If you want to work in the cryptocurrency or fintech space, there is no doubt that Silicon Valley is the place to be in terms of access to opportunity, financing and a network of peers. But what if your home country happens to be an emerging market like South Africa? What is it like to be part of a foreign national startup in the San Francisco Bay Area? And how do you effectively manage a distributed team working from a different time zone?

Helghardt Avenant is the co-founder and CEO of Rehive, a platform working to help founders and businesses rapidly build, launch and scale fintech products by providing the necessary building blocks. Users mix and match a core set of features to their specific fintech use case, much the same way Shopify serves the eCommerce industry. Though Helghardt is based in Silicon Valley, 80% of Rehive’s engineering team works from his home country of South Africa.

Today, Helghardt joins us to share the idea behind Rehive and discuss the startup’s many iterations as well as its ideal customer. He offers insight around emerging markets like South Africa, explaining the country’s current crypto economy and what is necessary to inspire widespread adoption. Listen in as Helghardt describes the draw of Silicon Valley for aspiring engineers in the cryptocurrency space and learn how Rehive is streamlining communication among its distributed team!

Topics Covered

The idea behind Rehive WordPress for fintech applications Use available building blocks

Helghardt’s introduction to the crypto space South Africa had limited online payment options First experience moving money online = Bitcoin Fascinated by promise of ‘better money’

Helghardt’s insight around emerging markets Immediate needs don’t require advanced tech Hard to generate interest without clear idea of value-add

South Africa’s crypto economy Run by mining or traditional retail, banking Success stories = EC2 and Naspers

Helghardt’s take on the draw of Silicon Valley Access to opportunity, deal flow Requires mental shift (cultural differences)

What South Africa needs to promote widespread adoption Educate potential crypto distributors on volatility Begin in areas where end-consumer comfortable

How to get people away from traditional currency Enterprise tools for banks, governments and retailers Issue digital denominations (bring into operational flow)

The ideal customer for Rehive Brands with established user base Retailers who want to play in financial space

Helghardt’s advice for aspiring crypto startup founders Get to Silicon Valley for immediate support network Find token sale, blockchain foundation looking for talent

The many iterations of Rehive Stable wallet (hedging mechanism) Bitcoin, Coinbase for South Africa

Helghardt’s tips for distributed teams Establish guidelines for communicating on Slack Work in sprints (3 months together for alignment)

Helghardt’s definition of success Freedom to cross borders easily Tap into other’s time and energy Achieve things can’t do yourself

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Tencent https://www.tencent.com/en-us/

Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron Chernow https://www.amazon.com/Titan-Life-John-Rockefeller-Sr/dp/1400077303 Slack https://slack.com/

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00:00:05go to the movies a podcast your weekly dose of one informative interviews with incredible guests from the latest number I'm your host Adam draper and managing and a fortune are you ready today I get to interview a tribe five species startup called re hive the founders name is
00:00:37hell guard which sounds like the guard of hell aven onto their building an incredible platform for fintech apps it's like the word press for fintech were post made it easy to build blogs they're making it easier to build things like venom our point is we talked about awesome
00:00:56things in general because they're from South Africa so that's where his accents from but we talked about being a foreign international start up and coming to Silicon Valley and what you would do in order to get here while also talking about a distributed team and how to manage
00:01:12that so we cover a wide range of topics but I'd say the meat and potatoes are completely in those two things however is very thoughtful he looks like a younger version of Matt Damon but with a south African accent and yeah enjoy all rights you like the radio
00:01:34voice yeah you gotta okay we're here today with hell guard Alvin not who is the founder of re hive cofounder yeah and it wasn't love McHale and it's a platform for building financial ABS tribe five company it's essentially the word press for building fintech up so if you
00:01:51were to build a coin this upper you build the ten mile of the you know different country is a good day yeah that's a great explanation or is there a better actually should I that one keeps it pretty simple we find that lots of fun to use cases
00:02:05out there people are continually reinventing the wheel taking long to get their products out we trying to help them not have to start from scratch and have them available building blocks to do it on top up so if you wanted a bullet at what price website enough to
00:02:20go build an old logging infrastructure if you want to launch an ecommerce store you don't have to go bold all them management an inventor tools and stuff like that so the same building blocks or different ones existing frantic and you don't have to go through all that stuff
00:02:33from scratch what got you into the crypto space so we started back in twenty thirteen to colonize started looking a bit into the but going particle and funny enough my first experience with online payments or digital payments was doing in between payment masala time acquired some but queens
00:02:54where you're from which we haven't talked yet about South Africa you didn't have online payments well by that time I've never even heard of something I've been mowing I haven't used by Paul and you any could get access to pay policy had a particular bank account I had
00:03:09online banking but I had so little man you that it never even and said my only form of actual digital payment was the university what that system for actually topping up abandons and then paying for your food and so my first experience moving money buying something online was
00:03:27with sitting next to me call in making this but going by and for a domain name do you remember how many big coin you paid at the time I think that the queen was around two thousand grants at two hundred dollars that was just after the first big
00:03:41wave at the end of what was it twenty thirteen windows so whoever received that is in a good well that's right and I think it was the second even remember who was receiving the but queen for the domain name but that was the first time and experience and
00:03:55I think the inspiration then came just by this is a promise for better money at the time a lot of people talking about all this bitter money can make it easier to build financial products without having to ask anyone permission and then being able to build a product
00:04:12that someone on the other side of the world can use that felt quite fascinating the initial inspiration was just cool thank is the cool experience what do you think is different from South Africa not south ever emerging market to journalists about merging markets general what do you think
00:04:30is different about the U. S. and emerging markets for the specific use cases of decentralized digital assets the different scenes people have less access to these technologies so in the first place the needs are immediately quite different and so the media things where there are opportunities to solve
00:04:51financial problems for are so low hanging that it does not have to imply using such I'd long pieces of technologies moons and I can use some examples of the type of clients we work with with three I've it might be an existing business selling air time through a
00:05:06toddler network and they just want to add a little piece that now lets the pallor also be able to save a small piece of their earnings into a savings account and so the type of use cases people are incentivized to work solving does not need so much next
00:05:22generation blockchain is centralized infrastructure and what's it like starting a company from South Africa that's a whole story on its own I think it's really hard getting access to people that get excited about new technologies with not so clear what's the value add just yet so it means
00:05:41a lot of that talent have to go work in a traditional industries or traditional environments and you know it would do you know what is the economy down to South Africa like run by mostly mining and then I'd say a little bit than traditional things like retailing banking
00:05:57but a lot of engineering talent enough working in mines or working in more art core engineering fields and not so much activity in next generation July technology L. ambitious project it's changing yeah changing I mean one of the cool success stories out of South Africa Anne's from Amazon
00:06:19or engineering team is based on in Cape Town O. and was founded by south Africans that kind of were adamant about we gonna be like I've done based business that's interesting to me to build on that and then not special because buying a huge staking things in but
00:06:35that's not the company it's more of an well it's sort in the banking world I guess numbers is a newspaper publisher just a very old traditional one that tried to defend their business model by looking for what they businesses they can invest in order now and and yet
00:06:49he bought a huge piece of tents and yeah that right now so those two are the ones that stand out and then the and then you guys and then the other than their bunch of guys that make it all the way out here I suppose and kind of
00:07:01realize this is the place you have to be to get the best on terms of access to opportunity access to deal flow and access to just being surrounded by other people doing similar things and what do you think about being out in Silicon Valley I'd say this applies
00:07:17to a lot of international founders so I think it's an important topic to discuss is just like what was it that is kept you out here so the first piece of the challenges getting the opportunity to get yeah so for us I gaze and I can see how
00:07:31you struggle with it and jump on a train so for us it was this book going if you add the queen plus Africa you get your foot in the door to have a meeting that's how we met you guys yeah well intended marketing we did we answer like
00:07:43and to be able to say anything plus Africa gets emerging industry it's exciting for people out here that's completely unfamiliar what happens in Africa so if you say for example I'll be the queen base for Africa it's an interesting okay may be missing something if you don't look
00:07:58into it a bit more but that's just gets your foot in the door and then the hard struggle was making them mental shift from thinking in an African way us the most about epic I suppose because that's where we from as an emerging market but it is yeah
00:08:12yeah familiar with the problems and your title there's cultural differences yet is what you're referring to I think their culture differences alike across all nations natural so that you end up thinking about your immediate problems you were used to and then shifting the mentality of being cynic on
00:08:27valley it's hard to sometimes explain why those problems exist there and why there is an opportunity to explore but beyond the thing that's like keep us sticking around this is being able to be at the cutting edge and making friends are trying to solve the same problems I
00:08:42think one of the ways by the way to get through to I don't know if it's investors are customers or anything just to explain where South Africa is you can say like my first digital payment was done with back when she had exactly that's crazy but I have
00:08:56to say that stacked on top of a bunch of things that aligned in our favor so not everyone has access especially at the time I am too a dystonic on puter way you kinda needed to do this thing properly I mean there were some client the wallet mobile
00:09:10apps out there like mycelium or whatever the case was but I had access to a computer with internet I didn't have to pay for because I wasn't a specific department at the university where internet was catered for for free where just about a year before that I still
00:09:24had to pay for my internet so don noting about queen that wasn't even something I would consider as a student back then in our internet cafe is still there ease but it's funny when we started talking to you it was like I was it was it was like
00:09:37a huge steel yelled at them but it's faded out a little bit engineers in like three years people have mobile phone liked it's really a big deal in terms of mobile phone adoption that's completely changed but things that makes it really hard to grip the space now these
00:09:51people know about crypto currencies they've heard about it yeah but they still an education piece in terms of volatility in the volatility thing is not so much the end customer being scared it's the people that are in a position to distribute crypto currencies so there are these huge
00:10:08distribution networks for selling digital products already whether it's television subscriptions or whether it's prepaid electricity or whether it's prepaid minutes they've got this distribution infrastructure reaching the remotest parts of South Africa and some parts of Africa but they have a concern being associated with something like that going
00:10:28where there's a volatility in price and I feel it can backfire if they open up this channel to their in consumer and then not being familiar with the fact that the price can be volatile so it's it's almost like enterprise branding thing or a bank don't wanna be
00:10:44associated with their brand the worst in customer but the good sign is we have a couple of lines that are doing sort of case studies or research in these townships to understand is that a good time or a bad time to start exposing their Brasso education this happening
00:10:59yeah research on whether the end customer will be comfortable enough knowing what it is they buying if they're buying say about going prepaid but going voucher I've been hearing a lot of early tickling crypto people say that they actually think Africa as a continent is going to leap
00:11:19frog because everyone else has old infrastructure so we're still working with the banking systems and working with like whatever the digital system I can for websites or whatever but like if you go to Africa where it's really you can create this new trading it in exchange infrastructure what
00:11:39do you think about that yeah Mike wasn't he what gets us exciting is actually just making the first leap which is making more money digital and then programmable on top of a common protocol or infrastructure this conversation's been going for the past three years and that's a good
00:11:57point even before that it's hard to imagine moving consumer away from the currency is used to every day even if it's that they don't really trust their country or their government to this alternative new cars so how do you close that gap yes our approach closing that gap
00:12:12he's providing enterprise tools for banks and governments and retailers to issue a day did though the nominate the local currency value on a blockchain that suited for that type of these guys so something like a stellar blockchain or a ripple blockchain is more geared towards that because it's
00:12:31lower cost for payment or transaction on lowered on section costs and foster but it gets them to get a first taste of what that world seems like a behind the scenes these organizations armed purely technology organizations so they only to learn although they bring this into their operational
00:12:50flow how do you become an anchor or an issue are off a fiat back token that you then have to manage on behalf of your customer while indicating our customer to get on board it to this different way of managing your own money and we think that's the
00:13:05first stepping stone for the place we playing as an enterprise sort of software solution what's your ideal customer for your your solution we realizing our ideal customers are guys that's already got a user base already got a brand in the market and they typically retailers wanting to plan
00:13:24the financial spice about finding it hard to play against banks with the same type of regulatory environment banks have to operate in so retailers it makes a good bit because they think of the currencies as a way to circumvent the traditional banking infrastructure but leveraging their brand to
00:13:41get financial products out there that's interesting you so it's sort of like what if Amazon had a banking arm yes but then not a traditional banking on but like a queen based banking on yeah I like a used crypto crypto battle banging the thinking of that so yeah
00:13:57I'm using and is it accurate quotes in the Lou doing is doing because we all film this is very difficult to see but if you crypto yes saying seven summarize it we go with the enterprise angle help being the existing businesses that are in a position to educate
00:14:13their end customers how to use digital financial products not necessarily a native cryptocurrency but can be a fiat back token and then educating them how to manage their own private keys and then jumping hopefully to get on boarding them to the bigger idea of better money not government
00:14:31back what advice would you give a little younger you will sound younger you who's about to start what became re hive like what piece of advice would you give that person different to get out here in San Francisco or in the valley it just opens are I didn't
00:14:46learn a whole bunch of things off the bat and then in this time frame there are a lot of token sales that's taken place or foundations that's out there for block chains looking for talent so just I'd be educating myself as an engineer how can it be valuable
00:15:00to those projects because it's a great way to work on something that's actually still just our indie and everyone is happy about it if you find a better angle to potentially take it somewhere that becomes a business if got an immediate support network to spin off and are
00:15:14indeed you are entitled to build build the network inside of the industry that yeah they'll jump on the network jump on this open arms environments where you can learn from what people are doing together as a starting point and that's like where I had to start from that's
00:15:33probably where I'd go next because he can even from some African jump into these I should look up your first email to me once again or yeah that's going well yeah you were called plus go yes we've gone through a few iterations sorry the first product we ever
00:15:52did was going and what spell expo I in it was pretty bad but going for South Africa and we never really got to know once that as much as we would have liked was too expensive to print the vouchers and we learned there at the time we thought
00:16:05it was a ridiculous charging ten percent for a voucher redemption but in the end it's quite fair if you think about the idea of distributing while turns then we became queen base for South Africa actually before going I think the first thing we spoke about was a project
00:16:20we called stable wallet stable wanted was an aging mechanism to create a stable queen which is very popular topic today it is and send all the maker doll guys with their diet is basically that implementation so it's exciting to see that it's come to existence we try to
00:16:38build on the queen critical dining but I never got to really get you know what's fascinating like that era of the big point talent and early adopters of the big point space everyone with through all of the things that exist with all these other black trans is their
00:16:54color coins in there were only a handful of and was able to do what your C. twenty smart contracts to which you're able to do with yeah really I've now yeah the stable coins was a very popular topic then and it's like everyone has we go in circles
00:17:09will elicit a certain circles but the take is getting better and the getting better at building communities and the incentive structure around these communities are more favorable I'd say they're more believers let the belief is what's really financed this whole operation is like suddenly people or whether they're
00:17:26excited about the money side or the tax side like there are more people who are in it and that gives it more validation I just think it's so interesting because I literally remember talking to you guys about stable coins about yeah Flavian about issuing equity on the blockchain
00:17:41about god there's so many of these you know supply chain still one of the on defeated and no one has gotten that yet crypto use cases so let's talk about that one quick so they're about five themes that I think we visit to it and there were a
00:17:54few people visiting but that eventually succeeded in coming to existence so stable one that we started with that didn't come to life lobby in the colored coins which is basically a RC twenty about four but Clinton come to life when there is always a made up but at
00:18:09the time when we talked about Quinn was for African wasn't attractive no because Quinn was wasn't necessarily killing ants now so that came to life but it feels like it was about a eighteen months to twenty four months lag always a delay yeah before it really gets there
00:18:24but then some things change the tech changes the team changes and they were competition like if you're in was a good competitive thing too big point and yellow is I think they attracted the hearts of a lot of very talented developers which is where the values the values
00:18:40in people like at the end of the day we recently between the calling myself we intentionally revisit that emails from twenty fourteen between ourselves and between people that made it kind of reached out to learn but know about the space yeah and it's funny we came across an
00:18:55email that says Hey check out this thing virtually the guy let me using their pie but going live before is launching this new project called a theory him but the website doesn't look right it's probably not going to be great a bunch of time later obviously older things
00:19:10come together then we found ourselves building RC twenty projects and then about another twelve months later than those whole token sale who happened now you never really know you're going to be in it for the right reasons more recent topic that I find fascinating coming back to the
00:19:28basics and a year after ask yourself what makes but Quinn so special and I really think it's just the idea of better money yeah it's almost wanna make the analogy of the queen maximalist doesn't care about the going yeah it's better motivator money budgeted under way but I
00:19:44didn't I try to make this analogy for a theory and what is if you're in like better everything our computer out of it I yeah so the theory and I still do not understand what's the better what better contracts will better programmable money yeah but that's not the
00:19:58base one as this is maybe better trust is like the one not being but I completely understand where say like the core of the bitcoin maximalist it is really just the idealist jump on to the fact that like there could have been a better way than banks that
00:20:13that was it it's like there could be a better way like we're connected through the internet why isn't there a better way to move money exactly like it makes no sense all right the next part of this is called the lightning rod cool the lightning round %HESITATION do
00:20:29you have a favorite quote not only the reason one better money I feel it's becoming a theme on their better money Milica better money dot com it's not a quote if that's the thing blog dot better money dot com so there is someone who updated and twenty sixteen
00:20:48that is not helpful okay do you have a morning routine yeah for sure ID if many get a better day if I have some exercise and then I most of the time just make an omelet an omelet specifically on that what kind omelet is like two hangs but
00:21:07since she's okay and cheese over I was like two eggs just scramble to exit eyes makes up for in the plan as an all night and then flip it like a bank I can then and then off to work as a sort of it it's like yeah then
00:21:18off to work out but I can use that they just might start kick start the day yeah I've been doing breakfast as the routine I'm actually curious experimenting not doing right people keep saying reckless I'm portant but maybe not so hot people are less they're like why are
00:21:35they talking about diets I eat a banana and I drink a Cup of coffee for breakfast so I basically don't have practice like I I basically need that and then throughout the week I eat salads for lunch and so I haven't really don't need until dinner well and
00:21:51good but I don't know it's great it's great it's been good morning routines really important I read a book called Titan it's about Rockefeller the oil guy and he had a like religious day routine almost everything to the second was the same except you know obviously is making
00:22:08different decisions draws up every bike wore the same thing did the same things for lunch the rhythm of it was very helpful for him not to make as many of the routinely decision so he was able to be more sort of innovative on all the big decision by
00:22:22itself time but I am still time yeah yeah it's funny I think we don't spend enough time looking on always being on time oh yeah like so tired tomorrow I'll do the same thing as we went in there so I would be cool this thing a bit more
00:22:36time to learn it better spent well I I think we're moving into a world of so basically like work is happening in sprint's now where you're able to work all the time so I could be working in my bed on my phone like I can always be working
00:22:51and so it is important for you to get the other part of your brain like open though not just like the task oriented part of your brain and so it's gonna be a sprint based environment where you really taking it's almost like months straight and then you're like
00:23:06I need to rest with two weeks yeah and like a lot of people are definitely stressing this an organization so that people don't experience burn out I think burnout surreal thing me we had to do the thing all where eighty percent of our engineering team is based in
00:23:19Cape Town being out here it's different time zones yeah and all teams now grand we're fourteen said means we have to put some things in place that manages all teams time a bit better yeah with the different teams inside our teams are the product team in sales and
00:23:34marketing team I just meet them on a routine basis once a week yeah and so I know how to plan my time around that and so you have any tips for people managing a distributed team I guess you learn as you go along we find that we primarily
00:23:49use slack like most remote teams do but then I think you learn by burning a finger is a bit so he I'll tips is just be basically started realizing we have to put in some measures to make sure we don miscommunication on slack or that we don't miss
00:24:05information on slack for example we talking I am on the person speaking and you're listening but on slack sometimes in a top because we ever it's talking all us when we onboard new team members make them aware of how snack is different in normal conversations but you have
00:24:20to be careful to understand at communicating on like silly Vokes emotion and you have to be careful and so we have a couple of things like just to make sure you don't miss an important message you have to drop to I. bulls on the message that's relevant to
00:24:34use of the person that's posted can go back and see I look at the ones I wanted reading like human based guidelines that sort of way Hey we can't we should write the little black piece on that because it lacks a working it's about listening yeah you're creating
00:24:47guidelines to make it so that people listen more than talk listen invalidate that they understood the hour that they didn't miss it you should write about personnel because I had one there are more and more distributed teams especially in this decentralized world and like that's becoming it's a
00:25:02trend this nomadic life that people are living there able to just travel and like the engineers and you know there's act out their work and people want to work so I'm out here we come together for about three months so far in the last two years and then
00:25:17we really spent a lot of time together at those prints I'm just to get to know each other but there and the line on where we wanna go and wants us I don't know how other distributed teams do that but I feel like it would have been hard
00:25:29without the things time as I hear people do sort of twice a year events like this where you bring everyone together to discuss the future to talk about problems do all that stuff yeah into quite a structured way actually we've been approaching to do that yeah that's interesting
00:25:45star when lightning round this is be out one food and one video game what food what video game would you play and eat for the rest of your life I can give an honest phenomena and peanut butter banana with peanut butter yeah Pacific well yeah and what video
00:26:01game and the game I don't play video games do you play board games I can play a good town for long times I'd watch you just played so's the kit and for the first time and I love it yeah we should let them also I'm also undefeated yeah
00:26:15we should play so good that I've put two lambs out on both yeah uncounted legacy kids I didn't not this time it if but I think it's a skill based game that is not skill in there it is there's enough luck enough skill in which the one thing
00:26:32that like all other games have that it doesn't have is sort of the attack that's the only gimmick that they don't have everything else so they don't have like I can't attack you when you can pair up to attack someone yeah it was but it's not a tacky
00:26:45and really it's like you know withholding don't know like wood yeah yeah sabotage if an actor to play you in a movie who would you want to be you well I've got a pretty sharp knows it has to be Tom Cruise but he's too old now but at
00:26:59the younger version of palm trees I see it I see it as you will Matt Damon to allow it they could pull it off he plays south African in them and yeah you did on down you know for sure yeah he's got some words that what's your favorite
00:27:15book I don't have a favorite guys I read all the Harry potters I know you like any part of I struggle to have favorites my favorite you're not good at ranking the favorites and figure out which one now but last book you read this the last one organization
00:27:29to Rome afraid this center on which I found pretty fascinating because I feel like even though he was a conflict that the initials are on now it's about this guy that was a convicted criminal in Australia but he managed to escape over the front wheel and Danny manning
00:27:45to find its way to India and fell in love there and landed in the townships of India kind of good with that school and any manageable whole life there's not become known as a doctor and old part of the mob and sort of redeem himself in helping the
00:28:00local community and so he wrote about his own life but I kind of enjoyed that is a little bit of a cockroach I can imagine if I was in a prison I think skate for sure the only challenge yourself but I appreciate the I would definitely escape from
00:28:18prison I like the mentality though it's like I'll figure it out what is your definition of success getting freedom freedom and I suppose for me is the ability to just do whatever you really want to do next freedom goes beyond just being able to run across borders that's
00:28:33like level one Senate irony for me is that some people would say being a US citizen may be feels like you don't have freedom in a weird way but for me that's they want because then it means being able to you can travel the globe more freedom but
00:28:49the second piece of freedom is being able to tap into other people's time and energy that are aligned with what you wanted it's maybe a bit selfish but it means you have this freedom of being able to achieve bigger things you can do yourself it's a really nice
00:29:06sentiment you're basically saying okay first geographic freedom and then the ability to connect and build your vision yeah it's like you can't do not find it was actually the opposite sell it like you're bringing people along I think that's nice but I don't know I I suppose sort
00:29:24of leadership and so important and leadership can go like the complete wrong way I find it odd sometimes that it sounds very weird to say but are they such negative the miles around building an empire everyone's building them but blank I think that's the ultimate freedom is you
00:29:41get to do what you really think is the right thing to do and hopefully there's enough free market and people won't buy into it if they don't also agree yeah they don't agree they don't need to be a part of so you should read the book tightened and
00:29:53I brought it up before he believed that being a monopoly which is essentially his empire was the best thing for humanity tent so like that was his whole thought process so yes I think it can be dangerous but in the time we live in today it's a little
00:30:07bit better because at least you can be made aware off on scale if you're not doing it right so guy like Donald Trump you can see why people are unhappy with these views and then he makes an explicit decision maybe not to listen to it but at least
00:30:21there's a platform to yelling more voices which I think can be a good call the bass will route being willfully helping you build a better empire looks like there's the ultimate market it doesn't care about you it's like you win or you lose and that's what the market
00:30:35does and like the entire world is the market and so suddenly you're competing with everyone people are competing with you you're from South Africa we're competing with people in Europe Europe is there and he was someone China like the whole group everyone is competing in building their own
00:30:49empires tiers of government on us is like freedom but I like the idea of these two years you're defining what your and if I wasn't a prison it would be just like scraping out be step one that's a letter one yeah I want to layer to the latter
00:31:03was later one is like being not in a present yeah exactly okay well thank you for being on the basis of drug and sat on thank you so much for tuning in during your busy day to learn about sci fi technology for more info on what we do
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