In episode 227, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Max Silvestri to discuss Democrats grilling Brett Kavanaugh at his senate committee hearing, the death of Burt Reynolds, the New York Times anonymous op-ed piece from someone inside the Trump Administration, the normalization of Trump's corruption, Qatar lobbying to hang out with Trump, India abolishing gay sex ban, the signs of gentrification, and more!


1. WATCH: Brett Kavanaugh admits there are no laws governing the male body

2. CSPAN has posted the entire nearly 8-minute exchange between Kamala Harris and Kavanaugh on the Mueller probe. It is worth your time.

3. WATCH LIVE: Democrats Release 'Confidential' Kavanaugh Emails

4. BREAKING: Brett Kavanaugh was asked in 2004 about whether he was involved in the nomination of Bill Pryor. He said “I was not involved in handling his nomination"


6. I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

7. Anti-Trump op-ed prompts guessing game on author's identity

8. ‘The sleeper cells have awoken’: Trump and aides shaken by ‘resistance’ op-ed

9. The Big Melt

10. Lindsey Graham faults Jeff Sessions for "zero-tolerance" policy

11. The New Lobbying: Qatar Targeted 250 Trump ‘Influencers’ to Change U.S. Policy

12. India Supreme Court Strikes “Sodomy” Ban in World’s Most Significant LGBTQ Rights Decision

13. Starbucks, florists and other warning signs home prices are about to go up

14. WATCH: The O'Jays - Back Stabbers

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00:00:00miles yeah Jack from America yes you do the purple masters will probably feel different than anything you've ever experienced because he uses this brand new material was developed by an actual rocket scientist is like we finish each other's sentences look you guys gonna love purple and right now
00:00:14our listeners will get a free purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress that's in addition to the great free gifts they're offering statewide site wide just go to purple dot com and use our promo code daily easy that's purple dot com promo code dailies the the only
00:00:29way to get that free pillow is to go to purple dot com use the promo code daily easy miles did you think purple was a state it isn't and how state of mind as true hello the internet a welcome to season forty seven episode five of their daily
00:00:44is IT guy yeah Friday September seventh two thousand eighteen my name's Jack o'brien A. K. A. spaghetti o's Brian and that one's courtesy of at music city FC on Twitter and I'm thrilled to be joined as always by Mike Mister miles grass %HESITATION yes and I will keep
00:01:01it short today Hey Hey Margo do BO because %HESITATION you stay with the loud and that one comes to us from holiest of rollers at will cool for you and we are thrilled to be joined in there but one of my favorite comedians the funniest people in the
00:01:16world for many years he's got a new Netflix special season two of one yeah yeah up please welcome Mister Max Silvestri thanks for having me thanks for saying that I was one of the funniest one of his people for years like yet the idea that like I had
00:01:33the title yeah yeah I will admit that I don't have %HESITATION no no you're right around in my late twenty one ends future just not right now your honor show yeah once mine came out his reign and that's right that couldn't be that breed favorite comedians in all
00:01:51my %HESITATION all right next we're going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment but first we're gonna tell our listeners what we're gonna be talking about we are of course going to be talking about the cabin on hearings and the Democrats potentially growing
00:02:06some balls may then it's been better late than never I guess yeah we can talk about the anonymous op in the New York times the game of clue that that has spawned I'm gonna talk a little bit about the normalization of that's going on trump basically telling sessions
00:02:25to leave his friends alone and prosecutors enemies and just how bonkers that would be in any other setting or if we hadn't just lived through the past two years that's basically worse than anything on the Nixon tapes we're gonna talk about how Qatar is trying to get to
00:02:44that addled megalomaniac who runs our country India striking down their anti sodomy laws and how to tell if your neighborhood is about to be gentrified but first Max what is something from your search history that's revealing about who you are services last night I was trying basically it's
00:03:05Highlander black immortals okay a friend was like that show Highlander they were all white right and I was like no the Highlander was Scottish he was very white in all its incarnations on but you know there are mortals of all races and I wanted to confirm that and
00:03:21then he was like and they used to Catan and I was like I did Google Duncan macleod soared to confirm that but really he is a good time of it really anyway you can cut off the Highlanders had an immortal table work so some had broad swords some
00:03:34used like chains are things you know the kind of mixed up as the TV show got deep and then finally wag ville webcam which is I was on vacation and I wanted to see my DR %HESITATION what's a wag the lead can wag villas %HESITATION as a dog
00:03:48boarding place Los Angeles and they have a webcam where you can watch a lot of dogs in low resolution and there she is okay %HESITATION she's missing us nope that's not her and that's a big or not I think that that's all look at her to her we
00:04:02did not also not her up that when shooting that when she fell asleep I feel like I I one time I had to board my dog %HESITATION we tried to but some of the reviews of these places were so bad but I also don't know if it's also
00:04:14because people are very protective of their pets so anything goes wrong there like a high it's basically an enslavement camp from rats brains they beat them yeah when they just like you didn't put on the great theme packet that I do every night you know I mean right
00:04:26so it was weird because he needs to eat five not five feet yeah know exactly her mind yeah and then I see like ones that it's like with have a webcam you can see everything so we wag releasing it they they treat that alright I think because I
00:04:38have that attitude towards my dog I've never read a yelp review of one it's always been just like someone been like no they're good there and like what you can sleep over unit look and now you're just all came back not bad or whatever so %HESITATION I don't
00:04:50know anyone whose dog has died at wag fill came came back alive every time %HESITATION nice a little mangy a little %HESITATION frightened she's for twenty four hours but we call it camp it's like you must be having so much fun right the seventy five new friends yeah
00:05:06I feel like dogs always sleep so much after they come back from something on my gosh dramatic the people's dogs diet they should don't don't be always have horses I got my dog died at a boarding place they always do yeah my family you know we all have
00:05:23those stories how many dogs have you had died if you're at a summer camp and like some of the kids were seven times the size of you write a pretty terrifying and there was a sign up that was like a kid hasn't died here in like fifty eight
00:05:38one of is that why would you put that right up on front your reminder that the kids could die we're also reminding you how well we've done it yeah right that's almost two months to give us some credit counting that you worry what is something you think is
00:05:50overrated mix soup for dinner I think five think rom and I think in general %HESITATION hot broths read limited protein is just an overrated overrated thing I get that people like and I get the people line up for Rahman that like especially in colder climates like flood in
00:06:10such a you know like my girlfriend's favorite food and I'm just like I don't want to eat soup for dinner hot severe dinner yeah you know like I I would I would eat some soup but then like I want to eat the real thing like I don't wrestler
00:06:23about this you know it's a course not the whole meal exactly I'm a big course guy do right by the forces like yeah yeah it's been kind of consummated stars you know some sort of terrain is uniquely how I start warming up my teeth %HESITATION and then all
00:06:39you know I do like a whole fashion and salad after on my **** out and this and then assorted cheeses and chocolates for hours as I sip espresso one light meal argue yeah yeah trade she's played in some port wine exactly and then yeah I just I just
00:06:59so it's a great meal is it the fact that it's there's too much brought these for like the noodles plus the toppings is just not not hidden spot yeah I mean I I I like the flavor of them I just feel like it's difficult to eat like a
00:07:12usually requires like multiple utensils or it's like what you get a little bit of broth with the spoon and then you've got you know chopsticks or a fork to kind of get the heavier stuff it just feels like a lot of work yeah feels like I'm helping cook
00:07:24it or whatever so I guess I you know I guess I just enjoy a dryer a dryer food yeah we on Q. I'm like my dog and I prefer dried away anyway it's a treat on my brightest day you know I'm going to be at my brains out
00:07:41for that can of food %HESITATION what is of the thing is under it well this is related to %HESITATION I think hot dogs are under rated okay I think hamburgers have gotten a lot of attention the last handful of years of just like being this new L. again
00:07:55you know both like every restaurant has them but also like shake shack in this idea of like you know a burger is worth exalting in just being and thrown barbecues and last summer too hot dogs dell yeah spot constantly there you can't **** month you can't you know
00:08:09like I mean I guess you can even bad ones even bad ones are good and %HESITATION they're smaller I like I like that I can just like throw hot dog in the mix and it's not like a high need to lay down you know right right yeah that's
00:08:21all I can very contain what is talk about call it fourth meal or hot dogs are like fourth meal I love mustard I love pickles hot peppers things that you can just throw on there it's jacket delivery device for on spicy Banneker I don't know yeah so your
00:08:36outing yourself is a bit of a foodie here I think I like to eat yeah I have strong opinions about I don't know just like when I looked at okay what do I think what I have strong opinions right now that down to press me I know the
00:08:47news knows the licenses do you like fancy sausages and that sort of thing or you know straight up awhile Frank I mean my calls even one but I just I'm never going to be like they've got this it's like at apple and say age and race pensive and
00:09:01I went to it you know yeah shopping like now I want to feel like that also like my hot dogs boiled like I like wow now I'd like the New York City street style exactly out a little like %HESITATION toaster great over the pan with the water and
00:09:14I steam the bond wow yeah that is honestly line there you see when you have this over for an act for viral cut hot dog now with this plan so I found you so you would put it take a hot dog you put like a kebab stick or
00:09:27some or you know any kind of stick through it you can kind of cut it into a spiral secret wall or surface area so if you're grilling it you can get more crispy surface on your hot so it's not just like a split once it's like no yeah
00:09:40along so it's like re been cut also it's like the fingernails of that guy in the Guinness book or exact whatever the wiring over the stairs and mostly what we well yet to resemble what you do yeah you render bunch of bacon fat book and then you in
00:09:53that bacon fat used **** fry up your spiral cut hot dog now you now you have some **** that will put you on my cat and my second question is is a hot dog a sandwich %HESITATION well I personally think that no it's not the same interesting okay
00:10:07yeah I think the way in which it's %HESITATION I think I I there's not a really good answer why it's a non Christian you know but I think one has to draw a line somewhere one has to have a code if you are going about well let's meet
00:10:20nestled in some sort of kind of you know hammock will them now are we talking about is a taco with sandwiches %HESITATION you know right or data is a is a hammock up dead into him and wow is it okay to be friends with those people that bring
00:10:35hand next to public places hang them up I don't know if they have a hot dog in there I think you can be present that settled actually and finally what is a myth what's something people think it's true that you know to be fall a lot of people
00:10:48my age and like me %HESITATION live under the mess that %HESITATION Bosch is a bad show just like what is Bosch wise there's just all these bus ads in LA for Bosch Bosch is for dad's %HESITATION I don't know that's the it's like a guy who looks like
00:11:02my dad who seems like tired %HESITATION what is this but I I'm here to say that Bosch is a fantastic show I think it's one of the best police serialized procedures we have on TV %HESITATION and it's the best depiction of LA really since the movie heat I'm
00:11:20gonna say that really old gas %HESITATION I always associated with monk for some reason you know that I know exactly what you mean it feels like one of those like kind of like not bad but kind of disposable right like okay you know USA has that like procedural
00:11:33right blue sky red but no no it tells %HESITATION serialized long stories about like crimes in al ain it's that the guy whose books they're based on I mean he was like a crime reporter for many years and like they like living breed LA like I mean a
00:11:48lot of the show was like let's meet up at this LA rest right and it shot at that LA restaurant and then like he talks about traffic a lot but I mean it really but it's film beautifully in like four K. and it just it feels more like
00:12:00LA than anything else braces that selling as of like all I got to go over to Mull Holland right now okay I want to meet me here at like el compadre and then we'll have a flaming Margarita like it's great so it's I think it's a phantasm hazard
00:12:13and they don't show him sitting in traffic just complaining about it after the fact I only show they don't in the books if you'll get a straight paragraph in with like the day to day of like what a cop's life is like a well I got to check
00:12:26this and this was like so he took the four oh five and try to beat the rush hour traffic back on the other direction and then he took you know Wilshire all the way down like the books will fully describes what question rented out directions from the nineties
00:12:39so not really afraid to stress you out you're looking for a high phone number then you read the older books you're like oh man people used to be so fast all right on time for a the last guest that was extolling the virtues of my car yeah I
00:12:54was just trying to figure out if that was on our show it was and and they were like and they were shouting out the author to because the books they really like %HESITATION yeah we rate as well as the Andes and you got there yeah yeah seeing him
00:13:05in a couple weeks that sounds like we have an appointment to fight over this yeah over this %HESITATION no they really I got into the TV show first but was so into it and so %HESITATION uses it for the record you got into the TV show before any
00:13:17no no no for the book %HESITATION okay and I became you know so starved right only show when I I watch a lot of TV and likes to realize that the only show I like binge the first two days there out like I'm done role I was so
00:13:29desperate for more Bosch content that I started reading the books anybody getting there Netflix Amazon Amazon prime and went out for a lot of people spending near billions of dollars for you to know that fact and yeah and yeah we don't know shame on them yeah more bus
00:13:42that more about yeah my dishwashers Bosch so you know like a home and their pairs are good too yeah legally named after his because by Harry but his name the character names Hieronymus Bosch %HESITATION really like just like the artists like not like boxes the nineties and my
00:14:01mother named me yes a print of the painting el ham fisted metaphor about punishment just right all right let's get into the events that are taking place right now so the cabin are hearing is on going and it got very contentious I guess would be one way of
00:14:20putting it Wednesday night was spicy night yeah and then his interaction with Camelot Heris felt a little like the conversation between Jules and Brett at the beginning of pulp fiction yeah check out the big brain on Brett Brad Brad yeah sorry their single mother **** do you speak
00:14:40yes %HESITATION yes he got **** grilled and again we've seen something throughout this entire hearing that clearly there a lot of documents that haven't been made public because they probably show Brett Kavanaugh eyes capacity to lie to the Senate or like to other people or just do just
00:14:57generally %HESITATION oak yeah just gently under handed **** to get whatever it needs to just to get **** done which isn't new but again if you're trying to put someone as because to be a lifetime appointee or lifetime position in the Supreme Court these are things we should
00:15:11know us so yes this is from %HESITATION Wednesday night when canelo Harris was basically anyway this she knows something that %HESITATION we don't know and he signed a note as well in a really for yeah yeah so do you know about how can you just tell me what
00:15:27you're yeah just what I just said listen to this a quick little exchange and tell me to give you the tingles the law from one is have you ever just as special counsel Mahler or his investigation with anyone well it's %HESITATION in the news every day I have
00:15:45you discussed it with anyone %HESITATION with other judges I now %HESITATION have you discussed Miller or his investigation with anyone at castle it's Bentsen and tore as the law firm founded by mark castle it's president trump's personal lawyer I be sure about your answer Sir Lou on Wall
00:16:10I'm not remembering but if you have something you wanna are you searching you've not had a conversation anyone at that law firm has with its position San San which is the law firm founded by mark castle with who is president trump's personal lawyer are you have you had
00:16:31any conversation about Robert Muller or his investigation with anyone at that firm yes Sir now user person you're talking I'm asking you a very direct question yes or no he I I need to know the up I'm not sure I know everyone who works at the law firm
00:16:51but I don't think you need to I think you need to know who you talked with who you talk to I don't think I I I'm not remembering what I'm I'm happy to the refresher if you wanna tell me who your things are you work I are you
00:17:04saying that with all that you remember you have impeccable memory you've been speaking for almost eight hours I think March with this committee about all sorts of things you remember how can you not remember whether or not you had a conversation about Robert Muller or his investigation with
00:17:22anyone at that law firm I don't resignation is only been going on for so long Sir so right now I'm not sure I just enjoy it I I'm just trying to think too I know anyone works that for my my no Eddie had it that's not my question
00:17:34my question is have you had a conversation with anyone at that from about that investigation to really specific question I would like to know the person you're thinking of because the way I want to know what you know yeah he's saying my goodness and he's doing that thing
00:17:50where she clearly is holding an email probably looking at it right now we're here there's a conversation happening or evidence of a conversation between him and some of someone act has which is a law firm and he's trying to be like well why don't you say the thing
00:18:04that's confidential that you can I know you can't say right and it's like little what I've I mean people word by you know I watch that clip this morning and people were like oh man she ripped him apart like what %HESITATION embarrassing like squirmy thing to me I
00:18:17was like well she's just saying the name of a law firm and like those big law firms is probably like nine hundred named young nine seven hundred people that write two hundred partners so that the idea that like you know she knows about him being you know in
00:18:33a room or like our over email having like a conversation he shouldn't be having with right like clearly he has done it but he's just like I I I I just don't know if it was stolen from outlaw them we had a lot of bad things I'm just
00:18:44on track and some of that law firm well it's mark has with his law firm whose trump's attorney really it's like what where they discussing something about like Hey were if you were to become Supreme Court justice how do you think you would rule on this or in
00:18:58your %HESITATION position as a judge how do you see this like what's the what's the legal maneuvering we could do to help the president now we don't know if that's what the substance of their conversation is but to your point Max the cats with Bentsen towards they have
00:19:12three hundred fifty words at all locations but their DC office is a block from the White House and that the DC office only has seven lawyer so it probably makes sense for someone who is in the beltway that area doing business or having conversations with you with a
00:19:27law firm it's probably one of seven people %HESITATION and then Mike Lee from Utah I came in like %HESITATION there's so many lawyers all over the earth that how could he possibly lawyers don't wear a bad yeah ray should and that's another thing I'd like to bring up
00:19:41regulation where but it was one of those moments too where this happened even yesterday with you know Cory Booker talking about I have an email about really racial profiling I think that we need to discuss and there's a lot of these things that are being obscured by the
00:19:54Republicans on this Senate Judiciary Committee that we're just kind of not getting our answers to and and that's why people like Cory Booker the league stuff right well there's all these documents that are they're calling committee confidential documents that I just assumed because everyone was referring to them
00:20:10by that term that that was just the thing that always happens with Supreme Court nominees but it's not no this is on president yeah this is unprecedented they just released a bunch of documents to the senators but wouldn't let the public see them and the only time they
00:20:25would do that typically is if there was like national security issues at stake but yeah that's not the case here it's just basically like emails are gonna look really bad yeah %HESITATION or give proof that you did lie to the Senate before rears past and you know they
00:20:40they get in this is why it's become so underhanded night that's why we're thinking oh well Booker is out here saying like I don't care if I have to leave the Senate like I'm gonna **** drop these emails out of nowhere because the people deserve to know now
00:20:53what a way to announce a one hundred percent of the Senate Republicans alright guys so I need to be president %HESITATION but I think it's it is important too because even a centered her own %HESITATION from whole why also tweeted some confidential stuff to our committee confidential and
00:21:07then you know can we also against yet another really great line of questioning to %HESITATION Brett Kavanaugh too because they moved on to talk about roe V. Wade and this is just a very simple exchange just to kind of you know understand that how many laws are there
00:21:21that actually govern the male body can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body with the tape broken I know that's real intolerance on more specific question more specific male versus female there are %HESITATION medical procedures let me
00:21:47get that the government has the power to make a decision about a man's body thought you're asking about medical procedures that are unique to that and I kind of of %HESITATION that's really the question can you think of any long getting a not incidentally implanted powers about the
00:22:03mail I heard about this one guy I'm not a I'm not a mile thinking of any right now center okay that was just another fun moment where I means calendars also she's she's also running to the IRS is biding a really great job and yeah it is all
00:22:18I love it yeah I'm I'm loving how just because if you guys have to watch the video you'll see that the footnotes %HESITATION but her face is so is so like mmhm that's what you got and he is there is there a few moments that it reminded me
00:22:30of being like a teenager or my mom would like so did you smoke weed this weekend and I'm I what know which I'm not sure are you sure you find a joint or so yeah this is like maybe what are these zigzags and I'm like oh **** like
00:22:44you were saying and I had them or like I did I get away with but yeah I mean again it's it's the fireworks are going off and it shows you too because the protesters are not stopping and you really understand that this is a really really important moment
00:22:58because now we have a person who is so clear there's so many question marks around how fit they are to be a Supreme Court justice and we're not really getting the entire picture of like who they are as a person keep in mind too he also said some
00:23:10cities like you know I'm from I think you made a statement about how he was from %HESITATION a city that was played by gun in game drug violence he was raised in Bethesda Maryland %HESITATION and if you don't know much about the air Bethesda Maryland is not you
00:23:23know is not with the it's not the the Baltimore projects a rich suburb of DC yes actually it and the school that he went to Georgetown prep has a lot of **** literal golf course on campus some having tried your high school in of a golf course ****
00:23:38no offense to maybe is and firing range of Baltimore like if you write to shoot a rifle in the air to specific Rabelais red lantern you're about violence but I wouldn't say Bethesda Maryland is plagued by that rather set up to but that's the bagels out there love
00:23:53your wife this out yeah %HESITATION white fish great part of the country there's nothing wrong no yeah but it shows you how this man is willing to obscure facts to either make himself look like he's more in touch with the realities of today or whatever is constant harping
00:24:08about being a basketball coach yeah we that is still an open offer yeah he will play one two one two %HESITATION if you such a good basketball coach yes two one two game to eleven ones and twos or if he can pick any of the girls from his
00:24:22fourth grade basketball team I play two one five to two one five twenty five points we give up you have a disk will play the fifteen they have ten points already okay two one five eight foot rims yeah a foot ram %HESITATION I'm **** smashing I'm gonna ****
00:24:38tomahawk on all these kids are going out with a ball by like six year olds this weekend thank you and I don't I'm not to talk to try bringing power to a finesse game and I I got my I got it handed to me for exactly that reason
00:24:53you seen you two videos of people doing like this in the keys with football pictures all my god because that ball move yeah it's wild how they're like professional with full and your they're moving in ways you like I can't know when it's like one of those hot
00:25:07dogs it's like the spiral yeah it seems like the protesters speaking of the protesters earlier that it seems like they got lessons on like projection for some microphone yes towards my real because now you can actually hear what they're saying yeah be a hero vote no yeah I
00:25:24heard a lot yeah they did a good job with that one and a couple of other things there there's some documents being leaked today saying that seem to indicate that he's perjured himself before under oath Cavanah having to do with his knowledge of the warrantless surveillance programs he
00:25:41said he found out about them when the New York Times reported on them in two thousand five and there is a two thousand one email that he wrote to somebody about those are you December Reynolds yeah bird and what it is Burt Reynolds all the senator Byrd anyway
00:25:59just bought his autobiography a couple years ago %HESITATION really ready I was very excited to yeah not eighty two there is a well **** I'm sorry to digress %HESITATION well you know the thing about break have another two is he's been a life he's a he's a political
00:26:17operative yet with a law degree you know so he's not one of these people who's like sitting in the Ivory lot tower just you know thinking about law all the time he's a **** works for the bride he does with the party knees and he's managed to break
00:26:31his way up to the point that now he can be considered for being a Supreme Court justice so I don't think anything you know I think some people believe that %HESITATION well you know he might do right or whatever but his record shows he does what needs to
00:26:45be done in the name of the party when you guys feel about the idea that he's like the best we're gonna get I'm from my god Republican controlled White House I don't know about I mean I think it's weird because if we lived in a place again I
00:27:00have to even like answer the question by like living in a time that we don't any rock and roll when we used to you would think that Merrick garland would get a **** hearing because now we're just dealing with stolen Supreme Court justice so poignant that I'm like
00:27:14I guess but I don't know I think everything will feel like a violation %HESITATION ever sure yeah but I mean yeah Amy Coney bear and I don't know how much better that would have been but I think it's the right it would have been easier I think for
00:27:25her to get confirmed because they don't have to hide and I think that's what they were always saying right McConnell's I'd be like well I think are you know %HESITATION yeah my my colleague because he knew they would have to hear a lot of **** I mean I
00:27:37was I I I guess I just like I'm all for like stopping the hearings on account of like we have a president that's like facing imminent possible indictment and right is that is specific constitutional crisis or whatnot like we shouldn't be confirming one and it feels like that
00:27:54and maybe I'm not as informed enough it feels like that the the the the Democrats are trying to make both arguments that like we should have this hearing right now for a handful of reasons but also we're gonna stop this justice from being confirmed on his own merits
00:28:08or lack of or whatever and it feels like a complicated two pronged what's because they don't know which argument right no work right yeah you know yeah as they can either shame Chuck Grassley constantly in this **** stain on whatever legacy has left but like you know they
00:28:23think well maybe we can shame him into seeing the light and the other ones like well this should be happening anyway there's so many things wrong with it that yeah that's what I even have trouble articulating why this is such a bad thing but yeah I would run
00:28:35the service you can have someone who is clearly with everything that's coming out is unfit to be president making decisions to like completely change the Supreme Court right for a generation guy that is specifically on record has the opinion that sitting presidents can't be yeah right now indicted
00:28:50or whatever yeah and I mean that's when McConnell said he has too much of a paper trail trump ignored that fact for a reason yeah of all of the extremely extremely right wing candidates he was the one who was on record saying like I got you yeah you
00:29:08know I guess days ago isn't this is maybe the best Supreme Court justice that the federalist society right in the heritage foundation yeah could approve right %HESITATION but I feel like if this if business were normal and we were just like in sourcing that stuff to those interests
00:29:20gross for sure yeah like I'm they could easily find someone I just hung over the range of that yeah that would make us angry yeah you know they would pick rests all right we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back my father is Keith hunter just
00:29:40percent he's known as the happy face serial killer the moment I walked in the house I felt like I wasn't alone that I was being watched in every room just person says he left the body in the Columbia gorge been cleaned up his house wash the %HESITATION carpet
00:30:00watch the blood off the walls when I could eventually painted the walls of the house all of them and I said I was being touch dad I'm something was touching me and he said oh don't pay any attention to them they bother me all the time at night
00:30:20happy face a new series from howstuffworks September twenty eighth on apple podcast or wherever you get cast yeah so and we're back and let's talk about the anonymous op ed in The New York Times the what so have you heard about this in the okay so a high
00:30:58ranking White House official has taken the drastic step of the you know reporting that they are in a perpetual state of like a soft coup where they just protect us and the president from his worst inclinations and that there were whispers of the twenty Fifth Amendment early on
00:31:20a soft coup is the sound the pigeons make brings it has yeah so they're exactly it's it's kind of nice white noise and so I mean this is kicked off %HESITATION full on game of clue in the White House where people are like examining the language the writer
00:31:38uses the word load star %HESITATION which is kind of a weird and specific words that %HESITATION apparently vice president pence has used multiple times in the past and he is probably the person who would have the most to gain if trump left office but probably also he used
00:31:56it most on speeches that were like spelled phonetically with pictograms whatever else right yeah that's very true but apparently lode star is a piece of military terminology so could also be any of the hundreds of people who have military backgrounds who yeah because that title that they use
00:32:14describe a senior aides could just be like hundreds of people yes so it's %HESITATION yeah I think it's a it's a large group could be nobody it could be a some right and if one is we should be very excited that %HESITATION unelected career bureaucrats famously the jealous
00:32:29people shatter running the right that's kind of chose to move to DC at twenty one right it seems like that's what they were expecting or based that that seems to be how people took the intention of the op that is that they just want to credit for the
00:32:48fact that they are doing the right thing I feel like there are plenty of cynical ways that this could be viewed though either you know as somebody first of all like planting word specifically to implicate other people yeah I I don't know why like internal politics yeah and
00:33:05the staff yeah they get yeah it's a speech writer fired right and also I mean this is coming out I mean this was submitted last week but it is hitting at the same time as the Woodward book which you know has a bunch of specific names talking ****
00:33:19about the president so if you're behind one of those people you had some sense that this book was coming out that was going to make somebody in front of you look bad and then you've planted an op ed that seemed like it was could have been written by
00:33:34them or just to like further infuriate the president that I don't know it is weird that we're just kind of take them at their word and well yeah like on one side I know like a lot of liberal people like all that's **** dope man like that glad
00:33:48they're people trying to do it on the other hand to you can look at me like this is also kind of terrifying to that %HESITATION yeah that I said you know people that felt the former no I think the the initial reaction I sort of like holy ****
00:34:00man yeah like **** stop this guy or whatever because on this survey hello state yeah because I'm like you know when you hear about military like generals being like yeah they told me to do something but **** that I'm not gonna do it which makes sense because you
00:34:13they know of when their military expertise like to take orders from the president when he sang like yeah let's just execute heads of state or whatever do things like that that that is completely bonkers **** but at the same time when you hear about like the military not
00:34:27taking orders from like the president like that can slowly turn into some other kind of military coup problem but not that that's that's not really not sort of big this is such a bizarre case because you have someone who is doing things that are completely out of their
00:34:40normal and completely divorced from the reality of that like the diplomatic situation or whatever the actual world situation is that it's hard to sort of look and go like all this is **** up it's kind of unnerving yeah I mean that that seem to be as much like
00:34:55to be one thing if they were just like we think this guy makes not sensible decisions that are uninformed so we're doing our best to keep things level headed because he's impetuous or whatever but it seemed to be kind of shadow saying like we believe this man has
00:35:11some form of dementia or dissociative right like degenerative disease of the brain but don't worry we're gonna like keep things running until he you know his head explodes or he's indicted war %HESITATION someone else's elected and it feels like that is actually specifically what that twenty Fifth Amendment
00:35:27as for right like rather than just being like we disagree and he's a bad guy right right it's Matt yeah I mean miles you're saying kind of this could be viewed as a cry for help to Congress right is there just not doing their job this is for
00:35:41real right Congress should be like hold the **** up there are people in the cabinet or in the White House who are just out there being like you know this guy he's Coley on fit you would call them and be like please tell us about what's going on
00:35:55at the White House bread please tell me what you know what you have seen because as part of the Congress we can check the presidential power and if they're if this person is that on fit we need to know so we can do what we can to whether
00:36:08impeach that or just figure out bring to light what is actually going on right again that I don't think I think the person who wrote this op ed like who are the if they really felt like this who are they going to go to in Congress right there's
00:36:20actually before Kavanaugh's confirm that yeah like whatever whatever suddenly out of nowhere righteous action that might happen yes not gonna happen until they get their supplies and though there so many trump hacks in in Congress that you who do you know you can trust us tell that to
00:36:34and they don't they don't immediately go to last but Hey this guy just said this yet right you need figure this out but I think that that could be the other thing too because I think part of the same like the people need to come together to and
00:36:44maybe that's us putting pressure on Congress now to like really look into this more but with everything that we read even just the last three days like with the the Woodward excerpts in excerpts and now this you think that Congress should be like it sounds like this guy
00:37:00is really **** up as if we didn't know that already but now like how are they gonna hide and completely abandon their responsibility to actually have any kind of power to look at the presidency and see like okay we need to look at this little bit and figure
00:37:14out what to do there is the New York times profile of Paul Ryan a couple weeks ago where he basically expressed a similar thing where he was thinking of himself as sort of the last line of defense because he was saying man you guys have no idea how
00:37:30bad like how many catastrophes I've averted right like essentially like a bad way worse right I could've been way worse like I'm here to prevent the president from ending the world it seems like that's how everybody on all sides is thinking and I mean yeah maybe this person
00:37:47is just trying to bring it to a head in some way because there's no way that they wrote this and thought trump wouldn't have a reaction yeah yeah right %HESITATION and so much of like I feel like right wing use of the media is like to communicate with
00:38:03or provoke him specifically in a way that you can enter yes to face meeting but why yeah headlines and that is how you get to him so it's like what do they want out of him you know like and and him calling like is this treason or like
00:38:16The New York Times like I'm gonna demand them legally that they tell me or it's like I don't know where that goes yeah right well the people think maybe like if maybe could be done again because he has a knack for getting things out there and this could
00:38:30also serve as a distraction from Kavanaugh's hearings which are going that great bread and now everyone's gonna be like who's the op ed right to is this op ed %HESITATION you know like and and because you know dom again is close friends with Brad Cavanaugh and the people
00:38:44have seen it as a distraction to that people have seen it as a right wing way of getting people to believe in this deep state conspiracy even more that there is like this other government working against trump to but at the very least we can see that the
00:38:58dysfunction has reached a fever pitch read but again it's like one of those things man we've been knowing how bad this is and how awfully this the administration's been running that I guess maybe it's just to get Congress to run out of like rhetorical defenses of as to
00:39:13why they don't need to investigate the press or why they don't impeach him be like I'm sorry I I I have an op there's an op ed from people in the White House saying like help this thing is melting down right yeah and you still not going to
00:39:23anything resins Amin yeah then your time's credibility has been so well called into question in an ad that sort of fake trump actualized fake news way that I feel like there it's not very hard for them to just be like you know than your tender fees to say
00:39:36the name we don't believe this is real right right yeah yeah so I mean the idea of normalization could be raised in relation to basically every trump story that we're talking about we're have talked about the past month right on this podcast but I was listening to this
00:39:51park has rational security that's hosted by a bunch of you know professors and %HESITATION analysts and experts on national security and who've worked their whole careers in the national security apparatus and they were just marveling over the fact that trump openly called for sessions to stop going after
00:40:11people who are loyal to trump and like pushing him to go after Democrats because it's bad for the Republicans in the lead up to the mid term right and they were just saying like that's just text book corrupt yeah that's like what if this was on some secret
00:40:30tape of him telling his Attorney General stop going after my people go after these other people because it it's better for me personally then it would be grounds for impeachment because he does it on Twitter and we're so used to him just tweeting the wildest **** ever that
00:40:49like it just doesn't even register like know what they were saying like nobody even wrote about the fact that he did that right yeah because it's just been like %HESITATION here you go because that's how I was saying like you're in a baby's whining again yeah when it's
00:41:01not like the president is trying to **** meld town that the Republic the president profoundly doesn't understand how law rowdy were right and yeah I think that's how you really reproaching yeah it's true dummy needs a nap yet there is this article in the New York review of
00:41:19books this it was about global warming that is talking about the fact that I'll just read the quote the great Dutch writer and historian gear to mock once told me that in nineteen thirty three the Dutch newspapers were full of stories of the threat of Nazism yet by
00:41:33nineteen thirty eight those same papers were all but silent on the subject sometimes it seems threats to our future becomes so great that we opt to ignore them and also I think it's like sometimes it's just you get tired of a story or you just get used to
00:41:49the story like the temperature in the room gets heightened to a point that you don't even really notice when Blake a certain line is crossed cooking lobsters in cold water right right exactly %HESITATION returning yeah I don't always frogs they that you don't you don't eat fries for
00:42:05that way yet lobster is what you would cook that way rest yeah I then I think that's what also makes me think too you know like maybe the Republicans do know that the clock is ticking for trump and they do know that something probably gonna go down and
00:42:18then this is the Cavanaugh thing is just the last thing they're going to get out of this is just to get him confirmed it like that's another reason why I feel like they've had that feeling though for eighteen months and that they are just like people at a
00:42:30casino in one of those like cash grab things with the wind tunnel where they get a minute to like one spot likely keep adding time to it right like this is insane there's now just twenties kind of buried in the corner I got most of them but like
00:42:43I'm I'm not gonna stop grabbing the right money Israel they let me out but all my god like yeah given the time and with regard specifically to the sessions trust relationship just a year ago Lindsey Graham was saying it would be the beginning of the end of trump's
00:42:59presidency if he fired sessions and now he sees that Tweedy sees no one's responding to it now he's saying well he deserves an Attorney General he can trust so yeah he's just like well a firearm after after Cavanah gets approved handles gonna Lindsey and apparently Lindsey Graham was
00:43:16on some show yesterday saying %HESITATION sort of laying out a more detailed ground work for the firing of session saying that he bungled the family separations so %HESITATION I love that they don't give a **** but then they're like let's just plan on that guy right right will
00:43:30do we like the idea of of the checkout separation but then let's just act like we don't and then yeah Jeff sessions from a PR standpoint it wasn't handled as well as it should have right summer camps them as they were saying on fox or it all right
00:43:44we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back hi I'm Daniel and I'm in we're here to tell you all about our brand new podcast Daniel Jorge explain the universe in this podcast gonna talk about a lot of things mostly about physics and the universe and all
00:44:11those big mystery science is a lot of things left to figure out even pretty basic stuff like what is space what is time what is stuff made out of which movie gets time travel right that's an important question scientist are we alone in the universe what is a
00:44:27black hole anyway what's inside of that's what it is but it's mostly me and Jorge riffing on stuff we find fun and fascinating and look for Daniel Jorge explain the universe will try to cover just about everything in the everything every dollar shipping the whole shebang from cats
00:44:46planets to black holes in twenty and we're back and so there's a story in the Wall Street journal a couple weeks ago about how Qatar is seeking to influence American policy now and basically they've realized that because we don't have a process driven institution running the country and
00:45:20instead we just have like a cult of personalities right yeah one ad olds megalomaniac that like they just need to get to people around him so they've spent thirteen million dollars lobbying people who they know just like hang out with him loving people at Mar a Lago putting
00:45:37op ed pieces where she might see them it's basically the equivalent of putting billboards up in his island right you know or he might see because the it says that's how predictable this yeah it's just like he's the guy and right this is a corrupt authoritarian style government
00:45:58so we just need to like get in front of him somehow and so they paid for Alan Dershowitz who has no like official role other than like dude trumps talks to a lot of rain and the guy who just makes of cool legal theories to be like I
00:46:13know he's cool yeah yeah they flew him to Qatar and he wrote a positive op ed about them in the hill and then was like when it was discovered that this is all part of a lobbying effort he was like if I had known that they were doing
00:46:30this because they thought I would influence the president I would not have gone okay just like you know yeah because everywhere yeah because they've the Qatari board of tourism really need the Alan Dershowitz some **** hate to seal of approval the grade of the fuzzy thinking can't hang
00:46:47on Martha's vineyard anymore so he right like what's another place I can spend summers radar it will they be cool yeah gives dole high is the new Martha's that's what they say Mike Huckabee is also one of his friends that they're trying to influence girlfriend yes yeah funny
00:47:04dude I mean because they were also do you know flirting with the idea of the flu and shared some money to handle his debts to so right you've seen how Qatar's kind of entered the picture here in there %HESITATION to to try and get some influence but man
00:47:16this is so like I guess the game is so elementary that you know the tactics here just like to just get him to get to him through his friends right yank out like they think any person starting out trying to figure out how to infiltrate something like I
00:47:29guess I can get through their friends like I if you if you like a sound cloud rapper and you're trying to get your **** mixtape heard you like who's drinking out with all right I'm hang outside the apple musically offices and I'm offer some every person out there
00:47:41fifty Bucks to take my mixtape just to take it you know I mean it's the same sort of the logic is very simple he explained how in a catering job at like a studio heads daughters right button it's finally exacting a scratch on earth you know I do
00:47:56drive by this Billboard cut off and that just die has a picture of it due to the hat on and it just says at jazz fusion and it says like I will entertain you and like I keep at first I was like who is that this is quite
00:48:07right like it's such a told Billboard I and it's in a strange neighborhood that doesn't have a lot of billboards and then I was like I'm kind interested who stress in my chosen it seems like a good entertainment you know who might find out all men were given
00:48:19all this for you yeah and I might be mis remembering me I handle so don't worry you will have to pay me I'm trying to sign in basically twenty percent a standard %HESITATION so miles India has shoes made a huge staff huge move huge win yeah %HESITATION yes
00:48:38they finally basically did away with a colonial era law that criminalized same sex relations and deemed unconstitutional and section three sort of seventy seven was basically is one of the first colonial sodomy laws that was included in a post colonial penal code and then basically a lot of
00:48:57other countries like in Asia and Africa they kind of followed suit of like that same model of law so this not only has like reverberations for India but could have affects across the world because I think a lot of the times you know people were looking at homosexuality
00:49:12and things like that I'm like gender non conformity is like a foreign idea like that that's something from the west or whatever right and now that this is being codified in the laws it's they're no longer you can target sexual minorities and that that is a crime it
00:49:26is illegitimate so that is a very big step forward for LGBTQ people not just any of the many countries so yeah slate puts it it basically dismantles argument that LGBTQ people and rights are quote form and if India can move past it's going to legacy entry it's LGBTQ
00:49:43citizens with respect and dignity why not other countries and so true that so yeah really nice to see that happening this world is progressing in some places India's Supreme Court yellow who wouldn't own turns out that's an important job I guess I guess I mean they must get
00:49:59it we'll see whatever %HESITATION so finally there's been sort of a a piece of common accepted wisdom that if a Starbucks shows up in your neighborhood that's assigned the gentrification is coming for yeah but people have gotten more sophisticated about how to figure out if gentrification coming for
00:50:20you and it's actually the after the website yelp yeah is the best way to track you know before I think everyone is you like old there's a Starbucks here comes are you just knew that was like the seal of approval like okay now this place is about to
00:50:33public hipsters are wealthy white people about to move in but now a lot of Harvard economist in people over the Harvard Business School they're saying like yelp is way better because it's like a constantly updated data set that isn't like will government statistics that people normally use because
00:50:47you can see there's a new business what's the business what are the reviews are they complain about the price to people like it things like that and they found that you can follow that or you're no good that you can follow the different communities like having disagreements on
00:51:00new business as being like some it's not necessarily like what they believe but just the fact that in a moment you can find what the new businesses arrive in general and if like if people are saying it's too expensive or whatever yeah but I guess it is yelp
00:51:13allow you to like use that have that data if you like you what if you could somehow plug in to the AP I like show me every I don't know if it's opened in this radius or some I'm sure or something they figured out to just have like
00:51:24%HESITATION what were the what was the sequence of businesses entering this specific zip code or whatever and well and then they can put that next to property value information see what happens I mean if they're smart that's how they're making all their money is selling that to the
00:51:38Harvard Business School or whoever the **** wants to be Iraq on yelp the percentage of laptops in coffee shops serving you but please you know the neighborhood is change right actually %HESITATION but they say like yeah for some of the Starbucks K. predicted extra point five four percent
00:51:54rise in local home prices but they found that that's true of all cafes but then they found other businesses that actually the show even greater increases in home prices and that's %HESITATION predictably wine bars %HESITATION Flores or convenience stores and barbers at the top is laundromats but even
00:52:13they research is like disregard that because we look at a lot in New York City stuff and obviously laundromats we're constantly going up so that's not necessary the best indicator but yeah barbers can be in stores force wine bars lets you know you know with further values are
00:52:27it's crazy to me that laundromats specially in New York can and do stay in business like it so much real estate for like a business that is quarter based you know like it's a lot of square footage for like I've never said would see more than ten people
00:52:43or whatever you know writing and these hours and hours always always so much yeah anyway I don't have anything about yeah just curious I wonder those margins are razor thin yeah and there's just profitable enough from here is there is that expose only do it for the love
00:53:00along his that expose on nail salons in New York City where they were like oh these women are being treated like human like slaves basically like they're treated paid nothing and like just really feel like **** and that makes sense because now also on the New York are
00:53:18like one of the just insanely good prices for stuff the anywhere else it costs you know like yeah forty dollars for it because like five dollars in New York and everyone's like wait house list right possible and somebody actually follow through on their own as we near right
00:53:33now writer I feel like at any time you have a question how can this be so cheap rate there's could easily track right ready pretty logical answer at the right of that road yeah **** what was it like laundromats though what no I was just sell **** it's
00:53:50true that's Lee place in piles houses yeah it's true the I. phones it's true with electronics today are like so much cheaper left or anything like any of these things just like how it was only cost me it's nine dollars to write and spend an hour exactly in
00:54:04traffic we've both lived in New York City yet has there been a time when you're like god damn it was to the laundromat closer and then one popped up in like thank **** god like is it like is that the situation with I mean because I know you
00:54:15know most people I know in New York don't have laundry in their units road building so they rely laundromats but is that like a thing that is constantly like being like when is that going to be in my neighborhood in Brooklyn the laundromats were like the oldest business
00:54:27yes in the right that's why I was interested by you saying I mean I'm opening I mean perhaps in like a neighborhood that doesn't have store I never lived in a neighborhood that was like bearing and became not bearing right even in like you know less affluent neighborhoods
00:54:39I was in I was like the oldest things I watched other stuff open but like laundry mat was like constant yeah with ray one yeah that makes sense why they pry just like don't ignore that like blunder match just come and go because that's just the nature of
00:54:51the game Breyer but then there was that delivery laundry services became very big while I was in I was in New York was I like washi %HESITATION and stuff like that this is my local laundromat would like deliver your laundry to years and years ago this was a
00:55:05very inefficient service where the address you could like you know on demand a driver to pick it up and then it became clear like %HESITATION you're just taking these to like other laundromats doing them and bring them back yeah and yeah but like putting a fancy logo on
00:55:17the bag in giving rap that says %HESITATION I wanna delivered at you know the time and all this stuff and like they give did they do your laundry by the pound I believe a date that's almost laser yeah when I to fly from for those just weigh it
00:55:33and I from the for something him okay right I mean I well when I was like on the road this last year like sometime to be somewhere and be like well I have to do laundry or same day at a laundromat where I but I don't have time
00:55:44to like wait there right and they'd be like oh we we can't do it you only have four pounds a laundry we have a ten pound minimum and I be like well how much is ten pounds and they be like three dollars you know it's all ahead again
00:55:55dollars yeah oh my god okay money back yeah you were on tour for awhile with any particular places parts of these United States that you particularly liked or disliked it was all very nice idea I mean that sounds we played a lot of fun city like there's a
00:56:13certain like not like %HESITATION Chicago New York LA like lot of cities like Cincinnati and Cleveland in Louisville in Memphis all have like an old beautiful historic theaters that as the city is sort of specifically and business wise bounced back after perhaps of lower post industrialization period there
00:56:33now I called renovated and fun and it's like yeah we cool going to these theaters that some of the maybe they've only been open for you know twenty years but then a like a hundred years ago this was the biggest movie theater and all of you now Louisiana
00:56:46and had all this history it was just really really cool sing cities there there's a lot of cool cities in the middle Louisville was awesome mobile Memphis and tastic yeah methods have haunted bar that I went to really I don't know how you measure this but right if
00:56:59you Google most haunted bar in America one in Memphis yeah yeah it's like every ghost hunter is like %HESITATION it's off that goes charts or whatever it's it's a dive bar in the first floor and then the second floor is just like these weird good creepy horror movie
00:57:15rooms not in like a stage managed way just being like this used to be a bordello there's bad vibes up there we keep red light bulbs grow up and it's like no this is this is genuinely area yeah yeah before they just blaming food poisoning on ghosts no
00:57:29no time sorry I think I think they're shooting and I know this is a haunting the not your cheese or whatever yeah %HESITATION Max it's been great having you ma'am where can people find you follow you see you I'm at Max Silvestri S. I. L. V. E. S.
00:57:46T. R. I. on social media and also %HESITATION yet the comedy line apart to Miami is up now on Netflix dot com we go thanks for having a flex dot com it yeah out you know watching on your device please only one on the website on your laptop
00:58:00not maximized like a in a small window is there tweet you've enjoyed of late you know you asked me about that and I was like well I haven't enjoyed Twitter and don't you know nine months but %HESITATION one of mine he's a friend and comedy writer I love
00:58:17him no a Garfinkel he's very smart about politics but also keeps I feel like he's very silly and just he tweeted this week %HESITATION Woodward and bird seed was like that is what Twitter should be for anything else I don't need to hear so Woodward and birds eat
00:58:31their eight miles yeah working people find you %HESITATION you can find me on Twitter and Instagram at miles of gray what's it to you this is from a doctor he's his love there again advise women still clinging to time boyfriend made spaghetti six months ago %HESITATION because my
00:58:53goodness if you've been in the immature relationship and I've been %HESITATION immature man in a relationship when you play back like what about that thing I did six months ago that's a very real way %HESITATION that I've tried to rationalize lack of engagement or relation but I have
00:59:09one %HESITATION tweet the producer on a hose Nate just shared with us %HESITATION from Dan sinker that I've been enjoying is fix the title and then they changed the title of the op at on the New York times they banned Muslims and like children cages and I was
00:59:25cool with it so I stayed quiet for when I realize my **** talk to Bob Woodward was about to **** me I wrote the sternly worded out that %HESITATION little boy will wait till I wonder when that's going to happen and if there are what the person does
00:59:39when it comes out but she also hero like yellow brothers Hey some dumb **** on my you can follow me on Twitter Jack underscore o'brien you follow us at daily zeitgeist on Twitter at the dailies like ice on Instagram with Facebook fan page and website dailies like I
00:59:57start come where costar episode than our foot note relate goes to the information that we talk about today's episode as well song we write out on you can also in the information about the episode on whatever device you were listening to this song miles what song are we
01:00:13reading on my cat with the op ed and just all the intriguing all the the Woodward fear everything is just so would word of it all one word of it all man I just know that trump is I hear all these people are trees in this and I
01:00:24know he's he should be bumping this track by the o'jays backstabber because they smile and in your face and all the time they want to take your place has their backstabber so you know be strong man because your time is probably coming so yeah this %HESITATION Jay's backstabber
01:00:41alright so enjoy that one Mr trump and the rest of you were gonna right into the weekend on that we will be back next week with season forty eight talking as then by yeah what they do what they do do miles yeah Jack from America yes you do
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