Le Batard, Stugotz and the shipping container discuss Cavs/Warriors Game 1 and Billy tells us about the haircut he got yesterday.
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00:01:32seven seven by dell guillermo chen killed you last night he killed your fantasy team padres you you counted on three strong chen starts what happened i have no idea man this is what happens when i try to you know what happened last time is that last time he
00:01:51was writing half of two starts and i was in a starbucks that morning i remember very vividly and i turned to my girlfriend and i said you know what i may pick up way in chen today because he said two good starts and i didn't do it and
00:02:03you know what happened twenty four points and i was like crap i'm not going to let that happen again so i picked him up and i'm like i'm so smart all these people in my leagues budget dum dums they think that chen is the same chinese always been
00:02:14he's not he's turned the page i was a dumb dumb but he had a two run single yesterday because whatever is that cam for you know going get hitting point i was thinking you'd tell me if i'm wrong about this i thought for may the single most surprising
00:02:33thing about the marlin season so far is when china went out there and was good because i am so used to him throwing that slop up there and and getting hit around that when he was actually good for a couple of starts i found it confusing that's striking
00:02:49everybody out up in the zone so then i think you know maybe maybe he was injured maybe it's just you know he was still recovering from various injuries and i was pitching injured last year and then he got hurt and i'm like you know what maybe he's finally
00:03:00healthy maybe this is the chen that you know laura gave one hundred fifty million dollars to for like two seasons but no same chen he already went up about a point last night it's a threat not like fifteen around the point twice in a row i've done that
00:03:21i did ceiling in roof yesterday our twice in a row that's here your entire career that's the foundation of it right the best line of the show yesterday you had both of them it's when you're on both of them one of them was an accident it's when you
00:03:38read the poll and said did stew gots pronounced crisis crisis and then you looked at what you have done and you just said jesus christ this on purpose guillermo where are you with this marlins team me where am i I'm all indiana marlin talking about where my game's
00:03:59your turn crock you had a ten o'clock at night far less crazy he's watching that instead of the finals i was watching the finals yesterday By the way can we start those earlier nine o'clock for these finals games and i get may because it's the west coast but
00:04:15that's going to happen when they're in cleveland too How about some consideration for us east coast I was going to throw us all in the penalty box and play music you guys went to the finals It is observed man we get an eight o'clock start on sunday I
00:04:28love the sunday games yet but i like that why you wanted three thirty on a sunday Make it saturday If you wanna make eight o'clock or like three o'clock on a sunday why did have to be at eight o'clock I don't know about until like eleven Listen i'm
00:04:38with you and i used to make fun of my dad because he used to say game Started too late but allah and my dad and i don't make fun of him anymore I understand where he's coming from but i'm ok with a sunday eight o'clock start I get
00:04:48that That makes sense to me I'm good with that How are we supposed to talk about that game and be well rested beyond our top of our game house As was supposed to do that in the morning Get up to a show of five Thirty when he goes
00:04:58to sleep in like two after watching all the postgame presser is like we all do insane there's there's no consideration But in this league stephen a smith is doing it I know you know where they're going to kill him He was way too hard stephen a needs a
00:05:13good vacation Oh oh it's coming jalen rose to he was he's on the west coast and he was on get up this morning he was up late last night That guy works a lot hours so i get three in the morning that's on the west coast I don't
00:05:27even think about that So he's on a six o'clock morning show when he goes about it well i guess over there it did end earlier for him It's not that bad for jalen i don't feel bad for him now what he's getting up this morning you get up
00:05:40and it's still dark outside yeah where i am but it ended for him and like eight o'clock the game well actually he's used to that lifestyle where you go out all night my guess is that jalen didn't go home and go to sleep the finals don't just send
00:05:56with the final whistle though a billy is absolutely right if you watch every mba finals postgame presser it is part of the extravaganza while you especially do yesterday right one they didn't want that game to end what were they doing with two seconds left when the team was
00:06:13always like that gamblers I mean that was you know that's for the integrity of gamblers and i'm telling you this stuff if that game plays out that way who when gambling's involved wow it's going to make people even crazier than they were last night so the rest of
00:06:30the world is going to be subject to what us degenerates already know for the integrity of gambling is then but that's what was happening because jeff van gundy sitting there screaming why don't they just send him to the locker room the game's over you don't need to play
00:06:41these last two seconds and that's absolutely about point spreads and everything else you need that crossed adam silver's mind last night if he was aware of it see that it they end the games that i know are obligated it's not that adam silver is aware of it it's
00:06:56that the rules are that you have to go and complete that game for the integrity of gambling like it's understood right But i'm just wondering if he says to himself last night wow if gambling was legal and we're getting a percentage of what people are gambling men i
00:07:11can't imagine what the reaction to the this would have been You know i got really mad when jeff van gundy said wiring they just walking off the court there's aa lot of money on the line and also it took so long because it's not just the gambling element
00:07:23there are a lot of flagrant and technicals Well how about this But how about this Listen to what i'm about to say to you the second half line in that game was golden state minus nine and a half Now think about how regulation ended You've got cleveland plus
00:07:45nine and a half second half think about everything that happened in that game The call that gets reverse let's say you've got cleveland on the money line let's but nine and a half make its second half cleveland plus nine and a half You guys saw what happened right
00:08:04The game went over and over time but then what happened at the end of the game Golden state goes crazy and over time and golden state's winning by eight j r smith makes the three and then golden state comes back and the games at eight when shaun livingston's
00:08:23dribbling the ball and tristan thompson's elbow put to get changed the number like what happened there was it went from eight to ten because of those free throws well i have a theory that tristin thompson got ejected and you had that kerfuffle at the end of the game
00:08:38all because of gambling because i think lebron took crazy exception to steph curry trying to make that shot and make the spread even larger just making the score was not real gambling element but there's an unwritten rule in the n b a that you don't really do that
00:08:53and that's what lebron's problem was so really gambling just hovers this entire thing she got jalen man who does he look tired Everybody in the network looks tired today did you see legler on sportscenter his faces pressed up drooling on his ipad everybody's the network's exhausted if you're
00:09:18just joining us and you don't know what happened last night at the height of professional basketball somebody who was on the court forgot the score at the height of professional basketball the guy who forgot the score i lied about it after the game at the height of professional
00:09:43basketball in a game where lebron james became the first player ever to score fifty and lose in a finals game when lebron james went fifty one eight and eight all of the questions after the game were about did j r smith know the score broad was so mad
00:10:05that he walked out By the way if you're going to rock the man purse teo do a press conference prior to going to storm out probably just leave the man purse on the sage don't get up and then pick up your person no hold on a second mike
00:10:21You've only got a portion of the money in this yes yes listen to me when i tell you this First of all lebron is the only person in sports who can get to god's his wife to a post game press conference the on ly one in sports where
00:10:37she will sit there and she will watch him just because this show has been obsessed with lebron for seven years it's the only person sports my girlfriend does not care about sports we were howling howling like stand up comedy club howling because my girlfriend hold on listen to
00:10:55this you got so lebron doesn't want to throw j r smith under the tour bus right and mark schwartz is asking all of these questions that seem fair to just get lebron to throw j r smith under the tour bus What were your thinking What were you thinking
00:11:19did finally at the end after four five questions he just said did j r smith know the score right He was pounding him and pounding him and lebron was trying to avoid it trying to avoid it's the best anyone went at lebron all night all right but listen
00:11:33to this So while she because she's got no context for this she is like man lebron is kind of like mariah carey and in that moment i could see why you'd see that But she hadn't even seen what was coming next because that's when he really became mariah
00:11:47carey he gets up huh to reveal what i have not seen to that point that you might see what i had not seen to that point because i wasn't on the internet that he was wearing shorts as part of his suit and that's what he was going for
00:12:03And furthermore he pushed them down like press them down to straighten them out as he got up ferociously If the j r smith play doesn't happen that's a cool suit we laugh in this suit because of the result but of the result is different Man that's cool looking
00:12:18is not ever in any time throughout eternity will not be But i am a portal Maybe it's better for the win Let's be on the night of the man at fifty one points leads the airmall put on the poll Is that suit cool If lebron had won Or
00:12:33what The suit have been cool if j r smith had read merely remembered the score so hold on a second Those two got told on oh no gods is furious He gets up and he presses down on his short pants Then he picks up after midnight eastern his
00:12:54sunglasses Then he picks up his ear buds on And then like it was like it was comedy It was like it was a joke rising and then he picks up what we looked up on the internet is a forty one thousand dollars bag Yes and brown forty one
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00:13:50he stopped oh great an encore geico expect rate savings and a whole lot more the lebatard to announce that they have podcast now spotify is saying you can listen to the dan lebatard show here one of the very few shows that they're doing this is very cool that
00:14:06came up with a really cool marketing slogan for our show big stats loud hats what is that it's so i think it's something the introduction ofthe sand and twit big stats blowhards yes and then it ends that way yeah i don't like big stats loud hat's what does
00:14:26that's not our show Well the loud hats are still god's big fats yes you know that so much better why are we not doing that with spotify Big fats loud hats and then what do we do No you then you just go to commercial we stared at each
00:14:42other awkwardly and end the segment makes that sick fads this is the eleventh our show with this still gots on the ticket it is rare around here when our entire unit assembled in formation not lazy and borderline efficient and marches as one toward a mission j r smith
00:15:06is that mission thank you j r smith we will dig today while others air zagging you will call j r smith dumb we will celebrate him we're making the finals interesting way will spend the show on a single topic today yes it was going to be the marlins
00:15:23but guillermo ruin that i wanted to talk for seven minutes about chen with no mention of what happened last night and then send us to the penalty box for elevator music for five minutes for starting to show that way but you know what you did you're old you're
00:15:40somehow older than anyone around here gamble it's strange complaining about nine games come on man you're a young person understands to god's he's got teenagers at home and he's got a long drive he's forty five years old but you're a young person what's the matter with you everyone
00:15:57has a long drive i mean students has a longer drive we all have long drive as i just get up and you know it takes a little bit to look like this you know my alarm was off like five one one like this not that we don't like
00:16:09this at a shower condition shampoo and condition body wash brush my team with a hat on i put a hat out you know that's actually good point by you because i take care of my hair with champion conditions but i never do anything with it after that i
00:16:23really should The problem is this if you really want to know i've never had a good hair style I can't think of what i want to look like and i can't just go to the barber and say make me look cool so i just tell him you know
00:16:36just you know like coming to the side but that's a lie i never call my hair rarely got hair you have ah you know you have a clark kent situation working where you continually choose to be clark kent instead of superman you khun b superman by just going
00:16:51to get a haircut buy and some different clothes but you continue to be clark but i need i need to figure out what i want the haircut to be and then you figure out what product to put in it and then it's like a whole thing and have
00:17:01contact i don't even know why by contact i buy a year's supply contacts every year and every time i have like three months of contacts left and the other contacts just you know i just use like twice and then they get thrown away when they're like for a
00:17:14month you're not comfortable enough going to the barber and saying hey make me look like this you've never done that now so this is the deal i go to a cuban barbershop on bird road and i speak spanish but i don't speak haircut spanish so i don't know
00:17:28the terms of what's going on so i just tell him you know like a drive indoors and then on top just so i can kind of go and he's like looking at me like he wants nothing to do with me but he's better than than the other people
00:17:39that are there because this guy's like young and hip and i kind of feel like he's young and hip and it's like make me look young and hip right Because if i go to the older people it's just like their their hearts not and if they don't want
00:17:50to make me look good they want to make me look like someone that's the scent and i want to look kind of in a bad boy speaking of spanish do we have the rights to the spanish call of that moment last night Can we get that okay Because
00:18:09i saw that on the internet after the game yeah the spanish announcers were the best announcers The cleveland broadcast team also got confused They thought cleveland had one because j r smith of behaving that way they didn't trust their own knowledge of the score He was displaying the
00:18:28behavior of someone who had won again That's right So they got fooled by it but the spanish guys were great because i don't want i don't want to spoil it We will get to that spanish sound in a moment actually was espn marquess fisher who i think was
00:18:42just watching what was happening on the court and if he's just watching j r's reaction i guess you could see how he would be convinced cause why on earth would j r smith do this Bill dips free throw two seconds to go he dribbles out they got a
00:19:00foul that can get him the cavaliers the road stunning macoco warriors in game one title one o seven my better go through everyone off oh hubie brown was disoriented right That's my fault i said that was the cavs announcing team note was ours the cavs one i haven't
00:19:24heard the cavs hold on hold on we'll get back to all of it for a second but there's a lot of ground we're trying to cover here can you guys tell me whether i got the name of the bag wrong I've paid a fine here some people writing
00:19:34in that it's tom ford not tom brown i don't know how you guys would know that but i'm expected to know it and people are finding me because they're saying the forty one thousand dollars bag that lebron picked up is tom ford not tom browning sense because i've
00:19:46heard of tom ford thom browne is his new designer on the scene that i've never heard of that i felt maybe field and i mean it was like tom brown's a t h tom and e at the end of brown that's what i thought that's how you sell
00:19:57forty one thousand dollars thumb brownie i would have thought tom ford was more expensive put on the pole who sounds like he makesem orrick expensive bag tom brown or tom ford make sure it's tom brown you know if you do it that way no no no no it's
00:20:17about brown some brownies website mint is a bag that's a dog that's an expensive dog by god it's an actual dog way how great would it be if that dog bag is what lebron picked up and left i'm telling you i was howling with laughter in front of
00:20:37my television away that wouldn't allow me to get to sleep at one thirty in the morning because of lebron you cannot be angry looking like that you can't be you're not allowed the attention to detail it tom brown he puts on these things that dog is a collar
00:20:54wait a minute you can look angry when you're sitting down in that yes listen to this i'm going to i'm going to review this again Lebron james was not happy with the questioning of mark schwarz lebron james was trying to protect his teammate j r smith for one
00:21:14of the most boneheaded gaffes in the history of all of sports J r smith didn't know the score of the game did know the score of a tie game kept his team from stealing a very important game I have sounded that exchange by the way all right let's
00:21:27play that sound for the people who are just getting up this morning So lebron james is trying to avoid betraying j r smith and mark schwarz in doing the media's job asking questions again and again until lebron answers something that he doesn't want to answer from where you
00:21:48stood on the court and from talking to him after the play be what's your reaction to it what's your version of what he may with my version well did he think that the game was tied or did he think that you guys had salted away kado I know
00:22:00where did you discuss it all with him at the end of the play now they asked me if i talk to j r but i said no already i know the tie game we met weighs down one george you went up they made the first one we got
00:22:14the offensive rebound you know I thought we were all aware of what was going on that's my view so i don't know what jay i was thinking i don't know the question you're tryingto x i was just trying to see if you you knew exactly what his state
00:22:27of mind was did he think that you guys had it one or did he think he was trying to make a play Not sure look at me i'm not sure i know i don't know his state of mind did you know if he knew the score Okay hold
00:22:43on hold on now know this is where it starts to get good because you might think that that back and forth is funny and lebron has very a few bad public moments like for the amount of time that due to spend in the spotlight since being a teenager
00:22:57it's crazy how well he generally handles the media when he's always in our face and there are a lot of times he's always in our face emotional because something like last night happened all the finals losses he's had in fact it's too bad precedent moments i think where
00:23:11when he called everybody else poor and that i i understand i understand i wish he had called them poor white grabbing that back was that a bad moment Was it because a lot of people looking at his age that's what that's what everyone in the whenever those moments
00:23:27happened people will argue whether lebron was being a jerk or mark schwarz was being a jerk i don't care who you think was a journey i need to focus on the comedy of you and keep in mind after he got up in all the pomp and circumstance of
00:23:40taking taking the year buds and put it on the sunglasses and picking up the forty one thousand dollars bag and walking off after brushing off his suit shorts he did tell the media be better tomorrow wow Yes that's correct and it's also the story i was just going
00:23:55to tell don lebatard can you imagine it's like mark jackson was a llama still gots llama this's the lebatard show with this still gots on the ticket there's plenty of time to get into the mba finals lord knows the entire national show will be dedicated to j r
00:24:17smith a celebration of joo it's a celebration way we bore witness to an all time mba moment i say it's the greatest play in mba finals history i mean honestly no joke it's maybe ray allen shot and then that for may maybe ray allen really you're putting ray
00:24:38allen shot ahead of that yeah because it's not me the shot of all time this was the greatest shot that was never actually shot i'm going three to one okay i'm going jordan shot against the jazz ray allen shot against the spurs and then last night and this
00:24:53is not as being sarcastic by the way that was an all time home it will be remembered forever yes that was a game that was already getting close to being an all time classic all it needed was the moment and when he got the rebound i thought we
00:25:07were getting the moment it was a clean look and then he dribbled out and the moment got even better somehow what was the scenario for the brian russell m j where they down one or were they tied That was a dagger i believe i think it was i
00:25:20want to say it was a tie game the jazz turned the ball a medic jordan stole the ball is jordan or pippen on that Jordan came down and took what would be his final shot for the bowl that wasn't bigger than round shot then down you know they
00:25:34thought the entire blueprint but when jordan hit that the syria's was over chris they won the n b a finals here the shot you want an mba championship right there but i still put ray allen had a jordan shot i did I went three to one jordan ray
00:25:48allen So you have jordan number one Ok three two one three other way Yeah now i'm confused on the totem pole if we were doing it with the totem pole ok jordan shot would be at the top Ray allen's would be in the middle and j r smith
00:26:09not shooting would be at the bottom of the totem pole now and the most important yeah i'm so loss totem pole dot com ok that helps So the greatest play an mba finals history for me is j r smith not shooting less that just so we're all clear
00:26:26Okay so i actually looked this up because i was under the assumption that it wasn't a go ahead shadow wasn't a tie game I thought michael jordan hit a dagger to put the game out of reach and i believe that's what happened According to wikipedia now yesterday we
00:26:39explored exactly how wikipedia could be wrong by putting the pell grant scandal on dan but jury's still out on that Quite honestly who s o jordan then hit a twenty footer to give the bulls and eighty seven to eighty oh no no it wasn't go ahead shot wow
00:26:55yeah it wasn't go ahead shot it just wasn't a walk off there was a couple of seconds love yeah ok but he put it put him ahead eighty seven eighty six you said yeah go ahead shot it's that's a chris can we talk about something about last night
00:27:07that no one's talking about sure george hill has got to be so happy right now that he slid from all this attention he missed that free throw that's like make a free throw and like j r smith's getting all this bad rap today george hill make a free
00:27:22throw j r smith bailed out everyone seriously he bailed out the refs a about he made he's the story from the game he bailed out everyone george hale and you're right georgia will get hit that free throw it's amazing in that in the final minute there were three
00:27:36different occasions where i was like we're talking about that all show tomorrow he was going to be about the call old show that when george hill missed the free throw initial i'm like ok we're going to put this all on george hill than j r smith got the
00:27:47rebound i'm like ok we're going to talk about jason it's obvious game winner that's right at the hoop and then he started dribbling out i'm like ok entire shows the celebration of the greatest thing i've ever seen j r smith i do want a court and that list
00:27:59is long by the way and it's not usually you know full court heaves it's stupid stuff like he did last night i think i could make the argument that j r smith was a good teammate to george hill last night Yeah you should make that argument that you
00:28:14make that argument Yes he felt bad for georgia that's why he did it that we should celebrate j r smith today j r smith the incredible teammate isn't that the length he goes do to protect your jail it's a maze there's a players association teammate award that i'm
00:28:30sure you can win what an unbelievable moment in sports history i know we're being a bit hyperbolic but tell me how it gets better because that's a perfect person if i go to pick anybody in sports i don't think i could have made a scenario in which i
00:28:50live which would have been more perfect than that I don't think there's a guy there was if you would have been the history of the scenario i might have crafted that fantasy scenario honestly a guy who loves the shoot who has never met a shot that he doesn't
00:29:06like not shooting and not knowing that i think mike's right If the perfect guy the first guy i thought of was nick young maybe i saw them last night on the court walked by each other and they kind of looked at each other like are you me If
00:29:19it was a spiderman mean there was a moment in time in the final minute where j r smith and swaggy p were both on the court and everyone's talking about kevin durant versus lebron that's the matchup people nick young versus j r smith it was you knew in
00:29:36that moment it was going to come down to who blinks first if either is capable of blinking and j r smith point oh man what about perfect sword Stay perfect a perfect guy perfect time And it was chris that's a great point that's it that's your angle today
00:29:53that that he did that for george hill Good teammate good too and i was doing that thing where i was rooting for lebron because lebron was the only guy with the guts on the court to be great when the situation was calling for it Even though steph curry
00:30:07credit words d'oh he didn't go into a turtle show in this fourth quarter Kevin durant though if j r smith makes that shot this might be kevin durant bashing day You would have been all over kevin durant's you guys Oh yeah although as you know my even though
00:30:22we made those two free throws and probably should've never gotten because i know it happened earlier this season and a pacers thunder game that nobody was paying attention to but who's ever seen the coal change in that fashion Nobody ever didn't know that that could happen kevin durant
00:30:35makes two free throws and that's pretty much the only thing he does the entire game eight of twenty two god one of seven from three god while the bronze out there and if he wonders why he gets criticized kevin durant it's because lebron is out there literally carrying
00:30:50a team on his back scoring fifty one points just to give his team a shot at the end of the game to look that's why people criticized kevin durant that's a look at the people he's on the court with i mean honestly i mean honestly when he was
00:31:03down here and not to make this in miami heat versus cleveland cavs thing lebron was right in that but i'm just saying i'm just saying when lebron had the blueprint on the line against san antonio you know he was looking at a ray allen you know you had
00:31:20shane battier is he's out there on the floor with you know tristin thompson and j r smith wolf wolf j r smith who by the way was an icon in cleveland two years ago for being ok in the finals four seconds away from being a hero he was
00:31:41he was four seconds away from being loved yeah you never know that rebound but i don't know if history remembers it if the if the cavs end up losing that series in five games independent of that j r smith put away he's remembered as a hero for the
00:31:56short term short term but now he's remembered for all time i feel a buzzer beating game one walk off in a serious that you probably lose that's not going to get remembered the way this is going to get remembered This is throughout the annals of time this is
00:32:12one of the mount rushmore mba moments for me certainly an mba finals it's chris webber it's bill buckner it's all that's Yeah it is when people think don't moments in sports it's at the top of the list now you know i'm starting to buy into this good teammate
00:32:25thing because he's also a good teammates lebron if he hadn't done that lebron would have had fifty one points here Is that a forty nine point forty nine point game Step it up lebron two points in overtime i mean come on airport so predictable that over time was
00:32:40going to go that way too It was over man you everybody at home line in their bed or on their college was like ok now it's a sweep they went from that probable the frustration you felt from fans last night as we were so close to having a
00:32:56serious we wanted and now it feels like it's over even though we have no idea if it's over maybe they could do that again because six years fans and held the nation talk themselves into iverson being that lakers team when they won game one on the road and
00:33:06you had the tide lou step over which by the way maybe j r smith gets remembered for that put back because we always remember the title the title you step over from allen iverson even though they lost that series in five although allen iverson and icon and now
00:33:20j r smith is an icon to for all the wrong reasons remember how lebron's final year with the heat he was critical of the heat for getting rid of mike miller He did it again this year with the cavs last i heard his interview with rachel nichols he's
00:33:35now he's being critical of the cast for trading kyrie already tried to save it final step to say hey said he said he called you didn't see this what use is gonna get sound money into saudi called management and begged them not to trade kyra No they told
00:33:50technical that i saw faces this it's like say i don't know i've lost track seventy two was up with how are they not supposed to trade kyrie Does that our list Oh yeah what is it was on our list It wasn't the time capsule man the list of
00:34:07what predictable things lebron does his final season complain about the moves that he wanted made that were made made the point earlier in the week that they missed dwayne wade doing we wouldn't have done that i'm just saying what do you have gotten The rebound that's a closure
00:34:24rebound to know what's on it was a great read a bound but not take jr round but waited i'm with you that weight shoots the ball and he knows the score and he does the right thing there There were three options Shoot the ball called timeout or pass
00:34:37it to the greatest player that's ever lived his wide o guns what every player in the history of the league does the right I'm not sure much lance stephenson every year every and students in the history of the league knows the score and there's the chairs of the
00:34:54above finals whiteside metta world e i'm not saying there aren't other airheads and bimbos i'm saying every other person who has ever dribbled a basketball who hasn't even made it to the professional ranks every guy at the park near you with the chain link fence and the changeling
00:35:13net that's what you know now there's a chain link fence around that chain link that you talk about the frequency of your league could you imagine you're just started straight up in the air It's a celebration hoping for throwing that jumps into lebron's are running out of bounds
00:35:34thinking that the game was over turned the ball over and give them another shot right into the heavens anything is possible What do we think was actually going through j r smith's mind when he got that rebound like you I did it because is oh i got so
00:35:53stay after party and a hero for all times so i don't know something dumb i did yesterday it's not related to basketball so i was walking out of t j maxx and i was on twitter looking at my phone yes great value a teacher oh my god Tremendous
00:36:12If you pay full price for things your pool there marshall t j maxx marshall's ross is a little bit messier but burlington coat factory too many people get spot I've never been inside of burlington with miami good deals man Yeah but it's not called it's co factor but
00:36:28there's a lot more than coats and bruins i think that actually dropped the coat factory that not just burlington which sounds just so many deals anyway so i'm on my phone looking at twitter and chris made a point yesterday about microwave ovens being better than microwaves our toaster
00:36:44ovens whatever was and someone came back and i'm saying that they couldn't heat up some some like soup from chinese restaurant in a toaster oven so i was looking for the best gift toe like respond to that and as i was doing it i wasn't paying attention and
00:36:58i fell off of a curb and i was wearing my sandals and i almost got hit by a car and i scrape scrape that money really really bad and it still hurts today and i realized how dangerous texting is at that moment texting and walking yeah i fell
00:37:12off a curb and almost got hit by a car and my knee was all bloody and imagine if i had been driving a car while i was doing the ability i told you a story a couple of years ago where across the new york city street and got
00:37:21hit by a bike because i was texting while walking i had to play off to like if i didn't just do it but yeah and twisted my ankle so guys be careful with texting public service announcement to dollars good finds and marshall still may i have so many
00:37:38random things from marshall's oh here's a jags jersey from two thousand two david garrard it's on sale for thirty bucks that expensive really and yeah yeah but these are like the real deal have you could have the marshals thirty bucks probably in the writers and they have done
00:37:56it you strike me as someone that goes and he changes like the tags on things he's like not on says two dollars perhaps i almost snagged the j j jersey at burlington flight six ninety one second it was like a sure thing it's a jersey you could get
00:38:13jerseys there though six ninety nine almost part of border bell across from jersey at one i was like i'm not going to get that and then later that year he became an all star i should have gotten it orange portable across from jersey i'm shocked that dude's thirty
00:38:24years old right that's sneaky old totally coming but you thought he was i thought the war was like you know maybe twenty six twenty seven just because he's relatively new how long has he been in the big leagues Like his third or fourth season Yeah so i know
00:38:39in baseball sometimes it takes a little bit longer but crisis three years old he was a minor leaguer for a few years I'm having difficulty when like a lot older than these people now because i'm like wow thirties older like a wait no no i like to think
00:38:53the tipping point was mkb eh with the rams another there's an nfl coach that's younger than me yeah i can't even it was hard for me to process because athletes were always these people that were older than me and i feel bad sometimes when i criticize somebody but
00:39:09they just look my same age i feel like i'm there their contemporaries still man you feel like a loser you owe how so because he's a radical coaching yeah i feel confident what i've sort of accomplished i mean this is a sort of nfl coaching job in my
00:39:26profession isn't not i'm like the los angeles rams head coach and radio all right sure okay so what are we like the system you're hot you're hot up incoming coordinators who are you going to interview for the next big job yeah because we're going to surprise people with
00:39:43our success congratulations Thank you Congratulations guys although they're also ones that just flameout that you assume we're going to be good that's going to be us when this is all over or just sawing flame i feel like it's pretty close to being over yeah trust way way too
00:39:58much power our credit well yeah but your leverage that credit into power they don't deserve that all of a sudden you're standing gundy and you're trading for reggie jackson just because brandon jennings stores achilles and then everyone points a finger at you and you're like what do you
00:40:13want me Oh e i don't think that we're going to get the same package stand did know what we flip back it's going to be bad no but it will be something akin to the detroit pistons i don't know something out in missouri somewhere somewhere on the ozarks
00:40:29opd that's a soft landing spot that's where this ends boys you know yeah a nice little middle america program director that's a cushy landing spot just to ride the wave out congratulations tio i'm going to ride it out with sally and jackson jackson let's move nice spot right
00:40:47Dave ill i'm i'm texting all my friends now because we're about ninety days away from it all nineteen ninety ninety days away from college football kickoff pro football doesn't really matter ninety eight days till provable you know where some one hundred and i'm starting to text everybody preseason
00:41:04rankings of our miami hurricanes because it's gonna be a big season is gonna be a huge season no no no but this is no but no but if you look at the schedule now you look at the schedule they're not dropping game they're not dropping a game at
00:41:16all i mean there there is a tough part of the schedule or they're going back to back weeks at georgia tech and blacksburg schedule no no no no no no they're not going to drop a home they're not gonna drop that there is a game there Well i
00:41:31know for sure they're not dropping a home game at the rock nolan neutral field l s u this is a monster game now everybody was getting including myself was getting excited about in cosi perry The thought was after that orange bowl game we'd seen the leak rose eras
00:41:45of started for the last time however my sources tell me and i have multiple sauces on this that malik rose here had a very strong spring and is firmly in position and return is your starting quarterback in closely Perry did not do the things that he had to
00:41:57dio toe win the job in fact furthermore jared williams it was really impressive and the true freshman and that's probably the real quarterback battle there I think in twenty nineteen you have a battle between ah redshirt sophomore and freshman and probably redshirt freshman and williams for the starting
00:42:15job rosier is locked in and when you look at that ellis you game your season hinges on that that's that that's your biggest nonconference game you have to win that game and you're not comfortable going into that game with somebody you've never seen before in his first ever
00:42:27start i'm sorry i know but i know you want to see in coastal berry because you kind of know what rosier is but i'm telling you that's a good thing because you know what rose ear is I've checked out the schedule i'm with you I have him at
00:42:38ten o right now have you prepared yourself to be very very nervous when they're ten and no headed to blacksburg to take on virginia tech and you prepared yourself of that week Well if we can get over the look ahead week of that georgia tech that we got
00:42:49that little spot that's a one conference loss if we have one is that a thursday thursday I'm scared saturday saturday saturday saturday there is one thursday night game against unc at the rock and you know we're losing at the

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