Jeff discusses the process of writing The Art of Work.

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In this episode, Andy Traub and I discuss:

  • The feelings Jeff wrestled with after writing and publishing The Art of Work
  • How being in a bad place vocationally can be a great opportunity to pivot
  • The importance of understanding where you’re at before pursuing your calling
  • What all of us want at the end of our life
  • What The Art of Work and a treasure map have in common
Quotes and takeaways
  • The worst thing that can happen in your life is to succeed at the wrong thing
  • Know what you’re doing right now matters
  • Your life matters, it has meaning, and pursuing your calling starts now

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00:00:00thank you for joining us today and Welcome to our last installment of The Art of War conversations with Jeff coins my name is and eat Rob and today Jeff and I discuss the process of writing the art of work Jeff Goins
00:00:28Jeff and I would like for you to
00:00:30I'm sorry took a breath so this is very inscripted messages that you have now completed the art of work we can play the show is about the art of work I did something that that riders that those who are creatives those who have a work order you build buildings or you raise a family whatever you create whatever your Opus is that we wonder what is it like what happens to the Mind into the heart to the spirit when you finish part of your work it's all I want to have a short conversation with you about what it feels like to have something that you created and you put out there for the world. We're building the house right now and I'm thinking what's it like to be the Builder and Drive by the house me and you wonder about how people live in that house and how they use it to build a car whatever that might be two piece of art and they display it you've written this book The Art of work we've had several conversations recorded them for people to listen to where they purchase the book or not we certainly hope you do but it's out there how does it feel knowing that
00:01:30literally thousands upon thousands of people are not consuming the art of work well it's scary and exciting and scary part is he hasn't talked about in the book work can always be better he can always do more it never feels complete I love that Leonardo da Vinci quote art is never finished only abandoned and a try not to abandon this work in the sense that you know I haven't given up on it but I have had to let it go and release it into the world and I can still look at unfinished pieces of it I wish I could make that better but I'm excited because you know I felt like it was the best book that I could ride at the time I always have to give that caveat cuz you're always getting better it's right there by the end of the book the hardest part is you become a better writer and I'm reading this book and pretty pieces of it and I don't know going through that torture that it was about to put myself through by the end of the book you're a better writer you go back and rewrite the whole thing much much better because you know you've grown and the reality is I could never had because I can go back and reread hold up my end of it I beat better again and then I have to go back in print whole book so I did
00:02:307 times and then the publisher said okay you're done with that you need let us a joke by the way I was but then I rewrote it time 7 so I'm excited and a little bit nervous but it's fun I like this book I do because I felt like when I was writing and I was just saying here's my idea but rather as I was interviewing people as I was reading a lot and really taking mental inventory of my own life experiences that I had hopes and fears things I had work through and continue to work through and exploring my calling I feel like I tapped into some principles I felt like I tapped into Universal truths that when I talk to you or talk to a person you read the book or running down the street I hear them Echo some of these themes and ideas that we explore in the book so that's exciting to me that you know if nothing else the book kind of gives you some vocabulary to use
00:03:30will help you make sense of your life understand what a client looks like and hopefully take the next step in the journey so I'll say this as a reader that the book and I think that everyone listening right now would probably say the same so I'll try to speak on your behalf those were listening that the reason the book resonated with us Jeff was because you were talking about us in a one of the gifts that Jeff gives us as readers is that is I mean this is a compliment okay is it you're just a guy your husband your father your business owner there's nothing extraordinary from your background that says you should absolutely sell tens of thousands of books and yet you create your work and you put it out in the world and you point out things that what I think are undeniably true when someone says something and you are that's just true with a capital T and I feel like this book is full of that kind of Truth not that might be because it's 2015 or whatever the year is it
00:04:30it's not true now it's always been true it's true about our human experience and and that's why I resonated with it because I want people to say things are true that I couldn't figure out how to phrase it and you've given language literary encourage you were listening to go back and look at the start of each chapter look at the quotes look at a title to the first story maybe just flipped through and look at that subject headings within 2 chapters there's a truth in there and so as I've gone back to the book chest and I trade shows for listening to the same when you need that bit of encouragement of clarity about work go back and flip through Jeff someone's picked up this book on ask about two different kinds of people that that maybe you wrote it for one is that the really unhappy with their work they're happy with career they're not living a balanced life and I live in that portfolio life what is your hope for them the person that is Franklin just in a bad place when it comes to the work right now I think it's some point I decided to study we were 87% of the world's workers in America are dissing
00:05:30age with their work which either means that they're actively disengaged they hate their jobs actually in there looking every chance I can to find you know I'll turn it over there just really really resentful or they're just sort of like in different and that's a lot of people I don't think all those people should quit their jobs
00:05:52that would affect the workforce in a very negative play Yeah Yeah and I don't think it's realistic that you 97% of the world workers should go start a business or do any of that and I remember reading a comment recently from readers at I hear you saying that in part of Migos shouldn't people just be happier with their lives and that's absolutely absolutely I think that the first part of the art of work is really about understanding where you are right now and why it's good like why right now you're being prepared for something that you're about to do and in that preparation there are things to not miss and then the second part is if 87 of the world's workers are unhappy that means at some point there's a shift that has to happen either in you or in the things that you're doing and most likely it's both you need to change your perspective and understand as you know Jenny pongdut for example that everything that happened in your life even some of the really bad stuff that wasn't good with somehow preparation that empowered you and enables you to do better work
00:06:52and it doesn't mean the tragedy or the hardship that you're experiencing or have experience is good it does mean that you can use it if you're being intentional now the second part is yeah you might have to change something and I think what's likely is a shift where you're at in your job not just in terms of mindset but maybe you know you're an accountant and you really need to be a copywriter or maybe you're a CEO and you actually be in that position you know you should be on the customer service team you really in a great at sales but just through a series of advancements you got to place that you don't want to be I think the worst thing that can happen in your life is for you to succeed at the wrong things I think we fear that it's failures not failure we talked about how that's really important part of the process so if you're listening to this going you know I don't need to hate my job for me but I love it what am I supposed to and I just supposed to quit no I don't think that's the answer I think the first answer is understand why what you're doing right now matters that people are watching you
00:07:52I pay attention to you that you are making an impact in some smaller great way maybe even in spite of yourself and your bad attitude which I could totally relate to maybe you're oblivious to it and I think the idea of the art of work is that your life matters it has meaning and that starts now and that also requires attention action on your part which at one point which could be in weeks or months or years might mean that you transition out of where you are or it could mean that's as it did for a lot of people in the book is it you make a pit it you know you go from approaching a rogue one way to approaching it differently or doing something different with in you know the organization that you're in or a part of speaking for myself that happened to me I spent several years have a practicing in Minecraft then I became really good at it and then I stopped liking it and I want to do something else and I made a couple of pivots in you're going to station before finally I transitioned out that whole process took 7 years and now there isn't a day that goes by
00:08:52I don't use one of those skills that I learned during that seven-year process of learning Apprentice sing and pivoting and I don't look at what I've arrived at some great like okay the journeys done it's another part of the journey and again I'm looking at what I'm doing is right this is a combination of what I've already done but it's also preparation for what's to come on a very practical level I want her for those of us were listening and participating in the reader's how much I change your day as you drive to work or you're at lunch or you're out for a run or wherever you are listening to I'm going to change your experience as you look at the portfolio life that your marriage that your relationships are part of your work that you're play as part of your art of work. So your work stating whether you would love it or don't love it that it's part of a larger picture that is necessary it's almost like some of it is the shading you have a beautiful piece of work but the shadings off at all of those things matter and I might just put on who cares it's just Shady but shading might make it really beautiful make it really unique and I
00:09:52so grateful Jeff that the book and speak to those are really in a tough place and when it comes to their work maybe their relationships were lack of joy and play what's your hope for the reader who feels like I think I figure it out my call and then I'm getting closer to what I need to do but just not going as quickly as I wanted to maybe they even more fresher cuz they're feel like I get it like my calling the lot of things and woken up and I realize what they are but this is going to be really hard I mentioned before that this whole process surprise me and you talked before about Sandra gave you some compliments and I appreciate those but it's not false humility for me to go those same things that if you read the book and all this is true and you know you said I had an ability to do that Andy it's not false humility for me to go he had that wasn't me in in the sense that like I came up with these ideas I thought that same level of gratitude when I was reading the book was interviewing people and they kept telling me the same thing over and over again and I go like this it would kind of like a dummy
00:10:52books I read where can I take a dummy to not go hey there's connection here and I'm grateful for you know that's processing at elimination because really help me understand my own story better and maybe realize why at times it was messy and confusing and hard why is it calling hard and this is what I meant to do but the process taught me something and I taught me that these things are true not just for me and not just talk about it I think for everyone and so what was fun about that journey of tapping into these truths was I really did feel like it was bigger than me but you know this book is there like an anti self-help book and I'll like I didn't want to write the kind of bugs does it's easy and you just 87 things and it's great now I think there's a process there are practical things that you can do I'm not just saying hey everybody's okay and just keep living your life really we know that's not true cuz there's a lot of people that are unhappy there confuse that I'm trying to make sense of their lives I was one of those people and am sometimes still want those people trying to make sense of things and
00:11:52you can just give me something to wrap my head around that helps me understand why is this hard right now why am I struggling while I just feel so what am I hoping for what am I looking forward to and I would say that's what the book does at least that's what I hope it does is it helps you understand where you are so I give you a map and I say here's what we want to end Andy and you are here like every good map where there's at the mall on a trail somewhere you are here this is important most people do not have that in their lives they don't know where they are in the process I hope you're at work does that for you it says here's the path and you are here and then here's what's to come so that as you go through life as you seek out your life's work you can be intentional about walking through those things you can have what allowed people don't have it so that when you end your life you know God I did this as well as I could I ran the race well I navigated the path you know the best that I could understanding that they were twists and turns I never would have anticipated there was a failure that I had to
00:12:52learn from something really beautiful about seeing those all as important parts the process that when you look back you go okay this makes sense it makes sense where I am and at the end of it if I'm intentional understanding the journey it will make sense at the end that I think that's what we all want is to know that our lives matter that they meant something and that's what I hope you know that when you read the book or read it again you know that's what you're left with is not a bunch of answers although there's a lot of practical parts of the book including the appendix okay do this next year some exercises I want to be helpful in that respect that I was just leave it a bunch of answers I don't want you to leave with a bunch of unanswered questions but what I wanted to do was give you a picture that you could sort of place over you know the picture of your life and see the themes that I saw when I was interviewing all these people that I started to see my own life and just made sense to me it help me appreciate where I've been where I was and I hope you understand where I needed to go
00:13:52if she's listening to show then you'll have some connection or interest in the topic maybe purchase the book maybe have it I would encourage you go to Art of work book.com to find out more information about the book if you've already read the book make sure you keep going all the way into the appendix there's some great great guides there for you some more practical things you can do to really Implement a lot of the principles that you have taught in the book the book is the art of work I proven path to discovering what you were meant to do by my friend Jeff Goins Jeff do you feel good about this book I feel good about it on the spectrum of good to Great it could always be better but I'm proud of it and in part because it's not a book about me and all my ideas it was these truths that I felt like tapped into and you know without sort of like over-inflating you know the importance of one book I felt like and I heard this from readers so far is that like you found a treasure map look you didn't design the treasure map you didn't ride the treasure map you found a treasure map you followed it and you found treasure and then you gave it to some your friend
00:14:52play the same thing as a contractor to and in a way I feel like these are the principles and in the book it's a treasure map it's a way to find your life's work the reason that you were born the thing you're mentally which is hopefully our greatest treasure calling and my hope is that you read it you find the thing that you're looking for and if there's treasure at the end of it I would encourage you to pass it on to end jeff which is if you feel like you found some treasure to pass it on so pass on that you are a lot of work book.com to share with your connections your friends or family the people that you care about that you had some influence on her with that this is a book that could help them that would give them a map and I want to tell them where to go you just want to give them something that will help them find it for themselves thank you The Listener for taking time to listen if you're listening to this up so you probably listen to all of them and for that we sincerely thank you we thank you for getting the book for telling others about it we thank you for taking action for changing your life I know just go with his writing is for people to take
00:15:51option to live a more profile your life so Jeff on behalf of the thousands of readers that have enjoyed this work and will continue to try them on our lives thank you thank you for unit 7 x you're welcome we're glad you stopped so we can read it and we look forward to more of your portfolio in the future thanks for and the end with a challenge the sexually on the back of the book but I thought this is really the whole idea which is that stuff happens to you in life we all experience that and yet we have some say in our lives turn out and so now the challenge that I want to leave you with this this don't settle for the status quo live a life that matters and if the art of working out to get their great hopefully this was helpful to you and yours do you pulling a more meaningful portfolio work that doesn't matter
00:16:54well thank you thank you for taking part in these art of work conversations we sincerely Hope they've been thought-provoking for you and encouraging to you this is the last episode of the show but we sincerely hope you'll reach out to us on Twitter using the hashtag part of workbook and by mentioning Jeff at Jeff Goins the book is out and the only thing that can be done now it's for you to read it take action and spread the word about its impact on your life with others that could benefit as well
00:17:31if you want to move down the proven path to discovering what you were meant to do then I encourage you to pick up a copy of the art of work go to Art of War Book to get your copy
00:17:46I'm and eat Rob and I'll be half of the author of The Art of work mr. Jeff Goins thank you again for taking time to listen to these conversations we wish you the best as you continue on your path to discovering what you were meant to do
00:18:03to discovering
00:18:06the art of work

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