More than 2 years in the making, based on reading dozens (I never wanted to count) of books & dozens more articles, over 300 pages of typed notes, 15 episodes long, 28 hours total run-time.....

Boom - here it is, the end of the DHP's Not-So-Civil War series! What started over 2 years ago is finally done with -- took almost half as long to make as the war took to actually happen, it's done, here we are, one last big push to the finish line!

(Now you can binge the series all the way through, from the beginning, Netflix-style, if you want, starting all the way back with DHP Ep. 131: Opening Gambits, which came out on the last day of 2016.)

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • The "Lost Cause" Mythology of the Confederacy
  • One last look at the two sides of why the war happened: First, why did the South secede (including an extensive examination of primary sources on this), and second, why was the North willing to use war to prevent them from doing so successfully?
  • An examination of why the war turned out as it did, and a potential alternative scenario in which it might well have turned out differently
  • And some perspectives on this war that CJ finds interesting & persuasive, from several writers & historians, none of whom are simplistic apologists for either side of the conflictSupport the Dangerous History Podcast via 
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