Former sex furniture designer, Brianne McGuire is the podcast host of Sex Communication and the Founder of Graphic Paint, a utopian idea of a platform where people are encouraged to share and express everything about their sexuality without shame or judgment. This isn’t erotica either, this is a place for people to be super filthy.
Joining Chelsea 10:30 minutes in, Brianne talks about what blazing this new trial looks and sounds like and how being so explicitly human in her work has created a rift being her mom and her and makes dating challenging. In addition to sex talk, Brianne gets real about the fearless self-awareness and humility that is encouraged in her sobriety, no longer running from the feeling she’s trying to get away from, how desire doesn’t trump depression because depression isn’t a matter of will, why the BDSM world requires more conversations and communication, boundaries and respect, and the healing power of sharing your story and listening to stories.
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