Big Cat and ARod sit down and talk about their history together, what ARod has been doing with The Corp since the day he retired and where the two plan on taking this podcast. This episode helps give a back story to their relationship and plans going forward at ARodCorp. 

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00:01:28we decided which which is gonna go first or should be big cat and Alex Rodriguez %HESITATION what talk about that okay yeah we'll negotiate that in a court meeting and we are doing our first episode %HESITATION we're gonna give kind of a back story about a rod's career
00:01:47post baseball how I worked into it how this podcast came to be %HESITATION how I basically stalked him and have now ended up here doing a podcast with my boss and %HESITATION the greatest businessman of all time so let's get into it let's start with the day August
00:02:05seventh two thousand sixteen is the day that you do a press conference saying that %HESITATION the following Friday will be your last day in Major League Baseball art talk us through that moment and how emotional it was you played for twenty two years and you get to that
00:02:22moment and was it something you saw coming or did you it kind of like one day will company knew was maybe over well when I kept looking at videos of myself I sell my bat speed and I knew the day was coming you know it's it's it's a
00:02:37baseball is it and I think you share this with me it's such a lovable game and there's such a romance and his interest in what people think is the worst kind of liability I think is a great asset that there is no time clock and it is nine
00:02:56innings in you never think is gonna come to an end and I'll never forget my conversation with house Steinbrenner %HESITATION it was just so %HESITATION honorable %HESITATION he gave me the option %HESITATION to continue to play to stop plane to stay as a as a coach %HESITATION and
00:03:22the the I think from that entire week to be treated with so much respect from from the entire Steinbrenner family led by how I think that for me is to take away and I go back to that but to think that I'm still %HESITATION a chief adviser to
00:03:39house Steinbrenner in very involved with our young players it's something that I'm very proud of but that week at when I had my my conference I I started with like sometimes the game tapped on the shoulder %HESITATION when you least expect it you know the and and %HESITATION
00:03:59although I knew I was going down out I I still had I think in a nine or ten home runs and I always felt like I was just one week from getting you know really hot and that that was probably one of the most memorable weeks and days
00:04:16of my life so so you say that you always kind of thought maybe this is the moment I get hot does that mean that the even in the last season you thought maybe you had a year to laughed like was that because I'm always curious I think a
00:04:30lot of fans are always curious about their favorite players and the stars in the game is there a moment like a aha moment where like this isn't for me anymore you know in now you know I I knew the last two or three years the game was getting
00:04:45so difficult because %HESITATION I wish I had a lot of off the field distractions at that I put on myself but the two hip surgeries the two knee surgeries %HESITATION going to the suspension I knew that it took a lot more for me to prepare hours and hours
00:05:09even before I showed up to the game that was showing up in a three or four hours before the game right so it started in the morning so my days are getting longer my recovery after the games is was going past one or two in the morning and
00:05:21I was busy spending all day getting ready to play arm but I always felt Vatan I know how to win in baseball I knew that you know I had nine home runs and I I just looked at as it were by pro his time five hundred %HESITATION I'm
00:05:39gonna get my thirty home runs and I I mean I had three hundred I mean it to forty but in today's game two forty is like the new three hundred anyway it doesn't matter %HESITATION so you have these ways that you can kind of if give therapy to
00:05:53yourself and convince yourself you can still do it that's what I did yeah I mean I that's I have the same type of brand I think that's why we're best friends because I haven't spends on Brandon myself %HESITATION so you wake up the day after last game the
00:06:05day the first day of the rest your life but you you were set up a little bit you had already kind of started maybe thinking about media or you know the a rod Corp what was the first day after baseball like and were you ready for it we
00:06:20prepare for because you hear a lot of times guys wake up that day and they're not prepared for it it was how scared man I was %HESITATION I was nervous we had a party the night the Jamie Foxx hosted the jade kind of pretty cool name dropping now
00:06:38can do that when you retired when you're the boss %HESITATION here no %HESITATION we had a party and had all my teammates job people flew in from all over the country %HESITATION for my last game my daughters were there was you know my mother was there was such
00:06:54an exciting night but in a full of emotions %HESITATION I wake up the next day I fly entire family down to Miami %HESITATION with me out and I'm sitting in my feeder and my living room just watching television and I'm just like the twenty two years just flashes
00:07:16yeah no big moments %HESITATION the good the bad the ugly the championship MVPs %HESITATION the struggles my first day in the big leagues at eighteen because all flashing right in front of me and it finally hits me I am so exhausted but yet content and I was content
00:07:39and it was put to test because I had two owners call and Alex you just need for home runs when he just come for the summer I'll give you a couple of weeks get ready Miami University of Miami and just come up and I had to clean up
00:07:55in what I'm gonna win anyways but I think you you should leave play will may what was so some take as in and you get your number is like the Mister three thousand exact that's by the way is like a hypothetical that all fans I things were out
00:08:09there like Iran's four way from seven hundred well you know we're %HESITATION the name the team the days out of the the race where the Kinsey whirls let's let's call him up and sell some tickets with interesting Dan is that early in my career that would've been a
00:08:24no brainer I would have just kept chasing numbers %HESITATION I would have gone anywhere Japan Tokyo hope you name it to go get three thousand had to or or OR seven hundred home runs at this point in my life you know being a father being going to a
00:08:38lot a lot of you know ups and downs I further being part of the Yankees I value to that so much that a trumped the seven hundred and to a degree being for short I am being okay with it to me was a real sign of growth yeah
00:08:55that's actually an interesting moment because like you eighteen year old Alex Rodriguez and twenty two year old and twenty six year old I would you I mean you can tell me but I would guess would be obsessed with hitting that seven hundred and then you get to the
00:09:09end your career like yeah you know what this is okay I'm I did everything that I I wanted to do sometimes you realize at thirty or forty or fifty better late than never that what you thought was important at twenty thirty Dow you realize it doesn't have a
00:09:24lot of significance but I left the game with it with some honor %HESITATION I left the game was some good relationships and then what I realized was that pre suspension and I was one person and post expansion I was another one yeah and that just meant that I
00:09:41was just grateful and and and more grounded so was there any moment from the date your last day in baseball to even say all the two thousand seventeen season where he said I could probably do it like I could get back I could I could get I could
00:09:56do I hop in the box I could probably hit thirty home runs was there any moment where you almost picked up the phone like I'm and I'm gonna get back in there there was a few I mean I I love the game so much there is a sickness
00:10:09about it like right just a few days ago %HESITATION you know how when writing to Wrigley Field a day off and I sat there with Jennifer for four innings watching the game in the bleachers except there was nobody in the stadium right and Jennifer said okay that's enough
00:10:29when I'm going to watch virtual baseball now three and stuff right right and I show you the video and she was the kid this is gone too far so then we took our bikes we went to Starbucks and is so I I love the game so much I
00:10:41miss it every day %HESITATION it's the greatest game in the world I am so when will tell touch on media and stuff and doing today but %HESITATION if I can watch baseball every day three games a day I would and I have for most of my life yeah
00:10:56obviously alright so let's do the media stuff because we'll get to erode corporate how I you know somehow working all this if you if you go on the fox set for World Series yeah %HESITATION fifteen twenty fifteen you you know kind of become a breakout star people are
00:11:14like well we didn't know a ride had this side of them it was there anything I mean how how does that work for you just like I'm just being myself or you intentionally maybe holding something back during your career that you then let out when you're finally part
00:11:26of the media I never thought I would I will be doing any media I mean at the irony of a guy that did so poorly %HESITATION were in dealing with the media when I played in New York is in like if there was any mistakes to be made
00:11:42all of them I checked every box right in a lot of a Dan is I I didn't know any better I I grew up from a single mother who had two jobs very humble beginnings %HESITATION economically challenged %HESITATION making way socially challenged I lived in a mile big
00:11:59world and I was I wanted to be the best baseball player could be and I wanted to leave it all out there so much I made some really stupid mistakes along the way and what I realized %HESITATION doing this is that I started getting an incredible amount of
00:12:14education in baseball at every level and I understand it %HESITATION understood it so well I always say that I I received my PhD from Harvard in baseball therefore if I can go on TV and deliver the lines that I know and make it digestible for the audience then
00:12:33it would be somewhat of of a good thing %HESITATION twenty fifteen coming back and having such a good year I could have easily left the casino said okay %HESITATION I did good let me go back to my room but I ate I ate in a to a degree
00:12:52double down and it was really risky because I could have just said thirty three home runs back to bow season I'm out right and my instinct would have been go hide but I said **** I've done it that way my entire life the life that has not worked
00:13:09when I just lean into it I love the game be an X. ray machine let people see right through you and what ironically the bar was set so low that if I shot a double bogey it what it felt like a pretty similar rate and you had Pete
00:13:25rose next year so it's and that was it a wild card I mean we're like this is a train wreck I mean between the two most hated guys a sports as Pete and Alex and here they are you know running for you know point on fox and it'll
00:13:38give you know Eric shanks in John ensign Barty up a great deal of credit for you know being forward thinkers and and for taking chances and and sometimes we all need to do that our lives we need to you know yeah on three eight thirteen to go for
00:13:56the bottom right so you just mentioned are I want to touch on this you you mentioned being the most hated gai in sports did you do you feel that do you like fuel that hate every day and do you feel because I think that's an interesting point you
00:14:10bring up that if you go for most hated gai in sports the bars so low that like what would you have to lose people can't hate you more at this point but do you do you feel that going and you feel like people were coming not giving you
00:14:23a fair shot %HESITATION through the history of your career is interesting I I do so I I let's break it into thirds a sort of a play twenty two years the first seven years it was like a Cinderella story like everything worked when I screwed up and I
00:14:37converted to like make me sound smart where and when when I made errors they said it was somebody else's fault %HESITATION so to a degree that kind of program me that okay this there is no deep and I can just do whatever I want %HESITATION and then I
00:14:52went to Texas and I go okay this is different because now you signed a contract %HESITATION you're out of your campus which is Seattle Los totally protected and Pacific Northwest %HESITATION I had a great core of people around me human beings great leader in Pella %HESITATION you know
00:15:09Griffey Randy Johnson joy core a Louis so whole Jay Buhner I mean just an unbelievable cast of role models for me and when I look back and say boy maybe I needed three more years of Lou Penelas to religion writer ship %HESITATION anyhow I go to Texas and
00:15:27that opened up a New World and what it did is started introducing me to what New York could be like so it actually the progression of like you know really really nice okay a little tougher in Texas now you're you're in the big times in and and New
00:15:45York and Madison Avenue and Broadway and all that has the good and the challenges that that brings so I before my suspension towards the last I would say for five years in New York I mean in Berlin my whole time in New York I always felt some degree
00:16:03of tension %HESITATION most of it was brought on for myself I I wish I had the tools Dan that I have today to be able to handle New York and I'm research you know so difficult to deal with in many ways and and to be able to navigate
00:16:18in step back to me more often when I needed to and assert myself and and lean into it more when when I needed to and I know you follow closely your big big sports fan %HESITATION what I did feel when I came back from the suspension was a
00:16:35paradigm shift both in myself in my humility are the way I handled people and valued relationship the way you and I came together %HESITATION but the principle thing is like I did not take myself so seriously right I realize that %HESITATION you know being human showing all my
00:16:53fault and I had plenty in my weaknesses was an asset not a liability and I feel that people treated me much differently and then I felt this incredible jolt of energy of people actually cheering for me yeah and then I just jump in that avalanche and just wrote
00:17:10it all the way to to retirement so it's almost like that that year you know the the spent years almost liberating for you because you failed you failed once the media then you fail twice and the second time it's like a well now I got nothing to lose
00:17:23and I think I I think for from a fan's perspective you nailed it like people after your second suspension after all that stuff goes down it's like all right a rod like you it almost a sympathetic figure because you do have open flaws that we can all see
00:17:38and you're not you know I think a lot of times in sports from his fans for selective if a guy looks perfect and a guy has it all will tearing down and you see it all the time I mean lebron James is probably second best NBA player of
00:17:50all time and we still find ways to you know tear him down constantly the world loves five you know %HESITATION if you're one the poor you appear attend they pull you down and you know when I came back from suspension hours whatever five levels beauty below one is
00:18:05that's why I was you know I was in the **** house and ate a %HESITATION went through a lot of depression it was it was it was a difficult time for me %HESITATION but again I think the key is that what I wanted and prayed that the suspension
00:18:20was fifty games %HESITATION when I received a call from Tony Clark and he said one sixty two and I always said that's a really that's really mean way to do it one internal he's had a number that's a stone cold way to do it you know it was
00:18:40it was about %HESITATION I I would say six five to six minute conversation %HESITATION if felt like six hours yeah it was the call the we're all waiting for that we really don't want to receive and when I heard the number when I heard the tone in Toni's
00:18:59voice I know is bad news and Adam one sixty two and I said oh my god is over and I a drop to my knees and that I just a crying now is like adding wanna cry just started kind of slow and %HESITATION with emotions I was home
00:19:20I was alone and and then I just laid in bed sat on my bed and I said **** everything that I've worked for everything that I've worked for for what what else can still put a jackass right and %HESITATION I would I always said to myself well I'm
00:19:41the only **** out there that you know has pocket aces and figures out a way to lose a hand and I was really angry at myself but the deny all I have been for a while and I finally woke up one morning and I looked in the mirror
00:20:01and I said you can blame this guy or that guy this guy in the league or the team it's you it's you **** up you made aware she double down your stupid behavior and I have to admit that to myself I started seeing a path never to where
00:20:22I am today Dan but a path where I can be at least a respectable father son in a friend yeah I mean the a and a box two petabytes I mean this is also fascinating to me because I don't think there are many athletes out there who have
00:20:43lived there up and downs as openly as you have like I don't think that that really exists in much so you are fascinating to then %HESITATION I have this set you know you do you retire your your entire career as a roller coaster these the highest of highs
00:20:59lowest of lows and then you're coming out and you're staying in the in the public eye like you said a lot of guys who have the media burn them or you know they have their faults out there in the open they probably gonna run from this lime light
00:21:12and you end up being part of the media was there ever a point where like I like this how my part of the media right now did anyone ever come up to you and like you don't you don't deserve to be part of the media right now or
00:21:23you got you didn't give us you lied to us when we were you know when you're in the clubhouse how can you do it now was there any push back like that is it it is made ma'am sure was %HESITATION that not to my face on your face
00:21:35yeah but you know again when I came I almost and I have to live a pretty special imposes pension anything post expansion went when I've finally came clean and an was accountable for for the mistakes that I made I think that turned out there was a paradigm shift
00:21:54in those a lesson for me because I just don't want to be lied to %HESITATION and they get not upset but they get angry at you and what I realize is that we're human beings and it out dealer to have surgery is two knee surgeries wanted to go
00:22:15out and do the best and you know Steinbrenner Pena **** load of money and I just want to go out there and play %HESITATION in a rural areas resulting makes stupid friggin decisions but people do not in the they can almost deal with that they can deal with
00:22:33the lies and that was the big lesson from there %HESITATION so as part of the media myself what would you try to tell me what the hardest part of the job is what did you not realize how hard like we work really hard I think we have probably
00:22:48the most unheralded job out there we tell the stories %HESITATION we're we're under your heroes yeah sure freeholder at a record every year over but it was a one thing when you get in the media and like you're like well this is actually a lot harder than I
00:23:01thought or I actually kind of respect these guys basically just compliment me grow with a comment on here and I do it gracefully %HESITATION you know what I realized is a you know baseball I and sport is such a great way of life but if you think about
00:23:18I I tell people how much to do we how much we lose more liberated I feel today how much more free %HESITATION when you play for a Major League Baseball team is only thirty teams and their seven hundred fifty players and there's only twenty five Yankee at the
00:23:36time and when you play for the Yankees in many ways especially if you're one of the the the better known Yankees it's like if Joe Torre Georgia RD of the CEOs of a public company would like to see all those of the CFO's %HESITATION you know some type
00:23:54of see in it and the shareholders of the game the you know rob members not that the dog in the room together once again the fans on the game and ultimately the fans are rob's boss there Steinbrenner's boss there are bosses and we do all of this because
00:24:13of our great fans and there's an incredible amount of pressure there's a volatility that comes with that when you're in it every day you're in the oven every day and then when you remove yourself away from that life changes a bit and when it comes to media there's
00:24:33a great responsibility eva company like like fox or ESPN gives you this great platform privilege to be able to do your homework and digest information we can take some complex issues and then make a very digestible for your consumer the fans that's a lot harder than at least
00:24:59for me because this is not what I did innately when I grow up I I take that as a very responsible %HESITATION you know costs and I'm enjoying it yeah all right so I have to ask the before we get to a rod Corp talking how can I
00:25:12fit in here I have to ask the number one media question that's all that I always wonder and you need to put to rest right now Alex Rodriguez did you earn your pin stripes I think so irons it is that a yes so that yeah so yes yes
00:25:27okay I did I mean I'm not a Yankee fan I always ask I'd I also think you did and I'm not pandering to right now I'm not trying to like suck up to the boss man but I think if you win a World Series you on your pin
00:25:38striped he was there a moment before you won a World Series where do you ever like sit down and say man I got %HESITATION my pin stripes everyday every day everyday I felt pressure every day %HESITATION I realize that we were wearing the same uniform as the module
00:25:55and Kerrigan %HESITATION in one of the greatest ownership of our generation and bosses is talking about a vases GMS George Steinbrenner and I knew that he did a lot to get me here a spare me a fortune in every day when I went to sleep and woke up
00:26:13my only responsibility for good for better or worse what's a good give a good return of investment to this number of family and sometimes you looking back you like Pat maybe I shouldn't of care so much because a you know a leads to do dumb things right you
00:26:33should just let things play a little bit but at a when someone pays that much money you just want to give him a great return yeah and %HESITATION yeah that's certainly not an excuse for anything all right settled so you are depends traps yes I mean it's my
00:26:47favorite thing to do is to bring up the Yankees fan like anyone just name a name like they are in the pinstripe shot and there's it all every Yankee fan has like a different definition yeah some guys Erin judge RD oranges instructed you to double in the ale
00:27:01the ALCS like come on that's non stride she got to do more than that so and then you earn it sometimes you know over time %HESITATION you need to put in your time we need to work when championship and in New York I mean is this you know
00:27:17winner bossed yet can you lose your pinstripes if after your item I never thought of that can they take your pinstripes away like a cop getting his badge taken away honestly I don't think so I don't think so either your honor for life alright let's talk about the
00:27:33court your company the most successful company in the world my company as well I work for a ride Corp so when A. rod Corp actually start a what core started in my early twenties okay yeah I don't have those I don't think was formalized yet but you know
00:27:49it started out of fear %HESITATION I've always been enamored with numbers and I started looking at some trends some macro trends and and they want good when it came to players %HESITATION earning a great living and then and then up an unfortunate places %HESITATION but predictable places %HESITATION
00:28:09which was you know with financial strain never in my wildest dreams and I think I would make fifty million %HESITATION so no one of the lucky human beings in the world one of the greatest paid athletes in the world I mean reporter million dollars aren't know not to
00:28:27brag but who's going on here yeah we're not surrounding what else is so you know what what when I thought about a few numbers I kind of jumped at me were eight if you look at a baseball player %HESITATION his average careers five point five years if you
00:28:41look at when they make their lifetime earnings you probably say eighty to ninety percent of their lifetime income come some twenty to thirty and then from the seven hundred and fifty players less than five percent have a college degree the just with those three numbers those metrics how
00:28:59short the stock I wanted to put a system in place that will counter that so %HESITATION out of desperation and fear I ended up buying my first duplex when I was in a in my early twenties and I needed %HESITATION about a forty eight thousand dollar down payment
00:29:19and and I ended up %HESITATION waking up in the middle of an item I gotta I don't I'm going to my savings that's a lot of money signed up selling two watches %HESITATION and that watches gotcha the down payment what you know what I did is I had
00:29:36to Rolex and I sold those hats were that that's see that's where the genius Iran corporation went Hey watches maybe not a great investment maybe real state I had a guy that %HESITATION name Scott out of Seattle is still there %HESITATION he's an autograph guide the little car
00:29:52show with him and then raise in about another twelve thousand and then I I wrote that the difference of of of about the same animal and then I was off to the races %HESITATION and I had my first duplex couple years later sold for double I said man
00:30:05is almost good as baseball and and so on and so forth and I grew the portfolio to about you know thirteen or fourteen thousand apartment units in in fourteen states all over southeast %HESITATION in our Chicago but I did that quietly %HESITATION as a hedge to not go
00:30:26broke one day in in what I realize is if I buy one asset a year and I play for those five and a half years that would have five and a half assets and being a young guy at twenty two or twenty three if you have signed a
00:30:39fifteen year mortgage van by the time the thirty five or forty you have around five assets with no data and that will protect you from bankruptcy assessment that's the way you put it is very very smart did you ever think about maybe doing like a car wash or
00:30:56%HESITATION a couple restaurants I heard those are great investments for athletes I never did you know I I try to keep it very simple and kind of stay my circle of confidence which is very very small %HESITATION so no I I I never did to never went down
00:31:14that route we should do like as kind of a side to this podcast you should buy me a car wash let's see how quickly I can run into the ground that would actually be a little experiments good pilot yeah we'll sell a couple Rolex is a car wash
00:31:27and I just really won't show up to work and and just likes higher all my friends just hang out where you're ready when the suspension you to one another when sure that sure %HESITATION all right so so you go from you know being smart about investing during your
00:31:40career then you get to a point when was like a ride core we like all right this is actually like a thing I'm going to be doing post career then when I realize a in you look you with bars too so you know better than anyone is that
00:31:52you need a great team and all I basically did is I look at my baseball career and try to learn from it and what are the lessons learned is that without a great team you can achieve greatness and I play for twenty two years and one one championship
00:32:08and not because we have great teams along the way I had some great team to Seattle another teams in New York that were really good but is really hard and what you need is a mo Jo that goes from as high as George Steinbrenner and how steinbruner to
00:32:24the men and women that are helping us park our cars and take care of our kids in the playroom you need this energy you need this effort of everyone being United and it is not all in sync you're not gonna win a championship so if you apply that
00:32:39to business I always wanted to be the dumbest guy in the room and surround myself with the greatest smartest people I can find that have a moral compass they share my vision and in basket and sport if you have Magic Johnson playing point you're not gonna go out
00:32:56to get John Stockton and Isaiah Thomas and Steph curry you're going to get a big man to play center already have a one so I will go get Kareem a shack or lodge on the same thing goes in business that you don't need five accountants if you're already
00:33:11an accountant or a good with numbers then you may need someone that has a soft for someone that I can tell your story so I've I've I've done that a a route Corp we have an incredible team and and then we take it one step at a time
00:33:23and were methodical and the one thing about businesses just like sports is you don't wanna go wide and shallow you wanna go narrowing deep okay so are a ride Corp I work for a ride Corp you know that I know what you're on court does want you told
00:33:40the people I'm gonna write this down just so I know what we invest in other than just real estate well if you read our annual report Dan I'd yup that I just finished writing three weeks ago okay you should be telling us but I'm a I'm a give
00:33:54me one way round there was a a a word doc I said yeah yes in our area sour point so essentially what what what Iraq Corp is is the company is a holding company that buys into three main silos real estate which we've talked about %HESITATION consumer products
00:34:16health and wellness health and wellness home right now okay so I'll them on this is the last one okay consumer products have I told you about my give shirt like now show me put should figure out the technology is not caught up to my brain yet and so
00:34:32I have a lot of ideas like that but essentially %HESITATION get like a gift and put it on a shirt so it's always like running so the shirt as a gift %HESITATION I guess well maybe shark tank for you okay all right I'm trying to think %HESITATION I
00:34:46also have recently decided that %HESITATION your big art collector do you own any dog art don't art with dogs in it I've owned some beautiful dogs but not art and dogs at the same time so I think that's going to be actually huge huge market coming up people
00:35:04love dogs like the internet dogs even better like the stock you're looking at the stock of a dog you'd probably want to buy around two thousand seven when like buzzfeed started and now we're at the point where it's like people have some money you figure of twenty two
00:35:19year old in two thousand seven now thirty to thirty thirty three has some money looking to %HESITATION maybe just not only click on dog like videos but also a dog art interesting okay all right well we've got to go inside with their all right so %HESITATION I work
00:35:38for a ride court now to explain this to the people it started as a joke and now I actually don't know if I actually work for a run corporate on I think I actually do I have yet to catch catch a paycheck but I kind of do work
00:35:50for a ride court it all started about I think was like two thousand fifteen or sixteen you post a picture and it was like two AM and it was a box of baseball's that you were getting ready to sign and you said like a rod court never sleeps
00:36:07I wrote a blog and I was like yeah I'm gonna just basically decide that I work for a ride Corp and I followed along like everything you put on social media being like we signed baseballs we cash checks I didn't know what we did until like thirty seconds
00:36:20ago when you explain it to me %HESITATION but at what point was I on your radar like this guy's a little bit creepy because he just decided that he work for my company without me ever speaking to you know it was random people that would say you know
00:36:37I'll get it like once every two weeks or once a month Hey did you see a big cat tweeted like I don't even follow Twitter we talked about and then they cut to the one picture where I think I have had this silly picture I was like this
00:36:52on my desk yep thinking hard thinking hard again real hard which which is you know is like a buy or sell pack that you're scary thought yeah %HESITATION so yeah in either you we posted it %HESITATION you talked about it we created it yeah and then a lot
00:37:05of people really got to me there and then Ron who who who's my publicist and spell me for a long time said this guy Dan Katz the maid and we we have to do something I said dude I just finished a suspension I'm forty years old he's wistron
00:37:22had the baseball we talk about bank cats know cats no dogs no nothing now right now and finally we we we connected and he he said we let's just get together we tweet something to be funny I said look I'm not much of a sense of humor guy
00:37:37I mean okay we'll do something and then I actually we Twitter something %HESITATION I posted something and then we were off to the races but the one interesting thing is I I want to give a talk at %HESITATION MIT and then another when Harvard and I thought everybody
00:37:51will be excited for my baseball or this the home runs the championships everyone's like I was a cat %HESITATION I want to be in a rock club employee and but I mean it was like a lot of kids saying the same thing both men and women the young
00:38:09men and women and I was like holy sites mosis partial thing is for real and and like everyone knows damn cats yeah he really works for me like I mean I kind of feel like you when you first investing your first property it's like us see it believe
00:38:23it kind of feeling like all right well %HESITATION I had a moment where I was like alright well if you know it barstool sports ages you very very you know poorly I've I've worked for partial or six years now and I look like twenty years older and so
00:38:37if I ever need an hour which I I don't like I love you don't I don't want to get out but if I need an outlet contingency plan like real estate I need another company so I'm just gonna say every whatever one that I work for a ride
00:38:49corporate if I say it enough people just assume I do and then boom here we are doing a podcast together first one nobody on the things you're kidding and %HESITATION because I don't even know because that's I wasn't move our producer Hank will will attest to this I
00:39:04think the one thing that I do well is %HESITATION carry a joke long enough that I myself don't know from joking anymore like I don't actually know if I'm joking anyway I had the same problem in the past yeah so I don't know where I stand but I
00:39:17I just know that I'm here with you it's awesome in it you know it is great to see how how many people follow you and follow bars on how passionate they are mean that's the one thing that it's such exciting times about today is %HESITATION bar still lives
00:39:33in every college in America and they're just great following and there's this loyalty and people love you and I I I think they are mad because I spend you for too long but yeah you did you spend our week when it was fair I don't remember what I
00:39:46was out but have two and a half days is more fair but do you think that's a little you don't know all the facts yeah do you guys will have critical of you a little bit they you know the suspended now becomes the suspended yeah whatever you say
00:39:56it and taking it out on you is all right so let's talk about this podcast real quick %HESITATION you're listening to it obviously %HESITATION we're gonna have different guests on we're we don't want to tip off %HESITATION it's going to be but I actually know this all gonna
00:40:10get released the same times you'll see who's on it but what made you think you don't realize that this would be a good idea and what %HESITATION kind of attracts you to doing the Corp with big cat and Alex Rodriguez yeah I said there's a great opportunity to
00:40:24story tell and you know I've been through a lot of my career both in business and sports and family now being a father and I think there's some some great untold stories they just need a little bit more air time to brief and some amazing lessons along the
00:40:41way and I these are the stories that when I was a youngster I wish I can hear the people that were gonna put on a very exciting %HESITATION you'll see the list of people we have and when it comes to sports business entertainment being an entrepreneur or %HESITATION
00:40:57I hopefully %HESITATION people just get a lot of value to %HESITATION gonna bring to I'm gonna be really hopefully very entertaining for them yeah I mean to me %HESITATION eight you know everyone probably a lot of people know from my podcast part might take with %HESITATION my genius
00:41:11co host PFT commenter who I don't say that sarcastically actually is a genius %HESITATION you know we're we're the number one sports podcast mantra brag let's just stating facts like you had six or ninety six home runs were the number one sports podcast %HESITATION we have so much
00:41:26fun and it's we joke and have like such a great time but I've always like been a lot you know attracted to the interview side of things and talking to a person in getting more out of a person then maybe a traditional media radio hit or TV show
00:41:44can get out of someone and that's kinda want when I pitched it to you I said the same thing like let's go talk to some people let's let the conversation brief between you know your career and your celebrity and %HESITATION I can basically just show up and I
00:41:58know how to talk and %HESITATION Mike we are a tag team that can't be stopped and you know you do do you do all your you do your TV stuff you do some radio stuff this is where I feel like you'll be able to really show the real
00:42:13side Alex not that you don't do that already but it's obviously a lot more when you doing TV at there's a commercial in two minutes you can you say your ninety seconds and you go to commercial this is where we can talk forever so I'm excited I think
00:42:26that %HESITATION I think there's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm excited talk some interesting people yeah you know when you think about it and also one of the things that kind of inspired me to do this is there so many times that I've been on air
00:42:39and a wonderful subject comes up a great topic and you kind of starting to get into it and a producer says you know ten seconds and then you had quickly have to ended and I think this kind of gives you the runway to allow you to story tell
00:42:56on lessons learned the highs the lows and I think this is a perfect forum far gas to come out and and tell us some of the great experiences yeah agreed %HESITATION so the last thing I wanted to ask you %HESITATION we started this podcast talking about the day
00:43:12you have the press conference to retire out we're now sitting here two years later did you ever think that everything would kind of go as well as it has since your retirement I'm talking about a rod Corp I'm talking about you're really relationship with Jennifer I'm talking about
00:43:28me coming into your life in saving you I'm talking about you know %HESITATION the ESPN Fox stuff are you do you ever take a step back in like man this gone pretty well every day every day I I look back at her on as a really I can't
00:43:42believe it and I have to pinch myself and I enjoyed playing so much for twenty two years %HESITATION but it's hard to believe I never thought I would say that I'm actually may have been a better time today and so much gratitude so appreciative in and and so
00:44:00%HESITATION just flattered by by the opportunities %HESITATION but the one reminder Dan is no matter what happens almost everyday I think about the suspension and I think thinking about that moment helps me pave it every day and come from a place of %HESITATION of gratefulness are actually had
00:44:21one last question allied shot my dream my dream job not a rod court not pursue my dream job is to be just like the clubhouse guy in baseball just like show up and be the guy who keeps it loose sure you've been around me enough now do you
00:44:38think I have it in me I think you have a you have a chance you have a chance just like not play not do anything just kind of hang out put on the uniform sit on the bench so kind of like a bench coach but just you know
00:44:49joke around with the fellows got steak dinner after you know that's the way you think about that first I yes I think you'll be great number two is one of the most undervalued assets in sports and specially baseball but if the if if you think about where we
00:45:05are today with sabermetrics that's a great example of something that cannot be quantified yep you know whether David Ross was Johnny Damon %HESITATION there's this great great people that enter clubhouse they just shift the energy they can change the temperature of the room and I column happy winning
00:45:27faces and before they just are moving their lips Easter laughing and and that's matter I mean right I wash and the line as it measured out all right I mean that's I I feel like I would do because you're a little towel whip little locker room talk little
00:45:42steak abscess hanging out you know good pranks yeah couple pranks will like a foot my cap around if we need to rally that kind of stuff that I feel like you do that and then someone would probably get really mad because like why the hell is this guy
00:45:55hang out he doesn't play %HESITATION get him the **** out here so do you agree that house you insure their right right %HESITATION that is episode one of the corporate with big cat Alex Rodriguez I don't think you've noticed I've been switching it so that it and I
00:46:10name first is going to set up right right right yeah right so that seven sold one we're going to do something a little different this podcast most podcasts come out you know once a week or twice a week we're doing it a little bit like a Netflix style
00:46:22we want you to binge we are releasing all the sos right now so the B. six episodes right now the you can listen to this is episode one there are five other episodes with interesting people that I think you will love subscribe to the I tunes link the
00:46:36corporate with big cat and Alex Rodriguez rated five stars tell us why you know what we should do is if you leave a review saying why you should work for the corps I'll pick one person that I will then hired to be my intern for the court so
00:46:51there is there's a job offer so just leave your five star review and it has to be a resume of why you shouldn't could work for the poor and I'll hire someone and then you'll you'll pay them right absolutely yes your listening to the court presented by barstool

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