Shaquille O'Neal talks about the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, including the fallout from Kincade's 76ers getting knocked out at the buzzer by Kawhi and the Raptors, and how Shaq doesn't think Brett Brown should be held accountable because he knows that coaches don't matter. Shaq also thinks that Portland is an "if" team - meaning "if" both Lillard and McCollum are on then they can win. We also get Shaq's thoughts on the state of the Lakers, how Shaq is feeling after the announcement that he will be hosting the NBA Awards in June, and the story about Shaq buying 10 pairs of shoes for a kid in Atlanta who wears size 18 and couldn't afford shoes. Of course we get Borderline, and in the wake of the conference finals we play a round of the NBA Emoji Game!
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