As card-carrying Bad Cryptopians, we like to make waves in the blockchain world. So does Sasha Ivanov, the CEO of Waves Platform, an open-source blockchain platform that allows anyone to make their own cryptocurrency token. For example, there may or may not be a JoelCoin.

We also hear from Satoshi Nakamoto as well as questions from listeners. Surfing the tastiest waves in all of the Republic, Travis and I are here to share a slice of virtual pizza and the latest crypto yumminess in episode #109 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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00:00:00xcaret carrying bad crypto piens we like to make waves in the blockchain world so does Sasha even off the CEO of waves platform it's an open source blogging platform that allows anyone to make their own cryptocurrency token for example there may or may not be a Joel coin we also hear from Satoshi Nakamoto as well as questions for listeners surfing the tastiest waves in all of the Republic Travis and I are here to share a slice of virtual pizza and the latest crypto yumminess in episode 109 of the bad crypto podcast for free
00:00:44who's bad dude where can I get some tasty waves sucks I didn't spend such a long time. What happened to Jeff Spicoli like Sean Penn that dude looks almost as bad as Keith Richards
00:01:18he was never like a virgin I'm sorry supposed to be with Madonna into the groove and hung out with the material girl and the kids to go see like a surgeon anybody know a lie still want to meet him here yeah you know if I've said this on Facebook and I'll say it here that you don't people often ask that question if you could have you no lunch or dinner with anybody through all of history who would it be and you know you get the typical answers Einstein you know you hear people say the president to ever my bae or you know they say Jesus I'm like Jesus everyday already you know I'm good with you know what the with I want to like who can I meet your now I always answer Weird Al and I keep putting it out there I treated him I've had people reach out to him I've even written his publicist I'm like dude
00:02:18I'm not some weird Fanboy I was there when you when your tapes first got played on dr. Demento I admire you as an entrepreneur and I think you're hilarious and talented but I love to just have a meal with you in and have a discussion so if anybody knows Weird Al then hook a brother up here he's going to be coming to Denver for show which I have tickets for you know I think a little greek appetizer or something beforehand what do you know why not I apologize everyone for opening up the Weird Al can of worms then I realized I joke with turn into a joke on fantasy it's it's it's serious is going to happen I love Thailand man I was like one of my cuz I used to listen to dr. Demento as a kid and it was just so hilarious and I I actually have video I have been do of me at age 10 in the fifth grade me and my friend TJ Stewart we were singing Beat It karaoke
00:03:18nh10 windup your radios Dimension than the men tights it's the Doctor Demento show he was great anyway you know I don't know I don't think so I think so but I don't have dinner with him so don't tell me who I should want to have dinner with I mean I wouldn't turn them away with your dinner invites you know what might you know what I asked me to do would you like to have dinner with that I said Joel Comm and all my dreams are coming true
00:03:47is the bad crypto podcast and we are bad show for the crypto curious and the Crypt of serious and we are so bad it's good we're glad you're here got a great feature for you guys today with the CEO of the Waves platform my one of the it's in the top 25 I believe as of now it's the only let me take a look here on the couch it was a joke on yeah actually it's number 37 in cryptomarketcap as of right now we recorded this interview a few weeks ago. The best audio quality we had a hard time getting a Sasha to sound good but the the content is really good and we think you're going to enjoy it we know you will so let's catch a wave
00:04:32through the miracle of the internet's reaching Halfway Around the World literally we have with us the CEO of the Waves platform which you heard me refer to on this program a number of times along with Travis his name is Sasha even off and apparently he's in office space that's kind of cavernous so for the audio but we feel like it's important enough that you hear from Sasha today and and welcome to bad crypto Sasha I'm really sorry about the echo quickly many people are high ceilings and probably two possible to get ahead for a listeners and tell everyone what waves platform is
00:05:32waist chain blockchain dolphin blockchain but more like disoriented so therefore we all will need to be like close all my contacts so we're trying to actually graded right here right now very good so so tell us a little bit about this so you ran a you had your launch a couple of years ago how is your technology today is how how have you been open app in what what what purpose does wave serve in the in the the blockchain space currently
00:06:32there's also we have a personal ad to change that have been lying since about last year or the year was afraid how do not have made very fast if you should like the best of the world's like security
00:07:32that the great experience that I don't trust your money grant department in the phone actually Union Revolution Concert support or girls out there that will actually represent the sister location snap and McDonald auction
00:08:32Dave's the first time probably last all summer or so it just as I was getting into crypto and I remember talking to Travis and saying I wonder how I can set up my own coin and now we we set up a coin on the bitshares platform but I wanted to explore what it would be like to set up at my old choking on waves and so I actually issued the Joel coin and there's a million of them in what I like about what I saw is that you can basically issue your own token for the cost of the price of one wave right exact let me find Joel Point i n j o e l c o i n and I created a million of them I am currently hobbling all of them because I don't know what to do with it
00:09:22you can recognize your time so don't sell your time for your call so if I buy or I can ask you this then that how do I how do I put that clean out there as an exchange of value without it being a security business you just answer my question the question is how do I put that right now I have all 1 million of them so how would I get them into the hands of people that would
00:10:22who is that that's that this is the struggle I'm having cuz I can't sell the token you guys if I tell if my Michael so you would have to get rid of the change because we haven't change right there so you have a plan you should exchange is an escrow agent with we have it right there right so Travis I know you have questions but I really want to follow up on on this year cuz I'm not sure I I understand my understanding at least in the US and I'm not a lawyer and I'm not offend Angela advisor at barely understand what I'm talking about that if I sell the token
00:11:22I'm turning it into security because I'm collecting money for it right now eastern time for little bit by Broadmoor Services okay according to SEC it is fine at the moment but there's actually a a chrome plugin for your clients and I understand that pretty soon they're going to stop supporting it but I'm looking at it now my tokens for sale on
00:12:22the client and how do I set the price where is that maybe some people aren't supposed to change your price
00:13:02from your understanding of the Bells by by Jessie reyez you're right they're very interesting I know Joel has been that been thinking about his Joel coin for a long time he wouldn't he wouldn't even give me a any one of the Joel coins so he's very stingy with his voice is very unfair I have a question about this you guys have a waves Dex as well which is a decentralized exchange about this because I think that our exchanges right now are very centralized and actually in America and it's creating printer problem
00:14:02more about this decentralized exchange you guys have have the fat please find me why the fast because we combined our part-time Dimension procedure procedure that together sweetheart
00:15:01but for me it's automatically so I think that we have the best what types of tokens can be traded on the way the waves decentralized exchange we support Bitcoin cash
00:16:01so we have company that backs out so we have integrated right so you can trade your wife also we are playing two operating procedure to make a centralized
00:17:01Travis don't be jealous of the Joel coin you can you can make your travel coin you know where the Casey coin or whatever you know I've been playing with the light client here and I guess you got a new interface which I need to check out letter I noticed that there's a feature on your or leasing which is basically staking your tokens right we're in so I've actually done that I have some minimal number of waves you know about a hundred or so here and I least them out back in September and I noticed now I've got little bits of all kinds of tokens in my portfolio can you explain what house
00:18:01leasing Works what it does and what it is and I'm seeing show up here in my portfolio and some wine and some state. But if you don't want to help your old server support 24/7 you can lease respect for other compensation
00:19:01yes people want to attract attention to the actual air Girl air broken down by the share with you
00:20:01it's it's it's always nice to get some money right now and I'm seeing I got an airdrop of a million crypto bar and I've got ripped obox and mercury in minor reward and coffee coin McFly Voltron waves. There's a bunch of them hear some of them or one unit some of them are a few units and like I said there's there's a million Alix Merced coin some guy created his own and give me a million how would I airdrop I would anybody airdrop a token then let's say I want to airdrop Joel coin the people I would I do that next release of this already actually at least put down to help hair grow without any pain for a Coby any country
00:21:01call Jessica found in Russia now so about your your exchange as well because you know you you mentioned that you know you have your tokens are able to be exchanged within your your decentralized exchange as well as. Bitcoin Litecoin zcash a few others now you also have some Fiat gateways so these getaways that allow you to exchange to USD Euros a Chinese water or any other sort of real money was deposited into a bank so I have your other day I sent some money to my bank account through
00:22:01and they took a nice picture from that so how does that work with your fiance if I transfer to me. I'm over there two waves and I converted into Dollars how to send that money back to their bank and how many bags do you work with it doesn't matter or do you work with all banks at Safeways are free to you sexually so only like $1 stations
00:23:01Europe you have a problem because I'm sure that Banks or maybe even central banks are going to be sure their own connect it to like real money we want to find a reputable business we will not supported by
00:24:01for our other things about the waves platform that maybe we don't know to ask it's may be cool you like our audience to know before we wrap this up. We have in the works so we are just now there is somebody out there to work with us also we have a crowdfunding platform for a bigger token sales in Singapore that was discussed with us for about a year and now finally Maryland we have also some permission for auction in the works
00:25:01bicycles taking place on the platform scale better so we can come by and so we have very many major pieces are coming there a Macy's at my attention and I think you know now that you've got a new client I would take a closer look the website
00:26:01waves platform. Com and you guys can see about the product to company find out how to get waves in it and it right now on the site you have download client is that still the Chrome do we need to use the online application time my babe might be the best Appliance of waves platform thank you so much for your time today so Travis as I mentioned in that interview I do have Joel coin I created a million of them and I'm currently traveling the whole Mill are they they are all in my possession and I haven't decided what to do with them yet so I'm open to suggestions if you guys want to go into the mass
00:27:01reminder look for this episode in fact that I am forward slash Mastermind that end in comments on here and let me know what you think I should do with the joy coin and how do I bring value to others with it and not turned into a security okay so coming and leave your comments and let us know people who are named Joel I guess I'm the Billy Joel get some of Joel Osteen and so he can give it out
00:27:33show me people named I mean when there's no utility and its the Joel Kumbaya you know whenever I like that is it bad that is a bad suggestion for a token mr. Travis right well I mean you're trying and that's about pretty worthless as you can get no no I said I don't want to turn into a security I don't mind it having value I just I you know I don't want to get in trouble with the secc's people right it's a it's a utility token so what is the utility for bad cold out I N Ford / Mastermind look for the Post 4 episode number 109 and leave your comments there and speaking of comments there's this volume you have
00:28:19hello Travis in Joel I am healed of Okinawa department calling you
00:28:31with greetings and I would like to invite you especially Travis and drive around to come and enjoy some delicious karaage it is a deep-fried Japanese chicken with potato thank you very much for supporting Bitcoin and stay back so I know you were a fat shamer Satoshi Nakamoto called me kind of fat what is dick.com Pollo isn't it isn't as bad as Satoshi he writes and he says hi Joel and Travis I'm 32 years old
00:29:32Brazilian 3D designer and certified flight instructor living now in Massachusetts and female why is somewhere in that also net is not a date I'd say I'm addicted to podcasts I listen to several Brazilian and American podcast when it comes to cryptos bad crypto podcast is the best bad podcast about the subject it's on my top 3 podcast in general I've been binge listening and as I drive a lot each day I don't even care what I'm stuck in traffic you know what that Travis we are like the cure for road rage I'm still learning on the go as you thinks you guys I'm finally feeling comfortable to dive into the nuka-world thanks for the amazing work day bad we will continue to stay bad and I know distracted driving you know I like if you start laughing too much that you can keep your eyes on the road then the med cryptos bad for you
00:30:32haven't found the remedy which is listening to the back of the podcast and so you know when they bought their tickets at 20,000 what else are we got your of all we have a message from Neil Davi he says what do you think about Cloud mining as my dad has dropped which I paid most of it down I only have my mortgage I have some money to invest I will continue my traditional Investments but I would like to diversify and some cryptos one option is just to buy crypto and other ways to invest in mining as a business which can offset my taxable income was just hire for Joe's 82 Avenues of this would be physical Mining and Cloud mining what are your thoughts on returns of purchasing a cloud mining contract through hash player has 24 Genesis mining or minergate I would appreciate your input thanks Neil what do you think it's a joke on Neil we are not financial advisors
00:31:30I have an awesome mining advisor either you know you did so I did play briefly with a cloud mining service just to test it out and see what it would be like in I did not get the Returns on it that I expect it to I have heard and not really knowing this is just hearsay but I've heard that if you're going to mine do it yourself that cloud mining is it takes you a lot longer to earn you know back cuz you got to pay to invest in the in in the cloud service and they have to take a piece off of that so it makes the most money whenever you are doing Cloud mining for my estimation through hashflare hashing24 Genesis mining minergate is it's that because they're selling the pics and shovels to the people who want to be in crypto so they're making lots of money you're making a little bit of money they're making lots I don't know the cloud mining is the
00:32:30solution but then again I'm not personally done it just because of my own analysis on and I thought this does not sound financially viable so I stayed away from that now however we have had some conversations about cooling some resources and getting our own mining equipment but we've got pulled the trigger on that so I just want to have an issue that we've not gone down yeah if I was going to mine with what I know right now I would likely invest in my own gear and I probably wouldn't mind Bitcoin I would probably find a another token that that is in the top 20 or 30 that has a lot of use and would invest in something that's easier to to play in the pool or something might not be a bad one but who knows there's a lot of different ways you can actually go on coinmarketcap and you can sort those listings by which ones have minable tokens so that could be some way to figure out which
00:33:30looks like a good opportunity that maybe more people are my name right now but has a good opportunity speaking of Monero and forks there's actually a new story we can touch on here real briefly apparently there was a hard Fork that took place here I think just weak Justice last week the fork is xmv it's a hard fork and I haven't gotten to go too deep into it yet but it's called Monera V or more narrow V I guess and this thing is is dividing the community a little bit allegedly if you're holding one XMR which is more narrow you have 10 more narrow V there other attempting to rectify the flaws of Monero and they say that the developments are very conservative but it is a change that is a fork may you put some a little bit of XM artist raft by I like the
00:34:30on Arrow and the reason is is that the thought being well you're all these governments are trying to regulate step to trying to figure out what you're doing all this and privacy is very important and I'm on Arrow is one that allows you to have very good privacy so not a bad joke and a half zcash also does that verges one that is debatable if people like that one or not a lot of people think it's and it's pretty inexpensive but zcash Monero pivx there's some other ones Dash is also kind of a some good privacy elements to its rival coins or something that I think are are definitely going to be more valuable in the future now there are those that are calling the hard Fork from an arrow a scam and I you know kind of like Bitcoin private and Litecoin cash or both questionable I know you're not got a little bit of Bitcoin I've got a little bit of Litecoin and sitting out there somewhere in the blockchain I've got the fort
00:35:30coins as well I think Bitcoin private is around $20 and the light coin cash is probably around $0.20 or something ridiculous like that but they're out there I don't know you the utility for them and you know the likelihood that they're going to pick up any mainstream usage but they are out there and if you're holding these tokens at time before you do get some free crypto's yeah I got some of that super duper bitcoin.org I don't know there's lots of the super ultra diamond bad Bitcoin Travis we got a big surprise that's coming for a listeners in the next episode the one that comes out well done matter when it comes out it's the next episode episode number 110 and all we can tell you about it is that we have heard you citizens of the Republic of bad cryptopia and we have a surprise that we think you are going to love or hate
00:36:30everybody has one pissed off then pissed on
00:36:45so that's that's what I miss, I grew up with and now I know how it is you are able to stay bad
00:36:55who sang
00:36:58the bad crypto podcast is a production of bad crypto LLC the content of the show the videos and the website is provided for educational informational and entertainment purposes only it's not intended to be a does not constitute Financial investment or trading advise of any kind you shouldn't make any decisions as to finances investing trading or anything else based on this information without undertaking independent due diligence in consultation with a professional financial advisor please understand that the trading of Bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies have potential risks involved anyone wishing to invest in any of the currencies are tokens mentioned on this podcast should first seek their own independent professional financial advisor

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