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I always survey you (my listeners/readers) to find out 'what you need from me.'  and You've spoken loud and clear: You want to know how to properly source and sell profitable, repeatable products. So I'm bringing you free help today (most of this is time-sensitive, so act now!)

Everything is provided courtesy of Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert of The Wholesale Formula:

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00:00:00call Amazon seller is Jordan malloch the Astrid podcast special episode today not really answering a question for say wanted to direct you to some free wholesale help from a trusted expert that's going to be happening this week and next week but basically mid to late July today is July 18th 2016 yesterday we received word all of us know about the police killings in Baton Rouge Louisiana three officers killed this of course comes with one or two weeks after the very similar occurrence in Dallas and I don't like to use my podcast for political platform not going to talk about politics about going to talk about religion or my personal feelings but I feel it's unfair for those of you who are directly affected it's probably just a fraction of you or directly affected or indirectly affected like if you are an officer or if you are serving in the armed forces are you have served in the armed forces or you have a relative who served in the armed forces or around
00:01:00officer I think it's unfair that many of us talked about and I send you emails or talk about Commerce or
00:01:09directing you to things and not acknowledging the tragedy that's happening that maybe directly affecting you because sometimes we just need those of us who are affected we just need a simple hey I feel for you I buy my heart goes out to you and I find it more and more I'm going to making these podcast because I have a second such a connection with you the Audience by myself saying these things more frequently because
00:01:34what events are happening not trying to scare anybody or say that America is dangerous place but I do want to say a God Bless America and be if you're directly or indirectly affected that I feel your pain relief acted and see if you're a member of the armed forces are police or if you're related to a member of the armed forces are police and help protect our country in our City's I want to say thank you and that's it so okay episode 121 and give you some free wholesale help another reason why I'm doing this is that I survey you folks constantly always getting in survey results Georgia Malik. Com survey a good majority I'd say 50 to 60% of you for answering are saying things like I need more profitable products to sell I need to figure out how to Source wholesale products I need to know how to get products that I can replenish through a wholesaler that I can consistently
00:02:34Amazon with less competition and that's why I do these things so I brought in experts to help you and I want to give you some links today know if you're driving please don't start writing these down just go to ask Jordan. Net wait till you get home would ask Jordan. Net look for the episode dated July 18th of July 19th episode of the first link I want to give you is there's a live webinar presentation I'm pretty sure there's going to be a replay but you're going to have to register anyway to get your access to the replay I want to be talking to wholesale expert Dan meadors and these aren't fly-by-night wholesale Guys these I remember watching these guys start out they have a they Source wholesale 98% of the products they source to sell on Amazon it's Wholesale in there doing a few million dollars in sales per year and he's going to be just revealing a lot of secrets in their strategies about wholesale that link for you is Jordan Malik. Com live in the live webinar is July
00:03:34first so just in a couple days. For what I'm recording this July 21st 7:30 p.m. eastern time it's East Coast time or 4:30 Pacific jordan.com live so even if you can attend make sure you sign up because I'm pretty sure you'll be sitting at a replay of the webinar afterwards there is a free video series and the folks were the wholesale formula are also doing that I've checked out other video series and this is a free one and yes there's actual usable information you you're going to learn a lot from this the first video of the first Riddick video starts July 22nd to get to that video series it's free go to Jordan Malik. Com twf jordan.com t as in Tom W as in Wholesale in f as in Formula right jordan.com gwf
00:04:29best bet you might be alone the crunch for time on this this may not come out in time there's also going to be ask me anything session live for one hour only July 18th which is when I'm recording the sea may not get to participate but at least you can see the questions that are answered it's not a video it's a type responses so there's going to be like at least two dozen questions about sourcing wholesale from the beginning answered on the sessions all you got to do is go to Jordan Malik. Com a m a j o r d a n m a l i k. Com a as in apple b as in motor a as an apple that's the ask me anything session again these links be posted at ask Jordan. Net next to the July 18th episode number 120
00:05:18and lastly this ends July 20th is it they're giving away but we're giving away $300 in Amazon gift cards and it's a really easy kindness to participate in you have until July 28th to participate go to Georgia mls.com gift card Jordan Malik. Com gift card the wholesale formula guys Dan meadors in Eric Lambert are giving away a $200 gift card to 1 winner
00:05:47if you can guess the dollar value of their wholesale shipment that they're sending it to Amazon and I'm adding $100 to that the only person that's probably doing that so they're giving away a $200 gift card I'm adding $100 gift card to the runner-up who has the second best guest second closes guest jordan.com gift card okay so all those links again or were asked. That would be episode 120 there and I will see you at the live webinar and me if you ask me anything session enjoy this is a lot of quality free information that you asked me specifically for and I'm delivering it to you and will see you again for episode number 121 coming up soon thank you have a great day bye bye

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