Episode 8 – Mary-Roos Nijs

Guest Speaker – Mary-Roos Nijs Bio

Mary Roos did her initial training 19 years ago at the Sabena flight academy and soon after graduation she started working as a flight attendant medium haul and long haul. She was promoted to purser almost 13 years ago. 

As from her initial training, she has flown on the Avro/146 family, ATR72, Dash8, Boeing 737, Airbus 320 family and the Airbus 330 family too… 

She is passionate about her job and still, after all this time, she really loves flying! But now she is even more passionate about promoting healthy flight conditions and solutions. 

After finding out about the dangers of contaminated air in aircrafts and the impact of toxic fumes on the human body, she started an awareness campaign on her own in the company she is flying for. 

Now looking back in time, the first results and evolution are encouraging however she realizes that there is still a long way to go…

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Crew for NON-TOXIC Healthy Cabin Air

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