00:00:01Roman Lord here's a just reward bring the devil just because she said in size down the road
00:00:23save our recording as well
00:00:35and when she said she saw someone standing over his bed
00:00:59from Pacific Northwest stories and minnow beats whale it's season 3 of the black tapes podcast this season we continue our exploration of the Strand Institute enigmatic and found her dr. Richard strand we're telling the story of the black tapes in order every 2 weeks so if you haven't listened to the first two episodes go back and start there will be here when you get back
00:02:04we'll get back to where we left off last episode but first I had a chat with Nick on Skype he was away from the office working on something for one of his other podcasts can you hear me
00:02:17yeah and you see me I can you look you look tired
00:02:25thanks you too
00:02:30so I got your messages that sounds like quite a situation here's what I've gathered so far
00:02:37it's possible to Dave a corporation is a front
00:02:42okay that sounds seriously nuts I know but stay with me
00:02:49Thomas Warren is actually a member of the order of the Senate Office and he's figured out a way to open up portals all over the world to start ushering in the Apocalypse
00:03:03Yahoo listen to this
00:03:09it's almost loaded
00:03:11okay what is it well this researcher Jen Perkins she was the one that sent me those photos of Warren at CERN she led me to bees audio tapes of his experiments so just listen
00:03:27are you sure it's Warren in those pictures
00:03:30positive we had the most educated twice
00:03:34really yeah okay okay listen
00:03:45sounds like the unsound yeah
00:03:49all that stuff about dying a year after listening to it it's obviously not true because we're all still here the unsound is the sound of his experiment this experiments there's more on the file and it's all the sounds of the movements of what we thought were scriabin's mysterium we were so off about that like way off
00:04:21Nick sorry I just am getting I just got an email this one second
00:04:31what's wrong
00:04:35I just
00:04:37it should be in your inbox
00:04:39okay you're kind of freaking out but okay
00:04:48just just take a look and call me back
00:04:58so I dip it looks like a surveillance video or Nanny cam footage nothing groundbreaking it's dark and the camera has some type of night vision feature enabled it's hard to make out exactly what it is but I could see a bed near a window the curtains have been drawn shut we watch for over a minute
00:05:20nothing is happening
00:05:25I'm expecting some type of jump-scare now after a few more seconds something moves and I noticed that someone is asleep in the bed under the covers
00:05:37and then the camera moves
00:05:40it's not a nanny cam it's someone holding a video camera
00:05:46and it's moving towards the bed
00:05:50I can see a foot peeking out from under the sheets
00:05:54the camera stops at the foot for a brief moment before continuing to move closer to the sleeping person's face
00:06:05the camera turns and points to a corner in the opposite side of the room
00:06:10and I can see something moving
00:06:14there's someone standing in the corner
00:06:17or something
00:06:23it's tall with what looks to be long thin arm stretching down to the floor
00:06:29I think it's so dark it's hard to tell
00:06:36after what feels like way too long the camera slowly pans away from the corner and goes to the bed
00:06:44whoever is holding the camera slowly moves it up the sleeping person's body
00:06:49from the foot up the legs up along an arm
00:06:55and then
00:07:00hello Nick
00:07:02yeah what the hell is going on how did someone get in there
00:07:09when was this
00:07:12I have to call the police I already called them one of the detectives we spoke to back and season 2 is on her way she's going to take it to your apartment she just texted she's about 6 minutes away
00:07:31the video the room it was so dark I didn't recognize it
00:07:39the person in the bed
00:07:41sound asleep
00:07:44was me
00:07:50someone had taped me sleeping
00:07:54something tall dark and shadowy was in my room
00:07:59and someone broke into my apartment recorded me sleeping and sent it to me
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00:11:45I spoke with the police and they went over every inch of my apartment there were no signs of forced entry
00:11:53I was supposed to leave for Geneva with dr. strand in a couple of days Nick thought my taking some time away from all of the stuff was a great idea I didn't have the heart to tell him Geneva was actually Ground Zero for this stuff
00:12:10in the meantime dr. stran had called me in a panic if you know strand you know that Panic isn't normally in his wheelhouse he stopped by our office what is it it's something quite surprising
00:12:24he sounded pretty freaked out on the phone
00:12:31what is it
00:12:32voice message
00:12:37at that point strand handed me his phone and played me a voice message he's agreed to allow me to play it for you here
00:13:21I want you to come here and then call you to tell you to come
00:13:30whatever you do
00:13:41that was it
00:13:43the message came from a blocked number
00:13:46I didn't know what to say
00:13:51Nick warned me he told me that there were people following Strand and with this new information he didn't think Geneva was such a great idea anymore Nick wasn't sure about the cult of TNA but he suspected whoever it was was probably tied to David Corp and the Senate Office but
00:14:10what if they were the same
00:14:13what if it was all Thomas Warren
00:14:19Nick and I went back and forth over everything but I still wasn't sure what to do then he hit me with a bit of a bombshell
00:14:32this is going too well I'm just going to ask it
00:14:38do you have feelings for strand
00:14:43romantic feelings
00:14:47any feelings that could compromise your objectivity
00:14:51well I know I feel protective of them to a certain point I suppose I'm largely responsible for shedding light on his black tapes and drawing attention to them
00:15:01but my feelings four-strand aren't forcing me to lose up activity
00:15:09are you sure
00:15:13can you sing going to Geneva is a sound idea
00:15:20Remembered store and basically told us that he used us to draw the Senate Office in to find his wife
00:15:28and where is his wife
00:15:31what do you mean I mean what happened to her
00:15:36she went away to save him something everything and then just disappears
00:15:52well it's only strange if you don't believe her
00:15:55and you believe her
00:15:58well her stories too outlandish not to believe who would make all that out it's not the Bourne Identity okay true but I'm worried you're being lead somewhere by strand somewhere dangerous Geneva
00:16:22maybe Geneva I don't know no one bleeding me anywhere I'm going where I need to go for my story
00:16:31okay listen I'm not trying to be contentious here we just need to think carefully let's say it's true that the order the Senate this is some Modern take on the Pythagorean called aiming to bring a boat in Apocalypse to replace humans the new breed of shadow creature or demon or whatever okay whatever
00:16:57okay to things what do particle physics research in Geneva and the cult of the senecas have to do with it
00:17:06what do you mean don't forget to call the team at
00:17:14you know I'm not going to do need that for some romantic interlude was strand right
00:17:23I want to say yes will trust me it's not like that at least not exactly
00:17:33what about the tape of you sleeping what about it
00:17:38it feels like some kind of warning maybe but a warning to do or avoid what
00:17:48I have no idea sleeping
00:17:51because it was sent to stop me from sleeping it's working
00:17:56yeah how bad
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00:19:48for personal reasons I've recently gotten into the habit of not answering calls from blocked numbers but as soon as I started going through my messages I immediately regretted not having picked up for one call in particular
00:20:06Hello Alex
00:20:09by now you probably figured out a lot mystery
00:20:13the order of the cinefest Thomas Warren
00:20:19it's not what you think
00:20:22call appearances all smoke
00:20:25Autoworld of Blood and Bone Shadows walking on Shadows
00:20:32we are all of us
00:20:35barely hear
00:20:38your most private thoughts know this is true you've always know
00:20:45close to them now they're leaking through so it's not what you think it is
00:20:52truth is never that simple never that straightforward
00:20:57best truth ever change
00:21:03this world sake I hope you don't find it
00:21:08I know you've probably guessed by now but it's strand
00:21:13call Elizabeth strand
00:21:17Thomas Warren Santa Fe as a thought they had everything they need
00:21:23but in order for him to open the door
00:21:26I need strength
00:21:30I need him to open the door that will usher in the end of days
00:21:36I'm telling you this to warn you Alex
00:21:42Tran has a choice
00:21:46go and realize the end of everything
00:21:51or stay away
00:21:53I keep the world you know live
00:21:56at least a little while longer
00:21:59either way
00:22:02it's time to come out of the Shadows
00:22:06goodbye Alex
00:22:16of course I'm going I just arrived at dr. strands house to talk him out of going to Geneva after sevens message after everything I've told you
00:22:26you're going to walk into a trap
00:22:30a trap the end of the world
00:22:33yes you know how that sounds don't you are you telling me honestly that nothing that's happened over the past 2 years none of it has left an impression of course but you're unwilling to admit that it's possible that some of the stuff might be real I believe that I might be walking into some kind of trap coralee and my father might not be there pretty clear to me that something is very wrong with the whole setup it's a bit
00:23:11it's convenient don't you think
00:23:17don't go
00:23:20Alex I've been searching for something my entire life
00:23:26what happened to Bobby Man's father doing all those years
00:23:31the time spent looking for correlate
00:23:35I know I mean I understand
00:23:42carry on without knowing
00:23:47what if something happens to you take care of myself
00:23:55what if
00:24:01let's just make sure we have dinner before I leave
00:24:04just in case
00:24:20what if we just leave
00:24:24what do you mean I mean what if we take off
00:24:29leave our jobs responsibilities and just
00:24:58I have two plane tickets to
00:25:01you have our two tickets to Geneva
00:25:08okay just listen
00:25:14you're going to make me dinner
00:25:16we're going to drink this bottle of red
00:25:19and then we're going to wake up and drive to the airport
00:25:25Alex then
00:25:28all you have to do is decide which plane we get on
00:26:26the black tapes is a Pacific Northwest stories and minnow beats well production recorded in Seattle and Vancouver produced mix and engineered by Nick silver edited by Nick silver and Alex Reagan executive producers Paul Bay and Terry miles if you enjoy the black tapes you'll love our sister show tennis you can listen to tennis at itunes.com tennis or tennis podcast. Com thank you so much for listening to the black tapes

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