“The size and measure of your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.”– John David Mann


What are the five stratospheric laws of success? In this episode, Brian talks to bestselling author John David Mann. John discusses the principles and philosophy behind his book The Go-Giver – a parable about the power of giving that has inspired a worldwide movement and impacted and transformed the lives of millions of people.  

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“When you’re in business, you’re telling stories, you’re engaging people.” – John David Mann

“Facts tell, stories sell.” – Brian Buffini

“We’re drowning in information and starving for wisdom.” – Brian Buffini 

“The law of value says that your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.” – John David Mann

“It doesn’t mean that we should give our stuff away for free...It means to value what you do and to put the maximum value into it.” – John David Mann

“The law of value is really about giving your best to the world and focusing on the giving.” – John David Mann

“You need to trust that if you give away all your best stuff, you’re going to get a lot more good stuff.” – John David Mann

“As you give...as other people receive it and use it, it amplifies you. It’s like love...you increase your love by giving it, by showing it. The same is true with respect; the same is true with value.” – John David Mann

“Give it out in slices, it comes back in loaves.” – Brian Buffini

“Your income is determined by how many lives you touch.” – John David Mann 

“You do have to reach out and impact people’s lives.” – John David Mann

“It’s all about making a difference, that’s where the actual flow of compensation comes.” – John David Mann

“It’s not the mindset of a quid pro quo – I gave now you owe.” – Brian Buffini

“It’s so tempting to keep score...but what really works is giving unconditionally...and trusting that it will come back – and it will!” – John David Mann

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

“The size and measure of your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” – John David Mann 

“When you put somebody else’s interests first, it’s like it makes you a bigger person. It enlarges you.” – John David Mann

“The substance of influence is not push, but pull.” – John David Mann

“How far can you push a river? Not very far; but the sea can pull it for miles and miles and miles.” – John David Mann

“Influence is about draw...it’s not about me first.” – John David Mann

“The greatest gift you have to offer is yourself.” – John David Mann

“Authenticity does not mean license. It doesn’t mean regress.” – John David Mann 

“Real authenticity is when you are giving yourself wholly to another or to others.” – John David Mann

“You’re going to get the most out of a relationship when you show up as your true self.” – John David Mann

“Just being yourself is good enough to be great.” – Brian Buffini

“People tend to have difficulty with freely receiving.” – John David Mann

“The way to keep continuously giving – the way to allow yourself to continuously give – is to stay open to receiving.” – John David Mann


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00:00:13Welcome to the Brian buffini show where we explore the mindsets motivation on methodologies of success today. Brian interviews author John David Mann and they'll discuss the Five stratospheric Laws of Success from John's book The Go Giver if you want to follow along we've put together a graphic outlining the Five Laws. So go to the Brian buffini show. Calm and check out the show notes for this episode. That's listening.
00:00:40Will the top of the morning to you? I am just thrilled about today's show. I've actually been a big fan of our guests for many years and I recently sent to the staff. This is who I want to talk to you and if we happen to record it, that's great. And so we have today John David man who is a marvelous author. He's written over 30 books including the latte factor, which we just featured with David Bock here just died last month. In fact, he's written just some fantastic books and great military books or sure that fascinating read to me but a book that just resonated with me and stuck me cold years ago was called The Go giver and the go Giver along with Bob berg has been just this Global success than fact. I believe you guys just won the living now book award the Evergreen metal for its contribution to positive Global change. That's a nice thing to have on your resume and another few things on.
00:01:40John David Mann's resume including being a concert cellist and an award-winning composer and educated and entrepreneur. So a partridge in a pear tree. The only thing I don't see on here is Chef John David. Welcome to Today's Show I think cooking is the only thing you missed out on Facebook. So there is apparently so I've never done OBGYN you are a special gift and in a world that is leaning more and more away from reading the gift of writing becomes more and more important and I just failed you're just such a talent and you have a great great way of telling the story and I don't believe story is ever going out of fashion, and I'd love to delve into that a little bit more.
00:02:40We leave here today. But before we get into the go giver and I want to talk about the Five Laws of stratospheric Success and all that good stuff. I would love to know about you. I don't know where you actually grew up. And how did you get from there to here? I would love to know your story rear and then something else comes out that just catches my interest. So I started out as you said concert cellist. I was a composer. My dad was a conductor choral conductor musicologist. My mom taught music where where'd you go up north in New Jersey? Okay, and my dad was conductor of the Bethlehem Bach choir Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I played system principal cello in the Fort Wayne Philharmonic in Indiana for a year. And that was my plan. I was like Faith classical musician from A to Z classical music still kind of My First Love is always going in the back of my mind.
00:03:40It's my first love but I keep falling in love with other areas. So nutrition caught my interest. I got very involved with natural health and natural nutrition for a while as you pointed out. I from the night start at a high school for a while because of the burning Lee interested in education in the frontiers of that and then somewhere along the way Christian led to the world of marketing natural supplements and that led to marketing and that led to Business and Entrepreneurship and that led to publishing and spend LeapFrog from Stone to Stone. I've only been doing this author thing honestly Brian the past I'll say 12 years or so. So that's like crazy to me is something that requires a ton of time and effort but it's something you do very well and I think your style of writing in your style of Storytelling is very much.
00:04:40How people receive the greatest Storyteller of all time for me was Jesus, he told great stories, right and it was simple and engaging and connected and people were able to recite these stories thousand years later and you have a unique gift in capturing story. Will you the kid that told stories at the dining room table or is that just something that developed over time? Thank you so much for saying but you know as a musician and as a businessman as a salesperson and in all those areas, you're different way to experience the truth that people are engaged by story when you're playing 4,000 people what your story is new if it doesn't rise and fall and slip to listen to driving to that side and engaging then, you know, you're just playing those people don't care they cost lightly and then go home.
00:05:40When you're in business, you're telling what's the old story facts tell story sell Rite Liquor salesman nearby. So you're in Indiana. You're a cellist. How do you end up writing books with Bob berg? What's the trajectory there? I did. I almost ended up kind of being the guy who edited other people's stuff. So I was editing other people's writing for years and years. I ended up in Business Journal called before that was up line and I got a bunch of business editing. And in that context. I actually meant articles to a journal I was at play when you headed people stuff. They don't really notice every now and then I'll come back and say hey.
00:06:40Better who is that guy? The edited my son. You probably heard Bob say that she says John man does my stuff better than I do my stuff. Yeah, Bob and I became good friends over his writings and then say Bob berg ruined my career. I was headed to Hollywood. My plan was at this point. I was like 2004 or so I was going to be a screenwriter. I was studying screenwriting. I want to tell stories in the screen and I can't write it. I need you to write it with me ideas your ideas from In the Mix. Will you write this with me? I'll make you a deal. If you do the Lion's Share of the writing. I'll do the Lion's Share of the marketing and we shook on it and that is supposed to get a contractor this day is that he's a good marketer. So you made a good deal great now that's great. So let's talk about a how did the parable of the go Giver originate anyway,
00:07:38Show Bob had this concept some stories start the sweatshirt with the title given first right before your attention on the other person's interests before your own as a self-sacrificial securely to put that person's interest first as your place of focus, then you will always be taken care of. The more you do that the more you'll be taken care of this idea. He had written. I don't know 30 40 pages of notes and drafty had an idea of a character Fender didn't have a name yet. But Jo did he was called Joe stretched on that one. Ninja Rachel of Rachel's coffee was originally Rafael.
00:08:38Say it but I'm trying so one day when I wasn't busy. I sat down a noodle around then I came up with what ended up being the chapter with Debra Davenport's chapter about authenticity and I doubt I sent Bob an email and he was like, holy cow. We put that thing out 6 weeks then finish no manuscript. Yeah, you know, I've been a student of books and and personal growth and development for 33 years. It was until I left school that I became a student. You know, that's the truth. Oh, you know, I've been voracious and I've met with and you name it. I've met with them talk with them have the conversations with I mentioned it before we came on air today. I believe the go Giver is going to see generationally more spontaneous growth and anything you guys have ever seen before. I believe the values in the principles of it is, you know, we're drowning in information starving for wisdom. And then the ability to be able to have it anchored with story and truth and principal and it's true.
00:09:38It's just true and I think it's going to continue to resonate with people even more so than it has in the past. And even though you have so many Fantastic titles that we could get in and dive in on I was a dog in a pork chop in my staff is here and then I well what about this one? What about this one? What about that one? And what about the Navy Seals books? And I'm like no. I want to talk to him about one thing and one thing only and it's a go get her because I believe like the law of gravity. This law of the go Giver is true. There's five laws specifically talked about in the book and I want to dive into if we can at the first of the Five Laws of stratospheric Success try saying that with a mouthpiece and it is the law of value and I think this is crucial to today's world. What is you think through the law value giving more than we take. How does that resonate and how does that connect with today's world?
00:10:30Nearest Nelson, what's your definition of success? And I said my definition of success is a living everyday. It's a daily thing living everyday with someone you love doing what you were put here to do as best as you can and then you taking payment and it doesn't mean as sometimes people misunderstand it to mean that we should give our stuff away for free. It doesn't mean to Value what you do value what you do and to put the maximum value in to it. There's something in the book, but it's about the book and that is when we first put the manuscript out to Publishers in New York are agents work it out to get something like 15 16 Publishers and everyone rejected it.
00:11:30We all this rejections and you know, you hear these stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul stories about you, which was those 16 Publishers and turn it down. They were all right. It wasn't ready. It wasn't a book of should be we took it back and covered with red marks or 10 months and comprehensively rewrote. It was taking stuff out making it simpler leader clearer Tucker gave a new one within their Rachel Raphael think we've made a lot of changes to the book. We brought it back to New York 12 more rejections in the 13th with a charm and so it was like it wasn't its maximum value. We first went in the world value is really about giving your best to the world and focusing on the giving
00:12:30Giving a value. What am I giving this person? This customer this client's audience this leadership task relationship. What am I giving them? It's enhancing your life is making your life better. If you focus on that says the first law you will be taking care of indeed in abundance. I live it. I believe it. I put my money where my mouth is on this we have events and I get people taken to our to our facilities all the time of our company and how did you guys do this? And how did you do that? And many people have even tried to say okay we're going to go do the same thing in a different vertical for example, and that fail and you know, they look at our events. We have an event called Mastermind we get 4,000 people to go to this thing. It's sold out a year in advance. We have two events call Peak experiences $3,000 to go to this and it has more people on a waiting list then it does in attendance every year the people coming to go with all these guest speakers. Like how is this thing sold out of here in advance? How does this happen all the time? And I tell them
00:13:30Philosophy is we have a three-day event. And in the first two sessions of the first day. I am going to give these folks far more than they paid for far more than they expect before lunchtime on the first day. We're going to exceed their expectations and we're going to give to him we're going to give to America to give him every time we have a guest speaker. We buy a book for the audience. We do this we did we give we give we give we gift and it's just a small example and people have the hardest time understand that's our company at one stage in the coaching side grew at no less than 49% a year for 10 consecutive years became the largest coaching business in the world always because we've got to give folks far more than they paid for and we've got to provide value value value value value and you exceed the expectations and you do it intentionally and then here's the next part of it, which is the joy of us the opposite of this scarcity. Oh my gosh. Am I giving it away? Oh my gosh. I might charging to little it's just there's such a joint for me.
00:14:30My favorite thing in life is giving surprises giving more than expected. I have to grow to become a person who could receive and so this log value is people are so scarcity minded and I understand when you're starting out people to O'Briens easy for you. Now, you're worth Fortune. I was this way when I had nothing. She said they were giving them way more than they can possibly expect again, you know, I put on register service put them all in the book put all your best stuff in the put your best foot forward because you need to trust its it if you give away all your best stuff.
00:15:22You think a lot more good stuff, even better better better better better be as other people receive it and use it and amplifies you like love you. Don't increase your love by holding on to it. You increase your love by giving it by showing at the same is true with respect the same as it was the value given out the slices. It comes back in Lowe's My grandmother used to say and it still works. There's a restaurant up in Orange County that started this 40 years ago where they basically stop wanting to charge people by the glass until it's worth and they had the house wine and in this is now done by so many restaurant. These guys have done it in such a way that they didn't want to take credit for it. But basically they were the guys that started people would go up and get themselves a glass of wine. They take a half a glass of quarter glass. So on so forth and every restaurant or told him, you're going to lose a fortune people going to drink for free than not going to be honest.
00:16:22Oceans on the other and every year, you know the story they charge so much more than the actual wine. They've sold because people when trusted and given more will go up and take glass and 1/2. Does it had to grab my good friend Nido qubein when he had the Bread Company anything and it's just over and over again. Let's give them ample, right? Yep, and it works. And so that's the law. It's a mindset thing but there's a joy to account and it requires some faith that I'm going to give it out and slices. It's going to come back and lotion and let's talk about that next principle, which is the law of compensation because it is important. It is an important for Life review. It's not about being naive. It's not about being Poly on it's not about being giveaway.
00:17:22Yes, it's trust but it's it's not being nice to have to be smart. And so you might say Your Potential potential income to is when you activate that is what you make it kinetic principal. Number two is about compensation and how much you actually get paid how much you actually received with your impact. It's basically says your income from my how many lives you touch and how well you impact them. So you do have to reach a market. You do have to reach a clientele. You do have to reach out an impact people's lives. This isn't just about marketing. This is about being willing to get out there and expose yourself to people know where talk to people that don't share the same to you. You have another area of trust in a way, but it's all about impact you need to go out and have impact on people's lives. You can't just make a great widget.
00:18:22Can just wait what you think is a great book. You can't just design what you think. It's a great coaching Consulting and marketing service. You have to actually go out and interact with people and in Panther lime make a difference in their lives making a difference. That's where the actual flow of compensation comes the other guy. It's not the mindset of a quid pro quo I gave now you owe you know, and I've seen people with our referral systems trip all over themselves so that she know I've been giving you gifts RO system is about providing systemically More Than People expect every single month which system has the whole process. We have people Popeye with gifts right personal notes. Their marketing resources are actually tools resources weather. Here's how to raise your credit score. Here's how to pay off debts. Here's how to get more back on your tax returns. It's always value-based value-based value-based exceed the expectations exceed and the trust is you don't know who was going to reciprocate but you have to trust that some well and somewhere
00:19:22Yeah, well more than others. And when those do that's where you concentrate your efforts. This is exactly what has happened to my career wouldn't have an inn where we have no way to reach 12 level 123 Publishers New York, but I acquired that agents turned out to be a manager of my models for Parable sure. And the reason that I got her that connection was to somebody else. I've done a favor for and never got anything back from and you disappear from my life in Boone that comes around a great model for all these laws is relationship is marriage, is it not keeping score thing. It's so tempting to keep score. Like you said quid pro quo for now I gave you these for contacts.
00:20:22This and that if you apply that in a marriage, hey, honey, I did the dishes yesterday. I'm kind of tired today. We do massage my feet would you take out the trash when you get the mail? Would you write the check for my experiences and it's bitter experience in some ways you could possibly receive back and trusting that it will come back and it will swell after 30 years of marriage. I can tell you if you take that quid pro quo approach you will be not to go Giver. You'll be a goner. That's what I would say is as you give to people especially if you were in the service Industries, for example, you give to people and you see people who respond our coaching is give more to that person because when you give to a giver this blessed reciprocity and now you're trying to out give one another the other guys,
00:21:22Sometimes find out there's people you give to who are just like hey, that's nice. And there's people that you give to are takers who come with a level of expectation and it's just a matter of where do you prioritize your time? Where do you prioritize your efforts? And I find myself. I love to give two givers. I love to give to give her not so they'll get back to me even sometimes so that go on and give to somebody else but that's to me is the great joy of it all and there's great recompense in that Zig Ziglar used to say help enough people get what they want to get everything you want and the key is not to know exactly how it's all going to shake out. This third law is very very powerful and and it led to another book in the chain, which is the law of influence and talk about talk about the signs. If you would call the go Giver influencer.
00:22:22An inference is a fascinating idea because again it it's it's one of those ideas that can be seen from a couple of angles influence as the ability for somebody around. This is not how we see it is a number 2 pencil determined by how abundantly you place other people's interest first what that means about compensation water. This is really about your impact your influence your reputation your Sway in the world. This is about in the broadest sense the difference that you making the world over time is the time you can call it your legacy Genesis of Legacy you influence so you could almost replaced it with him so much with the word reputation and it pretty closely works.
00:23:22Call abundantly you play some other people's interests first, which is so fast that he because when I think about who do I know in my life who has had the most influence on me? And you know, I'm going to go to my dad more than any other single person Bob. Remember when I was a young kid knocking on the door to his study a lot of work and study in Pokemon Sun and heat without fail no matter what he was working on. He would put it down right now because if I'm interrupted big deal, but he always put my interest first always putting other people's interest first what it does is and if it's almost like a kind of physics
00:24:22It's like it makes you a bigger person than enlarges user and it enlarges you and Sarah eyes, but slower than largest your presence in the world and that presents becomes influence as it flows through the channels of society. We say in the book in the leader book the substance of influence is not push but Paul sure, you know, how far can you push River will not very far, but then she can pull it for us all about draw. It's not pushy. I thought about me first is not a what can I get again? It's counterintuitive. You have to go Giver vs to go get her the law of influence as different than the law of control and as in the modern-day leader and you don't have any opportunity to influence people is so much more profound you control him. You can get something out of them your info and some they give
00:25:22Everything in you know, what's interesting. There is a documentary called Armstrong and this British group is put this together and they've actually taken a piece of our interview with Neil Armstrong an embedded in this movie. And what's the piece? We got Neil Armstrong to come after years of kind of hibernation until it's the 4th and the piece that they brought out there was I asked him but at the end of it all one influence what the name Neil Armstrong What does it mean in? His answer was I just wanted to leave the world a little better than I found it. That was at 9 that I'm the first man on the moon. I'm the Magellan. I'm Christopher Columbus. None of those things. You just want to make the world a little better than you found it in at the end of the day that was his love influence and we don't have to put foot on the moon to do that. We can do that with our neighbor we can do that with our family members. We can do it with our customers. We can do that anywhere we can leave the world a little better than we found it every single day. We can do that. We all have a footprint footprint.
00:26:22Trysting world nowadays John we are in a world that is all about packaging. It's all about presentation. It's all about likes and so we get this Dynamic of the law of authenticity and it seems like right now people are striving and yearning for authenticity and every hands turn and what's now developed. What I believe is a fall off N2 city, which is people swear and blind, you know left from right now acting this way and acting that way and all. Must be authentic on social media talk about this true law of authenticity. I'm talking about authentic antissa T ya boy. That's a great question Brian because it is again, it's a concept so easily subverted. Yeah and bastardized if you will in turn into something which would just not at all.
00:27:22The first thing I wrote last call it says I'm hanging it up. Forget it. I'm out of here, but I got this one last call. So she's not going to just throw out all the techniques and everything. I learn and just go and have a good time lady just being myself. And of course you end up with is yourself. So he says that the greatest gift you have to offer is yourself and this is as obvious, but it's a little tricky fix a little tear in the handling. What we meant to say was whatever product or service you represent. That's all well and good. We hope and trust that you represent a product believe it but ultimately in the world of business business is about people and it's about interactions for the way. You're really offering the client the person whom ever you're not yourself people always buy from
00:28:22Do business with people that they know I can trust you will be have a sense of simpatico with you are your greatest gift that you have to give people but it doesn't mean in the same way that the first law doesn't mean be naive give everything away for free authenticity doesn't mean let's regress back to the age of for me had no filters and just see what they're right. That's the first one discovered when I was in my twenties. I was teaching kids so she could be in a movie. You could be a player to be the concert in the living room totally engrossed in something else.
00:29:22Look at your face. It's like you see their angel face like you beautiful magnificent. It's like their best stuff comes out. They sell yourself wholly to another or two others. So for example with a recent performance or whether it's not a stage of actors dancers performers, I start on my yeah, they just show you themselves rice the same as our relationship and that is about being sensitive being kind and generous and it's not about having a
00:30:22Well, it's kind of cool for me to hear that. This part of the book was the first part you wrote. So I'm going to put two parts of this together maybe in a way you never heard it before so I read the book and so here I am. I been real estate for 10 years. We've been trying and Realtors and so here's the character in the book The can't sell the house the performance. I start doing training and speaking on stage and I go to my 4th every event. I will start it up from moding and marketing in that time the seminar business with dying in the real estate industry. And so I travel out to Monterey, California in 1996. And as I go out there my business partner the time tells me we don't have money for payroll expenses are running at three times. The price that I told you they were everything about us is going sideways and it's pretty good chance that we won't make it after this event and so he flew up to Monterey and he was going over my closing techniques from stage.
00:31:23Midnight, and I said, you know what? I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to do this. I said here's what I'm going to do. I said if this is my last event, I'm just going to talk to these people like it's the last time I'm ever going to speak unless the last time I'm ever going to share and I'm going to give him whatever I have. I'm going to walk off stage. I'm going to get 12 hours sleep because I left it all out there and it was this is true story was December 14th 1996 was the Monterey convention center and our company was not going to make it and I walked up to people and I saw him the beginning I said, hey, this might be the last time I ever do this, but I'm going to talk to you for 2 days out of a desire to care and serve you and I'm going to talk to you like the last time I'm ever going to see you and we had a hundred people sign up for a coaching program that day, which was $5,000.
00:32:12All of them paid cash. All of them wrote a check of $500,000 day here like oh, yeah, you're going to make it on that was the date, you know about 23 years later. I've had three million people died presented to on stage Monroe and now every day it's I'm going to speak to him like it's the last day I don't want to speak to me like there's only one person in the room. I'm trying to reach him when I first read the go-giver. I almost had the cold sweats when you were telling the story. So it's I mean it as a writer and Creator you put stuff out that you never know. It's kind of a neat thing for me to find out today. That was where you started when I first read that it resonated with me. It's such a level. It was like a tuning fork going off inside. So great. So great. That's the reason we actually get to do what we do today is kind of having that mindset give a few years ago. I kind of phrase just being yourself is good enough to be great. And that's what that authentic city is at home.
00:33:12That genuine authenticity and just being yourself powerful. Wow, that's so brave.
00:33:34What you want to do? Yes, sir. Last but not least. We have the law of receptivity and I think that's it a big thing here talk a little bit about that as we put a bow on this concept today Bob and I have had over a decade now appearing leaders respond to email and social media. Now, you know, this is like radical. I never heard this before never had those. This is all brand new and it's so strange and different people and say this is kind of what I always thought. This is so familiar to me by never knew.
00:34:11They say there's this one rule that just really gave me a tough time.
00:34:18It's always the same. It's always the same laws. I really did have a hard time with that shift law. Yeah, you and everybody else people contrary to popular belief on generally good-hearted people by and large are there exceptions of course, but people we find by and large really respond to this idea of putting other people's interests person thing. I go Giver what is really receiving and that's just if it's a small says basically it's the way to keep continuously giving the way to allow yourself to continue. His leg is open to receiving and that is a compliment. Someone says to you that dress is the most beautiful dress I've ever seen you wear.
00:35:18Lamppost you wrote last night your best wedding ever and what do you say if you say it was nothing or thank you. I didn't even say wow. Thank you so much that made my day. I so appreciate that receive it. That means don't be afraid to charge your Best Value Inn to what you're offering is then you have no right to feel guilty about charging a fair price. You have no right to feel guilty about taking people to not taking it was money that was giving it to you right to self esteem piece. And it's it's Pho humility and all that kind of good stuff a Sideline Story the great Lou Tice. I had a chance to spend a day with him at his home and 20 people years ago. And one of them was the former speaker of the house and he was talking about the great people. He met his life Mother Teresa Nelson.
00:36:18And I raise my hand. I'm there all day. I hadn't said a word. I raise my hand. What makes a great person great cuz I'm like, I have no clue what that means and he stopped and he said they were all the same person in this regard. He said they did not need a compliment but could fully receive a compliment and at the time as a person I both know I needed compliments and was incapable of receiving compliments and that's when I said, okay, I got to go to work on me. I got to go to work on me. And so to me that law all fits in here beautifully is so beautiful. Now, first of all, I'm going to say this to you that you got me good because nobody gets to do the bikini to the bikini, but you did and you don't even know this so I have given out probably over a hundred thousand books in my career. I love to give I love to surprise people and I like to provide some value and I'm very comfortable in that role and I've had to grow in the receiving roll.
00:37:18So I came on and I did a podcast with the guys and I said hey, I want you on David Mann and I want to talk to him and I want to talk to you about to go get her for a long time. I want to share with people the enthusiasm I have for his work and this book and I really believe that it's best days are yet to come so let's go do that and then which I'm also a hard guy to keep a secret to unbeknownst to me a box of books arrives at my company that was given out to my staff which was 230 copies of the latte factor. I cared as a gift for my staff. So between you and David that was very very cool of you guys and I greatly appreciate it. And here's a good news. You got 230 staff people are on the phone all day long talking up your new book left right and Center. So I love it. All the five principles are applied. All the five principles are aligned brilliant stuff and it's true and I receive it man. Glad you do. I'm glad you do. So, let me just do this. I have five questions. I always ask every guess we had
00:38:18It's kind of a fun thing in our folks really enjoy this and it's another little look inside the great man himself. So here's the five questions. Number one. What's the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?
00:38:30Best piece of advice ever gotten from a reading teacher and then he'll Crosman a wonderful teacher teaching screenwriting on Hollywood. And he said there are two things it takes to be an English writer in Hollywood career. You have to produce not go to work not great work, but the absolute maximum greatest work, you're possibly capable of giving is more important, which is you got to be easy to work with temperamental. Yeah. Yeah. I kind of forget it be true and every field be someone who's a pleasure to work with. Wow. That's awesome. I would expect no less. That's great. All right. This is going to be hard.
00:39:29What one thailander gifty wisha possess that you currently don't?
00:39:33You know something that I've never developed, I think I have it but I haven't developed. It is conducting a blast. Wow, how great is that? How great is that? You know, what's interesting? We've had the who's who on the show and whoever we've asked its almost always musical. They've almost always said, I wish I could perform on stage or saying are you. It's always so conduct wouldn't that be great. Wow, how great is that? I'm going to return to composing which is where I started my first love that have been influenced by I bet you could make some powerful music now for sure. What book has been most instrumental in your life.
00:40:25The 7th of the Narnia series the last battle.
00:40:31Wow, a wonderful librarian one day Put The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in my hands when I was a kid that allow update maybe and I read it and I loved it or 2nd 3rd 4th 5th time. I was a huge Batman saying I had to stack a Batman comics and I secretly kind of wanted to be a superhero and I was just at the age where I wasn't quite sure where the line of reality was, right? My mother was turn downstairs downstairs in my stack of Batman comic books and I walk downstairs and I put them on the fireplace and she said she know what's going on a freaking out right now and tell them what's going on and I didn't even know what to tell her. I stayed home from school for the next 3 days because I was like crying I was just so mood and my mom took me to a local library and I said, I want to write to CS Lewis and I want to find out if it's a stories real.
00:41:26I seen the library and we learned that he had just died. This isn't really it's 64. I was nine and a half years old who has died the same day as JFK. Wow, as well. There was something in that book. It was just a deal to me and I think what I learned in later years have been able to articulate it a little better which she talks about that. How does the inside is bigger than the outside? It was the first time that I grasped or glimpsed that there is Magic behind the phenomenal world, but there is such a thing as Spirit. There is something so far beyond comprehension behind the world of what we see and touch and taste and feel. It was just very moving. Wow. That's pretty moving story powerful. Alright, this one probably more mundane a movie you watched over and over and over again, you're you're scrolling through the channels and it's on and every time it's on you. And you'll even
00:42:26You're part of it, but would that be great answers but I know one is Shawshank Redemption Stephen King wrote. It was a novella filmmaker adapt a work of his for the price of a dollar and I mean talk about giving heart as one of the sweetest guys in the world Timeless gym of truants. There's so much in that is way bigger on the inside than it is on the yes, or well, we are brothers from a different mother recounted that exact story and it's very very powerful and last but not least. Give me one thing left on your bucket list.
00:43:21It is to take everything. I've learned in writing and wrap it into music composed a piece of music that ends up in millions of people's households on any idea. I have no idea what form that takes or what channel is that takes not a clue have no professional connections that way but that's on my list and I mean to fill that bucket. Well how awesome is that? And as we learned that there's so much more than this Physical Realm now that you put it out there and that is in your heart. I have a feeling that that will be that which is what do they say A Dream Is Not What comes to you when you're asleep? That's what won't let you sleep, you know, so I think that's magnificent. First of all, I want to thank you. I hope they recorded this today in our wonderful Studio. I was saying I would just love to talk to John David Mann and that is what this is Banning. You're a special guy with a special gift. I believe the best days.
00:44:21You have to come give my regards to Bob berg on my big fan. We are obviously I'll do it down the referral Trail. We believe in the same values and same principles and it's marvelous stuff and I think the best days of this work are yet to come cuz I think the world is in more need of it today and I think we need more giving and I believe principles are more in need today than ever before and so we're drowning and info starving for wisdom. And I just think today there's two hundred fifty thousand folks then our little world that are going to get to hear of you and your message today and that we're just delighted to share you with them. And I thank you for being on your blessing John David man. That was just a fantastic time there and I'm very very excited for what's next for you to know. What's next don't tune out at the Menace. You might be surprised. I'm going to introduce you right now to a go-giver who's also a go-getter and he's going to give you some information on how you can receive from us and we have something good to share with all
00:45:21View so stay tuned here for mr. Wylie to go get her whose household Coke have her thanks Brian and John, we appreciate your time and talent today what a fantastic interview as I mentioned earlier. We put together the Five stratospheric Laws of Success from John's book for all our listeners to print and post up as a reminder on your road to success to grab that check out the show notes for this episode at the Brian buffini show.com. Before we go. I want to read a note from listener Rebecca repetto from Templeton, California there Brian, you definitely have a gift of inspiring people. I was listening to one of your podcast a couple of weeks ago that really hit home along the lines of being literate but acting illiterate while I have been guilty of this since hearing the podcast. I've read the greatest salesman how to win friends and influence people taking care of business and the Emigrant Edge each book has been wonderful and I already feel a better appreciation for life and opportunities.
00:46:21Rebecca we're glad to hear that not only is the podcast inspiring you to grow but that you're taking action to I'm sure you'll be adding the go Giver to your list as well. I'm done till next time. I'll leave you with Brian's mom for a little Irish blessing may the road rise up to meet you and may the wind always be at your back. May the rain fall soft upon your fields and the sun shine warm upon your face until we meet again. May God hold you in the hollow of his hand. See you next time.

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