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How do you feel about cold turkey? No, no, silly… not the kind you have for leftovers after the holidays. I mean going Cold Turkey on harmful habits. Like when I used to say, “Yeah. I’m gonna stop drinking soda every day in the new year.” And then *poof*... I thought if I just said it, I’d be able to instantly make it happen with sheer willpower. And what about "All or Nothing" ideals? I used to think, “If I’m gonna exercise, it’s gotta be for at leeeeast 30 minutes for it to make a difference. And since I can’t seem to find a spare 30 minutes anywhere in my life, I guess it’s pointless to even try right now.” Meanwhile, in the back of my head, I’d be like, “Maybe I’ll have the time when my kids go off to college in 15 years!” #kiddingnotkidding Is it just me? Or have you said things like this to yourself, too? Well, if there’s a twinkle of desire inside you to create some new nutrition and exercise habits this year, you’re in the right place. I have a very special guest that I’d like to introduce you to this week. His name is Brian Wise. And he’s not only my biggest encourager, supporter, and motivator… He’s my hubby! (And the behind-the-scenes audio editing genius who makes sure the podcast sounds sooo good each and every week.) Working in a high stress, mentally & emotionally challenging pediatric intensive care unit... (where life and death decisions are a part of the daily grind) Brian’s learned a thing or two about the challenges of prioritizing your health when you’re pouring so much of yourself into your career. Also, thanks to the many years that he’s lived with a super stressed teacher... (Eh hemmm… that would be me.) Brian totally gets how hard it can be for teachers to create and maintain healthy eating and exercising habits. So Brian and I put our heads together... And created our very first tag team Chalk Full of Life episode for you! From his medical expertise and personal experience, Brian’s sharing the most practical, doable strategies you can implement right away to improve your eating and exercise habits in 2019. And I’m chiming in with all the critical mindset stuff that will help you (finally) stay on track with your goals. In this episode, you’ll learn: Why your busy teacher life isn’t an excuse for not being able to develop better eating and exercising habits.How to set nutrition and exercise goals that are actually doable (with a busy schedule) to experience lasting results and feel better in your body.Why “All or Nothing” and “Cold Turkey” mentalities don’t work when in comes to building new diet and exercise habits - and what you need to focus on instead. Wanna join a community of teachers who are exploring what it means to live your best life in AND out of the classroom? Join our Chalk Full of Life Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chalk/ Or find the fun on Instagram: @chalkfulloflife Let’s support each other with honest conversations about not bei...
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