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Sarah Casden and Jenna Sands "Hello, Wellness!" on The Blonde Files Podcast with Arielle Lorre Podcast #114 In this episode Arielle has a lively conversation with Sarah Casden and Jenna Sands, founders of HelloWellness, about their journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship in the health space; the importance of in-person connection; self care among high stress careers; overcoming negative self talk; making wellness work individually; the craziest things to happen at events; and so much more.  Catch up with Hello Wellness on Instagram Check out the Wellful podcast The Blonde Files Podcast on Instagram   For Arielle's cookbook:https://theblondefiles.com/the-blonde-files-cookbook/ Follow Arielle here on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ariellelorre/ And catch up with Arielle here on YouTube
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