Your fav news and politics podcast #BlackJoyMixtape went to see Black Panther and got inspired to talk about how our communities have Wakanda potential, but white people are really trying to ruin this for us with gentrification, harvest boxes without actual harvests, and compromising our access to clean water and food. But all is not lost, we still prevailed over triflin exes and saw an ill pre screening of Giants. Make sure you follow along using the hashtag, #BlackJoyMixtape. And don't forget to share, rate, follow, and subscribe!
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00:00:00say that we recorded on the other side of Valentine's Day but we made it so I didn't see it is really kind of fake you know because basically what ended up happening now them helium balloons on the flow and now there are a lot of people really dealing with the fact that they Niger windshield before after during
00:00:20nothing and no not a rose is going to make up for the fact that you know y'all together cuz it ain't birth control is it as Bountiful as it should be I mean conversation on Valentine's night was as dry as the state that they ordered so annoyed with is when I have Valentine's Day if folks some shit around not just there why you single but I don't want to but I don't understand why you not with me though
00:01:00I don't know how to care for you and I don't have enough money but why don't you want me still why are you trying to be happy I saw you on Instagram and it looks like you have a whole new life and I'm used about me and secure with yourself and I'm just wondering why why why you just can't say that you want to come back home I don't know I don't understand you seem like you got new dishes and I still got the dishes we have in our home and I'm wondering if you know you know I was going to delete this but you know what you can still have the Netflix parents are you just can't have your own profile no more name in it and beautiful and I just don't want to know that you out here watching
00:01:58you know Monique goes to prison without me watching all the Nollywood saying mind your own goddamn business you know but it's totally fine so I'm not going to change the password though when I'm going to do is delete your profile because everybody know your name because all the smart black people listen to the Black Joy mixtape and that me making people feel really insecure because they're your name is looking all glorious and flying looking like the king that it is and I have to be reminded that I fucked it up and then I have to explain to this person who likes you and listens to the barn Joy mixtape actually had this person in my home and I can get my shit together cuz I ain't shitt
00:02:44so we're talking to y'all black George you believe this part 8 for y'all this is a read my nigga C this is a beauty of having your own platform is you get to say and do what the fuck you want to do and you get the same subliminal messages to the niggers who need a subliminal message said all right by the house shoes fuck you
00:03:09oh yeah I know you listen to Sis tell him I said that shit go ahead and report back you don't read it sounds like they was talking about you on the black professor Megan Texas
00:03:28you know what I'm tired of but I've changed
00:03:39you get baptized
00:03:43anyway happy love day benches
00:03:49Amber Jay Phillips The High Priestess the black Joy this is Jasmine King of the cell and you are listening to the black Joy mixtape and what it do
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00:04:14sit down and tell him which is when I come to see them. That's my name on the Netflix
00:04:35play Netflix from my home to
00:04:42I know you did I got to go I got to Netflix and chill coming over and is your name and my name on the screen everytime I log in and I just hard to explain to this of a bitch I'm lying to you that's all reparations reparations be afraid about that you are yes you are absolutely providing me with the Netflix you are absolutely provided me with AT&T coverage what the fuck you thought
00:05:13that is what you get from a relationship if I don't waste my time for this time Netflix cell phone
00:05:22some of my head shit I should get electric bill off this shit a bus pass something you know what I don't know how many miles I love the secret life of black women who still have like certain passwords are things connected from their exes
00:05:40other friend she still have the the credit card information from a Exxon like her GrubHub so every now and then she sneak a pizza in on this I want double Justice League make sure you use in the hashtag black Joy mixtape that's hashtag black Joy mixtape and follow along on Twitter and Instagram again that stares at black Joy mixtape and make sure you share like And subscribe and leave a review for us on iTune please have it I just don't even worry about it she'll time cuz we don't give a fuck what you talking about anyway
00:06:21so Jasmine we saw black panther this week now we did oh man it was such an occasion so much beauty also want to take a moment of silence without giving away the plot but can we
00:06:34I just need time at my baby boo boo coo mbaka Winston Winston Winston man is your man is her man and I will take I definitely want Tuesday and Wednesdays we had it on
00:07:05I want Sunday because I want to cook his favorite meal I don't want to do nothing but we all have our own a range Wayside calendar yes I will make his big ass some lasagna get on the hashtag and claim what day of the week do what would be your activities with Winston Duke on your day of the week I have Sunday so you bitches can stay off of that day I definitely have Tuesday such a beautiful movie it was beautiful beautiful black people are very pleased yeah I loved it I thought it was really great of course and you know there's just things that it left a wide Gap open for the live experience and superhero like powers of poor black American women we were talking about before the show
00:08:05yeah cuz I noticed that there's only one black American woman in the movie and it's not necessarily a spoiler to say like she don't last long she don't don't do a whole lot of other black American women are pretty invisible in the movie like we hear about a mother that we never see but there's a lot of content of course around the father without giving too much away so what are the things I really loved about the movie is that it did a call and response within the black diaspora specifically between black folks born in Africa and black folks born in America and I have personally seen this conversation go horribly wrong when I was in college when we tried to talk about our similarities and differences with students who were from Africa and students who were born in America by like black folks born in Africa calling black Americans lost or lazy and then black folks returning that by calling folks born in Africa backwards or behind
00:09:05the time it which is all just shit that white people have fed to us anyway if you ask my black ass but I appreciate that the movie showed our responsibility to each other because it wasn't just like this narrative that we got from like Marcus Garvey and w e b Dubois like black people need to return to the motherland but also what is the motherland's responsibility to poor black folks in America black Mandy is definitely loose movie that is symbolic of the times were in and thinking about well what are some stereotypes of one of the things I don't Services black people globally that we need to rid ourselves of an order for us to really create something foreign by us and so I think a lot of their work is happening and also we have to recognize how Wauconda is already here in a lot of ways when I when I was thinking about the symbolism of what kind
00:10:05the other place that white people can't see the value the beauty the advances of a place like that reminds me of our neighborhoods that I actively being destroyed just off the weight that people don't see the value and or beauty and trajectory of those places until they want some until they want to come in and redirect that like to run I destroyed because they don't see it they want they have better plans or ideas for it so it's kind of like interesting about going deeper into this idea that would kind is a third world country that they kept referring to it as a write it something that has nothing to offer but even if we kind of was there is still has something to offer the world this reminds me of like so I went to college and Pittsburgh in this place called the hill that they referred to as little Harlem and black people literally weren't leaving this area of Pittsburgh because they had everything they needed from centuries to butchers to music to
00:11:05takers all these things at the city just basically came in and build a stadium on top of it and that's what they keep doing in a lot of way so I'm not necessarily waiting on one, and I'm willing I'm willing to think about more about how we kinda already exist and if it already exists if we already living places there are what kind in what are the things that we need to strengthen and build upon to fully realize I will Connie and nature at home ready or at see the value in Beauty and the places that we are as well as how do we strengthen those things globally how do we create connections with our brothers and sisters and siblings all over the world to continue to poor resources and or think creatively around our economies so that we can have more shared things they have a comments so I think we keep talking about the panel that was before where
00:12:05describe what kinda is a place that wasn't touched by colonization but it was touched by capitalism and I must say I had disagreed because I really didn't see any exchange any particular capital in Wauconda but what I did see was people in the comments and so or what we were able to see Limitless so whenever you talk about you want to see what the barber shop was hittin foe like we need him more explanation around what kind of other than like this the central part of the resources they had and I think that's a really white things to talk about the value of a place solely on the fact that it has something versus like all the the actual things that has the beauty the gifts of the talents of the people there and that's what I mean around like we have to reposition the places that we are and or don't necessarily need a movie
00:13:04to tell us they are places aren't seen by white people and and while they've been touched by colonization we have built beautiful things and in response have created Marvel's and Beauties beyond what they have been able to take inviolate so I'm just really excited and this whole piece around creating more things for poor black American women get some ways the movie does it there is a potential to address of poor black American women and part of the use for more resources into those places which
00:13:44yeah we hope will happen if yes so that's pretty much what will try to theme throughout or we throughout the show today is what this got that was left open about what does it mean to actually poor resources into our communities especially those that we know are being led by black women specifically poor black women why people have no self-control God damn God damn is that the same president who is sit his secret service out to grab his ass a Big Mac on command in the middle of the night which I'm not going to lie something I would totally do with that type of power is also trying to spend Millions to replace the refrigerators on Air Force One Wants to further limit the food choices of 42 million Americans who access benefits
00:14:44through the supplemental nutrition assistance program also known as snap also known as food stamps so 145 is clean I mean Administration released the proposed budget we knew that snap was on The Cutting block unfortunately this is been the case for nearly every Administration regardless of party affiliation so 45 budget proposed a 27.4% cut to snap in 20.1% Cut to section 8 housing yes housing so here's the plan according to Fox News that we got ahold of rather than folks getting all of their benefits to spend on groceries snap recipients who receive more than $90 a month and benefits will also get a package of food that includes shelf-stable milk juice cereal pasta peanut butter canned meat and canned fruits and
00:15:44which confuses me as to why they are calling this a harvest box considering nothing in the box will actually come from a recent Harvest so true the trumps practices he didn't complete the full homework assignment because the details on how this will actually be implemented are to be determined but what we know however in this is probably the worst part of this proposed plan is that it will be left up to the States on how the boxes will be distributed if this happens this will be an additional burden on States as well as leave a critical service up to partisan political manipulation like what we continue to see with the implementation of Obamacare as Republicans also aim to cut 215 billion dollars from Healthcare spending that will leave an additional 20 million Americans without health insurance by 2026 and
00:16:44no mistakes baby food stamps / snap is absolutely a critical service considering it also ensures that 20 million children receive food so Jasmine we talked about this a little bit too about this replacing of snap and taking away people's ability to choose but also replacing it with this Harvest box so giving your work and in life in the world South what does this policy get wrong and right about providing food to families so one place I like to start is just a reminder that this baby is proposed so Congress still has to review it and take up the process from then right basically figure out what will be implemented if it's past and what they're not going to let get through so I just want to say that this is not happening
00:17:44the second thing and I think is the most important piece is that they are about to cut peoples benefits to give people this box right so I think that's also a little piece they're trying to making it there trying to create this illusion in some ways that is box will be able to supplement people's food access with their stamps yeah but we already know that what they're talking about putting in the box is what people are receiving from the the WIC program which is with the women women infants and children program to go to food pantries to receive can milk and all this potato salad
00:18:44would be like a blue apron service which we might also add cost about $200 a month number one number two they deliver you a box every week and so not only that blue apron also has fresh ingredients right so it's not Blue Apron know what it does do if this person is and this is like Blue Apron what Congress will have to do specifically Democrats who claim to be on our side or who claim to I don't know what they do child but I don't know her birthday
00:19:24the president wear keys if it's going to be like Blue Apron then let's think about CSA so community supported agriculture for the folks who are familiar with these it's a particular program that happens in a lot of places where X is so pretty much what people do is on the front end they pay a fee for a farmers Harvest and pretty much what they're paying to do is have the farmer to deliver that Harvest once they process and do all the things they need to do with the agriculture for that particular week for that particular month now if we were to imagine a blue apron / c s a government assisted program what would have to happen is everything about Blue Apron who does also get their food from local farmers right here and if we
00:20:23about the CSA what would it look like for the government to help supplement a program where local black Farmers a local farmers. In these rural communities got money for their products to then do a program to deliver that to snap beneficiaries without them having to compromise their budget this would be in addition to the reason why I bring this up is because that would be a way for the government to build on the programs that they have been doing since 2008 so you think about the farm bill so the farm bill is this thing that happens every five years this is actually where snap is is house a lot of my food programs a lot about food policy is held in the farm bill now the farm bill is not a sexy document but I assure you it's something that we all have to pay
00:21:23attention to because if we want to know where are the programs are how far more specifically if we think about the history of the land laws in this country the Farm Bureau has been where a lot of dad has been regain so to go back even further this brings me to the Pickford case so I don't know if y'all know what the Pick 4 case was essentially the case they gave payouts a black farmers who was discriminated by USDA
00:21:56okay so the USDA had to do a payout now originally there were 400 playing Tucson these but that eventually grew to 80,000 so in 2008 and then moving into 2012 Farm Bill there was an expansion of how many payouts that they were going to do so that expand it to 1.2 billion dollars Obama got 1.2 billion dollars for black farmers who are discriminated against what they look like was Farmers that was like a credit program will USDA black Farmers when intentionally told the wrong information they weren't giving appropriate information with your parents or ability white grow food in to make money off their exactly there a lot of Cooperative kind of like Fannie Lou hamer's Who needed the usda's assistance to maintain their land
00:22:56there are a lot of the USDA what they do is they create a lot of programs to make sure that farmers can sustain themselves because farming is a really hard job because a lot of it has to do with the weather and so if there's a drought if there's too much rain excetera excetera if they are different Insurance programs there a lot of different credit programs that make sure that farmers don't go under in those times that was taken away from black Farmers so over time especially in the 20th century was talking about millions of Acres owned by black people that were lost during that time because of his routine discrimination so what people don't usually talk about so the Pickford case happens the payout happens under Obama right even though the case is waged in 1997 so in addition to that there were a lot of programs created
00:23:56cuz you can't just pay a bunch of people and not create like the infrastructure of people who were routinely discriminated against that means that they don't have prices and that means they don't have distribution that means they don't have the proper equipment to plant and harvest they're good so this is where I came in during this time. See where I did a lot of work around food with a lot of people and so one of the things that could happen or an expansion of the work that happened the farm bill was supposed to or what it does or what it was doing was being a robust connections between farms and institutions and they were investing a local food system development so the 2008 and 2013 farm bill is authorized a lot of programs to build new opportunities and local and Regional food now what is this have to do with SNAP right all the
00:24:56explanation right USDA expanded access to healthy foods in underserved communities by making EBT available at farmers market so snap which is also on the farm bill
00:25:13they allow for SNAP redemptions at farmer's markets Nationwide so it rolls from 4 million dollars in 2009 to 21 million dollars by 2013 we talkin about 4 years 7 * grow like people can spend that money at farmer's markets because they created the programs one where Farmers could accept SNAP benefits they also created the technology for people to accept these they lick is like trying to cash some when you are talking about
00:25:51creating opportunities for people to not only spend snap money you're also creating opportunities for local farmers to make money farmers who have been routinely discriminated against in these low resource areas so when you're talking about cunning snap you are also talking about cutting the ability for black Farmers or specifically rule Farmers to make money specifically the farmers that aren't large corporations working like to make potatoes for McDonald's french fries guest room in the land and shit using a lot of pesticides using a lot of unhealthy practices so mainly what this program currently does wrong is that is making
00:26:48is calling yourself a harvest box and not a single Harvest is in there thank you Amber for pointing that out but what it could get right is continuing the infrastructure work it's already been laid by the two prior Farm bills and we're in a year where the farm bill is on the discussion now so they're supposed to be one in 2018 so it happens every five bsi's a 2008 2013-2018 and so if he is calling it The Blue April is making it Blue Apron already set up a lot of the groundwork for a lot of farmers to accept SNAP benefits so we continue to build the infrastructure we could definitely create programs where this food is delivered to rule communities who already suffer from having a lot of food deserts rent and I really don't like the word desert because desert is alive deserts are allowed to have a particular ecosystem this is
00:27:48gentrification when grocery stores and not exist in rural communities when snap beneficiaries don't have places to get fresh healthy food that is a systemic issue and is on our government to address for those of us who are living in places like DC or Columbus Ohio this also matters for you because even in these big cities there are still food deserts there are food gentrification is happening food genocide is how we don't have literally don't have access to grocery stores nearby so I think that again we have this thing with Trump and why we need Democrats to look alive is because this could be something that one will help with food deserts because you would have delivery to it will have to happen to Adam or regular pace and not just at the end of the month because what we also know for people live in the page paycheck-to-paycheck is that I don't know about y'all but there are there were times where
00:28:48like literally we just had enough food to get to my mother's payday or to get to my mother's food stamp drop off so that that means a lot when we also know our are u.s. Postal Service which I assume is what they're going to use it shit and like what happens when the delivery is Miss what happens when folks already don't have enough food in certain areas but I think what I'm also trying to say is the we wouldn't have to figure that out if they allocate enough money in the farm bill the USDA could potentially create a pot of money for states to figure out how they would distribute this fresh food that have done it they've been doing it for the last 10 years where they have rolled out or these smaller programs like I was a part of to create systems to figure it out figure out how people can get their money or create
00:29:48how people can get their food and how to create incentives around people expanding their snap so like what I'm talking about around Farmers Market they were literally funding programs that allow for people to potentially double their SNAP benefits if they went to the farmers market right so like it's a great time to be creative great time I think what I don't want to get in the habit of is constantly talking about how this person is lying you know like or what what this person what I'm saying this person I'm talking about this freezing it if we have all these different structures that already exists people have already starting to figure these things out right and if we just keep on building this all this infrastructure
00:30:48processing around distribution local food systems and Rural communities connect and Rule with Urban and they're just not there damn it's really ridiculous snap is always been a place for Innovation anyway because that's why we've moved away from the food stamp system to the electronic money so that people can access these resources so again this is a matter of expanding folks access to a simple necessity called food if you think about is in contact with the rest of the budget is proposing specifically we're talking about fresh food a lot of us will not have access to it anyway yes especially if the White House gets their way here the White House is seeking to cut more than 2.5 billion dollars from the annual budget of the Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA
00:31:45the administration's playing with his several dozen programs altogether among them assistance to find water system improvements along the us-mexico border and Partnerships the Monitor and restore water quality in the Gulf of Mexico pudget sound and other large bodies of water funding for the restoration of the pets the of the Chesapeake Bay will fall from 72 million dollars to seven million dollars and a similar program for the Great Lakes would be cut from $300 to $30 although neither would be wiped out but according to the guardian people of color a steel more likely to suffer from harmful air pollution than white people across the u.s. in this disparity has barely improved in recent years despite improvements in overall air quality typically found in communities of color and low income communities
00:32:45industrial pollutants such as landfills trash incineration coal plants in toxic waste dumps affect the well-being of residents
00:32:55who rely on groundwater from Community wheels that are often contaminated a 2017 study and environmental health perspectives found that the average exposure to nitrogen oxide by all Races the income levels drop from 2000 to 2010 you know back when people were listening to all go a little bit and Obama finally was able to connect to the climate change existed but despite the decrease people of color have higher levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air so much so that if people of color breed being the same levels of nitrogen dioxide as white people in 2010 it could have resulted in 5,000 less premature deaths from heart disease
00:33:42running and going to get it this progress will be quickly reverse though according to the hill estate of conducted by the environmental Integrity project found that the amount of civil penalties charge to polluters by the Environmental Protection Agency drop by 49% compared to in President Obama's first year looking specifically the study found that the Trump EPA collected 30 million dollars compared to 71 million dollars and 50 million dollars in penalties under the Obama and George W bush administration's respectively
00:34:25which under both administration's Bush and Obama failed to adequately measure or penalize the air missions of farms in 2016 and climate news reported that the agency failed to adequately measure potentially toxic air emissions from factory farms which allows livestock operations to generate air pollution without government oversight but more than a decade runoff from factory farms containing a wide range of pathogens antibiotics and other toxic chemicals that contaminates around and groundwater sources and wells in communities of color as if these folks aren't impacted enough Trump's budget continues to cut access to our health care and even Healthcare Workforce programs with which would help medical students in their education and give communities access to doctors and places that typically wouldn't be usually rule communities with this contaminated water
00:35:25so Amber why is it important for us to talk about environmental justice for people of color am I called the black Joy mixtape is because nobody else is if you look at a lot of our national organizations that focus on environmental justice or trying to change people's eating habits like Peter or even Sierra Club you'll find that they directly are not doing enough to Target communities of color what we know since the beginning of time black people have been victims of environmental Injustice weather is the stealing of land whether it's poison water or literally toxic corporate waste like waste from factories being dropped in our communities it will it will say more black people connect the dots poor communities of color like it's not just about climate change but literally in real-time our communities are being poisoned
00:36:25penis with how we have more access to McDonald's and check cashers then we have to Fresh Foods or you know wealth distribution I don't know like any of these things get and it's just like creating more isolation between these agencies so we're talking about cutting snap run there is the potential for USDA and the EPA to be working together to create a harvest box that doesn't that feeds our communities and doesn't in a way that doesn't poisoning right shelf stable shit nothing right again propagandize Harvest box like making a harvest box and make it a harvest box and so we're talking about the expansion of resources rather than talking about limiting on punishing people just because they're poor that's not how this should work right and not only that even if we did create that type of program we don't have an EPA to monitor
00:37:25what's the water quality in places so that the food is healthy actually healthy for people so like that I feed ourselves that we're soul food is killing us and shit when it's Friday night buddy keeps creating this policy or all these policies but under this notion that black and brown in indigenous people are somehow fraud and that is not the case we are just trying to eat yeah we're just trying to get good air quality we're just trying to get good clean water we know y'all are actually the fraud y'all have taken the access to this shit more money on drug testing snap recipients cheap proven over and over in States like Florida and West Virginia that that's just not true that they are not taking that damn money from the government and using drugs
00:38:25does not happen is y'all that are on drugs yeah I need a drug test from Donald J Trump I need one from the legislators don't like I know all the marionberries business right but y'all keep acting like we don't know what the fuc 45 is doing 9 is doing and then he's also creating all these narratives around why we don't deserve basic human right you deserve and when they are talking about poor folks not having the right to access all the food they talking about you my G yeah because that's another thing that has been fascinating to me to is how we have really Left Behind The Welfare Queen and continue to everybody has shitted on this person this person who is using food stamps to get food that actually taste good or have access to different shit when in actuality this is a policy that will hurt
00:39:25whether or not you're on Snap or not when we don't acknowledge the creativity in the resilience of are what kind of like ass Community we tend we are setting up folks like Donald and the Republicans to recheck the narrative about our communities as a whole one thing that the Republicans are constantly doing is building the most dangerous of their policies off of negative stereotypes around black women that's why we need to fight that shit at every single turn no trust black women no pay black women no give black women in their children access to the foods fruits and vegetables and air quality that they deserve because if their water is poison is only a matter of time y'all when we were talking about representation and how important it is for black people to be seen in movies it's important to think about what who is left out even though I'm feeling real good right if you don't include us in the snow
00:40:25the narratives of superheroes poor black women do not become human enough to deserve quality food they did not become considered good enough for Quality Air and what does it mean for a family's right what does that mean for our children and there's a comic that's kind of give raising Dion Dion so that the single black mom who's raising a superior that's coming to Netflix even though Netflix for a Canuck
00:40:56more than a half a million God damn superhero movies is Papa John is coming out of this time by and like soaps for a long time really need more of those narrative have to be included we have to expand what we want to see because it does definitely impact black Futures just like really needs moms and it's so important like what kind is so important about us being able to think a possibility because it does help us situate ourselves and a tangible imagination around a tangible thing that shows as a black future remember black feminist on films that as an old segment we have done on volume on that pretty much pays homage to one of our favorite shows In Living Color
00:41:54and now public access presidents men on Films
00:42:00and I'm canceling Merriweather and welcome to Men on film
00:42:07we going to be reviewing the latest film from a male point of view it's so funny like two snaps in Z formation So today we're Dustin all for you all because recently Jasmine and I we lucky showed her ass but will tell you
00:42:27the pleasure of going to early screening of season 2 of the YouTube web series Giants created and starring James Bland most people think of birthdays is a time to have a big celebration but what if you took your birthday as an opportunity to truly ask yourself where is it that I'd like to see myself over the coming year
00:42:56so where do you see yourself Malachi
00:43:05I got three class for your service today my dick is while I was with somebody last night and wouldn't get up
00:43:14someone Olympic motherfucker I could have stayed at the car
00:43:20turn across here I don't know where she went to sleep she can crash on the couch sleep in the bed with you Giants is a coming of adulthood drama series that follows the lives of three black Millennials each battling their own inner Giants and as they as they approach each battle in their own inner giant as they approach 8:30 what's up Jasmine and what I love most about the series is that it how is highlighting how folks in their twenties are navigating very real and heavy issues like coming to terms with living in the fullness of our sexual all these as we break away from traditional dating practices and honestly only having desires for the opposite sex as well as depression and mental health at large with no access or little access to resources like stable employment in healthcare so the reason why I laugh also quite a few were talking about this is because we did show RI
00:44:20S&S screening because for those of you who have watch the Giants won everybody on film is finest fine and they brought out all the fine ass fucking DC as well to see this shit and CJ Faison then we got Lamar Dupree of In Crowd DC yeah we got all these Rattlers also known as FAMU what's up let me just tell you just beautiful people all around and let me just say episode one is so good and we have to do so much around normalizing weird is in our communities regardless if people actually identify a square or not yes so like some of us are just say OK Google and so even when Quincy Jones is just out here I don't even that it's messed up don't get me wrong kind of need it but we also kind of need to know that Richard Pryor
00:45:20are you the person who has inspired some of your favorite homophobic comedian so was out here having queer sex and his and his wife his widow wife would say yes totally my give you ask Richard about it he tell you about each other I think black people have such a hard time with that shit because we want like when you are here living your best life you're free is best life I just feel like it's easy for your desires to expand because why not like why are we were just talking about Valentine's Day right now like this idea this script that they have given us we talk about this in the last episode that was somehow we're supposed to fit in to this script that was literally written before it without us about what happiness and love and life and Community looks like and it's just not real and that's what I love about giant because we're seeing these people
00:46:20grapple with that as much as we're starting to see more representation of black people we're also getting more representation about what our lives can look like and that's also going to trickle into who you find desirable and who you actually want to build community with long-term and the Giants are usually constructed for us and Giants that had nothing to do with us this statement is shame for I lived experiences from scripts that were created to oppress us for Generations right and so I am so glad to see giant Staffing in Janesville and is definitely a challenging masculinity definitely doing a lot of things with this piece of work I'm not even sure if he totally grasp all the things he's doing but I do totally know that it's on East erase Channel on YouTube the premieres on February 21st about it
00:47:20anissaras it will be out y'all should definitely watch it catch up on season 1 definitely and also just really be inspired to create right now like I'm walking away from both Black Panther and watching and seeing Giants this we all in the same week is just because somebody didn't represent something doesn't mean that you don't have the ability to add to it runs me inspired by it so and that just makes me really excited I can't wait to see the content and the things that black people were created during these ridiculous times that we were absolutely it does a perfect segue into black women the gods which we are so excited about black women this week because it features whenever Sonya Renee Taylor has a book that just came out y'all
00:48:20wow so someone is book is called the body is not an apology the power of radical self-love and you can get it wherever books are so also hop on amazon.com and pop it off there so that we can get our sis all the high-ranking numbers because the cover alone is a reason for this to be a New York Times Best Sellers kind of just really put us in another a I am really excited that we are here I want to recreate this cover I think I might can we get someone to design the graphics for the filter so we can all just put ourselves in the collage like a Facebook profile update type of thing some like that it's just a floral background and just put a little give me a little flower to put over my flower involved in the body is not an apology
00:49:20yeah and we all just create versions of this Taylor introduced to her through her poem what women deserve
00:49:45Transit won't let you talk to their kids about safer sex I've never had to listen as the door slams behind the man who adamantly said that shit ain't he is leaving her to wonder how she'll raise this kid women deserve better than the $300 TANF afdc will provide that family of 3 for the $6 an hour job at KFC with no benefits for her new baby for the college degree I never see cuz you can't have infants at the University please go to YouTube and watch it y'all it's the poem honestly that let me to reproductive Justice my best friend has sent it to me when we were in college in this is long before so you Renee like became one of my homies because we also sit on the sister song bored together and she's just such a liar like she saw on and she's so real she's so highlights healing and what she's a big advocate of making sure that are are just the spaces are movement spaces are also space
00:50:45it's for people with disabilities and people who are differently-abled and she just doing God's work around radical self-love like and you don't also what kind it is out here with his bald head this plus size body brown skin skin on a fucking Fleek what was an apology I don't know what that is. Is this body is abundant baby just said that type of radical alright this this this radical work I am really excited to get into him also honorary Mission and shout-out to Tasha and Lindley who is celebrating the anniversary of the saint of eulogy the bag lady and turned a year this week I ordered her book and Tasha and we've mentioned Tasha before because she is also one part of color girl hustle and they be rapping so yes shout out to
00:51:45yes if you believe reproductive Justice I know some of y'all think we're saying racial Justice what so yeah I love them people create I think so many times we pause our creation practices to focus on the word the work in the world but we are the working the world where a lot of us are doing this to hell are damn selves Sonya Renee is also definitely going to be going on to work and is highly recommend that the first time I ever saw her perform I was a mess I was literally in tears so you can see you hurt or dates on Sonya Renee Taylor, backspace advance and I'm a spell that out for you it's s o n y a r e n e e t a y l o r. Com events in for you DMV folk she will be at Red Emmas bookstore Coffee House in Baltimore Maryland on March 4th and we will also be in the building to see her at Busboys and
00:52:45what's in Washington DC on March 5th and might even swing over to split this rock on March 7th to hear her speak as well about her amazing book and get get my copy signs you know yeah I might have to go to the March 7th when I won't be here where you going to do steaks on you for this and you know be inspired once again the body is not an apology challenge wait till y'all see that cover is very beautiful so shout out to the fam bam and that's what show y'all make sure you follow along on the hashtag by Joy mixtape by Future yes absolutely what is your help for black features Jasmine my future is there we keep creating visual representations of black Futures just keep dreaming keep innovating around the technology keep innovating around
00:53:45and what we want these narratives to be and continue to expand on the reality of who are people are as well as what are people will become
00:53:56yeah my / black features is for more black people
00:54:01and even myself to just keep creating an to find glory in your voice and telling your story just as it is I want to see more novels I want to see web series I want to see just all of it in honor of who we actually are not who we think we have to be in order to appease white people how they see us and Jasmine where can I find you online I find me a jazz on your mind on Twitter Instagram and Snapchat and I'm just Amber Jay Phillips on Twitter Instagram you can follow me on Facebook again a special shout-out to our engineer and sound person Morgan given Optimus Optimus monkey still need a pair of them Foamposites homies and make sure y'all check out everything all the amazing stuff that he's working on you can make sure that we can give Morgan a pair of those Foamposites by donating to PayPal. Me backsplash black joke
00:55:02I know I also don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter at black Joy mixtape be sure you use the hashtag black Joy mixtape and please do not forget to use the hashtag pie mean when you lose man. Reagan pop yes and this is jazz Community South and you just listen to the Black Joy mixtape never enough time I catch pneumonia
00:55:45sit down
00:55:47sit down Chinese bitches when I come to a sister Emma copyrighted me I set trends
00:56:09shut down
00:56:15I never won in the show in the time in the show

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