Hey, Creative Empire listeners, this is our biggest show yet for reasons that we are about to reveal. Reina and Christina are together today and we have some pretty big news for you. Christina and Reina have gotten together over the past two and a half years to record these episodes month in and month out. This is episode 250. They have recorded 250 episodes and have decided that they are going to be stopping the Creative Empire. This is the very last finale episode of CEP as it is right now.

Main Takeaways:
  • What the origin story was [0:02:11]

  • What their favorite part of the show is [0:04:11]

  • Why are the duo leaving the space [0:09:34]

  • Why quitting something does not mean a failure [0:14:32]

  • What Christina has in store for her Creative Empire [0:17:15]

  • What Reina has in store for her Creative Empire [0:20:22]

  • Why they will be serving you in a different way [0:24:02]

  • Would Reina do a podcast again [0:24:43]

  • Would Christina do a podcast again [0:25:27]

  • How to connect with Christina [0:27:58]

  • How to connect with Reina [0:28:46]

There’s nothing better than the connections I think we’ve made out of the show.
— Christina Scalera Show Notes:
For me, being able to share diverse perspectives and interesting people has taught me so much. It has also taught me so much about being a leader.
— Reina Pomeroy

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