5X NBA Champion Kobe Bryant talks about his playing days, his feud with Shaq, what drives him to succeed both in basketball and business, how he lead by example, why he and Smush Parker still don't speak, and who is the GOAT. 

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00:00:36okay so we have Kobe Bryant it was an unreal interview so much fun to go interview Kobe Bryant he is so intense I want I want to do a little like debriefing because we're actually taping this right after it %HESITATION before we do that the cash out it
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00:01:45the Corp you need to love them back it's just a big circle love okay so Kobe Bryant can I just say we haven't taught we actually we so we taped this we're we're in LA right now we tape this I don't know two hours ago we haven't really
00:01:59decrease so we're gonna actually brief right now o'brien is intense and I don't know if he likes me a ride couple when I asked him what the goats thing that was is he he's still he stared right through my soul so my answer is yes yes yes yes
00:02:14yes yes I mean it was he is he is a military force we could talk to him for hours so many stories the biggest take where I had %HESITATION how %HESITATION similar your business career in his business career are you talked about the big picture and how even
00:02:32when he was in a you know a rookie in the week he was thinking okay at some point I'm gonna be you know going on from sports and making a living somewhere else and and and try to figure out what business is I'm excited about and you do
00:02:47the same thing investing in real estate in Seattle when you started out in M. L. B. and I think big picture always thinking about what's gonna happen in twenty years down the line is why Kobe is successful why you're successful fifteen years ago they were talking about him
00:03:02not going out to to the close of this team mates and not going to eat at restaurants he actually got a bad rap because of that and he told us today that he was in his room reading and he was writing and practicing in and of course a
00:03:15year after retirement from basketball he wins an Oscar for what I was most impressed with I gotta tell you should be doing big business did you see the size of an office a twenty thousand square feet it was enormous I'm wondering why the corporate office is on his
00:03:29big there was so much body armor my tummy started to hurt this was fun though because we talk business with Kobe we talk playing career %HESITATION helicopters helicopters smush Parker he still does not like smush Parker that was very apparent also the worst shoe that's ever been created
00:03:45the two thousand two I think two thousand to recreate the Kobe Tuesday with that happy when you challenge them about when I showed him that he was in a like jump maybe jump him he he basically like he just pretend that you never existed until I. shows like
00:03:58all my god I created that you you never know the names of the other company other companies the other company you can do the math on that but %HESITATION yeah Kobe Bryant you know home five time NBA champion not to go close you know I lack of the
00:04:11Amoco began %HESITATION your I don't know how to write your get MJ on this podcast in your is it your name G. and imagine yeah right okay no you don't heads are with that we could do that all day would like you know what what if you want
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00:04:59listening to the court presented by barstoolsports okay we now welcome on a very special guest he doesn't need an introduction but will introduce him anyway eighteen time all star five time NBA champion is Kobe Bryant we're here at your offices in Newport beach and it is the core
00:05:19from with obviously %HESITATION a rod and I want to start present day and then go backwards so you have gone from being a transcendent athlete to an unbelievable businessman it's very similar to what a rod has been doing with a rod Corp yeah mostly for my help but
00:05:37have you noticed %HESITATION you know do you attack business the same way as sports and if you ever had a moment where like I got a chill out because the business world not like the sports world %HESITATION it %HESITATION it in the same but also different right same
00:05:52in the sense that the tension to detail is there just like it is a sport attention to detail right but it it's different because of the intensity that you bring it's not like the game is not like practice right you have to have patience you have to challenge
00:06:08people yet the higher well and find people that have a certain level of you know that demand excellence from themselves right and have that attention to detail about themselves in the you want to build in the team of people that have that passion and commitment to excellence so
00:06:24that's the that's the difference is that now I'm kind of more into GM radiation as opposed to being a player that is on the ground floor bringing out the intensity needs guy every single play will differ have you noticed a moment where you're like I can't %HESITATION maybe
00:06:40I can't be as intense as I was during sports I can't demand people to be here till midnight or practice without a ball for three hours or you know this in my my thing is really simple here is that you know I expect excellent work we all do
00:06:56so I don't care if you're here in the office at six AM when you leave at midnight with the work that you do is average then this is not a home for you conversely you cannot be in office at all and have excellent work this is the place
00:07:11for you is I don't really care if you're here is a lot of guys again the gym and work hard work hard work hard work hard but then they can't transition that to seven thirty yeah right I can already tell that I wouldn't make it one day in
00:07:24this office I guy I'm really good at looking busy but not doing anything zero yeah you gotta you gotta get results or so called me one of the things that I've been super impressed with by watching kind of your organization how you transition is %HESITATION the team that
00:07:38you surround yourself with you know weather's you know from Brian tamale to to the rescue team one of the characteristics that you'll you're looking for to bring into your team is it much like you want a team made for the Lakers those type of orders or what are
00:07:53you what are you looking for specific it is the most important things curiosity firs I want curious people people that ask questions they want to figure things out figure out new ways to do things and go that's the most important thing and then from that curiosity having determination
00:08:09to see that curiosity through right the figure out those steps if you figure out okay this is a particular course of action that we feel like we should be taking has been done before no but that's exciting to me let's figure it out those are the characteristics that
00:08:22I look for in first and foremost so you say curiosity I read a story how you like text with %HESITATION business people three in the morning for in the morning Michael Polly I think here with %HESITATION %HESITATION you know people in the tech industry has anyone been like
00:08:36you know Kobe just chill out like start taxing dog really we're all about as crazy as I yeah what is that those are just you can you see it in a person the minute you meet him like this guy or this woman they just want it more than
00:08:47everyone else I think so I think you can since it you can you know when you have a conversation with somebody you can tell if you're truly passionate about what is at the door yeah I haven't listened brought you can bill which you were building not be that
00:08:58all right if you didn't have a you would be seeing he was right anyway you don't put it with this true for I make my way and yeah yeah yeah you could you could certainly recognize that and %HESITATION you feel a sense of familiarity person you said %HESITATION
00:09:12I read a quote that you said you love business as much as basketball there's no way that's true a hundred percent using there's no way you law I mean basketball was your life you your passion everything you you're telling me you love doing business as much if you
00:09:26could get all basically snap of a finger and be twenty five year old Kobe or the Kobe today you wouldn't go back in and keep playing basketball know who's already done it see here's the thing it will when when I was playing in the old teammates to sail
00:09:41Colby's not out in the road what is he doing they see me on a plane he's reading what is the reading is writing what is in writing I'm practicing I'm writing I'm practicing I'm understanding how the tell stories I'm reading Joseph Campbell and how to create arcs compelling
00:09:59arcs and plots and reading that stuff so this is going back fifteen years right so I don't just retire right dear basketball a look in the winning an Oscar you as a guest of comes from hard work from studying for fifteen years how to write and how to
00:10:14organize structure right and you can't do that without having the Sirius love will commitment to the craft in in that's I mean Alex has told the story but you know do your rookie year in in Seattle when you start investing in real estate and basically while you're playing
00:10:29baseball also getting you know working in business and learning the ropes and business yeah I know what I mean cooking I have so much in common we kind of came up at the same time but one of the things we have in common is %HESITATION shopper universities and
00:10:42I use of a Duke I want you know I took classes at Columbia business school Miami business school and be right once in a yard wide shin vacation I'm like that I'm practicing I am getting ready I don't know when they gonna kick matters and at the same
00:10:54time is not just about moving forward but also it's about having fun I I agree with Kobe I'm I sometimes forget that I played basketball in the major leagues for yeah I mean baseball for twenty three years yeah because I'm so excited in the moments yeah that sounds
00:11:08really weird to people right didn't online possible you you there's no way mail you know like I mean by said aum I told him I said listen if what I do in the next twenty years is not better than my last twenty did not fail that's disrespectful to
00:11:25what you've done the last twenty years how could you see my man I want accomplish what I accomplished my last twenty years if I did not have this mentality to begin with so yeah I mean I don't I think it I think the average person like myself it's
00:11:38you know it's crazy because obviously a dream when you're a kid was to play professional sports so you couldn't imagine anything higher than that yeah and then you guys obviously lived it and then you move on and it's like well you know this is the next chapter I
00:11:51want to go back real quick though Duke how where would you rank on the most hated do players if you have gone to %HESITATION probably number one are you probably know more yeah you were going to do so %HESITATION well here's a story about that is coach K.
00:12:10kept recruiting me he kept recruiting me he didn't he didn't just resigned to the fact that I'm going to go pro he was persistent about it so at that moment in time for me to make a decision this okay you know I'm not gonna go pro it would
00:12:24have been do because coach K. just kept going capital Roy Williams did to music Kansas %HESITATION dean Smith did not doing the simulator and he was like Hey listen this is a home for you but %HESITATION from what I hear you're good enough to go pro you probably
00:12:38will so I don't want to waste your time but yeah this is a home for you if you ever want to take your visit here in you know in change of mind or whatever about Bobby knight %HESITATION I did get a letter from Bobby knight but that wasn't
00:12:49something that he I would imagine his ideas like reverse psychology like Houston Kobe you could never find from yeah you know that that's a Phil Jackson does that yeah right away he just does it through the media so I mean that's engine though because you obviously decide did
00:13:02you was it a hard decision like I'm going pro or did you just know because Iran obviously did the same thing %HESITATION you know as a young kid seventeen eighteen going to be a pro athlete it was %HESITATION it was a tough decision I you ultimately %HESITATION the
00:13:19key factor for me was wasn't whether or not I was ready it was the fact that if I was a ready I was determined to figure out how to get ready and ultimately even if I was ready I still need to improve anyway right so the work's not
00:13:34going to stop in just a matter of do you want to come to leak and learn from the best and I'm doing the math in my head I'm looking at stocked in the many uses plant Drexel how many users plan M. jamming use more explaining a keen needs
00:13:48a players that I studied growing up in the best way to learn from them is to have that jump off of the film jump off the page and see it face to face that's the best way to learn because I had like a database I had everything in
00:14:01my mind what they could do what they do like to do where they did it when they did it now if I could see that up close that is the greatest form of education I could possibly receipt so that's why was I not I'm gonna I'm gonna go
00:14:12pro so that's interesting because I think there's a sports debate that's had a lot where a guy it's more happens in the NFL work quarterback comes out and people say well he was in the wrong system and his offense of line stunk right away and it kind of
00:14:26ruined his career do you think with what you just said it sounds like you think that if you're gonna make it you're gonna make it no matter what and if there's no like %HESITATION well things didn't go your way the first year and it ruined the you know
00:14:38the trajectory of your career it's either you have it or you don't sound like excuses to me me you got to figure it out right if you really have an obsession to figure it out you will figure it out right in every puzzles constructed differently I. a I.
00:14:52situation we came into the league was different to mine my situation in Chicago was different a month right everybody has a different puzzle may just got to figure out your own policy it's it's interesting to think about like the the sliding doors of like if you go to
00:15:04if Charlotte if you states are more if you don't I mean right right now or we we can talk about it now the bulls I always been intrigued because you know I'm a bulls fan and there were two different times where it was like Kobe's coming of the
00:15:14bolts yeah and in two thousand for a two thousand seven %HESITATION you know even in two thousand seven it was even into the season I remember you had that video to like bibles jerseys knows like saying you know if you want to be called the fan how when
00:15:28you were thinking about going to the bulls there's always this narrative known once plane Michael's %HESITATION shadow were you thinking no I want to be in Chicago and go past Michael no I was thinking like if you're gonna be agree franchise you have to have multiple great players
00:15:43mess with the Lakers have done here that narrative in LA yeah read jury of Elgin you had magic yeah myself yeah cream yet shack I mean yeah yeah lebron I mean it's just one of those franchise that continue Yankees too yeah right so why the bulls any different
00:15:57right because you have Michael now everybody's intimidated to go play by that's ridiculous well I I obviously I think the narrative is %HESITATION is basically made some of the front office can get a pass for never so that's really what it comes down to probably true you were
00:16:10ready to do it I mean would you if I mean if you were was there on a part of you mentally that was like I'm going to be a ball yeah yeah like we we were planning looking at homes schools the whole thing screen our whole thing man
00:16:22yeah so you know I know that and Jay west %HESITATION Michael Jordan was a Big Brother to you %HESITATION Brian shine as a lot of people that influenced you in a big way and I'm going to get to that but in the business community some of the tie
00:16:36ins you've talked to tell us some of the we've learned from the most and some of the people that I've mentored you the most and somebody we look up to yeah so the people have learned from the mall but I had the idea of for starting a studio
00:16:47the first person I called was Oprah Winfrey noon and %HESITATION we sell the phone but I want to have two hours with you the history of building horrible in and feel things that she felt she did well things that she felt like she didn't do so well and
00:17:01kind of walk me through her journey in deal to help me %HESITATION mine %HESITATION another person's mark Parker CEO of Nike United speak often me is really helped me through a lot of decisions %HESITATION Tim cook and Jony ive's album %HESITATION or so I would say those three
00:17:18are the biggest ones that had the most influence in which I'm currently building now any common theme between those three that you kept saying they keep saying the same similar them out of mistakes that are made in writers we tend to look at him and say okay you
00:17:30they'll make mistakes the only bad decisions and that can be any further from the truth all make mistakes all make decisions %HESITATION in you just continue to plow forward yes to you to figure it out %HESITATION so I wanted to touch on the evolution of you as a
00:17:47teammate in two thousand I think for Phil Jackson writes the book as like Kobe's uncle still we know my roots yeah has Kobe's on cultural what was it what was your reaction in that moment when you see that you read that a guy that you have a relationship
00:18:00yeah access with I was I was frustrated by it you know I mean because it was always a type of relationship where was like you know for me it's just come at me direct I'm right here you don't have to be yes me we can just has to
00:18:13sell you want me and he would rather not do that because at some calls the right he'd rather go to the media do it means a lot of stuff that I read the book was the first time I've ever heard any of the stuff I'm like dude I'm
00:18:26legally right here right now %HESITATION so when he came back you know that's one of the things that he said he apologized for his I listen you know I understand I we should just have a direct relationship and %HESITATION and that's how we were able to kind of
00:18:42move forward lose really frustrated rare policies good but the royalty would be nice to yeah I thought about this like this like your third book on you know right scum right in what I'm doing a book on this like forty five minutes yeah I was my room he
00:18:57was there any truth to it though do you think was there at a moment when you read that and you had to you know kind of take a look at yourself like maybe I am not the best team because I there's always is really interesting line to me
00:19:08when you're watching you know athletes at the highest level here a guy who is a clear alpha leader he runs the team there's that line of is he from like his ego is out of control too he just wants the most out of people are you know like
00:19:23Michael Jordan punched Steve Kerr in the face like you know their stories are pushing her teammates and and train you know maybe getting some of them come to crumble in the moment do you did you see that and and kind of reflect and say Hey maybe I need
00:19:37to do a different do this differently well I I think this is couple is is that so %HESITATION five drive a hard bargain the people that I've always had issues or problems with other people that don't demand excellence for themselves I will tolerate set them in the career
00:19:59said and done they're not going to be looking at you a player in his team in Sam you can win a championship not doing me looking here right was my responsibility to make sure everybody's hold themselves accountable I'm holding you accountable if we just played a back to
00:20:15back we have practice the next day your **** better be there tape rated all right because I'm there and I'm ready and I just got finished lifting weights for two hours writes all whole guys to a higher standard and %HESITATION I don't sugar coat stuff never have never
00:20:30will right that is the rub some people the wrong way now team to win championships on me and all those guys still close to this day extremely close right Lamar when I still close Fisher's Adam brown the fish all my gosh yeah I'll check your even check politicians
00:20:48who smokes Parker mill okay now there's talk about yeah I was gonna say that that is not quite as %HESITATION that's that's one of the people that will probably sales bad to me yeah yeah yeah yeah willow's almost all the guys man that you know you want to
00:21:00have in his mind so %HESITATION you know you can't have those kind of relationships with guys years after play with them and be a bad teammate yes no that's fair that's fair is fine I want to be back on that because it is so true you know I
00:21:14mean I was in his fortune to to win a major championship or as go head to when it made him it was Kobe but in oh nine that roster I mean they're like twenty four brothers and to this day of one of our techs me right back to
00:21:26me within five minutes I'm headed back because you build is incredible bond that only there one of the animal care case twenty five and twelve in your case is this bond and never goes away and all of a sudden you become a good teammate yeah come nice to
00:21:41become this but it is a hard line between the best leaders are not always the most popular ones and I think sometimes people have a hard time to turn a do I I'm not I I'll give you story of of of the stuff that was fresher than the
00:21:53whole selfishness The Flintstones fresher Phil come to me and say it was a year old three where I had forty points in nine straight games right Shaq without using a toll free Phil comes in before stresses cold we need to take over the office might all right cool
00:22:12so that we know more I got it I got it so they literally started the streak of forty street get your forty points and I figured check comes back from injury infill goes into it I still continue to do it right in field because which was office goes
00:22:27a you know we're starting to lose the big fella three meanwhile he's not getting the attention you know this this forty point streak start to kind of take away his fire to prove something right so I need you to start down that back Michael this is we're gonna
00:22:46lose him and we need him in June okay are you have a gaming is the clippers nearly thirty years of light that HA school forty to get forty again ballgame I dumped upon the shack a state issued a wide open shot forty four street ended that night while
00:23:04that was it in that's inside stuff that people don't know all right if you tell me when you happy yeah yeah because there was a we got a dollar back got dollar back was done it was the big fall perfect Kobe to you like he's like you got
00:23:16a dial back like I'll score thirty and so forth well I mean this district there would eleven terror alright oak record right right right would broke the record but instead you know what do you think I mean your relationship with Jack I feel like is one of the
00:23:28most intriguing relationships and and all pro sports here were you guys ever point we just wouldn't even speak no because we were very %HESITATION very direct like I said before I'm very straight forward right okay for seven two or six two violation which you I'm gonna let you
00:23:46know you know also notes were always speaking to some houses more volatile than others right but we're always speaking always direct yeah so and when when that all falls apart I mean what was your biggest like where would you say the the biggest problem with your your communication
00:24:04was it you know Shaq not coming to know I wasn't seasoning show was funny when we sat down we did the interview together %HESITATION he he finally cop to the fact that after we won championships USAC doc in just relaxing coastal with a summer because I know I
00:24:17got a teammate is going to train and eight ten hours a day as I see that's the B. S. now does that yeah that's the issue right that's the issue %HESITATION but also it be became %HESITATION %HESITATION is not some that we could have worked out either because
00:24:32right now we've been doing it right but I got to a point in my career where was the rumblings %HESITATION miss some of it created by him that you know Kobe can't win without me it was I hold motor no it's not true grain is not true and
00:24:49I'm not going to retire and have people hold that over my head said no let's find out yeah we was just time to go separate ways so that that really did bother you in in it's interesting because in today's NBA I mean you see a guy like Kevin
00:25:01Durant go to Golden State yeah you would never made that move not one of but you know it different strokes for different folks Matt out you know when I was coming up it was Kobe can't win without Shaq but I've never heard the argument made about magic and
00:25:14Kareem right or Michael and pit right but that was the that was the thing being thrown my way those are I will it is what it is let's see do you think that you got criticized more than a guy like Kevin Durant or the guys who are playing
00:25:28now no at the moment and you know it is all different according to the moment in time it always seems like more when you're in that moment norms and I don't think is no more no less I think now with social media things tend to perpetuate much much
00:25:40faster %HESITATION back then conversely the stories to miss a lot longer rated there's there's less fire is coming yeah do you understand on social media that you have the craziest fan base of all time understanding my fans are very passionate the Kobe stands I have a passion that
00:26:01follow like they are insane whenever you do whatever the M. J. lebron thing comes out the Kobe stands like you know they poke out their head out from under their like just attacked you know I've I've passion if it was their party you when lebron came here seeing
00:26:16maybe some of the Lakers fans be like no Kobe's our guy you did that I mean obviously want to welcome the bronze but it shows your impact on the team the organization not me my impact on this organization is to look forward if I've taught this fan base
00:26:31anything is that we want excellence we won championships it's about the purple and gold is not about one player and I came in here with magic magic embrace with open arms as the cream and worthy and everybody else and Jerry west Elgin all those guys it's our responsibility
00:26:48to do the same thing for the next generation that comes in and I. T. test of deadly serious and it's like no guys yeah yeah yeah you know talking about deadly serious I mean all you gotta do in any conversation with getting born O. U. S. A.'s Kobe
00:27:03lebron Kobe Michael I'm a I'm I'm I've been a Michael by my whole life yeah sees it go and go see that's the type of in which your question as I'm a mom of the regular sports fan this is what we talk I know this is we regular
00:27:19fans talk about you don't are so you're saying you're the go what I'm saying is regular people ask really simple question that's what I okay okay because I'm not a basketball expert I just Emma Kobe guy in India and people live in the one of the debate I
00:27:35don't yeah well here's a fun fact for you Kobe lebron has as many losses in the finals is Michael Jordan has wins in the files I don't care one time a man just hold me because I know the mentorship is been a big part of your life both
00:27:48you as a mentor and is a Nancy but one of the interesting things for me being a six foot three shore stuff coming up out of Miami I had one guy to look at because I had a so I was scared as **** and that they were gonna
00:28:00move me and I'm like to their base more see alpha and I'm like no I can play shortstop you gonna leave me look a cow so I studied in in the back and they we had the tape to have already on our now that yeah studied every tape
00:28:14I can get my hands on and I will go at night visualizing how he moved his body was six forty thirty there was enormous for shortstop in not only that I study and people said well you started to look like him and I'm like yeah that's right because
00:28:27I want to be like him right and and then count I became very very close and I remember one trip we went to Japan rivers in the US and I literally sat in his seat next to him for like ten hours and he said finally dude I got
00:28:41a tap out I I need a nap and I was so enamored by him so it was such a wonderful treat for me to have that with my mentor gonna take us behind %HESITATION kind of the current with Michael was there ever a moment the U. K. spoke
00:28:56the felt like an energizing you learn from him yeah it was it was crazy make is my favorite player was magic growing up in and then I quickly realized my father's stole all my hate always going to be a six nine point guards and I do think you
00:29:08know saluted this young guy coming up in a thing that a moral that wasn't the fact that he was getting to the rim and doing these fancy stuff it was like how easy getting to the room how's he doing it right you look at the full word look
00:29:21at the fundamentals they get the spacing the pacing right and all those little things the angles and that's what becomes fastenings they will K. how do I get there rice a star studied all those basics and then when I came to lead the first time I played again
00:29:35so %HESITATION I want is respect because it was like this kids not scared me at all he saw a kindred spirit from that standpoint and that started a relationship and it became something we're was like go text them any time hits me right back questions it's me right
00:29:52back in one talking all the time and %HESITATION that we just we just speaking the other day if that because I was talking about %HESITATION you hit me up say happy thanksgiving stuffing out of family house family nor are the kids doing knows my young at my middle
00:30:05child is playing basketball stuff written to ask about how she's doing as he's good he's good I said you know at twelve I might have a hard time remember we're house doing a basket white twelve and I'm like kids nowadays try to do too much you know like
00:30:21from a skill stamp which they try to help me do all this fancy stuff verses like the basics backed off it's all teach my kids the most basic stuff we just do it over and over but as my guess it will you doing at twelve you ma'am would
00:30:31you do my best what twelve me goes through us playing baseball yeah right that's right that sink in for a second I was dying for people out there who are like over trade in our kids at twelve in like doing all this fancy stuff just let that sink
00:30:47in for Satan as good point yeah it's crazy to think about that he's agreements or from all aspects I love my Dallas but I mean I'd love to but I I don't know why I know I said Michael earlier like I know him I'd probably shoot put a
00:30:59little respect on it right I usually go my Michael Michael Michael got stands to yeah my all my guys they listen I'll stand all all the time I thought I gave you that I'm a bronze that you don't think that I've said that to like everyone I come
00:31:12the thing is that like %HESITATION things that %HESITATION MJ we was doing he learned from David Thomson Jerry those guys stuff that I've done I've learned from NJ step that Brando's learn from me implant on the Olympic team definitely stuff is a chain thing man I know people
00:31:31want to talk about who's this who's that because it fills up good conversation timer downtown whatever the case may be before us as athletes is really a chain reaction you can't have one without the other is just not possible as good point as good a white %HESITATION what
00:31:45did you see the Jimmy Butler stuff he you know obviously you heard of many trade he went and beat his the starters with the third stringers in a lot of people are saying that's kind of a cold your MJ move where it's like he's pushing his team and
00:31:59saying you need me did you think that that was a move that you would do or you know some is detrimental thing most of my team to just call it a Monday I think if there is a regular practice yeah I mean well there's I I read a
00:32:16story that used to play guys two hundred you do ZB like you have to stay in this gym and play me two hundred and what I mean what was our biggest margin of victory you'd ever when %HESITATION well I'm a you when high school uses bye guys ninety
00:32:29nine no kidding %HESITATION but you know listen is prices the prices are meant to be competitive they're meant to be competitive if your prices are more competitive than the games themselves doing the wrong thing and most of these teams and coaches have gotten into a mindset of resting
00:32:47players awesome too much we arrival practice light daylight daylight they Phil never gave us light day news no days off you show up in your work yeah practice yeah and prices are going to be worse yeah I'd be more physical is gonna be more trash talking now I
00:33:03will let you know right yeah you're you're shop today I'm gonna let you know yeah he's gonna be embarrassing you're going to hate it %HESITATION but when game seven rolls around the NBA finals you will be prepared who in one on one %HESITATION number eight Kobe verse number
00:33:19twenty four CO two hundred %HESITATION %HESITATION I think I would say number eight we win okay okay number eight thousand three number eight yeah yeah to forty point streak that had to be cut short %HESITATION that's the only trash talking me if you have by the way is
00:33:36his ninety one M. J. verses model three yeah yeah yeah yeah %HESITATION you said that Tony Allen was the toughest guy to defend you who's off our guide to defend Kevin Durant Kevin Durant that was the one that I I retired without really having this being able to
00:33:52figure out what it is that he you know how I can why stop why %HESITATION when you first came in a league he was easy to defend because you can go right and shoot news kinda shoot across his face so that was a weakness that he had also
00:34:05in the post you can turn left shoulder everything was right shoulder today Gimme areas I could shut off right any start developing so developing and now he can pull up left a couple of Brighton you shoot the long ball you has runners left hand right hand before you
00:34:19had a left hand finish at the room I can always send them left for some all we to the basket even with the advantage of this size he was still uncomfortable physician what is left psychically up the right here and now for some of the tough situations but
00:34:32now he developed that today now we couldn't really figure out how to is this a rhythm saying I'm trying to count the seconds that he takes to make his moves when is he may come up with Tom's any gay I couldn't really figure out their rhythm yes are
00:34:44retired not being able to figure him out when you say Tony Allen was the toughest to guard you where it is %HESITATION Ruben Patterson the Kobe stopper original Kobe stop now you did he not on the list I mean it looked really is my favorite I know I
00:34:56listen I'm going for the win Rubin I played together he was the one player that will compete against me hard every day I mean he was shot every day you had that kind of Bob Huggins Cincinnati tough mindset type of thing right so I love that about it
00:35:10but then now he's a free agent in now is I only on the Kobe stop I used to lock him up in practice so I called him a sea route do if you need help with the new deal and let me know what I I will go to
00:35:22the media but I you know nobody guard me better than Ruben Patterson I see this guy read their press I will help you with your new deal right but now you don't piss me off yeah I you know let me know now you an idea mouth off now
00:35:32I gotta kill you every time I play you and it's not gonna be a good situation I own I love the every now and then like some will be like on the new Kobe stock and what do you do if you're just making it worse for yourself and
00:35:41my favorite thing we see is showing Kim before playoff game Ruben Paris as being the ice block yes I remember that Google December that idea yet take this forty five NBA on NBC the ice bucket yeah we stop another thing we have in common is that you know
00:36:00we had any any issues a lot of people don't know that I am very grateful because my knees were banged up and you said Alice you gotta go see my guy in Germany so I went to see doctor Peter Welling and literally says you sent me there my
00:36:15knee has not hurt we wanted championship with an arm by pay the last five years pain free %HESITATION tell us a little bit about your routine you're Newport beach and you you you will take a helicopter walk us through it and why and how that started a lot
00:36:28of people don't know that story is so the %HESITATION always get the practice really early my routine is always the same without I I'd wake up for the morning noon and I lift weights there really early father Morton get home at about six thirty in Tom a wake
00:36:45up the kids for school and then I take the kids to school every morning that's why do I taking the school and then after taking the school I go to practice I drop the practice in this is when before people started really moving down south so I can
00:36:56get down to LA in thirty forty minutes right so I practice I'd stay late after practice get my shots up treatment up drive back and I can get back in time to pick the kids up from school their after school activities all that fun stuff even on weekends
00:37:11within traffic study really really bad right now sit in traffic I won the missing like a school play because I'll sit in traffic in his distinguished came out and I had to figure out a way rockets still train and focus on the craft would still not compromise families
00:37:26on it so that's when I looked into helicopters and be able to get down and back in fifteen minutes in and that's when it started so my routine was always the same weights early morning kids to school fly down practice like crazy do my extra work media everything
00:37:42I needed to do fly back get backing carpool line pick the kids up and my wife was like listen I can pick a model my no no no I would I want to do that because like you know you have road trips in Toms River not you'll see
00:37:54she is writing also like every chance I get to see him to spend time with them even if it's twenty minutes there car like I want it right so that that would be my routine also no nap though because you know no nap because if I was tired
00:38:07I take a nap yeah I'll pick him up from school right going home I lay down for about an hour or so and then I go to the game but I'd that wasn't like a set routine for me if I was tired went to sleep follows it didn't
00:38:17go about if you had a road game same Miami yes seven thirty game same you get up early in the way to get up early do weights right have a breakfast get on the bus go to shoot around get shots up come back to the room do treatment
00:38:30ice stretch home I may watch a movie I meanwhile watchable action film right depending on on what will be the bus the stadium so we have we had two buses first bus was generally for thirty or forty five second busters generally like five thirty because we on generally
00:38:49the early one %HESITATION to get ready to get treatment get shot sucks I like getting your readers and sometimes I'll actually get a car and leave before the first bus because even though the first buses leaving early there still people in the stands coming yeah and all I
00:39:02get into arenas when there's nobody in there and you can kind of fill the purity of the place you know especially in a road environment users yeah when nobody exterior I mean it's a certain yeah purity to that and your routine at that time how many shots you
00:39:16trying to get up at that time so it depends so like if I was playing lastly the spurs for example %HESITATION %HESITATION the mount of size varies depends on how I'm feeling physically but the spots involved playing the spurs will always like short porch in right short corner
00:39:32shots mid elbow shines in those type of shots because those of the shots so don't give up and always give up or you know screen role action Tim is always backing up you got a little short pull up nice I would go through those in %HESITATION %HESITATION in
00:39:47then if if I was playing like %HESITATION Memphis got arrested with Tony Allen I work a lot of back to basket stuff right put my body on Tony make sure my foot works right to elevate make sure I'm hiding the ball that he can't swipe and take it
00:40:01going through those muscle memory face console the positions of the shots with very depending on the on it yeah %HESITATION are you have to go in a second because you are very busy man I'm a new rapid fire real quick all right give me one one word one
00:40:12got answers Matt Barnes incident it went re viral were you was he actually throwing the ball for a pump taking a right your face as far as I remember yeah I mean all I can go by is what Matt said okay I just saw my does work out
00:40:25it's kids out here like a week ago for their birthday you use this you know we first came the Lakers is I may I don't understand how the hell you did not flinch okay so yeah so he wasn't doing radio that one people ruining a great memory Madsen
00:40:40dancing a real life the lane dance move from so so that's good that's good one %HESITATION your two thousand rap problem we just like **** it I can do anything so it it yeah one that bad albums so when the bad album so when that bad but it's
00:40:58all me how to write okay %HESITATION the Kobe twos the worse you of all time Kobe to switch once in awhile show you the picture you like %HESITATION once you're at now now the other company though that doesn't count yeah those count that come with the county would
00:41:12be complete as echo worse use well known that that that that that's what taught me that I need to lead to design charge that picture opposes operas also this is like I mean this is like the a rod take do they are kissing himself in there the dog
00:41:25Val %HESITATION there's there's some was a photographer being like %HESITATION is first of all first of all I'm I'm a African American but I am not that dark star dear and then I had the wardrobe and all that like you know it's yeah for talk he thought somebody
00:41:37took liberties yes that's it when he took the picture of himself get a ride kissing himself in the mirror he's like advertising is gonna be awesome like whoops %HESITATION all right %HESITATION what about these little wind song Kobe Bryant you listen to it every day every day in
00:41:52the car I listen to it hides me up you know he told me it was like to them researchers you call me %HESITATION is that men at performances motivated the hell out of me of things like game six is I would do a song I was okay how
00:42:06do solemnly hi cool math thought he was just going to be S. N. whatever before Celtics series he sends me a song and I was like oh you're serious yeah okay as day awesome awesome %HESITATION two thousand two Western Conference finals was rigged well what's your first name
00:42:25%HESITATION Tim Donaghy we definitely have money on it yeah so that's a fact yes yes %HESITATION so from that standpoint yes yes but from the king's missin twenty some free throws in game seven good point good point unless your lunch at their bank accounts forget that all right
00:42:41%HESITATION last one for me is there ever been a triple team you didn't want to shoot a shot through such a normal average person question on it is all you have real life because you know it's true you like such an average person okay by the way over
00:42:57musical to me then I'll shoot your your Michael Jordan stand yes if a player today took forty nine shots in NBA finals game thirteen loss what would you say well I'd say probably that just sounded like he went six and %HESITATION and if you don't mind just think
00:43:14about it yeah I think about it that's what that sounds like you think about it descent you know you you you revisionist history sometimes the revisionist history is actually going to the wrong way though because I think people are starting to like say Michael Jordan played against no
00:43:28one in the NBA in the end all right here's the thing moms and at the end of the day we can always say dinner the day our goal and our mission magic's birds everybody's is to win championships that's it I don't care how you get there I don't
00:43:41care what you do to get there I don't care if you got to pick up a team in cap I don't care what you do okay %HESITATION if the if the yell at every the matter close to one yeah so Kobe when the first US eight thank you
00:43:53for Dan and I and %HESITATION I've always been a long time and Meyer thank you for being such a good friend and also to continue and to set the gold standard not only for athletes but for you know retired athletes are thank you and continue great success we
00:44:05should implement that yeah than the jungles in question was a good question %HESITATION depends on the team if I got so much Parker let she'd never forgotten the fish bad young technician one

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