The podcast is hosted by Mat Siltala and Dave Rohrer. In each episode the goal is here to help educate business owners (small, midsize and enterprise) and those working in the ever changing digital marketing fields. Every episode will cover one marketing or business topic and try to give the listener actionable tips each time. Topics covered will include but not be limited to hiring, social media, content marketing, running a business, SEO, PPC, and much more.
United States
97 episodes
since April 17, 2017


Productivity Tools for Digital Marketers Dave talks about tools that in-house and solo consultants can use and Matt focuses on some growing agencies may want. Between the two they cover a whole number of tools and use cases to help you and your teams be more productive at your job. If you get nothing else from the show you should at least remember that: Mat loves Slack and Google Docs/Sheets/Etc. and Dave does all he can on the show to not curse about how much he dislikes them both! Project Management & Time Tracking Workfront Paymo App Toggl Freshbooks Harvest If you are a consultant or agency – there is a legal level of protection (talk to your lawyer) that comes with documenting what your team works on. Meeting Tools Make it easy for remote or those that may also work from home (WFH) sometimes be able to join meetings. freeconferencecall.com Uberconference Zoom appear.in – video Talkshow Loom Two other great resources that have some of these tools and many more that we didn’t cover are the following: Remote Work Tools Serpstat Blog Data & Reporting Automation Tools Getting data from any and all sources can be a pain. APIs and other tools are now available to help speed up reporting and data gathering. Analytics Edge – pull into excel Supermetrics – pull into google sheets, studio and excel Google Sheet Macro for SEMRush Build your own PHP tools that can leverage APIs from majestic, semrush, ahrefs and other tools – even GSC and reporting More Tools Hunter.io Zapier IFTTT – Dave covers a number of ways he uses IFTTT applets currently. AirTable – if just google sheets or just google docs isnt a fit… you can create tabs that are under one project Episode 97 Mentioned Tools & Resources Wait you want more? There will be future shows where we will dig into task specific tools so keep your eyes and ears open!
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