Michael Rubin is the Co-Owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils. On this episode we talk to Michael about his path to sports ownership, creating Fanatics, failing at a young age and what he learned from that first failure to get to this point today. He also talked about his relationship with Meek Mill and his involvement in helping Meek through the legal process last spring. 

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00:00:06welcome back to the court we have a great interview with Michael Rubin for you the owner of the Philadelphia seventy Sixers by the ownership group there he created fanatics you'll know for actually probably bought a Jersey or shirt or anything from there awesome conversation he also talks a
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00:01:23back download the apt get the cash card and Wrekin that free money okay Michael Rubin really really interesting conversation because he is a guy who my biggest takeaway was that the risks that he has %HESITATION taken in his business career talking about selling skis as a sixteen year
00:01:43old and being two hundred thousand dollars in debt to now where he is %HESITATION being part of the seventy Sixers ownership group you know creating fanatics in being this Titan of industry it's incredible to the to think someone could go from twenty thousand dollars and sixteen to this
00:02:00it's amazing and and that's a common theme that we see with the even are all six of our guests evolved have tremendous courage and full of conviction and at one point or another have gone all in many times and and and to have two hundred thousand dollars late
00:02:17told is that at the age of sixteen from a ski shop and then have to go back to his parents and explain himself boy that's not enviable position right and I also love talking because he you know as a as a regular you know common sports fan it's
00:02:35everyone's dream to own a team at some point and I love watching like Michael Rubin who are passionate about sports and %HESITATION like yeah I made a bunch of money it's been everything's been going well I want to be I want to be the team all I wanna
00:02:48hold this team I wanna be friends with Joan beat I wanna be friends with meek mill do you think you over on the team maybe maybe by the Marlins from Jeter and maybe do it you know I eight it's always been somewhat of a dream I think anyone
00:03:03who tells you that it would be a dream to own a sports team is probably line %HESITATION but is not in my vision right now I mean I'm doing so many fun things that I'm that I'm loving doing I think one of the things that happens when you
00:03:18do on a team there's restrictions and %HESITATION I'm just having kind of enjoying the freedom for you you're you're saying that some day maybe yeah I think I I I I I would say never his can I be honest with you Iran I I'll just come right out
00:03:32in life is you owning the team and and he being a guy who's just always you know there's always like one or two guys in the box standing up like a few feet away that's me I need that job where I just kind of hang out look busy
00:03:45walk around the field before hand kind of just you know I'll be in your shadows you can do everything and I'm just the guy it's like all that guy you know you give me some some crazy V. P. I I don't need to be anything I would need
00:03:58a title that's my strategy do I like it so so listen you need to own a team at some point but Michael Rubin %HESITATION owns part of the %HESITATION part part ownership of the seventy Sixers the process he seen the whole thing through and I also love talking
00:04:13about meek mill interesting relationships had with me bill Robert Kraft all these really interesting people and how he played a big part in trying to get me to mail out of jail and that whole process it was fascinating to listen to me he's a fascinating guy he's so
00:04:29young he's worth three billion dollars he owns several sports thing you said devils and the Sixers diversity of his personality and his values are what I respect most I mean three billion dollars that I had heard because at the end of the interview I asked for money and
00:04:45he threw three thousand dollars on the table he did take it and I didn't because I felt like it would have been a weird move for me to take it yeah Hank actually our producer was very mad at me yeah beings over brings all the honest when I
00:04:57cut like a bookie afterwards no he was like why didn't you take that you know we need the money for your book your same banyan paid me yeah I know at any that's what I want what are you doing you're an idiot yes I've missed so Michael Rubin
00:05:09if you're listening to this back please I need that money take two yet take two with interest and I think three months right so please send it back %HESITATION either way my group in awesome interview again please rate subscribe review send us your feedback and enjoy our interview
00:05:26with Michael your listening to the court presented by barstool sports okay with the corporate Iran and big cat we are talking to a business genius that's where is that fair to say I mean I'm I'm humbled by the okay so it is I'm not accurately but he is
00:05:49the executive chairman of fanatics he is a owner of the seventy Sixers in the devils and I want to start there because you grew up a Philadelphia sports fan Die Hard sports fan and now you own part of the seventy Sixers that is like every sports fans stream
00:06:05so it's kind of a a big macro question but how how did that happen you know for me the real story of how it happens actually complete fluke unlock %HESITATION V. person who own the flyers and the Sixers live directly cross street for me ed Snider credible guy
00:06:23he founded the flyers and when I sold my company's yes I commerce to eBay he literally came across the street and said Michael %HESITATION you know I'm not a basketball guy all about the flyers you know I really almost like I hate basketball not into this thing do
00:06:38you want this team I'm like nah like it's you know it's not for me lose a lot of money I'm not really interested and then he said let's just celebrate we had you know class of a bottle of champagne and that was it I never thought about it
00:06:51again and then %HESITATION as things kind of work themselves out Josh Harrison David Blitzer put the deal together by the team %HESITATION a few months later and %HESITATION Dave search out to me said Hey you know you're interested in this and sell your solution a ton of money
00:07:06and it's too expensive and I had no idea what I was talking about none zero when the actual walking through the numbers and like %HESITATION well this is completely different I thought I should actually asked a few questions when the owner walked across street asked me if I
00:07:17wanted it and this is jasmine and so %HESITATION that's kind of how I got involved it was %HESITATION not by design is not something I really thought a lot about is kind of bomb fell into me not once but twice to two times for me to actually pay
00:07:28attention listen okay so I actually own a part of the suite Swansea Swansea city that are not in the EPL than the championship week Alex than is now the only person sitting here who doesn't own a professional sports team do you think you should buy one I think
00:07:43he be we talked about this before they could be incredible and I think he's driven he works his **** off he smart %HESITATION he work every he'd work every aspect of it so I think he needs to and I think he needs to go in aggressively and and
00:07:55and and and do really well you know as F. funny the one sport van %HESITATION I do own as energy which is the sports out of San Francisco %HESITATION I don't know if you encounter but I guess in the next five years we would probably will %HESITATION I
00:08:07think you can count them down and %HESITATION so I thought I just left by the code and came here and any he asked me where I was often I said I was you were the next person I was in my day and he said you guys to do
00:08:19any sports together and yeah outside he was but I actually think that's a it's what we're seeing happen there is incredible I mean I didn't believe in this couple years ago and now my a I won the about me when I screw something up a very quickly so
00:08:30I got it wrong I'll change in these parts that something we're going after very aggressively fanatics now as well and we took a big position on about three years ago and you know all the really smart people in my office that are much younger %HESITATION said this is
00:08:41the future adding believe it but I trust my team and actually we made a pretty big bat and then and this past %HESITATION summer we also got Jennifer involved in a big way making her the first prominent woman to get involved in the sport so very exciting I
00:08:56wanna ask because of the Sixers because it you said and you're one of the best investors I've been around because you really have a just a great faith knows in field you know buffet calls it a money mind I think that's that's what you have but when you
00:09:07said the Sixers were losing money and then you saw kind of the spreadsheet and what why did you think they were losing money and then what about this but she did you actually like with the trend no so this is the truth be told like fanatics is an
00:09:19incredible opportunity so when I sold my company to eBay I bought back three businesses that all have enormous option I was very focused on that I want to be distracted more was in my head was kind of the economics of the basketball team from kind of the previous
00:09:34five years into most teams that point the cost like forty million dollars to buy a lot of teams losing twenty five million dollars this is going back to you %HESITATION eight or nine or ten and so many people of cut came to me the previous couple years since
00:09:45a look do you want to partner with me to buy the Sixers what was in my head was unfortunately not purchase price losing twenty five million dollars a year when the new labor arrangements for being put together and TV revenues grow like crazy I wasn't really thinking about
00:10:00the future model to be honest at Snyder incredible you in being we saw passion about hockey he wasn't a basketball guy so he was selling the team because he didn't like it and so he was the guy said to me bother Mike will your progress wrong is like
00:10:12yeah you're right I don't want you to buy this thing and it literally was like Hey you want to buy this you just soldier company that eBay and I'm like yeah I it's you know formed a million dollars and lose a lot of money as it gets bad
00:10:22business and you know the truth be told that's why he was a cell because that's the way he felt about it what Josh Harris David Blitzer did was one they negotiate a much more probably price they pay two hundred sixty five million dollars for the Sixers in two
00:10:34thousand eleven by the way that was you know some of the money bar from a bank some of it you're actuate shack for and then on top of that %HESITATION you know with where labor was going and with where television is going they had a much better sense
00:10:47of what this business was gonna look like financing as soon as I understood that it took me all about five minutes to say a man and %HESITATION and it was you know to be honest it was an incredible investment I don't do it necessarily for the vast my
00:10:59did it because old tamale I have aspirations to be a you know control owner %HESITATION you know in sports I thought would be a great way for me to learn the business and you know I've you know I'm now the third largest shareholder of both the Sixers in
00:11:11the doubles and it's been a great experience great group of people I think everyone you know really adds value to the organization I've learned a tremendous amount from and I think a lot of ways I've used %HESITATION the Sixers in the doubles top make fanatics a better company
00:11:24because you find out what fans want use that to make a better experience for your fans I think an axis helped us to make the searches and doubles better business brokers you always learning for sports businesses how do you treat a fan better and how do you kind
00:11:36of what about a business so you get presented with the offer and I'm always interested in this with like successful business people do you consider yourself a cynic at first when you look at something like someone says Hey look I have this idea I am not no I'm
00:11:48I'm actually I'm probably not to miss that I try to give people the benefit of doubt like most happy person I always believe the best and things so I'm not you know like a look I'm a pretty good knows that you would say like a barely made out
00:11:57of high school and go to college %HESITATION street smarts as what kind of I'm good at so get a pretty good sniffer for like what's right and what's wrong and I just you know with the six of the first time the person who's selling it had such a
00:12:08bad perspective of what he felt about the bill nous I don't ask the right questions and I do any work was I want to be laser focused on my three companies %HESITATION the second time I got it within a minute lose like %HESITATION its cost hundred three hundred
00:12:22thirty five million dollars last so it you know lose a lot less money %HESITATION you know here's with economics look like on which was pretty easy to take to figure out so I say in general I ask really quick questions I think I'm pretty quick to figure out
00:12:34whether something makes sense or not but I'm I same general in optimist and that's what's made me you know the type entrepreneur that I am has as it ever burned you where you say what I want to give us an example of something that you you look at
00:12:45it this could be the longer this could be the longest podcasts ever met with all the things I've screwed up in my life I mean look you're talking about a guy and people don't know that you know a lot of people don't really know this about me you
00:12:56know I've first wife gone we live nearly gone bankrupt like five times in my life I mean I started as an entrepreneur when I was %HESITATION you know eight years old I had I opened a ski shop my parents base my was twelve but %HESITATION sixteen %HESITATION it
00:13:09didn't snow one season and I literally had two hundred thousand dollars of bills and eighty thousand dollars inventory in the sheriff became like a really good friend of mine was every day in the spring time she came in she dropped the daily lawsuits off my parents house I've
00:13:23ever get sued a hundred times one spring and summer from riding the ski business so you know when you go through experiences like that like you've seen great times in seem tough times each time you almost fail you fail generally leads to something much better for me what
00:13:37was interesting was I found myself at sixteen years old twenty thousand dollars in debt %HESITATION really probably a hundred lawsuits that I received over couple much more the ski vendors I owed money I just paid off well that's great question that's from government so %HESITATION I hired a
00:13:54bankruptcy lawyer and it was all over like I was done I was going bankrupt in the grass is blue hello delays and I'm sixteen he said what Jeff yeah I'm sixteen is we have to be eighteen to be to be a legally able to %HESITATION the money he
00:14:07says I think we're a little I got here to be better for you than you thought so %HESITATION you know I'd never bar anybody for my parents I started this all on my own and I grew up in a very middle class family and V. Larissa look I
00:14:19think we could settle these that's what we call the vendors together to get like you know all these vendors their money together and you said you know Mr Rubin owes you twenty thousand dollars and not fortune is not able to pay you easily get eighty thousand hours inventory
00:14:32%HESITATION they all have was talking very hard about how we go back this by the way he sixteen years old that one's face turn colors and %HESITATION this now but we pay you eighteen cents on the dollar and they said okay that would be fine no negotiations for
00:14:44paste eighteen says the dollar or to my father for the first time as a dad I need to borrow money my dad's a look %HESITATION that's a lot of money was thirty eight thousand dollars he's not lend you the money on one condition that you promised that you
00:14:56can go to college and so doing what any entrepreneur we do of course a estas death said absolutely data %HESITATION ready for college completely filled in business and let's go as we let me the thirty eight thousand dollars and then %HESITATION fortunately for me and unfortunately for my
00:15:12parents a week later there's another ski shop the went bankrupt had two hundred fifty thousand as inventory they got auctioned off for thirteen thousand dollars so course I bought it but I don't get it back in but I know Billy had to pay for it yeah okay like
00:15:24paper was a whole different question so up to my dad like I need to ask my mom's and it was a hard dell so it's my dad I said dad can I can I borrow %HESITATION you know thirteen thousand hours is such a great deal he's dull like
00:15:37a lend you money one time commit to go to college you shot this business down next year when you graduate high school it's over so I literally started going to two neighbors I found a neighbor's Salinger the thirteen thousand dollars on a thousand dollars a week interest wow
00:15:49that's some juice so %HESITATION seem like a great deal to me so I said great let's go success selling the merchandise piece by piece you know in a in a retail my store struggling through the yellow pages to find other ski shop they could sell a book I
00:16:04was able to sell maybe ten percent of them and Tory for more than the thirteen thousand hours within three weeks and that actually led me to get in the business of buying and selling clothes out footwear but time is twenty one I was doing a hundred million dollars
00:16:17making ten million dollars a year the reason I tell you the story is I am sixteen years old almost bankrupt near death experience and then I just fall into that somebody else who went bankrupt I'd get a loan shark to lend me the money to to you know
00:16:32to buy them and Tory and a couple years later I'm doing a hundred million dollars making ten million dollars a year in the close of business so to me you know failing is kinda high use you know to me every feel you generally leads to your next class
00:16:43and I actually don't mind I kinda like it it in a sort of way so when you talk about kind of attitude in like I my negative no I like I believe I can will anything to happen right I can make anything happen is that my my two
00:16:53hundred million grows from how many stores when I was the close of business what I did was a status on it retail I've started buying access footwear so I go to feel %HESITATION by all other ex issues I go to a six and by all the excess shoes
00:17:06I was buying ten million pair shoes a year and selling them to retailers like Bo Dallas and and sports authority and TJ Max and Marshalls and Ross stores and famous but where it was an easy business I was a one man shop with a warehouse and you know
00:17:20I see baby for eBay yes for was it was in books are right I was on to other retailers said to consumers that's that's unbelievable so I'm definitely not to missed yes I mean I I I always wanted that because it's always you know I'm an optimist but
00:17:34that I'm also terrible gambler not probably like if I was more of a cynic I might be a better gamblers some curious someone successful if for jelly casinos when gambling so gentle yeah well I know that we that is that is a whole game generally that we could
00:17:47do hours on that %HESITATION so V. E. commerce I know what it means I don't think you know what it means so explain it to me shore up I hope we know what it means is I hope we kind of invented what kind of what the commerce is
00:18:00today look we had a really simple believe when I saw my company two thousand eleven and I bought back fanatics from eBay was essentially the Zappos of license sports merchandise so we sold we had this incredible assortment of like sports merchandise but I had one fundamental belief when
00:18:15I bought the company back in two thousand eleven there was that there were two companies that were gonna own retell the whole world that was Amazon and Alibaba essentially my belief was these two companies with and taking over off retail and by the way I believe that five
00:18:30years earlier because I just look back at a presentation I gave in two thousand five all of our retailers at my own company GS I commerce at that point I'm as I was about twenty five billion I projected them to be the biggest reach on the world over
00:18:43time people tell me I was nuts when I said is that there's no to the adder successful there never be the biggest retailer in the world and so my belief is if Amazon an alley bobber essentially selling commonly available March nation the market places and they're the two
00:18:58copies of taking over the world to win any commerce you have to be completely differentiated we can't win so numbers if you're trying to take the same stuff that Amazon sells the seams of Alibaba cells and sell it then you're such again got a business eventually because they're
00:19:12gonna kill you because they're both that good %HESITATION some I believe we need to be completely differentiated so for us what be commerce means is kind of vertical comers means we design and develop the merchandise and sell directly to the consumer said this year when the eagles won
00:19:26the Superbowl they were put on the support T. shirts that's a teacher that we design you can only buy exclusively from us we sell directly to the consumer and %HESITATION you say the same thing today we'll majestic that the bass player from company and you know we design
00:19:40develop and select merchandise directly to consumers to today most what we sell fanatics parts that we design develop and sell directly to the consumer to think about HMM or Xara or the cap these are big vertical retailers well we sexually do is doing the sports business but we've
00:19:57done it aren't really within each commerce foundation versus a brick and mortar foundation interesting I think I get a fantastic house a test afterwards Ron that would be a test yes absolute Robert Kraft I know how much and how good buddies you guys are first how did the
00:20:13relationship everywhere I go and and Robert is you know a dear friend of mine and one of my mentors while love him wow how did you guys meet how to become so close and it's funny when people see you together time I get a bunch of my friends
00:20:27and they really confront them together big brothers well first of all I I'm like forty six act within twenty five Roberts up seven seven actually he's like twenty two so actually for %HESITATION his recent birth if someone got the two of us are teachers is said %HESITATION big
00:20:42bro for me in the little bro for him so love he's he's definitely less mature the two of us and then she said a lot hung so Robert it's that the way we that was actually pretty ironic in that Roberts oldest son Jonathan Kraft who is also one
00:20:57of my closest friends %HESITATION very hands on a running the patriots and really understands technology and they're kind of you know all aspects of technology particularly their E. commerce business and Jonathan was hammering on the NFL about things that he didn't like that we were doing with NFL
00:21:14shop that we own and operate so after he beat up the NFL so many times there some of them at all if I said just let me get the two of you together so I can kind of get out of the middle this and John and came to
00:21:25me said like look I think you're doing these findings are really stupid I'll look to my listen to miss it yeah you're right make no sense I get it you're right thank you by the way and so that's kind of how we met so Johnson became a really
00:21:36good friend of mine and then not just over time rob and I also became very friendly I consider Robert now he's you know we are one of my closest guy friends you know with gather all the time %HESITATION we just were in Vegas last week and he came
00:21:48out from my %HESITATION for my for my birthday and %HESITATION haven't regretted thank you thank you I'm not first don't I'm embarrassed to admit you work for me yeah accounts I'm here Robert on Robert's SO four o'clock on what was impressive and the by the way in which
00:22:03was seven o'clock seven o'clock east coast time and he was gonna show like robin tires like apple having so much fun but we need to go to bed so what did you guys do your Die Hard eagles fan you're gonna make so much money off the eagles winning
00:22:15the Superbowl because it never one morning and you're fanatics business you're sitting watching the game with Robert craft yeah said for me this is really easy Robert as I said is is really one of my closest guy friends %HESITATION you know to me it's always family first and
00:22:28%HESITATION we had a company with we have fifty five in a full time employees fanatics %HESITATION fifty five fifty five hundred some action on the plate the company we're definitely rooting for the eagles I was a hundred percent with all my heart rooting for the patriots and you
00:22:41know it and Jeffrey lorries also you know a friend of mine and I love them but you know Robert's family and John of this family the craft to treat me like family so I was rooting for them and I was really pissed off a lot of people on
00:22:51the way I had I was getting %HESITATION hate hate T. M. as in Haiti email and a text messages and I said I probably should just get my match up to me I'm like I'm trans press everything soon so when the game ends though are you like man
00:23:03I'm so sorry %HESITATION Robert Jonathan this is terrible I can't live a loss then you slide in the bathroom you're like Hey how're sales going actually worse than that the real stories I got in the car with %HESITATION I got in the car with with Robert and his
00:23:17girlfriend myself my girlfriend and just the four of us we got in the car and there was not a lot of talking to the fish first minutes I really just try to be a comedian and be funny %HESITATION I talked to the locations we can go to that
00:23:27we never come back to to Minneapolis again it was awfully cold and we need you to be here so I'm just trying to be funny I did not look at sales %HESITATION I I figured they were gonna be good somewhere in your head using your old %HESITATION when
00:23:41Chris rock once the fanatics you know finances two point three billion our company this year that come the super balls not change anybody's lives I was you know a lot more %HESITATION concerned about %HESITATION trying to change the topic for Robert okay that's fair that's fair so I
00:23:54I was with him that night it was it was so I was very awkward to watch that and it was such a demoralizing %HESITATION the feet but obviously if let me tell you what else is we are which are for cutting off so yeah so %HESITATION every day
00:24:06at this time is widely known you know meek mills in another one of my really close friends and %HESITATION you know make it spoke to Robert because he was in prison at this point %HESITATION the morning of the game and you know make is a diehard eagles fan
00:24:18%HESITATION but also loves loves Robert and %HESITATION during the game all the worst part was makes music and literally every song was played every songs makes music roblox amis like I **** hate me carnival like literally I don't everyone hears voice again do you talk about Jonathan being
00:24:36so smart and %HESITATION tell me one that lesson that you've learned from Robert when it comes to real life %HESITATION and then she one lesson that you learned perhaps in business because I've never met someone that's guided right and both sides yes I I can give you a
00:24:52lot a lot a lot of exams the person I think I've learned from Robert is I've always want to make everybody like I believe like I'm building a business brick by brick and I think relation to really important I think you wanna treat everyone really well and the
00:25:05way I watch their family tree people they make everybody feel special man and that's just the way and they really feel that with the built that way and so I'd say the the way that they handle difficult situations is really admire ball you know I'd say I'm you
00:25:21know I've been a little bit more I'm pretty controlled by say be a little bit more like born a China shop where %HESITATION the craft Wayne and and really rob which was always to take things in a much you know calmer weighing you just be more thoughtful and
00:25:36kind and not lose your mind that's something and look I lived through deflate gate with these guys I watch the way he handled I knew how much was eating him up inside with the same time I saw the way he made sure the always went to the league
00:25:49first the way he dealt with it and he you know he didn't let you know he compartmentalized it really well so there's been many talks we've had you know if I've been in a you know intense you know negotiation the league and I've been more temperamental rob slick
00:26:02Hey take a deep breath and sell you know I'd I'd say stylistically you could learn from someone with a better style how they deal with people how they make people feel and look I mean you would you know you you grew up in Boston I believe you've lived
00:26:15in Boston him sure you follow the pages closer Chicago yet the producers of Austin producing a acabar stole India Bollywood barstool started bought and bought %HESITATION I look you know actually was %HESITATION he did the pizza cop the pizza even thing amerivest year of a Vegas yeah yeah
00:26:28yeah yeah Roberts waste you just the you know and again it's the craft way is to make everybody feel way and that goes so far business because you know what his I learned when you start a business everybody's rooting for you when you make a business much bigger
00:26:43people start reading a gash I've seen it ready when we were twenty fifty million dollars everybody want to help us now two point three billion dollars I feel it was still little baby company was so much by the head of us everyone's coming Addison and so for me
00:26:55%HESITATION you know knowing that you want to make as many friends you can along the way is is is I think a really great approach I say that's the biggest thing I've learned from him just is just how to treat people and how to you know have every
00:27:07everybody's possible on your side did you consult with him at all when the Bryan Colangelo stuff happened with it so what what was that discussion like I mean he you know obviously that was an awkward situation for everyone and forget look for first of all beer in any
00:27:21public business and there's no more public businessmen sports ownership that's most public up in the world I'm you have lots of opposites rations and think you know he Owsley give us and the king of it right you can buy what you've now and what's really great about use
00:27:34how you've navigated difficult awkward situations turn them in a positive so %HESITATION we actually I I you know I actually you know we all get into the details I called Robert multiple times about to get his perspective and I also Josh icasa Roberts to get his perspective look
00:27:48he's the most winning owner in mono sports history he's one of my **** literally I had to talk to him you know multiple times a day every day who would be the same for me not to pick his brain about you know the situation right was that a
00:28:01shock like when that all happened I mean it was shock well I found that the way I found out I was really shocked I was actually %HESITATION in my apartment in a in a meeting with with with %HESITATION with me consider somebody else we're actually talking about some
00:28:15important world issues and I was a big my phone up and Joan be face timing like seventeen times and %HESITATION and literally I've finally like I'm like we want he's like Danny and that that's why I find out from him %HESITATION so that's how I found out it
00:28:30actually you know blew off and at the same time into all is a troll on social media he's a date you know he's glued to his phone sorry he %HESITATION he he he would he was my he was my source of %HESITATION information the last question about this
00:28:43did you have any issues with quote Colangelo's our callers they were a little break listen you talk about a guy just pretty poorly on my end so you know they were little they were a little less like let you know I'm callers are delivered I'm all about results
00:28:56I don't care what you look like okay that's fair that's what would you have run account if you if Twitter started when Alex Rodriguez was a rookie do you think you would have a burner count on back at the I don't know but when I was a rookie
00:29:08but maybe like during my suspension yeah yeah yes as a city definitely does not assume now yeah for sure it's it mean it's in it's also I mean you you tell with it obviously is a professional athlete in the spotlight sometimes it feels like you can't get your
00:29:26voice out there sometimes you can't you feel like people are kind of twisting everything that said and you just wanna come on load with the burner yeah it's gotten load yeah yeah I I gotta tell you my my craft story in as a brief one I haven't told
00:29:39you Dan but in the middle my suspension in twenty fourteen it was like the most miserable and yet the most important time of my life %HESITATION professionally and I saw I like okay I can be a fall off a cliff for I can actually build and just you
00:29:53know trying to be respectable again and I ran into Robert Kraft and %HESITATION you know what better guy to run into when you're in a problem and Robert and I just got a corner were having a drink %HESITATION any says Alex eat your good guy you've made some
00:30:08mistakes and you're not handling this well you need you have people around you that are burning bridges and you need to start building bridges and I went home that night I wrote it down %HESITATION my wallet and from that day forward things changed and about a month ago
00:30:27I showed Robert this and he just had a big smile on his face so that's Roberts awesome yeah yeah about away that's it that's it that's a perfect example of what you know he does every day even you know this every day he's working on a different big
00:30:42issue to make the world a better place and whether it's a something the sports media landscape whether something in you know related to %HESITATION you know today that would happen with aunt them or whether it's you know a business issue I mean he's he's grinding every day making
00:30:55the world a better place arm how many so fanatics you what's the future fanatics like where is you guys are doing I think I read something about a big deal with Nike yes a friend at fanatics is it's funny people look at the companies come to an fifty
00:31:08million dollars to two point three billion dollars the last seven years and people look and it is well it's a big company I feel like we're still in the second inning of the game so for us we believe we will be you know we kind of invented the
00:31:20kind of what vertical commerce what we call the commerce is we think the sports particle loan gets to be a ten billion dollar business within the next decade to think it's JYJ quote the head %HESITATION in sports for fanatics in addition we think the same model in other
00:31:33categories to make a lot of sense with this entertainment music the same kind of vertical as commerce models really interesting so I'm incredibly bullish on the business and %HESITATION on top but I'm having a blast with its latest look it's a lot of fun yeah are you the
00:31:46leak to general he gets all the fanatics no no he he has this teacher or anyone else are you guys got a man here who he really give me some of those meeting me at all actually beat him once a year I don't know whom I think Nike
00:32:00makes we probably played in Italy once a year yeah young final four shirts I beat him like four years in a row and he would get so upset I had one guy in some I don't even know where he was hearing if you if you agree no other
00:32:13leaks get one week if you could read it limits the one with you I think we can make a deal right now it's all the leaks I don't like it I don't like your call we got a deal for one week then you and then you barber the
00:32:21rest of the school yes per line don't get a deal perfect makes it you you talk about like so I I see you and and three buckets in talking about investments for me I see you in three buckets which is fanatics and obviously your your life or in
00:32:33that business then you have your basically holding company with you know Blitzer and Josh with your sports franchises where is the third but can you talk about Amazon if you had a hundred dollars and you said you have to invest in the market for the next five to
00:32:49ten years how do you split that hundred dollars well you know first of all for me let me say that that the way I think about as I own three consumer ecommerce businesses been attics rule allowing guilt and shop owner in those three companies %HESITATION have an enormous
00:33:06upside all through private companies %HESITATION between half and all the beloved pet depend on which company is to %HESITATION really focus on growing those three businesses in addition %HESITATION you know I have a significant stake as I mentioned in the the devil's in the Sixers so outside of
00:33:21that actually don't do a lot of investing bush for me like what the lesson I've learned is focuses everything and I think the biggest thing that I screwed up my old company %HESITATION any I think you know we saw the coming for two point four billion dollars but
00:33:33had not screw this up would been worth many times that we did too many things not well enough so for me what I do is I actually have a you know %HESITATION some who runs my family office and they make kind of off my investments other than things
00:33:47in the Hey there's a one off Hey I like you've got this good situation we'll look at a quickening yeah we'll do it but I'm generally ninety percent of my best more money is actually run by professionals I don't pay attention to it who's in the grand scheme
00:33:59of things I'm completely focused on fanatics Rulon guilt and shop owner and also the stake in the sixties in the devil's because that's where the real value creation for me is %HESITATION that said certainly in this environment %HESITATION you know I'm definitely internet guy %HESITATION so I think
00:34:16you know as much as I am as a company I obsess about %HESITATION and for reasons that they kill most retailers %HESITATION you know I I look look I love Amazon Alibaba's investments I think they're both great %HESITATION a big fan of Facebook %HESITATION yelp and you know
00:34:31even if I look at even though they've they've you know took a big hit %HESITATION last week you know I'm a big fan of of kind of the growth of the gonna have so you know I would probably invest in consumer internet businesses and did my top list
00:34:43would be alley Bob arum is on Facebook %HESITATION %HESITATION I think they're gonna be all you know better than average return on Netflix hop yes I like Netflix yet do you think Amazon's gonna start like all a world government and take over all of us know because as
00:34:59you say the robot to I think you're too smart because their day once the out of politics goddesses pond you see the robot dog yet yes come scary yet yeah yeah I don't know I have a I have dreams of I haven't had it not none of the
00:35:10drones are robots yes everywhere they haven't they haven't and my dream should fortunately %HESITATION man that's going to be yeah I'll just keep an eye on that the drones in the robot dogs %HESITATION you mention meek mill earlier job that relationship start he would he kind of took
00:35:25everything by storm he comes out of jail goes right to the Sixers game like you know there was obviously a huge she everyone's playing his music at the eagles championship everything how did that entire relationship start so make you know was somebody I met randomly for like five
00:35:41years ago at at NBA all star game he was with this you know now ex girlfriend a common knowledge I was with my daughter was sitting next to each other and my daughter really is like if you go up the sports business nothing really faze you which was
00:35:51like the one percent that point a life she loved Nikki for in that moment as a she's kind of annoying making this chatter up like crazy to try to control her as good as possible and makes a quick second you your room here that you're that you're the
00:36:03you that you have a section guy right and %HESITATION immediately he started just bombarding me with business questions I loved it because it was just like me it was like I had no idea who was I them like and like you know what do you do you think
00:36:16I'm you know I'm a rapper he's tell me a little bit of a story but I had no idea who wasn't he's like ask me like how do you make this deal how do you do that it was like just the same type of personality the sponge that
00:36:25I am he was and I'd say you know the first year like you know he would come to games with Nicky I host %HESITATION but we you know we were friendly but you know we may talk on the phone much you know made us on ten fifteen times
00:36:38the first year and then we just got more more friendly he you know he lived ten minutes from my house and you know before any of the the the the the really negative stuff happen with him being sent to prison he had become one of my five closest
00:36:50friends %HESITATION you know bye bye we always talk about now the time that you know last summer %HESITATION you know I brought Robert to the all star game in Miami baseball and I brought me can do well is that we all went to the all star game together
00:37:03and %HESITATION that's actually help me can Robert my for the first time which is you know Robert was pretty helpful and and everything that happened but with me but he become one of my closest friends so for me was a life changing experience and one that I would
00:37:16encourage everyone to have because I didn't believe it was possible he used to always tell me about this crazy legal situation about this crazy judging you know what everyone tells the problems you know you know out so she could tell me this you get from people you like
00:37:29your people times every day and most will go in one ear and out the other news there's you know there's not enough hours in the day to think about something in Europe me so much like Hey this habit okay I'll send you check back that's the so I
00:37:39like to some albums and last summer he was around all the time and I kept sending like to look what's the matter with you look good job like I I'll let go before my don't get white white white before music Michael like I know you some Jewish white
00:37:53kid from from the suburbs you don't understand up on probation but you're not allowed to leave like what do you mean your job is to perform that lead is I'm not allowed it's something's not right you can't not be allowed to go you know perform rate and so
00:38:06at that point I started getting the bottom like okay this is ridiculous things my boys in my house all the time like this get it like he's a kid who can make me making you know tens of millions of dollars a year you can't travel and so am
00:38:18I Sir again by the lawyers before anything went wrong as rational these questions and the first thing you know we heard was that you know he was a model probationer without it was great by the way he always told me from day one and this is what's so
00:38:30crazy I remember we were sitting on the basketball court he said Michael I never put I wished I was charged %HESITATION pointing a gun at a cop he said of a black kid points a gun at ten cops that that's called suicide you don't get to point a
00:38:43gun at most clubs like all I'm sorry Sir keep your gun down that's what they're trained to do so he always told me never point a gun that's what he was ought to be sent to jail for and been stuck in this a legal situation for so %HESITATION
00:38:56I try to %HESITATION help get his probation terminated he been on probation for you know ten years already and %HESITATION the judge called a a a probation hearing and she corporation hearing for two we call technical violations the first was that he popped a wheel in New York
00:39:13City and I put on Instagram and %HESITATION a day later twenty cop shop at a charity basketball function and arrest him for reckless endangerment because they saw it on Instagram okay now by the way only because he's a black rapper did he get arrested for popular Willie on
00:39:30Instagram this would never happen anybody else %HESITATION so also %HESITATION earlier that year %HESITATION he had a friend of his who was jumped in airport where he was traveling the they just unconscious friend got to be one to go help him and course who they rest the black
00:39:44rapper and then they look at all the video surveillance realized that actually was two people worked in the airport who jumped his friend Bob was make me want to take a picture with Marley that morning and they then dropped all charges against meek and so those two things
00:39:58which resulted in all charges being dropped both cases were not for the judge to bring him in on a technical probation violation and so I decided the last second I just would like he was so nervous he kept calling me about like I'm gonna come with you is
00:40:11cancel my day it was like a fluke I went with the %HESITATION Monday you know November sexed and I go in the court room and %HESITATION thought was in like fifteen minutes press the ticket phone away like you can't be taking phone away the middle days like you
00:40:23know bass killing him by I was like first why was I wrong out of his skin yeah okay so I think this can be fifteen min that's and %HESITATION judge gets up and the probation officer comes a precious you know Robert Williams is a model probationers done everything
00:40:37we asked recommend no sense the district attorney gets up next says we recommend no sense Olympic why we here's like listen in the history of Philadelphia no one's ever been sentenced egg when the probation office in DA recommends no sense %HESITATION you know you never get sentenced so
00:40:54that now this thing's gone up like three hours this fifteen minute things got three hours were like at halftime they give me a break you can you know go you know how you know Zak yeah whatever yeah it's yeah I'm in the middle day whatever it is yeah
00:41:05and %HESITATION they come back in the in the session anatomically you don't you're good don't work don't worry about it she gets of Shiism sensing you like what what what's sent like hot like Michael can you speak so we I get up and I basically talk about you
00:41:18know what I've done in the state of Pennsylvania the companies that bill you know great tens of thousands of jobs while company we just bought majestic which has a big plant in Pennsylvania and all employees jobs that we saved and you know my problem with Philadelphia Sixers and
00:41:32that's about really should make and you know how well he knows my daughter my mom how he's you know being the all star game and spend time with rob Manford and how he's you know he has spent time in many the commissioners and all my friends and Robert
00:41:43in your house what basically that this is a guy writing can unite people in a well with people being divided and like we need to help this guy to make an impact in the world in a positive way not break his life down and given like what I
00:41:55thought was a pretty good speech like a German Russian it's yeah I mean to myself question right she will make eye contact with me home a part of me is like I'm I'm a silly like call like lady eyes are up here yeah I called you know but
00:42:08I like I'm in her courtroom and play by her rules so I sit back down she never looks at me and %HESITATION and the whole tone during this what was five or six hour session was unfathomable I'll never be able to explain it to you you have to
00:42:21be in the courtroom to see how she doctors off and then she then she senses some two two to four years in state prison and literally his eyes turned bank basically he'll never admit this because he's a rapper basically is I stamping can it's your star come out
00:42:34of his eyes I have the same reaction and I was randomly sitting next to it as reprisal had never met for roc nation I'll to her I said I'm not stopping to this guy's out of prison story she goes she introduced herself she was on the stop in
00:42:47and literally that was life changing moment for me and like I literally be a between daz and myself we probably spend a third of our time in the next you know between between November six able twenty fourth when he was released on working on getting that job was
00:42:59what happened was so wrong and you know what if you told me a story about your friend as he actually **** up before to happen when your closest friend right like I've worked too hard in my life encompass too much to sit back and watch it happen one
00:43:12of my closest friends so I just said you know what works import but it's not that point this is like the of this part like this this has to come first while while that's fantastic story %HESITATION all right we actually phantom yeah I mean that's not I mean
00:43:24I don't I don't really like you know any of that so no one right now no one did I say one other quick really quick story my daughter came home that night and she's %HESITATION she's at that point she was eleven and she said to me %HESITATION she
00:43:36walked in the house some local exactly come snapped mystical except person said dad Hey Kerr what's up she was what she was which is what's a matter of things could she knew me Catholic that the the hearing that day what happen to me okay a %HESITATION it wasn't
00:43:50which is that I know the internet is answer my question what happen to make like you to put your ship what and then she's like little should dad you have to stop this that you have to fix this and she came my room two thirty that morning said
00:44:02that have had bad nightmare unlike what's my shake a should as well I dreamed I was filling the school and I got sent to jail but well that could happen definitely how do you see should take school seriously but like and here's my twelve year deal at that
00:44:16point let me %HESITATION daughter so affected by this it was like it just it bothered us in such a fundamental way yeah %HESITATION all right we're gonna wrap up with a quick rapid fire so let's do a quick emerged shoot a few things you you can answer it
00:44:26quickly when you went to going over a week is actually a few weeks a few weeks yeah you flex on people about going over winning bashful championships do you go around so we want don't care no not in the slightest okay now sure never not once not once
00:44:42%HESITATION even more so only care about who makes the most money other than the patriots the success by then I'm all about family first and yet %HESITATION I ask what's the crew you know you obviously made a lot of money what's the biggest thing you've spent money on
00:44:56the %HESITATION like this is kind of a waste but I'm gonna do it well I would I wouldn't want to answer that question but because he %HESITATION everything becomes public eventually it's a B. the part I just bought a New York City okay yes okay how much money
00:45:08you have in your wallet right now %HESITATION and I don't know exactly can I have some money for sure to %HESITATION it's in my wallet here if you gave me eight hundred thirty dollars actually the whole idea behind this podcast %HESITATION behind this podcast a bunch of people
00:45:27and that was none of this actually ever going to err I'm just taking people it's good it's good source income that's how much a billion there has been a that doesn't did you ever at any point stop trusting the process never once never even when Sam Hinkie said
00:45:44his resignation and you're like what the hell I I always look look I'm a long term business builder and I knew we had to build is the right we were stuck in the middle and I knew we had to build this the right way long term I always
00:45:55believed okay alright flyers first doubles your not a fire I mean you have a special okay because I mean you just did paid through the fires what %HESITATION the flyers yeah okay all right all right that's fair last question did you when when the watch you know your
00:46:09answer because you root for the patriots definitely yeah we did check the numbers right I didn't look that night you can check the next they were good by the restaurant a hundred million dollars in revenue so it was like the best consolation prize you could possibly get but
00:46:24we still really depressed yes Mike so first I want to thank you so much and %HESITATION we become close friends and %HESITATION look forward to continuing our friendship but more importantly you've become the gold standard in business but what I'm most impressive number one you're an amazing father
00:46:39and down and number two stories like you've done with make really shows really what's %HESITATION what's your backbone which it in an obviously both your parents were doctor did a great job raising you so that a thank you very much I'm honored to be here with you guys
00:46:52today and lovely guys doing and you know as I said you last time we were together to me to watch we didn't sports was amazing but to watch we've done post sports is that much more amazing because I love to see someone who kills at multiple industries and
00:47:04I guess I say killed as an athlete is only you know only thousands of that seven billion people can do it but to do what you do in a business and life is even more impressive so thank you Mike then the compliment for me yeah I'll be here
00:47:17your grass is Alex and you look at the big yeah there we go okay yeah and I like your revenue generation plan yeah just hitting people so what we gotta do I think the big one for this is if you try to pick the right people yeah we
00:47:32got just get rappers on the shelf but it was in my office yes and I kid you not to give you one less funny story me because in my office as saying we were actually do my first podcast ever I'm wrongfully it's called wrongful conviction and as we
00:47:44do it I see make has twenty thousand dollars office pocket looking to and the money's although we gotta get all over the floor the more the stories out willow willow to him and Robert both %HESITATION one on twenty six

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