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My name is Dr. Julian Hosp or just Julian. My videos are about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain and crypto currencies in general, to avoid scam, rip-off and fraud especially in mining. I'm talking about how you can invest wisely and do it rationally and simply. My ultimate goal is to make people all around the world #CRYPTOFIT. I.E fit for this new wave of decentralization and blockchain. Have fun!
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00:00:13Sum 41 welcome to today's video I hope the song quality has been solved and it's getting better I just got back to Asia yesterday and so I hope the internet is good I hope the sound is a bit better I'm trust me I'm going to get my best salads are a friend of mine was a large crypto YouTube a large YouTuber in Germany advised me on a microphone that I could use a little headset I ordered that so let's see how that's going to go and let's see how then the quality is going to go if you're coming in do me a quick favor. Make quick line where you coming in from where was interesting I think today we have a very important topic and we have this topic on crypto markets are going up crypto Market are we starting to Bull Run and I receive a lot of questions from people who say Hey listen
00:01:05antonian Market going up am I missing to Trend should I invest how much should I invest should I be going all-in and it's something I do want to cover today simply because well I think this can be quite dangerous and they can be a lot of opportunity and there can be a lot of danger so that is why I really want to talk about this and let's go straight away in which seen a big boom up it's been something that 2 weeks ago I posted what I said Hey listen I think it might be interesting right now to go into the markets and look at the meteor coming in could you also tell me how is the sound I hope the sound qualities of a better than in the past days I hope you let me know if it sounds good or if I have to adjust icon try to play around with the settings so you have it out and hopefully Crystal kind of sound so I think this will be good till 2 weeks ago I posted that I think we might have seen a bit of a bottom and markets are starting to go up and I also in bed
00:02:05said and I told some of you you know if you have some funds might also be interesting right now crypto Bitcoin to talk about the large markets Bitcoin hit around 9,000 and it's it's looking thanks so much to order set sounds good thanks so much I appreciate that I hope well yeah we're going to work on that so that's going to be important so Mark 9000 and it's quite interesting now I don't think that our bear downtrend that we started to see in December is over yet I think I'm Bitcoin would need to hit over 12,000 I am not a technical analyst. I just not me but this is just when I talk to some friends who are technical analyst and you know me I'm not someone who believes much in technical analysis especially in the short-term why do you think you can see you some college friends and you can see some resistance or as I think this is quite a relevant but I think they would need to push above 12000 break out this trend
00:03:05and let's hope this works and let's hope Bitcoin exotic reptiles have enough power however I still think the Bitcoins going to be the major kind of trendsetter here so I don't think the other coins can set a trend or can actually how are Bitcoin I personally don't think this short-term yes but long-term I don't think right now and you'll be all points have the power to go through so if we look at that have a long-term Trend Bitcoin would have to break out of the 12,000 to see some kind of see something some breaks and. That's one of the major thing to put this aside I really want to tackle this question should you be going all-in right now and if you just want to quit this video you just went out of short answer and you know you should actually never go out you should always consider that they are both option possible Bitcoin right now could have a massive run that we could shoot up to 50,000 straight away
00:04:05I don't think it's likely that we're going to go all the way through I think it's more likely Bitcoin is going to go higher now but Hey listen this or was this possible to get Bitcoin hats again and we see 5000 right I don't think this is likely but it's possible in this is really important in no asset class no matter what is this real estate stocks gold bonds or crypto whatever you want to invest in should you ever go all-in there's massive risk attached especially when you talk about something as volatile as crypto so if you're sick you're now and you have some money on the side and you think should you be investing then I think it is a good time to invest in crypto just as it was 2 weeks ago but don't go all and don't go all in with everything you have and don't go all in with everything you wanted a positive that's it just a hypothetical liquid capital I would probably go in around $1,000 and this is quite interesting for crypto and then
00:05:051000 and 500 on the side and put 500 in right now I think it makes a lot of sense right now so I put it in its 5% of the entire capital I think that's doable from the risk perspective right cheaper than 500 pick some large coins person you know me I have majority of my money in Bitcoin Eastern my own company tenx pay to get in DS3 I can trust the most I see to Leestown site for especially tenx pay you might not have the same kind of knowledge so you might want to focus on big one of these sir this is up to you if you want to pick some of the companies that you really trust way to pick light when you get all the coins that are big and and in serious you can always be able to put those in but that's completely up to you and then you have 500 in there now let's say the unlikely scenario occurs in Bitcoin 5 x 5 x 5 x is now the goes from its a 9000 to 4550 south
00:06:05play Beck said you would make 2500 2000 dollars that's quite good money if you can pay the $10,000 to give me twenty 30% which is really a lot on your total net worth by you can you can look at Warren Buffett Warren Buffett actually the reason you became such a prominent billionaire was because he made on average 22 30% per year that's all 20 to 30% but he made this 30 40 50 years maybe even more I think he made it over 70 years right just 17 years and 20% a year that's insane that's so much right so if this is your goal then what you going to do really well let's see the most likely scenario happens right so I don't think the markets going to go through right I don't think that I think I'm going to go up right now
00:06:51super aggressive but they going to go up to you going to have a second opportunity to put in the 500 the other $500 so I'm totally invested $1,000 I don't really good kind of Price Rite Supermarket might go up a bit might go down a bit if you feel there's a dick again you can put in the other $500 and then it kind of cost average in a bit so that's really important now here's the key the key is it highly volatile set you have to play as safe as possible in the best solution is wait wait until the market suck down again City more unlikely scenario I think right now but it's possible that's in a market go down again if you bought Bitcoin now with 9000 to take those down to 6,000 so we have a 33% club and you can investors and what's going to happen if you going to get a very nice cost at work and it's so you play it safe and then you can't even say it if you think the markets can go down and see why don't you triple so that's worth $333
00:07:51what is $32 I don't get you a really really really nice of you the example with that's a $10,000 I think if you also have it at a million dollars liquid you could do something very soon I still think with a million dollars I would probably put in its a hundred thousand on the side and that split that she would 50000 in right now and you keep the other 50 thousand and wait if it's because same car stereo 50,000 first of all you would go with most exchanges you can get the limits and you can you can have the nice interesting kind of relative back and forth one example do this and this one is one exception this one exception is pay attention this don't wish quote on your door
00:08:35miss behave no don't don't take this for yourself when you know exactly not yourself you just want this to be yourself if you want to really really really young for me Google youngest
00:08:49what were you still university university or you're still in college you probably 20 or even 18 19 or early twenties and your baby to taste five hundred or thousand or whatever save. That's all you have right now you might consider having a really long Horizon and Horizon means 5 or 10 years right really really long Horizon so I could have 7 to 10 years Horizon this makes a lot of sense consider investing all the $1,000 right now and just let it right so you basically right off the minute you invest this $1,000 you write off your like I'm blessed this I might never see it back and it's going to be a long shot this is important if you have a lot of money on the side and you're not willing to lose this kind of money I understand it may be right now 500 or
00:09:49$1 is a lot of money for you especially when you're younger however there will be a time hopefully where you make 500 or $1,000 you make this in your salary do you make this when you work on a weekly or maybe on a monthly basis right depending on what kind of job you have work depending on what kind of productivity you can itchy and this is a really important concept if you do this when you are older and I consider myself over there already over 30 not take that risk because many times you have other obligations you have a family if I don't think I would never go all in the window and obligation end of all productivity ahead of you you can't risk a hundred percent of your Capital if you capitalize quite swell because a $500,000 what is very difficult to save up booties early years because you don't have much else to get here still in the learning process but going forward $500,000 I quite easy to learn
00:10:49important if you have too much money and too much if you are a big short side of person would you like me to buy for $2 right now and like that don't do this. This is really really important it is only if you're insanely young and you still have the entire productivity ahead of you and you have a long-term loan because this is really important if you take this $1,000 right now and you can wait 7 to 10 years and you can wait a bit. It's important I see that there's some people who say hey thanks for what I've done and what I would do and don't have to live those last 15 years as well as my Prudential advisors just stuff that I don't think I would have got right to this is very important
00:11:49to take his $1,000 and you let it right you're right about the way that they invested and you let it right split it into two three large points right temporal concept but don't know what's going to happen but worst-case you can use the $1,000 chances are he's 10 years later let's hear 30 and you look back if I was a dollar snoozing yes it's hurtful and everyone hates losing $1,000 probably it's not going to be the end of your life right where they probably $1,000 10 x 20 x 100 x + 50000 or 100000 totally different ball game right that's really changes your life if you're 30 and you have $100,000 on the side when this can pay off your student loan just going to buy a new car it's going to be too down payment or I can buy you an entire apartment or even a house depending on where you live change your life
00:12:49only do is pay attention it's only do this if you're I don't know I don't teens or early twenties right and you can have a $500,000 and you can get this thing right this is the only time that I would personally invest all my money if I'm 32 I have that $10,000 I would never invest all of that money in the crypto split split into fantastic you going to be really really happy if it goes down like it did in the past 5 months you're not going to have bad dreams and this is something really really really important and you need to go and take this really rationally about this I cannot individually advise you what to do because I'm not allowed to advise anything in financial charts right I'm just telling you some experience on
00:13:49I approach certain things and what I do and if you think this absolutely crap and bullshit do it differently but think about it since it's kind of makes sense then applies to your life takes too much risk what does whiskey in itself but not sucking say upside I just saw that someone that hat that's how I bought ether at $7 that's how I bought you said $8 right I did buy it at 7 I bought it at 8 and I left this thing right and this is the power of it all when it gets really really interesting and that's my opinion what you should be doing so I hope they get you some you think in the comments below if you want have more of this if you want to be notified the next time ago like And subscribe to my channel collectible belly button and they interested to hear your opinion let me know what you think the market is going to ride for up going to go for the down I think always very interesting I'm trying to get better with my sound like when people tell me
00:14:49twins Brandis. Audio I hope I can get rid of that I don't want to have that sometimes it's always been difficult especially with all the traveling and old stuff I'm doing but trust me I want to give value and I want to help that asking yes we're going to German right afterwards so don't worry or was he was first we have to determine afterwards have a nice Sunday stay cool stay relaxed and thanks so much I'll see you at the next video of yours truly Julie and bite

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