NOTE: Renee's audio is pretty bad in this episode. We had some big time mic issues on her end this session. It is resolved in future ones. We did the best we could with it. Thanks!

You've (hopefully) listened to the world building episode. Now listen to the creation of the brave and/or foolish adventures that dare to make their way in this scarred and strange land. 

Also at the end there's a section where we set up some base info for the first quest that they'll undertake. Let us know what you think!

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00:00:00I put myself between the charging over and are Wizard and raise my Shields deflect is Blue Angel to me
00:00:08well that's a for good news Mark XP bad news they have you blow tosses you about 20 feet into a pile of what looks like Vines as you land The Vines we can to move around you some realities
00:00:21hey Johnny. Me one question right I was about to happen as the tendrils begin to make noise and move closer to your friend becomes apparent he's about to listen to that D&D podcast
00:01:00okay so based on the lack of objections I'm going to say let's go with that let's move over 2 character creation does anyone have a class that they would Paladin anybody else Wanna Be Paladin or is no yes no Andrew bad things about the past
00:01:25I could probably play something like a Bard I haven't done that recently okay cancel the bartender said Bard no no no God damn it or we can take it speak now or forever hold your pieces I think whoever gets the fee for steals in a barbarian certain things to do in Ranger fighter fighter okay did you have any anything you wanted to be in particular bar do not put me down for no I change my mind I looked at Barton Sano stats yeah that there's there is also a barred or a barbarian thought Eric was here
00:02:25turn off the character she's a barbarian barbarian barbarian Christopher today until he dies and now he's a Burberry
00:02:48can you think you were going I don't know anymore
00:02:56I was trying to get away from things that played before way back in the olden days 1 night for clerics I'm not interested in an erection but you serve and worship a DD or power so you can you can make yourself like a cleric of an idea so just it's so fake a i a stranger
00:03:31there is probably the closest you could be a druid and then be all hottie and be like oh you people with your metal weapon sleeping indoors they'll be the first party kill not my clerk
00:03:51oh yeah how to keep this character creation all right so I first step is Pick a Class we've done that
00:04:01so second step is going to be to pick a Race So Mike what race would you like for your iCloud let me go last okay for your choice but you can also invite around shaft options elephant human you just really go to Hope but now I'm not so the perks for the races I don't know if you got it open up in front of you David but if your Elf detect magic as I can strip for you or if you're human you to choose a cleric spell and you can cast it as if it was a wizard spell out so the races have their own special abilities it's chapter 4 chapter 5 it's around on Phase 1
00:04:55I'm like 150 and it's in chat what page you want page 145 go ahead and come back to me I did not have a Google Chat open difference between a fling with your + 2 2 range damage or a human with a plus one to spout lower or discern realities about criminal activities will kill me so you can be a barbarian text Adam I was also looking at a house on drugs
00:05:55if I could play expected classes like yeah like human but with the Elven racial ability to have feelings hurt but you know I can else instead or some shit we can we can work with that I was thinking if the main focus of the human ability is it it has some sort of bonus to a scale Check Yes Yes since I was actually thinking more that this guy is more of a professional Gambler could the bonus be for that instead of just turning really. Criminal activities let me guess bring up the moves last we can give you a plus one to where would you find gambling is it would move gambling be just as kind of situation or person well as Mateo probably Define dangerous how about if you get a plus one to defy danger certified anger is broken up into a bunch of different
00:06:55not necessarily sure that it be Christmas if he's cheating anymore of a sleight-of-hand type thing would read more just serious dexterous then charismatic but if you want to say it's a charismatic thing one went to find danger during cheating + 1/2 Define danger when when stealing something
00:07:14okay that's fine and what race is that I can you use their for romance two plus one when stealing her heart You Know Nothing Jon Snow related you didn't have a choice for your Ranger race it's got I'm just trying to figure out which one of these things is going to be the most useful you have three people who take up a job like there's somebody who navigates there somebody who secures food and then there's somebody else who actually like leads you guys and in the truck so basically if you took one this week jobs are automatically be like that. When I would end up using the most often
00:08:14a pointy-eared stick lover or not
00:08:22that is my sister-in-law you son of a bitch
00:08:27would you rather be a granola connoisseur Ted Nugent oh my God you've ruined Rangers for me forever
00:08:38that was the worst I don't guess I'll just be completely stereotypical and pickles I guess I'll be a human list of cleric spells and pick one at some point oh great I need to look through the Spells that's right playing a wizard is a lot of upkeep what's good it's going to be fun playing on made shoes new to the whole Magic business I want to be half work but I will take the dwarf kind of look I guess you want the dwarf perk but as a half Fork is that a thing that I can do can I just be a half work like a cool stuff Christmas Oaks make sure you make that you're better stop or else it is all I'm 75% work so I get discounts and things like that
00:09:38Mike human or other that I'm not even decided to clear cord for our address and no no no no no no by character is it is that is racist as fuck it's different I probably playing some sort of angry monster by the way so would you rather be an angry nuke monsters that can turn into a bear
00:10:08the answer is always yes
00:10:14who made suits for bear arms
00:10:21Chris I have a I have a terrible question for you I can choose one cleric spells and cast it as if it was a wizard spell do I have to choose a level 1 cleric spell no okay no you just won't be able to cast it into your much higher level oh okay cuz I only cat spelled you only prepare spells it will tell you a little plus one I told him never to spell so you could have sent you two right now so you can repair one level to spell or 2 level 1 spells okay
00:10:53so basically you're you're usable options right now and be blessed cure light wounds to text alignment cause fear speak with Ed Sanctuary or magic weapon this is kind of long term but what you want to do is take place which is a knife level spells when you get there human I like the idea that's so David internet fist bump
00:11:31yeah I have a cleric swinging fireballs and a wizard coming up a healing people and it's going to blow everybody's God damn mind at the back of their skulls the best order somebody died drunk if when you spoke to them when they were dead that be loose learning drunk right now alright so now everybody's to choose their look if you look at the top right of your character sheet you have some things you can pick from you want to go first but we'll see if we can we know my God you can still hold us
00:12:22what a chump baltes glowing eyes so you've never see his face creepiest shut off of a penis fancy liquor is worn as price it's more is more water than Christ it's it's very worn out the kind of creepy soon like long angled and stuff like that
00:13:03dangly any other identifying characteristics you when are they going to make those real quick with this helmet off with the mask off is actually lady in the name is no waitress while we got your sheet out you want to pick your stats if you look right above it it's got the okay to put a + 2 + 1 + 1 + 0 + 0 negative one on stuff in order to 11001
00:13:340:01 okay
00:13:39so it's an eight is convey 15 or the Falcons V
00:13:51I got a 12in a 9 I'll take a 12 in this game for everybody who has to listen to her play before you actually get experience based on it at the end of the session so if you do something that is in keeping with your alignment regardless of whether it's good for the party or not you will get an experience points for it
00:14:18show for Andrew for the Paladin if you are lawful you're quite your your objective is to deny Mercy to a criminal or unbeliever if you are good you can endanger yourself to protect someone weaker than you vote this is very much waffle worry about it later next week but I would need some help to have the character sheets hanging on the on the Google Drive pulled up I do not like before my little chatty it again I've Got The Look names and things like that but Bill said no I was named after my father's death
00:15:09feel I am making no it's not it's available it's going down the record for the look does he have heart eyes dead eyes or eager eyes your eyes sharan or does he have just a battered Helm on most of the time while there he doesn't really go to the barber very much because you know his name
00:15:46skin Catalyst and or scarred calloused says the software engineer so are you are you built are you alive or are you ravaged he's pretty build a ship that is also he's also known as Bill and shit Brickhouse all right so you can just sign the scores to your stats 16 15 13 12 9 and 8 I don't have the I mean I have the fighter sheet but it don't have the show the fighters all you need to know all you need to know what you want to tell you is that your sword Hammer axe spear Taylor fists Wu-Tang Clan guy so many weapons you're going to want your + 2 + strength right now when your character Bill gets into trouble what's his most typical way of getting out of it
00:16:46does he just kind of Brute Force still like you describe breath arrow through trusting on the strength to save it and probably in a loft bed right now did you spend much time studying no not at all not at all as you think that's like that's an area particular where he doesn't shine as brightly because what about or he is kind of stupid if maybe that not negative one in the end probably I mean or pretty much do you also have a another + 1 is that more towards so if if pushing away through something doesn't work do you feel that you can haul ass out of there or do you try to talk your way out of that point push for it again so probably zero and wisdom
00:17:38if Brute Force didn't work he didn't use enough is he more Nimble or selfish I'm pretty sure of himself is he more Nimble or self assured self assured all right even though that's wrong most of the time he's that's that's that's an okay thing to be right isn't about being right it's about projecting confidence to wear other people think you know what the fuck you're doing yeah I'm going to double check my boyfriend is alignment so for good you defend those weaker than you for neutral you just try to defeat a worthy opponent and for evil you kill a defenseless or surrendered enemy Jesus Christ no good good good good
00:18:311612 15 8 9 13
00:18:36you said 16 12:15 thanks we're all we're all really has You Are wizards muzzle kind of do you have the character sheets I've got it open but I can't edit it that's fine as long as you can you can refer to it I'll have a hard copy here we can refer to if need be and what would you like to name your wizard he's also named billiam
00:19:09yeah but spell it French no let me let me think for a second we can come back to the name if you want to go through the look and see if maybe that informs yeah we'll go through and look maybe guys sharp eyes or crazy eyes haunted sharp or crazy crazy hat how do people normally see wizard when he slashed she rolls up a worn-out are they stylish or they just kind of strange looking maybe made out of the strange material or the patterns all fucked up maybe it isn't actress in the back like a hospital gown
00:20:08maybe it is a hospital gown
00:20:12the hospital gown worn backwards fucking Snuggie
00:20:17yeah I think they're going to be strange do you have any any idea in your head of how they're strange I think they're strange because it looks like he's wearing a formless sort of cloak over him like there's no arm holes or anything but what he goes to Jester with his arms like the fabric to sort of warts around and suddenly there's pocket Springs arms wearing a Klein surface so it is it seems are openings or anything but it just sort of like a just when he's moving his arms around and stuff so familiar is a cloaker just three is Bayonetta alright so creepy or Sim is going to be thin I would just like a little bit under the bed looking or like crazy spider gangly Lakes
00:21:16613 do you have any particular way you would like to have them laid out well I should probably put the biggest stat and intelligence which is strange because you're so you can put it where is right I was going to say I mean that's generally not how Wizards work in D&D I don't know if any of the world's different spellings of Z different than what do you feel aside from your magic abilities is your your best feature besides my magical abilities dodging wizard are you a buff wizard have you mastered punch Magic
00:22:09Kiki cast fist beat the shit out of people if you have a 15 so they'll be your second highest at would you like to put that in let's put the 15 in
00:22:39what's the charisma
00:22:42well no it's not a Christmas let's say you're a wizard right you can put it in these are still pretty traditional ways that we use all are attributes and stuff maybe I'll put it in text he's he's kind of a touchy guy. He's able to run fast things go wrong. Strength Constitution wisdom and Charisma last I should probably put that in with stuff all right next up is at 12 my personal philosophy is to never make on your dump stat so I will put that in con
00:23:42pictures of sneakers
00:23:46next up we have a 9 which gives you 8 + 0 + 1/8 which gives you a negative one so what do you what do you feel is your biggest downside I don't think he'd I don't think he's so broke his swole is null on that for your alignment do you see you guys being good where you use magic to directly ate another neutral where you try to discover something new about a Magical Mystery or evil where you use magic to cause Terror and fear you better not what do we have so far we have good and lawful evil across the board you should be able to be able
00:24:36it's not it it's not like you know mustache-twirling to tie people to train tracks evil like you like you see him in some game systems it's just not actually evil it's just that's the other way you guys. What do you mean doing drugs reception are you going to be trying to terrorize people or you be doing something that's lame
00:25:01is it to the ground and also make some weird fire Avatar of yourself to go in and tell them to kill each other are you going to like I don't know like going to the basket or something to keep you in mind we are adventurers and we eventually we will basically be murder hobos on this is it messes one of those Taki campaigns is going to be Anakin dark magic wizard making dark magic the name Skywalker kill the children he said you killed younglings Beach will be hard to do good and evil be easy to do but do neutral if you want to be one of the types of there's always trying to read thanks Steve I might go with evil with the interpretation that like magic is scary shit I think maybe my guy he's a little too close
00:25:51let's just say you know he's slept too close to the Alchemy Pot when it was Berlin crazy-eyed pointy-headed wizard gaze into the or above Annihilation and the orbital dilation gazes back
00:26:13said that you make an acronym out of that
00:26:21the little static Yeah well yeah it's time to open the character sheet
00:26:36I'm not convinced that Renee is not actually a robot the static is coming on everybody so David have you thought of a name for your wizard
00:26:51I'm looking back on the track set of suggested names that you can pick from if you so desired at the top of the wizard
00:27:04no way man I ain't going to do a premade team also if he can go for like so great get Atlanta expires fear and Terror Wii U yeah I'll get back to you on that I'm looking at some nice right now
00:27:37either of you like to go next either all any text I have you thought of a name for your beef
00:27:55I have the name or can my head was that close to someone else's or something cuz I don't know why to my head or work or okay I didn't we make a joke about spelling for backhoes grow backwards or rock it was how's the time he doesn't give a last name now I've got a name for my guy now ziarko z h a r k o
00:28:43make it have like 9 or 10 silent letters in a pissed-off same zarco
00:28:59no keep it like Cher I got you. I have a name for you I just have to dig it up yes, so hungry eyes criminalize or do you keep your hair kind of messy or do you have an eating cropped you go to shovel looking so he has Messi hair closing if you have dark fancy or common he tends to not want to try tension so he has common close so what has what has life done to his body is Eazy-E live a natural as a kind of Nabi or has passed every worked out pretty well and he's he's been able to partake and got a hold of flabby over the years I think we're going to Clyde's alignment would you like to be chaotic into danger without a plan
00:29:59what were you avoid detection or infiltrator location evil where you shift danger or blame from yourself to someone else
00:30:12and now he's got rid of your mic to my stats collecting male have all 16 I'm an idiot SMB 816-913-1215 also curious to change it all during one points to a stat so how did modifiers worksheet at the same if you have the 50123 is a -345 is a negative to 628 is a negative 1 9 to 12 is a zero 13 to 15 is a + 116 + 17 + 2 + 18 is + 3 and you can't get any higher than 18K actually then I wasn't I'm going to switch the 13 and 15 I don't speak robot
00:31:11we should help Renee with some stuffing commit anything open
00:31:18yeah I mean we're not really using the close Google Hangouts I haven't gotten into another situation where we need to roll for anything yet so you at least keep a close we should stay and hang out and stuff I stabbed myself talking wrist where was silly please don't play with knives it's just my core Renee what's next, have you picked out a name for your cleric Brooke Brooke like a bird yes or the Castle in chess
00:32:06wrestling Brooke Brooke Brooke or just the Brooke is the only time you give us Brooke I thought I was like Mario Mario
00:32:14John Leguizamo a Luigi Mario Mario Mario commonly 1 Brook Rook look kinda strange hair flowing robes and Austin body everybody needs to fuck near the sandwich sandwiches in this post-apocalyptic world like getting a hot meal Bobby anybody would you like stand except a bigger joints or flabby body Navi Bobby stone at the moment something strange here is probably pretty identifying
00:33:06have you decided where you like your stats to go 1010 to negative 1 0 1 0 2 negative one and the important ones being 59-13 12168 strength dexterity Constitution wisdom the intelligence Charisma swap alignment waffle waffle your self following the precepts of your church or God you want to talk anymore about the clerk stuff starting moves that's what they have you picked a great day as well but I will loop back around you for that one
00:33:58certain should I park starting moves you serve worship some DD or power which Grant you spells give you got a name and choose your duties domain so which God do you worship
00:34:12actually sleep background of that cuz I'm trying to unlike a reason why I'm thinking Bloody Conquest but I don't know which portfolio that drops under so let's think about that for a bit. And I have is the poisoner I have to choose a specific poison start with a Thang for you to use okay which one would you like to be tied with that one for certain amount of time so you've kind of become immune to most of the effects when when using it and I promise are three uses of it as well as it made you used to the effects of the basically the roofie of the poison world that's a bitch to me if I fall asleep a lot
00:35:09you must have used it a lot to become so desensitized to its effects very convenient way to getting out of places that have guards so he's probably very familiar with that hey does this smell like actually he uses poison needles so that's where his poison will be found most likely you know and also his hobby is crochet so I don't
00:35:43pray you also took acupuncture for a short time spective death is the ultimate muscle relaxant so Renee have you thought of a name for your Ranger come back to it for the look do you have wild eyes sharp eyes or animal eyes brown-eyed fitted mad at 7:30 and arrive body is all going to be like really haunted shell-shocked people after some sort of War Story like maybe there's been a bit of a famine due to the
00:36:43fuck you man have you decided where you would like to put your stats
00:36:50no because that's what started this so I can't see it you got your standard Constitution intelligence wisdom and Charisma I think most of them are my fat
00:37:13it might not me I just know what the numbers are so I can
00:37:1715 + 113 which gives you a plus one at 12 which gives you 8 + 0 + 9 which concealer + 0 + 1/8 which gives you a negative one
00:37:33what is the String to 30 Constitution way
00:37:48just put the starting now I'm going to put the OK Google now I'm going to I don't care about you do you know I'm just going home okay so what is the difference between strength and Constitution Constitution is how long you could stand up after getting hit
00:38:239 with strength by 2016 13th 12
00:38:33one of one of your starting moves uses wisdom so I would recommend you give that one of your plus-one also another thing we've got to do for you after alignment I would like to be chaotic where you free someone from literal or figurative bonds good where you endanger yourself to combat an unnatural threat or neutral where you help an animal or Spirit of the Wild
00:39:00who was the little of figurative box at Tim's weird I don't have a lot of Charisma going from figurative on okay so you have an animal companion you have a choice of wolf form you to care so exciting but God's thoughts are so great you are all the options again wolf cougar bear eagle dog Hawk cat owl pigeon rat or Mule the thing about eagles are people are just going to shoot him out of the sky
00:40:00we have proof of that we still good for you man I would have given up so don't spoil becoming an instinct and the value of the ferocity squirrel determine how many strengths that has the number of your coming will determine how many digital training is it has so like for hunting or searching and the Instinct will determine how many weaknesses of hats
00:40:43logo with it stop one to one and then one adjustable and instances so what else is he trying to do he or she and you have to choose one weakness
00:41:25it isn't everything I didn't I told you to name names of the force
00:41:32your wolf and he's flux yourself. You could be a snake liquid snake going to name my Wolf mod
00:42:01that's just Madness
00:42:03no now you're Rangers name needs to be Sam okay if she's such a good name for Ranger would you like to name your your Ranger Samurai. I'll be Sam wise for Sam & Max
00:42:34true Thorn is Sam short for anything or nice alright so everybody for your maximum HP if you look on your sheet there's a little heart and is going to be some number plus your Constitution score not the modifier the entire Constitution score so for Brooks you have a 13 + disiksa cuz you so your Maxes 1992 stats don't worry about it I'll send you would like an update if the change of school that's fine you are 4 plus Constitution
00:43:28Oreck you are 6 Plus con cor 15 voltus
00:43:42that's my name you are 10 plus Constitution also 25 man we should have been like Bill and Jeb and God just got done total cross former presidential candidates
00:44:03my neighbor all right
00:44:06Andy third-party candidate this is your weapon there are many like it but this one is yours your weapon is your best friend it is our life you master it as your Master's wife your weapon without you was going to choose a base description all of them are to wait we're going to wait a little while you can get his sword axe Hammer spear flail or your fists
00:44:40they can never take him away warrant warning this is going to get weird if it's your fists like don't know if it's funny or Furious Fists cuz the he's his monsters have you fish hooks and spikes I think you can shoes though the one that best fits your weapon its fist such hand range I don't see the choose to enhancement for your fists
00:45:22Hooks and spikes where you do just take a shower
00:45:43can I have some gloves fists oh yeah range so you could work for reach you can't you can't pick you up
00:46:15just really good or well crafted where they have negative or versatile V circular
00:46:27how do you envision your fists or now that you know the modifyers would you like to choose a different weapon stick you can have a flag on it flavor that with a stick of the stick on it which is like a claw hammer Hammer at the club all right so I want a bigger share of people with a brick okay so for your for your Club Hooks and spikes sharp perfectly-weighted serrated edges glows in the presence of an enemy huge versatile or well-crafted I can explain those if you want but just which one's son was supposed to be what type of what type of creature your choice what kind of what kind of creatures exist in this world before after this war goblins
00:47:27you like the office looks and spikes sharp perfectly-weighted serrated edges versatile or call messy and forceful which key to push people around your fist
00:47:48ripping people and things apart
00:47:51and forceful you can knock someone back a pace maybe even off their feet if you hit him with it how would you like it to look you have ancient unblemished ornate blood-stained or sinister sinister what is this weapons name Club
00:48:12do you want to be called Club yes it's club with a k no it's not a goddamn other ladies in the club 12 plus your strength mod is too so you have 14 max weight
00:48:33using two from your
00:48:36alright do you want to have a chainmail armor which gives you one armor and only weighs 1 weight you also get adventuring Gear with that which you can use for All Purpose like it's got hooks and rope and torches know what kind of shit in it 3
00:49:00what's wrong with the car that you can chew 5 wait to armor choose two things you get the options are to healing potions a shield antitoxin dungeon rations and herbs or 22 to healing potions is one thing a shield is one thing the antitoxin the rations and the herbs is one thing and 22 coins is one thing all the shield inhibit me from wilting my club so that you can you actually can Will things with two different hands or sorry I believe if you use both hands to attack you get like can a possum with that little trailer court number will say that you can use the shield with one hand and the club with one hand it over to potions
00:50:00cytoxan rations in herbs or 22 points sure what potions do so if I talk to you cuz I want it. So that will be another to wait from everything that's 9 wait out of your 14 and you have 3 armor so make note of that the way armor Works in this is whenever damage is dealt to you unless it is piercing you subtract your armor from it so you can take 12 damage it would be nice since you got 3 armor way to pick equipment shirt so I can everybody else
00:50:38let's go since you're the next to cheat on my file your Lotus 12 so I start with scale I've got a long sword and shield my Mark of Faith is a blood red coin do you have a number for your total weight on that I've got 6 weight loss okay I was 14 and what's your total armored alarmers 3
00:51:17I already said I should have a net Maxi Lowe's whatever call it so I chose the ear rape ear strong daggers and I chose adventuring gear and I choke me out for a date
00:51:35yes they don't have any armor on Armor few Wizards Arco
00:51:53your load is 6
00:51:57wait you start off with a Spellbook which way is one and dungeon rations which also a one so that's okay or wait right there
00:52:06now you get to choose your defenses would you like leather armor which gives you one armor and weighs one or a bag of books that you can use 5 x + ways to announce it gets for healing potions what do bag of books you actually using device
00:52:28where are the spines basically
00:52:31I keep telling you not to bend to find that white guys going to go see what the fuk up you figure out shit about an area or a thing at five uses so I guess once you use a book it's just no good anymore and you just throw it on the ground I'll take a leather armor that is one armor and what kind Lance free weights and I get to choose your weapon you have a dagger which is hand distance and one weight for a staff which is closed which is further than hand and one wait so they both do the same amount of damage if your type of them in melee so it's really just a matter what you feel would work best for your wizard probably staff
00:53:24which that's that's part of the reason why my ribs are so weird is you never know I'm holding a staff until I actually have it like out from under the robes come on it's always just for some reason
00:53:41right so would you like to have one healing potion that 0/8 or 3 antitoxins at 0-8 healing potion will give you 10 HP and antitoxin will remove the effects of a thing just one of one poison affecting you I think I'd probably take the healing potion for healing potions and your armor in value is one also don't get your maximum amount you can hold is 11 knots and there's a move when you're firing your boat called Valley
00:54:34which is what basically that the all-encompassing I'm through I'm using a range weapon against you thing is and if you going to 7291 the the drawbacks you can choose from is you have to use a bunch of shots and you lose one ammo so if you're to the point where you lose all of your ammo than you can't shoot until you go buy more arrows but as long as you don't choose that you're fine so like you only leave ammo if you go that way okay so politically free Emerald if I roll well could last forever
00:55:13world history of entering the Event Horizon
00:55:28Brooks have you figured out of dungeon rations which is 1 and some symbol of divine describe it I haven't figured out or what aspect I worship yet but I'm pretty sure my DD is bloody conquest and my preceptor religion is offering sexual offerings important sacrificial rites add petition offering bill is running the dead and the name of Buddy Conquest all right so would you like to have a chainmail or a shield Warhammer an adventuring gear Bella asks you going to be friends
00:56:21I will call you just like my first pet I forgot I forgot the name of the Barbarian that okay fuck you must does my spells Magic Weapon 2 magic Missile loving Embrace cast a little unclear workout is the bomb section this basically determines sort of the back story that you guys have coming into this we're going to assume that even if this is the first time you guys I've ever met you you form some you know first impressions I guess so if you look at your particular class character sheet you have some bonds to pick from and those when you work to resolve them in some way or another will get you experience at the end of
00:57:22so who wants to go first weekend we can use you as an example.
00:57:27Okay I want to say that Mike and I were war heroes together that's about the ability of Mike to survive in the dungeon dungeon that's what it says worry about the ability of Brooke to survive in the bed so when you recommend or when you chew something like that we got to make sure the person the bond is cool with that sign off on it so why why do you feel that broke may not have what it takes to survive in this life but he almost died in the last dungeon we were in so I feel the need to protect him
00:58:11not dying after I mean my keys. What's up
00:58:22yeah I'm going to work for Steve or who would win pick a side not they were tripped that's where did y'all go on and then what happened it almost killed him I wonder if reference things from the 30 Beach Cafe but I can't huh that's completely different set of you to say like you know there was a thing that happened with the stuff in the Monkees yep you're too many cooks and we almost died he's the brains of the operation I don't know I have to switch my Constitution and intelligence based upon this conversation so far so please continue
00:59:05just got off oh that's great tricking the lead is coming out the back and spent on there cuz I erased all the way through the eraser
00:59:14so where did you guys end up going on your last mission actually maybe okay let's pick a different bond for somebody else and work on that one will come back you have blank owes me their life whether they admit it or not I have sworn to protect blank or blank is soft but I will make them hard like me
00:59:41Crystal may can take me for everything how you probably shouldn't go to somebody else cuz I'm blowing glowing Focus has made you believe this about one of the old gods is presented in the Quan and I think that that's what is Faith and religion is sorely lacking and probably not
01:00:23around much anymore and I I assume that my characters will be worshipping one of the old gods as well so
01:00:31I'm projecting projection that on to the World by saying that's what faith to have your dog voltus are you cool
01:00:47at some point discuss the religion with is Paladin's clerics are just the worst one so for your options we have blanks misguided behavior and dangers they're very soul I know I'm going to do is Stand By Me and bottle and can be trusted completely or through a bit of a left turn from a pretty surprising since he do my rescuing maybe you're just maybe we just found you and then we all started out it happens it'll automatically assume your character or drop them on the table top here so that I can keep track.
01:01:47figure out is why we don't have access to all the figures in your
01:01:50session here because they're not ours yeah I'm sure. I just was which battle was this that the truck has stood by your side and I were discussing face one day and we decided that we would start of test the measure of each other's conviction and so he had me help him in one of his one of his conquests
01:02:26the specific location
01:02:30French for next let's go
01:02:33your bonds have got I stole something from blank blank has my back when things go wrong blank knows incriminating details about me or blank and I have a con running podcast Khan
01:02:49sooner will find out from David ears Arco right so wizard
01:02:58he has all kinds of fascinating things on his person and he's really weird robes and it's just hard for me not to just kind of a dick move I love it if if I do give them back Sarco are you cool with that he's saying he gives them back so you may be right yeah I have a feeling like I probably feel zarco feels like if he goes to his pack and like something's not there he assumes that the ghost took it and to you that makes perfect fucking sense I call this the ghost again
01:03:41Circle seen some shit so I see you got blank will play an important role in the events to come I have foreseen it blank is keeping an important secret from me or blank is woefully misinformed about the world I will teach them all I can do great things about the Wizards bonds that you can add I have foreseen it to all of them pretty much putting role in the events to come someone is keeping a secret from me or someone is woefully misinformed about the world who was Grime I sorry I'm looking at the roll20 names here if you look at the top left look at the top left of this we got the names of everybody says yes fultoss and will play an important role in the events to come so what did you foresee that makes you feel this I have foreseen that
01:04:39her wolf will play a crucial part in saving us somehow
01:04:49Sam are you cool with Swiss was that Bond you muted I think I didn't hear any of it I haven't had to pick up the dog and I didn't realize that I was involved at all zarco has for seeing that you and your wolfel play an important role he saw that the wolf will will save the party somehow be cool with that we have to get approval from from both sides before we never write it down
01:05:25Alexis seems to be pretty good from you if you have your character sheet open there is a list of fill in the blanks we have I've got it blank before and they owe me for it blank is a friend of nature so I will be there friend as well blank has no respect for nature so I have no respect for them and blank does not understand life in the wild so I will teach them
01:05:56Democratic political Battle Cry
01:06:11I mean that's the thing even if they don't fit with the things as they are now you can sort of just throwing out there and you and that person can can brainstorm maybe an event where it actually worked like perhaps you were hired to guide one of these people before my problem is I wasn't paying enough attention to my admission of true probably really come back and get some other time but I literally have no idea who I really have no idea what to do with you
01:06:52don't forget impul forearm syringer ones you have got before and they owe me for it that's probably need to start turn off with these are actually kind of weird
01:07:11she's got the cool perks or just have the weird bonds Legos I guess
01:07:15can I see the bill so have you seen anybody does somebody owe you their life where they admitted or not or is someone soft but you will make them hard like you are sworn to protect fruit at least two for everybody that way we can have some sort of background between the characters and it would sort of inform why you guys are even working together who's the Wizards bility of zarco to survive in the dungeon his ability to survive we can change it up
01:08:08I worry about the wizard I just want to protect Mike
01:08:15I mean nothing against you that's fine I mean I think it's probably safe assumption that maybe the wizard is not as storage why not not as resilient as most of the other people it looks like I've been through some shit already your kind of scrawny so yeah nobody nobody gets that reference through one of us should get that reference source to god dammit Brooks
01:08:52Spreckels get another bond from you. See I was not blank has insulted my deity I do not trust them I'm looking at it I'm trying to think which one of you guys is Godless and wizard is so I have a bond with voltus and Bill will they have you have one with voltus Bill has one with you I'll pick up
01:09:17if she was bad
01:09:22it seems real but the funny thing about so I don't know if I pick Sam for I'm working on convincing converting Sam to my faith
01:09:35what moves does she pick
01:09:41you hear you shoveling baby so be nice to Bill Bill's got your back would you like to try the convert the ranger to the god of bloody Conquest yes yes I'm I'm a clear coat but every now and then be like hey so about the God of bloody Conquest you want to try this out her
01:10:11as long as he doesn't mind how annoyed I am with a girlfriend
01:10:28I already picked always pick a bond that's not antagonistic but
01:10:35have fun even serious annoying
01:10:45voltus believes that the the misguided behavior of zarco and dangers they're very Soul was trying to achieve her at Sam to their religion cuz I think that would be because he indicated that Sam was important things to come we're not trying to get Sam or trying to get the fucking wolves
01:11:13alright so voltus what misguided Behavior do you believe that zarco is engaging in that's endangering is very soul
01:11:23took the first fucking time I'm at serco and saw him do his like actual crazy Mad wizard thing I'm pretty sure I saw him sacrificing some part of some soul to feel the magic
01:11:37okay so you've that's pretty fucked up under the impression that
01:11:42powers I involve the sacrifice of souls yeah it up in here if it wasn't obviously obvious I dude I've only played like four hours of that games or ich going to buy them from you they have blank has my back when things go wrong blank those are committing details about me and blank and I have been running back on going on
01:12:10try to figure out who who who made so far into stuff basically lash as last written up in that document and part of her justice was poetic and hilarious okay so as it stands right now bill has nobody with bonds pointed at him as one of us has one Sam has two or it has known and zarco has one but there's no way hey don't know do not want to come with me cuz he and Bill Bobby you'd understand it was political
01:13:02I was in constant danger I will keep them safe
01:13:08afraid to make my third Bond and then picking is in constant danger I will keep the exit so you sworn protection to the clicker they cleared things that you're going to die maybe you thinking he's in constant danger and trying to keep him safe as what brought you to death door which is what's causing him to not think you can make it
01:13:30how to keep him safe and then he's going to protection on you to keep you safe because you keep getting each other in trouble trying to save each other some really I think it be hilarious if Oreck had a car going with Sam regarding people trying to confirm I need some money and time to think about this Brooke you are trying to you believe bills and constipation to keep him safe right yeah if he doesn't really have any real weapons I mean that the danger to himself and everyone around them Bill to prove you wrong
01:14:12Westbrook thinking that you're always in danger is humongous glowing V cannot save him from a stick that like breaks limbs off so that's what that's why I got the sick that's that's the normal tree thing I'm going to hold off on The Conjuring for now I think of a better reason right now so right now we're going to say that
01:14:43Sam and I have a bit of history and we she has my back when things go wrong
01:14:50Renee are you cool with side you guys having some sort of history that would lead him to to that idea I imagine that we may have run into each other I'm kind of anti-social and so you know what I got the corner with the thief
01:15:15resume I will help you while I gamble
01:15:19that works for now okay Renee do you want to give one a shot
01:15:27was that him thinking you got his back that could lead to some prior experience so it made it could work with that you've got to him before any of my friends say OK Google
01:15:44I'm going to pay that at some point in the past I ran across go somewhere where he was lost and I helped him out so he owes me for it everywhere bill goes right so you know what happened to the in right place at the right time
01:16:00Bill did okay where did this happen was it was out in the woods or was he wandering the town aimlessly
01:16:10I think I kind of
01:16:16man it's a monthly Wonder his way through town so I would say it's probably in the woods too far from town
01:16:23we got there Bobby bills hunting boar
01:16:31Dallas and Eve mapper guy or anything just want to run to would try to find boar boar there he just wanted to stick all right we need some more from you do feel if someone keeping an important secret from you or someone is woefully misinformed by the Oreck doesn't have any bonds with him voltus is kind of like Brooke and is also kind of like if that helps refresh my memory which which character is Orrick I'm still learning the character I think Eric might be keeping an important secret from me I'm sorry
01:17:32I want to get one more from you tomorrow I'll have at least two then I'll go around and see if anybody wants to do any last ones the friend of nature thing would be so much easier if somebody was a druid how can River feeds which one he picked cuz that would be way easier to leave the party for some sort of wilderness Michael remember that guy did Bill Burr say much at all these are the paladins
01:18:12you should see the wizard has no respect for nature and just really play up the fact that David is playing an able to Mercer I mean I might I might feel a little wizard has no respect for nature he does or not because he cast spells to manipulate someone who is a lot of time in nature I might feel that his that the use of cellphones in and of itself so that aren't typically nature magic might be manipulative of nature I wouldn't like I would say that I have no respect for his
01:18:57kill other white guy no respect for his half a dozen wizard because I feel that
01:19:03outside of the natural Elementary and it had its a picture
01:19:14zarco equal that sure does anybody else have any last bonds they want to do I'm still willing to have a, someone that would be thick of a decent condo make it interesting but I don't have some head that would be worse than. Hold on.
01:19:30let's just I've got one I respect the
01:19:35I respect the beliefs of actually no that's not true right down and what did he do that makes you think he's Brave I've seen him definitely dive into stupid situations to try to save Brooke and I die
01:20:00literally die if you times for Ruck and Rex just kind of friend the blood back in no I'll come up there, are you cool with all this thinking that you are out of town before everybody.
01:20:23Nope is that is that not normal it's not quite normal but it's okay if you think it is
01:20:33does anybody else want to do any bonds I think Brooke and voltage both have three so it probably want to keep those at 3 but we got for the people anybody else want to do any more plans can I put a hole in one because no but I think that my character would be very quick to know if we were all once we're out in a Wilderness scenario that someone doesn't get it and would want to teach them about life in a while but I don't know my character I don't think would know enough about you spell to know who to who would need that does not understand life in a while so I will teach them dropping through the underbrush hunting track
01:21:29yes I wanted to act as a trailblazer to be quartermaster so who has the lowest wisdom probably me
01:21:41I'm at 9 I've got an eighth
01:21:49unless I wrote it down wrong I just put them down to the wrong order because I was thinking D&D stuff I'm still pretty down that's great
01:22:03nuts that's needed nobody jump start
01:22:12Renee you could do that for me since if I assume you have my I have your back right now it's only around yeah you have a lot of things go wrong has got my back and she's leaving it wants to die at the end of every part of the things that you do as like housekeeping is you evaluate the bonds first you see if any of them are resolved so no longer relevant at that point you can also add a new one so if after like you know the first section you feel like oh this person is completely fucking incompetent you can add it at that point that make it a future thing to resolve so it doesn't all have to be done right now these will grow and after after was actually gotten out in the field you guys can start right and bonds that aren't on this list at all so that close enough stuff
01:23:03I just thought I have my eye on you guys I'm waiting to see who too stupid in the woods
01:23:16come and get it and stuff they're all right it's getting kind of late so I want to do like a lot. I'm about done over here to ask a few questions of folks so we can sort of subject myself at a jumping off point for the next time we're in the continent is the village that you call home where is it located is it like on the coast New York
01:23:46Arizona River but kind of like by the codes
01:23:50it's Coastal Oreck this area is it a big town with much different races is a bunch of small communities that are sort of banded together but independent how does that work
01:24:04sorry which town is this then this is where we're starting yes or were you guys all hail from more less than that general area to be a bigger town will say it is a bit Metropolitan with the race mix what is the name of the town and what is its where is it one of the most well-known for what I wanted for a second can you reach apple with other than that starts with a coastal town it's a bit bigger it's it's kind of Metropolitan is a bunch of different races mixed together what is its name and what is it in most well known for. I'm just spitballing ideas I'm having a hard time coming still at the top of my head like your names I'd want to go back and pick something that would be driven of of something in the previous world just cuz that would make sense but I don't have the prettiest world's math in my head appointment
01:24:55must have more like just to work on bows I was lazy so like Tides dad or scale she's battle but I also other and another chance about ideas and stuff so maybe like first Conquest
01:25:12cuz it's on a coastal be like a good foothold for an invading Army what is the most well-known for a trade Hub do they mostly just like I have some rare sort of fish that's a delicacy do they have the best parties
01:25:31first Conquest be some sort of like a Bastion against savagery or you know some sort of like a beacon of Enlightenment and stuff now the director of Mike takes time and preparation of a hard time coming up with that on the floor I can pass on somebody else if you want one of the last walled cities and it has a sort of like a series of Watchtower so it's actually very easy to defend okay so Andrew apparently is the person to go to for a Attack on Titan one of those torch relay is a long some nearby mountains are they worn on Warner
01:26:20goodnight Sam recently you all were contacted because a group of people went missing in the nearby swamp what is the swamp called the merciless Marsh okay so for some reason I have something stuck in my head from sadness it's been it's in my head I heard that before popping up when I search Google typing in Witcher 3
01:27:06poultice is easy I'll take all the kisses I think obviously the group that disappeared in the merciless Marsh they were there together resources was it food or was it some other kind of material and if so what was it ritual Sacrament God damn it
01:27:33why God damn where you think about saying something else the party that went missing this Gathering process is it something that is task to a certain group of people or is it a rite of passage sort of thing or who are these people that left
01:27:52I think it's a
01:27:56sort of a draft system
01:27:59amongst the able-bodied
01:28:02but there's always some sort of Ranger that goes with them or is it sort of a privilege to be able to go and get these items it's kind of an obligation like nobody really nobody really wants to do it but you know it's it's like you know you you do it and because it needs to get done some people sign of three times like when they go to clean fuel that want to get drafted
01:28:31Bill what time of year is it right now what season is it
01:28:39we talk in beginning of fall middle and middle fall leaves are Browning is that a thing
01:28:51that's pretty good outside now and Rook how far away is the swamp that you guys are traveling to
01:29:024 days 4 days round trip or 4 days each way each way cuz it's just farther than you can live without water or X were you offered payment or is this a way for you to repay a crime and recently caught for and if so what is the prime well or doesn't work getting paid any dust get caught so clearly we're getting paid
01:29:36Altus Altus isn't this Ruby Direction personally so he's giving up his share okay but as a group we were probably Avenue Bond but I get whatever and she shares
01:29:53I feel all the time from The Wizard and put it back but I still especially all the time from the Paladin and I don't put it back for one for two I follow the god like I follow the God of retributive Justice
01:30:15I don't think there's any else came back a different person
01:30:21Sam there's been talk there's been more rumor than anything that something has made itself at home in the swamps where previously there was nothing there what did the rumor says do this
01:30:36say what do you say shadow creature
01:30:40it is fucking Neverwinter Nights 2 that should be enough to work up something that we stayed at the outline to get us started so when we get together next time I have your character sheets ready to go Bobby lunch roll me a D30
01:31:00and Mike what year is it here is 775 Warden happened very long ago did it as soon as the 17th
01:31:15makes it Tides day I just tell everybody we got a new world Adam before you guys left where you provided and supplies are we expected to pay for your own
01:31:34basic food and water yeah
01:31:38it was Trail rations I can send you guys this
01:31:46calendar thing I have to say so that should be good for now we will pick this up next time with actual thing doings next time we'll learn how the game works to avoid these episodes of AT&T podcast 5 it's a complete failure so he may ask but you get one XPS that's good
01:32:18figure out if this latest episode of that DND podcast we hope you stay tuned for the actual Adventure part of this or else I mean you kinda wasted your time at that point and that's it just sunk cost think so you've already spent this time you may as well listen to the next one
01:32:36list of logical fallacies so I think we're okay at gmail.com if you have any sort of questions or comments or anything I have a good day talk to Andy podcast is released under Creative Commons 2.0 attribution-noncommercial no driver's license tell your friends about us don't shop at the good stuff and don't tell her work the intro music is the last ones by inches are that's jahzz AR and we found at the free music archive the outro music is Coach K o p e i k a y x. C t underscore and can also be found at the music archive all the copyrighted content is owned by their Associated copyright holder

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