On this episode of THE BOSSY SHOW, Jill & Carmen sit down with comedian Michael Ian Black and talk authoritarianism, Hurricane Harvey, Joe Arpaio and more.
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00:02:29coming up we're chatting with comedian Michael Ian Black as our nation slowly dissolves into authoritarianism we're going to break down what's been in the news and what it all means
00:02:52so we have a lot going on this week which we say literally every week because every week there's a lot going on in the cell nightmare Escape of a presidency this week this past week as a recording us with the first presidential pardon of the Trump presidency he pardoned Joe Arpaio Sheriff Joe Arpaio and be straight who cares how you say his name he parted version of Oscar the Grouch that's all I got and let's see also Charlottesville was we also are on Hiatus currently dealing with as we record this in the early moments of Hurricane Harvey and Trump is not doing anything I'm hoping that this does not turn out
00:03:44at least as Katrina obviously but so far we've seen Trump literally try and take credit for the power of the store I'm just calling dibs on taking credit for when California splits off from the US and falls into the ocean because if that's my brand I got I also saw today that Trump said that the ratings for when he pardoned the sheriff warrant as high as it was that he was doing it also at that specific time when a hurricane is because it would help boost his ratings so good good ratings a like literal racist
00:04:29what are Slaughter ours ours on raids ratings and there is a giant storm that has like 7 so it seems as though we are finally drifting or I would say we were drifting towards authoritarianism now I feel we are there storm yeah I mean the presidential pardon was really scary to me because it was really Trump flexing his muscles saying I can part in whoever I want and there's no yeah no one's going to McConnell didn't say anything the phrase concentration camps to describe his prison in day and night and extreme weather
00:05:29if you don't know who Sheriff Joe a piece of shit piyo he was basically arrested for racial profiling and yet he was actually he was when he was charged with racial profiling and told he had to stop he was found in contempt of court for literally refusing to stop racially profiling people and then he was apparently assigned I like monitor like someone from the federal government had the job of following this douchebag around and making sure he wasn't being racist because that was just out of control racist he was and in the I mean and Donald Trump's just like he was treated unfairly blah blah blah and it's like really cuz I think it was probably really unfair about the way that he would literally try to hurt kill and raid groups of Latino people in Arizona right and he's garbage
00:06:29and I feel like it's just I know that would scared most people is the idea that ate people do think that there will be more pardons yeah I mean I think this was kind of like a taste of what's to come like he's practicing oh so this works now I can do this for when the rush it really comes to a head but never reached out to him like we know this was not getting up like a personal vested interest in this man they weren't friends they weren't colleagues they didn't work together they had never even spoken across paths but I mean we do know that after Charlottesville where Donald Trump was like Nazis are kind of bad no Nazis are really bad no actually not these aren't that bad he then came out and was like and by the way totally down with the like super racist Sheriff dude who
00:07:25I mean is now claiming his innocence but you can't claim innocence and get pardoned bitch I'm just looking at our notes which Carmen Road and there's a line that just has a little by little nephew lives in the white house bunk bed cuz I think it's also like okay we also set aside note everyone should punch a Nazi today please I have a lot of aggression I have a lot of like emotion built up in me at this time in my life as we are recording and I'm just thinking about how great it would be to punch a Nazi but I do also feel like it's interesting that Sheriff Joe happened after some notable Nazis cruised on it like we've got you note Sheriff Joe like that Steve Bannon wasn't there Steven Miller once again has crawled underground new a hole for guys out like all of the people that we were comforting ourselves I feel like there's that level of like we're comforting ourselves
00:08:25we're all trying to convince ourselves that Donald Trump as a puppet on someone strings and all of the string all of the Puppet Masters that we've been snipped yet are gone and he still did it like he made the decision without asking anyone to do it he wanted to do it he alone
00:08:40is the problem he said he alone could fix it but he alone is actually just
00:08:47there's also speaking to authoritarianism Trump the administration of the lifting limits on providing Surplus police grade which was an obama-era thing that happened after Ferguson because I mean I think a lot of us can remember if people cannot remember because they are younger than me and we don't have to talk about it Mike Ferguson there was a lot of militarized police that came out to protest when the Black lives matter movement was really taking shape there after the killing of Michael Brown and I mean Studies have shown that giving police military equipment makes no one feel safer and makes cops more likely to use for sand act sort of extraneously violently so Donald Trump's like let's move ahead I would also just like to remind everyone who has seen the handmaid's tale that military
00:09:47Redford police does mean scary man standing around with machine guns is a possibility for our government I just feel like for me I'm always like wow that literally happened in the handmaid's tale like which also happens just that you know your daily everyday protest now I'm in the Charlottesville protest had our militia and we did see the Polish people take them cuz I can't believe we're in a place to use the word militia when we're not reading out of a history book but another thing that I was really jarring to me and this isn't like an action statement but was still none the less really scary was when Rex Tillerson Rex Tillerson thank you was went on I don't know CNN some fucking show and said and said when asked if the president speaks for America he said the president speaks for himself
00:10:47yeah and then made it clear with sort of like I release my own statement the agencies have released their own statement so I mean yeah I think I remember when we were talking about that that it reminded me of the headline out of all of the headlines that have left me shook the headline that left me the most shook with the one that where the people who haven't resigned yet from Trump Administration in anyway whether it's working for the bigger agencies are working directly in the white house we're like you have no idea how much crazy shit we kill and
00:11:22it's just like wild to imagine that Donald Trump is acting on his own accord and now like he's not Consulting his employees and this isn't the first time that sex Tillerson or Jeff never sexted has taken also known as attorney general Jeff sessions have taken different stances that him and publicly and said you know his Twitter is his own his his views are his own his statement is his own so it's sort of like that was Rex tillerson's way of saying the state department is not going to stand for whatever weirdo white supremacy is bullshit Trump stand for which to his credit like I don't really know whether or not sex Tillerson is a white supremacist or just one of the guys responsible for the fact that our Earth is about to turn into a brittle Rock
00:12:22white supremacist and then contributing to the demise of the Republic just a jerk just a republican but yeah it's shell
00:12:49we are here with Michael Ian Black hi Michael how are you I'm good thank you so much for being here so this really going yeah before you begin I just have to make an official announcement which is that when Timothy Simons from Veep was on the show Jill declared publicly that he was her favorite straight white guy on Twitter so I'm going on the record to make it official that Michael Ian Black you are my favorite white dude on Twitter congratulations I really appreciate that. Straight which means of all the white dude gay straight or whatever I'm your favorite
00:13:35I just want to say that you are also a Timothy we don't know each other but because I follow him on Twitter I can say unequivocally my Twitter account is better
00:13:57okay so hoping that out of the way all our drama and select active for a really long time what do you think of somebody who has been is the scariest part of what's going on right now in Trump's America
00:14:18there's so much to do. Part the scariest part answer
00:14:31on a macro in an in kind of big wide-scale you could say that the scariest part is the
00:14:43rod assault on the institution of the presidency itself and what I mean by that is
00:14:54he is redefining in what I would say is a Caribbean negative way what it means to be the president of the most powerful nation in the world and so that means he is isolating us making out to eat both isolating us and making us smaller and maybe that's the same thing but he's making a smaller
00:15:20it is in every way so the world is no longer looking to the United States of America for leadership in any capacity whether it's moral leadership or strategic leadership or financial well maybe fill Financial leadership but where once we were leading now we're just kind of off in our own little satellite orbiting the rest of the world that then and that's I think bad internally he is redefining the presidency in terms of
00:16:00what we expect from the
00:16:03president so he's he's profiting from the presidency which I think most people find important and disgusting he's belittling demeaning intimidating in an open the people that he leads on an almost daily basis either by name or by category and he is he is the least eloquent speaker that we've ever had which maybe sounds like a superficial thing but when you're looking for leadership you want somebody who can speak in a clear voice about whatever issue it is that's going on but that's a macro view on a micro view depending on who you are you may actually feel targeted by this President you personally Mayfield Park
00:16:52yeah is there recently a shocking moment that sticks out to you like I mean like obviously there's like the Sheriff Joe Arpaio I know it's like impossible to remember more than a few days back but like has there been a singular event or moment that you feel like it's like shocked you the most left you the most shook
00:17:18there's no longer anything in particular that he can say that shocks me because I expect nothing from him I don't expect any
00:17:29I don't expect him to say anything that's going to make me feel better about him or about his policies or anything else don't know what continues to shock me is the filing from people who should know better people who should be standing up to him and the only people who really can hold him accountable and those are people within his party so the fact that he pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio and he did it under the cover of the hurricane and you did it again without advice from the justice department
00:18:13so we does that mm chips or piyo from everything I've read is is
00:18:20a monster horrible human being you don't hear anything from Mitch McConnell for example who is the really bad baby at the coat head of his party he sees he's essentially the head of Congress right now both the Senate and the House of Representative now we're talkin Monday late my time he has not said a word about it we've heard a couple Squeaky denunciations from some Republicans won the mildest approval from Paul Ryan
00:19:06nobody or not enough people in his party are saying enough not enough people are saying no and there's a lot of reasons for that but the primary reason for my point of view is coward and greed and to the extent to which power disagreed seems to rule in Washington DC at least on one party side from from it at this particular moment I'm going to continue to talk to me is there anything that you think diving deeper into darkness is there anything like what is the line like is there ever going to be a moment do you think that Republicans will it have boundaries what would be a shocking enough thing for these people to finally
00:20:01you don't speak out because for me a lot of those moments have already passed that I thought so just for sure yeah I don't think there's anything the only thing that will seem to motivate them to action is scaring for their own careers and Futures when when did that happen I don't know I've no idea I think it will happen it will happen and I think when it happens it'll happen swiftly least I hope so but it's not going to because it's not going to be because they certainly try to the moral compass it's going to be because they have fear for their own career and nothing else
00:20:44yeah so when does air this will Air I mean I don't think for 2 weeks so I'm sure a shit ton of other things will happen and the hurricane will come and talk but you know I just wanted to talk about these things that's happening right now how does this hurricane Harvey and the way that Trump is dealing with it or you know not really compared to Bush and Katrina does it compare I think it's important to note that the head of FEMA this guy named Brock long I think we doing a good job and I'm in no position to judge but it it it seems like in this case Trump appointed a capable manager and that he's doing what he's supposed to be doing as opposed to George W bush who appointed the unqualified head of FEMA and the
00:21:43and in and that guy fairly are unfairly and again I'm not in a position to judge took the majority of the blame for the catastrophe that was Katrina so obviously at this point we're still early in the Harvey story and in may end up being a worse story in some ways than Katrina just because if it's just the sheer volume of people affected
00:22:11but I would say try it seems to me like you're the president
00:22:16and I don't mean just to be clear but dealing with a hurricane or natural disaster in some ways seems like it would be kind of the easiest things you do because just because there are the primary responders to it and then they basically just ask for money and compassion and empathy and you provide it unfortunately compassion and empathy or not this guy strong suit capable of either of those things and he's going to Texas. Tomorrow Tuesday to do what I don't know but I understand that that's a ritual the president's do but one of the things they do in the primary thing they do I guess when they go to visit disaster areas or sites of of tragedy is to be a comforting and reassuring voice to the people affected and and visitation at large I don't have any faith that he has the capability of a cute as a human being
00:23:16he's never showed empathy for it literally anybody before I did not mean not even really his children I've never seen him demonstrable e loving to his children other than in a kind of leering way towards his oldest daughter or him tomorrow when he goes there but at this point I know I'm not rooting against him in the sense that I want him to do a bad job I'm I'm I'm more rooting for
00:23:50a nation to just kind of survive this
00:23:55so you wrote a book with Meghan McCain America you sexy bitch where you traveled across the country and talk to you people with different perspectives and obviously you and her had a different perspective does that idea even exist now like could that book idea even be happening right now or is it to polarize you know it's funny because when we wrote it in 2011 12
00:24:29the country felt very polarized it really felt like the reason we were doing it was because the country was so polarized
00:24:37and it's gotten so much worse than sent I don't think you could do it now I don't think I would do it now I don't think I I don't have any interest in going around and talking to Trump voters if you'd like but really aren't we all just one big happy family I would be unwilling to do it at this point is because
00:25:03it was only one consistent message in the Trump campaign there was no consistent policy there was no consistent Vision there was no consistent or rhaetian there was no consistent anything other than racism and exclusion
00:25:24I'm not saying
00:25:26that if you voted for Trump you those aren't those are your primary ideals
00:25:33but you had to be at you had to be okay enough with them to cast your lot with this guy
00:25:41I'm not in a I'm not in a place in my life where I Michael let's let's figure out where we have common ground because that the ground that I thought we had in common
00:25:52I I no longer believe that we do we should try and understand Trump photos liked it. I understand Trump voters I don't really get the like the New York Times does this constantly of the like idea of you know let's talk to Trump voters and see what they think now like do they regret it like what you know whatever it is it's like I don't I don't feel like we need that I feel like we know what exactly we said what they want and who they are and there is no Common Ground. What am I
00:26:39in the wake of this is is I should have thought about and I've learned a lot about the idea of racism for example and this can be applied to sexism too I think but it's making more clearly delineated in racism
00:27:00generally as blatant as I think all whatever group or bad went and I think my group if you carry are now in the case of the United States of America
00:27:16your car that can only really talk about white people that you can't really think it's a good thing somebody thing I think white people are superior in general
00:27:25but I do think that everyday racism not only exist but flourishes in fried in this country because it has been set up as a kind of even for white people actually designed for white people to succeed
00:27:47or you could say it's specially designed for people who aren't wait to have a harder time in 6s and so when you look at things like what's going on in Houston right now with the hurricane of all different ethnicities coming together and helping one another
00:28:05it doesn't that and you know that a lot of those people are Trump voters for example
00:28:10it doesn't surprise me or shock me or or jar my belief about what's going on in this country to see white people black people black people and white people I think on a one-to-one basis we all kind of can't get along when when people are kind of personalized in that way I think we generally do get along okay but when it comes to to sort of a deeply held biases and beliefs that you may have even if you're not entirely conscious of them a kind of discomfort that you have with certain group a kind of discomfort that you may have with people who are in whatever way other than you
00:28:53those biases if unexamined and I think most of us myself included don't examine them as closely as we might can lead someone to support somebody who's getting voice to those biases even if you go well I don't agree with the kind of way you said something or I don't agree with that sentiment the fact that you're willing to vote for him to me that on some level there is a part of you that is agreeing with it even if you don't act that way in your day-to-day life to find me that there's some sort of lizard brain part of you that's going it's kind of kind of getting delighted by this language he said it and I think that's what they mean when people said he he said he tells it like it is because nobody's ever lied more on the campaign Trail
00:29:53left for that one consistent message
00:30:01I just like giggling to myself thinking about like who would have do the America you sexy bitch to her now like what it be like you and Tommy Lori that's not that's not the trip I would take
00:30:16going to bust
00:30:19Meghan who I did that she's obviously John McCain's daughter and and we're still good friends and one of the things that really drew me to her is that she's always identified as Republican always identified the conservative
00:30:46and is very willing to listen and hear and adopt her beliefs and I think she's better at it than I am and I really I feel like I've learned a lot from hanging out with her just about having the capacity to be open to different points of view and that was really helpful yeah
00:31:12one of my favorite things that I see you do consistently on Twitter is you know there's like this whole idea of the liberal Elite and you know people tweet and Troll and be like you always correct their grammar and I seen you torn apart for being like oh really you have to my grandma you can't even have a car just like whatever it is like such a dumb dumb themselves down to like relate to like to find Common Ground like why is that an argument there is a strong tradition of
00:32:00conservative intellectualism that has gone back 50-60 however many years you want to look it's there and it's a strong and I might even argue that there's a stronger history of conservative intellectualism in there is liberal intellectualism and there's reasons for that and the primary reason is that it may be the only reason is because about 40 years ago
00:32:29maybe a little bit more
00:32:31big tank started getting funded by conservative on the arch conservatives who wanted to lay the groundwork for what we're seeing right now it was I think a case to be made for conservatism as it was preached
00:32:49up until it's election and then the entire facade of conservatism as it was preached with exposed at the Y the thing that all of the kind of caricature that jerk off liberals like me say about conservatism is that it is inherently problematic because it's inherently reset and it's inherently Texas and it in parently those things and you can add whatever isn't you want to it because conservatism by definition is about attempting to maintain it kind of status quo or return to a kind of better time so this is the make America great again idea
00:33:43right into the history of this nation and maybe if the world is a kind of emancipation from these prejudices that we help in America has historically been well I shouldn't say that leading the charge but historically it's been a place where people come to be free and conservatism by its nature
00:34:11preacher the kind of economic freedom in a kind of personal responsibility freedom but at the same time grass so strongly at the past and and clutches so tightly at what has come before that it made that its entire
00:34:27reason for being is is is is to return it to a time when
00:34:36isn't a reason for being rubbed goes into conflict with what it what it is about as it and so Trump I think they expose that in a way that back has been shocking more than anything out it really as you said it really crumbled the facade of conservative crazy GOP that kind of was initiated by Sarah Palin that gave rise to an escalated into the Trump residence no at George W bush love tied down he was that was like his I'm so dumb I have no idea what I'm doing let's do this thing let's have beers together and figure it out together and I mean obviously like I now find myself disgustingly and dear to George W bush want to buy his oil paintings by I do it but
00:35:33I just feel like the neocon thing which I feel like no one ever uses that word anymore but I remember the word neocon really vividly from like the other than they wanted to invade Iraq yeah I guess whatever neoliberal means now means I think that people put the word Neo in front of something like that was
00:35:59you know the sort of their standards have definitely been falling as a party especially when I hear people I feel like a lot of like the die-hard mega people I have definitely like what Steve Bannon who said that Trump was the greatest order of his time bar is like
00:36:25the ground but but in a way he's not wrong any protest way absolutely correct because what Trump does is he speaks directly to the aid of the worst impulses of American life so Obama could have did the opposite and you can you know his is oration was incredible because he could Inspire and Trump does literally the opposite and it is amazing to behold it's amazing to behold somebody other than capable of bringing a sentence together somehow activating Fitbit just this file that people carry around
00:37:12and it's shocking to wrap it up you know not to speak too much to the impending doom but you feel my go-to business apocalyptic or like I'm getting to work on it right after the election I was for the figuring out where I go one America is at war with the rest of the world and it seems to me that I couldn't go to Canada because Canada would get invaded by America and occupied but that's kind of where I am I'm at I'm at defcom like take to wear Fallout nuclear war
00:38:04I don't know I don't know that I'm apocalyptic about it real
00:38:11yeah like my mom always feel like once a week check in with me and be like I really need to get my passport renewed just in case but I think it's like kind of a bit but it's also not sure I'll get your passport is as I am is that part of you is always like ready to bug out at any moment we have a go bag just ready to go and I feel like the country at large is starting to kind of packed there go bag and you don't want to be the last one you don't maybe the one who has to turn the lights out
00:39:11I think I did like I feel like in a moment's notice I could be like okay that's what we got to do got to do this you go here or just train we're just ready
00:39:34my pleasure I'm sorry if it was too
00:39:37wonky definitely not you know if you're like expecting like a funny political conversation cuz I don't have to do that next weekend. It is too late we all should have left already so we're quote internal terrorist attack in May tell Joe I need that are passport photos before we go
00:40:25okay thank you follow Michael on Twitter at Michael Ian Black and you can see him on wet Hot American Summer ten years later on Netflix streaming now that's all for this episode of the bossy show make sure to tune in next week this is the part where the urge you to get involved to take action right now to make a difference what we know is that the best thing we can do is keep fighting keep resisting and keep calling efforts to actually reach out to our representatives and urge them to do the right thing are working the resistance is working this is the fight of our lifetime the capitol switchboard number is 202-224-3121 get it tattooed on your face use it everyday tell your senators and representatives that you expect them to do the right thing every single time Trump and the GOP Levy attacks on women people of color lgbtq folks the disabled specific Fates and the poor we know what they're doing we know where this leads
00:41:25stay woke and stay active special thanks to Michael Ian Black for being on the show follow at the bossy show on Twitter Instagram and Tumblr for pics from inside the show and more at Sonic pool poster. Killed in Hollywood music by Johnny Franco and audio engineering by Drew Frost see you next time

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