It's a hard day. But it's a good day. Today's episode of The Chris Loves Julia Podcast with Preston Pugmire will be the last of the series. Despite the million+ downloads, multiple sponsors per episode and the success stamp that most people would put on the podcast, last week, I had a major breakthrough that left me in tears. And then lead me to have a really, really difficult conversation with the team to end the podcast. We recorded our final episode less than 24 hours later, and the feelings were (and still are) very raw. That is to say, okay, I cry more and explain what led me to this unexpected decision.

The theme of the episode is fear, because it had everything to do with fear. But we touch on the scary thing that happened at our cabin, a bold decision that made our bathroom plans "click," and share some of our favorite moments from the podcast.

I know this will come as a shock to many of you, and I'm sure you will share in our sadness about it. But the time is right, and we can't wait for what's to come.  -Julia

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00:00:05hello everybody Welcome to the Chris loves Julia podcast conversations about DIY home design and family I'm your host Preston pugmire I'm not going to beat around the bush this is a difficult episode per me to the edit to produce and to give to you guys because it's the last one but it's a really good one and we are very very proud of it I'm not going to give you the details you can listen to it but I will tell you that this episode is brought to you by Daily Harvest View the Harvest is the world's fastest smoothie shop cuz it's in your freezer they deliver superfood smoothies right to your door pre-portioned frozen ready for you may go to daily harvest.com use promo code c l j and get 3 free items in your first box is one is also brought to you by Thomas Avenue Ceramics making online tile shopping beautiful easy and affordable go to Thomas Avenue Ceramics for your next tile project use promo code CL J30 and get 30% off your
00:01:05Tire order all right let's get into it
00:01:10the I said it's graphic so it's good it's a gift and I don't care what the creator of the word says and I understand what that sounds like I said it's an acronym and the person who had the most compelling argument said okay in that case you have to pronounce every acronym the same way that the word that stands for for example laser is an acronym laser is an acronym that I can't remember what it stands for right now but it is and the S stands for a word that is the size of is there stands for all those are you going to say laser and scuba is self-contained underwater breathing apparatus so it should be pronounced which I'm For Your Right By My response to that person was that is a very compelling argument and
00:02:08just sound stupid that's like letters in the middle of the word they will change sound more frequently than the letters at the beginning of a word on your teeth is never be the first one to say in a group I'm like I don't care I don't know OG OG I don't want it I don't want to start anything so I'm in a group where when you're talking about photo file formats for sure so that I mean it's not unheard of okay laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
00:03:08so yeah it should be late sir but I'll be dead before I start saying Lisa and I'll also be dead before I start saying Jiff straight up unless referring to my peanut butter even then it's gift you know I'm just Skippy I'm a hardliner hardliner
00:03:28we have a story to tell you it's a scary story let me preface it by saying that I was watching The Bachelor as one does and one is wants to do and Ari and Lauren be arguably the most boring contestant ever
00:03:57they were walking around a city and the bachelor in every time I mean they added these shows in every time they show them walking around the city it was like crickets chirping and they made it like very awkward and then I was right when I said to my friend if they didn't put that if they put like Peruvian music I can't remember where they were over that then it would be like oh this is like a fun date but they put crickets chirping and it felt like a very boring day if we had scary mood music it might help this story but I'm going to tell Eddie Long breakfast or should we meet the scary music ready
00:04:51a couple weekends ago we went up to our cabin we had to make some beds and we start taking measurements for a project that we are doing actually as a part of the charity competition I don't know like his charity competition doing a reading Nook in one of the bedrooms at the cabin look like I was going to say you don't need to win a competition to donate 10 grand to charity you could just do that the company donates I wish we were all like Preston's we just have 10 grand sitting around
00:05:32so we are taking measurements of the small reading Nook and there's a large window in the reading Nook and
00:05:39I looked out the window and what did you see that Prince now we are our cabin is nestled up on a very steep mountain side behind the gate behind a locked gate it there's no access unless you have a key there's two other people that have keys in our in our gated thing but they are close to our cabin they haven't been up there no wheel marks to go up to their cabins they haven't been up there for months and I said I see there's like Footprints outside and they're leading up to our front door and my heart is racing actually right now he runs out of the room opens the front door which is actually kind of our back door and the footprints are coming from the woods
00:06:37trees in the woods to our front door
00:06:42then they go around they go down to our lower deck where there's another entrance which we generally go in right now because it's so snowy and then they go back up the hill and like off into the woods again I started freaking out because
00:07:09first of all these Footprints were way bigger than my foot
00:07:17they were really large they were probably okay I wear a women's size 11 shoe I mean it was much bigger than my footprint so we was not that was way bigger I am picturing I was like a clown shoe at the waivers and people were freaking out someone sent me a very disturbing story of a massacre that happened in Germany why why are they sending you the story please send me that it was awful let me confirm all of your worst case scenario if your other people said it's a bear it's for sure a bear the gate was the footprints were really close together going up there
00:08:17tell which a person with that large above but wouldn't have
00:08:22their Footprints. Close together so then I started searching fair fair tracks on Earth can you not tell the difference between a human footprint in a Barefoot friends are just letting her get through her part and then all off and I would letter I thought the same thing and then I started Googling Bear Tracks in my friend sent me a whole bunch of picture of Bear Tracks and they look like they weren't fresh and so it we couldn't really tell detail of things and in my I was actually really really happy with the thought of it being a bear
00:09:11but then there's the questions why would a bear check your front entrance and back at you sadly the footprints coming from the woods were way farther apart and so I don't know if it was like from coming down and that is the only explanation
00:09:40this was me and my girlfriends we were all going up there for like a galentine's day getaway that weekend and we all felt very scared to do that so there's no conclusion cool story bro you into the best ones that there's a lot of ones that just turn on when they sense motion trail cameras and so we're going to catch you whoever you are with a listen to the Shell going to catch you that was the other thing someone brought up what if it's a fan I'm like that's worse that's the Bible of creepy there's really no feel good explanation explanation
00:10:37this guy was stranded and he got wrecked his snowmobile and he was like out of food water and he couldn't get to his his car or something like that in so you can feel the searching for help and so he came inside of cabin it was like this Beacon of Hope and then he's like there's nobody home maybe it's I can get in there and get some food or something like that because I'm dying put the uplifting I think that's the most likely scenario mainly because we're surrounded by other cabins so naturally would just go to all of them right well after yours wasn't available for hope he had to search elsewhere I can think it's three specific people that told me stories of cabins that they have like homeless people stayed in through a whole season and like one person like Bill
00:11:37same Furniture as a thank you I like that's crazy it was built out of their current furniture
00:11:47what a nice gesture but he'll alarming would that be still yeah if it doesn't match need to do anyway so that's are scary scary tale for the cabin log I have been loving me some daily Harbor okay so here's the funny thing when we first got the Daily Harvest sponsorship they sent us I think sick smoothies to try out I got so hooked on them that I used our own promo code clj to get a discount on my check
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00:13:35clj at Daily harvest.com v a i l y Harvest, enter the promo code clj to get three free items in your first box
00:13:53okay what's going on with your bathroom
00:13:57so I had a breakthrough this week with our master bathroom and it kind of goes in with the theme of
00:14:07fear okay I realized I was maybe surrounding myself with too much inspiration and real thing I think it was inspiration overload and I was looking at so many images of elements of a bathroom that I really I really loved you mean like example overload example overload I love the way this marble shower looks I love the way this marble shower looks I love the way this one looks and I kept trying to make our shower which is going to be kind of one of the highlights of our bathroom this Grand shower that we're adding I kept trying to make get into this great marble shower that I kept replicating this great marble shower that I kept on seeing because it felt classic and it felt I knew it was beautiful
00:15:07and I was laying in bed one night and I kind of had this crazy thought and I was like What if I didn't use marble in my shower and I this is obviously very like whatever who cares and I started thinking I I love something bold you know I love deep sophisticated colors what if I use like a bold tile in our shower and I really honestly like the the idea kind of scares me because the entire time that we've been planning our bathroom renovation for months
00:15:58it was all based around this marble shower and honestly it it's a safe Choice like everyone uses marble in their bathroom it's beautiful it's pretty it's classic and I kind of thought what if I didn't what if I tried more bold to tile choice and as soon as I decided that
00:16:28I got immediately excited about our bathroom at a point where you are not excited about it because it felt like I couldn't decide on what tile to use I couldn't decide on even a size it was feeling a little stale and maybe not like me maybe that's what I wasn't excited about like something about it anytime we're creating a room I usually get really excited about one piece what are that be a paint color or a rug or we base a whole room around a sofa or sectional something about it in our basement I feel like it was those built-ins around our TV that kind of like set the tone for the room and that's the thing that I get excited about and then the rest of the room kind of comes together around that with our bathroom
00:17:17everything was just being based around inspiration photos there was nothing
00:17:23physical tangible that I was excited about yet and until I started thinking about what if the shower was kind of like a bold accent shower as soon as I decided that and as soon as I found inspiration photos that maybe went in that direction and I was able to create a mood board around this new tile and I showed Chris and he was like
00:17:51yeah that's it it just felt so right and I started thinking about how many times in our home designs do we like play it safe because we wanted to last forever and I'm I mean I do that with a lot of things like Furniture especially I just like I know I'm not going to like a pattern piece of furniture for very long and I will say this is not bad and it's just a bold color what color is it it's a very deep greenish blue
00:18:36it's very very like each tile is a little bit different what does it resemble I mean it's a ceramic tile but each we're going to go with the 3 by 9 late on a brick or offset I'll stay and the the color is there all on hand colored and so each color is a little different every single tile is hand-colored with what a different color and then day and then they fire them and have you ever taken a Ceramics class make a thousand pieces of hang out there so I there's like a really long lead time on the truck I will put on the blog in the upcoming week the sample colors but online I got five different samples
00:19:36we're going for a very deep greenish-blue but muted likes not like bright but more subdued to be celebrating School in a lot of times I feel like in home decor even if it's
00:19:58you are afraid to put a hole in your freshly painted wall you don't want to pick the wrong paint color you don't want to pull the plug on that duvet it's like it's returnable you can patch. Easy you can paint again and I hope that that's been a theme of this podcast that you don't have to be afraid to like love your home now and the last thought that I had when I was deciding on this very serious actually trivial tile thing was is I mean am I going to love it forever probably not that I'm not going to live in my house forever you know I'm probably we're probably going to live there 5 more years and it's amazing the things that we've almost lived in her house for 5 years in the very first thing we did was paint that room dark green and I still love that dark green and so
00:20:57I'm excited too
00:21:00trying to step out of my comfort zone a little and try something new and I feel like the reward for it will be amazing I'm in the bathroom represents a lot of new things for us I think and stepping out of our comfort zone but it's been it's been really good I think it's kind of representing a shift in how we approach product projects and how we plan things out and it's it's been a lot of fun
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00:23:35the more you know the more you tile
00:23:40I'll just say it
00:23:42guys this is the last episode of the Chris loves Julia podcast with Preston pugmire this the last episode even without pressing pugmire that's the name of the suit
00:23:58and yeah it obviously this is comes as probably a big shock to all of you I found out about it yesterday may not like we've been hiding this from yeah it's not something that's been in the works for a while it's not something we knew but I feel like we talk to each other a lot and now I kind of want to talk to like
00:24:28the listeners so this episode I feel like we kind of made it theme of overcoming fears or just fears people in the woods scary and ending this podcast actually represents a lot of for me it represents overcoming a lot of fears not only to start a podcast because that was a huge I struggled with feeling insecure for a long time and we started it and I feel like just doing this podcast for a year-and-a-half has represented overcoming a huge beer in mind which I was just putting my boys out there for a lot of people to listen to and a lot of people have listened to this podcast I mean it's been so successful and we're so grateful for that recently I felt a pool
00:25:24that there are other things I wanted to do with our brand with the Chris loves Julia brand and I felt that way for a few months but I didn't want to end this because this was so fun and you know we're doing Preston is one of our best friends and also I did never wanted to disappoint all of you that constantly chime in on Instagram with all your questions and say how much you enjoy the shell because that has meant so much to me I'm going to cry but I was listening to Preston's podcast and Preston has a podcast called Next Level life and I was listening to episode 10 minute was about overcoming fears basically and
00:26:21a friend of mine and her husband were on it and recently they made a really big kind of scary life decision to leave here where we all live and to move to a place that's kind of their dream and they realize that they were living there second choice basically they loved it here and they have great friends here but you have to go listen to the episode cuz it's very good I would listen to it at the gym and I just started crying because I realized as much as I love doing this podcast in as much as as fun as we as much fun as we have doing it this podcast is not my dream and there are things that I really do want to do that I haven't been doing because I only have a limited amount of time in my day I realized I wasn't doing the
00:27:21things because I was afraid and I was afraid of maybe this is successful maybe that won't be successful but also I was afraid of disappointing people Preston included and just
00:27:36what if nothing else happens but I called Kristen yesterday yesterday like you said this is not like a thing that's been in the works I called Preston yesterday and I said I have to have a really difficult conversation with you
00:27:56am I your heart was just racing because
00:28:00I was so scared I was so scared to tell him that I felt like my breakthrough is I need to move on and I need to do other things and this is not the end of Chris loves Julia this is
00:28:15the beginning of what I want that to become next I shouldn't have been scared to tell Preston because he was very supportive the ironic thing was the things he was saying in his podcast led me to end this podcast it's very ironic and it's very Bittersweet this whole thing is very Bittersweet but I feel like you need to tell people how this can apply to them because thank you for being willing to tell that story in that way your vulnerability and your openness and honesty is really really amazing and it's contagious and so
00:29:00the me I got the phone call and that the phone is breaking up and I couldn't hear you and so I was like dude when you have this conversation in person so I came up and we had which I think is really important spoken for me to be able to have my podcast about personal development and achieving your dreams especially in business have that might be the Catalyst for you saying this to me yeah it is ironic but it was also very fulfilling in a in a way because I want people to be able to really live there first choice life and Inspire them to take things to the next level whatever that looks like for you if I got all
00:29:46offended or sad or something like that from you taking action from something but I had said then that would have been out of alignment and so I got a chance to walk the walk to to be so supportive of you doing that even though it directly affected what we're doing here and yeah it is it is Bittersweet man happy cuz this podcast has been so fun to do and it was something that I initially came to you with a lot of people have no idea why I'm on the show
00:30:21and I understand why they don't understand that but I came to Chris and Julia and said hey let's do a podcast together and we could just make it a fun thing and they were hesitant at first and I had to convince them to do it and I think that the energy that we have created in the dynamic that we have created is been really really good and we have a different Dynamic and I love creating that with you guys I think for me the interesting thing is I am constantly telling people to just try it just you know with an I love with Brian Patrick Flynn said in our episode 58 he said home decor is
00:31:11no one's going to the moon no it's doing brain surgery now it's going to die it's very simple so try anything and I'm a huge proponent of that and now having this experience and having a hard conversation that like help me overcome my fear of just moving forward with something that I've always wanted to do Chris loves Julia the brand has been my baby for 9 years and it has grown so much and it was really really scary when Chris quit his job and it was really scary when I used to write for a different popular home website that Peyton me very well and they just called me one day and said they're bringing all the writers in house so don't worry about it and all of those scary steps has shown us more what we could do with the brand and has almost open their eyes and open more up
00:32:11two knees up and ending this is the same it's the beginning of something else for us that we're excited about and excited to share with you in the near future our favorite part of the podcast has been being able to actually connect with people a little bit more even though it's just us sitting here and talking about something that we've we really loved doing and I think has really helped us in our relationships with our readers actually in our followers than listeners because we receive emails from you everyday that are just very positive and uplifting and I mean the thing that we really realizes that that was one of the main things we were worried about losing and but we're going to hold on to that we're going to do be in
00:33:11are the people more and try and you know just show a little bit more of our personalities and in other ways on Instagram stories every now and again answer some questions there in just hopefully get some more of our person yet personalities and just interaction with you out there is the hope we don't want to lose that part of it because that's really important thing that I really took away from your breakthrough and then subsequent action was that everybody's fear looks different so many times we don't do things because of something that somebody else is going to think
00:33:58or some external decision hard thing feels like it's too hard or what you're talking about like you were afraid of what I would think about the listeners would think and then it felt really difficult and you feel like you would let people down but that wasn't an alignment with what was best for you right now somebody's listening to this and they know that they need to do something start something stop something say something whatever that looks like for you choose short-term discomfort over long-term resentment towards yourself toward another person to wear the situation and that's what you did and it's going to be so much better for you to get over your fear and realize that fear can often be disguised as comfort or practicality and then take action on it after I listen to the episode I actually called my friend who was on your episode before I even called you and you didn't answer I just left her a message
00:34:58crying and I said I just wanted to thank you for what you said and Preston's podcast today I know I have to do a really hard thing today because of it and as soon as I made that decision and talk to you that scary feeling was gone and it immediately felt like lighter and that's how I knew I made the right decision I feel like this kind of feels sounds very cryptic to a lot of people like what's going on but it's just simple as that there's things that I want to do and the only way we can progress is to close this chapter is really fun chapter and still have like dinners together and
00:35:57Twisted can't get you off my mind favorite moment of the show do you know your hands down
00:36:05Chris's salad Story episode story here about kid rooms correct and this was the room that Chris created for him to tell if you're going to love the space that you're living in Chris's salad serving listen to the story right now it's got to hit me I'm the youngest of 8 kids I never had my own room growing up I really wanted my own space but there are so many bodies in the house there's only so many rooms and places that you can put a bed there was this one room it was I guess kind of like a library there were bookshelves on one side the entire room was probably 5 ft wide by
00:37:00maybe 8 feet long it was down at the bottom of our stairs well it was kind of like this weird room that was also a hallway I was tired of sharing a room so I moved myself into this closet maybe 10 feet long when you factor in the doorways the killer at the end of my room it was still a passageway to come down if you come down the stairs into one big room and then you go through my room to another room it was basically a hallway that had just a little cubby off to the side I was so stoked about having my own space and my mom could tell that I was excited she and I begged her take me to the store let me get some like snacks and stuff for when people come to visit me in my room it's going to be like the place to be
00:37:55just barely enough room for me to hang my feet off the side of the bed without hitting the wall my mom takes me to the store we had a cooler I could not decide what snacks I wanted for my room still have so many things and I don't know which one to get I panicked I ended up salad mix in the fridge
00:38:32I have that sitting at the edge of my bed I was down in my room for probably an hour and a half eating salad by myself nobody's at my house just waiting for somebody to come visit me I like how you have your own room Isn't that cool
00:38:58all of that is true every every bit of that story is true
00:39:03so you had it so the Superbowl party that year was in your room or man with your salad that's your those were your snacks he chose I panicked I love it I was my childhood room the theme I think I was going for was pathetic
00:39:29I could not handle that story when he told it to me it was my favorite thing I've ever heard and the worst thing I've ever heard in the best thing I've ever heard like they were all the emotions I felt and I went to the five stages of salad grief when you got to me represents like this what we have created with this show is like talking about something with kids rooms and then inserting that and I want people to feel like they're in the room with us and so many people have emailed us and said that they listen to the show and they laugh out loud when they're in the grocery stores I like that and that's that's what we wanted to create a so I have it I have a couple one of them's a little bit more General and it's just watching Jewels like I ever since Mary angels I have just been in awe of how she just takes on things and does them better than
00:40:29anybody else could do them oh my goodness I will not I will not as long as I have breath in my body just everything that she does she's really she was very uncomfortable starting the podcast but she's just queen of content she knows what to put out there for people to make it valuable that's been cool watching that as a specific one of my favorite moment was Preston telling his story about the hypnotist
00:41:02you got to answer that here as well
00:41:07so you guys know I'm a musician last night I did a show at this event in a rolada different things going on and one of the things I had going on before we played and everything like that was his hypnotist and they hired the worst hypnotist I have ever seen what he chose to do with the hypnotized state was awful you what you wanted them to be like pretend that they're bodybuilders or that they have ice cream too can't eat it and they deserve that their butt is missing the can't find her but he chose very first thing can you drive in a car Camaro you close your eyes and they're all I just ran his car and they're playing like for like 5 minutes of them driving around funny not funny at all
00:42:07imagine you at the grocery store and you can't decide which find YouTube on how do you apologize and going to be behind you
00:43:17I remember specifically in that moment thinking I am seeing Chris's like authentic Soul right now and how he is laughing cuz there was you I've never seen anybody laugh so genuinely and I was like this is this is it you still have the original file you can play how long I laughed to cut out probably 80% of my Laughing. That's it I did people say that we have too much laughter in this podcast and I have no idea I have no idea how much I take out to make it the episodes under an hour all of our episodes in trying to pick a favorite moment oh my goodness there were some fun ones probably my favorite moment of recording
00:44:17the episodes goes along with just the laughter and fun we had and that honestly came from me producing these quizzes that Preston and Chris I totally just screw your quizzes and we're going to play a different game anyway the Amazon products with a great one that actually has a follow-up I don't know if we ever even acknowledged on the podcast stories but we didn't even say we had a portion of an episode where we talked about products on Amazon that actually exist Preston took it a step further
00:45:03ordered Korean ordered that that head but yeah we got we had the we had several of those products in our bathroom on display when we came back from our a trip one time and John by Bryson Budweiser those are probably my favorite fun moments of recording the podcast because you Chris and Preston just have this incredible hilarious banter it would I could just sit back and laugh like that's that is my goal in life that's what I'm trying to get to
00:45:51those are my favorite moments that's great man I love it I love this show it's been really really cool and I it's totally fine that is coming to an end because like I said close the chapter and we're on and it feels like it there was no down downward think the reason we had a rebroadcast last week was because of my eye surgery that kind of went unexpected people might think something happened last week oh that's right yeah no surgery surgery
00:46:26this is the Chris loves Julia brand Chris loves Julia podcast I am a part of it but I'm aware of my role and I got to tell you guys thank you so much for letting me be involved in this and involved in what you guys do cuz it's it's just great and I am genuinely you just ate a lot of what you guys have created and it's cool to be a part of it and for the people that I stuck with us this long in the show I feel like I have developed a relationship with them to that is something that is a little difficult to say is going to is going to end because you guys did you have the block that doesn't end with you guys hold the relationship that I have cultivated with people and I do feel like I have that is just kind of shipping gear-changing if you would like to continue that relationship in any way
00:47:20I don't do a podcast about DIY home design and family but come on over to Next Level Life podcast we talk about personal development principles for Creative entrepreneurs and what that looks like in your life it could be something like principles for building a business or just getting over fear and having a difficult conversation to something to take your life to the next level something that I'm very passionate about so if you're interested in doing that come over and we can continue that relationship that's what I wanted to say for sure you adjust the second fire
00:48:02and we say the second part of the last time Chris loves Julia and we love you too I really do

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