This conversation with Renee Hahnel is packed full of encouragement and powerful reminders to help us make each day the best we can. Renee is an Australian travel photographer, blogger, and newly published author with an unconventional perspective on how to live a wholesome and fulfilling life. 

She shares how her own personal experiences have motivated her to become more compassionate towards herself and others, the positive impact of a morning routine, and the how to maintain a healthy work balance with your spouse. Join Robin Long in this magical interview to hear more about how Renee juggle’s it all with a life on the road. 


Show Highlights: 

  • What led Renee to where she is now and how she finds balance through growth seasons 
  • Getting involved in travel photography and how Renee made it a career 
  • Finding a healthy balance between our own priorities and giving back to others 
  • Giving yourself permission to let go of things that aren’t priorities in the season you’re in 
  • How Renee juggles running a business while traveling full time 
  • Tools and systems to put in place to be more efficient 
  • Maintaining a healthy work relationship with your spouse 
  • Separating work life from romantic life 
  • Overcoming the pressure of inadequacy and comparison 
  • Teaching people how to use social media in a healthy way 
  • The role diet plays in Renee’s life 
  • How exercise is incorporated into Renee’s work and daily life 
  • Encouraging yourself and accepting you’re doing your best 
  • Life changing self-care practices 
  • A rapid-fire session of Renee’s favorites 




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Fanola No Yellow Hair Mask


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Instagram: @reneeroaming

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