First episode of Season 2! On this episode of "THE BOSSY SHOW," Ira Madison III joins us to recap the political nonsense that was Summer 2017, from the 11 days of Scaramucci, to Charlottesville and nuclear threats. It's good to be back. Plus, president of The New Agenda, Amy Siskind, checks in on highlights from her Weekly Anti-authoritarianism lists.
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00:00:00and now the Trump Administration in memoriam Walter shaub director of The Office of government ethics resigned 2017 to 2017 Chief of Staff terminated 2017 to 2017 Sean Spicer press secretary resigned 2016 to 2017 Michael Short senior assistant press secretary resign 2017 to 2017
00:00:33Anthony scaramucci communications director resigned literally 11 days polybags Chuck Close Richard Cohen fried gold ring Howard L Gottlieb Vicki Kennedy jhumpa Lahiri and lozado Tom main Cowpens Cortner Ken Solomon Caroline Taylor Joe Cooper Rudolph Andrew Weinstein John Lloyd young the president's committee on the Arts and Humanities resigned obama-era to 2017 Ken Frazier Brian krzanich Denise Morrison Kevin plank Richard trumka. Paul really Ingersoll an American manufacturing Council and strategy and policy Forum resigned May 17th 2017
00:01:23Pastor AR Bernard of the president's Evangelical Advisory Board yes that exists resigned 2016 to 2017 Steve Bannon Chief strategist conscious uncoupling 2016 to 2017
00:01:53over the last couple years the political climate in the US has become increasingly scary people of color are under attack queer and trans people are under attack women's rights you guess it there under attack the post-election by the monkey on women is this sucks I want to help but how my name is Joe Gatto it's and I'm Carmen Rios your brain together your favorite stars with politicians activist and analysts to talk current issues US government and activism we're all about life liberty and the pursuit of wocus this is the bossy show
00:02:32coming up we're going to talk to Ira Madison the third I was a writer at The Daily Beast in GQ since we've been gone for a while and it's a new season and all we figured we do a little recap on some of the events nightmares tragedies that happened while we were away plus we're checking in with Amy siskind Amy the front of the show she's the president and co-founder of the new agenda and if your content monster like us then you've read her weekly anti-authoritarianism list on Facebook or medium she's going to update us on how dire things of God
00:03:15so we are back from a little Hiatus that we took we ended the season one with Raquel Willis who we love she was amazing and coming in hot for season 2 since we have missed so much it would be impossible to pick one topic to discuss on this episode so we're going to do some recapping I'm pretty excited to talk to Ira Carmen what is what is one thing that we didn't get to talk about in the last 2 months on the bossy show that you were really itching to talk about so like Hillary Clinton has been on vacation in Canada and she looks so happy and like he's having so much fun with her friend and they're all those news stories about how she was going shopping with her gal-pal house like honestly I miss having a chance to check in and toe
00:04:08about how Hillary Clinton is doing so well for herself and she's happy amazing okay so I don't want to talk too much now because we're going to get into it with Ira in a bit but first we're going to call Amy siskind we love we had her on the show I think episode 15 if I remember correctly she's amazing and she's so sweet and she always retweets on Twitter which is tonight
00:04:36we love you Amy we love you with all Jill just so you know cuz you said we are coming in hot for season 2 I would like to report that I think we're both coming back hotter than ever I would agree with that and even though we are both categorically back on are bullshit
00:04:58some things you can't take a Hiatus from like yourself
00:05:03Amy thank you so much for being here again
00:05:07the show
00:05:19obviously a lot has gone on in the last 2 months something is always going on since you keep these weekly list to update us so can you give us maybe some highlights
00:05:49the summer which I have to say when Trump said he was going to take 3 weeks off and on
00:06:10truck country starting with
00:06:15a real turning point for our country because even before we can women in Charlottesville and his reaction to it which is basically to say both sides of America. I've never seen the light of day and I have
00:07:05Target Supply since that time and even Fox News came up with apple yesterday that said 56% of the country's believes he's tearing our country apart over the summer started to lose so I think there's a recognition now a problem in the right temperament for the job started to Holiday Towers now said he's not going to fill the world
00:08:06because he's taking away funding from FEMA is taking away positions and every Federal agency last Friday was an example of him trying to be fired his chief of staff who was the Republican party and the Republicans to anyone that speaks at Southwest General then he would have jumped in his way he's tried to either buy out or get rid of
00:09:07Charlottesville in the aftermath of our values are at risk are you feeling well unfortunately I haven't been able to take a day off so I'm not a psychologist
00:09:43like a storm going on inside of his head he like wakes up every day and greets paranoid and raised his way of dealing with something
00:10:09did nothing about it
00:10:21are having thoughts through so they're all your ratings because of Harvey
00:11:03colleges under investigation for campus sexual assault
00:11:31oh my God
00:11:49did you even expect to be writing these lists this long or for them to get this
00:11:59I didn't have like a Grand Vision it just seems like they say on all the articles I read that we're going to get really bad and every week in the Library of Congress
00:12:51Alicia will be safe
00:13:03a reference and people can sort by all the way if you could name something observing are Marching is there any sort of proactive action that we can take to save, or George W bush or anytime today because it's not a Republican versus Democrat kind of contract this is really about all to save our democracy what is it
00:14:03she wants to do is in Rich himself or citizens calling we would have lost Obamacare if it weren't for Citizens calling the Republicans would have had a bunch of different types of fruiting
00:14:58call Target or around actions like for example if we were targeting him with real Congress people and senators are really they never had anything like this in their lives where they get so many calls and so many emails and so many tweets and it's incredibly effective
00:15:47when you're going to be home helping the local elections in Webster town hall to show up at their doors we all register to vote in November 2018 we have to take back the Congress so your friends and get them to do the same as show up in November 2017 that's going to be a statement election and local elections are really important
00:16:47call like I saw something that really has still the sitting with me on Twitter at sea
00:17:18engaged I really think this is not a time that it's even about like George W bush and yellow regulations are the three democracies in our country
00:17:59we're here with Ira Madison the third hi Ira how are you we are free balling right now none of us have headphones it feels weird being vulnerable in SoulCycle we talked about braid steps steps this is a braid step yeah okay we crossed over from our comfort zone to our courage them and that you're right every day feels like that lately
00:18:30I love it she goes like everyday I'm fine for the record we are recording this on the night of the eclipse on my only say that because we're going to talk about some highlights that we missed on our Hiatus and I know that there's going to be a lot more that happens before this episode air that I don't know I mean literally anything can happen with something cuz we already missed the unit the president of the United States looking at an eclipse without even sunglasses on Donald Trump looked at the eclipse
00:19:11that's fair that's true
00:19:22president episode of talk about all the highlights we mess I wouldn't go to my lights they are lowlights for sure I'm going to read a headline just it we'll talk about it but it's just like these are absolutely batshit insane headlines that really happened in the last everything alright so number 10 from HuffPost say it people beg Trump's you clearly denounce white supremacy begging like a groveling for something so easy it does seem so it should be easy just saying
00:20:22such a normal request I love how that one seems crazy although it was literally last week didn't say that he hates white supremacist you like do you like Hannah said he did but he like was definitely doing it cuz like otherwise his mom wasn't going to let him like drink milk before bed and then like when he had a chance he was just like take it back if I didn't mean it because he said he said of course I did notes whites of the first time he got his little fingers on his Android phone didn't hear eat sweet like some police officers saying like Michael has matter people never like stuff on Twitter but there was like that account Trump alerts
00:21:22like something that was like I figured it was like some conspiracy theory about about Charlottesville did you see the one where Alabama organized
00:21:39no it was something I don't work and I said that she was organizes like a lot of people or can I
00:21:49so she can start in the Charlottesville movie and did you hear that somewhere did you just make that up
00:21:55that's the best one that's it oh my God speaking of white people here is number 9 also related to this topic The Washington Post Charlottesville white nationalist demonstrator lose his job at libertarian hot dog shop what's a Libertarian hot dog shop you pay only for what you want I just want the bun
00:22:26oh my God that's so funny and it's also like you know obviously like ever and tried to dogs all of the white supremacist who got caught in photos which is why do that but it's just so fun it's not like no one got fired from a law firm mean no one got fired from there of big job in media I was a hot dog stand
00:22:49yeah and college students being like I have to transfer schools now because my life is over there could be so much hatred
00:23:04so in saying oh God I also have an honorary headlines for this one just cuz obviously this is a large open wound that just happened Chicago Tribune Chicago area teen who rallied in Charlottesville says he has received quote a lot of hate I hate Chicago area teen mssa Chicago area Wisconsin woman like
00:23:43locks husband out in front yard because he like made fun of her dinner and I'm like yo Wisconsin area Woman for president we have beef if you have a problem with each other I feel like I don't actually ever hear the word area unless it's on the onion that's true it's cuz it's always area man and I try and like come up with those on my own but I never can so that's why I woke up or they don't want me people of people who rallied in Charlottesville I don't think local milk people got enough attention to be honest that was like a good
00:24:30it was a good happening on Twitter local milk people because I think the Trump said a lot of shit that day and I don't remember him trying to say what a farm is I think so but it was like
00:24:49after yeah but I think it was like I forgot I didn't even hear like there was so much else going on and what he said that like local area milk people didn't even pay me and that I remember like later that day searching for it on Twitter and seeing that people that made jokes and I somehow just miss those days where it's like you miss your all Twitter for a half hour and you're like what is local milk people I also feel like now that I'm like looking at this list be prepared like I don't remember if there was something happening before Charlottesville that was a huge deal that we were all talking about and I no longer remember what that is like something really Tara Reid
00:25:49open what happened with the nuclear war I just went away actually more bounce and we thought we don't want to do this anymore sorry but I feel like it was like it's like Freddy versus Jason
00:26:09like North Korea is Freddy Krueger in the Nazis are Jason and North Korea where was like we're just going to like bomb the hell out of America and then they were about to and then like oh wait
00:26:25the streets of America I think they're already that the United States because they think Trump is an idiot but they're like we're not about to fight you know the second coming of Nazi let me know how World War II went I feel like I don't know what happened I literally feel like I made a joke about how we should ghost North Korea like we should just stop responding to them and you know what I mean and then eventually die down still keep cutting out there but they eventually will be like
00:27:25yeah you ate that look at like 3 a.m. text that's a horrible idea if we goes to North Korea Kim Jong-un would start like sending messages to the government at the hours I can pick you up you want to fight the following someone on Twitter and for some reason we had Facebook message with weird Twitter DM to before so when they discover that they were able to DM me and be like what did I do
00:27:57no can we fix this I'm like I haven't I heard somebody oh my God I had somebody asked me why I unlike text me ask me why I unfollow them on Instagram and I was like I'm not going to participate in this and and then they texted me again later being like dude and I was like I don't want to be bullied into who I can follow on Instagram and unfollow this isn't saying like I don't have to have a text conversation about why I unfollowed you just take it takes you unfollow know you know what you weird now when you look
00:28:39on Instagram stories now if you can't send someone a message at the bottom when it say write a message and know that that person is not following you on Instagram stories of now accidentally revealed as I'm not following you I hate that I can't like a look at someone on Instagram like I don't know like how to act like I am I you know so does that mean I'm going to stop getting Shady DM's from strange girls getting rid of America Pistorius what some of that will you can also turn it off where people can't message you so granted I mean like
00:29:28how unavailable celebrities I have a verified Instagram account so I have that I have that filter where you can block certain words from being commented on your Instagram
00:29:47block certain words certain words if your if your woman certain words wait so I can
00:30:05what do you want on you dude
00:30:08I know I'm the only thing she's going to say is what people on Twitter today including and I only know this because I don't know if you know this I wish told by a lot of people she said something about me bro Crusade was funny about Bernie Sanders and mortality and I remembered some of the people that were coming up when people are posting that I follow saying like I can't believe this is happening and it's like Bernie stands were posting images of an eclipse where like you know there's the Ring of light around the Moon as it takes over and like litter as it blocks the Sun and they were making it so that the shadow of light looks like Bernie's hair and they were like the burn eclipse is coming no yes no
00:31:08yes there's honestly nothing worse in my day than like accidentally stumbling across produce Anderson today
00:31:20sweet him I get so mad when people go to read him like I click on that tree and tell Twitter to let me see it because it was so disappointing is when you follow people act like when elderly come I receive tweets is when somebody reads tweets him and then it's always likes on my Instagram like as a common practice that when I follow someone I did not follow during the election or immediately afterwards when people are burying their truths if I follow them I like Google their name and then Hillary Clinton to see what the fuck they were saying in like October of 2016 as a ruler with Matt you got some good info but I am and then I like know who's as a rule whenever a male comedian follows me I Google him to make sure he hasn't been literally raped on the water
00:32:25I will block you because I feel like with like so lesbians and like famous feminist I always have to Google their name and then search if anyone says about something they were out before ever Google me
00:32:42Ira Madison the third Celeste to wrap that up the final honorary headline I had there was from something called the 13 new now just local local local like what was it you were in Virginia anyway petition calls for confederate monuments be replaced with statue of Missy Elliott I signed I retweeted the petition for other people to sign it
00:33:17I didn't actually I didn't actually actually didn't put in the work to like you click through go out my information and sign it like a fake ass that's what I use my free Apple Mail account for is signing things and signing up for things you only lose things in there like every once in awhile. Number eight hear from The New Yorker Anthony scaramucci we didn't even get to talk about on the show we don't need to talk about him because he is my evil twin friends priebus and Steve Bannon
00:34:08so I just feel like if like Anthony scaramucci was an incredibly active feminist woman that acted the way he acts in like a woman's way at work could the hand motions I see it I do unfortunately just trying to live my best life now I'm trying to be the best person I can be and I was like saying be leaving yoga
00:34:46the asking price parents for money
00:34:53give me $300 for this Dyson fan in the Trump White House at this point is like oh you watched order I thought I was just on so much cocaine that I thought you were my Confidant like I thought you were my fam I don't know who you are I don't know where you work I just said a bunch of crazy ass shit to you I'm going to be like so what happened with that just like part of the recap was he called a report for the New Yorker I forget who it was Rick something maybe Ryan lizza called him and and talk about all this weird shit including a quote from the actual phone called was I'm not Steve Bannon I'm not trying to suck my own cock
00:35:49I personally didn't read or listen to this interview so I don't even know what this means this is like this would like on the day that this happened about the interview and I was like you know I just got up I just got to do it I just got home and I read it and like it was the most insane transcript of a phone call like I could literally just imagine
00:36:18him like in some kind of like like I feel like he was surrounded by things that were just like out of place and strewn about like it unstable little like
00:36:30yeah I know this was like the day you know when you like wake up we're just talk about it when you like go on Twitter and just like everything is dark and politics and sad and like this was like the day that I was like you know what I can't do this today and I don't want to hear about Anthony scaramucci or Steve bannon's cock like I'm not going to engage like I can't do it but for some reason it look like on top of this very unusual they more like there was that I mean like Sean Spicer lost his job and then this new guy comes in and he manages his 11 days to make Sean Spicer look kind of like a man who was good at his job right and I mean he was a while she was just he was pretty wild the reason I enjoyed it was Googling getting back to good going me I don't know if you remember like
00:37:30a few during that week I had right-wing drama because I made a joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders I can reference like Paris is burning and talks about her clothing but it was a thing where like I was accused of you know calling her like a man in drag or like whatever and there was so much rhetoric from the the right-wing and also from the White House communications director being like all this reporter unit like how could you say something so off all about
00:38:19get out a member of the White House you that was like these are liberals you know just say whatever they want my God to Days Later his New Yorkers story comes out of him being like I'm not Steve bad and I'm not trying to suck my own cock and calling Rance priebus like a schizoid paranoid paranoid like you people are insane or insane I mean like the right-wing like loves to any chance of liberal rhetoric because it's so rare that they get to you later 2 days later this New Yorker article coming out and I was like alright scaramucci
00:39:19go for me cuz wasn't he the one who like he became whatever and then he started following everyone on Twitter and all the sudden everyone realize that they were being followed by Anthony scaramucci and that never happened to me I had a lot of I felt really abandon and I was upset about it I want to see followed by him do you have like a bot follow a bunch of people over because he's also I feel like it was before he was announcing the job because he's also like wanted to be famous for a while he's like he's a producer on the HBO movie that's coming out about Joe Paterno like he's just like he's in the mixing Hollywood of politics he wanted to be in one of them but it was
00:40:19she was like also it was because
00:40:22like that we all know that's right that like his child was born and she wasn't there I wasn't there oh yeah that's right when he left this
00:40:40I can't.
00:40:42Spend more time with my
00:40:44I'm just hanging out here in my fam shut the fuk up so good oh my God so wait so number 7 from also that topic was from the outline Anthony scaramucci says reince priebus cock blocked him for 6 months I don't what does that mean from the job wouldn't let him do
00:41:07cuz we all know like they want to transfer I threw out for so long yeah but I'm wondering who he was like I found the perfect guy for you Don I found the best person for you have you heard of Ari Gold from Entourage because he's like him only Italian
00:41:31I mean like I was but I was the boss so he could walk around screaming expletives at people where is scaramucci was not the boss he was like yeah yeah I also yeah that's true someone else hired the other members of like someone else was definitely responsible for the final call like someone was given the power by Donald Trump to hire like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sean Spicer Donald Trump himself definitely was the one who was like
00:42:12yep that's him he probably got a long red spokesperson situation that the guy took the meeting and aviators and not a bunch of life it really wild shed on his first day out like I like this guy we be better off if Trump
00:42:51was the one in charge of this hiring process
00:42:58I came
00:43:02charlotteville everyone's been all like why do you work there you should everyone should resign everyone leave blah blah blah and like senior officials responded and I think it was like the Washington Post someone was like there's a bunch of responses I didn't actually read the article but someone treated a quote for men the quote simply was you have no idea how much crazy should we kill and I are in that moment I realized there's no Trump wants to do good God-fearing people are still letting themselves be human barricade subfloor and I cannot even fathom that like now I'm like don't everyone keep their job everyone is a play like I can't even imagine like what would happen if Donald Trump was just given like heart Blanche to like ozone actual team and like for his extended staff without any input from anyone else on my just do everything because it's like
00:44:02we happened about you think about everything that happens with this Administration is so fun time. So if he had free reign every photograph of Obama in the White House is burned
00:44:27anyway all right number 6 we've already be someone like him up and put early we've already NPR in the event of a nuclear blast don't condition your hair yet that we've actually we're preparing for the nuclear apocalypse which I heard was caused by Twitter and how much avocado toast were eating but that's it's all Millennials I mean I wish you didn't have to go to them
00:44:58who won our short attention spans of the reason everyone else is
00:45:04honestly probably true I forgot that we were on the brink of nuclear war your hair and nuclear war growing up hearing that like if someone Dropped a Bomb we would basically like for some reason I have this very high-level idea of what it was like to die in a nuclear bomb I lived in like New Jersey there's no reason for that and it was like I felt like it was right I just sent you like I imagine that like your body would turn to dust but you would still be present in that dust for a second she would like to watch everything and then you would just be gone forever like literally since childhood I've known that this is what it is like to die in a nuclear Holocaust and I just don't I don't really imagine that like a nuclear bomb drops and then you're like okay I'm going to wash this Rubble off me in the shower and use my Pantene Pro-V conditioner
00:46:04in the whole continent like the way it like I feel like that after it's just insane like who who gets that far in a nuclear event but then it's like how long the reason it says conditioner can bind a radioactive particles to your hair everything now it's all like well what does happen in the event of a nuclear blast depends on how long I guess that's the radiation or whatever and you survive when can you leave the bunker you know I mean like people aren't still like dropping dead in her Oshima
00:46:50Benson people are like shacking up in Chernobyl
00:46:59are you sure
00:47:01because I've seen the 100m you seen that show I hate love it so much but they had like a thousand years before they could go back to Earth after some sort of nuclear event that never gets talked about okay so what they found out to be fair they don't know how long does when they drop back on Earth they found it was breathable but then there's also nuclear storms being a member there's like yellow things anyway
00:47:37don't even have a blast we all just going to ignore that say yeah
00:47:44number 5 moving right along with the Stars did they say Sean Spicer was going to be on Dancing With the Stars offered it to him and he said no but this seems like an article that someone tried to create out of seeing like three things like three people tweeting it because I'm like realistically wants to look at Steve Bannon on TV every are they helping us Steve Bannon was stepping down to accept his leg Destiny position ruler of the underworld and I am I would be disappointed if he did anything I want Steve to be on Proactiv commercials that's the only time a year
00:48:44cool job is waiting for his body to be used by scientist we can figure out what the fuck happened he's like to cheer leading from the inside out amazing glow up
00:48:58white next year he comes out like next year Steve Bannon like emerges from the Woodward about looking like
00:49:09fukkit one of the bachelorettes and very hot person blanket
00:49:18yeah you definitely tell me if there's only so much you can look when you are that I used to think he was very smart to like he was the one pulling the strings as he said yeah but they may not let that article come out about like when he was back at Breitbart talking about like how's it going to take down like Trump he's liking out he called himself ban in the Barbarian I guess and I'm like that just sounds so dumb just like trap they are for not pulling any string like this is about the right is that they always have so-called Empires because there's like two people who want to read watch and participate and their bullshit like
00:50:18the only station in stations for people with like fully form brains that like actually are willing to say this like offender straight up lies and bullshit and like similarly like is it hard to build a Breitbart know like it is not hard to build a website that is popular amongst not so you know how easy it would be really into the other website for 15 years
00:50:47Carmen's you know how famous how quick we would be if we just decided to be like right wing feminists so could I got to leave a import their talent though like how many times have I gotten into a fight with someone who's totally on the outright and then it turns out that they're from fucking Europe I might be it like they are and even yeah like I'm just like it's usually that's part of the problem with when you get into fights with these people online like they get into your mentions is like 50% of the time they're not even real people or they're like Europeans are Russians and it's like having an argument with like a person who's having a rational thought you know it's like someone who's been created to fight with us online which is enjoyed like I've always enjoyed like trolling in the age of trump like when people who disagree with you send you an RT article
00:51:46like the Russians Daytona Hillary I love this is literally in Russian for Rolling Stone see Pauly Shore Stephen Miller Statue of Liberty presser what was this on I remember seeing this headline and being like maybe doing stand-up I think he still does shit yeah I saw him at a restaurant in La once I don't like to think about it I like to lie I think about watching Pauly Shore as a kid
00:52:47I like burgeoning
00:52:50lesbian and just being like really into polish or I don't know why but I have it like I was
00:52:58I had an affinity for Pauly Shore's a younger person know I love I like genuinely grew up it was like all of those like Brendan Fraser Pauly Shore like Pauly Shore Is like one of the original Google let's see what he's up to and he definitely like rare for like especially like the celebrities are from that era to not have like jump something in culture I was in the leg
00:53:49Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and bogus Adventure would watch them all the time and like watch Beavis and Butt-head at night when my mom was little and was super into Pauly Shore movies that's funny so I think there's just like a lot going on with me emotionally as a yes that sounds like a you problem that have line was about the Stephen Miller comments on the Statue of Liberty I don't know exactly what they were but I didn't know if I was like White House distance on Statue of Liberty and that's just funny and I remember I forget who was I I want to say Matt Walsh maybe or it was just so you know right wing Twitter troll with a verified check was Vogue I think head Jennifer Lawrence on the cover and she was standing in front of the Statue of Liberty and this woman just like editor or the photographer Maybe
00:54:49go back and was just like dude we shot this like 6 months ago and he was like yeah well but when did you pick the cover because you're obviously trying to make a political statement about like Jennifer Lawrence and like Democrats and she was like nah dude we shot it for the cover 6 months ago which is another thing to say they don't understand how actual media work when you make it goes into it together I forget who it was it was one of those guys who want to get my verified thing removed
00:55:33I just feel like he controversial I just feel like you're verified on Twitter makes you more of a beacon for nutjobs I'll let me get home and change it back if you change your @name you but your thyroid check mark I know and I don't want to chance of losing it was probably a bot to take it as soon as I do that but you can't even even if you lock it as a verified user now you don't lose your check mark immediately as it used to be if you made your account private you would lose it but I was being attacked like months ago by like conservative trolls and I locked mine and they were like
00:56:29tweeting like how come he doesn't lose his verified check mark for making his account private
00:56:37We Gots like this thirsty for that and I'm like I just want to be left alone while not being left alone
00:56:47okay number 3 kisses my
00:56:50this is definitely both of our personal favorites from the hill Trump I'm so stable you wouldn't believe it
00:56:58also me leaving yoga you going my friend
00:57:12I mean if we really get down to it
00:57:15why what what president politician person of note has ever had to make a statement like that I'm so stay where you wouldn't believe it like that's why did we ask like Lindsay Lohan would say something like that like in like 2005 you know what I mean that's not something that you hear from I'm so stable you wouldn't believe it Lincoln didn't even say that when I even leave
00:57:46not even Hamilton
00:57:52anyway number two from Slate Republican Congressman would totes duel with these GOP lady Senators if they were in ladies thought this was about Blake farenthold a representative from Texas said that his female opponent in the Senate GOP narrowly avoided and Aaron Burr style Showdown also that same it was like over the course of a few days when the women who like actually wanted to stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act not for political points but like so people wouldn't die but then like John McCain ruined what they were trying to do so that he could like make a big speech about it afterwards and take all the credit so the women were like getting her ass now only by like like Mike Huckabee
00:58:44you don't really really just guy ran for president he said that they should be vacuumed out of office and I obviously Republican men on the internet like they like a really bad like you did from her powers
00:59:06yeah it was like nothing fun it's almost like did you make a cleaning just like like you said if you were like you decided to become a right-wing feminist people like if we all decided to jump you right wing like we be funny funny and witty and smart but usually just have like attractive women who say just like hateful angry things but they're never funny that just sort of like they yell look like not a lot of humor though I feel
00:59:45I like they're like a very angry people these days so number one this is our last real headline from 2017 in the last 2 months Donald Trump's military transgender ban comes up in Richard Simmons lawsuit real real fun
01:00:06what I did with the landscape today and that's America guy begging hot dog shops
01:00:19Richard Simmons lawsuit bus like I'm I feel like these super in The Hollywood Reporter of course super popular podcasts like usually involves talking or some sort of cereal when like
01:00:53and like the constant phone calls to like him in prison like she was like in love with him I know but know that and the Richard Simmons one where like they were basically stalking him and people in his life I just feel like if you want to make a popular like she'll like that you need to find someone you can stop yeah but say It's Entertainment right yeah it was really creepy cat sitting right here I feel like he would say it was the end right here and we don't ever do another episode of this show and I just started a new podcast called stuff okay well this is very fun thank you for being here you can follow on Twitter at Ira which is so good that you have that name don't change it how long have you had
01:01:53Twitter account
01:02:00that's all for this episode of the bossy show make sure to tune in next week want to get involved here something you can do right now to make a difference share our show we're back from Hiatus and you can find us in Diva magazine bustle nylon and more talking about the important roles that women are playing in the resistance please share the bossy show with those you love and make out while you're listening to it we need your help to stay afloat and it's time to elevate women's voices in political media now more than ever walk the walk with us special thanks to Ira Madison the third and Amy siskind for being on our show follow at the bossy show on Twitter Instagram and Tumblr for pics from inside the show and more The Ball Z shows recorded at Sonic pool post-production did Hollywood music by Johnny Franco and audio engineering by Drew Frost
01:02:50see you next time feel they can't see us

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