Le Batard and Stugotz are out today. Amin Elhassan and Mina Kimes are in all show. We discuss LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and the World Cup.
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00:00:12today and see how much you could save this is the dialogue about par show with this still got spot cast wow me no wow what what are you not excited for what's happening and that you're referring to me frantically pointing to you that you're in charge now is
00:00:34this this is me covering for my complete inexperience riding a national radio show that appears on a week day that's true yes right I don't drive our show on Sundays and what I said before is true which is while I do think we get along and our friends
00:00:52we do not have complementary skills that's a whole which is to say neither of us knows how to do this too many hammers not enough nails now Hey I'm a meal hasn't that's mean a times as you might have noticed neither of us has to got or download
00:01:05the tart who is this you got man I do have to trade off we got a trade off one after another %HESITATION in sometimes you're gonna have to be the journalist with integrity and I'm just going to say things like fraud right yes and then sometimes I'm going
00:01:24to be the expert and you're going to say %HESITATION your gut tells you something completely different but %HESITATION big weekend right yeah weekend yeah everyone going crazy but the big free agent knows talking of course about Mike do you want to break the news to America yeah Aminah
00:01:48that said a combination middle class and maybe that's yeah name of someone else who works at this company yeah I I just had to say who you are because you guys and really do that in a certain I'm amino acid in the car down that we do that
00:02:02and you know but you know establish your very comfortable at the beginning yeah so the as alright so not lebron James according to club sports you guys right according to club sports lebron James has signed a four year deal with the Los Angeles about that just today I
00:02:22know this happened over what lawyers while you were sleeping if you fell asleep at in the afternoon so sometimes that's a source close wow that's not the signing I was talking about I was somewhat clearly dont of our signing with his hometown the police know that's a big
00:02:40one the common hall common home gets kind of grey sexy back average annual value eleven million dollars a year incredible as a big deal for hockey yeah the love John to virus I do too and I want to spend hours on this but apparently some souped up in
00:03:01Bristol aren't so good on the ice and they want to stick to basket they want you to talk about the James deal and they're talking of course about James Neal signing a five year deal the Calgary flames I said yes any other James's how I miss we don't
00:03:18know yet we don't know if Thomas is fit to play at that's gonna be a big injury keep it keep your eyes on that one I'm very torn on that game because as you know Colombia has why Nina many favorite player but then the playing England Mike as
00:03:31you know a big spurs supporter and got that my guy came I'm not really sure to root for your guy came my guy hard pressed you know his first name is not your guys that's why my got my guys his first name I'm I do what I want
00:03:48to go back to us being friends okay are we friends we are friends we're in a group chat together where we %HESITATION talk regularly about things that have nothing to do with work we've never hung out one on one until now corvette something you want through not true
00:04:06Miami %HESITATION now it was very Dan was there what was before we got to dance with right we're walking over so we walked two blocks yeah that's referring to as our hang out pretty good hang up interesting and technically we're not hanging out and we got Mike we've
00:04:22got the whole shipping container Lloyd with everyone we're all here we got Roy fact Chris say what's up Bailey goes here guys I'm here lebron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers so you guys friends are now what's going on I think you know when to animals you
00:04:43don't expect to be friends hang out like a red panda and a duck in people of those crazy things I don't feel comfortable with that combo it say you either way it seems like the the way that I know of no I I I don't know what I
00:05:01thought we'd have great chemistry I what this off the charts so our first of all let me point out pull back the curtain I thought I was going to the show with that man well that's what I without through the pitch to be on when they asked me
00:05:15to do this and then he backed out of the show which is very uncharacteristic of him yes is the opposite Aladdin does use he tries to borrow his way into the show and this way he broke this time the bird is way out but a day they said
00:05:28me not with the next choice I said are you sure no one else is available and they said now this is it I said yeah I know her they asked me this weekend to fill in attacks do I was excited because I knew we had all this big
00:05:42hockey and soccer news and you would be a natural set us by the way Mike Duggan we get a quick update on the entertainment purposes for %HESITATION my national team is playing right now well as you know lebron James was minus five thousand over the weekend to start
00:05:55with the Los Angeles Lakers and that ended up being true but if you're looking for some soccer entertainment that perhaps Brazil entertainment line Brazil took over team total of two goals and maybe got a Jesus to score would be a nice way to start so that's the sound
00:06:14of Mike producing the show by the way right what it the way he did as a subtle way of saying talk lebron and sought me not it's not subtle talk lebron okay here's the deal we are both in Los Angeles right now I was at the LA PC
00:06:29we were doing a live %HESITATION free agency special on the jump and of course lebron and club sports announced roughly five minutes after one of the air that %HESITATION it was happening when it happened we are downtown Los Santos a part of town that for the most part
00:06:47people from other parts of town don't come to unless there's an event going on there were drawings of pilgrims who came down to staples center to celebrate really they celebrated they celebrated this is a huge deal for them they've been losers every summer for about seven years now
00:07:06it finally all those Photoshop jobs you know all that hand wringing in and imagining and and and fantasizing king true in a big way for them yesterday I want to know where you were at the Los Angeles area was there hoopla and euphoria I was at home sitting
00:07:27on a sofa my dog was on my lap I was watching the Netflix film set it up and I said I got a newsletter from ESPN that's where I was I was surprised by the way he did it the that you're very simple press releases it was only
00:07:43like two sentences made earlier something from clutch sports I don't think anyone expected that from but in retrospect it kind of makes sense because I feel like lebron always does what no one else is do like the short suit and it all said it was like old home
00:07:57maybe we should warn short suits on what now all these guys who have big you know Paul George has the documentary or whatever in the party now they feel uncool like they see what the branded and he probably feels like he was trying to hard and it kind
00:08:12of makes sense that's when the brown always does that there's a lot to unpack but one of the things that I thought was funny is lebron James change free agency two ways right originally twenty two any change away free agency was made in terms of %HESITATION having %HESITATION
00:08:28what you do it's one is how I'm going to announce it right that was a big deal to was the idea that I am going to take a stronger role in forming the team that I'm going to play with right in going to Miami and making sure that
00:08:45boxes there Wade was there and then the third way he changed free agency was in twenty fourteen he ever while everyone used to think security was give me the longest deal possible she ushered in the era of one plus once right that the true security for the NBA
00:09:04star is flexibility not long Sir is not being tied down anybody for too long right and so all three of those things changed the prism of how we view free agency in the NBA and then what he did this year which was quiet release of information going to
00:09:23a team that's not necessarily ready to content right now but understanding is going to take awhile and committing long term so they can build the team in a gradual manner all those things five you accuse me ten years ago that's free agency right but because it's like the
00:09:38norm is returned yeah it's an influence because he changed the norm and now he's went back to what it was originally was ten years ago that's why it seems so weird and shocking that he did a regular free agency really and so but there's a lot of stuff
00:09:53to unpack here a lot of stuff including will my Brazilian my national team would result given that I'm from Sudan are they going to pull out today in Mexico against Mexico which by the way that's so not a safe opinion they have out on the streets so they're
00:10:11ready for result were entertained by results today right we are anything but with with the Mike just give us not yet we're looking to be entertained by the words of my Mike taught me something very interesting about soccer betting that I'll share with you after the break ESPN
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00:12:08thirty nine you have a car I think when I was young I actually cold Chris Berman at ESPN and left him a message Dave Winfield fly rule still guides the one in the way that I wanted him because they know when I was playing them and I left
00:12:25him I left him a message you really did that because if I did that all I know well but this you got you would do that now I did when I was twelve BCC dialog about partial with this still guides on ESPN radio the damn levitate show is
00:12:39to guts is brought to you by vivid seats the official take a partner of ESPN download the free vivid seats at today to get your tickets I feel like I missed opportunity earlier I mean this is but I mean at times talking I mean I'll has and we
00:12:54are not hard to god's thank you thanks Mike %HESITATION I think I missed an opportunity earlier to channel two guys which I'm trying to do a little bit during the show when you're talking about lebron's press release and you were saying how he sort of it's like a
00:13:10throwback thing is kind of going back to simpler times does that in its own way feel showboating right to not do the TV you know the big thing to just kind of roll out the like to sentence press release like you think you're better than us lebron that's
00:13:25the best I can do a call you got it you think you're better than you think you're too good for a video or a big release you think to send this is going to get America going because you're lebron James so America can't see this but she's almost
00:13:39got this to god dismissive hand wave at you know yeah there was a little bit too frantic there but if you just gotta do the break eye contact with me and then deliver the take and dismissive hand wave and you've got almost the entire Stu got to experience
00:13:55down Pat the I I guess it is the other weird thing by the way about it was the press release mention exactly how much money it was and they rounded it incorrectly this at a hundred for mail and got around to it one hundred fifty three males so
00:14:10you know they kind of try to slip in some extra money there in that in that press release which I I am pretty sure that still got switches yet tried to when he then announced their new contract last week %HESITATION Mike how's life changed by the way for
00:14:25the show since the new deal they took vacation immediately excellent not now you guys just them a vacation so me not something funny happened yesterday right obviously this news breaks and everybody in the last twelve hours so give or take has rushed to be in front of a
00:14:45microphone to give a take I'm actually pretty surprised to still got is not calling in right now to give his state but %HESITATION one of the things that's been discussed is Magic Johnson obviously last week delivered the now iconic I'm magic Johnson's speech and does so at the
00:15:02time Mike I was in Miami when I came out right yes I remember we talked about this what does it mean a that means he's incredibly cocky or he knows something that we don't know and I don't know if he knew it then but he surely seems like
00:15:18he had a good idea about it and and so he's pulling prophetic right if you're a long standing Laker fan you are feeling like magic is the savior because he came in and he said he was gonna bring the stars and he brought the biggest star of them
00:15:34all and so I wanna listen to two very different sounds describing the job Magic Johnson did in bringing lebron LA really did the king maker here the guy who got the deal done was Magic Johnson a source described to me that perhaps Magic Johnson understands lebron James is
00:15:54life better than any other person on this planet because of both his excellence as a basketball player the way he plays the game and of course his off court endeavors offered there is not just in the business world but in the philanthropic world as well so that was
00:16:08Dave McMenamin ESPN dot com reporter covers obviously the Cleveland Cavaliers lebron James but my gut feeling is not for a much longer feel like you have recovered from other team they're not gonna move the whole lebron apparatus I mean that Winbush easy coming here or not yes do
00:16:24right who's already here are that's there you go %HESITATION but for every Dave McMenamin serenade of the job that he did there's there's another side to the coin this was magic Johnson's to mess up and guess what magic good tribe you didn't mess it up lebron James had
00:16:44already made a choice to be a Los Angeles Laker magic you just did mess it up while I would love to credit you big time magic for doing it but I can't credit to the same way as the Oklahoma City who got Paul George to say that was
00:17:00the work Oklahoma City they did the work they traded for Paul they kept him but magic you just didn't mess this up ma'am my only regret is I don't have a company video to see the look on Ryan Hollins face as he delivered that day because I mean
00:17:17I don't know if you heard Ryan Hollins looks like someone who is selling a very elaborate lie that starts with a repeat of the question that was just what are the what magic Johnson's so I yes it is harder to convince someone to stay in Oklahoma City the
00:17:35Los Angeles that's probably fair but I feel like the magic where he's getting credit is not necessarily remember he deserves credit in my opinion is not necessarily regarding the brown moving to LA it's the four year contract right because nobody saw that coming in that's magic saying to
00:17:50the brown and we're going to get the pieces in place by eight say you're too in exchange my immediate read on the four year deal I guess it's three years an opt out probably is this was tremendously fable for favorable for Los Angeles right now it gives them
00:18:05so much more leverage in negotiations say with San Antonio them for who they don't they're not as desperate right lies they work that there's no %HESITATION fear that if we don't get this done today or read right now this year he could leave in a year because we
00:18:20didn't get enough done %HESITATION my read on it wasn't that magic what I mean if magic yes obviously a big part of it but the four year deal what I think about is when lebron left Cleveland go to Miami he gave the heat a six year commitment now
00:18:38is not that after four years so giggled as good for years right when you came here to LA him a three year come up for your deal so three years without doubt it after the third year when you went to Cleveland one plus one day at yes that's
00:18:52a lot more on this is obviously a lot about how we feel the magic and Jeanie Buss and our fields about Pat Riley and %HESITATION Micky Arison but also a lot about how he felt at the time about Dan Gilbert that he never gave Dan Gilbert the abilities
00:19:08that Dodge me a bullet by taking them off the last time now we can go back to business as usual of just **** everything up moved the one plus one came to the detriment of the team right because the infamous Paul George would have signed longer rumor if
00:19:23lebron had promised that he would also say longer for more than a year I mean it came to the detriment of the team and also it forced the team to do things that %HESITATION the otherwise probably would not have done right if they had had the luxury of
00:19:40of what magic in the Lakers have right now %HESITATION do you think they would well not got couple of immediately down there just a month and two weeks right it's little things like that and by the way also while understanding that lebron's desire or need a shitty and
00:19:55need for a ring probably isn't as great as it was leaving Miami now he's got three he's got nothing he does want a more rings obviously I'm just saying that he's got a little bit more breathing dialogue about card still guides %HESITATION BCC dialog about partial with this
00:20:16still grads on ESPN radio media cons I mean I'll hasn't we all are the B. team or C. team right on a how far down the list we are mean in terms of being the people felt solid be solid if we're not the B. team who's the beach
00:20:30theme feel like the B. team involves someone who does radio for a live I got a least one of those right you can get now I'm tryin issue I'm trying I got I got coached by Mike in it during the break %HESITATION let out one of things that
00:20:44we talked about during the break was %HESITATION other big free agent signings by the Lakers the lot lance Stephenson signed a one year four and a half million dollar deal develop McGee %HESITATION one year we don't believe the term drought yet but I wolf we can find that
00:21:02out but the point here is I want to start with me now is one of things a Bronson on the podium after his last ouster in the finals nearly a month ago was desire to play with spike higher IQ mature players and it just strikes me as interesting
00:21:26to say the least highly entertaining to say the malls that he's in his effort to find high I. Q. mature teammates right he's going a team that features developer gave the %HESITATION checked in a pool hall of Famer you've got lance Stephenson %HESITATION who is and the F.
00:21:45nothing more a walking mean you've got lawns all ball with his burgeoning music career and has %HESITATION his doting father you got kolkhoz morose comedienne extraordinaire and all this happening in Los Angeles a town where anything you do anywhere you go to dinner any any when you talk
00:22:05to any time you go for a walk is fodder for the paparazzi and I wonder how much does he know he's getting into what he's getting into all of this lebron James brought with it when it is artillery signing up call them came out I mean obviously KCP
00:22:25is a clutch guys so people made that connection to the K. bother us not to be confused %HESITATION but didn't wasn't your first reaction %HESITATION this must have been part of like lebron knew about this this was part of it had to have been something one which took
00:22:39me kinda harsh my buzz on the little brown signing just because if lebron has a proven weakness very hard to find it might be team construction right I think that's fair to say and so I actually think some of those guys are good pieces and good players but
00:22:57for that link when those came out right after I was kind of bummed out like lebron's come in LA to play with you know on the island of misfit toys like that that's not really you know what I mean as if he was there or if we knew
00:23:11Cole why was imminent it feels a little bit weird it's well first of all from the construction sample just from a bass will stand point I don't see the point in adding a player in %HESITATION lance Stephenson who can't shoot you know this is the initial less than
00:23:28thirty percent from three that Londo so they know who shot exactly thirty percent from three so that's puzzling on some level the other thing also is the idea that %HESITATION the they don't really have a ton of shooting anyway list are with right when it comes out of
00:23:49the percentage visual a whole lot shot them in one and a half attempts a game which is the nowhere near enough Kuzma is a decent shooter on thirty to thirty seven percent call upon by the sea that's big but then after that it kind of gets you know
00:24:03you dumb out Josh Josh a heart you know it gets if he after that you're not a person only a punishing and I looked up and down the roster and you really don't and so a lot of this does have a feeling of another shoe to drop but
00:24:19then it comes back to the same thing it's like okay you got lance Stephenson day one right there that this guy is that that's what you could down a door with lance Stephenson and also why four and a half million dollars who you out bidding who was out
00:24:33here talking about I need that guy it doesn't that make it harder for them to sign like that like a boogie thousands who's been linked with Los Angeles obviously with quiet you know there be a trade that's the other thing we're talking on this roster out before I
00:24:47was on summer unceremoniously cut off by Mike it in less time and the point I was going to make was that all those young Lakers Manzo whose ma Josh heart they were all tweeting welcome to LA you know the brown the king is here they began legs and
00:25:02not in the back of their head that you know the team might turn around and trade them for to quiet me they might never get to play with the brown yeah that's absolutely right rightly you don't know who's going it's like survivor right you don't know who's going
00:25:16to or I don't know these any of it who's gonna get the roles I thought survivor right where survivor survivor three get voted off the island off the island that's right bachelor is the one where you get the road right so bachelor okay so it's like bachelor you
00:25:30yet yeah you don't know who's gonna get a rose right or you feel good now we had a great date mean him we went to lunch he said love my game of course I will be here live along the wall number we had a whole conversation I make
00:25:40court where we covered our jerseys with the I'm outside our jerseys and whisper sweet nothings that turned out to be literally sweet nothings it was don't tell anyone that we're talking right now I'm gonna ask you a question drawing on your expertise in particular I mean do you
00:25:55think Lonzo faked his injury to stay in LA as a new would a person who has fake injuries do you think stories of my you know I'm talking about you I have not figured injury when did I forget injured you know when he lost a race that I
00:26:12pulled my hands on a very tight hamstrings okay you can ask the last week the the the masseuse and then had the the masseuse that steps on people back with her feet it was amazing asked her fuel and Mike if you don't believe me as my or my
00:26:27was right there my are the the %HESITATION the make up lady she was right there and she heard Mrs say you have abnormally tight so your source for not having faked an injury in a race months ago is our make up artist overhearing the masseuse commenting on the
00:26:46tightness of her hamstrings now not over here and she was there she was part of the conversation we sat there together and talk about it all together it was common knowledge washes only I'm a shower curtain I do one thing keep water from leaking everywhere so you see
00:27:04why I feel useless compared to geico who does so much more like not only could I go see money but they've been around for over seventy five years and they give you twenty four seven access online over the phone or on the guy go out and they got
00:27:16a ninety seven percent customer satisfaction rating all this while I have to listen to this struggle and how could he stopped great an encore expect great savings and a whole lot more Darla about card called common sense reporting and connect the dots still guides I would not describe
00:27:34your sense is common decency that live up our show with this still guides on ESPN radio guest on the damn Libertad show appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line get in touch with us through one eight hundred flowers Twitter feed at darts and mean at Munich time surprise
00:27:52a friend or loved one today with the K. from one eight hundred flowers dot com when you order a dozen multi colored roses for only twenty nine ninety nine you get another dozen absolutely free go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN I'm done with the
00:28:08best contact we done enough we can fill the quota very sporty show today and and here's the problem terrible so to take people behind the scenes here there's two conflicting movements right there or there's me I mean obviously both have appeared on this show many a time great
00:28:24friends we love the show yeah we're great friends apparent apparently not only to give us is not great but but we love the show and we get the show right and so there are people who listen to the show regularly who tune on their turn on the radio
00:28:37as a podcast today dance not here's to the night here listen oz tonight this is in the show he does work on a regular sports show the other conflicting thing is this suits know that we can never be Dan and Steve got and so they want us to
00:28:51do a regular sports show so I feel like I'm feeling on both counts people on a regular sports show can understand why we're not good at that and people who want the show yourself okay yeah that's true you are good at doing a regular sports show because you
00:29:08actually do on most of the time right Sundays run horns pretty sporty desserts we were texting okay so before doesn't run thing happen it's kind of a gift and a curse mostly Kurds we're texting about all the things we wanted to talk about we had a nice little
00:29:23back and forth going you once you give me the things you want to talk about and I'll tell you mine and maybe Mike down and the crew can yeah foe focus so these are the things that I have that are are not sports that I wanted to talk
00:29:38about talking over drivers now let's go along okay succession yeah and then Falco what is now called you keep talking about velco Mike is now but we know Falco is the %HESITATION the creature in the never ending story right that's not the Falco we're talking is at fault
00:30:02it might be Falco but that's not the FAQ or Taiwan Mike can you can you let her have you been watching the World Cup on Telemundo Meena I have not thought core by the way that's fine so if you're watching on Telemundo you've undoubtably you've seen that's the
00:30:20four Falco which is the the trailer is very simple it's man in a hospital bed clearly waking up from a coma after about twenty so a twenty second montage of all the events of the last twenty years have flashed across the screen tried to explain the last twenty
00:30:35years the Falco with you there so he wakes up after common any hasn't no like modern technology and stuff I'm guessing family has moved on the wife's okay I'm sorry this is the plot of every Korean drama out yet again what Mexico owes to Korea yes every Korean
00:30:52drama is about this like somebody waking up from a coma and stuff gone down but are the macho cops that have to do with modern policing the doesn't quibble involved police brutality just for the sake of the hell of it so he does know how to tax stirred
00:31:08to use the internet to excel sounds like a great cop so Mike and Billy had questions last week that I couldn't answer because I did some research about Falco but I do have all the answers but then I went and I did super research watching trailers that would
00:31:22cut for %HESITATION Telemundo and for Amazon prime for words soccer will be so %HESITATION let's do it now Mike Billy give me your questions about soccer you said it's gonna be on Amazon prime when July twenty second July twenty second will that be the entire season can I
00:31:38been general go episode by episode better go episode by episode Izzy indeed a cop that's been shot in the head have you confirm that yes and I saw him get shot in the head and it and they know the next question where's the scar is on the left
00:31:51side of his forehead was he married he was married has she remarried she has on Larry who she remarried another cop I know this because I'm on the internet right now to doing see research and it's another cop the Falco has to work with is this a mini
00:32:08series event that is their potential for multiple seasons this is multiple season this is part of Telemundo's greater strategy to have %HESITATION compelling drama it's all in their evening time programming would you consider this an action drama this is actually acting dumb I also have other questions that
00:32:24you may have forgotten like where is this is where does this take place where does this take place in Mexico City nineteen ninety four's when he got shot four has he been moved to the United States or is he still in Mexico still in Mexico City it's a
00:32:39rough town as the trailer told me will this season be a basically a who done it yes he's trying to find out who who shot him how old was he when he got shot hello good question but we know that is old enough to have an infant daughter
00:32:55%HESITATION who's now I I know not all right yeah this is what you tell me Korean dramas are all like this they're all they all involve time travel a lot of them this not time travel and %HESITATION or this kind of thing there's a lot of commas so
00:33:09many homeless there often like that the character is a humble young women who comes from a poor background and there's usually like a rich guy most of them have that but there's often a factor like this as well with the coma waking up because he's remarried as he
00:33:24have always faculties I mean he's been in a coma since nineteen ninety four yes he's out there I mean he's back on the force and he's policing but nineteen ninety four stop punching people wait he got a spot back on the force of course without go with the
00:33:37new the YC husband yes the so so the wife marries the his ex partner his ex partner will mean that is now what do you know he's got to he's a cop too but he's not any cop that it does he robocop chief of police and he is
00:33:54the chief a house of their partners in nineteen ninety four the guys with his life for twenty four years but only my dad was that part of the trailer work he says how long have I been out and the guy says twenty twenty one twenty three and he
00:34:08says two twenty three what you what does that have you seen a brand Frasier movie blast from the past the other one that I mean this is the exact scenario that we said was going to happen and it's going to be that you believed that shot him to
00:34:20get married wife spoiler is evil the we don't know that yet aids done it we did it who done it he did it Billy you're not you're in your appetite has been whetted by any of this non prints out on this I can't believe that what did you
00:34:35say Billy burns out Lewis Brinson author in the comp vote now you talk about that a little bit %HESITATION

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