Many of you are married. Many of you kiss the other half goodbye in morning, go to work, and regale each other with stories of the day when you reunite over dinner in the evening. Dee Woods does not. She goes to work every day with her husband, Marty Miller (episode 27 of this podcast) to do Morning Glory, the breakfast show on Radio Nova. Dee and Marty in the morning have become a fixture of morning radio in Dublin, and it's fair to say they do have some chemistry, all things considered! I chat to Dee about how her ambitions lay in journalism before she began her radio career, making the progression from the news room to behind the mic as a presenter. We chat about the challenges of breakfast radio, those early starts, and working with the other half. There's also a quite brilliant voice-over in a camper van story in there too. Follow Dee on Twitter @RaDeeOh or check her out weekdays on Morning Glory on Nova.ie

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00:00:00this is episode 68 of the 7:38 a.m. podcast my name is Andrew Mangan welcome to the show hope you had your sounds great bank holiday weekend was wonderful Four Seasons in one day here in Ireland wow it's amazing Four Seasons Winter extra winter winter 3 the wintering and super winter it's pretty much what we got although I have to say is I'm recording this and I look at the window so I can see some blue skies and this strange bright object up there somewhere I'm not sure what it is maybe science has an explanation or something I don't know report back as and when I find out thank you very much indeed for all the feedback on last week's episode with the very excellent Adam Buxton it was great to to chat with him because so many of you enjoyed it I really appreciate. Don't forget you can always get in touch with the show on Twitter at 7:48 a.m. pod or you can get in touch with me as well at Andrew Mangan video on
00:00:59during the course you do have a Facebook page I think yes we do it's facebook.com forward slash Castaway podcast you can find all the shows that you can download and listen to them as and when you choose you can always find The Archives of this show is well on our particular page Castaway 8 a.m. on iTunes you can leave a rating or review if you like the show if you leave a rating or review it does something to the iTunes algorithms and it pushes us further up the charts and if we're further of the charts then in some ways it's validation for everything that we trying to do here in other ways it's meaningless basically it's just some audio that you choose to listen to and I choose to make and it won't change the world in any significant way I don't think unless we have a really super special gas like I don't know Jesus coming back from the dead or from having or whatever not sure what his message would be though I think it's too far gone for even Jesus to solve this point
00:02:00but who knows maybe today's guess there's the one that's going to change the world we just don't know it yet maybe sometime in the future she could invent something or say something or leave them movement or a revolution and we'll make the world a better and happier place for the moment though she's doing the breakfast show on radio Nova alongside her husband husband's been on the show I think that's the first time you've had a husband and wife Marty Miller was episode 27 and D Woods is the breakfast show co-host with him on radio Nova and also his wife X the explains that sometimes it's not easy when you're working all day alongside your husband first thing in the morning you know what were like we can all be a big crocheting grumpy and
00:02:48and it's a challenge but only rarely very occasionally should stress that because I have a great Dynamic on the radio right breakfast radio show on radio Nova so I talked to D about that about her start and radio how she got into it I'll be at The Newsroom and then moving into presenting all those kind of things and lots of other great stuff besides so this is episode 68 the 738-4738 am podcast with host and romantic
00:03:52are you sure I've had nobody to go to sleep again just I'm with child now as they say congratulations it makes the people say they never get easier through always a killer just the physical getting over being up early and sometimes if I get off at midnight I try and get up every every morning like
00:04:34have sex normally do my website not right so that's fine but if I get up and you know if I got up at 7 and then you should have to go home shower and get ready for the rest of the day and you feel like you're on top of things but if you leave it at like even an hour later station on 90th Avenue read news I mean on 02 tonight I fell right person right in the sense that I can't get up naturally or you like a normal morning at 2:10 to stay up later at night
00:05:34it's because every time we go in the morning then all the top trends on toys are usually what's been on tally so there is a lot of people watching I noticed they do but you know how are you all awake so so that men like they're there on first thing in the morning as well I just think it's it's leftover more so nobody sees you see the people talk about Vincent Brown or staying awake to talk another getting exercise by whatever politics is going on and then first thing in the morning to talk about what's in the morning newspapers are giving out if I want some morning Ireland my people you can survive on 4 to 5 hours I don't know how I still don't know how to do it right there baby you're like a like a Caterpie in bed or couch with a parking and having a nap so maybe
00:06:34are you in that prayer. Can you nap I have to I have to and I can only go to bed in the day when I'm when I'm sick okay fuck you own well I have to go to bed Trooper you just kind of do it I kind of feel like I can't go to sleep so I just feel like I'm wasting my time trying to go to sleep. My first nap was in Barcelona couple of weeks ago to try and see what happens and slept for 40 minutes. It was wonderful it was amazing but I think it was more to do with I haven't had a few afternoon beers then and then something else
00:07:34do where you are what day it is is it morning cuz I stepped in is a dinner I'm hungry I feel like getting sick that's an hour and a bit I'm taking away your own free time because you haven't done anything that day you came home from work you fell asleep and I are trying to find something for dinner I understand but still think I practice radio
00:08:19just take a while to get used to be leaving terrible raging soul brunch okay so the home of sunshine cause back in the day all casting I came in a little bit to Lakeside clean and sexy stories that so many people do things like that those were the good old days but they were just the days
00:09:19haven't really worked since I left College because I'm in radio on himself in front the Frack all the time so don't consider radio work in the sense that you're not getting any races at work it's just have to do what you do that angel Street t i t talk there last week you could say that about all of us when you look like on your college Years we we we went to before I meant we do that bro casting and turn left and right there and I can remember like some days somebody would buy a bottle of vodka and put it in like a 2 liter of Coca-Cola are Fanta and 4 out of a leader of the Fanta and pour into leader of the
00:10:19okay I'm we would drink that much in class I can remember when that happened that's just the our problem was we were in the city center and spoiled I mean when they've been at the night before four doors at the road in the palace on Camden Street or somewhere like that when you go to college life experiences and learn from your mistakes journalistic think you wanted to be a writer English in school
00:11:12what sort of writing did you do Creative Smiles at home summary are there still one day probably the Green Man Marty Stuart propeller a little bit I haven't witches it was a great lakes know I was in the new East Coast you might even be able to buy the DART station and that's where I was when I left
00:12:12again coming back to my trip to Barcelona was sitting in the airport our flight was delayed we got there early on one of those where you just about to get ready to board and they go.
00:12:22By the lake to our so we have to sit there and have a nap I had if I had a bottle of wine this guy came in
00:12:35I need to see you know when you said of sitting at opposite tables with somebody on and you go all flights delayed and then you said go back to your house and he kept talkin and talkin and talkin and then after awhile I know that guy I used to work with him and East Coast radio he was the sports guy called Bob McKenzie no he wasn't there when I was there it would be around to see need me to come in to cover the ad match or two but we should have but it was actually for like 6 months every other week I turned off are stranded press releases and I'll try my best and then job came up there an actual page weekend job which is Twitch
00:13:35anywhere but radio station with your husband for donkey ears on their work so hard but because it's quite a small operation it means when you get in there you get a chance to put your teeth so many different things which is great yeah yeah yeah if you're willing to put in the time of the efforts as well as raising things I'm reading things are S waves and we will be reading off paper you know see if you forget half a copy when you are based on what you thought was on the paper or just
00:14:35advice and that's it is likely if you run out of something to say you got to fill it one way the other one funny thing is this afternoon afternoon but it was whatever shift you was doing at the time I thought stage I only knew how to read what was a front of me script wise I didn't know how to enter or any off the coast of 4 then jocks anything.. So I remember day that Greg was on the odd time I come to the end of my bullet or the headlines right there it was and I thought I was saying do my little sign off
00:15:35Mike life's I'm still a rat or freezing of going on this is not I'm not made for this this is terrifying to think of something to say I know Greg this is this is been mornings any in Anova I just remember that point of going oh God why do people do this to people just go in and sit with them I can you know if you have time so I only really kind of got into that side of things as in more presenting than reading news in 98 of N I went there after East Coast okay
00:16:35the little bit more wiggle room for bed banter special headlines and stuff Brian McCall was on the home run at the time easier for you I guess it was meant to be that was where I was kind of focused on then his first show and shooting at before they go up and then when it works out well they got this. They're chasing each and every looking for that for that same feeling you're right she was writing a story and hearing someone else read it on the East Coast that was my real
00:17:31was my day was. Was the headlines have for Hi-5 going into Brian I'm doing the end finally and Have Nots it was funny joke you pissed that's what I kind of thought I need to come to pursue this Avenue more fun to me yeah and is that something that you deliberately worked on with him like this I'm fine too because I mean look at you can find sometimes that even with the best intentions you don't have any kind of connection or or a party with somebody out of town today if Ian Falls Dam break kind of battery so so so so much is it is just completely scripted or they just don't like each other you know but I'd say is great because he
00:18:31so you can't really think of anything at all and he bought it back ten times harder what's it's all day to look as well and there happened to be a couple of opportunities to cover for their breakfast show which of the times during the day when Shavonne the morning crew on the cover guy will happen to the guy call Marty Miller who was on the afternoons so we ended up being their kind of prefer for their breakfast that was that was the shooting in Melbourne for sure I mean it up cuz at least it got weird and funny
00:19:18happy that I went to a four hour breakfast Show links after every song that was scary when they start out or when they're put into a position where all of a sudden you're assuming the responsibility but was it was it exciting was it like oh my God oh my God oh my God why she obviously was pushing because she took over from Brian on the sidelines bar in Fairfield PD of the time and date. Talk talk about leap of faith to put the random news going on on a breakfast show you know and it was a very successful breakfast as well so I definitely felt that pressure I'd say I'll be okay if I came out with 2 Wiki lines out of the 4 Hour show I was happy
00:20:14that's true I guess for the stars and then you get more confidence obviously need to go on from there but of course that's it yeah I'm in so many people have been through the door here or if it's not down here I've talked about how I look in timing or being in the right place at the right time I gave him even Dave Dave more story he told about the job in in 90 I just just bananas and I can't remember the exact details over there was this like covert operation in a way to bring them together with Derma Wheelin and all of a sudden they're like yeah but we want you to do like the breakfast show on that and he's like what are what are you talking about but you know here we are in the years later than you know they're still going strong so sometimes people can see you know that that the dynamic between
00:21:14yeah putting together and that should work as long as it's based on what you do or what you did work experience people all the time in Nova now and they asked you know that's obviously when the main quest just have like in Terraria what I do but I don't know how I got into somebody to do this and here you are yea yea I'm just got lucky as well or did you just randomly long as I was on the news that my own show with Mike Hogan
00:22:14it's not a big time especially in the radio business idea for a family Matthews he gave us a show of our own so then I have my own that was the first kind of hang my hat this is mine and Mike's it was nice to say it was kind of a little bit of music. We pick random topics okay where did you go okay on the camping
00:23:086 month or around Australia
00:23:19that's way less than a year okay because it never went away cuz I never I never did the travel thing I never even to the J one thing in colleges okay no in the middle of the recession because it was the very beginning of 09 no better time to take off is now a lot of people said to me back and see if things are better it was actually great time to be way because everybody here was so I'm just so annoyed enough so I said we'll listen I didn't win the lottery I'm just going by don't know what's going to happen
00:24:19the nothing relax and we did say it was it was the best thing that we still talk about it all the time time was in Sydney with her for a little while and then we took got the right up the coast as far as Karen's number in Canberra all the way back to Sydney again so we did everything proper Outback you could drive all day I mean no one
00:25:12the dart line was only one way to go there or back that one stretch the isolation about I find a little bit scary
00:25:23thinking of it could be but when we were there it wasn't it was just Freedom country for traveling very friendly loves stops in graffiti destroyed places like cars to drive from like one end to the other email from here to go in 2 hours now you know so it's not like you're going to get lost or you know by yourself in the wild pepper along the way toilets of beans of The Sinner season barbecues barbecues a lovely yeah great great because they want something from you in the center they want you to spend
00:26:23all have a good time so you come by I don't mean I mean in general but if you're traveling around for 6 months you're not necessarily a tourist you're not a native you're so stuck in the middle of that how did they do the traveling rooms I suppose I mean they're just so late so late back there there's something to Aspire to read
00:27:05just got to tell people who have no idea of Iggy we're all in this but since one of those no I don't think so anyway great experience and we came back under that there was a lot of doing nothing actually In fairness you know I do look finally back on that year Bush it did take quite some time to go right back into the swing of things when you get out you know like you said if you're in you're in Bud Light once you arrive you can be easily forgotten or and someone's going to take your place or to say I'm leaving and I'm gone I'm not going to have send emails half trying to this.
00:28:05sunset in the back, also with the proper Mike stones
00:28:23yeah probably would be. I don't know the name for the stick your head in and one person he did or said she's nice change. Grace that's just so you got his Costco by me by email and yeah really handy when we came back it was you I was kind of slim pickings the recession still was pretty much in full swing by the end of 2009 so we work I was kind of looking for any anything at all
00:29:23open in Ferris wheel radio was a temp license run by Niall Boylan who night was the talk show twice today and forth he was running the temp license and just nearest and sword so we said fact that you're not doing anything else why not do anything so we didn't talk show enough for a couple weeks it was going and then I had time sent it all my CDs to everybody I could think of and demos on a Dave Kelly from 104 on me and said I want to come in for the chat and ask him asking me over Strawberry Alarm Clock with Mark Noble Jim and eve were on holidays there I said I'm not going to go for the news that I don't want to be the news person
00:30:23so yeah myself and I'll be headed up to cover a net for the strawberries cuz then it kind of opportunity for kind of going their separate ways so difficult few months they know it was kicking off spray cool and I go in for Saturday morning show was it Sunday Morning by quickly we forget Sunday morning's presentation music and then then end up covering for older people face of fat into the night shift there I'll have that for two and a half was like a turnover quite early on wasn't there for me over from the early days from the from the original lineup me and I think that's normal when a new station kicks off that some things don't work her you know people
00:31:23people yeah for sure if you're in the ground floor again which is Marcy and myself yeah October starting September so I can claim to be there and they're great bunch of say what it's so much fun working there and I've never met people so passionate about what they hear on Nova and any other station of work to nobody in terms of the music music music first and foremost for the most part but yeah that's what people say and it's great to hear what he wants
00:32:23hi Kevin an errand yeah I mean I've known him since we were 16 is bedroom years ago used to go to the I used to sign up I guess Mom is nonstop to your boss so into the radio as much as you are because I've been in other places where you know obviously want us to come in to us because we all have to live sure what he's there for the pure love of the joy that's why I'm sure the money helps it when it comes in but no he's we all are I think I think that's what all of us are there were there cuz we were doing
00:33:23which bit now in particular to or boat launch if you know what I mean I mean a group of like you two are always my band under some people who spit on the ground here hearing us some no blisters no days off with you to the day they break up will be very sad day for me don't ever break up the house so my life I would have done it by now if they were going to I think as well as because I remember going for the interview and was Carol dula he was the PD at the time it was over must radius of a consult to end up being RPD for a time remember saying to them would be honest I don't know how to shake that's probably the problem
00:34:23again but I remember seeing them look I'm not a hardcore rocker I don't know what side B of this single in this year was you know I can tell you that off the top of my head and I remember that when I got into November 1st what kind of seeing your dad's you'll be good getting getting to know about the playlist on the surprises people have friend to get is how much of the songs you do know it's not us black dark you must have known this band for 40 years to know what we're doing here yet commercial as well you know you can go specialist then you can go a bit dark and deep if you want some but there are special two shows at the two that it's not yet I'm still finished before and over there was that the rock which is the temporary station which is the last bit of live radio I ever did which was for Kevin Ives to do like a Saturday Saturday afternoon show on there
00:35:22Scranton do it play the tunes and was good fun but I member pack coming in and he would he would bring in like I don't know some kind of 10in colored vinyl pressing of a hawkwind EP that was only released in Germany I see exactly I think the only person in Europe that I have a copy of this but there are people out there that want to hear and play it at the same time it's like a pedia that's true I mean yeah there's again the most feedback regarding the 30 days Nova where the hell was this till now why did it take this long to people's reaction
00:36:02play this music we don't even know why because their actions massive cater for or are trying to exploit the market or maybe a little richer or easier to exploit like it's probably easier to explain 18 to 25 year olds get money from them
00:36:24did they do though don't think it's supposed to do now no I didn't either I didn't either but then everyone has a mobile phone or have a PlayStation or they can spend 70 quit on a video game or they don't have any compunction going out at night and paying double input prices and get I think they do have yeah it was very intricate remember doing the Rock and because it was only temporary station it was on for 10 weeks 10 weekends so Friday Saturday Sunday for 10 weeks and you could see over the course of the 10 weeks we will get more and more texts and stuff from people you under when your oxygen microphone so your show was evenings
00:37:24it is a long shift but again that's where Nova was kind of going here we are this what we have on this offer I have been I was it because it's interesting when you're doing a show like you're doing at the moment where you got somebody else there or if you're the sidekick or whatever you might be in a in a in a bigger set up it's easier but when you're then trust in and they're going right here is 5 hours of radio play these songs and also entertain the people how much of a learning curve was that big when you're not by yourself and a lot of time to think I was just doing songs because you're so used to calling all the shots controlling everything and you know doing whatever you want and I'm watching at The Show Goes and staring at the way you want and things like that on your own for 5 hours and I do. Yes there was a lot of time to Pink
00:38:24but then you can find things on and play by then you should have better things at the end of those long breaks you know you want a 4 songs in a row and then you should come and eat something really go it's okay if you just come out of the time check then you can do nothing no attraction under the powers of be content to know that was just what I did how did you have in terms of what you are able to do with your presentation style because obviously there's things that you have to
00:39:24buying things you have to plug in. You're told when to talk and when not to talk but when it came right down to it when the mic was on will you given freedom to like injector personality into it it was a pretty much given to me and yeah you have to cover the housekeeping if you like
00:39:50scoffer it would be nice of course if you did something horrendous tpr check until I hear the Fairly normal to take a risk here in there I hear some radio network you can tell the joke is not allowed breeds with no say-so of someone else and it's it's really a real crying shame because they're there for a reason if that's too long ago and I'm sorry for giving him something extra so nice for you know I do get sad when I hear. Those kind of lynx
00:40:50YouTube or playing your Tunes in iTunes or your iPod or whatever that whatever it is in a work experience at we are walking to radio stations you just answer me just the way things are going for many people, I'm scared
00:41:39looking for a question and interaction using social media and those kind of tools that are available now at the radio presenters to show to make yourself a bit more human to build to build a bit of you to say it but like brand loyal to your or listen to loyalty and then you're left behind forget about us know how do you said that way a lot of other stations will be big into trending and their shows out there and that's three audience it suits them already it's not necessarily necessarily can give it to you on Facebook but you know do we say like this and share to win no that's fine
00:42:39lexical definition of Chucky I don't know like it just because you're telling me too that's a sure-fire way of me not liking something I would hate to be on now I really really works for the permanence of your life conscious throwing social media into the mix of phones on videos I would do well there I know for a fact that I had
00:43:14phones and videos been around when I was in college when I was young and going out and stuff like that I'd be like living in a cave somewhere far away you're doing don't know that I've been locked up Maybe not maybe not permanently only for a little bit with the seminar must be terrible absolutely depression must be as you get older you or you learn not to really give a shit about that an embarrassing picture being put up on Facebook at all your friends or everyone in your school with it would just be like to open up and swallow me the ground it must be like terrible
00:44:14I know it's the real Darkside was important to do that in schools for example to try to bring it as part of the curriculum because if this is going to be part of his life or putting your life online which everybody does to a certain extent now what most people do anyway
00:44:38social media for years I'm not sure if I got full-time gig on the radio that I would want to I can consume you leaving in privacy anymore you're perfect. So in real life is she like made herself very famous on Instagram and after a while she should have said well actually here's what I have to do I've got to take like a hundred selfies and then I take the best selfie you want to put the filters on it and I do it up and it's great I never goes our God you're so beautiful there's a fantastic and then she gets out of realize that this was this is not a healthy way to live your life
00:45:38exactly and I think we could always start realizing this but you know it's this kind of amazing picking liking all these comments he's feeding your son like yourself like to research that was doing the saying the more likes you guess the more depressed you can't because you're weird that you're craving more put your self-esteem where your ego in in in the context of how many likes you got or Sherry to get on Facebook I think you're probably going to be in a bad place you're always going to be disappointed it's like lots of minutes there is something about you that goes I was it a big crane to me this happens to people all over the world every day you know it's one nothing special but this is on the right
00:46:38unbelievable like overwhelming comments on unknown people getting chips too soon but they were so happy I guess you get to know people as well if you follow them on Twitter off and you kind of feel like you know the mother you know anything much below the surface is another question but version of in a box so look at 2 and 2 I'll do yours on that night time show and then you moved to be off to cover it with Joni was Rebecca Marti she was taking the time off for holidays whatever I like by being and then next thing and she was leaving and it was
00:47:36I don't know now looking back to the look for anyone else religious at the most of advertise the job I am forget I just got here so reservations about it practical point of view that like if you are doing 7 to 12 and he's doing the breakfast show its it makes it difficult to have a relationship confines of the relationship or you know that the time constraints must be must have been trying and attack stage he so I'd like open he be gone that was crazy so what are you got breakfast actually have the middle of the day together
00:48:32Heroes feast or famine crazy radio world working together it's not something I ever thought of I don't think we don't work well together but I just tossed is this going to be a good relationship move in the long term of course that is crossed my mind definitely keep her professional relationship it's just sore from that I just across the table and stare into their eyes for 4 hours
00:49:32what have you but I know we had to say or I certainly said it's and we can I come home from work and start going to just put the pro in for tomorrow did you get that memo for that thing you know you'll never leave you'll never Escape work yeah so you have to have that black and white works over it's over you know cuz we do all are prepping everything in the office I'm sure that should be the end of us and never to be the bleed over either way you can't help it sometimes you bring your flight to work you know that you had the day before the first thing you said to each other on the air somewhere she is great to see you at the show
00:50:32the previous day in the kitchen when you said don't talk to me talk to you again we can read each other's minds do you mean and which is so such a bonus with the co-host especially on the air so you don't I hope we have chemistry cuz we're married. There you know that kind of thing and spend and we just know each other as grooves in the little ways and we work I think we mesh well you don't have to force everything then do you go to your job so you need to have to you know
00:51:32sure, that's a no on the air because you know there's no point in being completely fake either you have to be real as well as certain extent webcam in Maryland
00:52:09welsummer Samantha silver take a few months off too long of a movie that's what you pretty much does anybody
00:52:38radio in general but certainly breakfast radio you just never know where it's going to go so I tend not to make too many future plans you know I'm not long-term future because I just don't know where I'll be I can't say I would if I could you see yourself moving into something else maybe talk at some point or you it's not something you really thought about
00:53:13I don't know yeah I don't I honestly don't think about stuff like that because there's no point because opportunity will come up or or or what I really just live day today I don't know okay I don't think anyone's going to the work experience people are the other
00:54:13well so far so far
00:54:27thank you very much indeed 2D Woods for coming up all the stairs that we've got to get to the Castaway Studios lots of stairs three flights at least and I know elevator but hey she made it it was good I hope you enjoy that you can follow her on Twitter if you like of course you can listen to Dionne Marty every morning on radio Nova Morning Glory
00:54:57what is the name of the show you can find more details for that on Nova. I want some great conversations just check out our episode list go to Castaway. Media forward slash 7 3/8 and that's 10 a.m. you can also subscribe to iTunes and all that kind of product to wear on Twitter at 7:38 a.m. part I'm at Andrew Mangan V O comedy if you like whatever we got something there just visit Castaway. Media and you'll see all the latest shows and as with the 7-3 8 a.m. Puck casserole free all of the archives free for you to download listen to whenever you might like so that's not for this week I'll be back until then take it easy cheers bye bye

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