If only the blockchain had a way to make decentralized collaboration of contracts as easy as a Wordpress plugin. If only there was a way for fantasy sports enthusiasts to have their own token which would be fully liquid. If only there was a way to sweep those failed crypto tokens into coins which would have value.

Well if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all be crypto millionaires. But today you’ll meet entrepreneurs seeking to make all these concepts a reality on the blockchain.

Whatever else you are doing right now, it can wait. Unless you are a doctor in the middle of open heart surgery. If that’s the case, just listen in your earbuds as you work.

Otherwise, we welcome you to join us on the farthest reaches of technology for this sponsored Crypto Spotlight edition of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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00:00:00if only the blockchain had a way to make decentralized collaboration of contracts as easy as a WordPress plugin if only there was a way for fantasy sports enthusiasts to have it if there was a way we'd all decrypt a millionaire but whatever else you're doing right now heart surgery that's the case just listen the new earbuds as you were otherwise crypto podcast
00:00:57douchebag it's time for some ico's and the crypto spotlights yeah this is and it should have said we have a we have a couple of really cool projects with us today was three you all day I don't know I think they're all 48 on any on Travis sponsors of course you can just get on the show just by throwing money at us just to be clear about that is come to us and say we want to be on your show and we're like
00:01:57sponsored episode of the bad crypto podcast which means she have segments that you're going to hear the interviews that you're going to discover as you listening your ears today are with them pennies that we think they're have really good ideas and some of them are already in process of their product being rolled out to existing audiences and we agree and so you're feeling today doesn't mean we go easy on them that we're being that you do any any your money's ever cuz we are not financially as of forever I was almost an insurance advisor right out of high school I took the insurance sales and I want to sell this Primerica and multi-level marketing
00:02:57genius and I'm like oh my God this is the most boring thing ever is well by the way the name Williams art art art Williams or something something to do to originally created for the guy here in Kansas City she was making like 3 million dollars a year and for the one thing of value that I got from that cuz I was I was literally right out of it was like right after I got out of the army and it was the book Think and Grow Rich and smell like that as a as a guiding principle and I read that book oh my God I am an entrepreneur I need to be focused more and build up my skill-set so
00:03:57sizing people it was a l Williams Arthur Arthur L Williams he was the progenitor of Primerica and I were really getting yourself but I don't want to date you this Travis Wright what's good cuz I don't want to date you we have is a date with three of these ico's today and invite you to come on in and decide for yourself which ones have the most promise and join us on the bad crypto Mastermind Mastermind fine with this Spotlight episode which is Spotlight episode number 28 and let us know your thoughts on them when we have today you have mentioned it in a couple of episodes prior to because it's a it's a it's an interesting one the Dow stock future collaboration and how different things to be plugged in
00:04:57today stop collaborate and listen
00:05:10bear with us your people because what you're about to hear is in challenging and at the same time significant want to make sure that we and you are clear on that this project at the intent of what they want to do your because if they're able to pull this off I think it's going to be really impactful we have with us the CEO and founder of Dow stack Matan field and the Dow Jo stack. IO what's up feeling now I'm going to ask hard questions
00:06:06what are you not know about the Dallas from what I understand from what you have mentioned on your your summary it's an operating system for a new form of web organization with the Dow the decentralized autonomous organization that ever came through the space and there was a big challenges with having a crazy. But very interesting so what is now stacked maybe maybe we can ask what is a dumb question but Travis is bad what's the Dow so the phone's coordination of people that exist out there
00:07:06you don't seem as a flock or a rigid structure Nation Nation Philip Rivers or millions of Insurance Sarasota Mitsubishi would call him directly together I want to make this even simpler because I read there's a piece that will wait to hear on medium by Jeremy Epstein
00:08:06let me guess son on the show and he is who I believe is actually an advisor bounce back gets to Wordpress you know what many of us said his blog for years you use WordPress and we got all these various plugins that we can use to modify a WordPress functions as a Blog platform and so he's kind of referred to this and I guess you have as well as the word press for Dow's Lake what is the solar system
00:09:06website for this kind of like probably also different companies different spot so what chain most likely different companies were acquired these consistent so just as you have warmed breast with what you can easily configure a website in the same way it's my company so we just in case of a button you can make a significant figure your own government assistance for your smart company which then becomes a sale if you want or a mesh used in Michigan that is a mesh network is it kind of Internet that maybe can then connect to other people's internet potentially is an analogy
00:10:06the way that they are also interoperable with each other then there's a kind of structure would work now we are focused on just a single thing and be more mature up Los Angeles
00:11:06call me. I'm watching do you have any concerns about scalability on. Blockchain and maybe why didn't you choose like EOS or something else that maybe has more transactions per second because we have a lot of people utilizing the Dow stack in my mind that's going to create even more congestion on E. Network stolen Our concern so the reason why I chose this right now is the most mature technology future will definitely would like to work and I'm stopping by enhancing more and more offspring solution so
00:12:06and making very good progress but you could also construct your own or chain you can take your logic from the training and migrated to off Chain Solutions that you are most of the most of the process application graduate without seconds in fuel you're creating a native token called the Jen token g e n and this is what's needed in order to operate on the Dallas Texas that correct and operate a company or or interesting thing is
00:13:06which is how do you how do you make dough system number for speaking about 1 million people in about space for a wrap around Garden structures
00:14:06structure prediction game over with the GM wish sounds like like Easter which is the gas for collecting attention attention I hope she knows agents human beings holographic consensus sounds really interesting when you were talking about that it sounds as if you know so you can make these effective decision-making you know you lies in this technology can we can have a better better decisions now that's something that can be used maybe for a for a government for voting
00:15:06which animal has large number, how many people will agree or if you insist that everything is accepted
00:16:06including some new people or abused or just the music game around but he's an inhibition prediction game where external people make prediction about the state of proposal so I can see if I can signal will be the face
00:17:06investors and Traders an arbitrator's produce signal for the economy for underestimated basketball state for sex and scalable crowd you know approach to the right
00:18:06cost you are wrapping up our time together let's talk a little bit about the Ico for the Gen token when does it happen how do people participate in who can play so we Publix sale open listing for hours before opening the pre-sale but because of legal problems recently doctors if you wish any anytime in the future but this is about me
00:19:06this week so we have all the way in which people Alchemy will be launched on the maintenance this week initially an application for decentralized location to have no millions and then they can easily be launching just what is it about your tea
00:20:06allows you guys to be best position to execute on this idea so we're both Architects for many many years from 2013 Autumn has over 20 years experience in San Francisco
00:21:06excellent well we appreciate your time us it appears that your telegram is off to a really good start the other doubts text me and he's got over 8,000 members in there is at the primary place that you're asking people to come and join the website where you can find a CEO and founder of Dow stock the website down stack. Good luck with your project
00:21:47Travis you know what Billy Joel Nostalgia all he would say it's just a fantasy I would not have to say that if you did that poor girl was that his song was about another kind of fantasy will let you guys know what that is and write us and let us know this is about fantasy sports blockchain ified and we have with us mr. Daniel simic who is the CEO of play up.com and and got a nap coming and they have a token sale around this whole thing we're going to we're going to find out what it's all about
00:22:47Daniel and what's happening on the fantasy world there and was watching this and then you never know
00:23:47don't have to do another Bitcoin for him right
00:23:55nice this is an actual business you have already been working on this project for what is an existing business it was around June 2014 when I left the conference in Las Vegas. Only you know the NFL Major League Baseball in NBA but also the Australian football league the BBL all the EPL yeah whatever the hell those are the NRL
00:24:55nice so how many how many users do you have already so you guys are looking at blockchain here to take this to the next level and I'm assuming creating a token that would be a real soccer and Sensibility + body products
00:25:55code Play Chip Paul's letter to the exchanges that exposure to fantasy sports was back in like the the late 80s some of my friends and I we've basically draft some NFL players and we would hand track them for the Monday paper to come out and then we would grab all the statistics of all those games with it all manually back in the day exactly I'm curious about how does the blockchain and fans sport actually work and how does it make the process better from your estimation
00:26:55did the same thing with all my sins and I locked it take to get your money sorry the block shining again I can't I can do that anywhere in the world
00:27:52a remote system it's more of the option which is ICO then and just have to go to www.
00:28:46next next
00:28:49token for the Ico usually aetherium is the only thing that people take from your seat when is ACU also accepting Bitcoin the fiat currency movies are MasterCard credit card solution transactions by the card
00:29:49how to play with fiat currency so your technology than know how how soon until all of this is ready to roll right sounds like you built this up you've acquired a you know what I already existing fan platform your own technology to that how soon until everything is ready to rock and roll station in Dubai
00:30:45what's the price to go to block sign in
00:31:45you're just so what is what is the need for the Ico then why are you raising money that sounds like most of its ready to go what what is what is funds from eico what are you guys going to be using it to build 54 the same way come from
00:32:25and which is putting the website is play up. Com if you go to for Ico you can see all the information in this site is is really comprehensive white paper pitch deck
00:33:25pager your story your roadmap by your team and how to participate worksheets give us a really a quick interview just because we're coming up on time here yeah the team the behind this project and why you guys are the ones to make it happen in the industry and Technology Solutions in programming languages
00:34:25from the salary The Bike Gallery or never. The word are you guys miss you have your own community on your website but is there another place where you like to send people to learn more about this and like where you're growing your aunt
00:35:25for the chokin say you are very pretty. We think are public broadcasting live from selling weed
00:36:25which is the piccolo blind and then you deliver it to the Chi Chi's we should be Giants where the Playas been come in the shop, but the ambition for your project is not it's a reality and now we wish you the best of luck with it. Daniel play up.com thanks again for joining us today
00:37:24the bad crypto I got points yeah they just sit there because that's what you do when you take one of those you just just said feather and and somebody and then somebody left them and abandon them and and there's no way to flush them from my ether wallet I wish that there was some value to those and our guest on this segment janitor and he is the CEO and founder of this project at coin janitor. IO and they are going to attempt to bring value to the value of us but Drew Community effort so the show Mark guide to be absolutely this is definitely a problem in the space maybe tell us just how big
00:38:24problem is crypto dust you know it is I'll just filed it scammed Dustin is the problem when people read off just in terms of projects that have been abandoned. We have other 2500 projects that are listed in the numbers it's also abandoned things all about optimizing healthy projects we feel that dealing with the projects that I'm not healthy so much won't even Edition I like that idea because I have some tokens that I can't transact but I can't trade these tokens so how did your project I was at work
00:39:21and try to make it wasn't for recycling in the shop all these projects out of Linda on in the death march forever never go anywhere and what happens if these bags in its simplest we take over the project in operation without that means we maintain all the check in on all the sites we didn't pay every single user give us their tokens from that project we pay them for that it is treatable but can go to bed and we burn order the car
00:40:07since that when the project whether it's usable called website so we then give back to the community and use for contact lenses okay I'm not totally clear so if a few more than a few projects that I have sitting in my ether wallet that I don't think you're ever going to go work what's the value in having the code for something that didn't work in the first place
00:40:45for many of these projects that will be no value of existing projects. We have a team that will go through it and if it is any card that's a bad people. And as we will get two more more valuable pieces called even have very interesting to go to the library and I can do that on code that have a lot of value to the community marketing websites you have Social account show Forum threads and the most important resource is you have to use its you have to be content you have people that want to do cheats on
00:41:45resources to be able to speak more and more we end up for the community that's engaged that wants to do something and we start clearing developers together we start paying project on this together in a way that allows for for the cleaning and pressure music please some of the people. Telegram group some of the people that we working with for the sake of helping each other projects effort yeah so that you mention there are some failed or some dead coins that are you know sort of decommissioned or not being you know built upon or being made anymore and so the first step the first step for you then reach out to the previous owners to acquire their technology is is that how that has to go
00:42:45exactly which is where a lot of things get interesting is we had to figure out which isn't a complete list definition for in a project success for file the word be so what we did is we spent almost a year trying to process all these comments and we both 60 different dinosaur song is this country that we have the most comprehensive list and it sounds kind of funny but if we look at what actually makes cryptocurrency succeed
00:43:45and the token Economy based on true sings that are in Dr successful Digimon which is natural and these projects they have all of the strap Network affect the health of the project matrix by which to guide project house and that allows for a lot of things but you just said she would not say coins editor that I owe for the one-pager that white paper and about that the choking and bouncing and we're going to get into the token here in just a moment I'm curious it is
00:44:45wants to be such a community effort that is there much technology that needs to be developed on your end or is this like hey let's just start here's our get Hub and here's the code and actually is a lot more text and we don't have a good time at the moment because all of the text that we using for profiling is going to be released to hold us back yet so they first few months we going to do old manual swap their Community are entitled my music use over the counter managers because we have to educate them we've got to work on things. Universal addresses and swaps between China and supported you know today is actually a lot of tape
00:45:45because we are c22 software and access the features diesel things that will evolve the road might as well answer your token is j a n and you are 7.5 million dollars looks like you mentioned you are building it on the aetherium platform I see you guys do have a bit of a bounty available if you want to have your other projects we just we made it very simple share price on a social network you get a hundred ideas to display the word we not trying to ignore me shows we not trying to create a system where people you don't get rewarded Buy's number of followers just people
00:46:45is everything we on doing like a pre Ico style an evil people who are planning on contributing come join us at the talking all makes and sells actually very simple 50%. We've got a model based on coins that are delisted which means I have a maximum of $60,000 in exchange for the significant and
00:47:45shy snow expected result for the burnt out for us to continue doing this is really interesting stuff here and it's kind of reminds me of the artists who go to the junkyard and you know they find this this trash in the end they create this metal you know big beautiful artwork out of something all the night I love the fiercest recycling attitude Ico and how people go about securing some Jan and and I can't help with your chan chan chan chan martial arts on Marsha Sharp in is that the last year was not open to us and us you cannot actually directly nausea can type and you can do swaps from any region but I want you to avoid any sort of kind of draconian issues
00:48:49sorry but that
00:48:53the reality is this is something we doing for the long-term and it needs to be inclusive of anyone help with the primary purpose of Asia is not just about the money it's really about the platform know we spent a lot of money but she helps us good Foster and get more people publicity is more important as you can obviously come so you can just type on the Bounty join the telegram get your tokens and some of the bounty rewards of pop a cherry oh I'm a real offering a bounty reward for connecting us with 50,000 toga
00:49:45so I mean that's a huge where are you building your community cuz it sounds like you have your pulling in communities for Molly's failed, and so where are those where are those community members congregated at the moment you can. I'm trying to count you just sent to your email address and then you you'll get access. Dates and locations stuff is going to be at least a couple of the founders you can speak to us in real time and that's where we're going to be working the 1st so if you want to know if we'll buy you come and join us yeah there's that's where you go so the website
00:50:45I think that is too important questions to ask yourself okay let's assume you guys on scams and you actually know what you doing because by definition the project is a fine art project with no Red Rock so the thing is if we aren't supposed to run one with aggressive marketing operation
00:51:39a lot of problems social services that are developed out of the community that are just recycled on code will actually be available to Jan holders which is a great reason to have it and some Services the community single Cent we have 10 years of right away we can eat a lot of the best thing the second thing is it's kind of bittersweet because it's total crap but not the same power cord doing something good and that's the second question your eyes why are we doing this you know we ready work hard to position at a community project easier ways to raise money and it's selfish into regards to Rises a profile in specific
00:52:39because I go down as a crazy person trying to do this and the second thing is is good for which is how the idea time about in the first place is that if we keep crying and I don't want to see them every scammonies neighbor could just cry chords for ensuring that the things that exist Mike set a regulation that's great make sense to me quickly I'll tell you what idea came from so many good ideas in a foreign country that's how I'm getting a little carried away with it
00:53:39and it's almost forgotten Kingdom so I spent the next couple weeks actually trying to win the argument and I couldn't find the number for the time I gone down the rabbit hole to realize the problem was much much worse than we thought and then we started speaking to people to do something I always my time that's good you guys and see where it goes
00:54:19I feel like we finished with a bag there mr. Travis write all these projects across the Spectrum interesting stuff I love what for attempting to do with I'm interested when you're looking at the future collaboration the future of global fantasy sports and then also the cleaning up of inactive poem that salad no. No longer have value but basically pulling in those of those communities and making making those old coins have value again those are all great Jackson and just goes to show all the different ways that blockchain is impacting this is the new way of dressing is ico's it really is like your Angel Investing 2.0 by the right and anytime you invest in a startup 90% of them fail that says best the math it comes right out Silicon Valley right 90%
00:55:19at least our lives are going to be fit they're going to fail within the first 3 years or something right and so it is a risk so don't invest more than you can lose what you can afford to lose and no don't take our word for me this this is just a starting point for you to do your own research right so maybe go over to I see open to go over the icr rating or check out some of these other sides were they ever review these I see a river something interesting about them do more research on them going to the telegram group go ask questions because don't just take our word for it cuz we did not make Financial advice this is just showcase Spotlight on these crypto companies that are showing you what they're doing with blockchain and they giving you an idea what could be done so your front door walk down the street to the public parks sit down on the bed and somebody's going to sit down there next to ask them what they think
00:56:11because their advice might be just as good as any that were not nice no advisors maybe they are maybe they're not so much it hurts and when you don't listen he feel it in our hearts there's this boy there's this emptiness that tells us that somebody is not staying at
00:56:38who's bad crypto podcast is a production of bad crypto LLC the content of the show the videos and the website is provided for educational informational and entertainment purposes only it's not intended to be and does not constitute Financial investment or trading advise of any kind you shouldn't make any decisions as to finances investing trading or anything else based on this information without undertaking independent due diligence in consultation with a professional financial advisor please understand that the trading of Bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies have potential risks involved anyone wishing to invest in any of the currencies are tokens mentioned on this podcast should first seek their own independent professional financial advisor

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