The Yankees were swept in Boston and have hit rock bottom (we hope). We break down everything that went wrong over the weekend, including Thursday’s meltdown by Jonathan Holder, Rick Porcello and Nathan Eovaldi shutting down the Yankees lineup, sloppy play giving the Red Sox extra outs all weekend, Luis Severino knocking Mookie Betts down, and Alex Cora out-managing Aaron Boone. The one positive we could take away was Chance Adams looked solid in his MLB debut. Mailbag questions hammering Aaron Boone and what, if anything, Sonny Gray can do out of the bullpen. 

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00:00:00alright guys before we get into today's show we want to tell you guys about the August eighteenth event coming up Scott is rapidly approaching it is rapidly approaching so if you haven't got your tickets yet make sure you get your crew and sign up we're doing the promotion
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00:01:09big situations and so that is going to be a lot of fun it'll be a little bit different from what we're seeing right now in the field it will be a good time you would get to see all the %HESITATION all of our favorites from the nineteen eighty
00:01:22eight team and cheer them on %HESITATION before the Yankees take on the blue jays so come on out make sure you get your tickets out the the teacher deadline for you to get your ticket before her teacher before the event is coming up this week %HESITATION today's Monday
00:01:35the teacher that I think I had I was Tuesday I will order some afterwards but you know try to get that in as possible as soon as possible but again the game is not this coming Saturday but the following August eighteenth at one o'clock in all right let's
00:01:49get into it we are breaking down all aspects of Yankee baseball this is the Bronx pinstripe show with your host and your account Scott right let's go what's up everyone welcome to the Bronx construction episode two hundred and fifty six got it is going to be an hour
00:02:15long therapy session because after what happened the last four days at Fenway Park everybody listening including myself including you needs it desperately you know it's just one of these days where it's a it's a kick in the balls really because you know the Sunday night baseball starts late
00:02:35I got a listening ear I talk for four and five hours and D. including an astral I'm already including an extra inning that should never have happened and then you know were up early recording the show because otherwise we'd be doing it at one AM and that's just
00:02:51not happening if not impossible because there's too much to impact to get to it can't do it you got it yet it's it's some it's tough we we learned that the hard way in the playoffs last year when you're recording after those those late night games and when
00:03:05it's only one game maybe you can Ballard battle your way through it talk about the the ins and outs of the game as well as the raw emotion but it was too it's too much to go through to do that after last night's game but yeah you're right
00:03:19it %HESITATION it was a kick in the balls it was the absolute worst case doomsday scenario that everyone I think was trying to avoid saying was possible because the team is been playing like crap for a month over the last thirty eight games they're eighteen and twenty so
00:03:35it's no surprise really that that that they're playing this way we've seen the sloppy play we've seen the lack of fundamentals as well as the lack of offense the lack of starting pitching and in the bull pen failing at the worst possible times we've seen that all happen
00:03:49against the shitty teams in baseball over the last month everyone was still just kind of crossing their fingers hoping that they could turn it around against Boston the best team in baseball but I don't think anyone wanted to admit this was possible because I think deep down if
00:04:06you think about it any Yankee fan who's been watching this team for last month you could see how the writing on the wall from for what happened this weekend I mean I guess it he used that you don't you don't think of a sweep I'm sorry but I'm
00:04:20not honestly it didn't cross my mind walking into this that we would get swept like that that's just not something I I thought about you know with that with the with the pitching wind up with the way that that you know some of these things you just you
00:04:34can never expect to get swept going in there is an expectation and and that it's not like this team talent wise is a team that should get swept walking it that's not like that's not the way it is but the way they're playing the the the lack of
00:04:48of of the the intangibles of the game but like I said in the post game my post give video last night was so short because I had nothing to say every facet of the game they're failing and they're they're not getting the the runners and they're not pitching
00:05:03deeper into the games you know they're just every facet again they're not they're not catching the ball they're not throwing that's the worst honestly it's the extra outs at the give Boston all weekend and Boston as soon as they got a sniff of an actor out slam the
00:05:15door down drove a Mack truck through that door you're just talking about in in the in the %HESITATION in the the intro about the August eighteenth ninety eight game that's something that the ninety eight Yankees would do if they got an extra out it didn't matter how many
00:05:29runs they were down all you're gonna give us an extra out will now we're going to take this game from you and that's what happened all for actually Thursday especially Sunday night in in Fenway well I mean literally the the Yankees ahead of them the game last night
00:05:45handed them the game crosses Chapman for the second time in a row coming in do completely shuts the bed and and then walks the bases loaded in Fenway are you insane **** yet so are you an insane person he hadn't pitch since Tuesday right so so I I'm
00:06:02not excusing Chapman but how home how did I do have to know how to go on Tuesday but but here's the thing how many times do we have to see Chapman struggle before Boone realizes I need to use him on a more regular schedule I can't have them
00:06:18sit for five days and then expect him to come into Fenway Park on Sunday night baseball after nine hours of frigging torturous baseball because for whatever reason everybody decided to take four hours in between a pitch last night I can expect Chapman come in there and just be
00:06:35sharp he needs to pitch more there are so many things that I have problems with the blue did this weekend but when you're down in Fenway Park we're losing that you and you're in you're trying to save your closer for the next game could you know because you're
00:06:50thinking you're going to win it and you need a high liver situation if I were park it's it's not an easy situation to get your clothes ring to get work at that point I understand to me on this one like that's a thousand percent on a roll this
00:07:01chat and threw the ball over the god damn plate so then all the bases loaded like I could see if your rusty but walking the bases loaded is is another level but that's what he does use of rusty Chapman doesn't give up hits he walks people which puts
00:07:16meant he backed himself into a corner when he is rusty because he can't find the place and it's not like you just get crushed and not like Kevin goes out there and gives up doubles in home runs he walks people men might give up a single and and
00:07:28that's what that's the game that's what happened and in it still could have they still could have won but they decided to give the red Sox and extra out which get which allowed the tying run scored yes Greg Byrd couldn't pick a ball that aim minor league first
00:07:42baseman picks right I mean it wasn't a great they're about the same time birds gotta catch up all her percent no doubt about it it's it it's the it's the fundamentals I know what's over use it's an overused cliche that's easy to just point and say fun they're
00:07:56not fundamentally sound but but they're not and it's been an issue all all season we talked about in April why would they losing to the bad teams like Baltimore Miami is because they were giving those crappy teams actuality but then in may and June they overcame it because
00:08:11the offense was on another level in the bullpen was elite well now when the offense is in on another level in the bull pen has cracks this is what happens it was the problem see there there are so many things that go into that though because you were
00:08:26talking mobile print having cracks the boulder was great today or yesterday until chat and stuff on the mount the open was great they cleaned up everything and Tanaka only went for into thirds like I understand he pitched well he was pitching deep in the counselor's pitch count was
00:08:40up and whether he's getting pulled in that any people had a problem with him not finishing the ending I mean it's it's kind of it doesn't really matter because if you finish that ending fine he's already over a hundred pictures at that point if you were to finish
00:08:51that inning so if you were to come out he wouldn't finish the next inning he still not getting deep there were a lot of lot of long counts I know we had nine strikeouts that makes for more pitches I think they were what six hits given up in
00:09:03four two thirds so there was a there was a good amount of of %HESITATION balls in play and then and then you know long counts when you get a long strike outs you get long counts let it only walk one guy it so it's hard to like say
00:09:14that it's hard to fault Tanaka for the high pitch out because he did pitch well armed but but at the end of the day you're still not being efficient enough to to get that into the bowl but but but that being said the woman was totally good at
00:09:26that they cleaned it up they did their job they did exactly what they needed to do Dickies got the lead and then you hand the ball to your closer and at that point I don't give a **** if you are sitting for five days four days whatever you
00:09:38know if you're if you're the close of the New York Yankees in you're in a high liver situation like that in Fenway Park you can't just you can't go out there and walk out idea bases or I don't care if that's what you do as a rusty player
00:09:51don't do it don't do it it's not excuse to well considered a walk a guy you know too with Max whatever get out of the situation but you cannot walk the bases loaded you just can't do that down through grew up three runs at Fenway Park knowing that
00:10:08that place is a freakin band box the ball goes out the point of an eye at any point him right straight in regard to the order but JD Martinez his leading lead in homers and RBIs coming up Judy Martinez was circling for like walking up and down the
00:10:22dugout just pacing and waiting for this to happen and when he got in he pounced he knew god damn well Chapman was gonna do the only thing shot most gonna try to do was throw a strike and if he did it he was gonna be ready for it
00:10:34any was you mentioned the long counts that's the one of the other glaring differences between the two teams right now is that the the Yankees especially on Friday and Saturday against poor selling of all the did not have any deep counts I understand those guys attacked attacking his
00:10:50own but they were just we contact after we contact little ground ball little fly ball nothing those guys didn't even have to sweat and then Tanaka like you said yeah he pitched sheepish okay he wasn't given he he was striking a lot of guys out but every count
00:11:04was two to three to their fallen off pitches so that's that that's is just another huge difference between the two teams and and it's not even like the red Sox have their a lineup I mean the infield they threw out there with newness Holt armed Kinsler and Steve
00:11:20Pierce that was the Thursday infield for the red Sox that wasn't supposed to be their team but they still grind out at bats there was no there was was there too but all those guys can hit every one of those guys can hit and Steve here suspend just
00:11:34destroying Yankees on every team in the American League east and he cheered us with the blue jays with the route with the Orioles okay hurt us when he was on the Yankees to end with the Yankees because he's the only team that he didn't play for at all
00:11:47on a on a level of of acceptability was the New York Yankees thank you Steve Pierce he obviously as of and that I don't know where it came from but the man look like %HESITATION you know he was at Reggie Jackson on forget Thursday night out there hitting
00:11:59three bombs and it comes back again it's another freaking home run I mean it's crazy when you see a guy like that is on a roll and has just been more confidence than than you know what to do with them it's like losing out of his ears like
00:12:11how about we just put them a little bit more carefully because that guy's going to kill you and he can obviously had a fastball Scott do you know that sleep is important I think I think you know that after after last night and also especially after camp who
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00:13:37number stores nationwide just visit sleep number dot com slash Bronx to find the nearest store again sleep number dot com slash Bronx quickly before we get into the the the other things anyone use the word yet but I did have a a guy would just do a shout
00:13:57out to my out to my my little boy who's certainly not listening because he has no idea what this is or podcaster has any concept of anything in the world but he did turn one on Saturday it was an awesome day and that's what I think a lot
00:14:10of people on Twitter were reaching out to say Happy Birthday and %HESITATION throughout the school year it's been just a crazy year for us obviously with that with him going up to the hospital and and going through his procedures but %HESITATION this out the community of of %HESITATION
00:14:24broken stripes and our show have been just amazing arm and it's it's crazy that it's been a year because a year ago today I was in Boston and it's funny enough on Friday I was a year ago Friday when we were waiting for him to to be bored
00:14:39I was so like I was back and forth because I was like hold out hold out a little bit longer All I Want to do is see Sonny grace first start I was so excited I read his first art and it was as I was trying to stay
00:14:50awake that was we haven't slept in like three days unlike unlike literally like holding my eyelids open so I can watch study grades for starters I was so excited for this guy like what a friggin difference the year has made you know my son's kicking some **** and
00:15:02Sonny gray is just completely reverted back to a just a little completely shooting she's sitting about about yes you need the diaper he was also shooting the bad but it's a he doesn't offer for him yes but a dozen a day person doesn't get all over the place
00:15:18not everybody has to deal with it only one person has to deal with it it's been a hell of a year hasn't really fast years well yes and no it has it they were buying a blink of an eye and I know everybody says that but with a
00:15:30it's just it's it's been it's been a blur for %HESITATION for us for sure but on fits all you guys in with camp you guys were in Boston for for a little while and then %HESITATION after you left everything with the with the playoff run and everything like
00:15:43that far as the podcast in the Yankees go but then maybe you had a huge life change what with your son and then I had a huge life change I moved to New York and %HESITATION gotten gauge recently and everyone also I want to thank people were saying
00:15:57congradulations on social media about my engagement just to reiterate what you just said Scott the community of people that interact with the show come to the events follow us on social media all that kind of stuff is %HESITATION I think without sounding too sappy the reason why we
00:16:14keep doing this especially after the show we just watched for days no doubt so let's just take that all in the little bit of positivity before we get into the disaster bloodbath massacre that actually that happened this weekend I love that a Mike francesa tweeted that out it's
00:16:29the the the Boston massacre the new one a new Boston massacre a new one has occurred and they had absolutely no to it was a massacre started on Thursday night and you know if you'd asked me back on Thursday who if you could hand pick one starter to
00:16:45go in game one of this series I probably would have picked CC because we know what he does after losses we know what he does against the red Sox the red Sox struggle against left handed pitchers and the moment is never going to be too big for CC
00:16:57yeah he's not going to give you eight or nine innings but you just figured he could get through the fifth at least but he couldn't no he wasn't here and have it at all he just did have a location I don't know if it has anything to do
00:17:10with with that like the amount of perspiration was coming off that man's body and I know he sweats like normally but it was a hot and like humid muggy night in Boston and you can just see the the I'm usually see what Chapman the most but CC you've
00:17:24definitely seen like sweat man this man go out there but like his has just dripping and it's like you couldn't get the ball well enough or get a good feel of the ball because she just couldn't find the strike zone and usually you know he's able to kind
00:17:38of maneuver around the the strike zone enough to it to get some swings and misses and he just wasn't there and he wasn't he wasn't getting it so normally I'd say humid night for a picture is a good thing because you can grip the ball better but we're
00:17:48profusely sweating and you can't like keep your hand drive then it becomes a problem and I don't know if that came into it and it's not excused by any means but it's it was apparent that he didn't have location so it's straight James he said I I I
00:18:02could not find the plate basically nothing networking none of my pitches where where I wanted to throw him it's not an excuse though I don't I mean I agree with you the %HESITATION especially for CC big body guy he probably likes it when it's a little bit cooler
00:18:15because he's gonna be hot anyway any anybody who sweats a lot out there knows it doesn't matter could be sixty degrees outside you're still gonna be sweating so I think CC would prefer to little cooler I don't know what he does about that you member Roger Clemens used
00:18:27to just rub his body up and down with icy hot yeah kinda kinda maybe %HESITATION does not stop you from sweating I mean I don't know I I don't know what what you could I think you just the just the freaking like perfected it was icy hot despite
00:18:40Celine help like you just lather your web us to lean on god I would think that would be so much worse lever that sounds awful nope bug gold bond powder do you think Susan Waldman applied the %HESITATION icy hot known to Roger Clements no clubhouse clubhouse like interns
00:18:57clubhouse clubhouse attendants Clemens used to used to get Buck naked starfish in the middle of the clubhouse and have yet to have the interns C. N. how Susan Waldman wrote moving down I could see that Roger turn around Roger got the game started out so good to of
00:19:14Brian Johnson Yankees catcher break Chris sales not pitching he's on the disabled list the wind right that was our first win that we thought that what I was gonna be a wind going into that game and not not a win for the cable like that's a win for
00:19:25the Yankees the fact that you yet and they took four nothing lead off Brian Johnson DD three run Homer a X. solo shot okay here we go beautiful do it after the race is right about the a laboring after three innings was pulled I think it was probably
00:19:41the right move right I would pull them to I didn't think you had anything yeah it didn't look like anything I mean it even in the early in the game yeah I think was in before he got out of a jam when he was getting in and out
00:19:52of jams gonna get lucky with some with some bald headed people but %HESITATION but yeah he was he was wearing it it's you can't fault burned by any means for taking him out at that point it's it's not a good situation obviously you're starting off a four game
00:20:05set with going to your pen immediately early in the game also or thinning but not what you want but at the same time you don't want to be you know thrown the ball over the plate either and getting tattooed and for a park yeah I think what Boone
00:20:19saw was so bad here with nothing and a bull pen that was pretty much rested and he could go holder in the fourth inning green in the fifth may be also the sixth inning Roberts and brit in but chances Chapman there should be enough fire power there to
00:20:34get through that game with all four nothing lead and say maybe one red lead it's it's it's unrealistic but all four run lead with apple pan I was confident they could have gotten the the %HESITATION the six innings yeah I mean the problem is is that you cannot
00:20:49continue to keep relying on the bull pen time and time and time again because that's what's happening it's happening too often used these guys are going out and throwing fought for five maybe six innings like six things is a great day chaotic are the stars innings it's like
00:21:05he just pitch a complete game shutout like put him in the hall of fame let's retire is numbered get him a plaque in monument park you just went six innings and these guys are going out there every day and thrown just a ton of pitches coming out you
00:21:17know way more often than you want them to and I mean we're seeing them now start to struggle and and maybe it's firm pitching getting more often they're used to maybe its it's %HESITATION there there thrown more pitches and they've thrown up into the sport but they're struggling
00:21:32for whatever reason a lot of them especially especially guys like holder who certainly are not used to throwing this much so it's you know that doesn't get better if it is a fatigue thing if it's something that that side affecting them in that way the over use it's
00:21:45not going to get better as the season goes on that's just gonna be a problem for the remainder and if disorders continue to do what they're doing and depth as an issue you know this disc could escalate to a problem I I think I mentioned this like two
00:21:57or three weeks ago about this being a problem as it stood and it's going to continue to be a big problem and it's going to be a story line that's %HESITATION that's going to follow the Yankees all the way through the end of the season especially because with
00:22:10the rain out from that Mets game a couple weeks ago they don't have an off day for a really long time yes I know you don't have an off day plus the starters are only going three four maybe five innings were have hand now foot disease I know
00:22:22row it's insane and the the pitchers who can't feel their own position are giving the of the other two master outs I mean that I noticed about the has never been able to feel this position but he shot put a ball fifty feet over Greg birds head that's
00:22:38not that's not lack of fundamentals are lack of fuel that's just sucking that's just picking up the ball not even looking just wailing it as hard as you can towards the general vicinity of Greg bird at first base and it goes forty feet it's like what the hell
00:22:56was that yeah that would be the monitor out and then holder in the fourth inning with Jackie Bradley on third base this was still a game at this point some people might say might look back and say will will this play when he threw behind the runner it
00:23:11didn't you know it didn't matter in the grand scheme of things the red Sox bloom out anyway but this was still a game and holder had recorded and out in the fourth inning if you'd gotten Bradley junior there a runner off of third base that changes the entire
00:23:24inning maybe boon takes holder out after that point maybe he goes to green to to just escape that inning with the lead who knows what happens you can not just make these mistakes he feels the ball proudly is in between home and third any throws behind the runner
00:23:41that that that's this is little league **** right here you take the ball and you sprint at the runner make him either freeze or commit to a bag and then you throw it you don't immediately throw behind them giving Endou Haar a horrible angle to throw and I
00:23:56heard people also saying that this is into hearts fault he didn't make a good throw he kind of %HESITATION do it took a weird angle and hesitated okay yes fine but that's like blaming the passenger in in in your car for you getting a speeding ticket because he
00:24:12didn't see the cop soon enough no you're the one who speeding holder is the one who screwed up by throwing behind the runner that totally after the play yeah I mean fundamentals you run your own towards the the runner and your your first throws gonna be towards the
00:24:28bag in front of the right or not behind the writer so that you can then run him back to that worst case scenario he ends up back in the bag that he came from and that's that's what your worst case scenario in a run down like that would
00:24:40you throw behind the bag when they are behind the runner when the the runner is not remotely close to that bag whether that you know so there's like a a tag play at that point like I could see that that point maybe but that wasn't the situation and
00:24:53it put it did put into our in a in a in a tough situation to make art broke that he should never have been and so it was a mental or no doubt about it by Jonathan holder and that's you know that's one of those preparation things that
00:25:03that goes back to the that goes back to the the %HESITATION the spring training literally drills of rolling it out there and and you know no gloves just this is practice what you're doing go through the mindset nature you're walking yourself through and and and take yourself through
00:25:16the situation because you should know what you're doing before and I mean it's it's a it's it's react right not not not think when you're when you get the ball so you know you're going at the at the runner and then going home it didn't happen can we
00:25:29get you know we saw Phil Nevin flipping out in the dugout last week Yankee Stadium can he just may be up before the game on Monday in Chicago's just hit Fung goes for like nine hours at these guys until they're they're just dead because I don't know what
00:25:43else to do you got it we didn't they take infield practice %HESITATION back in April when they were playing sloppy I think they've done it twice act I feel like they did another design after that so maybe yeah it's like we're dealing with children and it's like you
00:25:55punish them and then they they they turn around for for a month and then they revert back to their old ways so I understand like the coaching staff part part of this is on the coaching staff but these guys are all professionals there on the major leagues you
00:26:09can't you can't be making those mistakes you have to be better than what is the best that you know at the same time when you're looking at the the construction of a line up and I know everybody who's a Yankees fan wanted to seek labor Taurus at second
00:26:21base Miguel into **** at third base start the season and and that's great and we all want our young guys to play because it's fun and especially when you have guys coming up through the system you want the place you want to win with those guys but I
00:26:33think one of the big reasons and if you look at what throwback to that ninety eight team not the third compatible at by any means because the team was so much better of a team team and this is not these guys are not playing as a cohesive unit
00:26:44but when you look around and you see the veteran guys and you see the %HESITATION the rookies you know a lot of the the mistakes that we're seeing right now or buy into our and like labor Taurus and Jonathan holder another one in the middle of that of
00:26:56that play who is a young guy coming up really getting his first %HESITATION experience in the major leagues for a full season you're seeing these guys make a lot of mistakes Greg bird not being able to pick like he hasn't had a full season of the big leagues
00:27:07there's a lot of guys all across the diamond right now who have not played a full season or even half of the season in the major leagues and you know we're definitely seeing that you've come out and lack of experience come out in in a lot of these
00:27:20place you're going to get these growing pains and I think at a as a Yankees fan at this point we're not you know we're not ready to see the I think a lot of people work work work a custody seeing this stuff we're we've been seeing veteran guys
00:27:33out there and almost forget the fact that all these growing pains com especially on the defense side usually you say you see defensive blunders you said you see impatient at bats like those are key characteristics of a young guy and yes as the season goes on the young
00:27:48guys is becoming more mature getting more experience we're still gonna see all these things come to fruition because they're still you know twenty three years old and and making dumb mistakes in the head I was the idiot when I was twenty three think about what you were like
00:28:00a twenty three years old you know and then tried to go on the road and get so these things are going to happen and the veteran guys have to step up in situations like this they did that they have to leave this evening from within as well this
00:28:12team still has enough veterans though your we're not talking about a team full rookies were talking about a team with a nice mix of veterans and rookies Breck or it's not the same look around here it's not that many I'm not at all of crafty veteran and this
00:28:27is the six first full season two I mean yes he's been in the clubhouse it is well he's been around there for the you see right now what we're seeing are that our our Romijn a gardener and stand yeah everybody always judge judges out our judges on the
00:28:41disabled list but even though judges only in a second year he has the mentality of a ten year veteran I mean our judge that is why that's what makes our job so good he was a rookie last year but he played like a veteran and he continues to
00:28:55play like a veteran he is he is not the norm he is not I get that but but there's also there's also a part of the veteran that that knows when to step in and search for certain situations I talked to a guy and and has that doctors
00:29:08are you talking about like calling a clubhouse meeting or something like that I'm talking about in any situation I'm talking about if you see a guy struggling like pulling him aside in a in a in a way that's not that's not you know gonna gonna put him out
00:29:20there and %HESITATION and show him up like little things like that that knowing a judge doesn't have that yet like I don't think judge has all of those things and also in the heart it's hard to see that he does because yet and we don't know the team
00:29:33I know but we have a crew a guy like Gardner and look man I'm just talking here because I don't really feel like talking about the games honestly credit for this entire show book about a little things like this because it has to have to talk ourselves into
00:29:46oblivion if we just talk about will who is the leader in the clubhouse are they having class not when I need them like art was yelling at who it's like who the hell knows all I can do is look at the field and not see the results that's
00:29:59not what I mean what I mean is is that when you're seeing young guys struggle we should expect that to a degree and when you add that many young guys on one team it can absolutely roll down hill and we're seeing it I mean it's not an excuse
00:30:13it's a reality that's what's happening we're seeing labor poor as being lackadaisical make stupid baserunning years in the making bad you know blunders in the fuel not struggling to bags not yet then that's a symbol for anyone stay like someone's going to get on his **** for that
00:30:27we're seeing it or take five years to throw the ball and read just act like he's got you know the the strongest arm of the entire world to make up for all that crap like no football so your feet throw the ball you know the little things like
00:30:39this like there should be a veteran guy in there to talk to him and and and I get on his **** for that stuff like you got to get the ball and you know maybe because the the team is a bit younger they're more of that needs to
00:30:50let rely on the coaching staff the coach acceptance do that but again look up a democratic staff do these guys have a lot of experience no they don't do they have a lot of time with these guys no they don't so I think there is a lack there's
00:31:02a there's some kind of a a chemistry fundamental thing happening right now because what we're seeing on the red Sox I see a lot of chemistry I see guys playing as a cohesive unit I see Cora taking charge of these guys I see more is also a rookie
00:31:15the rookie manager he is a rookie manager but he's been around the clubhouse a lot longer he knows the ins and outs of a clubhouse and just as personalities playing well with that team I mean like that's a side point but he plays well with a team you
00:31:27could tell that he gets those guys to play well Larry Roth child's been %HESITATION the Yankees pitching coach for some time now so how come he can't get through these pictures I don't know I have no answer for that he's a I the pictures are just not pitching
00:31:43well either they're just they're just **** bad second of bomb from Scott the honest when you saw the recess to come into that game on Thursday after is already a blow out I I laughed hysterically well there's our starter for Saturday yeah I couldn't believe it I'm I'm
00:32:01looking at I'm looking at him warming up a Mike he's the star her come in and not even for the last game of for for Saturday he's pitching and I'm looking who's gonna start this game there's nobody to start this game so that's when I started going to
00:32:14triple and like when these guys pitch chance Adams what look like he patch on a Monday or Tuesday whatever was he lined up chance Adams I mean it was it before they announced it like innings before when I saw the recess at like you you knew chance Adams
00:32:26is going to be pitching because he's the only guy that could attached it was crazy and out hit that's not really impossible spot for chance Adams to come up after two losses at Fenway Park against the best team in baseball the best offense in baseball in Fenway like
00:32:42we said which is one of the hardest places to play you go here's your major league debut kid don't suck yeah I mean it you know if you're talking about make ups of a guy and if you if you're a long time listener of the show you've you've
00:32:56heard the the episode which at times like this guy doesn't really seem like you get bothered by much he really count as like has a whatever attitude in that not not not a passive way but like does just doesn't let anything he might not all we understand the
00:33:09gravity of his situation right yeah he may be walking and it's been like okay I'm pitching told them this is where the rail riders are playing on Saturday go show up right add to his credit like you know the kid fought and and well as all as you'd
00:33:26expect so I got like that in that situation approach I think yeah he got five innings three runs out it was the first inning home run to Moreland where you're thinking this is going to go really really horribly for this kid not only are the Yankees gonna lose
00:33:39another game but they're going to ruin any future of chance items because that's happened the guys before where they come up in a tough spot and get their brains beat in in in the major leagues and their confidence is completely shot but to Adam's credit that's not what
00:33:52happened he settled in he got to five innings and I understand there's a lot of hard hit balls and the Yankees infielders %HESITATION were position nicely to to get a lot of outs you got a couple of a double play ball as he didn't walk guys only one
00:34:07walk I think when he thinks back to the start and looks at the line five innings only three runs in only one walk that's a positive he can take away he has struggled with walks in the minor leagues I think yet for the half walks per nine innings
00:34:22coming into this season so with grand for have walks per nine innings any only walk one guy against the red Sox I think he can take positives and the Yankees coaches can say build on that yeah I mean obviously if you look at the line it's it's as
00:34:38good as any other Yankee starter has so he's looking at that Mike all I just I did better if I did as well if not better than than all these guys are up here right now so he's been better in the minors it it's written with the walks
00:34:49lately he's definitely been improving on that so that's something that he's he's out he's worked on and and has been offering more strikes so it's good to see the fact that he came up and threw strikes I think it's encouraging I think you should absolutely get another start
00:35:01I mean we may not have an opportunity that they may not have a choice in the matter but I I think he's a guy that you know at this point look let's switch got kid and and %HESITATION and build on that but may not be the case Dick
00:35:15is gonna be running out of arms at some point and in he's gonna be throwing you know meaningful innings at some point I I think so I was encouraged to see what he did yep and it's the the offense could not do anything they couldn't do anything against
00:35:27poor Sello couldn't do anything against of all the it was amazing how quickly they were going down against those two pictures arm they had a lot of hard I saw a stat against poor Sello he actually gave up a twelve of the eighteen batted balls against pour cela
00:35:43were hard hit which is the most he's given up all season the Yankees were hitting a lot of fly balls to center and right field which finally park is not smart but he still was eighty six pitches will come the leading it was domination and of all the
00:35:57it was domination through eight innings the Yankees batters were were sometimes going down so fast I would miss innings I would get up from the couch go to the bathroom go grab a beer I'd come back and the ending would be over I thought it was still the
00:36:10commercial break but now the Yankees just went down that fast and it got me thinking well how the hell is a Yankee starter going to go deep in this game when he has four seconds to rest in between innings yeah I mean you know we can we can
00:36:23look up and down the line up again and and I I think you know one of the one of those key aspects of having a a young team like this is is the lack of patience that a play I mean we remember all these good Yankee teams and
00:36:33with when they had better guys they grind out at bats that was one of the reasons they were so little they were able to grind out at bats and and get the pictures and have them show a lot of a lot of pictures and you know to the
00:36:43Yankees credit when this team is completely healthy I think that's more of what we'll see arm and you're not seeing the the make up of the lineup as it currently stands and you're going to see more guys come out there and grand his at bats and where pictures
00:36:55down but you're seeing right now the way that the Yankees lineup is these guys are attacking and they're trying to get through them because they know what's at the bottom of the line up they know they can get through these guys and they might as well attack zone
00:37:07and and I think we were seeing a difference in the way that pictures are attacking the Yankees team and you know it if that's the case and seeing your pictures it's part of the part of the reason I think they're the the the %HESITATION pitch counts are so
00:37:20low at that point and and they're they're having such short about just because they're peppering his own their destroyed pictures in it the strikes that tacking the the zone so at what at certain points like you got to be just expecting a strike early in the count and
00:37:31try to put it get it or you're a good swing on it so I it's it's by the light up do you mean the fact that Shane Robinson and Luke voice were playing in the next important Yankees games of the season yes that side that would be doubt
00:37:45I would circle them those those two players I think that when it's someone needed to set a boon you can not put Shane Robinson in the starting lineup for a third time this weekend it is unacceptable Giancarlo Stanton is capable of playing right field put him in right
00:38:02field and put a real hitter at DH I don't care of Neil Walker doesn't have good numbers from the right side of the plate he is a major league player Shane Robinson is a minor league player scene they will move forward put bird in the game stop to
00:38:16this like you're ready bullshit at a point like this we got to win the game you want your best players on the team bottom line you don't know what the hell you got to look for it you've no idea what he's going to give you you know is
00:38:26Shane Robinson is is like it's this you have to your holes on his helmet because you should he doesn't the guy looks like you know he's out there in the College World Series with a wood bat it's it's embarrassing and yeah I know he had a great about
00:38:39it was like always dreamed about honestly shoe struck out on that ball for it was a strike it was right on the convergence center the place and he didn't swing at it I don't know why it was a strike it should have been should struck out so let's
00:38:49all look alike commend him for the about how about we also say don't we over the plate showed up on too early and actually have a a fell ball that's come when it's coming at your head I don't know let's go back to those fundamentals we're talking about
00:39:01here but the fact that Boone puts him in the starting lineup completely takes the Yankees and handicaps land the Yankees late in the game because now would we know what's happening in the outfield we don't have bodies anymore our deepest position going into the season in the early
00:39:16season is now are finished position as far as position players when you put gin color stand at the DH spot and you start sugar Shane Robinson and right field and we park when you're down over three in a friggin series you now have these old Robinson you should
00:39:32you should happen to you now have no more moves you can't pinch hit for him in a spot where you have to come out and play defense because guess what when you're on the road would you have to do if you take the lead you got to play
00:39:42defense so now you have no other position player to go out there unless you're putting your Walker out there for the second time is that what I was thinking I was like okay gets sick but Walker in left field because it's an easy left field to play with
00:39:53the monster you just say anything over your head just turn around a field off the wall and then you slide Hicks to writing gardener to center but that you should not be in that position you're putting a guy in a position that that has now played is gonna
00:40:05play the outlook for the second time his major league career at me and he had a long career and I know Dave he's played in the minor leagues so whatever you don't do that you it's so obvious that you keep Shane Robinson on the bench is it I
00:40:17mean if there's not a more obvious move to keep Shane Robinson or foul five foot five of him on the bench to either pitch run or going for some defense at the end even though he doesn't play great right field in my opinion like you keep him there
00:40:30so that you can use them if you need him in the outfield let **** somewhat in it is an emergency oh crap we have no one else to play I guess we'll put in Shane Robinson nada **** it let's just get out of town I'm gonna pushing Robinson
00:40:43in the starting lineup move you know the team is a twenty one and twenty without Ronald threats without the tonight show at this point I have mocked courageous and his little baby toe for long enough I can't say that I did what I might say what do I
00:41:01say scoreboard does not lie there is that there is something going on that they're they're not having fun I mean I you don't have fun when you lose I know that you got you don't all weekend that's not within the clubhouse is it seems it seems tight even
00:41:15before this game is not as it's not like this Lucy goosey thing where they're going out and you know listen little baby tell up on the on the on their shoulders and and him do and the the %HESITATION the burning the camera with a box of seeds you
00:41:26know it's it's there to stop playing the same looseness and you saw that even back when Sanchez was doing his shenanigans on the field like it seems like this team is up tight and and there's a when there's a struggle when they're not playing well you know they're
00:41:39not getting back to that loose baseball where they play you know at their best and I and I know were injured right now in judge your Sanchez like those are two massive massive massive keys to be out of the lineup certain IBM that as an excuse it's not
00:41:52I of course you are a better team with both of those guys in the lineup but this team is should still be good enough to not get swept the family hundred percent hundred percent but they got to get back to playing blues baseball playing baseball level is about
00:42:06with the red Sox and and they're starting in field that's not their starting in field that was supposed to be so they have injuries to they're not letting it bother them there are also a bunch of veteran guys the plug in there too who've been there before without
00:42:19a portion of it %HESITATION at Steve is is literally back at that you plug in who could go from denying it doesn't matter and he's playing well is going very well are plugging in guys that got aren't playing well their starters aren't playing well and they're plugging guys
00:42:34are not playing well and right now the moves that the red Sox made at the deadline are paying off dividends tenfold with of all the going out there and throwing it in as we speak heading for home runs against the Yankees so much for all the guys that
00:42:51we were looking for the cash abroad and to to play against the red Sox because they had good numbers against red Sox have doesn't even play bridge not socially Britain throws a good you know a good inning when he was in last night but you know that the
00:43:05the dividends that they're they're they're getting from the the players they got a deadline are are paying off very well and I don't trust you looks good right now did you see that stat that of all the has gone into the eighth inning twice this season both against
00:43:18the Yankees yeah I mean I believe they think it's a little %HESITATION that's too little fire him from nasty Nate saying this this team gave up on me the head of Tommy John surgery but they give up on me they could let me re hab decade me like
00:43:32Tampa did I'm gonna go out there and shove it down their throat and and now we're looking back at that like what was the deal was like two million Bucks or something like that right was cheap came to million a year so I think was a two year
00:43:43for four million okay but you know I don't even know the temple in the check book for that yeah and and listen I would be %HESITATION I would it would be disingenuous for me to say that I wanted the Yankees to sign a thing of all the because
00:43:59I did not we had I had seen enough to go to a wheelchair with a I had seen enough of anything of all the to know I want to move on from him in his five innings a hundred and ten pitches %HESITATION performances but you know what seeing
00:44:13he'll turn him now we're five innings is like gold okay I know when when he was when he was pushing for the Yankees and I had to defend him on every single one of his %HESITATION outings pretty much it was it was a tale of and I and
00:44:28I said this time and time again and and it actually was a legitimate thing he was getting a lot of ground balls and they were finding holes he was he was going deeper the counts but when you do get the ground balls like he he was a bit
00:44:39of an unlucky when he was with the Yankees as well we're seeing now a lot of the the pitch is now he's executing a better he's definitely commanding the strike zone not throwing as many pages like he's definitely improved on that and he's getting a lot of ground
00:44:51balls that are turning into outs and when you do that when you get those couples that singers working and you can actually get those down the the ground balls ought to be head of players you're gonna have officially innings and that guy if he's that guy he's built
00:45:04for Yankee Stadium like that's hindsight being twenty twenty I get it I can't say that because I love this guy and the fact that she does pitch well and the way that you wrote about him the only thing you can gloat about a today show is the fact
00:45:19that you were always on the of all the bandwagon damn right nasty Nate was I did get off a little bit when stuff was bad but you know maybe it was because he was injured as oboists was met so far and she and I want to quickly talk
00:45:33about Tommy came me and %HESITATION so he came up for Friday's game because the bullpen was burned out on there on a Thursday he pitched a cleaning get sent back down I saw a report that Boone said the Yankees looked outside of the organization which means trades before
00:45:48finally deciding to bring up Canley so my question is what do they have against Tom mccamly did he sleep with Catherine's wife pictures of of Boone like what what is going on here I have no idea because what I saw was time again I saw I saw the
00:46:03same guy I saw a guy that they came out there that that you know velocity was there were we're looking at a guy who came out and pitched a cleaning granted it was a situation where it was a a blocking but that doesn't matter I mean the way
00:46:16that this team is going you need arms you need arms that are effective and I got like ten atomic in the who has experience and we've seen him do it last year he came up and and and pissed he was very good when he came over he was
00:46:27very good with the white Sox I don't understand why this guy's not on the team I really don't understand why isn't it he went back to the minors because he was injured he need to regain its velocity yes by all reports his velocity is back made and he
00:46:40is not the time became the elite reliever of last year but at this point like you just said you need capable arms holder it looks fried yeah holder has been was great for the Yankees in the first half I think I called in the underrated most underrated %HESITATION
00:46:57break out star whatever we called it on our our mid season awards yeah right now he looks overmatched and fried so send him down and that can only come up there just just because it is going to be a fresher arm I mean they they need to do
00:47:12something if Tom McKinley is healthy you should be on the major league roster there's no doubt it's inexplicable to me why he is on the screen shuttle like the guy doesn't deserve that honestly he doesn't and he's a he's a majorly garb he's a competitor he's a big
00:47:27time competitor and and I think you could be good for this team for sure I mean he he certainly is is better than than %HESITATION we're throwing out there right now it's just a it's very obvious the Yankees are going to Chicago to play the white Sox the
00:47:40sock there thirty games under five hundred in which means we get swept yep Yankees play them six times between now and the end of the season that needs to be six wins %HESITATION and then they they played they go to Texas for four games who also sucks there
00:47:54in last place Yankees are gonna be a new name for the rest of the Rangers yeah it except the really the only so I am I after this weekend I think the Yankees have to be realistic and the division is out of reach the red Sox do not
00:48:08look catch people I know you have six more games against the red Sox but you're nine and a half back if you sweep those six games are enough to make up three other games the real big test for the Yankees if they want to play the wild card
00:48:21game at all especially if they want to play it at home is the west coast trip when they play Oakland Seattle yeah no that's that's gonna come down to be it be a huge series both of them is good about not ever circling them because one opened had
00:48:36came out of nowhere in there playing out of their minds %HESITATION and you know be let down had now Seattle the Adam ward Seattle love Ames Billy Beane you know damn well out of warranty I come out and throw like for club at a horrible game he's said
00:48:52that that's going to be a big big big trip and I know I I can't you can't put your expectations on the division at this point you have to go out there and think about winning the series sweep winning as many possible games and then seeing where you
00:49:05are you know towards the end and looking up that don't look up at the standings at all at this point because it doesn't matter it doesn't matter he's got to win games if the if the red Sox you don't go on a losing streak and you're winning and
00:49:16you makes two games up great but right now the division should not be part of of what they're thinking they just need to win games and that's it and let the let that let the cards outlets chips labor them and you know that's it get Helen gates get
00:49:29healthy and well if you're a I think what this team can do is get healthy in September play good baseball in September like they did last September I think they went twenty and nine last September and if they're playing well down the stretch I'm confident this team can
00:49:44still go far in the playoffs but right now they're not playing well and if they continue to play like this they're not even going to play in the wild card game that's not an over over exaggeration over and over and over reaction they're not playing well enough they're
00:49:55playing under five hundred baseball for over a month at this point an Oakland in Seattle are playing well they could pass you does it out of the out of possibilities so this team is to turn around you to start Monday against the white Sox acidity especially you know
00:50:11when when the eggs are going out there and these teams know that the Yankees are coming out to the west coast to play them like their circle in that this is going to be their World Series date they're gonna they're gonna come and they're gonna be when this
00:50:21can all get back by the way so he I don't know working out of third and first base and and I can just see when you know he can't play in the playoffs I know but but you know I don't know you probably isn't back for the Seattle
00:50:33series I'm not sure if he is or not but the %HESITATION you know that's gonna be a it's gonna be huge in these teams are going to be ready to go and that and know that they have %HESITATION the Yankees in their sights because you know what was
00:50:44once I think like a nine and a half game lead on the first wildcard team is down a diminished and and I think about two two games that haven't haven't had up on Oakland and then Seattle is like two games behind them or three games behind them it's
00:50:56it's it's all within reach for sure no doubt about especially when you have the games against them so that closure you gotta get rid of the the pen it is is there that the at least don't even think about it these you know to servers are closer to
00:51:11being out of a wild card spot than they are to be leading the division they are so I think of five games is five and a half game separates them and Seattle and there nine and a half %HESITATION out of the division so before we get to some
00:51:27mail bags and we're gonna talk about the mailbox I want to tell you guys about a new system that we are I have been using in my house and actually is a working really well %HESITATION it's if if your wifi struggling this is that the system gets called
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00:54:18overnight shipping then enter your promo code Bronx and make it free that's overnight shipping for free on your own dot com use the promo code Bronx okay let's get into mailbag questions the first one is from at pollen are are fourteen on Twitter and he says do you
00:54:37think it's time to evaluate balloons performance eighteen and twenty in the last thirty eight severe under performance versus subpar teams and constant sloppy play what is he bringing to the table that helps them when oh boy and I I find it really really hilarious that %HESITATION people are
00:54:55are now thinking back to what Girardi provided this team are in the saying that they wish they had they had Jordy back in Boone gone when everyone you know wanted Girardi gone at the time a lot of people wanted Dragana time hashtag fire Girardi anytime you did something
00:55:11wrong I understand that is the life of a manager he's going to get criticized when the team under performs and whoever it is whether it's George firing manager right hashtag fire current major boon it's all the same just just insert name fire that guy but Boone is had
00:55:29a really really rough stretch here where he looks overmatched he looks like a rookie manager you know it and to me they were so glaring in the series and that's that's what I was talking about with with Alex Cora and how he he absolutely has the attention of
00:55:44his guys and and you're seeing Mookie Betts plate out of his mind this year and it seems like his talent is really all coming to the surface and you're seeing how good of a player he can be because he he looks like you know one of the the
00:55:57top three that players in the game right now I'm in the guys playing out of his mind and when you're listening to what the the you know some of the things I was taking away from the ESPN broadcast is %HESITATION is what they were talking about from the
00:56:07the boss and dug out because they can't cover the Yankees Reno way more than they talk about the trip the Yankee side of it but the the boss inside when they're talking about and and that in talking to Alex Cora no core goes up and just basically tells
00:56:19you keep that said you know you're the best player supports them like constantly and just try to you know feed that confidence tell these guys to play with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder because they're that good no you hope that the Bruins doing something
00:56:30similar in that way but he just he seems like he's got there you're he's got their attention you're seeing them be aggressive take extra bases run consistently you know exploit different you know when that were Yankees reliever is and they see any any kind of anything in their
00:56:45in their delivery if there's a a little bit of a hatchet there's a delay like they're taking the base and and now with your senses not behind the plate with that arm you know we're seeing the deficiencies I think of of remind and you know it take your
00:56:57back to like these guys don't have good arts Sanchez had the or you know all the other stuff aside he has a cannon and keeps runners at bay that's one of his absolute strengths and and we're seeing Quora beautifully in this in this last ushers take advantage of
00:57:13that I'm here just seem like he was a step ahead of the eighties every single every single step original game so constricting couple things there first of all just quickly on the the catcher situation I think reminds of horrible not only from runners out but he there's been
00:57:28some passed balls too recently got out of their house everyone's crushing Gary Sanchez anytime he lets a passed ball and rightfully so we crush Gary Sanchez but Romijn we are seeing that he's a backup catcher and he's a good backup catcher so for everyone saying that the Yankees
00:57:42aren't even going to miscarry Sanchez I wonder if they're still saying that now because he provides even when he's struggling a lot that remind cannot provide and when Gary Sanchez is not struggling will then then he's one of the most valuable players on the Yankees that's what kind
00:57:58of a side note on getting back to Boone after the series last night he said we can't let this year is defined what has otherwise been a great season ray you think he still has the right to say this is been a great season after how they played
00:58:12for a month well I mean I think I think what he's he's talking about they can't live in the find this series obviously but but yeah they struggle that at the gate and I think in the first half you saw the capability of this team so yeah I'm
00:58:25looking at that I'm saying yes it's a it's a very good season because if you're in any other division you're you're right there for first place like the back of the red Sox are the best team in baseball right now and are playing out of their minds makes
00:58:35it so much worse being said they need to turn it around they need to get back to that that style of baseball and I know they need to get healthy but again they're putting out a team that's capable of winning the kids especially when you look at the
00:58:48schedule and she the teams are coming up into the into the next month like these are all very very winnable series very winnable games they need to fire off you know wins in a row that has to happen for them to have any chance in this thing %HESITATION
00:59:02but yeah I mean I look he's gonna he's gonna have a narrative and she's right there she's a straight line to it they can't let the find that they can not because if they do they will not make the playoffs they will sink down into a hole and
00:59:13into oblivion and then this will be one of the most disappointing Yankee seasons that you know I can remember and if they don't keep that their head up they have to they have to keep their head above water they have to pop up and seem to have the
00:59:24public their abilities internally because if they're not gonna do that they're not gonna stay positive to out to that extent then they're not gonna playable yeah you know what the the level of of emergency like the the level of %HESITATION of fire house too increased because right now
00:59:40all of these games are important and they got a what a bunch of games they got a when a lot of games in the in the next month and a half two months via yeah I know I get that he he cast to be us he said also
00:59:53there's another quote %HESITATION there was an article that said Boone says his own consistency is key for the Yankees so I think him remaining even keeled is what he's trying to do but do you think that behind this is getting back to the to the behind closed doors
01:00:07conversation again if you just keep doing the same thing every day and it's not working don't you think you need to change whether it's just to the players faces or one on one or whatever it is if you want to have the same narrative to the media that's
01:00:18one thing but I I would hope he's doing something differently in that clubhouse because it's not working I mean I got to believe he is what he's doing right now is taking the heat deflecting he's taking everything right now just trying to take it off the players and
01:00:34that's what you should do that's exactly what he should do you saw that without with a lot of you know it tore used to do that all the time he would you know you look you're looking at him you're not looking at the key players you're trying to
01:00:43take as much of that off of them as possible look at me I'm a first time manager I got to be consistent it starts with me be consistent and he's right you do have to do that you should the be the **** that's his job as part of
01:00:54his job I have no idea what's going on behind the behind the the doors of the clubhouse I gotta believe that there is a a insane amount of frustration insane amount of of just like anger in the way that the team is playing and the fact that these
01:01:07are our guys are not playing as a unit and yet something's gotta change you can't be going with the same thing so you know I'm not gonna sit here and say that he's doing the same thing so I I just don't know I got to believe that he's
01:01:17smart enough guy he's been in the clubhouse for for you know as a player he knows did this this %HESITATION you know so this work he's he's brought teams that have struggled and teams that have played well and if you're doing the same thing over and over again
01:01:30stuck at work so I gotta believe he knows that and that and that things are changing in the background as the situation is getting worse Brandon drum many oaths %HESITATION says what do you think it's going to take to have boon actually show some fire and I want
01:01:43to %HESITATION Harlow this to Alex Cora and you kind of talk to touch on this %HESITATION core has them playing like a cohesive unit he pumps up Mookie Betts there's some fire there %HESITATION and I think that what we saw with Severino which we we did not talk
01:02:00about Serena knocking down bets on Friday night on the first pitch of the game and then after that core of pretty much calling out Severino for doing that and the red Sox responded in that game they scored three runs off of Severino in that first inning so whether
01:02:16Severino was doing it intentionally or not Boston took it as it was intentional and use that to fuel them anyway if Severino is doing on on purpose as a purpose pitch fine I like that that he's a Pedro fan he's a pager disciple pager would've done the same
01:02:32thing it also would have struck out the next three batters Severino he's gonna do that can't give up three runs in the first inning you need to back it up yeah and I don't know you know what server not being %HESITATION newer to that to that spot like
01:02:46if he's he's got that that that killer instinct in the sense that if you knock a guy down you better go out there and attack him and not let what what is played out on the field with core going out there and %HESITATION and taking exception to it
01:02:57like that can't play into your mind at all and I think sometimes it does I think there's a mind game there we're trying to get a guy like you know think that he's that kid I don't think he was trying to hit him but I do think you're
01:03:07throwing inside I think it was a good pitch I think it's it's what he should do I think Luis Severino when you throw that hard and and you have you know good command like he does you should throw inside and up in in there's nothing wrong with doing
01:03:19that he's not trying to hit on the head he storing inside and the way that will keep the way that you know he kind of leans over the plate a little bit it looked like it was it was more inside or you know then that I think it
01:03:29was %HESITATION than it was intended because of the way that he leans over the plate too so I think it was a good pitch I think it was it was %HESITATION there's nothing wrong with the way that the that he does that I think that that's a part
01:03:38of you know that's missing from the today's game is these guys you know aggressively throwing inside to to say get off the plate like I'm gonna throw inside because there are so many now major league players that lean over the plate and have that big guard on their
01:03:50elbow because they don't matter the matter if they hit again the although anymore like there's no fear anymore it's just it's it's a it's a blanket statement I think across the game so you have a guy like Severino who can throw that hard and does have good accuracy
01:04:02like you should be throwing inside more often so the problem was that he didn't back it up and Cora fired as guys up accord knows that he knows that he can fire these guys up because he's in tune with them he's in tune with what what fires them
01:04:14up in the little things they do and I'm not sure Boone has that yet it's also really tough to get you use a moment to fire self up but then when the team is struggling so badly is the Yankees that it's only a fire a moment if they
01:04:30then go out perform on the field ray it's kind of a hand in hand thing if if the red Sox when lost that game on Friday and Severino dominated then we we talk about the opposite way that it didn't fire up the red Sox so it's kind of
01:04:44like a chicken or the egg discussion here but the Yankees just can't seem to get anything going there's no moments that's been firing them up we thought maybe okay Yankees almost come back on Saturday %HESITATION don't quite get to Kimbrel maybe that's gonna fire month maybe maybe that'll
01:05:01give them some momentum into Sunday night when they had a lead and then they let it slip away so nothing has been able to work nothing's working the bottom line is these guys are are not playing well they're not play together and what you're looking at across the
01:05:14diamond as a we're looking at with the way the red Sox are playing their lineup is turning over beautifully they have the the the pieces of their plugging in at the trade deadline and when there's injuries occurring or working out there there it seems like when you plug
01:05:28in Pierce you plug in cans are like boom it's like nothing nothing was missed because you have two guys that have been in different classes before they know how to do this %HESITATION you know and and just cannot compete can play well immediately that matter where the plane
01:05:41the matter what uniform the playing and they know how to play baseball to seem to them and are gonna go out and give you a veteran at bats and that you're playing the field so you know the rescue looks very good right now and Cora absolutely I mean
01:05:53they're very different personalities course definitely more fiery guy that that is more aggressive in his tone than the way %HESITATION bonus and I saw the goons trying to find himself in the way he's he's doing things you saw him Sir you're yelling at all par last night a
01:06:06little bit is definitely vocal you because you're on the the %HESITATION cameras or of the yes speakers of the microphones from ESPN but you know he just doesn't have the year of the club right now and they're not playing with fire and they're not playing with any kind
01:06:20of intensity and it's driving me nuts okay last question is on a different topic so I think it's appropriate if you read it I have a headache this one is from Troy every edge butcher your name I'm sorry Troy know you're a Facebook groups to yell at me
01:06:41there realistically what his sunny what is sunny going to offer you in the pan one ending this is philosophy go up so we will we actually talking about it we didn't talk about such a great being removed from the rotation lance Lynn is going to take his place
01:06:58yeah let me tell you what crept into my mind last night as as the meltdown is occurring with with chat been walking the bases loaded and then tying the game up and they're going into the tenth inning and all of a sudden I it all holders on the
01:07:10mound and I see Sonny gray smiling in the bull pen were throwing warmup which is literally stockpiling still I'm like okay I'm gonna put you in the face you will ship the website and and he's out there you know just like all this is funny I'm in the
01:07:24bullpen ha this is weird yeah this is I don't know it's all areas and he's out there doing on like this is great this is this is what we need bring Sonny gray in what the red Sox walking off and let us hit rock bottom we need to
01:07:37hit rock bottom with Sonny grand about coming out of the ball but with a big **** eating grin on his face at Fenway Park like that's the but that's the bottom you kick get lower than that that needs to be the the bottom only brings let's just let's
01:07:48just let's get this **** over with bring amendments but just a little bit because you know what as soon as they tied the game and the Yankees fan that's actually power to win that game is your reason I'm just happy that loss on the tenth inning and not
01:08:00the fifteenth inning right because I had to say which of three in the morning I would've been so angry on the mat for simple one I am but the fact that this really goes out there I'm like aw this is this is absolutely perfect he's got a comment
01:08:10these gonna it's gonna be like a first pitch home run and he's getting sh grin off the field and they're gonna give them a round of applause you know it's like a it's that would that would have been bottom so I don't know if we hit bottom now
01:08:23this has to be bottom I mean maybe the Yankees can can one up themselves one whatever the opposite of that is one down themselves we thought it was bottom when Sonny gray was out there and give up that what that disastrous ending to the red Sox at home
01:08:39like definitely bottom bottom for that was bottom for Sonny gray that was so well known about that was a local bottom we're talking we're talking about bottom for the Yankees this season it has to be last night I hope so I really do I really hope so because
01:08:54if they don't have the intensity coming out now is that they're on their own high national television again tonight playing the the lowly white Sox who are just a young team try to find themselves and not very good and have a lot of the old Yankees for young
01:09:09Yankees that are made not even on or on the roster some of them are I don't know what to expect I really don't I hope that they need to play with some intensity quickly just to to entertain choice question about what is Sonny gray going to offer you
01:09:21in the pen yeah insurance long relief mop up duty this is really about the Yankees not knowing what to do with Sonny gray they just know we can't keep sending them out there in the rotation so we're gonna stick them in the bull pen and just ignore the
01:09:37problem for now yeah I mean it when you're out of the bullpen you can get you can certainly get away I'm a lot a lot better without you purchase and that seems like that's the only thing he can command right now %HESITATION for short amount of time %HESITATION
01:09:48so you know how does last art when I was a disaster he was really good the first inning so maybe you could do that noble but I don't know when you look at the way that he pitches when you look at the way that he %HESITATION like his
01:09:58%HESITATION his repertoire the pictures that are coming out he I think David Robertson's at relatively decent cop in the way that he throws in the mid nineties arm throws a lot of %HESITATION you know off speed pitches so you know maybe can lots of things from from Dave
01:10:10Roberts and you can be somewhat of a mentor out there I don't know you know we talked about this before we started recording the show is is such a great now filled starter that's in the bull pen like preparing and accusing like Java chamberlain these kids at this
01:10:21year's so here's the Hughes was a failed was a starter did not do well in two thousand nine Yankee stuck in the bull pen and he was dominant in two thousand I need came back and was the average starting pitcher averages Severino came up twenty fifteen look great
01:10:36comes back in his sophomore year cannot hack it out of the starting rotation goes to the bull pen and his lights out filthy appoint three nine ERA in twenty three innings out of the bull pen comes back in seventeen and eighteen and was a great starting pitcher so
01:10:53maybe there's something that Sonny gray can discover in the bullpen hope hopeful I'm I maybe I'm being hopeful maybe I'm being naive I don't know all I know is I'm happy I don't have to watch and a great start every fifth day yeah except there were you when
01:11:06you see him try to get from center field is to be instant anxiety like what the **** you know like I'm not I mean I would hope out of this either labor situation higher labor situation you know it because Jonathan holders now you're working himself down in the
01:11:19in the in the pecking order and we just had to bring up Canley to replace older and we said that but they're not doing it hasn't done the girl sitting down in the middle of freaking read doctors in the Morris which you you said under veteran guy at
01:11:31that point like I know they're shuffling on the line up right now but it's just it's crazy to me this whole thing is insane the facts on the ground was warming up in extra innings about where part of the blow again get out a can of my face
01:11:46what are the hours he was smiling yes any credible band laughing about chopping it up with his boys out there making jokes may get he always on his crafting a new Twitter account because you know he's not tweeting from his regular one anymore he's got a burner account
01:12:01out there he's an **** get on my face we're going to end it there says it's got the start of the season colleagues at a gray the twenty games I. on winter and then I didn't so young people call because I I sell you my Dick now you
01:12:16said he's twenty when you said you said cy young and MVP here we are in August sixth and %HESITATION center **** all right that's gonna do it for us %HESITATION thank you to everybody you submit a mailbag questions and %HESITATION sorry for everyone who had to watch those
01:12:33four games but hope you enjoyed the therapy session just a reminder the August eighteenth event tickets are on sale go on the website going to fetch up get those now at sixty seven Bucks pre game party ninety eight celebration breakfast beers for twenty years we will hopefully have
01:12:50some better things to talk about then let's got drunk do you feel better after this now I don't I I wish I did I actually kind of feel worse excellent I feel %HESITATION the same alright we'll talk to you guys on Thursday is pick up the well it'll
01:13:28be great get the bad yet one good inning one good inning is over yeah guy against the freaking Morial apple defensive errors or blunders and what happened he can't get the damn oriel out I don't understand this guy awful what I thought that the Yankees what yeah about
01:13:56three runs in the second inning John of course take a three nothing lead it's **** Sonny gray stardate I guess I should've waited until the end of the ending to make my phone call because it wasn't just three run it was five and if it wasn't for ****
01:14:14Shane Robinson job or not and ending in ing who the **** knows how many more runs Sonny gray would have given up Hey you standing than parking right here on this site hockey Sonny gray in learn more wins than not **** useless Sonny **** great I can't believe
01:14:40it I wonder if Aaron Boone goes up to the whole thing guys before his starts against Hey guys sorry hit head on the ball today you're really got the poster on this one this **** ridiculous man somebody left the pickle juice out in the sun for too long
01:14:53that **** thing great right now or never %HESITATION not he check your progress either stalking cry Sonny gray you are rash that you get really being there a second movie for a roster straight Jesus Christ done a great shock to you Hey Mike from Boston now as a
01:15:35diehard Yankee fan and after watching that **** that I just watch what the **** is Sonny gray smiling for what his mount for how can you smile at getting absolutely destroyed by one of the worst offenses overworked overall the entire legal work offered after they got out of
01:15:53scope and everybody else how far can you walk off the field you must respond to the notice **** job being given away land plan or whatever the **** of it doesn't even matter if you could use another god damn game you know without okay okay so we can
01:16:11talk all we want not that I'm not well what would you rather have right now some of or who's a locking endangered now well what can study great okay dealership can't do anything but one that we can hold onto throughout this whole ordeal where you were going to
01:16:41get that teams and tonight brought that up when you have a problem and the Yankee fans it is very very or I think the answer is clear god I don't have any secondary in the guardian with right now I'm happy with certain hits a good again they go
01:17:05Hey maybe any studies that knife fork in the road and that kind of game out again l'oreal that don't have Machado or scope or gardening or any of the court played more and David playing like **** right now to go out and play a game like that and
01:17:20then get put in and taken out of the game and he's walking toward the up button in my own work the second model of your lips realize that your **** right now instructors are concerned holy **** word we began I know the whole analytics about sixteen going through
01:17:40her or on your album all that but rather take a veteran warrior like Jim Jones like holder with your working her way up there also nice to turn of the whole run or nothing else I'm forgetting someone expect from New York real estate and us forget hands were
01:17:57involved in the years before the defense of border tension in the locker room that will seat Severino who will not only give us each bucket shuddering tomorrow no doctor over tomorrow herbal chance arable been excusable John of an older governor Rowland zero innings pitched got was that it
01:18:28server not riding practices right reading them steal are your country on they stole the planet off home secondly hundred fifty times but you know we wish to give out of date that's right reckon National Party %HESITATION we've been lost and is finite don't get %HESITATION obviously I don't
01:19:09know what they need to do that they they have to find a customer to crack the whip may get down right now lady plate Paul not plan ranch right very late I have your number of phone data on a collector but there's a thank guys thanks for listening
01:19:33to the Bronx strip show which you find us in I tunes and subscribe to all new episodes directly onto your phone if you like the show vote for you to take a minute and give us a five star rating in our view in iTunes it really helps us
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