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This episode is a sneak peek inside of the Profit Paradigm Program. Guest Speaker Frank Bria has been a mentor and an asset to me during a potentially dangerous time in my career. And he was instrumental in developing the Alpha Mentorship program. Frank is here to talk about everything from scaling a business, to team building, productization of services, engineering a customer experience, and how to manage the value chain. He is an expert in growing and scaling businesses. He has experience in the education space, high-tech startups, consulting, and the building of entrepreneur programs.   In this episode, Frank explains how leaders can do things in a way that gives us clarity and momentum. Participants of the Profit Paradigm Program ask Frank for advice and counsel on how to find their niche, improve client retention, and how to complete a root cause analysis.   Key Points:   Frank shares his journey from teacher to high-tech startup consultant to assisting entrepreneurs to scale their business. [4:47]   The key to productizing services is to think of it as manufacturing. [11:18]   Marketing strategies, processes, and delivering outcomes clients care about. [16:15]   How to find your niche. [24:06]   Hiring and firing to grow your business is easier if you have a clear understanding of these three major areas. [33:36]   The difference between leadership and management and how a leader should organize their day. [46:13]   Results are what separate good entrepreneurs from the true superstars. [56:54]   The Four Reasons Anyone Buys Anything. [1:04:07]   What it means to own the value chain. [1:08:26]   The importance of simplifying the communication structure fundamentally. [1:16:04]   How to create a harmonious work environment with the Root Cause Analysis framework. [1:18:27]   Creating Momentum: Engineer the entire experience to deliver wins all the time and celebrate the wins. [1:27:25]   Resources: Alpha Mentorship Website Alpha Foresight Program @DanielDiPiazza on Instagram — DM me for tickets to the Wielding Power Tour in your town Daniel DiPiazza TV on YouTube Unstoppable: Inner Power for Entrepreneurs Frank Bria Website 12-Week Program Blackbook
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