcome to The Dear Body Podcast! Our mission is to help driven women have an easy and effortless relationship with food and unshakeable self-confidence in their own body. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode & learn more about us here!
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