The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show is brought to you by the bow-tie wearing radio host, hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence Alchemist, phobia expert, and global speaker himself, Keith Blakemore-Noble.
Always with the same aim – to Transform your Deepest Fears into your Greatest Strengths – some episodes will feature Keith discussing confidence-related topics with a variety of global guests, whilst in other episodes Keith will share useful information and helpful tips.
Let the wealth of life experience, coupled with real-world science-based proven technologies, be your powerful guide on your journey toward transforming your deepest fears into your greatest strengths…
United Kingdom
28 episodes
since Feb. 1, 2018


Do you feel as though nothing seems to go right for you – or even worse, that you keep getting the things you don’t want? Do you focus on negative thoughts – i.e. is your glass always half empty instead of half full? Do you feel as though nothing you want in life is actually acheivable? Do you wish you could get rid of those annoying inner voices telling you “you can’t do it” or “you are not good enough” or “you will never succeed”? Do you wish that you could take control of your health and body, without having to spend a fortune or spend every waking hour down the gym or craving your favourite forbidden foods? You are far from alone. Which is why I have teamed up with two other Scottish experts to do something a little different. What are we doing? That’s what we’re discussing in this episode – join us to find out more! About my guest About your host
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