The crypto world is crazy and Joel is so upset he is crying. Inconsolable.
Maybe Ronnie Moas can cheer him up.

It’s episode #133 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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00:00:02Travis yeah I'm opened up opened my phone open to buy a block folio yeah June so all man you know what it will you know use all your bills Hoddle I mean as weight is critical is up for that was that was going to I don't know maybe
00:00:26maybe if we invite running OS to the show you can cheer us up you think I don't I'm not sure that he'd choose anybody up but he's a nice guy he means well we what well let's see if more mo S. will do it it's episode one thirty
00:00:44three Hey this is James out of here you're listening to the bad crypto podcast stay mad she's talking to do I just with such a happy song I'm happy again Travis that is good it sounds like you might have some %HESITATION so might chemical imbalances you might need
00:01:30to talk you know what actually the truth is is I'm he unfazed by the dramatic rises and falls I see it all and I'm just like you know what that's all magical internet it doesn't I don't have the emotional highs and lows and I think that's why you
00:01:59know one of the things that many actual financial adviser states as well as running OS will be joining us in a moment is that you never invest more than you could afford to lose and if you have that mindset than that group because of cryptic goes down you've
00:02:16got to know when the whole little note in the food will home the gold a fiat no win no wrong went to move to Cayman Islands well welcome to the bad crypto podcast over four million downloads now of the the show and were not even into a Europe
00:02:40this yet so thanks for listening and if you have some friends that have not yet heard the show than if you're a true friend you'll tell them about the show because you'll be like I want you to be bad many years how here's how it's true or one
00:02:56thing I like to do is like say Hey open up iTunes podcast that are a search for crypto boom bag gripped a clique that those guys are whole areas used to lose those guys that's great so bright it or you can say Alexa play the bag ripped a
00:03:11podcast we just picked up somebody because Hardcastle while there she goes on to me some would say that creating a hope Alexa stop here and I know she's always like do and stuff anyhow we do have with us for the is it sixth time that runs with us
00:03:33for the fifth I can't fifty harm fifth time yes yes because I tweeted to him I go yes he goes out he made a comment because I was late you said noon we're doing the call at noon I didn't necessarily see the my calendar but I this is
00:03:48all calm calls me at like eleven seventeen this like weird where are you Ronnie's waiting I'm like oh do no signals noon anyway so then he calls me out on that on the borders and I said well it's a shame that word does not gonna be a six
00:04:02time have you on the show he's got a lot yeah he spent the week it census in New York and so he also has input on the crypto dips which I think you're too for we should refer to as Depp does we actually shouldn't do that his projections
00:04:21but before we get to that let's read a few of the funny five star reviews that you guys have sent in the this one is by a name that is just a bunch of consonants strong so strong together with one ball that is that's doing fizzle hunger do
00:04:39yeah it's titled the devil went down to bad town I'm gonna try this with the devil went down to bad town he was looking for Travis and Joel with a flip it instead to the devil and his head in both got to keep that soul gave devil gave
00:04:51chase but he had a weak case and he began to get mad one thing's for show them voices joined one hundred percent bad go Travis and chill run boys run nice that's not bad but then I'm not sure who the person is who did that one didn't says
00:05:07only excellent crypto podcast says kilo I love the names kilo I wish there was a little bit taller wish I was a ball I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call a these dudes just chill back in this out easily digestible crypto knowledge they
00:05:25got that cruising with crypto Casey case some vibe going on and I love it I also love me some excel in lumens which %HESITATION they did a fantastic analysis on during the top ten crypto countdown good luck dudes and remember keep your feet on the ground and keep
00:05:41reaching for the stars yeah baby and you know what we to %HESITATION that %HESITATION the count downs that we did seem to be really popular and so we're thinking about maybe taking other Koreans the top one hundred market cap in five at a time on an episode you
00:05:57know covering as many of them as possible lease with an overview so keep listening for that I this guy five crypto talking tokens Dokken tokens McKinney tack wrote luminaries what is crypto who knows fleeting bits in a computer flipping back and forth smart geeks making money at the
00:06:16expense of lesser geeks dangling digital bait in waiting for a bite dangle wait bite yanked another coin is bored some legit someone fit all crypto bits these guys watch for the dangle give you an angle and they seem to be expert Yankers wow thanks any tech those good
00:06:37not mackenzie mackenzie they have a have a really good reputation Makeni done about them but %HESITATION your yanked her went to yourself man they weigh anchor after an inker train wreck Hey those have the same initials as my name Travis right train wreck this project is a train
00:06:56wreck but with a happy twist most train conductors have confidence in the smile that says I know where I know what I'm doing the conductors of this train do not have that they are proud to be bad happy to not know anything and smitten by horrible dad jokes
00:07:11and songs somehow though they give the train on the tracks keep it moving and actually gets you the information you've been looking for this is definitely the baddies show I listen to but not the worst are finally happy wrote that so we are happy that you finally wrote
00:07:27that review and we would invite you guys wherever it is that you submit reviews write us a funny five star review with you think we deserve a five star review if you want to read us a one star review %HESITATION that's fine submit it to you W. W.
00:07:42W. dot White House dot gov center one star reviews there I know that you know they like getting criticism they do doesn't like should criticism yeah you guys suck one star anyway we appreciate that in please do share the show with a friend as we said Mr Ronnie
00:08:00mo **** back from standpoint research dot com and let's go to the interview back for the fifth time to the bad crypto podcast a man who needs no introduction but I think I just gave him one Mr running OS welcome back the return of runny thank you for
00:08:23having me is this five this is for no no sixty seventy eighty one of six whatever this oneness another thirty five one oh yeah he's keeping track very good he has all the numbers down he knows all the numbers he's running OS and he's got a new microphone
00:08:42so she's gonna sounds he hears tones are going to be a little bit more dull set it and there's a lot to talk about I mean you said Dr Michael my microphone is so good right now I'm thinking to change my name to communications like yours is I
00:08:58see what you did there Ronnie here come the jokes gangs all right no I was on wikipedia I looked you up and they said when your family came over from Liverpool on the boat and landed in Ellis Island they shorten your last name from communications to see that
00:09:14may or may not be a lie probably as Ron is the trickster he is everybody's got there's a lot to say because since the last time he's been on the show some interesting things have happened in the market he's done some looking at technical analysis he's been to
00:09:34consensus in New York and I know there's a lot to talk about so where do you want to start running I would start with consensus that was that was quite it was dark last week in New York I think it was may fourteenth until the eighteenth that what
00:09:48doesn't solve crypto I'm blockchain events in New York it was watching week in New York City and the main event was the consensus conference on Monday Tuesday Wednesday at the Hilton hotel in they have a few motels in the city but this one was the the hotel on
00:10:08fifty fourth street and Sixth Avenue okay so how was it will will limit the main complaint that people had was that they sold too many tickets still more than eight thousand people there and this is inside a hotel so it was basically they turn the whole talent to
00:10:26Grand Central station for three days you know that something twenty twenty five million dollars revenue as anybody that wanted a ticket got what they they should have limited the number of tickets that they sold you know five or six thousand and not sold eight thousand and it probably
00:10:45should have been held at the convention center and not inside a hotel other than that I imagine most people that went there were happy with what they got there were more than a hundred Stiklestad during the three days there are a lot of panels done it me in
00:11:02particular I did sit in on many of the presentations I was just there to give my followers on Twitter and my subscribers a chance to meet me in person was even though I've done a lot of shows in the last year this is the first one I did
00:11:17in the northeast so I got to meet dozens of people from the media subscribers of mine and follow us on Twitter that had never met before us and that was you that much it with eighty five hundred people in attendance or or somewhere around that that seems to
00:11:34me that that should have been at the job it's you know convention center and that's kind of you know a hotel and hopefully they'll fix that next year and you know you said everybody who gets things get taken joellen trials could not get tickets were not fancy enough
00:11:48to get tickets yet well that is media and away they they're not yet thanks Jake on they gave out and he said if we tickets I think they took money from every person that walked in there why didn't take ours they didn't we decided not to try to
00:12:05watch a lot of the different to a lot we watch a lot of the different sessions I have anyway I watch a lot of the different sessions online because while those videos are available what what what were some of the the maybe some of the key take aways
00:12:17or some of the some of the things you think that they should make maybe should do better well as far as visitation school I didn't really have time to sit around in the presentations the main one that I got to see the two main ones that I wanted
00:12:30to see what's up Jimmy song I never followed him I didn't know what his use foreign crypto and I know he had a big following so I've made it my business to sit in on his presentation at the scared the **** out of everyone he only but the
00:12:49court I think everything else is like you know a scam or worthless I think yes maybe two or three names that he would be willing to put money into outside the court I think tone days isn't the CM camp right requirement and then I want to just and
00:13:05then I want to see Jack Dorsey are he was one of the headlines echostar and he spoke more are mainly about the square or a company that he wants very nice so there's there's a you know there's lots of conferences I mean if you actually look in and
00:13:21take a look at all of the different big coin and crypto conferences that are out there their schedules out there you can take a look and there's there's an event pretty much every day somewhere in the world yes so I mean that's one of the things is that
00:13:35I look at it so well jolt I mean we could go to this is gonna be a lot of people there is a really worth our time is really worth us collectively drop in ten grand to go to this thing and expression there's so many other bands going
00:13:47on it so we it we we've decided to opt out I say no I think it's worth it I mean being in particular not only did I get to meet a lot of people that I had never met person before but I also get with few interviews as
00:13:59well they just had a really nice studio set up in the hotel on the third level of the blow and they they pulled me and so they are broadcast blues and they did an interview with me and you could see that saw the link to that interview was
00:14:14on the top near the top of my Twitter H. does CNBC how to the station set up there CNBC aplicar if we really familiar with the chatter network in there because I love chatter very late they also had a station sign up and it was nice you know
00:14:37if you like networking and getting to meet people that listen to your heart Chastain people from the media there was something for everyone there but you know the lines to get into the bathroom alarmed at the lines to get for a long are there were people that way
00:14:53there's an hour or an hour and a half to get their dads just station and other was some stickers that you couldn't get a seat almost there were filled up so that's the main right there were too many people there but everything else to be not enough I
00:15:07would or green Eminem so that you know I don't know if I can manage it but so you know let's talk about the content of what people were talking about what was the big buzz because you know traditionally blockchain week out you know if we look at years
00:15:22past there was usually a bowl run that took place concurrent in after you know consensus and that just didn't happen that week that is a concern of mine of course you know if they would have had this in January and the court was to twenty thousand dollars I
00:15:39could understand if there was no doubts but this conference took place following a market over reaction headlines from Korea South Korea and Japan and it also came with corn down fifty five percent off its high so that the decorum was looking for a reason to bounce off of
00:16:00this conference and they did it and that is a concern I sent out a note to my subscribers yesterday that I'm a little bit concerned with the way the market is acting right now you're hearing now you know rumors face spoke possibly putting out their own currency other
00:16:18governments coming out with their own currency you know I don't think Google and Amazon and she spoke and some governments around the world and all these people that are looking to get a piece of the pie they are not going to sit on the sidelines that get corn
00:16:36ate their lunch so we already went from five hundred crypto currencies to fifteen hundred in the last year and god knows what we're going to be a year from now and every time a new crypto comes in it is another place for people to die burst of fire
00:16:53away from core so it's going to be a challenge corn the price target that the bulls have right now and to hit the target within the time frame that was originally specified so originally if you thought the corn was gonna hit fifty thousand dollars in three years you
00:17:13know it might take for five years to get there because there are going to be this kind of a competition some actor is going to be eating is Dick thankfully yes he I still disagree with that will look he made his prediction six months or a year ago
00:17:29and a lot has changed since then and that would be very foolish of him not to take those changes wishing it back now I mean that's that's that's production he made and and %HESITATION numb numb numb to big big he's and he's in quite a predicament it was
00:17:49true good stuff so you know with this market changes so much and as I mentioned I I've started doing some technical analysis I've been learning ramping up on that and in looking at a lot of the people who are deep deep into the technical analysis from what I've
00:18:06chatted with them they think they've been coins gonna and has to do one more drop it has to finish this pattern this stuff five fifth wave pattern and they think it's gonna hit down about five thousand before pops up above fourteen and goes between fourteen and thirty five
00:18:21thousand they say that before to make it's really big run it has to it has to finish this big move now me not being a big technical analysis guy and I don't know how to go now says it works in your world or your thoughts on that I
00:18:34mean is that something they they you couldn't foresee happening is that part of it is that part of it or is that they will now says Hannes is some big mythical magical wonder as the digital thing well I am not a big fan of technical analysis and I'm
00:18:49going to I think it's worth repeating what I'm saying recently at the interviews that I gave I have an interview with Tom Hanks a couple weeks ago and it was seen fifteen thousand times on your show within a couple of days their reaction was overwhelming I don't think
00:19:07I've ever gotten a reaction like that students of you and I will basically tell you what I told him that trigger the reaction the reason there are a few reasons why I don't believe in technical analysis the main reason is as follows let's say I give you two
00:19:23two charts to look at and they are our denticle mirror images of each other you are going to give me the same price forecast for each of those charts the course they are identical images of each other what what if I told you the chart on the left
00:19:40is the name trading at ten times earnings with five billion dollars in cash and no debt on their balance sheet in a rising industry and the chart on the right is a name trading at forty times earnings with five billion dollars in Jack no cash in a declining
00:19:59industry then what do you say right well those are part of the things that go on a technical analysis right is not just the charts it's the some of the other ancillary information that goes into the full picture but that only makes sense if with different there's different
00:20:15components that come into play but then also some of that stuff doesn't necessarily apply in the crypto world it would seem because not any of them are gonna have you know X. fifty billion dollars in cash and as a maybe the stock market world but does definitely seems
00:20:31to be interesting because of the ones I've seen that are doing some done it on out of the guys are really good they're they're pretty accurate over and over again so there's some sort of pattern that seems to be working with technical now says it might not be
00:20:44a full proof plan but what but what is a full proof plan well just think the problem that I have wish you're looking at a chart on the court stat nothing I wrote in my eighty seven page report on this court is going to show up in that
00:20:59chart which means you're looking at a chart and make a decision on incomplete information you can argue that everything that this is my report is already priced into the chart I don't buy that the technical analysts always take a point of reference that makes them helps them make
00:21:18their arguments you can show me a one year chart and the stock looks like it's over sold I'll tell you to look at the true your chart I never to tell me that the name was over bought so it's okay to look at a chart but you have
00:21:33to also look at the fundamentals you have to look at the valuation you have to look at whether the company is cooking the books or not I do have to look at who's sitting on the board of directors otherwise your body now which will never be more than
00:21:45fifty percent it kind of reminds me Travis of these silly influence our lists that are you know put out on %HESITATION online where you know they say the top one hundred most influential people in the use data purely from Twitter like how many people are following how many
00:22:01people engage a retweet favorite all that but they don't take into account real world influence things that they can't measure easily by just pulling in that data which makes the list kind of bi es in so I'm wondering if that's you know a analogous to what Romney saying
00:22:22he knows that you can lie with statistics it's done all the time false advertising people misrepresenting what their track record is so my whole point is that looking at a chart this taking the easy way out if you're not gonna do the fundamental analysis and do a comparative
00:22:42you know comparisons between one name and the other and if you're not looking at the valuation of the accounting and who serves on the board there's no way you can repeat the market using that approach so what is a better approach than if you were to you know
00:22:57there's a lot of people in the space now than that are thirsty for knowledge on how to you know get aids the market they they're looking at different technical analysis are looking at so fundamental stuff they're looking at things up what tips would you maybe give them to
00:23:13help them in their overall deciding on when to buy and sell I know that they could you know sign up for your your last few don't talk about everyone of these coins that are interested every person and so how do people make better decisions than on the state
00:23:28of when to buy when the cell when the trade when the hotel yeah well I would pray for them to a passage in the Bible it says make sure that you are very selective with who you chose as your advisors you can just listen to every Talking Heads
00:23:46that has fifty thousand followers on Twitter there are a lot of people like that that have fifty thousand or a hundred thousand followers on Twitter and ninety five percent of them don't even have to order the track record so why you follow all of the other sheep are
00:24:01following them you have to take the time to figure out who is worth listening to and who is worth taking advice well don't listen to us because we are not financial advisors and so would let let's not let's dig then into the current state of the markets regarding
00:24:19that Korean and the old coins and where everything is at that's what that what is your keen analysis tell you of of the market right now well the problem I have with the all Koreans and obviously it doesn't bother me right now as much as it did when
00:24:37the market value which was eight hundred billion dollars in January now what four hundred billion so my concern is not as hard now as it was four months ago but my concern with the all corn chips as follows there is a lot of speculative value built into the
00:24:56corn prices there and in the next six twelve eighteen months if these courts don't show utility value to validate and justified and back up the steps to the value that is built into the corn price right now they will collapse this is the same problem that Amazon had
00:25:14ten years ago but guess what they ended up showing us a utility that validated and justify the hype you ratio that the stock was trading at ten years ago you know so right now if you take a platform that has a hundred a million users for example your
00:25:37buying that corn whiskey expectation and hope that they have five or ten million users a few years from now and if they meet those expectations but you will make money on your investment but if the growth rate slows down or turns negative the corn is going to collapse
00:25:59and that's why you have to constantly monitor not the absolute value of the corn John Quinn market cap but the relative right click okay if the market drops twenty percent tomorrow everything is going to drop so you want to monitor what the ranking is on your altar corn
00:26:19on corn market cap if something drops ten twenty thirty places that is a warning sign that someone may have come out with a better mouse trap okay so as we're speaking right now you know we saw a big point couple weeks you'll get over nine thousand dip just
00:26:36below eight currently as of of this conversation hanging around eighty five hundred what's it gonna take for the next Bull Run to trigger I think that's what everybody's waiting out right here and it doesn't appear regulation any time really soon yeah well I think that you know I
00:26:59personally am waiting for a watershed moment and a watershed moment would do something similar to what you had with the internet service twenty two years ago twenty two years ago there were only a few million people on the internet and the watershed moment was when the Netscape browser
00:27:17came online and that took us from you know twenty thirty forty million users on the internet to hundreds of millions of years on the internet almost overnight and I'm expecting in the next six to twelve months yeah it could come will this never too old there were two
00:27:36ideas that I have in mind could get a stock above twenty thousand the first one is right now the average person will not go into crypto they don't want to deal with the trusted device they don't want to deal with a lecture device they don't want to have
00:27:51to diversify across several different exchanges in order to hedge there are the risk of having the exchange that they're in hacked they don't want to deal with all of C. inconvenience that is involved in being a crypto as an individual having to protect the money that you have
00:28:14in the market so what would be a watershed moment this if if and when someone like fidelity or each trade or stock trade or the New York Stock Exchange comes out and says listen all you have to do is go to your online account now and click one
00:28:31button and five or ten or fifteen percent of the money out of the stock market or the bond market or cash will automatically shift over into an index fund that tracks the performance of the top ten or twenty crypto currents to that would be one watershed moment the
00:28:49other is a few foreign governments say enough is enough we have our own currency in our sovereign wealth funds in our strategic reserves and disclosing to three percent a month in its value we are now going to shift part of that money into crypto currency which we see
00:29:11as a more stable place to invest in a few of these countries follow suit that alone would be enough to school bought a lot of what the remaining supply is on the market right now does that make sense that that does make sense there's a lot of different
00:29:28possibilities of things that can happen we know that in the crypt a world you know goes up crypto goes down that's pretty much what happens every day you and then sometimes it doesn't seem like there's any rhyme nor reason to why it goes up one day goes down
00:29:42another day and I agree on on what you said about in these we made some poor because most folks do not want to get on the trends are they don't understand that like you give that you show that to some people and I got to walk through that
00:29:55process they're just gonna look at you with with glossed over dear eyes are going to be like what I did is I have a master's degree in finance and I find the whole process overwhelming I was sweating bullets for the last few months warning about what happens if
00:30:11I lose my phone or my phone died this and I have all these Google authenticator you know I have like five or six accounts that I'm spread out across and there's a Google authenticator cord tied to each of them on my and it's really complicated to deal with
00:30:29don't lose your phone running so I don't lose it yeah well I never have lost my phone but you know it's a few yes all it could die what happens when I upgrade from the Samsung six that I have right now to the some some of nine what
00:30:43happens to the Google authenticator then it's stopping now it is the the activated and then you re activated on the new device so it's not too hard as long as you still have the device it's when you don't have the device that it's a big challenge guard if
00:30:58you make a mistake during that process good luck getting a hold of the exchanges and we and stating your accountant another thing is not going to help here is that the consensus is that in the marketplace is that the price of corn is being manipulated and Jack shakes
00:31:16the confidence that people have in this asset class I am convinced that the price was being manipulated in fact I posted screenshots on my Twitter page last month are actually in March when we dropped below nine thousand eight thousand seven thousand I posted screenshots showing people that I
00:31:38was spying on the way down because I was so confident in the fact that the price is being manipulated now what how does that happen you have people that are worth billions of dollars billions of dollars that what a diverse portfolio just like you and I have and
00:31:57want so if someone has three billion dollars let's say and they want ten percent of their money and did quite that's a three hundred million dollar position they're not gonna pay fifteen or twenty thousand dollars for quite what they're gonna do is gonna dump twenty thirty forty billion
00:32:15dollars of corn on the market that's going to create something pressure the technical analysts then pile on with their cell signals that creates a panic and the cook to tradition and when the market capitulate stills people that talked twenty thirty forty million dollars on the market quietly come
00:32:35in and buy back five or ten times what they sold for pennies on the dollar so the same people that was selling it eighteen thousand seventeen thousand and sixty thousand with the same people that will buy at six thousand seven thousand and eight thousand us so I think
00:32:52the individual starting to realize that they're in a box in a boxing ring right now with someone who's twice their size and some people say you know what I am not I don't belong in the same room with this person I'm pulling down and this currency slash commodity
00:33:09that will sink or swim based on consumer confidence and when people hear about these manipulations stories taking place it shakes their confidence to the point where they say you know what enough is enough I lost my money since January I don't want to deal with the Senate played
00:33:26a little rope a dope with running OS in the in the in the coin ran out of looking like a butterfly sting like a bee a great friend of the show Mister running OS thanks for chiming in with the latest and I have a feeling you'll be back
00:33:44yeah I actually went to the challenges that you have with the speakers when the people that you're interviewing themselves actually booked myself to be on the show yeah the website stand point research dot com go check out running OS's stuff there and thanks again runny big thank you
00:34:09to Mister Ronnie mo as always love having them on the show is a good do good heart you know what he didn't actually mention this time that you know each week we should reiterate because we've had such an amazing turn out from our fans so Ronnie has he
00:34:26participates with this with charity called food for the poor dot org forward slash mo asked and that every time you donate money to them there actually feeding very very poor children around the world they're building that houses they're doing all kinds of epic things yeah she didn't mention
00:34:46on this show but I wanted to say Hey of food for the poor not or four slash mo **** and help some children you had some good crypto gains you know what therefore help out some people yeah be nice do that stuff all that stuff and thanks for
00:35:00listening we appreciate that you all are here part of the Republic of bad crypto be a don't forget that the %HESITATION bad crypto key sharks of the one off that %HESITATION desde made for bad crypto podcast on the pop up flood on the podcast for limited edition only
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00:35:36that picture of a so you can actually see jolt calms head severed head laying there I guess that I don't know it's really weird I do that well that's for us blood blood on the blood on the part of Florida go watch how do you hang out with
00:35:52not a minute stop hanging out Travis right as you are exemplifying how it's gonna sort bad the bed crypto podcast is a production of bad crypto LLC the content of the show the videos and the website is provided for educational informational and entertainment purposes only it's not intended
00:36:20to be does not constitute financial investment or trading advice of any kind you shouldn't make any decisions as to finances investing trading or anything else based on this information without undertaking independent due diligence in consultation with the professional financial adviser please understand that the trading of bit coins
00:36:38and alternative crypto currencies have potential risks involved anyone wishing to invest in any of the currencies are tokens mentioned on this podcast should first seek their own independent professional financial adviser

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