Nancy Pelosi and the illustrious AOC get into a catfight (can we say that?!), a Democratic Senate hopeful falls apart on launch, and Trump’s Labor Secretary battles allegations of a sweetheart deal with Jeffrey Epstein.
Date: 07-11-2019
United States


00:00:00Nancy Pelosi in the illustrious AOC get into a catfight. Can we even say that a Democratic Senate hopeful implodes on launch and Trump's labor secretary battles allegations, sweetheart deal with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show.
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00:01:19My service by the way, contact Birch gold group in a free information kit on physical precious metals right now revealing how gold and silver can protect your savings. They can legally move that Ira or 401K out of stocks and bonds into a precious metals Ira Ira if that's something that you're into it at no cost. No obligation kit. Text Ben 247-4747 again, my name been to 4747 47th to diversify least a little bit in the precious metals in a chaotic here. Oh, okay. So we begin today with the mother of all Cat by supposed to say cat by we were informed by AOC that have two women have a fight over nearly. Nothing that you are supposed to not call this a cat fight because it is sexist in some way sure even though the term cat fighting has been used to apply to use of the term cat fighting has been perplexed come from very long time. Now, it's called cat fighting if two women have incredibly Petty and public Feud which is exactly what AOC and Nancy Pelosi.
00:02:19Are having right now because they don't actually disagree all that much. I'm policy Nancy Pelosi. Just want to hide the ball a little bit more the difference between Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi's a smart person and person Nancy Pelosi does not have the right principal but he's a battle hardened veteran of the Congressional Wars. She knows how to publicly face the policies that she's putting forward. She's much cleverer than Arc which is why she is the speaker of the house and AOC is the representative of one of the bluest District in America after winning a primary against another Democrat leadership Challenger for Nancy Pelosi, at least in terms of skill set is a complete fiction and fiction promoted by the media and what's amazing and ironic and delicious about all of this is that Nancy Pelosi made this happen as he started to get media attention and Nancy Pelosi basically had two choices ignore. It just pretend that he was not a member of the crowd and she could have done that if she could have just done that and then the other things you could have done it.
00:03:19Promoted you could have said I love the new energy. The AOC is bringing your party. I love the fact that AOC really is channeling the future of the democratic party and she chose sort of both and that's the worst strategy because on the one hand just patting AOC on the head telling AOC that AOC is brilliant and wise and wonderful and energetic and on the other hand choosing quite publicly. They get their policies make no sense in that. She has no constituency happy. So this is actually Nancy Pelosi's fault because what you should have been doing was downplaying these Jokers from the start. You should have been downplaying AOC you should have been downplaying Rashida tlaib. She should have been downplaying ilhan Omar should have always said that they were a very small contingent of the democratic party and she shouldn't have been patting them on the head for their energy because you know, what else has lots of things have energy lots of bad things have energy.
00:04:11And Nancy Pelosi was trying to channel that energy Nancy Pelosi Wanted the Best of Both world. She wanted to be able to utilize the cocaine like power of identity politics that is not bubbling up from the base of the democratic party. She wanted to harness it and then she wanted to use it in her own particular way, but she didn't want any of the after effects of all of that. That's not how this works Republican Party by the way his found out the same thing in the 2016 primary every single candidate try to do this with Donald Trump every single candidate tried to use Donald Trump. They tried to say, okay. Well Donald Trump, you know, I may disagree with Donald Trump with his but his folks are really energetic and bring a new interesting energy to the Republican Party primary and eventually he would fade me pick up his support and then they would just move on with that sort of cocaine energy power that that Trump was bringing to the table in 2016. Well by the time they realize that trumps base was sticking with him by the time they realize that Trump has illegitimate player. It was too late for them to do anything now where Pelosi has an advantage. Is that a OCD
00:05:11I have a national crab day OC for all of the talk about AOC being this tremendously powerful political player. She is not but she certainly perceives herself that way and she's utterly unhinged. She's utterly unhinge when it comes to her practice politics. She is not holding back anymore. So we sort have to reverse and explain what Nancy Pelosi was doing here. So I got Nancy Pelosi spend her early days posing with AOC on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine new freshman women. They were just bringing this new wonderful Zeitgeist in energy that Congress and they have such great new ideas and then publicly and she would say stuff like that. We won this election. It wasn't in districts like mine or Alexandria's. However, I wonder if she's a wonderful member of Congress. I think all of our colleagues will it test but those are districts that are solidly democratic this glass of water would win with a d next to it snow in those districts and not to not to diminish.
00:06:11The exuberance and the personality and the rest of Alexandria and the other members in Congress has issues in The Bluest District on planet Earth and over and over and over again over the past six months. She called The Green New Deal the green dream or whatever shirt at Market suggested the green dream or whatever they call it. He knows what it is. But therefore it right to the green New Deal which was aoc's Chief policy priority involving the murder of millions of farting cows and grounding of all airplanes. That's what one of several or maybe many suggestion that we receive.
00:06:52And she sort of shuffled it off to the side because it would seem 0 votes in the Senate and then she was asked about aoc's wing and she got kind of upset about it. And she said she likes to minimize the conflicts within her caucus between the moderates and the progressives who have these Wings AOC and her group on one side Light Side people know it's the progressive group more than aggressive signs. You said all these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world, but they don't have any following there for people that's how many votes they got is a blight on our politics. I think the Nancy Pelosi is similarly a blight on our politics but a clever light on her politics at the very least. The problem is once you attack aot you can't put that Genie back in the bottle.
00:07:52It didn't Elsie is a result of identity politics is the result of unhinged progressivism and that made fuel energy but like cocaine there is a very strong temporary high and then the long-term effects start to kick in the John Belushi effect on politics is very much in evidence here a lot of Brilliance and crazy wacky and then comes the down side. It's really it is bad for Nancy Pelosi because now AOC is upset and Elsie has basically suggested that the Nancy Pelosi is a racist. So the fight is now out in the open both of these eyes are going at each other hammer and tongs and I'm here for it and hook it straight into my veins. This is my political cocaine. So Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday. She had no regrets about a comment published over the weekend. It seemed to dismiss the influence of some of the highest-profile Freshman including AOC and privately urge those Democrats to train their fire on Republicans. Not on their own colleagues Pelosi said, I have no regrets about anything.
00:08:52It's a no regerts Pelosi suggested to Maureen Dowd. Of course that the so-called Squad had a limited following inside the house. I saw somebody online refer to AOC and her followers and sandinistas, which I kind of loved ones. He said all these people out there public whatever they're put a world. They didn't have any following there for people that's how many votes they got close. He defended those comments after leaving a closed-door Caucus meeting according to the Washington Post or she delivered a Stern warning to her parties left to keep their criticism of fellow Democrats in themselves. She noted it was the parties more moderate members who delivered control of the house to Democrat and a small makers to be respectful of that. Bernie is a fragile thing. She said that people like a o c should show some level of respect and sensitivity to more moderate college. She said you make me the Target but don't make are moderates and Target and all of this because we have important fish to fry.
00:09:40Well, that's not stopping AOC because she is not going to be quieted by the Elder stateswoman.
00:09:47Basically Lucille Bluth here trying to hold back the passions of Buster.
00:09:54Repent it is pretty fantastic. In other recent tweet the legislative masterminds saikat chakrabarti who may or may not be involved in some campaign Finance issues. That is AMC Chief of Staff criticize Pelosi of moderate Democrats via Twitter. Consider. All these articles want to play what a legislative Mastermind Pelosi is, and I'm same way more strategic smart from The Four Freshmen Members Plus. He's just mad she got outmaneuvered by the Republicans.
00:10:20That's not really where the Baseline of this is near the base line of this is that AOC is now calling Pelosi a racist and that is just phenomenal because Pelosi does the new rule as my business partner Jeremy boreing now verified on Twitter tab key points out that racism is basically the all-purpose term for I disagree with somebody to my left. So Donald Trump is a racist because he had this is Nancy Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi is a racist because she disagrees with Arc the arrows. He told the New Yorker Radio Hour quote. I said, I think sometimes people think we have a relationship not particularly cutting I want the stuff is so good. And then she suggested The Washington Post that was racist quote is keeping the progressive blanket Marvin arms distance in order to protect more moderate members, which I understood but the persistent singling out it got to the point where it was just outright disrespectful the explicit singling out of a newly elected women.
00:11:20Of color boom drop the mic GIF with women of color part Nancy Pelosi. Oh boy. So now he doesn't like AOC because they are cheetahs Brown. That's the actual suggestion that Nancy Pelosi who's open explaining why she's got a problem on our members. Stop tweeting about Democrat noxious. It's bad for us. It undercuts our legislative agenda nails, like you're just saying that cuz you hate me cuz you're a racist.
00:11:56Netsports in Democrats deserve every every every aspect of this every single grain of that identity politics cocaine. They've been smoking for years. It's now coming back in the form of serious mental problems and it is it is delicious and it is well deserved never get high off your own supplies as cocaine Mitch and that is exactly what happened here. And I don't crash got high on your own Supply identity politics was a weapon. It was supposed to be used against people on the right and now because it is infused every vein in the Democratic body politic. It's going to be used against anyone including Nancy Pelosi. We sitting there doing what the hell I sharpened it Obamacare and ran Congress for this for this pipsqueak to come and call me a racist because I think that she's incompetent.
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00:14:43The racist because you said our immigration system is broken. If it's bringing in people, like you'll have them are who have such a Negative view of the country. So I guess Nancy Pelosi is now part of the Tucker Carlson crew amazing. As the Overton window slats Nancy Pelosi's going to end up being like the co-host of the show by the time the West has done and it's insane. It's totally crazy and dancing and Arrow season done whining either and she's feeling very sad for herself. Despite the fact that she's insanely prominent based on having won the Primary in The Bluest District in America. She's insanely prominent based on the fact that she's pasta zero legislation or even really been involved in series 0 series pieces of legislative movement and she's incredibly famous and well-known because she is very good at the Twitter clapbacks or at least her Ghost Riders are AOC is and she's feeling very whiny about herself. So how long is she she's complaining now that the Democrats are keeping her too busy. She says they're trying to just give me busy works, and I don't make trouble.
00:15:40That they're just like a third grader who is upset that the teacher has put her in the corner and giving her the the Bart Simpson project of writing over and over on a piece of paper. I will not criticize other moderate Democrats EOC complaining that she's so busy. They're keeping me busy so that I can't do the important stuff. You know, I talked about farting cows and all
00:15:59I think that ultimately I'm fine with the decision, especially given the committee assignments that I was ultimately given which were very intense and very rigorous. I was assigned to two of some of the busiest committees and for subcommittees. So my hands are full and sometimes I wanted to try to keep me busy is what happens when you give small children under and self-esteem. And then this is this is what happens and by relative terms AOC is the child of the Congress youngest person in the Congress. She doesn't know anything and Nancy Pelosi give her all sorts of credibility. She gave her all sorts of power. And now she's feeling the brunt of that when she tells you to stop mouthing off on Twitter quite so much. It's pretty it's pretty phenomenal.
00:16:52AOC is a teenager Nancy Pelosi's mom and Nancy Pelosi keep screaming for you to turn down the music and AOC is turning up the music and doing whatever she wants in that bedroom for and not only that she's been coming downstairs and calling Mom the b word represent the loudest wing of the party, even though that we the party is minority of the party. So AOC is not merely restricting her criticism to other Congressional candidate. She's also going after Joe Biden so she said in the last couple days just slamming Joe Biden suggesting the debate raise questions about his capacity Joe Biden his performance on the stage a kind of raise some questions with respect to that, but I don't want to say just because
00:17:44Someone is 79. They can't or shouldn't run for president. I don't want to use those proxies that a number as a proxy for capacity. I think you have to assess a person's capacity. I'm kind of on a case-by-case basis if she stands by her, that blows he singles out women of color quote. Well, I think it's really just pointing out a pattern right? We're not talking about Progressive in singling out for individuals and knowing the media environment. We're operating in knowing you not to death threats. We got no onion and some concentration of attention. I think it's worth asking why yes. Yes, and yes.
00:18:28Okay, so there's like four months at this point if you disagree with them, it's because you want them to receive death threats where you want them to God forbid be killed or something terrible like that. It can't just be you think they're idiots who say stupid and terrible things all the time that they all virtually all of those members have been openly associated with vicious anti-semite that their proposal ideas are about as relevant as an ejector seat on a helicopter that you hate them because they're women of color and because you want them to receive death threat and now AOC is taking that same exact charge and she's leveling it at the speaker of her house contingent. It is fantastic and it demonstrates how empty and stupid the charge was in the first place. Does anybody with a shred of rationality actually believe the Nancy Pelosi want AOC to receive death threats because AOC is a powerful woman of color.
00:19:28Does anyone really believe that if you do believe that how gullible and Dumber you if you really believe the Nancy Pelosi is now the Emissary of the old white establishment cuz she's an old white lady if you really believe that that's what she is. That's what you represent man you guys. This is crazy town and it is wonderful. It is well deserved. Everybody on the left. You bought this ticket you take this ride. Now the big side get on board. Which one is it? Is it in the iran-iraq war from the from the 80s which one which side you on here? Which one you want? Because you're going to have to pick either Nancy Pelosi the old white lady who is apparently cracking down on women of color or AOC the Brash newcomer was labeling one of the most impactful lawmakers in the last 50 years a vicious racist disagree with her dumb policies in bad ideas.
00:20:19Love it love it was amazing about this even more than just the the inherent wonder of the of the battle between a sea and an ocean and a sea playing the same game Kamala Harris place about Joe Biden choose asked if she thinks Pelosi is a racist. You should know. No absolutely not absolutely not. Well then how do you square that with just criticizing women of color? Because it's pointing out a pattern Ayanna Pressley by the wayside quote in my District web 18 shootings since July 3rd. I'm heading into oversight in a child trauma hearing I've been advocating for I'm not giving this any more oxygen Ayanna Pressley cuz I've said is the Ringo Starr of this this Beatles of stupidity in the house Democratic caucus. She is apparently stupid of these folks because she says I'm not jumping into this thing. But AOC is going to jump into this has some actual impact Beyond just the Congressional Delegation for the Democrats namely Democratic candidates all over the country have no idea how they are supposed to campaign have no clue how they're supposed to campaign take for example Democrat Amy McGrath
00:21:19Is the brand new Senate candidate facing down cocaine Mitch and she's going to take on Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and she's hoping she can convince Kentucky into voted for Trump and his pledge to drain the swamp that Republican Mitch McConnell is the biggest swamp dweller in Washington is according to The Courier-Journal in Kentucky. She said hopefully recognize how difficult this race will be in the history behind folks are going up against Senator McConnell, and then she said that if President Trump has good ideas and she'll back those good ideas.
00:21:49She said a lot of kentuckians voted for Donald Trump because he wasn't part of that political establishment on either side for me. I'm a Democrat. My husband's Republican as an independent for 12 years. It's always been about my country and in the middle of the interview that you was doing. She made it very interesting statement about Justice Kavanaugh explained in just one second what exactly she said first, let me talk about personal security. So I'm like some folks may claim that they received serious security threats every moment of every day. I actually do have Security in the normal for the time because we do get an enormous number of threat and one of the reasons that I have ring at my house because I want to make sure that my home is safe at all time. You should ever into rings mission is to make neighborhood safer. You might already know about their smart video doorbell and camera to protect millions of people everywhere ring helps. You stay connected to your home anywhere in the world. So if there's a package delivery a surprise visitor, you will get an alert will be able to see see hear speak to them all from your phone when at whatever I'm out of town on.
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00:23:49Listen to all of the hearings. I don't think there was anything and I'm not a lawyer or send her on the Judiciary Committee. So I don't know the criteria that was very concerned about Justice about Judge Kavanaugh, but I felt like they were far-right stances that he had. However, there was nothing in his record that I think would disqualify him in any way on the fact is when you have a president in the Senate is our system. And so I don't think there was anything that would have disqualified him in my mind.
00:24:11Choose ass by The Courier-Journal in the Democrats treated unfairly with the accusations that were against him waiting until the last minute if some have said the Translating hearing the grass of the Supreme Court nominees are lifetime appointment. I don't fault anyone for bringing up things that could give folks pause about the character of someone getting a lifetime appointment. And then she said that she thought that Christine blasey Ford's accusations against Justice Kavanaugh were credible is that I think it's credible the given amount of time lapse in between in front of judicial standpoint. I don't think it would really disqualify him and said, yeah, I think I probably would have voted for Brett Kavanaugh, which is the correct answer in Kentucky in Kentucky. If you're Democrat is the correct answer because if you looked at the poles, you know was wildly unpopular among Americans the attempt by democrats to deprive cabinet of due process based on an Evidence was allegation by one person brought the last minute I Democratic party, isn't this Maelstrom inside the Democratic party of are you with a OG or you with Nancy Pelosi. Are you with the progressive Wing or are you with the people who actually want to win?
00:25:10Send Danny McGrath did what is called the rare political double flip flop as comfortably smug put it on Twitter. I mean, the Russian judges gave it to Aunt Amy McGrath food out. I was asked earlier today about Judge Brett Kavanaugh and I answered based upon his qualifications to be on the Supreme Court further reflection and further understanding of his record. I would have voted now. They said yeah, I would have voted for him. And then she does know I wouldn't have voted for him and then she continues and sweet. I know I disappointed many today with my initial answer on how I would have voted on Brett Kavanaugh. I will make mistakes and always own up to them. The priority is to feeding Mitch McConnell know she'd originally before that are interviewing The Courier-Journal said, she wouldn't have voted for Kavanaugh. She said no, I won't vote for him. Yes. I will vote for him know I won't vote for him. And this is all coming because Democrats don't know how to read their own party base at this point. What are the things that's been happening? Is it the political parties in the United States and Donald Trump is excellent proof of the political parties in the United States, no longer know how to read their own days.
00:26:10You know how to read the people they represent because here's here's the truth about American politics are those of us who spend our days and nights thinking about the sort of stuff and we try to print intellectual Frameworks how people are going to vote. We try to create these sort of philosophies that we believe people should vote based upon and parties try to do the same thing but parties doing them away. They don't try to create some general philosophies that they think people are aspiring to Instead try to create party platforms that are basically an agglomeration of issues that they think are popular enough with a particular group of people that they can win a majority is what Democrats are trying to do right now by pandering to every group Under The Sun It's all Republicans have done in the past by putting together this weird amalgamation of everything from some tariffs and no tariffs to we're kind of socially liberal was kind of socially cancer in very unclear on what the overall philosophy actually has been the truth is that voters are neither of these things voters. Number one generally don't vote based on an overarching philosophy and number two.
00:27:10Don't vote based on the Guam liberation of policy position voters based on voters vote based on personality and comfort level and general feeling about the country and the narratives around the country and that's why everything has become a culture war in politics, but the pilot doesn't need the parties have been unable to capture the nature of those cultural reasons why Donald Trump has continued to be effective. The reason Trump is effective is because he is a culture War by the way, this is also why Obama was effective in 2008 you ran effectively as a culture Warrior against divisiveness, the irony of horses that have been reversed himself and prove to be an extraordinarily to buy some President Donald Trump. Look at the divisions in the country and he said these divisions are very real and one side is being ignored and I'm going to tell those folks that they are being ignored and they're being left behind that was Trump's pick that was not a political pictures not a philosophical pick was an emotional pitch and it was properly use properly aim and directed at the right number of Voters, but the parties are not able to do that because the parties of course, I'm candidates all over the country.
00:28:10Local constituencies until you end up with this weird attempted to create a national parties from local constituencies. The differ widely. Amy McGrath state is not going to look anything like aoc's district and yet any McGrath requires the support of people like AOC in order to go forward and this creates an unbridgeable divide you're seeing this play out in the Democratic primaries right now and who exactly is representative of the democratic page is Joe Biden represent a plurality of Democrats, or is it, Harris represent a smaller minority of Democrats are more passionate minority of Democrats, perhaps all of this leads to from mental confusion inside the party system and it's why the party system is starting to break down.
00:28:51And that's going to be bad particularly for the parties are unable to hold together any semblance of unity right now. That was a lot more like the Democrats and it does like the Republican. It's also why it would really be President Trump to stop being so divisive inside his own pocket by saying dumb thing what I mean by that is the President Trump today started tweeting at them things again, it is it is amazing to me. All Donald Trump have to do is shut up in Russian is literally all he has to do. All he has to do is shut up and point and pointed the Democrat and instead he's out there tweeting weird crap and giving people a level of disquiet with his presidency that is unwarranted by his record.
00:29:31And today he got on Twitter and he just started tweeting out random nonsense, and I don't know if you just born today or what but he started tweeting out here is what the president tweeted between a big subject today at the White House. Social media. Summit will be the tremendous dishonesty bias discrimination and suppression practice by certain companies. We will not let them get away with it much longer the fake news media will also be there but for a limited period the fake news is not as important or as powerful as social media. It's so far. They've lost four men is credibility since that day in November 2016 and I came down the escalator with the person who has become their future first lady that was definitely like 20 ultimately leave office in 6 years or maybe 10 or 14.
00:30:18It will quickly go out of business for lack of credibility or approval from the public. That's why they will all be endorsing me at some point one way or the other. Could you imagine having sleepy Joe Biden or Alfred E Neuman or a very nervous and skinny version of Pocahontas 1000 / 24th. That's not how fractions work as your president rather than what you have now, so great looking and smart a true stable genius capital S capital G. Sorry to say that even social media would be driven out of business along with and finally the fake news media.
00:30:50What in the actual f is that what in the actual World it wasn't there people were clapping and cheering it. Okay, here is the problem. The economy is really good right now. It continues to be really good right now the economy continues to be great for job creation the Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit 27000 for the first time in history. What what is what are we doing here? Why why when he has his breaking out on the other side? Let them have their firefight. Why are you doing this why you're so funny with an ad created by somebody else about his leadership in his presidency. And the ad is well produced if the president was George W bush because of the ad was was very soothing music talking about President Trump has stood strong and unwavering in the storm. President Trump is a man who has deep abiding character and he sticks with his principal and he calls all of this just to start it.
00:31:50Everybody knows that ain't meaning that there's a group of people who think that that is Trump, but those people basically work for him. Everybody else understands it to do the volatile character that comes along with a lot of benefits and a lot of drawbacks and really if you would just stop and everything would be okay. Why does everyone seek to to draw defeat from the jaws of Victory how I've been saying for years about the Democrats? All they had to do is not be crazy and they literally could not do it. It was impossible for them. And then you got Trump and he decides he wants to do the same thing. I'm I'm so supremely confused about why he would do that it is it is beyond me just a second. When I get to the latest Scandal that is is now surrounding the Trump Administration really isn't about the Trump administration at all. It's really about the criminal justice system in the United States. There's confusing confusion surrounding Jeffrey Epstein Scandal Alex Acosta Trump Secretary of Labor is under Fire. We'll talk about that in one second first used to be rough. Not anymore when someone makes the slightest
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00:33:50Flash daily work in just a second will get the latest. I need Jeffrey Epstein Scandal plus the president of the United States preparing later today to announce some sort of executive action on the sentence will explain what is this a good idea or bad idea whether to constitutional crisis everybody likes that price that in just a few minutes first greatness game if you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in on an episode of our backs. Like why wouldn't you wonder that doesn't everyone with a chance to ask us a question in person. Your time has come we're taking the show on the road August 21st to Terrace theater in Long Beach, California. That is correct. I Delaware God can Jeremy boreing Andrew Clavin the execrable Michael mole and even more important than know the daily wire merchandise table will be there live merchandise able to be dead. All the rest of us will be alive. Unfortunately in the case of mole tickets are on sale right now at dailywire.com Backstage. There's still a few VIP ticket packages available does include premium seating photos and meet and greet. Each of us a gift from me.
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00:35:34Already, so the big story of yesterday aside from the AOC Nancy Pelosi Smash Up, which was just wonderful that it was Alex Acosta and Secretary of Labor defending himself from allegations that he cut a sweetheart deal with wedge pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein was apparently engaged in high-level sex trafficking of minors and they're all sorts of questions that are still out there about Jeffrey Epstein. Like how did this guy make so much money they apparently there's no record of him being with his wonderful investment specialist. So how did he make his billions of dollars buying private islands and all this where did this money come from? And how did he get away with this for so long? Why was it that Cyrus Vance one of the ga over in Manhattan? Why did he try to keep everything from being registered as a top-level sex offender once I've seen moved full-time to New York, why exactly was he not required to check in with the NYPD every 90 days as you would be as a as a high-level sex better. He never checked in at all over an eight-year stand. How is he able to get away with?
00:36:34this just goes beyond Alex Acosta Jim Garrity National if you had a good run down and somebody's question is how did Jeffrey Epstein make that fortune one claim a massive Ponzi scheme to win that bring the security folks down on his
00:36:47put Epsom really have been connected to some sort of intelligence service the reports yesterday and maybe the reason if she was left alone is because he was connected with the intelligence services and doing work for them. When asked about this Alex Acosta offered a weird Big Country through Meandering answer if that's he was working for some sort of spy agency which one what was the egg collecting blackmail on prominent figures was being blackmailed. There's an allegation maybe the way he made his money is from blackmail. Maybe the way they made his money is he was trafficking all these underage women underage girls as young as 14 13 years old having them in compromising positions with older men were very powerful than blackmailing those guys for cash.
00:37:28After I've seen as I take was handed that level 3 sex offender status who's required to check in with the NYPD. They never require them to why did the Manhattan district attorney try to keep everything from being registered as a top-level sex offender?
00:37:41I mean this is this is ridiculous. Apparently a season sex crimes prosecutor from Dances office argued forcefully in court that Epstein should not be registered that way in New York as a sex offender in New York. The judge said I have to tell you that I'm a little overwhelmed. I've never seen the prosecutor's office to anyting like this. How is it that is private island off st. Thomas got the nickname pedophile Island, and how did that not exactly get the authority snooping around?
00:38:05Bill Clinton's public statement about his interactions of Epstein those are wildly inaccurate. They are contradicted by contemporaneous media accounts as well as FAA flight log.
00:38:16Also, apparently Trump at what President Trump was quoted in the recent Vanity Fair article. There was an article about Trump and David pecker National Enquirer in which Trump apparently told pecker that the pictures of Clinton and Epstein had from his Island. Where worse now is it did Clinton visit the island unclear does Epstein have that sort of material. Why did Alex Acosta cut him such a sweetheart are contradictory. They're sort of contradictory account as to how sweetheart the deal was Ken white popehat on Twitter. He says that this deal is the sweetest deal. He's ever seen as an article over the Atlantic saying quote. The Jeffrey Epstein case is like nothing I've ever seen before the great wealth into 8 people from consequences, but not always absolutely or forever.
00:39:00He talks about the fact that this deal basically prevented further prosecution in the area. What the hell was going on. And then on the other hand you have a woman named Kimberly Melman Roscoe writing for USA Today who is an expert witness on sex trafficking and she says I've seen deals like this before. So how out of the ordinary is all of this and all of this is is deeply troubling and upsetting of course and the fact that it and then in the fact that you know, all the facts are going to come out means there will be as I've been saying for days a lot more shoes to drop while the other big news is a President Trump is about to take executive action on a census citizenship question that is supposed to happen at like 2 today Pacific Time 5 p.m. Eastern and according to Margaret talev reporting Bloomberg President Trump announce executive action on the 2020 US Census on Thursday pursuing his fight to include a citizenship question in the decennial population count despite being rebuffed by the Supreme Court executive action.
00:40:00Expected to be announced at a news conference according to three people familiar with Trump's plan and plan to detail the action the indicated. It may not be an executive order. It may instead be a far bigger executive action and executive order has at least some precedent American law typically executive orders are issued in order to carry out a constitutionally authorized Duty and executive action. It's unclear what exactly that constitutes and it has a rookie or status in American constitutional walks. It's kind of made-up is the truth Trump announced that he would be crazy in that he announced the news conference in a tweet talking about these social media Summit.
00:40:35He said at the conclusion of the social media Summit will go to the beautiful rose garden for a news conference on the census and citizenship in there a couple of theories about exactly what Trump is going to do later this afternoon. Obviously, the Supreme Court has denounced the census question saying that it was pretextual the rationale provided by the Trump Administration was a decision we talked about on the show. The Supreme Court is now going to look at the relevant and correct provided rationales for asking something as simple as are you a citizen on the census and then they're gonna say the real reason you're doing this is cuz you're racist and so not going to allow you to do it. That is far beyond the boundaries of what did you do? Sherry should be allowed to do or is allowed to do under their constitutionally delegated status. This leads Trump with a couple of possible option. One of those options is more controversial in one of those options is less controversial the option that is less controversial.
00:41:28The option that is less controversial is the option that basically President Trump invokes a specific provision of the Constitution and says, I have a constitutional duty to ask this question Josh hammer and large over here at Daily wire. He points out that there is a provision of the constitution in the 14th Amendment section to text that says this when the right to vote is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such taping 21 years of age and citizens of the United States or in any way of Bridget except for participation in Rebellion other crime the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion, which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens 21 years of age in such State and what is that mean the 14th Amendment basically says that if I stayed a bridge has the right to vote was written to stop Southern States when stopping black people from that the federal government could then a bridge study the voting power of that state Congressional reapportionment would take place.
00:42:25They're in there be a two variable formula and each variable require citizenship data. In other words in order to make possible. The implementation of this cause you to have to have an accurate count of the number of people in the country legally in a particular District.
00:42:41That would be the case that the White House that the executive branch is mandated to do this by the 14th Amendment section 2 that seems fairly clear-cut actually, so that is the virtual way of doing it. There's a solid legal rationale. It seems fairly unchallengeable. What is the Supreme Court going to say? We will not allow you to ask a question that you are constitutionally mandated to ask so that you can actually fulfill the obligations of amendment 14 and that is the last country virtual way of doing it. The more controversial way of doing it is from just said screw you to the Supreme Court and Goten put the censorship question on there doesn't offer any rash inside. Listen to We have the power under the census act of Congress wants to deprive us of that power it can do so at any time but we are not bound by extraordinary judicial decisions.
00:43:26On the one hand, I like the first move because it is indeed less controversial legally and it's a pretty obvious out on the other hand. I have long been an advocate of the notion of departmental departmentalism is basic idea that the Supreme Court does not get to tell all of the other branches that its interpretation of the Constitution is Paramount. There's a difference in other words between judicial review and judicial Supremacy. The judicial review is the idea that the Supreme Court and the Judiciary of the United States has the ability to decide whether it will apply a law that is in conflict with the Constitution of the United States, but that is not traditional Supremacy. Meaning that the Supreme Courts interpretation of the Constitution itself is not Paramount. They're not Kings. They're not caught. He's sitting under the trees deciding how the Constitution is to be applied to everyone that the Supreme Court does not get to tell every other Branch how to do its business, especially because their own elected how would that work in practice? Will it work like that?
00:44:26There is a piece of legislation that the Supreme Court found to be unconstitutional. Well, then the Judiciary of the United States would simply refuse to apply that that law at all but it would become inoperative in the judicial system.
00:44:40And what would happen if the other branches decided that will take the executive branch wanted to go ahead with something like the census question. Well, then it falls to Congress doesn't it which is where it should be. That's where it should be. If she wants to take back power from the presidency. They can do that anytime. That is all they have to do. This is a political question the Marbury versus Madison decision, which has been there's a solid case we made it has been misread four years suggest judicial Supremacy rather than judicial review. The Marbury versus Madison decision is a very untenable position legally. That is not just my opinion. That's the opinion folks like Alexander Bickel opinion of University of Minnesota versus Madison is a very very weak decision and the idea that the the Judiciary is Paramount and has the sole authority to decide the role of the constitution in American life is obviously
00:45:40Supported by either the law or Theory when you're in the Federalist Papers even folks who believe the Federalist 78 by Alexander Hamilton backs the notion of judicial Supremacy ignore the part where Hamilton specifically says if the Judiciary starts to use will instead of power. It would obviate the need for a separate branch called the Judiciary it would then become a dictatorship.
00:46:01Soju judicial review department Elizabeth, which basically each department gets to decide which the Constitution is to be interpreted and then there's interplay between the various branches of government that seems more like the checks and balances the founders had mine then the artificially created Power of judicial Supremacy, which really didn't come into full fledge until like the Dred Scott Decision the worst decision in the history of the states. So we will talk a little bit more about this a little bit later when we find out exactly what President Trump is doing an okay time for some things I like and then some things that I hate So speaking of checks and balances for checks and balances in American legal Theory comes largely courtesy of Baron de Montesquieu evolve heard my name if you've had any level of familiarity with sounding ear Audiology was the philosopher who resided most often in founding era papers in found in your document munchkin course of a French philosopher who wrote a book called The Spirit of the laws and 7 and 800 page book. There's a very
00:47:01Cambridge Edition that cleans it up just a little bit translate at least in the clearest possible way and montesquieu's to basic contributions to American philosophy are the idea of political Liberty. Meaning that government is there to provide a sort of safe backdrop for YouTube for you to exercise your Liberty Bell Liberty is not you get to do whatever you want. Liberty has to be circumscribed by your ability to harm somebody else and also the idea of checks and balances of checks and balances come directly from Montesquieu. Nice to talk specifically about the need for power to Balance power and ambition to balance ambition half of the Federalist Papers and straight Montesquieu. So this is it's worth the read it is not an easy read. There's a lot of history it sort of the first comparative political works. He tries to compare the various legal systems of everything from China to India to France to bring and try to figure out what is the best system. He talks about what he terms were the tripartite distinction in government between despotism monarchy and republicanism and talks about for the motivating factors behind.
00:48:01Monarchy is driven by a sense of honour despotism is driven by power and that republicanism is driven by a sense of virtue and said that there's a lot there I'm using a heavily. I'm writing another book right now all about rights and duties and Montesquieu comes in the place. I'll give that a read if you're interested in town in Europe philosophy okay time for some things that I hate.
00:48:28Okay, so think that I hate number one, one of the things that you are starting to see an American life is the decline of religion. But religion itself is not declining is just being supplanted by either a sort of atavistic narcissistic weird self focus or is being supplanted with political religion. And those are those are the two substitutes if there's a political religion of leftism, which has its own system of virtue and penalties and has its own system of sin sins that can never be expiated. By the way. You ever commit a sin under the system doesn't never be wiped away unless you do full pallets and even then we'll still hold this in over your head. If you if you become politically unavailable or you you do something that crosses the party line, then you will be the same will be brought back up and used against political religion has become the way that we do our politics right now, which is why you see such
00:49:25Near religious feeling about politics you're starting to see people who don't actually have church communities and don't talk with her friends and don't talk with their neighbors and their supplanting this with a sense of religious virtue when it comes to it and undoubted religious virtue when it comes to their own politics. So if you disagree with prevailing views about how climate change should be dealt with namely with vast transnational regulation. If you oppose that then you are a denier ordinances religious type of language you are you are then denied or even if you accept the climate change is happening just like the ipcc says it is if you disagree with the less prevailing wisdom about income inequality, then you have sinned and you are in all likelihood of plutocrat and a white supremacist. If you are somebody who believes that the chief method of escaping poverty in the United States is not railing against Phantom institutional racism in Lipan some I don't mean that racism doesn't exist in American society. Very clearly does I am saying that institutional racism meaning laws on the books things you can play
00:50:25That we say this institution is acting in This Racist matter specifically designed to harm this class of people.
00:50:32You should plant that for it. If you say that is less effective as a strategy. It is personal not true and take them out as less effective as a strategy than encouraging people to make proper individual decision. If you say that you're violated the last sense of political sin. So they're there is this political religion out there and left it feels it in abundance, which is why you see from the web to sort of Megan Rapinoe attitude, which is I'm not going to talk to anybody who disagrees with me. They are sinners and they must be cast into the hell flames. And then there is actual paganism and there is a return at the San people have religious Instinct the religious Instinct one to put an organized principal on all life to look at the patterns around us in the world and try to discern those pattern and try to figure out what exactly is going on around us. This is what the human brain. That leads in some cases to guide you have a unifying Creator who created a natural plan is how you get the idea of natural law. You can also get to the idea that there is some Phantom hand of Economics that stands behind
00:51:32I think that that is distinctly that is religious instinct to try and put an order on everything and also happens to lie to police about science so that it is a good Instinct but has to be channeled in the proper direction. And then there is the other aspect of religious thought which is the need for belief in something beyond that which we can see the need to believe something because we enter the problem you have that religious instinct to put a pattern on everything but there's a lot of things that don't fit the pattern. So where exactly you put those things well in the religious can officially genao Christian worldview you say listen God has a plan. I have a plan. My plan is not God's plan God's plan is beyond me but then there's still the need for mysticism for people who don't believe in the Geneva Christian system or in the monotheistic system at all since may find that need for a mystical Outreach to something Beyond them something beyond their own flesh and Bone and I find this in some of the weirdest places lately. They've been seeking it in everything from having self-help. Gurus to healing crystals is an article in the LA times today, windows replaced religion with astrology.
00:52:32Crystals this make sense, by the way, because again you religious Instinct in some ways that first religious instinct to put order on chaos is very similar to the scientific Instinct and so science and religion happening conflict. In fact, I'm in case my book the right side of history that judeo Christian religion combined with Greek teaology actually led to the rise of Western science.
00:52:54And in fact, you could combine great heliology with other monotheistic religions and probably create science. That would be just as good if you can maintain that balance, but when you get away from the idea of a God who stands behind an ordered Universe, then you throw away science to you. Once you get to the universe is chaotic and you just sort of worship at the altar of the cast. You got to back to astrology and Crystal. Here's what the LA times has quote. I love myself. I am beautiful. It was an unseasonable a chilly night for June in Los Angeles about three dozen people mostly women in their twenties and thirties were spending their Friday evening lying on yoga mat on the back patio of a shop a few blocks from Hollywood Forever Cemetery in the Paramount Pictures lot attendants have been invited to bring whatever they needed to make this place cozy blankets pillows crystals. I am powerful Ana Lilia was an affirmation closing on a 90 90 minute breathworks session celebrating the summer solstice. I am a bright light. I am ready to be seen.
00:53:51Most days will it work with individual clients in the evening? She teaches classes or put on event such as the solstice Gathering. She first got into breathwork four years ago and started taking classes to become a teacher 6 months later. If you've never done it before it's a mix of breathing exercises and guided meditations meant to relax you and help connect with your inner thoughts across between the last 10 minutes of yoga class and a therapy session takes place entirely in your head. She's one of a growing number of young people largely Millennials of the trend extends the younger Genex. There's no crusting 40 and downs of gen Z the oldest to put my freshly minted College grads love turned away from traditional organized religion and arm brace or spiritual beliefs and practices like tarot lectura de tarot astrology astrology meditation energy healing and crystals. You think they will take embracing crap like tarot astrology energy healing and Crystal meditation is an actual like there's some scientific proof that meditation helps relax you but energy healing crystals tarot a straw.
00:54:51She always the garbage or weird most Millennials claim not to take any of it too. Seriously themselves. They dabble they find what they like they take what works for them and leave the rest of consternation from buttoned-up Outsiders is far from a drawback. It's a fringe benefit.
00:55:08The cause behind the spiritual shift is a combination of factors and more than a dozen interviews for this story with people ranging in age from 18 to the early forties a common theme in large. They're raised with one set of religious beliefs Catholic Jewish Buddhist became adults a felted Faith didn't completely represent who they were or what they believe. I'll tell you what the Common Thread there is probably they grew up in not particularly religious household catholic-jewish go to the vast majority of people who do meth in a crop in religious Jewish household household household may be conservative Jewish household likely Reconstructionist Jewish household household actually explain what you use and what its standards were with the spirituality of Judaism. Is it Headwater Dam religion to the point where it was basically a soft form of spirituality anyway, and then they just went in search for another form of spirituality didn't come along with each other. I meant wasn't and that that is really what people are going for and you're seeing this is spanning the oceans as well. There's a report today from the UK that says bit less than 1% of young people.
00:56:08Identify as Church of England in the UK, which was the official Church of England only 1% of people aged 18 to 24 identify as Church of England according to the British civil social attitudes survey for 2018. / 75 most religious age group only one in three people describe themselves as as Church of England 52% of the public now say they do not belong to any religion is 31% in 1983. When the when the survey began tracking religious belief, the number of people identifying as Christian has now fallen from 66% to 38% and Britain. What's the big deal? The reason that it's a big deal is because again, there is a human instinct for religious belief and it is going to be filled by something weather is a religious following of a political figure which is what you are increasingly saying whether it is religious following of a political idea of the substitution of environment of the environment for God for example the substitution
00:57:04A particular ideas of equality for ideas and ordered universe and that's bad. Once there was a blue ship was was done via theocracy. And when most of the wars that we had were interlacing religious wars when it was Protestant vs. Catholic and Catholic vs Muslim and and Muslim Catholic vs Jew and it's very very bad can religious Warfare is the worst kind of warfare because there is literally no way to have a conversation you can I have a conversation with somebody when your belief is that they are going directly to hell and you're going directly to heaven and that is the subject of the conversation.
00:57:43You can't have conversations that way religious religious conflict is religious Warfare 1 politics falls back into the realm of religion, undoubted religious belief system, you're going to end up with exactly the same sort of conflict again. So we moved away from religious conflict in toward political conflict and political conflicts with us having secular arguments with one another about right and wrong a lot of those arguments rooted in the real Christian value system. In fact nearly all of them more but those arguments taking place in that common framework of a value system rather than a specific a doctrinal beliefs system that led to the rise of snow are republicanism and elections and the idea that we can agree to disagree. And now what we are saying is as that religious Instinct Wayne as people no longer fulfill that religious Instinct by going to church by going to send it. Instead there for filling it with politics itself. So we took politics and we remove religion from it.
00:58:38Except for sort of the over lasting morality of religion and now palette is becoming religion. It's it's own religion now until you're going to return to the religious Warfare of the past where your religious belief is defined by your politics itself. And I don't mean like your member of a church that political identity politics itself is the religion and everyone who disagrees with you is cast into Eternal Hellfire. That is where we got is very very bad for a small Republic it is it is very bad for democracy to turn politics and religion incredibly incredibly dangerous because there's nothing to bind us anymore. And that's the other fact. Hey as religion decline religion is one of those areas where people find commonality in diversity. You've never the first group of people if they are all oriented toward the same thing as Robert Putnam sociologist over at Harvard University. He talked about the fact that ethnic diversity is not necessarily strengthening to a community. In fact, he uses the the sort of throwaway line, but it's not really probate sociology on
00:59:38Database wine and as ethnic diversity increases in a community, the only two things that increase our protest marches and television watching but he says it will can unify a community is a central sense of identity. I sense that we are orientation to say Brooke in the we are all praying to the same God. For example, the we are going to the same trick diversity diversity is good when you share a set of common values, so in a church in the Army, so what is that scent of common values going to be we seen a bunch of attempts to create a set of common values of nationalism has been deposited as a possible solution to this a nationalistic ideal. But the problem is it national anthem isn't necessarily good or evil there can be a German nationalism Circa 1930. There can be American nationalism Circa 1941 is a very different nationalism and one is good and one is really really depends on the nature of the nationalism. So I cannot fill the Gap only if it turns out that the nationalism itself is a vessel that is filled with a philosophy of philosophy rooted in exactly the judeo-christian values this
01:00:38Turn right now being thrown away. So I'm not your empty Nationals and does the trick. How about the Constitutional value not I said that you can believe constitutional value can believe the philosophies of the founding without being religious is that many of the founders were tended toward deism you can do that, but they were running on the fumes of the judeo-christian value system the vast majority of our Founders weren't back practicing Christians. They certainly did not sustain religion in the same way that our politicians do now and it's much more population. As we throw away the fundamental basis for the philosophy that created the West Ken that philosophy itself last in an era of secularism. I'm not sure that I can't I mean this is what my book the right side of history is all about. So the tenant finally there there's a third Packer as you throw away religion as I mentioned earlier as you throw away the idea of an ordered Universe where the human mind is capable of understanding things around it religious principles of principles that you cannot us out. You cannot rationality.
01:01:38You cannot use a rationality to get to these fundamental principle. You have to just assume.
01:01:44Once you get rid of those fundamental principles you end up back in this bizarre paganistic world where everything is defined by you yourself. The only perception of matters is your subjective perception. And so if you believe in healing crystals and healing crystals are true, if you believe in energy healing and energy healing is for doesn't matter science objective standard again, if that no longer matters because why should the universe operate by laws rules What suggests that it does?
01:02:13All that we're playing with fire here and we are we are in the middle of one of the great experiment in human history. And that experiment is whether you can take the moral and philosophical basis of the richest most powerful most Progressive system in world history throw away the basis and keep the rest. I am very doubtful that that is going to be the case as we move forward in time already will be back here in a little bit later today with two additional hours of content and then we will be back here tomorrow as well. We'll see you then. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show.
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01:03:47Stop doing that and we'll talk about the latest example of that today over on the Matt Walsh show.

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