Esteban Ordano believes that decentralization is key to mitigating the risk that comes with digital communication, and his work uses VR to return our sense of immediacy, to recreate the personal connections that will lead to what he calls a ͚Renaissance of humanity.͛ So, what does the world look like at this intersection of virtual reality and cryptocurrency?

Esteban is the founder and CTO of Decentraland, a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain where users can purchase land and build on it, limited only by their imaginations. Using a VR headset or web browser, Decentraland users become completely immersed in a 3D, interactive world where they can watch live music, shop with friends or even visit an underwater resort. Prior to Decentraland, Esteban worked as a software engineer at Google and BitPay.

Today, Esteban joins us to explain how the economic chaos in Argentina inspired his interest in the cryptocurrency space. He discusses the role decentralization plays in mitigating the risk of sharing information online and the way cryptographic systems facilitate radical governance. Esteban offers insight around Decentralands place at the intersection of virtual reality and cryptocurrency and how the platform enables the management of digital scarcity. Listen in to understand the major challenges of adoption in the VR and crypto space and learn how Decentraland is testing concepts of governance before they are applied in real life!

Topics Covered

Esteban’s introduction to the blockchain

  • Article in Hacker News (2011)
  • Meetup in Argentina (2013)

What sparked Esteban’s interest in Bitcoin

  • Economic disaster in Argentina
  • Opportunity to be game-changer

The most important role of decentralization

  • Mitigate risk of sharing information
  • One-on-one connections = Renaissance of humanity
  • Efficient way to transmit info and measure impacts

How cryptographic systems facilitate radical governance

  • Peer-to-peer way to make decisions
  • Creates consequences (money where mouth is)

The intersection of VR and cryptocurrency

  • Decentraland allows for testing concepts
  • Missing link to creating free society

The significance of digital scarcity

  • Virtual currencies enable scarcity, ownership
  • Until now items on database modified by single entity

What the world might look like in 10 years if Decentraland succeeds

  • Vitual economies, shopping and bars
  • Send kids to Decentraland University

The major challenges of crypto and VR adoption

  • Security, efficiency on through-put (crypto)
  • Hand-tracking and affordability (VR)

Esteban’s definition of success

  • ‘Surprised a little every day’

Connect with Esteban

Decentraland https://decentraland.org/ Decentraland on Twitter https://twitter.com/decentraland Decentraland on GitHub https://github.com/decentraland Esteban on Twitter https://twitter.com/eordano Esteban on Medium https://medium.com/@eordano


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00:00:05Welcome to the boost bc podcast your weekly dose of fun informative interviews with incredible guest from the boost pc network we'll dig into the latest topics are adventure capital startups and emerging technologies I'm your host adam draper founder and managing director of this b c and a fourth
00:00:22generation venture capitalist are you ready to rock on today's episode I'm interviewing esteban or don oh who's the chief technology officer for the central and to central and is a virtual reality platform powered by the ethereum blockchain and onto this episode we talk about the importance of scarcity
00:00:46and digital worlds Why he's excited about the crypto revolution and how d central and could actually become a testing world for riel life governance I'm really excited about you listen to this episode all right today we are joined by esteban or don oh am i getting that right
00:01:05That's correct i'm really excited to talk to esteban he's the technical lead it to central land which if the technologies of virtual reality and cryptocurrency had a baby it would be to central and boost vc is an investor In the token obviously it's the middle of the intersection
00:01:22of urine crypto which are two technologies that we've built huge networks on he is from argentina He worked at google bit pay he then has gone down the bitcoin rabbit hole from then welcome esteban thanks another for having me on them and it's great to be here awesome
00:01:40hey originally we actually met like three years ago i believe because of a project called stream iam right Yes that's perfect stillman was peer to peer the first david channel application i believe that went live on on a browser andi at the time we can't prevent the project
00:02:03because well not many people have been going and the people that had it doing want to spend it but right now there are some other projects out there there picking up where we left on doing a great shop outfit one is called life beer on dh the other
00:02:19one spanking spank it i'm actually gonna have a mean on the podcast soon so we will hear more about spank chain in the future Where did you come from and how did you get into the cryptocurrency space so much that you have worked on two different projects three
00:02:39different projects i believe in the space around two thousand eleven i was reading hacker news that y combinator four rooms on dh bit can cut my i started reading about it it looked amazing on dh i thought well this is a nice project i will love frito work
00:03:00but didn't actually it started to delve intrigue deeper until i think in two thousand twelve we started to organize some stuff in the argentinian community on dh in two thousand thirteen there was a bit going meet up that's where most of the activity down there start of there
00:03:21a lot of projects coming out of one aside it's like settle een aroostook it's a really cool community was your curiosity based around sort of your technologist side where you're very technical or was it around you know argentina's always the example of a perfect place for bitcoin to
00:03:43take off because of the sort of inflationary currency that's there Or were you just sort of like this seems cool let's disrupt the world Like what was your general interests I came from like a very radical anarchy script anarchist movement Like you said argentina is like the perfect
00:04:03storm for a lot of economic disasters Yeah i clearly saw the opportunity for bit going to be that game changer and start to do things in a different way with regards to how do we handle money insurance Mostly and what do you think the most important part of
00:04:24this decentralisation movement is So this is the decision i think it's the road what we're going after is the crystal systemic risks we have a process off Intermediation off information in this past few centuries because up until like three hundred years ago your sphere of influence to which
00:04:51you could broadcast was just you could only get us for us You could travel toe but in the recent years you can now reach out to anybody around the world like and right now in london and you're in the west coast on dh we're having a realtor I'm
00:05:09conversation this waas a unthinkable for someone three hundred years ago How incredible is that I think a lot of people today take that for granted the fact that we khun really communicate with anyone on the planet at any time instantly today exactly but that also comes with some
00:05:32risks and that's why i think that the centralization is a way to mitigate some off the risks that come with that because in some sense you lose a sense ofthe skin in the game off where the reactions to the information that you broke us So i think that
00:05:50if we go back to like more immediacy or more shane win one to one connections will start to see a new arena Sounds off are you saying like emotionally personality wise like what is renaissance of humanity man if you don't mind me asking yeah well all the different
00:06:13ways in which we're something to think about the world have to solve the most of the problems that humanity is facing right now you can say that some of them are caused by this problematic intermediation off decisions For example if someone in high position in government create some
00:06:34new policy that adversity effects a lot ofthe people on dh he doesn't feel back the consequences off those policies there's some inefficiency that we can sort out through a more grounds up maur grassroot more peer to peer so being able to articulate the actual like sort of decision
00:06:58more accurately is that sort of what you're talking about Yeah exactly Feen ableto act upon information that every single person is the best actor toe become some off those decisions and through a more efficient way to transmit information and and ease your way to measure the impact That's
00:07:20the right that sounds that i'm looking after what you're describing the inter mediation is a lot like the game of telephone where i tell you one thing they tell you the next thing and you trust the whole line of command essentially where you khun trust the word of
00:07:36mouth from one person peer to peer i like that concept did you ever use napster a product I think i did some off the other as well like new teyla was big in argentina don't keep e donkey those appeared appeared downloading web service I'm learning new things Yeah
00:07:56it's like another version ofthe napster believe launching around the same time as bittorrent or use the similar concepts that's awesome to me How you're describing is like the cryptocurrency world is sort of where napster was the peer to peer way to download music This is the pure to
00:08:15peer way to make decisions almost with the new technology like you khun dis intermediate the trust so that people could make decisions it's cool governance eso it's a radical governments amore distributed way off making decisions always with the right amount ofthe abstraction Perhaps the best way to make
00:08:38a decision is locally at the city level perhaps it at the national level But i think that with cryptographic systems and new ways off accounting that information will start to see like more consequences off putting your money where your mouth is There's something called future key it's similar
00:09:01to our current government systems In that there are elected officials the proposed vicious nation but there is a market toe bet on which would be the best policies And then if the policies workout on you bet against them you lose money and if it doesn't work out and
00:09:22you better for that evening there's pull off resources available toe amend all off those products so where does crypto currency in virtual reality intersect right So i think off the center land in some way like a very cool little world where all of these things can be tested
00:09:47out before we can ramp up and start to apply them on really lives but i also think that bickering and cryptocurrencies who wasthe e ke that wass missing for the internet to fulfill this the centralized dream off creating a free society brittle currencies enable beautiful scarcity the ownership
00:10:12ofthe items and land for example in the centre and on dh that's the key thing that we think that we're going into the brutal reality industry they're related toe manage this really scars items because up until now storing your items on a database that could be modified by
00:10:33a single entity wasn't like riel digitalis carson and if dissenter land succeeds what do you see that world looking like in ten years i hoped to see a ritual economies bringing out ofit anguish toe send my kids to the central university which is an actual project from the
00:10:59community our go do my shopping at the local shopping this rate meeting with my friends on a metal bar but yeah watching the games we interviewed another v r guy named peter rubin who wrote a book called future presence in what he was saying is that a lot
00:11:21of people think that v r is going to take us farther and farther away from each other and what his argument is is that v r is going to bring us back together for the first time with technology rather than like what the internet is done up till
00:11:36todays make our lives more efficient with communication but not with connecting people to people it's been connecting people to information where v r brings us presents i thought it was an interesting argument Yeah i definitely agree with that Do you use v r every day Well now not
00:11:53now because i'm traveling but yes it's savory swoon a vise that i cannot live without i agree i love that song legend way were there in the office we've got like regular competitions in there i still favor space pirate trainer but i definitely understand is that your favorite
00:12:22experience outside of d central and obviously i think yeah between saber and ego are enough although i'm not very good at that all the donations playing that game relief way better let me i always closed ranch with what is ico arena like a mutual capture the fly with
00:12:46it sitting in a space environment your spaceship and there's ah a ball that you have toe run through it's kind of like space quidditch in some sense awesome oh i know echo okay i know i go because i know what do you think the major challenges are for
00:13:08v our adoption because obviously your company your project i guess is really dependent on two things one is that crypto currency is a thing which i believe that the world is starting to accept and the other is that virtual reality becomes a thing where do you think the
00:13:26major challenges are in both of those technologies Well with regards to block change we need to be ableto tuning what amount ofthe security the windmill out of abduction in order to not house such strong requirements off security like between has which is that recent way it takes so
00:13:47long tto finish transactions i think that we can turn down on security in orderto have whether through booth we've been working on some different human scalability project's on dh i think that it looks very exciting sachin and i think that over the next year we're going to start
00:14:09to see some actually improvements on the island more efficiency and frugal andi with regards to we are on tracking like generally available have tracking is something that we definitely need without that it doesn't feel natural oh six dollars so you're talking about the six degrees six freighters in
00:14:30tracking yeah okay god i completely agree i think in a lot of ways the go the oculus go is a big deal because it's going to normalize virtual reality a lot it's going to allow you as a person to cvr out in the wild because there's one controller
00:14:49and one had said and it's cheap the price points like two hundred bucks is that's Why i didn't change it's a game changer but it's not as good as obviously high end which i would equate to you know what the santa cruz is going to be or what
00:15:03vibe is today or what the oculus rift is So i'm really excited because i think in twelve months the conversation around virtual reality is going to be completely different Yeah i'm super excited about those developments and yes hey i believe it's going to come and it's a great
00:15:21honor to cover participation and is industry wide revolution So the next part of the boost vc podcast is called the lightning round Okay so the lightning round pah pah powel if you were to invent a sport what would that sport be called And what would be the purpose
00:15:45It will be three deep pool with riel three d on dh it will be played on space And what would you call it Space pool but i'm in i think that's actually really cool idea for a game i think you could do to envy our two that's a
00:16:02great i'm visualizing it and it seems very very cool that was a very quick answer by the way you can ask one person one question what person What question No this is funny even less what year are you planning on traveling to mars You meet an alien for
00:16:25the first time you're the first person to be in alien what question would you ask the alien They speak either spanish or english you can communicate with the aliens It's agassi moe's last question when is the world going When is the universe Do you believe that there is
00:16:43sentient life on other planets Most likely yeah i don't know if we are ever going to make contact but it's no it's likely that there are other lives if you could edit your dna and add one superhero ability what would that ability be Well i think immortality i
00:17:07think yeah Immortality that's interesting I left wolverines of feeling abilities Wolverine yeah yeah i'm excited for that that's getting closer with crisper you know d central ants going tohave crisper elements at some point to it's going to be dna sequencing crypto v r in crisper the right right
00:17:30from the central and university loves university labs that makes it sound cool what is your definition of success Friends excitement being surprised a little every day being surprised a little every day is the best answer i love it that is an awesome answer and on that note thank
00:17:55you so much for being on the boots pc podcast thanks a lot for having me and this was a blessed this was so fun thank you so much for tuning in during your busy day to learn about scifi technology please for more info on what we do check
00:18:11out our website at www dot goose dot bc or give us a follow on twitter and facebook at boost feces a big thank you to matt calendar coyly and ben lovell for their support in creating and producing this podcast a musical thank you too mellow drive in there
00:18:28a composer for our amazing intro and an outro songs if you need music for your digital content check them out at mellow dr dot com lastly thanks to tim hollowell with the podcast group in washington who didn't incredible job mixing this audio boost vc is all about helping
00:18:47amazing side by tax succeed if you haven't idea you think we should hear get in touch with us at boost dot b c slash contact and make sure to sign up to get notified when applications open for the next accelerator tribe also we love to hear from our
00:19:02listeners so raid us and drop us a comment on whatever streaming service you use way would love to hear feet back That's it for this week and unfortunately we don't have enough time for mark sacrifice But be sure to tune in next week when he's available this is
00:19:18adam draper signing off You pube you

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