AFTERBUZZ TV — The Crown edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Netflix’s The Crown. In this episode hosts Tehran Von Ghasri and Tsahai Wilson discuss season 1 episodes 9 & 10.

Based on an award-winning play (“The Audience”) by showrunner Peter Morgan, this lavish, Netflix-original drama chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) from the 1940s to modern times. The series begins with an inside look at the early reign of the queen, who ascended the throne at age 25 after the death of her father, King George VI. As the decades pass, personal intrigues, romances, and political rivalries are revealed that played a big role in events that shaped the later years of the 20th century.

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00:00:00we've come down to the crown episodes nine and ten right here stay tuned the destination for TV superfan discussion after about TV and am now left out but coming down it's coming down boiling down here we are around nine around ten the fight is almost over at least
00:00:25for season two of the crown and lays in German thank you so much for being here with us and what ever ginger you associate with me until you watching and teaching us as much as learning right here on the crown after show I am to run literally I
00:00:41am to run all across the board and I'm of course accompanied by the one and only son so high you can find me at say hi so hi this time will not be coughing because I feel that on both ends of course make sure to say hi so
00:00:54both of us not just her we also have to acknowledge that we're missing too we are missing two were missing a leaner and kia yes and unfortunately they could not be here with us today but they are with us in spirit in spirit and it's the spirit of
00:01:10the episodes that we want to talk about because episode nine patter familiars in episode ten mystery men had a lot of spirit a lot of heart and a lot of heartbreak starting with episode nine patter familiar we see Elizabeth the mother for the very first time not only
00:01:27because it's the first time we've seen her be a mother but I mean we see her mother this come out to the full yeah I mean we see Charles being bullied at school and she's concerned and I was really surprised at this reaction but this episode got me
00:01:42I I was all in my feelings this entire episode I very much was I can't I won't what look I can't live I there was parts there her parts I I think I cried I don't live the Wilson seen the fresh prince scene or is like what is
00:01:57it he won't be met yet that that I don't care that gets me I don't I don't even have a heart and so this was one of those it felt it wasn't to that degree at all let's say that so hardcore east I still I'm still yeah still
00:02:10you know going back to constantly a pick up video cameras but the concept is this was we learned a lot about Philip we learned a lot about Charles we had some foreshadowing of how trolls interacts with Diane I mean there's just a lot that goes on because Margaret
00:02:29I used to think that Philip was like the nurturing parent but I guess that dynamic change as trials grew older and Phil wanted him to be tougher and that's interesting why would you think that changed what did you feel like Philips relationship in interaction with Charles because we
00:02:44saw the scene where he is basically yelling at home yeah I know but in the beginning like in the early episodes Philip was always like the one playing with the kids jerking them and showing them love and affection market was a bit more standoffish here she was she
00:02:58was more vocal about what she wanted for her children and more showed more concern whereas Philip was the one giving Charles the tough love but it just to see kids in pain it just hurt my heart there's a difference looking tough love and no love and that's what
00:03:11Elizabeth felt was showing before is just a lack of love or there was a wall right but Philip I don't think that the tough love is necessarily not looks like it's not it's not an either or it's not tough and mean it's something and do you have brothers
00:03:26yeah I do and this is an interaction I feel like fathers have with their sons especially when they want to build them into what we as a society have traditionally seen as a man the site off strong man and that's all Philip wanted to mold him in the
00:03:38way he was mauled by this that's a funny thing I grew up with a single mom so to see this interaction between Elizabeth and Charles it reminded me of how mom's kind of sometimes baby their sons their their their kids and you know mothers and their sons there's
00:03:54a bond there that sometimes they're tougher on the daughters than they are with theirs there because they reflect exactly flex themselves see a concept I think and this is not just the concept of Charles may one day be king as I see in the news today where it's
00:04:09possible we also see its legacy children are our immortality right it is the way we continue to exist so every parent reflects on their own child and seize their own strengths and their own weaknesses project their own failure and sometimes they want their kids to be a little
00:04:24replica but sure Philip fail to understand Charles didn't have the same harsh life that he did harsh childhood so his experiences were different there for you know child didn't have a whole family that died in a car in a plane crash you know he didn't have a crazy
00:04:39mommy Adam more stable nurturing life so he did he did it and immediately have to grow up as quickly as well Phillips says this is not the real world true definitely than what he wants is Charles who is a strong man controls up till now has been a
00:04:56little bit of a wimp he's wimpy he doesn't like he's not wrong he's not as he's not physically strong but I think he was a smart kid you know he was able to write to his his uncle very clearly and expressed himself and he he did have opinions
00:05:10also like fourteen and the like he's not of me he's younger than that but well but you don't have to write yeah and I just I just understand what Charles was going through yet but I understand even more but Philip was going on what is a kid supposed
00:05:27to do like you're not naturally athletic you're kind of more of a nerd like you know those kids who play video games all day but really can't play basketball is like that so what do you suppose it is the only force yourself to be at level you're supposed
00:05:38to do when you are an NBA player and your son does that that's the tough that's where it comes down to and it comes to so we start out the episode with Elizabeth basically having a parent teacher conference with the headmaster and getting advice on what not advice
00:05:53he was like really urging her to not give a I'm going to go it was like living in odd you're right he'd like ivory leaping in the nicest way possible that he could but it was alright for him a cookie to soften the blow and it was not
00:06:09working out he's got difficulties are these not these different like yours assault we can call him son he's a it was hard to look to watch that scene it made me uncomfortable seeing them because also as a parent you don't want to hear negative things going on about
00:06:29your children but also I was like how aware are they about what's actually going on in school that you remind me of bullying today you know he was Charles was being bullied where people turning a blind eye to this over people listen of course bullying in nature is
00:06:43something we pay a lot of attention to now but isn't something is going on and at some point there is a dichotomy of is it bowling or is it right of passage right and that's and that's the thing we as a society it sometimes were too overly concerned
00:06:55and then other times were not concerned enough act and there's mostly when kids are recalled because sometimes people like all you're just a kid you don't know but I feel like you should always listen to what children tell you precisely with what's going on now exactly you like
00:07:09them listen to what you're getting my mom was always very vocal with me about her experiences good and bad and she never held anything back you know and that made me very aware as I grew up and I think a lot of parents fail to do that had
00:07:22Phillips said to Charles listen this sooner on before they got on the flight about talk to him about his family his pass and why he was the way he was I think Charles but I had a better frame of reference because he was an intelligent kid you know
00:07:35he was also polite and sweet and loving and those are attributes you want in a man true but at the same time you're coming from a different age were even saying I love you to your child is something we do all the time now or pay attention and
00:07:47this and that and it was time like growing up I had a father while he was working with some twice a year like the way love work like you do that you know I doubt you know dad loves you know you turn on the light right like work
00:08:00right like it was a concept of it's it's a different time a different age and now understand parenting a little different and tough love is something that we don't see as much but we also see participation trophies and a lot of people don't agree with that as well
00:08:13and that's something that Philip would have probably been very much against very much against and the concept is that Charles is is advised to change schools to Eton which is closer more suitable for hand I thought it was happening I saw him get that but book wardrobe Charles
00:08:31was very excited about the site is on hold because uncle Dick he was helping him out you know he he was happy and I like seeing him happy %HESITATION but then that that didn't pan out I thought I was like oh when Philip got involved Philip really put
00:08:47his foot down he put it down it was it was a done deal to the point where Elizabeth was scared she looked frightened by him are always use the word for allegedly was let's not allegedly terms I do say that I will say that Charles was very excited
00:09:04to go eat because was close and Elizabeth made a deal of how he could just come home and I think his own bad it was gonna be very comfortable and Philip wanted a very similar upbringing to his own and it started flashing back and forth yeah start flashing
00:09:20back and forth but Philip did put his foot down twice in the beginning says no and then the second time says no this was our deal break this and it's over I need so you think he meant it Philip wood of reality left that yes that would've been
00:09:35the last straw real especially because Elizabeth said you know he's the crown he's the king right he's different maybe the other children and fill up definitely heard those words and this was that's with that was the last straw hat she framed in a different way if she said
00:09:49okay he's in danger and not reference it being about the crown you think Philip would have a different response if she had said we had him tested and he's on the spectrum that would have been a little different than he's the king and I know what's best for
00:10:02the crown right and I'm his mother and I'm the queen right she is say I'm just as mother she said on the queen first right and I'm also his mother yet %HESITATION Philip doesn't like when she uses does not like that and this was part of the deal
00:10:15clearly this was somebody who was like goodness so he would leave his marriage just because he didn't have a choice a say in where his son would go to school I mean like yet she went well leave after knowing that he had cheated on her allegedly we do
00:10:28not know and do not have proof of that denied till you die fellows fill up went to Gordon St and wanted his son to go to court and stuff and I get it and that's a real thing and I understand that legacy and we have a lot of
00:10:43legacy especially when it comes to Royals and it comes aristocrats and it comes to the oligarchy and tradition exactly who we have people's lack of my father is an alumni even even and not the upper class even in just middle class we are like well my father was
00:10:59in this for term definitely and I'm in this for turning the and my son will be in this attorney we name our children after ourselves right there's a lot I'm I'm naming off all my kids to so it I understand that need yeah I understand it and I
00:11:14understand how Gordon stand is a school that could build character but also at Philip was sent there for different reasons yet the mom was in the hospital the other wasn't involved and yet the **** you know relative so if there was a need to send him somewhere where
00:11:28he could grow in a safe healthy environment which is an interesting it on its own yeah and plus the school was different at that time even the Philip said when he attended for that with that %HESITATION competition that they've let locals and so the nature of the school
00:11:43has changed with the times as well so I think the need Phillips needs and Charles needs were different ending in attending I don't I can understand a father you only know what's best as far as you see it we often forget the parents are human and Philip is
00:11:57just human and sees that he's got this kid who needs a backbone and he's trying to provide a backbone the best way he knows how and for him the back wound came from Gordon stand and that's what he wants from his own kid and while he sent a
00:12:10gorgeous and because of that headmaster doctor Hans who's Jewish and can no longer teach in Germany which is interesting right because that's the you know Phillips in this family were sisters America not season there are prominent not seat family yeah he wants is that the men don't have
00:12:29the best the the top and that his dad wanted Phillip to be taught by the best and so he wanted the same thing first but yet and Dr Hahn becomes a father figure to fill and I think Philip I'd love yeah although he said to Charles listen I
00:12:42was reluctant to come here in the beginning as well he's he he didn't forget how difficult he didn't remember how difficult was it for him in the beginning I think he just kept on reflecting on and how much it helped to what he only sees that he remembers
00:12:55the outcome we all do that when we look at the past and always looks better in the future always looks bleak so we see fill up going back and we see a glimpse inside Phillips psyche that we had never seen before like up front we've heard it we've
00:13:09talked about it but it's never been so in your face we've seen all that we see the family him being basically he's in this **** family and then they send them away to school and he's with his favorite favorite sister who feels this affinity and mother she's like
00:13:25his mother and his best friend yeah he protects he feels like he should protect her co that horn on the plane when she was scared he was holding her hand and just saying it's just air that's actually how a lot of boys feel towards our mother if you
00:13:36notice boys are very protective you can you be like my dad's this might establish call my mom home we're right so I understand that it's his that is his family yet is this family and she loves him so much she's willing to get on a flight even though
00:13:50she was black because she's so scared to fly and she gets on the flight and goals with him and takes him to the school so he doesn't feel abandoned right because he's felt abandoned by so many people in his life rights and then which starts the church the
00:14:02tradition of them flying to the school because Philip therefore does the same thing with Charles when he brings them to the school book is like that and it's very interesting and especially if you wondering why the fights are so bumpy it's because at that time aircrafts were not
00:14:15able to fly above the clouds and so what we do now just because we go and a higher atmosphere where there's a lot less air is easier were thirty some thousand feet and were flying over they used to fly through clouds which is actually very tumultuous and it's
00:14:29it's very dangerous even now if clouds rise above world plans have to go lower that's when you have these accidents with plates and isn't it interesting that although his sister died in this plane crash and oh yes you know that I know we're going to have to learn
00:14:45how to fly filled learn of what it has no problems lie like your sister die like I thought that was actually very wary when he was speaking at screaming at Charles in the in the in the convoy are you it's just air I was just like what a
00:14:58minute wait a minute Philip is actually flying the plane and I think we did learn on the fly and I was like oh maybe in when he was in the military was in the navy in the navy but I was like weird feet when did this happen but
00:15:08also again it shows you how he pushes through things he's he doesn't a very strong willed yeah it doesn't let he doesn't let things be doesn't become a victim of things and with Philip we saw that with the right of passage she took from the beginning picking on
00:15:25him and he just stayed I never brought our the shower he in all of them ran it's that shower indirectly a quick dash in and out no soap no washcloth no nothing Philip was like I'm going to stand here and stood there freezing and water and stood there
00:15:39and looked at them until they walked away in the cellar but he he wanted to show them I have the strongest will of anyone here and he felt it because that's something that a lot of good classes went up a club they just that it's a feeling of
00:15:54privileges better now yeah he's like I'm better than you but I I've never been in situations with a bunch of guys like that so it how can you speak to like men do men have to do things like that to show on yes I'm the leader of this
00:16:05path yes it happens all the time in fact I'll give you examples on basketball court right there are times where I have gotten to a physical fight a fist fight with someone and it's not even because I'm so upset at them it's because I have to punch this
00:16:18guy so that everyone else understands that this is what happens it's it's Alfa mentality and even though there is a %HESITATION true rule that keep your hands to yourselves violence is never the answer blah blah blah in mid world it doesn't always work that way got it and
00:16:33especially when you deal with this kind of situation so a lot of fights have gotten into was because of the so now we flip with Charles in a similar situation of doing so we see Philip the strong kid punching his fighter and attackers and being strong and even
00:16:48though getting toward the window still gets a couple let's say yeah but and then what I liked is what the headmaster said he said I expect people to argue without quarrelling to quarrel without suspecting and to suspect without slander entry was treating training him to to not react
00:17:03but to think about your actions before you do them and proactive yeah be proactive yes which I I really like because if he if it really molded him in a way it did all these little lesson stuck with him and then we see Charles who by the way
00:17:17I saw because of this episode I had a more insight into Charles because even as an adult we as the world have always perceived Charles is a little bit of a wimpy person right he's not like we look at prince William is a strong person we look at
00:17:30prince Harry by the way who really reminds me of Phyllis fill up yes right and put a prince William reminds me of a little bit and then you see Charles and Charles reminds me of abdicated killing his words saying but he is but he didn't grow up with
00:17:50them but it's just it's it's just all a site and now at least I could see that I can cycle personality and I did I in my opinion at least as far as we can tell from the show so we see Charles is having a much rougher time
00:18:04than I feel Philip did even though Phil had a very rough time Phillips strong will allow him to fulfill benefit went went into school with so much anger inside of him because prior to this he he probably wasn't acting out as much but then you throw him into
00:18:18this new invent firemen and all the issues that he had that were laying dormant finally came to a head so again they went into the school with a different situation and that's why Philip was of beating up kids and you know having to depend sharbat Philip also was
00:18:31never babies and then when Charles yeah and then everyone's kind of baiting Charles except for the parents so the servants all baby Charlie and how can they hold him he gets home he says hi I mean they really have an affinity is kid but their baby camp Philip
00:18:46doesn't want to be baby to the point where he tells when they're like your Highness and they're like no his name's Charles Schulz he's Charles don't treat him special and then later on the kids markings like okay your Highness like they mock trials of Charles the bed is
00:19:01getting rained on and I mean he just having a very hard time yeah but it's something where I can understand wanting that personality for your own son I would want my son to be a leader yeah rather than a following that I see certain circumstances where I see
00:19:17my brother and sisters and sometimes they play these different roles I as a even as an older brother get upset at them yeah we're not even that far apart I just I'm like you be stronger no I I think that parents and siblings do that too they want
00:19:31you to be tough so you don't have to go through what they did but sometimes I understand times are different personalities are different that's okay or there's just a different way you have to communicate what you want with them you know what I'm saying like I said if
00:19:43Philip had reasoned with Charles in a kind of given him more of a backstory in a frame of reference I think Charles would have had a different reaction to the school nothing his experience would have been different but it maybe would have made him understand why he had
00:19:56to be there what do you have had a different reaction to the competition that he could not calls with a longing ready for the concert is not physically ready he gets lost around the way we don't really know what did he just give up either way he didn't
00:20:11finish and feel like he was just like my dad already disappointed in me I can't do this these kids hate me I'm just going to stop and the debt and I was rooting for you Charles yeah because secretly we thought he was going to fly come third thought
00:20:23he was going to like find another way out here like it's because the map yeah that that made me think of like leave out the secret way he's gonna finish first I I really hope and how he doesn't even finish and fill up added pressure by saying I'm
00:20:35going to be the one donating Cup this year and I'm going to be there to present to the cuts name address and it's but then when they did find trials and the detective found him and then the detective like he rested his head on the detective's shoulder I
00:20:47was like oh my gosh poor thing like I don't know if I was like to feel bad for him because here he was being coddled again and buy some or feel bad for Philip because here it is you can even console your son in a time like this
00:21:00somebody else is doing it I was like man I think maybe I need to change because I do have an idea of this like be tougher but I would I would say the same thing to my sister who are very tough girls like there just was very tough
00:21:18but my thing is like I don't know how hard it is but it and but so if there's a situation you could control to make something a little bit easier like your school where you gonna have to be there all the time that shouldn't have to be as
00:21:31you know you see me in during bullying which it because got studying to do you know what I'm saying you already away from your family like let's not make it harder than it has you've never been a boy we go back to the James Philip fighting and we
00:21:45see that the second time around when they get into a fight where Philip takes his revenge had actually like enters its hand or breaks it possibly on punching a James to the ground he gets punished and is no longer allowed to go home for the holidays the holiday
00:21:58that his sister and he had planned because the system is pregnant again and you can tell Philip was a little jealous that she was pregnant like again and she's like yeah I'm pregnant come right holidays he doesn't go so instead sizzle fly is flying to London for an
00:22:12occasion for wedding yam and has to take the fly in the face the plane crash is they could trust and she had the baby on the plane hit the baby are fine and and this is a plane with her his his uncle which is her husband and the
00:22:27children everyone on a higher leg of the family which some the step brother and all that than the nephews and that could have been just cosmic karma being **** I don't know but it's just not fair yeah well I mean it's true you can only feel so bad
00:22:43for **** but they they were still human beings like these are kids yeah a wife this is like regardless of the family yeah and Philip may have ended up very different had this not occurred he may have ended up in the **** part we don't know because yeah
00:22:57but what was interesting to see with although they were not seize this woman was a married woman and they had festive occasions and she was a mother who was excited that she really it's like she was following this this believes this nocturne this doctrine that she thought was
00:23:12really positive she was like Hey Hitler said we should have more kids so I'm going to do that I'm doing something good for our people and that and let's also remember let's also remember that at this time **** ism is very popular not only just in Europe but
00:23:24in the United States where overwhelmingly Americans agreed with the **** which is why it took us so long to enter World War two to begin with and the attack of Pearl Harbor in Japan happened to be an ally of the **** army let's not forget the rise people
00:23:38always just they always hated not knowing it was it was all it was it was something like sixty seven percent of the population so was just interesting that we need to remember these things so we flip back to we flip back to fill up just being honest feelings
00:23:53about this being told by doctor Han obviously that his sister had passed away and that was heartbreaking because you knew that was his his lifeline yeah and what happens is he decides to go out there and just build a wall on his own after running away and rolling
00:24:10for a little bit he just it was working through his feelings and he refused to ask for help for so long but it showed me how I can help them and communicate their not verbal communicators they're communicating with their actions and this is what he needed to do
00:24:22to get this out because who is he gonna call to to cry he had no one shoulder to cry and he didn't have a Daddy did have a mommy didn't have a sister and we are back to dad blamed him openly to explain my god this is sad
00:24:34as most heartbreaking thing to see and we see Philip working V. just diligently and vigilantly at this wall just angry putting this heavy wall clearly it's a tough and then has to come inside and ask for help so before that happened when Philip when the father bling to
00:24:51fill up an uncle Dickey was there again and again and consoled Phillip and said listen one day you'll be a parent and you hope that your children forgive you so it it was interesting thing Vicki there again he can he help the father and now here it is
00:25:05is helping the sun but why was Charles over I mean Philip so resentful to him being so close to trouble for that because Philip didn't get didn't like being baby he balled everything in and became a strong man and also just in case we were wondering also Dickey
00:25:18I looked up his lord paramount who's a relative of Philip because the way they said uncle Dicky I was like where does he come to play right but that's what it is he's like and he does play a part in Phillips upbringing but he is the softer side
00:25:32of the family situation so well we have fill up billions while he comes in he's already had a palm asking for help in the past and doctor Hans says we are your family right he comes in he ask for help he so speak up he asked for help
00:25:46again how do you think of that scene because I found it to be it was amazing to see so someone another right of passage yeah I'm just someone so young learning that lesson like you can't do things by yourself you at some point are going to need help
00:26:00in that and I think that's a lesson for for many of us that you know it's hard to ask for help because you have to put your pride aside and especially as a man and a and a woman to you know that but if I disagree with that
00:26:12number I can speak for myself I know even today I had a situation where had I asked for help sooner I would have made things easier for me but it's because I'm independent I want to do things on my own and just learn and I I don't want
00:26:23people to think I'm lazy you know and say I don't think a hundred percent avoid asking for help in certain situations independent woman thing to me has been something that's more modern and the traditional man is the the rock don't cry don't do that yeah so we see
00:26:38something where independent women especially and I feel like the African American community we like I have a strong women but like Hey open this jar and if you're dying can't open the chart you you absolutely feel worthless see I I I can't I don't know because that's a
00:26:53lot around women and I was I was there was only you know my mom and I to do things I don't know but in this show the women in this that in this show are also independent we see women are having not not a list but the not
00:27:07market but the women like the prime minister's wife she was independent enough to go out the baby with another man and still keep that relationship going %HESITATION and we see this on another marriage where we see a woman having a at an affair with her husband and another
00:27:19minutes of the women in this show also are very I have different levels of them as well and and I think those actions are selling a sign of independence in the sense I hope so but I think overall in that time the the society wasn't like that at
00:27:33all I think that's a that's a change that we've seen and we have been embracing more and more now which is why it's so so much confrontation with that changed to become the strong women and it's not that women aren't stronger should be strong is is that men
00:27:49can't be weak even now so well we have strong women and maybe women who are a little more than that needing help or whatever it is we have men where it's like you're not a man if you ask for help I I if you ask for directions you're
00:28:04not a man so we get more leniency to women that we do to me now and in that aspect definitely as a society are much harder on our women by far yeah and it's something I think happens as we see with Elizabeth later on in episode ten but
00:28:19just to finish episode nine %HESITATION we see the trolls fills the Cup of the competition and and we see the little epilogue where it says Charles hated chords and stay there for five more years stayed there for five years total of it as a prison sentence and how
00:28:34and he sent his own children William and Harry of course to eat and that became the change starts because Elizabeth could not see anything the weight felt Philip screamed at her she had no choice it's it would like either our marriage he giver this ultimate either it's me
00:28:51war but it meant that much to him especially and I can understand with the emotional value the chords and played in his entire life yeah it's the same thing I would want my child to for example play basketball or just do stuff summer me and I've never had
00:29:05that kind of experience might happen to me but it taught me a lot about their marriage and that's what I love about episode ten episode ten mystery man yeah the title comes from the mystery man in the photo we see this photo and there's a guy and it's
00:29:17a it's a photo with those girls a prostitute in Russian spy stuff and possibly treason but also relates much much more as we find on episode we start off in April nineteen sixty two Phillip gets up in the morning works out very Phillip yeah Chriss neck tries to
00:29:34fix themselves hurts it even more goes to this osteopath like a kind of like a chiropractor I guess the precursors yeah Stephen ward anymore party guy %HESITATION connector and that's what he says in the first in that first before the episode actually actually stars like see the girls
00:29:52a pretty girls films like looking at it as I know I can introduce you I love connecting people and I was on my house parties bone we fast forward a year we see fill up %HESITATION June jumping ahead we see actually we do we see the room where
00:30:05they're and they're questioning Christine Keller right Keeler guessing killer there at the the girls team from the picture yeah and they're basically who's this who's that she's like no comment but we know it's shady business going it turns out it's because it's part possibly like a prostitution ring
00:30:23and there could have been secrets passed from one high ranking English %HESITATION English government official to it it's like I was in a rush like boys club part to like you know the clip club that Philip and Mike had back in the day this is like round to
00:30:38all of us while but it's also were afraid that if they're giving each other if she's passing along secrets right and it's even worse not better yeah the one who hooks it up and we also see prime minister Harold macmillan meeting with John Profumo and this is called
00:30:56to perform all affair it's actually that's who is named after and it was a big scandal and the British government of job for a moment being connected to this Christine and possibly trading information which we later find out at least for public knowledge didn't ever happened like it
00:31:16happened the actions happen but the trading of information which was about a lot happened didn't happen okay McMillan discusses it with his wife who was not helpful at all not only not helpful she basically like stabbing him you know like you're trusting stupid for you idiot I would
00:31:31rather people I lie to you yeah exactly I went to this play with my blue and %HESITATION yet everyone's laughing at you and I thought it was funny and you should see it what she's a horrible person very slim those words worse I mean there's not happy but
00:31:44she's like why even stages largement this man in it and and and and pour salt in his wounds even more wave war like you know she's so bad and then he does actually go and torture himself and sees display when they make fun of him and they don't
00:31:58feel that is faces and he he I me but he should be up to date with what's going on but this is too much British humor can sometimes be very and I think that is directly what leads to his resignation which tries to resign twice right the first
00:32:15time you try to resign like you know I'm pregnant again and I need you to do your job then the second time he's like I have a tumor and she's like it's been nine yeah %HESITATION she says what did she say about your lan yet she said the
00:32:31I've I've dealt with a confederacy of elected quitters yet she says she says they've all been either too old to go two week yeah sell it at but Elizabeth the still standing three prime ministers and she still here she still there and she's a straw and that's the
00:32:46strong woman you were talking yeah because we see a lot of Elizabeth in this episode the strength of growth we've seen that overseas and to the growth of Elizabeth and we also see you know she she didn't know she felt like she didn't know her husband she did
00:33:01know what he had only he was traveling he tries to tell her Hey you can trust me I am here for you I understand that this is the job that comes out after and the beginning she's like your mother's he's alright I'm gonna doing every half hour she
00:33:14he's gone he's plans for shady and the fat a picture yet the fact that she kept the picture of the ballerina was like that is to a wife move right there to keep the picture yes she says I can turn a blind eye but she's holding a sheet
00:33:28conversation but she's not forgetting what we have to bring up how he leads to Europe and he goes down to Switzerland and you know he thinks he's coming and he went to color it yeah and she went about moral to take a break to ease the pain of
00:33:42seeing her husband and not knowing what he's doing as well as to make sure she might lose this baby number four and because it she's ordered that she has too much and too little iron she needs to go she wants to relax she doesn't want to deal with
00:33:54what's going on right now and he's going she's excited for half a second that maybe he's coming with her and she's not right then and not and did you hear him acknowledge baby number four at any point until the end when he standing there she's giving birth I
00:34:07was he I I didn't hear him say it like it is he's traveling I don't see him touch her stomach I don't see him acknowledge like I thought they did he not also as part don't know we also didn't CMP and I'm fine yeah yeah some I think
00:34:20it was just to move the story along Ford I hope he acknowledges a knowledge having a baby he seems happy every time they do whatever they do you know who's not happy as Margaret and marveling at this point where markets like come on and tell me like I'm
00:34:32coming back but you know he's laid on a or drinking he's like Hey use me as an excuse next time you want to go out of town that's why I was like okay they think I thought they were going to be friendly and we see that they're falling
00:34:46apart at least at that point we see like the beginnings of the end yeah them because we do know that they eventually do get divorced and we see that the scandal of the picture blows up because the rumor is this market loves to point out that the picture
00:35:02of the mystery man in the photo looks like Phillips square body and did you fill up I think it was him I don't think it was him no okay I and and I don't think so well I want to talk about that at the part where we have
00:35:17to make these decisions right so because that's actually great that's a great question I don't think of him whatever we do know that the sketches that Steve ward drew up in this grand old books were it was a fill up yeah and we don't know why we never
00:35:32get to know why and they go to great lengths to get them all back yeah and Stephen ward who is prosecuted very publicly in here humiliated and they just throw the book at him he killed himself he's like I'm not doing it takes side he's like I'm out
00:35:46and so we're left with a bunch of questions that we don't have answers to and we see fill up and the prime minister resigns yeah a little bit at the advice of the commitment to put such a family friend what's his name green and get his name I
00:36:03have it down he appoints him as prime minister and says it is and the publication and and and Margaret comes to check on her because she's like my sister is pregnant the pop people are protesting outside your husband's gone Sir Alec Douglas home okay Alexa homes the whole
00:36:21me yet not not the choice not the people's choice and I also like a quick decision and it just just like because one guys going out to have hit them is also another person or Conservative Party right he they know him the familiar he's a little younger but
00:36:33not that much and the people hate it and they elect someone else what it's like because she had to appoint someone without fear and %HESITATION really getting to feel a feel for them and I don't know what the press is so up and down with her and yeah
00:36:44that scene where Philip was coming in and the paparazzi was surrounding him a room it actually you really remind me of the Diana thing with the paparazzi and what happened because they just swarming him that they're up and down the love them they hate another see where a
00:36:57whole different character in the show because we see them playing good and bad roles so we finally go to Scotland Phillip goes to Scotland because markets at the castles like all of us here to console is she's not here right Phil goes to Scotland and he knows he's
00:37:12in trouble yeah but he tries to pull it off at first and he turns on little charm Elizabeth that wants nothing to do with this like I want to be alone feels like I'll be in the main house if you want to me right and then they both
00:37:24become stubborn and don't see each other the whole night finally Philip comes he's the one as well as pride goes up talks Elizabeth and it was the best conversation is it it's a lesson times worse of time no I laughed because I thought she was going to hold
00:37:39her tongue hold back in the non aggressive again and she said she brought up backs he was like facts here's the pictures of the war fact exact looks like you fact he drew pictures of you fact exacto and then he had all these answers here all these knows
00:37:54what who he made me so mad when he thought that I was like ward is maybe I mean I can understand his years ago I was here go on I didn't know the time leave Philip had an answer except for the photograph on the photograph came he didn't
00:38:10he didn't address it he went straight to the he went straight to the I love you the speech something I didn't expect from Philip he became this touching loving husband and directly in front and he finally bowed down to her house to also bowed down to him you
00:38:25band that generate there was amazing he said you were my job said the essence of my duty to get it fill up beautiful he'll show that the war within their marriage I think ended there may I hope so we don't know to season three which we can't find
00:38:40out until next year Elizabeth even tries to say I can look the other way you know right and Phillips says you've made that into an art form I'm telling you you can look at me I want you to look at me like don't look the other way look
00:38:52at me and %HESITATION they profess love for each other and from then on there is at least now we have an agreement now we have an understanding and now I've always thought this to Philip truly is in love with Elizabeth and vice versa and we see that moment
00:39:06they don't kiss they just put their heads on each other in like that is a true bond and we see it they've laid on each other like yeah late the bricks at the school oooh that's a great reflection thing so let's go to a quick series of questions
00:39:22right yeah do you think Philip messed up yes okay do you think god is a must have cheated or whatever Philip yes he has stepped out on the marriage of worst person okay you did you believe fill up at the end a part of me felt like Philip
00:39:38was lying do you believe the money professes love I did believe that he does love her in his own crazy way yeah do you believe it was him in the picture yes I believe it was Philip and picture I've I've I didn't they I'm I'm hoping it's not
00:39:52filled in the picture I'm hoping it was all alleged things and I did believe Philip whatever he said he made me believe him it made me believe him and obviously they give a list of his birth to her fourth child I am and and and and and it's
00:40:08it's it's it's marks them the sign of a new period in their marriage and it and it showed with the baptism because it was almost like a renewed valves and the words that were saying with them as well renewing their vows to each other to one eight one
00:40:20another and we end with the scene full of chaos where they are taking a photo and with the baby of course in the whole family and everyone and Elizabeth fry in just fraught with and but still common just holding the new baby this targets chatting crazy everyone's crazy
00:40:36yeah everyone's crazy all this good everyone's looking a different way exactly the photographer guy was like and we're in the live and Phillips does like okay everybody Philip yells he doesn't to say okay he's like stop it now and everyone stops and they take them and Philip takes
00:40:50and you know what was interesting is Elizabeth slightly smiles and grabs Philip's hand I was very important she thinks she kinda like when he did that she smiled just enough and then grabs by hand and we end with the words this England this England and it's like that's
00:41:09what it is chaos and this control and that's a real family and that is season two and and not show and this book and and I was myself sad when it was over I really enjoyed season two and I I you know it's all we're all lovers of
00:41:26the show and we all have different perspectives but we really do love the show at the score please continue to watch catch up on all previous episodes and catches next year hopefully when we're back for we will be guaranteed for the crowd season three L. please let us
00:41:40know what you felt in the comments you can catch me on social media at say hi so hi essay why H. I. T. S. AJ I and of course I am from little yet I am to Ronson all your hate comments too I am too long to tell
00:41:51me on Instagram social media Twitter Facebook whatever it is and make sure to comment below all your thoughts ideas anything you want to talk about say I was very %HESITATION I thought I'd try to respond nice don't know need to be meeting crazy I like that and I
00:42:06love you passion I love the passion and that's what we we appreciate you season two by far to me was super super superior to season one it's great being back with the whole that's always fun see you next season guys I'll be wearing the crown by them from
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