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Facebook stock just took a massive nose dive. Remember when Zook went to congress? He was a big celebrity. Well, the stock just took a hit to the tune of $119 Billion. It's a record loss. Does anybody care? Is this the beginning of the end for the Face crooks?
Why would Facebook be worth so much in the first place? Who would have ever put a value of over $700 billion on Facebook? It's those same people that are blaming data breaches and privacy breaches, it was never worth that much.
What has Social media done for us? They've made a giant mess. Election interference, emotional disturbance, fake news, that's been the result of social media. You never heard of Fake news until FB and Google implemented algorithms.
They bring these guys into congress and clueless politicians ask the stupidest questions and nobody asked about the data manipulation. All they asked about was privacy. How can anyone expect privacy on the internet? Of course it's not private and it never will be. Nobody asked about the data manipulation. 
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00:00:00With straight talks keep your own phone sim kit you can keep your phone yeah one right in your hand plus your same for g lt network and number but pay way less straight talk wireless only at walmart you're listening to the christopher scott show here's chris facebook stock
00:00:19just took a massive nosedive big big drop in facebook stock and you might be saying well who cares stocks go up stocks go down happens all the time well this one's a little different and i think it might be pointing to something else and there is actually a
00:00:35bigger story to all this everyone zuck went to congress he was the big celebrity well now facebook stock just took a hit to the tune of one hundred nineteen billion dollars it's a record lost in the stock market so i don't know does anybody cares at the beginning
00:00:54of the end for face crooks is look the crook going down i guess we'll find out my question is why would facebook be worth so much in the first place who would ever put a value of over seven hundred billion dollars on facebook it's the same people that
00:01:13are now coming out the analysts that are blaming data breaches and privacy privacy breaches it was never worth that much money it's it's nothing complicated that they bill that anybody could come along i mean it's already happening you've got instagram and i don't even know all the different
00:01:31aps what's functionally any different with linked in with twitter the they operate a little differently they look a little different but it's easy it's easy to come up with a social media app these days let me ask you the bigger question as faras the value of facebook or
00:01:47any other social media company for that matter was facebook or zuckerberg or social media done for us they've made a giant mess this is worse than the environmental catastrophe of the seventies we've got election interference emotional disturbance fake news that's been the result of social media that's what
00:02:13we've gotten out of it you never heard of fake news until facebook and google impolite implemented there ah log rhythms the artificial intelligence they told us it's artificial un intelligence do you think a real simple for you you never heard of fake news until google and facebook started
00:02:34manipulating data you never heard of fake news until google and facebook decided that they would decide what you see instead of you deciding what you see they bring these guys into congress they have these hearings remember all that going on look goes to congress it was a big
00:02:54deal nothing came out of it they bring these guys in front of congress and the clueless politicians ask the stupidest questions if you know anything about computers attack social media anybody could have come up with a better syriza questions all these questions all this hours and hours of
00:03:15grilling and nobody asked about data manipulation they talked more about the haif of books chair than they did about data manipulation All they asked about was the privacy issue how can anybody expect privacy on the internet Of course it's not private and it never will be and nobody
00:03:36asked about the data manipulation the problem is that people have learned how to manipulate the manipulation they make it sound all techie and complicated with using the word a log rhythms what does that mean that anybody a log rhythms artificial intelligence look it's very simple the more people
00:03:58search click view common share whatever the more they feed it out it doesn't mean people like it just because some people like it doesn't mean that other people will like it there's a lot of people that like chocolate but if somebody prefers vanilla you can show him as
00:04:17much chocolate as you want it doesn't mean that they're gonna like it and that's exactly what happens with fake news something gets a little action so they push it out and it gets more action it this story goes on i'm not going to go too deep into it
00:04:32with the data manipulation the way things work on the internet today but especially with all the syndication and all the re posting and things like that something king start getting a little bit attraction also little blowup and that's how they spread the spread fake news these guys that
00:04:49have learned how to do this you can pay people to do it on top of all the other little tricks that they use of creating stories trying to remember there was a story of a college where a black man i said that i don't know somebody was painting
00:05:07swastikas on the dormer and doors or something like that and it got to be this big story it was making its go around i don't have all the details of this exactly correct but doesn't matter you get the point turns out that the guy did it himself and
00:05:22then they turned into this big fake news story that's what happens today i'm wondering about this recent one with judge janine on the view i don't know if you saw i don't watch the view if you do god bless you that's what you want you want to fry
00:05:38your brain just watch the view for about three hours straight you'll never recover from that anyway the fox news host judge janine she goes on the view and gets in a fight with whoopi goldberg and then say that will be goldberg spit in her face and scream the
00:06:00vulgar language atter i think it was all set up judge janine comes out with this i don't even know what a real name is judged i don't think she's even a real judge she'd remember what was that with judge wapner that started this whole daytime court The people's
00:06:19court that's what it was remember that stupid show ah this is where it all began the people's court this's we went off the rails judge janine had a show like that back in the day so now she's a political commentator she works on fox that she's alright actually
00:06:39kind of like her she you know she's got a good good pace tour scott i think she's got a decent head on her shoulders and she comes out with this book nobody would be buying the book nobody would even care so how do you drum up probably city
00:06:54probable the publicity why is there always a point in this podcast where my tongue gets tied something weird goes on there i think it's like demons here just it's what i'm blaming it on anyway look what better way to promote the book than to drum up this whole
00:07:12fake story i look i don't know what telling it was or it wasn't it was very strange to me very very strange to me and it got talked about in re talked about every time it got talked about there was that book cover very effective wouldn't surprise me
00:07:29if it will be goldberg was in on the whole thing there used to be friends or something like that anyway i'm getting off base here with this i'm just saying that you get something like that on social media gets a few clicks likes and shares and boom they
00:07:42just blows up super fast doesn't mean that people like it doesn't mean that people believe it doesn't mean that people support judge janine or will be goldberg i think most of us are watching it like this is stupid why am i wasting my time watching this I have
00:08:00two issues with facebook three really if you want to count crappy service is an issue but that goes on a lot of companies not just facebook there's a lot of companies that have custom crappy customer service all over the place actually but my two basic issues with facebook
00:08:18or this one is data manipulation i don't agree with it i think it should be illegal and the second is the unfair advertising practices and it's not just facebook it's pretty much all internet advertising google at least they they have great customer service you can actually call up
00:08:38and speak with a rep facebook doesn't do that try getting a hold of somebody at face laid through some of the shadiest stuff over at facebook i have personally wouldn't advertise on facebook i don't want to give them any of my money i could go on and on
00:08:55about that but basically that's my two issues data manipulation and unfair advertising practices that really really are causing a financial penalty mainly the small businesses and everybody's focused on the privacy aspect i don't see that is the main issue and then they come out they doubled down on
00:09:14it facebook went implemented a system that ranks news organizations based on trustworthiness and then they say they promote or suppressed the content of those news organizations the based on that metric there's another secret metric in other words a pulls a lever and gives it a thumbs up or
00:09:37thumbs down and that's how it's the site of what you get to see basically that means that the be filtered on their metrics of popularity which they measure based on time spent clicks like shares comes ofthe same stuff that doesn't equate to what's right that doesn't equate to
00:09:56what's truthful that doesn't equate to what's really zuckerberg this a couple months ago zuckerberg came out said the company is going to invest billions of dollars in a combination of artificial intelligence isn't that what caused the problem in the first place and tens of thousands of human moderators
00:10:16that they were going to use to keep fake news and deliberate propaganda but i don't see it working so especially during elections maybe they should just shut it down maybe they should have saved the money maybe facebook should have kept all those billions of dollars they were spending
00:10:34he came out so basically will essentially be losing money doing political ads and why don't they just stop doing political ads just cut it off this takes me to the issue this issue the second problem i have with facebook which is the unfair advertising practices basically all internet
00:10:55advertising that you see today it's on a bidding system and basically they charge purview really they might say they're charging per click but the amount that you actually put pay khun b variable it's the same with google pretty much all of them i don't know every single platform
00:11:14so maybe there's some that don't but far as i know they all work the same way facebook that khun you can pick these different settings you can pick based on delivery this ball it's all basically the same thing you know facebook has this great filtering system to target
00:11:30people that's their claim to fame the ability to target people that have specific interest specific age group and it's very very detailed you can literally target people who are over sixty five and chop on amazon that kind of thing and they had this ability to retarget people it
00:11:50doesn't have to see your facebook ad you could set up re targeting ads that re target people that say visited your website with their charging a fortune and there's more and more competition for the sad space and since it's on a bidding system the prices keep going up
00:12:07and up and up and then and then you have this issue with facebook if you have ah fan page like i do for this show the facebook fan page link is in the show notes below so's the twitter link you gotta pay to reach your own audience It's
00:12:23ridiculous you can't even reach all of your friends if you have friends on facebook twitter is a little different with that but they're manipulating what we see with very little ability for us to change it we already say in it we don't really sentence of high settings you're
00:12:41not really seeing what it is that you want to see you could go click on a page and say you want to follow it's such a cz mine and you may never see opposed from may and this this manipulation that goes on how can any good come of
00:12:55that i say to face but look i go into my apple news app or my microsoft news up either one and i say i want to follow the wall street journal and guess what i see the wall street journal stuff why's facebook operate differently with that how can
00:13:12he good come of it it hasn't and i don't understand why the regulators instead of focusing so much on the privacy issue which is not existent it's it's a phony is trying to get privacy standing in the middle of times square i don't know it's just you know
00:13:32facebook came out they made this ad about how bad facebook had become like this this was like the obama approach they had a couple of different ads that came out it was the whole we've been bad and we need to be better so pathetic the whole thing that
00:13:46did then they've done this stuff before their own little propaganda it's weird i don't like it imagine if our mark zuckerberg would have run for president he's talked about it a few times i mentioned how much control he'd have over getting in front of people and and also
00:14:05not allowing other people to get in front of people kind of freaky right nobody and i have talked about facebook a few times but he mind contacts you know i don't think that facebook is all bad it's done a lot of good in the world whatever look i
00:14:20don't have an issue with it in my in and of itself but it's the log rhythms the data manipulation in the censorship that's what i really have a problem with i really believe that data manipulation should be legal the regulators need to stop stepping on that and i
00:14:37have a problem necessarily with censorship a lot of people talk about it i don't know you know they have to filter things on some level but it should be disclosed you know you don't want to talk about sex on a family forum but there's lines with all this
00:14:53stuff you know that you will not see anything involving guns marijuana lots of different things you won't see it on facebook but on some level they have to fill threw that out you know they're certain groups that i belong to our adult content gets posted now they're not
00:15:10adult content sites don't get veterans pages where there's some unruly veterans i don't really like it i don't know if my daughter is going to grab my phone or somebody else i don't somebody seeing that i'm sitting in a public place scrolling through my news feed and you
00:15:26know here pops up this risk a a photo or worse i really don't wantto they've got to be some kind of standard of conduct but how do you balance all that well i don't know now i know the answer to that but i know that them deciding what
00:15:42we should see and what we shouldn't see is wrong i don't see how that's good for anybody the results prove it and i'll tell you something also people used their brains as much as they use their thumbs and their phones we probably solve a lot of problems this
00:15:59wonderful age of information and people are getting dumber than ever think about all the things we don't need any more because of smartphones do you realize the list of things that have been replaced by that thing that you have in your hand right now phone book's gone typewriter
00:16:16gone i need the weatherman anymore banks i don't i rarely go to the bank i use my adding deposit checks on the app it's crazy maps nobody uses that we only use the gps anymore it's right in the phone book at the quick death that that died videocamera
00:16:38remember in the seventies when a videocamera looked like cameras who uses a camera any more apple killed that apra apple just absolutely destroyed the camera industry radio when was the last time that you turned on a radio except maybe in your car ah walkman see these any of
00:17:02that stuff it's all streaming now how about home phones i saw that there was spoof the other they have kids trying to use a rotary dial phone they couldn't figure out to use it i haven't had a home phone and i'm going to say at least ten years
00:17:19i haven't used one in ten years maps mention your map maker be better be living in the digital world and then we'll use printers anymore is talking about this the other day even the past couple times i've flown i don't print out the ticket anymore you pronounce ticket
00:17:34don't tell it weather man there used to be a phone number you could call in to get the weather tim i watch the weather on tv evan app i want to check the weather i just go right in there and check that boom done i don't know that's
00:17:50the way i don't pagers your own pagers we're a thing people oh god i gotta go make a call that was like the big fancy thing i was talking to somebody that they're thinking how did we how did we live How do we get anything done without email
00:18:04and cell phones and texting maybe maybe we wonder ivory is going nuts every two seconds there's a message already once an instant response but it's kind of crazy when you think about all the stuff that's been replaced by these computers that we call phones still i'm leaving why
00:18:27we call it a phone smartphone with smarts the machine i know who could have predicted all that though if you would have asked me in nineteen seventy five or nineteen eighty five or even nineteen ninety five if i thought this was going to be the result is i
00:18:43never would have guessed in a million years the question is is it addictive Have you ever noticed how many people are staring at their phones go out to dinner standing in line go out to the mall you want to see a i had to go body is that
00:19:03of the body and mind and stringing them all to go to the apple store i walked in there with the most just sitting outside people watching don't do that anymore i wanted people hutch i don't want to see anybody i'm watching people everywhere everyone's got their face in
00:19:20their phones walking with the kids looking at the phone pushing a baby carriage looking at the phone carrying bags looking at the phone everybody just looked at the phone What are they looking for What's everybody searching for one of these mysterious answers that these smartphones and artificial intelligence
00:19:38what are they supposed to provide for you ah lot of what people are looking at when they're doing that they're looking at social media yes some of them are tax thing a lot of times it's social media facebook in particular let me ask you this once said hey
00:19:51i want you to try something well i want to show you this before you do there's a few things you should know about it and i said you know if you do this if you participate in this there's one hundred percent chance that you'll feel like crap you'll
00:20:03probably get ticked off and there's a chance that you get addicted to it it's going to consume a bunch of your time would you try it out if i offered that to you that's the reality of social media if i offered you that you'd probably tell me i
00:20:18was gone completely off the reservation when you it sails completely nuts okay but look don't worry about it and everybody's doing it would be okay just give it a try you'll like it i think i was a drug dealer or something probably think i was a socio path
00:20:35right if you were aware of something as destructive as what i just described wouldn't you at least expect a warning label it's not that it would be illegal would they expect that from it Would you expect that the regulators the government would step in and put some kind
00:20:52of regulation on it i'm talking about facebook and i'm not making it up There's been all kinds of studies that have detailed harmful effects of social media very very destructive The only site that actually produced any positive results was youtube I'm kind of addicted the youtube bythe I
00:21:13like to watch a little youtube sometimes for goto bed and sometimes i get a little carried away with it A lot of cool stuff on you too I like to go camping You probably heard me talking about the fact that a show about it not too long good
00:21:25checking out was very popular show by the way but i like watching these winter camping videos I figure it's a lot more fun watching winter camping that it is participating in it I watch all kinds of thoughts like watching them build log cabins through woodworking all kinds of
00:21:43stuff it's enjoyable to make special on trying to fall asleep but they say that the average facebook user checks it thirteen times a day and they're saying some people are spending like an hour they on facebook what's the what's the fascination with that and what affects is it
00:22:02causing i'm telling you you didn't you didn't have a problem with fake news until these log rhythms were implemented and it was mainly facebook and google you know this five new profiles created every second on facebook every second five people i think that's begun to slow down i
00:22:22think there's only so much people can take that's probably why the stock has gone tanked and the problem with wall street there's a growth growth growth growth growth the minute it's not growing nobody's interested in the stock anymore how i mean how many people are going to wonder
00:22:37how much time we got to spend on there they've done everything they can to keep your face glued to the thing but i'm asking is this a technological advancement that we're looking at or is it actually a public health hazard or is just a trend i think it
00:22:52might be a little bit of all three but the bigger question is is facebook here to stay it's not going to continue growing there saying that right now saying look this is uh it's going down from here I'm not saying it's going out I'm just saying it's going
00:23:10down there Do you have like a third of the population of the world as facebook users Some people say well still room to grow If you take out all the people over say i don't know seventy years old or whatever people that just aren't going to be interested
00:23:30in much of anything probably hey i'm not trying to pick on anybody but you know what i'm talking about you take people that air incapacitated due to age and then you take infants i mean how what will be the youngest somebody would get involved in facebook five six
00:23:46years old you take all those people out of the equation take everybody that's incarcerated i can't imagine the people in the military have a whole lot of time to be on facebook but i don't know every once in a while there's somebody that works together they can't be
00:24:01on facebook even though plenty of people are at work and on facebook that's a whole different problem so they've already got a third of the population and you've got to take out a certain number that just can't or won't be on and what does that leave me i
00:24:13don't know seems like they've kind of tapped out and add to that all the that there are people behind the scenes that have gotten very very crafty at grabbing your attention and look at what motivates people more than anything look at what gets people's attention it's not good
00:24:33news you post some good news and cnn now fear and pain that's what gets people's attention those are the emotional triggers so those are the triggers that are used to get people's attention and the big question is is that a realistic view of reality no it's not it's
00:24:53a very warped sense of reality i remember i was listening to a talk show host not going to mention that was hugh pruitt could could pretty good show he's got going and he was asking the question there's a hue pruitt or hugh hugh i think i just said
00:25:10that wrong i don't know one of those so i don't listen to him a whole lot it was one of the few times i was in the car listen i heard on the radio which i never listened to the radio anyway after the whole whoopi goldberg judge janine
00:25:23falling out he was asking the question that hate does this go on in your life do you see people acting like this some people said yes to that but i don't think so and that's my point you get this very distorted view of how people are acting and
00:25:37i think most people are acting like they always got a few coo coo birds around but but if i asked you to come to me tio ah place where you and your family could come in and it would be a highly addictive place will be bad for your
00:25:51health it would leave you with this distorted view of reality a place that had everybody's all inclusive one big world community that means child molesters convicted felons people that have violent backgrounds anarchists socialists rapists racists all on facebook but if i asked you to come join me in
00:26:16a place like that would you be interested that's the reality of what we're talking about here and the whole thing has just gotten it's like grown into everything it used to be just kind of a harmless little friends and family thing remember that remember my space it was
00:26:35fun that was easy you know you weren't opened up though the whole world now you get this highly addictive worldwide community experiment that nobody knows fully with the impact will be and you think facebook cares about any of these problems do you think facebook cares what's gonna happen
00:26:54to the mental health of an entire global society now they have engineers whose sole purpose is the final ways to get you to spend more time on facebook and have you ever seen or heard a warning about it you ever heard of any study about its long term
00:27:11used now forbes has talked about it saying it's addictive triggers sadness comparing lives with others is mentally on how the whole thing is very very bad you know you get caught up in this delusion of thinking that being on facebook is going to help you feel better when
00:27:34was the last time you get off of facebook that's a g that was i feel so good now same thing with cable news you know it's a it's a personal impact and i guess that i don't know if somebody's bent on drinking gasoline how do you stop him
00:27:53but what about the effect on society as a whole why isn't the federal health administration doing something on psychology tau today did a big write up on this they said it can lead to a sense of false consensus that's the whole fake news thing you know you do
00:28:12tap on something or you accidentally click on something and you start getting more and more and more of it and you think the while everybody's thinking this way it's not true the facebook runs on this what they call these a log rhythms or artificial intelligence and personally i
00:28:32think this whole idea of artificial intelligence that that they're calling it is really creating a bunch of idiots i think about how you've seen these trends in anger hostility this tribal mentality how much of that do you think is driven by social media How much is social media
00:28:54distorting people's perceptions of reality How many times you've been on social media and thought wow things were bad or we're headed for a race war whatever you sit back and examine your own world he wasn't thought what's really going on how can that be good we're gonna be
00:29:13good for anybody and that the whole way it set up and there's been people executives from these companies that have come out and talked about it this very issue this whole the whole framework that they have is designed to be addictive some of it purposely some of it
00:29:31not purposely I can't say that the programmers there they set it up with the goal of creating something addictive but that's how it ended up you know they sued the tobacco companies new york just tried suing big oil over climate change Why isn't anybody suing facebook and social
00:29:51media companies over mental health issues A lot of it is the way that it's all emotionally driven and that that there's users there's people that have learned how to manipulate that for maximum impact that's what they say makes it personal but it's all emotionally driven and now they
00:30:11just don't get mobs and mobs of people that are responding and acting emotionally Instead illogically it's like it's brought on the death of rational thinking how can you take complex topics and complex issues And how can that possibly communicated and articulated in a mean way Or what is
00:30:32the twitter limit Ninety characters or less or something like that And that's how all the communication is now so for podcast podcasts are still cool but listen hasn't the whole thing this whole idea of social media turned into something that it wasn't meant to be right it started
00:30:54as this harmless way to connect with fams friends and family that was the whole idea behind it and instead it's turned into this massive global community is that what you wanted Is that what you wanted to participate in it was how to say in it none of us
00:31:13were even given the option matter of fact the trend has gone completely opposite even even feel like a friend or a paid you don't see everything that they post in many cases you won't see anything at all even even if it's a relative you're not guaranteed to see
00:31:28it and that's because facebook made it so slanted in favor of advertising dollars you could like and follow a brand or a personality unless they pay to promote their contact content to you'd never see it and i'll say this for is the facebook value drop instead of blaming
00:31:45it on privacy and data theft and all this nonsense number one they should just stop the alagem rhythms cut that off and i think there's a way he here's the thing i'm going to get into this just thrill quick here a seconds he a lot of people are
00:32:04saying this is why twitter hasn't kept up with facebook because there's some math on this the average person has three hundred friends the average person post six times a day so you have eighteen hundred posts to review every day there's no way you'd ever be able to see
00:32:19all that if they fed all that to you all right that's the math on it obviously those air averages so they come up with these log rhythms as a way to filter that out for you maybe they also look at the way they're filtering it if i go
00:32:33back to the apple news example i'm pretty sure that because i've chosen the like the wall street journal doesn't mean that i see every single thing that i know that i don't so i don't know maybe you see the first five things or the top idol no but
00:32:48maybe they should look at that instead of all this privacy and censorship taking sides i don't like this but here's the thing facebook and social media is so unhealthy which it's pretty much one hundred percent recognize that that's the case if there's so much potential for damage election
00:33:10interference on that's not a big deal the violence that's come out using it as a tool toe create chaos shouldn't have a warning label on it make some instructions for use everybody talking about gun control and having people go through training to be able to own a firearm
00:33:31Maybe people should go through social media training a lot more damage being done there than there is by guns and i've used this analogy before but you could put a big bowl of candy in front of a teenager there's a lot of them that will just eat meat
00:33:49need like myself i did it when i was a teenager until they get absolutely sick they'll throw up and they'll get so sick of it we'll never eat it again that's kind of what i'm saying is going on with facebook i think the reality is that people have
00:34:04had enough i think there's advertisers that are saying this is just too expensive not getting the results i wanted you know back to the unfair advertising thing real quick so the twitter has done this so they've gone and filtered out all these fake users well the companies were
00:34:23spending money on ads and ago we delivered your add ten million times yet well seven million of amore fake accounts what good does that do an advertiser why aren't they re funding that money i could go on and on about the antics with facebook advertising see a lot
00:34:37of times when companies set up facebook ads what they'll do is they'll run say a certain campaign targeted getting in front of people for the first time and then they'll run these re targeting campaign so if you saw ad number one and you watched the video of the
00:34:53re target you with ad number two and it could get very complicated it's called a sales funnel well facebook you know they might for whatever reason stopped running the one in the middle or not approved it'll be approved and the whole thing will be running and then all
00:35:10of a sudden one of them's not approved anymore they don't give any refunds for that stuff and they don't they don't put a stop to it i'll give you your money back and just take you can't talk to anybody about it it's very unfair but here's another question
00:35:27if it's so unhealthy right and there's so much potential for damage why isn't the government doing anything about it Aren't they putting regulation in place so i'll leave you with this on this whole thing and this is the million dollar question relative to the facebook stop stock drop
00:35:42stop drop up facebook face crook zuckerberg clunker bird whatever you want to call it here's the million dollar question his facebook gonna last is it here to stay I don't know what the end of the day it's going to be up to you mean you i guess me
00:36:00you the rest of us my guess is that the greed the corporate greed and there unsustainable appetite that wall street has forever increasing revenue it'll kill it it'll destroy it that's what killed the nfl not getting off on that whole tangent that's what really killed the nfl its
00:36:19core by the way it was the greed too much money and i think it's happened with facebook there's nothing there's nothing that they do that's technologically complicated they happen to own a lot of data i guess there's a certain value to that but even that's probably pretty freely
00:36:36available if it's not now it will be very soon the only thing complicated that facebook doug does is the way they monitor and watch and listen to you that's the only thing that's unique there's not gonna be anything to stop somebody in the future from coming up or
00:36:52creating the next big thing and that you know especially when people just had enough of facebook and natalia this is happening with news blog's right now it's killing newspapers somebody's going to come up with an ad free version one that doesn't have a log rhythms people have more
00:37:09control over i don't know why apple hasn't thought it i wish somebody from apple would hear me on this wish apple had like a social media app i'll tell you i'll tell you the other thing you're going to see happen that's just a guess i have somebody's going
00:37:24to come up with an app that pool's all the social media together like it's ridiculous that i got to go on twitter i gotta go link then i'm gonna go on the facebook it's maddening somebody's going to come up with a way to like automatically pull that stuff
00:37:39in and filter it for you it will come believe me and when it does it's going to change things a lots going open up The doors the other social media programmers cos whatever you want to call it they're going to be able to get out there and get
00:37:53exposure on the same playing field as a twitter or facebook there's no reason why facebook should ever been worth seven hundred billion dollars it dropped one hundred twenty billion far as i'm concerned it could drop another five hundred ninety billion if it was worth ten billion dollars i
00:38:14would say that it's overpriced that's all i'm saying about it is it here to stay but i don't think it's gonna go away certainly not overnight but i bet you're the haiti's over i think we're seeing the early stages of the downfall and it's just going to take
00:38:30one little technological change one little company to come around and change the way we look at social media and everything is going to be different hey thanks for listening if you like this podcast please light comment and share or better yet leave a review it helps me to
00:38:45reach more people that would be very thankful if you could take a second of your valuable time to do that remember attitude ambition and character those are your most valuable assets avoid temptation always do what's right and always do your best that's all you can ever ask of
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