Copywriter and entrepreneur, Austin Mullins, is our guest for the 137th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast. We’ve known Austin for quite a while now and the more we heard him talk about his sales process, the more we knew we needed to have him share his process with the club. We covered a lot of ground—especially about sales processes—in this one, here’s a good list of most of what we talked about:

•  how Austin became a copywriter in high school

•  why he thinks it was a mistake (for him) to attend college

•  what he did to find good clients beyond Upwork

•  the #1 thing he did to grow his business—it has to do with sales

•  why he chose the niche he is in and how it changed his business

•  how he split his time between three “jobs” at the same time

•  his “ideal” client acquisition process and selling on the phone

•  what to do to encourage referrals or testimonials

•  the mistakes copywriters make on sales calls (and how to fix them)

•  what it means to be a growth strategist—and how to “do” strategy

•  what his process for working with content clients looks like

•  an in-depth review of what the sales process should look like

•  how to teach yourself to “sell”
To hear this one—and if you struggle with sales you definitely want to hear this one, click the play button below or download the episode to your podcast app. Readers scroll down for a full transcript.
The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:
The Copywriter Accelerator

The Copywriter Think Tank

Danny Marguiles

Joel Klettke

SPIN Selling

Austin’s website

Kira’s website

Rob’s website

The Copywriter Club Facebook Group

The Copywriter Underground

Intro: Content (for now)

Outro: Gravity
Full Transcript:
Rob:   This podcast is sponsored by The Copywriter Underground.
Kira:   It’s our new membership designed for you to help you attract more clients and hit 10k a month consistently.
Rob:   For more information or to sign up, go to thecopywriterunderground.com.
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